Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The seasons shift around the lake in a timeless flow. Waters grow choppy as autumn blends the summer calm with winters coming fury. The shoreline soaks in the heat of the day and provides a pleasant strolling area in the evening hours as long as the weather remains tempered, releasing the heat of the day to the cool of the night. In the early morning a layer of frost can sometimes be found dappled over the shoreline though the waters remain liquid.

It's cold, and it's damp, with a fine drizzle filling the air. The candidates who are on dragon washing duty today are not to be envied - and, unfortunately, Polsie is one of them. Fortunately, there's presently a break in clients, and one of the more considerate AWLMs has brought a steaming pot of klah out to the Lakeshore, kept warm on a little portable heater. Polsie is huddled over it, the mug in her hands as much for warming them as providing her sustenance. In the sands nearby, a well-bundled little Milana is building a sandweyr, though it's proving awkward because every time she takes her mittens off to work the sands more precisely, within a few moments a vigilant Polsie inevitably spots it and calls, "Mittens back *ON*, Milana, I'm not taking you back to your parents with chilblains." "You're *no fun*," retorts Milana, for roughly the twentieth time that day.

Some might think Miki a bit crazy, others may even identify with her, but whatever the reason, she actually enjoys this type of weather. And after working up a sweat during training, the candidates were given a short break. Instead of going inside and resting, the nanny walks along the lake shore, watching the dragons in the water a bit dreamily. She's soon snapped out of her little trance by a hard tug to her tunic. "Miki it's wet! Can't we go—MILA!" The slightly overweight Baultz only takes seconds to spot the only female around that's his age. After a few seconds of tugging the nanny laughs and finally follows the boy up to the girls. "Heya Pols. How's it going?" Baultz's attention is all on Mila though, a cursory nod is all that's given to Pols. "Wow Mila. You're amazing. I think that's the best sandweyr I've every seen. Very pretty, though you're prettier." The nanny emits a small chuckle and simply rolls her eyes, already used to his behavior.

"You're ICKY," Milana announces untactfully, scowling at Baultz. "Even for a boy, and boys are really really really really really *really* sharding -" "Lannnnnguage, Milana!" "- gross!" Polsie glances over at the two, rolls her eyes heavenward, and turns her attention firmly to Miki. Milana's unlikely to do any permanent damage, after all. "Kinda wishing I hadn't drawn dragon washing *twice*. I was so glad, yesterday, getting out of it!" A mournful sigh. "Bet R'oo just pushed all my chores back one day to make up for it." The Bitran takes a long sip of her klah, then smiles at the nanny. "How're you do - Milana, *sweetheart*, no throwing sand!" Unless Baultz is light on his toes, the little girl's carefully aimed handful is going to smack him straight in the mouth.

Heh. Baultz simply steps out of the way of the flying sand and smiles down at her. "Here I was thinking to share some bubblies with you and you go throwing sand at me? And that lang—" "Mila dear, do you want some soap to clean your mouth?" Baultz's little charm festival is cut short by the nanny's intervention. Her voice is cold as she glares at the little girl. Miki's attentions quickly return to Polsie though. "Ohhh, was yesterday the day you took a trip back home? I heard you won or something. Beanbags…they've been throwing them at us all morning. I got hit 5 or 6 times. Can't tell, colors all run together." But at least the damage isn't visible…anymore. A good shower took care of all that.

Milana scowls at Miki, Baultz and Polsie equally: she is an equal opportunity scowler. "Don't want soap, *don't* want *boys* here, don't wannna wear my mittens…" Grumbling, the girl plops herself harder down into the sand and focuses intensely on her sandweyr. "Tried threatening soap already," Polsie tells Miki, exasperated. "If her parents can't break her of it, I doubt we can, either." A green dragon and her rider approach, but Polsie's expectant smile is politely waved off - it appears the green is here for a brisk morning swim. The Bitran returns her attention to Miki. "Oh, no - that's not for a few days, probably, it kinda depends on whether he had time before the Hatching. Might have to wait until after - months, after, possibly, depending on what happens." Polsie lets the sentence linger for a moment, before grinning and explaining, "I had a special chore yesterday, that's all. Some maintenance related stuff, pretty technical, and since I'm the only Smith in the candidate barracks…"

Miki simply snorts as she watches the two playing in the sands, "Don't worry. Mila's not too bad really. At least not once you get her into the nursery. A bit of isolation and lack of priveleges and she'll get right back in line….for a bit at least." For his part Baultz just smirks at the girl, "Sure looks like you need some Mila. Where's Dani anyhow? I like her much better than you." He's not being /mean/ or anything. The boy says the last bit in an almost cajoling manner. He's playing the bad boy now. "Oh yeah? Maintenance huh?" The nanny waggles her eyebrows and grins, "Anyhow. I don't think I'd be able to understand that. Though you could try if you want. Technical isn't exactly my expertise."

"If you say so," says Polsie, with another roll of her eyes. The other candidates have been treated to no small amount of grumbling from Polsie over her assigned child, in the evening privacy of the barracks, so Polsie's feelings on this particular exercise will be no mystery to Miki. "Eh, I dunno that it would be interesting to anyone but me. Had me running over half the Weyr collecting scrap to make into some new hinges…" There's just the tiniest hint of a smirk on the Bitran girl. Meanwhile, on the sands: Milana sticks her tongue out at Baultz, and peevishly declares, "You're a suckup and," she pauses for emphasis, and then states, proudly, "*gormless*." Polsie winces, and mutters to Miki: "How much trouble d'you s'pose I'll get into for teaching her a new insult? It was an accident, I swear."

Both Baultz and Miki's heads pop up at /that/. If he were any younger Baultz /might/ have been offended, but he's the leader of an army of weyrbrats, and in his eyes? She's just ridiculous. "And you're just proving my point Mila." He smirks a bit. But Miki isn't /half/ as amused by this turn of events. The nanny finally stands, striding over and crouching down in front of the girl. "Mila. I already told you not to insult people. If I hear that kind of language one more time, you'll have more than soap, Pols, and parents to deal with you hear?" After a few more seconds of hard staring the nanny rises, returning to her seat and sighing. "Honestly it's not your fault. It's hard to switch your language when talking to kids. I'm just more practiced at it than most." The nanny leans in for a whisper, slight smirk on her face. "Shells, if she weren't in earshot and I wasn't supposed to set her straight, I'd be laughing my butt off!"

Milana meets Miki stare for stare, obviously unrepentant. Polsie, with a sigh, sets her mug of klah down on the little heater and goes to gently tug the girl out of the sand. "Look, Milana - Bricilth is coming in for her wash." The green from earlier, already tired of swimming in chilly waters, is paddling steadily in their direction. "Be a good kid and go grab the brushes from where we left 'em, alright? I'll let you get her headridges if you'll *try* to behave yourself." This order the active little Milana willingly obeys, taking off like a shot - though she pauses just long enough to pull a face at Baultz - a little further down the beach. "I don't know how you put up with 'em all day in the nursery, I really don't," comments the Bitran, picking up the small heater and moving it further away from the water.

With the little girl gone, Baultz strides up, pulling at Miki. Seems like he's ready to go in search of new 'prey'. Rather than immediately moving, the nanny grins a bit at Polsie. "When you've got 18 siblings…well, you kinda get used to it. That and you just have to get to know them. Once you know what buttons to press, it's like magic." A little bit of bribery and punishment in the nursery is exactly what kept the littles in line. "I think you're getting the hang of it with Mila. Sent her off excited and running didn't ya?" Baultz's tugging becomes a bit more urgent, "Mikiiii. I heard that the kitchens are making bubblies today. Let's go charm them into giving us some. I can deliver some to the girls afterwards!" As she stands, the nanny chuckles, ruffling the boy's hair. "Shells dear. The only things you think of are bubblies and girls….though I guess I shouldn't say anything. I just think of bubblies and men." The last bit is more for Pols' hearing than Baultz's. "Anyhow, I'll see ya around Pols. Try not to catch a cold 'kay?" Baultz gives a little bow and then they're both off in the general direction of the weyr. Time to pester the bakers.

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