'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominent and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

Public Announcement from Kae'rlyn: Fort Weyr's Eggs are starting their shaking thang. In less than ten minutes the first egg will crack and we will get this party started.. Oh.. I mean hatching started. Feel free to @tel #10420 to watch and cheer on our candidates.

Kae'rlyn is standing in the shadows, trying not to be seen as she watching her dragon as Ararinth emits a deep thrumming hum. Kae doesn't look well and is putting much of her weight on Y'ric as she forces a smile upon her lips. Ararinth's tail curls idly around Temocheth's as she awaits the arrival of her children.

A'rtomus is poised behind Elara, standing close to her as he watches the rocking eggs in anticipation.

Elara bustles onto the sands before the Candidates, bowing to Ararinth, Temocheth, and beaming at Kae'rlyn and Y'ric. "Hi!" she hisses excitedly. "How exciting is this? How fun!" She takes up a place where she can watch everything at once, near the exit to the area off the sands.

A'rtomus senses "Elara grips your hand tightly and pecks you on the cheek."

Eyes on the Dawn Egg wobbles then rocks for a few moments deepening the crescent shaped cradle of sand it lays in.

Tumult at the Precipice Egg shivers slightly, sadly, mournfully, before falling still again. The egg almost seems to sigh. Why bother?

Y'ric gives Kaer a gentle squeeze with a great big prideful smile on his face. His voice, still all gravelly from having a novely case of the flu, calls back to Elara, "Hai- it's starting to kill me!"

S'vitaur regards all the Candidates with an excited grin as he follows Elara in and stands by his Weyrwoman, giving her hand a friendly squeeze. The clutch parents and their riders receive an encouraging bow.

A'rtomus chuckles as he gives Y'ric a wink. "It will all be over soon, man. Too soon in my opinion."

Eyes on the Dawn Egg wobbles a little more. Shake shake shake.

Bixby bows deeply to the clutch parents before taking a position in the semi-circle of candidates awaiting the arrivals of the new dragons. He gasps as one of the eggs begins to wobble and swallows looking for Sianne and Daegan.

Odlief wanders into the hatching sands, from the main entrance.

Anais walks out onto the sands quietly looking around. Her hands gripping her robe tightly as she bows to the sire and dam and their riders as she sees one of the eggs shake. Panic sets in a bit as she finds herself a place to stand near some other girls. She's kept some distance around her as she looks for someone to stand by.

Lidia stumbles, and ends up flat on her face as she attempts to bow to the clutch parents. Blushing fiercly, she stands, dusts herself off, and bows, moving over next to Bixby.

Sianne moves into her place on the sands with the other candidates after bowing to dame and sire and their riders, twitching a bit in a combination of excitement and nervousness as her gaze looks to the moving and rocking eggs that are yet unhatched. Moving up beside Bixby she offers the other a weak smile.

Eyes on the Dawn Egg shimmies and shakes even harder, the creature inside fighting for release.

Tumult at the Precipice Egg senses the movements of its sibling and shudders again. What's this? It feels vibrations within the sands and through its shell. What's this? Very curious.

Daegan walks in close to Bixby and Sianne. As soon as his feet touch the hot sand beneath them, he begins to sweat profusely. He Stops to bow deeply to the clutch parents. He then rejoins the other two and hops a little bit, "Were the sands this hot the last time we did a touching?" he asks, wincing, even though he's wearing sandals.

Ceresy moves out onto the sands, giving a wince at the heat of the sands, before she bowed to the clutch parents, and their riders, before moving into line with the rest of the candidates.

"Tch. Lidia, by me," Ryu grins, moving up beside the girl. We can stumble around together, she grins, and then nods at Bixby. Good luck."

Eyes on the Dawn Egg practically spins on its tip then continues its violent rocking. Whatever is inside the shell is pretty energetic it seems.

Bixby nods a little to Daegan, watching the egg with keen interest. "Yes. I think they were. I can't believe it's happening!" He offers Sianne a small smile again before looking at the other candidates and spotting Julien across the way.

The life within the Eyes on the Dawn Egg is tired of rocking and spinning. It wants out! It wants out now!!! Somewhere inside the hardened shell, the creature inside pushes at its weakening prison until *PLONK* a pair of egg wet back legs emerges from it. Another hard shove and out pops a head, neck and forelegs from the other end. There is a long moment as the newly born creature eyes its shell encased torso, planning its next move. I'm gonna roll around on the sand now!!! And so it does, creeling and churring in what sounds like pleasure as it leaves shattered egg remnants in its whirling path. Ah, /that's/ better. With nothing left to hold it back, Gleaming Illusions and Ravings Blue Hatchling leaps exuberantly forward with an enthusiastic warble. Weehoohoohoo!!!

Gleaming Illusions and Ravings Blue Hatchling
A glossy cerulean from nose to tail spade, this adorable blue seems to shine with his own inner glow. Short and thick is his muzzle, expanding into a wide, somewhat squarish head from which a huge pair of bright eyes dominates. Thin azure headknobs rise like antennae, hovering above round, bulbous eyeridges that ascribe a sense of wide-eyed wonder to his sweet face. Compared to his cranium, the rest of his smallish body seems out of proportion. His lean neck is a sapphire thread that spreads into a steely blue chest and svelte torso. Vivid teal stains each oblong neckridge, drizzling in electric streaks to pool upon rounded shoulder joints. Wiry wings spread like twin summer skies, marred only by slender contrails of icy flax, sweeping across their thin sails. Powerful haunches, thick with muscle, seem a bit overdeveloped but not overly bulky as they taper into the graceful navy hued sweep of his tail. Touches of silver sparkle like mica within the deep granite of his talons, adding a bit of extra shine to this lustrous creature.

Cleverly Concealed Within the Darkness Egg gives a little wiggle but is then still once more.

Odlief follows the other candidates out into the sands, wringing his hands nervously as he gloos between the dame and sire and then drops himself into a bow, paying his respects to the both of them and the riders. Straightening himself, he looks out to the eggs, feeling more nervous than before.

Hilarion swallows hard as he makes his way before the queen and her mate and bows to them, and their riders. He quickly straightens up smiling nervously and makes his way before teh collecting mass of excited candidates. He look over to Odlief and nods to him beckoning him over…

S'vitaur's grin widens as the rest of the candidates arrive, each one getting a nod and an occasional wink from the Weyrleader. From the dragon ledges high above, Brown Memminith's thrumming increases in intensity as he nuzzles up to Nemmenth in the excitement.

Bixby's jaw drops and he stares at the hatchling. He shakes his head and murmurs, "Amazing." He almost doesn't notice the other egg shaking in the background.

Daegan nods a little bit at Bixby, "Yeah, I can't believe it…." he trails off as the first dragonet makes an appearance, "Look! Look! Bix are you looking? It's a blue!" He says stating the obvious, seems the heat may have gotten to his head a little bit.

Ryu wraps an arm around Lidai's shoulders. "Take it easy, okay," she whispers. "We're in this together." She reaches down and plucks a snadal thong into better place.

Elara squeals and claps once, before she clasps her hands and just beams, bouncing a bit on the balls of her feet.

Sianne shifts form foot to foot, watching the eggs and her fellow candidates. A look of apprehension is on her face, though she shows nothing more then that. "Pretty isn't he."

Lidia nods wordlessly, reaching out to take Ryu's hand. As the egg bursts, her eyes widen at the lovely blue who emerges. "He's incredible." Nervousness is lost in th the incredible feel of the moment…

Odlief nods to Hilarion, moving over to him while trying to hide his giddiness. "You as nervous as I am?"

Gleaming Illusions and Ravings Blue Hatchling is having the time of his very short life as he bounds about the sands. Oooh, what are /those/ white things? Bounce, bounce, bounce. Hello white things! Are you fun? *sniff sniff* The rapid whirls of his eyes slow for a moment as he turns from this group. Nope, no fun. Oh well! Weeeehooo!!! Again the blue goes scrambling in another direction, in search of more entertainment.

Tumult at the Precipice Egg shivers for a moment and then shatters, sending shards every which way. A very dark colored blue emerges, quietly shaking out his wings as he begins his life anew. A second chance. Spreading his wings, Second Chance Blue wanders towards the Candidates, his powerful neck holding his head rightly as he searches for his one. And there he is, the challenging lifemate he's been looking for. Second Chance Blue stops by Seveill and creels softly, nudging the boy's finger from his nose with a loving croon. Seveill stops and blinks, and reaches a hand out to the blue. "Oh, yes, Woleth, I promise." What did he promise? Only S'il and Woleth know as they are lead off the sands.

Teren brushes past Ryu and Lidai, winking at both, and moves over to stand by Jessica, looking more like a guard than a candidate.

Bixby stiffens as the hatchling is sniffing the candidate. He hisses to Daegan, "I see 'im! I see 'im." He swallows and tries not to look too imposing for risk of being gored. He watches an egg shatter and a blue stumble out. As it impresses Seveill, he smiles, "Hey! Seveill impressed! Woleth is a strong name."

Amber eyes brighten as the first hatchling dominates the attentions of all on the sands. "Wow," he says as he looks to Odlief. "Yes, I'm both nervous and excited at the same time." He looks to the sands as another hatchling makes its way out to the sands with its clutch mate. "Two of them…"

M'kus walks out to S'il and Woleth.."Ok lad follow me and we'll get him fed.." as he leads the pair off the sands.

Ceresy ooohs as she looks at the hatchling that just arrived, and she smiled. "Nice looking fellow." She commented. "Congrats S'il and Woleth."

Incised Sandstone Egg scrapes away at the shell, the sound echoing mroe in the back of the mind than anything. Bits of dust come off the shell.

Sianne eyes seek out the new pair, flickering with excitement, "Congratulations to you both," she offers, beginning to shift from foot to foot again. "It's just getting faster"

Anais claps as the first hatchling impresses as her eyes head back to the other eggs. This is something that should be old habit by now but it's not any less nerve-wrecking worrying if this will be the time. Her eyes scan for the eggs that she liked the most from the egg touchings and focuses on them.

Daegan nods his head and gives a nice loud "Woot!" To the new pair. He notes with an asiede to Bixby, "They're gonna make a good pair I think." He nods knowingly. Looking over at the concealed in darkness egg, he raises a brow, "Did that just move a little bit ago, or was it just me?"

Cleverly Concealed Within the Darkness Egg wiggles ever so slightly. You didn't see it. It's not moving at /all/. Honest. Shhh…

Lidia takes a breath, a nervous glance going toward Jesicca. She squeezes at Ryu's hand, and swallows, as she watches the second blue. When he picks S'il, she grins, but says nothing else…

Ryu reaches a hand around Lidai and gives Bixby a pat on the shoulder. "The gang's all here," she comments enigmatically.

Handtools and Hunting Points Egg wriggles a little, the first light tap-taps test the structure of the shell.

Bixby looks over at the egg and shakes his head, "I don't think so Dae." Then he tilts his head, "Do you hear knocking?"

Gleaming Illusions and Ravings Blue Hatchling continues his seemingly aimless scampering, occasionally pausing to sniff at a group of white robed candidates before leaping away. Hey, what's /that/ behind him? The blue actually spins about, chasing his tail until he plops on his haunches, rocking dizzily. *blink blink* Wait…there! /There/ you are! Bugling ecstatically, the dragonette takes three huge leaps, skidding to a halt before a young woman with short cropped black hair and violet eyes. Ugh, all this sand on me…I'm gonna get it off now!!! And as he begins to shake a fore paw to remove the clinging stuff, it seems almost as if he were waving exuberantly to his chosen. Hellooo you!!!

Odlief's nodding eagerly as he watches, clapping polietly for the other candidates as they score their dragons. "They're beautiful." He moves around the other side of Hilarion, bringing on hand down on his shoulder. "I wish we could all have one, though."

Primordial Ooze Egg tilts to one side after making a quick hopping motion.

Frieze in Ochre and Charchol Egg shudders, shaking suddenly, and just as suddenly stops.

Hilarion fidgets where he stands playing with the hem of his collar as he looks intently at the eggs before him. He can't help but to chuckle at the hatchings clumsyness. "I wish we all could, too," he replies with a warm smile.

Lidia nods, lost in the eyes of the beautiful blue. "Yes, Zsihaventh. We'll get you something to eat…" Her grin is huge, nothing at all able to hurt her now.

"Beautiful?" Ryu quotes. "Not beautiful," she contradicts. "Cute, yes." She grabs Lidia with both hands, hugging her. "This is…" she can't quite think of a word to describe it.

Cleverly Concealed Within the Darkness Egg shakes for its final time. Slow at first, a soft seesaw motion, rocking back and forth and with each full rock the speed increases until it appears to be just vibrating in the sand. Then.. it is still, as if nothing had ever happened. *BOOM* A bronze head breaks through its dark shelled prison with a loud creel of protest. An arm soon follows and the young dragon leaves his destroyed home behind him without a second thought.

Prideful Ruler of All the Light Touches Bronze Hatchling
Bronze in all its perfection and glory is the only way to describe the color that engulfs this entire dragon's hide, a flawless hue of polished copper-penny which still shines in even the dullest of light. Flecks of dark chocolate bronze spot intermittently behind his faceted eyes to swirl over and under his slim neck before coming to a rest around the curvature of his shoulders. If one could describe the perfect dragon body, his would be it. Supple muscles slither beneath this model hide, wrapping tightly around a broad chest and lean form, lacking in any excess pudge or flesh that would just weigh him down. Sinewy arms and powerful legs lead to a long slender tail drizzled with hints of molten bronze that gather in a rich pool at its sharply forked end.

Bixby watches the blue and gasps. "-Lidia- impressed!" He hops for a second and then catches himself, casting a glance over his shoulder at the clutch parents to ensure he hasn't upset them. He whispers, "That's wonderful." Then, as the next egg hatches, his breath gets caught in his throat. "Oh wow…"

Ceresy blinks as she watched the blue. "He's certainly energetic one." She miles. "Congrats Lidia, good with him." She said, and looked back to the eggs, with an oh. "Oh my."

Anais glances over just quick enough to catch Lidia's impression. She smiles as she claps. "Congrats Lidia!" She says softly. "A handsome blue too… oh a bronze!" She smiles as she lets go of her robe.

S'vitaur fidgets with nervous excitement, clapping happily as Lidia impresses the first hatchling.

Ryu is jumping up and down in little hops. "Yay for Lidia. That's awesome," she agrees with Bixby, but her eyes are on the next hatchling.

Daegan blinks a little bit as the blue stops in front of Lidia…and then Lidia says the name and he just stands there shocked. He shouts a congrats, but then the concealed in darkness egg reveals a bronze and he whoops, "I told ya Bix! Told ya it was gonna be a bronze. I really should have placed a bet on that."

Primordial Ooze Egg shakes for a short moment then becomes as still as it was before.

Sianne waves to Lidia "Oh she did it, I knew she would." now back to the eggs.

"I have to tell Lidia congrats later…" Hilarion mumbles as his attention is quickly attracted by the hatchling bronze taking the stage before him.

Temocheth nods in approval of his bronze son.

Elara beams excitedly, "Go, Lidia!" she calls after the girl, "What a fantastic Blue!"

Odlief nods, eyes locked on the bronze with rapt attention. "Yeah, I'll have to remember that too." He moved his hands over his robe once, suddenly feeling a bit inferior in the presence of the powerful little hatchling. "I wonder who gets that one…"

Ryu makes little chirping sounds, trying to attract the attention of the little bronze. "This way, little fellow," she grabs Bixby and shakes him. "Right here, this is your man."

Prideful Ruler of All the Light Touches Bronze Hatchling slinks quickly around the other eggs, tail flicks behind him, smacking into other egg shells and causing their inhabitants to give a wabble in protest. Hey! But he pays them no mind and as he escapes his future siblings his speed drops to a crawl. He drops to the ground and sloooowly slinks towards the candidates. A girl, Ryu, is sniffed at as he passes, but an abrupt snort is given before he continues his slow sneaky trek.

A'rtomus watches with a slightly agape mouth as the wild little blue finds lidia on the sands. "/That/ will be an interesting pair," he chuckles. "I hope he settles a little…for /her/ sake."

Ceresy shifts her feet as she looks across the sands, watching the bronze with the other candidates. "Handsome looking fellow…"

Sianne watches the bronze with interest "I wonder.." glancing at Ryu and Bixby then down at Daeglan and Hilarion "Well I could think of two more that he'd pair up well with, but he certainly reminds me of someone…"

Bixby whispers quietly to Daegan, "I could see you on that dragon. He's… really nice." He grins at the boy, "And like Sala said. Sometimes opposites attract."

Hilarion nods his head quietly and answers, "I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see…" He looks to Odlief and shrugs then focuses his attentions back to the sands.

"Indeed, Elara! They are all quite handsome!" Yep, the Weyrleader seems to be as much of a sucker for a hatching as the Weyrwoman, as evidenced by the goofy, child-like expression his face.

Teren looks over to Bixby and Hilarion, giving a big thumbs up to them as the bronze passes him by, and returns to alternately watching the hatching and keeping an eye on Jessica.

Daegan just kinda chuckles nervously, and then shakes his head, "Nah, that one is way too slim for me, I'm gonna need a big dragon to carry my weight." He says, self-mockingly.

Primordial Ooze Egg rocks suddenly from side to side with a violent jerk.

Julien peeks from around the other side of Bixby, who he's been hovering around the last few days. "He is very handsome." And clearly not for the dainty tow-headed boy.

Cold Icebergs and Shimmering Snow Egg shivers softly in its bed of warm sand.

The fire tinted shell of Primordial Ooze Egg bulges unexpectedly…then once again, this time forcing rivulets of tiny cracks to appear over its entire surface. Nothing then. No motion. No sound. The quiet before the storm, and when the storm arrives, it arrives in full force causing the weakened shell to erupt into a splatter of minuscule pieces that fall away like ashes. And like the Phoenix arising anew, Murky Fumes of Destruction Brown Hatchling seeps into existence to conquer the winds of Pern.

After a stunned moment, the sooty brown steps away from the egg shards. No first, tentative steps for him. He knows exactly where to go. A sharp creel announcing his intention, he leaps toward a tan young man with an ever-present frown and stern manner.

Teren stumbles as the brown hatchling leaps toward him but manages remain standing. "Hungry…?" He gasps with befuddled excitement, the usual frown he wears replaced by wide-eyed amazement "Wha…Ter'n?" Eyes blink as they lose focus and then are forced to readjust, "Yes…yes Hexxuth we must eat." The boy looks lost, his glance wanders from face to face in search of guidance. "Whe-where do I take him?" He manages to get out as an Assitant Weyrling Master approaches to guide the newly bonded pair off the sands.

"He is amazing…," Hilarion mutters. He brushes his hair back as it gets in his way. He watches intently as the young bronze makes his rounds.

Prideful Ruler of All the Light Touches Bronze Hatchling stops his slinking to pause near another candidate, this time a male, and as the boy doesn't move away from him, just stands there staring in fright, the hatchling snaps at him. Gettoutmyway! Grrr! He's on a mission and that mission doesn't include candidates who don't move out of his way. His ever twitchy tail clicks from side to side, like the arm of a pendulum clock before he suddenly drops low to the ground. No one can see him now. He's in stalk mode. Shhh. He starts his painstakingly slow creep once more.

Bixby ohs softly as Teren impresses. He grins. "Amazing."

Hilarion looks over to Odlief and says, "Make sure there is room about you should we have to move out of it's way.

Cold Icebergs and Shimmering Snow Egg shakes a fraction. The tiniest of wobbles for the creature inside.

Mymma moves over quietly towards Anais. "Mind if I join you?" Anais smiles and shakes her head. "Sure Mymma. Was just looking to see if Audrina was in the galleries with X'ai and my two little ones." She says quietly. "You going to be ok, you looked rather faint earlier?" Mymma nods quietly. "I'll be alright. It's my 1st time and just nervous. You seem nervous too Anais." Anais nods with a laugh. "After this many times I'd thought I'd not be… kinda wrong on that." Anais giggles as she offers her hand to Mymma.

Sianne just stares at the bronze with her mouth slightly agap "Oh dear, he's a fiesty one. Look he just snapped at the boy over there." Between watching the hatchling and waving to Ter'n, poor Sianne is one busy girl.

Daegan looks around idly and with all the confusion, he must have lost sight of the bronze, but that is quickly forgotten as he sees Teren impress and smiles with a wave, "Congrats! Nice looking brown."

Julien nearly faints from the panic of a big, scarey mean bronze growling at him. Certianly not meant for that colour. "B-b-b-…..Bix….?"

Ryu laughs in delight. "Way to go, Teren!" She shouts, then covers her mouth, looking towards the parents, hoping she hasn't upset them. "Oops."

M'kus shakes his head as he watches the bronze encourage the candidate to move out of his way, "There's always one or two who don't pay attention to what's going on.."

Ceresy is quiet, as is usual for her, arms clutched around her torso as she dances upon her toes, sandals remaining flat upon the sand. The motion is really more from nerves than from heat, though that probably adds some energy into the gesture.

Odlief nods, laughing a little as he lets his attention draw over to Teren. He claps, calling out a small oath of congratulations before looking back at Hilarion. "I don't think it needs the room. It looks as it just might make us move if we're not fast enough for its liking."

Ryu watches the bronze and laughs at his stalking. "He looks like he's looking for something to eat, not a partner," she giggles, still clutching Bixby.

Hilarion cheers as he watches his fellow candidates leave the sands one by one. "Yeah, I think I have enough running space if need be," he replies chuckling. Amber eyes peer back over to the Bronze and rocking eggs…

Prideful Ruler of All the Light Touches Bronze Hatchling slowly slinks across the hatching grounds, acting as if all those present cannot see him since he's so low to the ground and moving ever so slowly. He is in hunter mode and he has found his prey. He crouches even lower to the ground and one would imagine that if he had ears they'd be cupped forwards, intently listening. He cares not if those around him are getting tired of the time he is wasting, he waits patiently, ever so patiently until.. *BAM* the oversized bronze breaks into a full run. Candidates dive out of his way as he barrels through the sands with incredible poise for one so young.. well that is until his foot sinks into a particularly soft divot of sand and sends him sprawling. He ends up at the feet of a muddy-brown haired, blue eyed boy and he slowly lifts his head to snort at him. Bah.

Handtools and Hunting Points Egg shifts, shudders, and starts to actually twist around in it's little spot in the nest. Now the 'tink - tink -tink-tink' can be heared - it's stone tool on stone material. Tink- shudder. Tink-shudder.

Ryu stops laughing as the egg moves and points to it. "Ooo, I like that one," she informs no-one in particular, then turns her head back to the bronze, watching the pair meet for the first time.

Ceresy 's eyes grace across the eggs and hatchlings that are about, barely noting the other candidates around her. While they're noteworthy, at the moment they're just not so worthy of her attention, if nothing else, one of them is unlikely to accidently injure her. Normally composed, nerves have obviously started to eat into her a bit by now, a nervous humming sound escaping her now and then, cut off with some annoyance whenever she starts to notice it, only to resurface a few moments later.

Daegan blinks a little bit and doesn't really realize what's going on. He looks down at the bronze with a look of pure confusion on his face. "Huh? Whatcha mean I need work Tauth?" He blinks a little bit, "Tauth?" He says again, and realization sinks in.

Bixby jumps a little to the side, slightly behind Sianne as he looks at Daegan with a large smile. "Toldja!" The boy can't help but be estatic for his friend and lets out a whoop!

Sianne holds her breath as the bronze seems to have chosen, her teeth biting down on her lower lip as she waits to see just who has won over the bronze "Tauth and Daegan." a grin almost seems to split her face as she wiggles about in excitement.

Ryu grins so wide you can see her tonsils. "Daigan - Woot woot." She pumps her fist in the air. "Way to go!" She returns her attention to the wiggling egg. "Next one's for you, Bix," she announces.

Odlief's eyes move over to Daegan, and instantly he's tugging lightly on Hilarion's arm and pointing at the other. "He impressed! Congratulations!" He calls, barely able to keep his own excitement under control.

A cheer escapes the Weyrleader as the next impression is made. "Congratulations, Daegan! He's beautiful!" A'rtomus gets a buddy-slap on the back. "This is so much more exciting when you're not wearing a white robe," he winks.

Elara squeals, "Daegan! Yay!"

"Congrats Daegan!" he calls even though he can barely hear his own voice about the sounds echoing around them. A warm smile forms about Hilarions face as he looks over to Odlief, and then chuckling follows.

Bixby blushes at Ryu and steps out from behind Sianne, smoothing his robe. He swallows and shakes his head, "Shells. I'd be happy with nothin' at this point." A large smile is given to all of the candidates.

Daegan calls to Tauth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Anais shuffles her sandled feet in the sand quietly as she keeps a light grip on Mymma's hand. Her eyes fixated on the eggs as she tries to block out other thoughts that are distracting her. She watches as the bronze chooses Daegan and smiles. "What a handsome one there." She claps for her fellow candidate. She glances over to M'kus quietly. He definitely seems to fit the position of Weyrlingmaster well, something that is good for her friend. She then looks to the wiggling egg as she hears the others comments. Its too hot to speak a lot as she wipes the sweat off her face with the sleeve of her robe.

A'rtomus's smile widens into a grin as the bronze finds his lifemate. "Congratulations Daegan!" he shouts across the sands. *WHACK* His laughing face turns to S'vitaur, nodding his agreement, "Aye and much less tension ridden," he replies and winks in return.

Handtools and Hunting Points Egg tink-shudders, peices of tool and stone starting falling away now. And it tink-shudders more, and more, the sound becoming loud enough to echo across the cavern, and off the other tink-tink-tinking, building on itself.

M'kus nods his head in approval at the bronze's choice, then smiles as he see's Anais look over his way…he gives an encouraging nod before returning his attention to the sands.

Interred in Ice Egg trembles abruptly then settles back into stillness.

Final Steps to Missing Links Egg 's colors shift slightly as the egg trembles, blending together even more across the smeared egg.

Ryu overs her mouth with her hand, eyes huge as she watches the eggs, saying nothing for once, just holding Bixby's hand in a crushing grip. She shifts from foot to foot, the fingers on her other hand wriggling in excitement.

Interred in Ice Egg begins to shiver again, a small crack appearing on its surface and releasing a thick droplet of fluid.

Julien now nearly faints from relief. "Ohthankfaranth!"

Tink. Tink. Chips of eggshell continue to fall away from Handtools and Hunting Points Egg, the tool-coated surface showing now that it was all just a faade. Tink. What was being created on the inside of the egg is finished now. And now it wants out, it needs to be out. Tink. Tink-tink. Now! With a sudden explosion of shard-like spray, out it spills. Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling - yeah! Freedom! The little, roiling mass of midnight comes to a stop, half coated in sand. Big, whirling eyes come to find a focus on white dancing things. Ooo! Now wheres my Puddin?

White and Black Diamonds Midnight Blue
Glistening midnight blue lies beneath little diamond shapes. White diamonds reside on his underbelly, black along his sides, and a deep violet colour to either side of his ridges that run from the underside of his head knobs all the way to the spaded tip of his tail. The most prominent of these resides between eye ridges and head knobs, white to contrast with the darkness of his face. Within, there are smaller black diamonds. A broad, flat face is his, with head knobs set back in such a way that they seem nearly parallel to his skull. Pulling his lips upwards is a permanently set, truly manic grin, giving him the look of mischief . A little large for him at this moment, his wings are coated in blotches of every translucent shade of blue, deep violets and even some dark greens, as if they had been made of stained glass. The point of each spar is a different shade of green, lending a nearly iridescent quality.

Sianne stretches some, then begins picking at her robe "SO hot out here, can't remember being this…" a gasp sounds from the girl as she watches the newest hatching emerge "Look another blue. I thought that one would be a green for sure."

Hilarion stares quietly out on the sands at the crackling egg. "Would you look at that one?" he mumbles as he leans towards Odlief to hear…"A third blue.."

An AWLM moves over to the newly formed pair and leads them off the sands.

Interred in Ice Egg quivers, a few more fissures appearing on its shell. The drips of liquid slowly oozing out of the tiny cracks in small rivulets might convince some that it is actually beginning to melt.

Bixby opens his mouth to say something and just kind of pants instead. After he catches his breath, "A lot of blues. No greens yet."

Cold Icebergs and Shimmering Snow Egg rocks a tad. How will it hatch if the little one inside doesn't try harder?

Odlief returns the smile, his own more jubilent than warm as he turns his attention back to the eggs in the sand. "I hope at least you impress, Hilarion." He confides, nudging the other lightly in his side. "Maybe one of the blues is for you."

Interred in Ice Egg lurches upward with an audible tapping sound, its entire surface now sweating with moisture.

Ryu obviously agrees with the comment about the heat as she grabs the front of her robe and flaps it in an effort to cool herself, mouth open trying to inhale cooler air. Her hand releases Bixby's and she leans on his shoulder.

Ceresy 's eyes widen as she watches the blue tumbles free, a rather animate squeal even escaping her as the outburst, though she quickly bites upon her lips to stiffle it as she hugs herself tight.

Hilarion smiles, shrugs, and nods as he looks at the newly hatched dragon making its enterance. His vision shifts over to the remaining eggs and then back over to the hatchling. "Might be for you, you never know."

Tap, tap, tap…the sound of a chisel and hammer…a pick breaking laboriously away at an immense block of frozen water. Interred in Ice Egg jerks upward with each sharp thud, spidery cracks slowly appearing on its surface and growing at an alarming rate until, like an outburst of chilled rain from a cloudy, winter sky, it shatters into commotion of shards and melts away to reveal the small form of Icy Wintergreen Hatchling.

The petite Hatchling blinks with each and every one of her eyelids, the chaos of the sands making her crouch nervously and hunch into a compact, little ball. After a few moments of adjustment, she makes a quiet, almost squeaky sound and cranes her neck upward to scan the many white robed figures that surround her. A perceptible tremble overtakes her, her movements becoming awkward and panicky, and a shy creel escapes the hatchling as she suddenly lunges into the fray…a stumble, but she gets back up quickly. Her head tilts to one side then the other, the panic in her expression building…until her entire essence seems to latch on to a blue eyed girl with cropped, light brown hair. The young green's steps are rushed as she approaches her one, but her terror has clearly turned to delight and creels of panic have become excited bugles of joy.

Analita shrieks as Icy Wintergreen Hatchling runs at her, but her frantic expression turns quickly into a silly grin. "Hiverth! Yes! Yes! My love! I am your Icy Analita!" And Hiverth is embraced for as long as it takes someone to drag them off the sands.

Final Steps to Missing Links Egg spins slightly in its little sandy wallow, rocking a bit from side to side. It seems to be in constant motion now, colors a full blur.

Anais watches as a green hatchings and impresses. She gives a clap for Analita and smiles. "She's beautiful Analita! Congrats!" She claps as she watches as the pair is taken away.

M'kus shakes himself and smiles as he lays his hand on Analita's shoulder, "Ok Analita you and Hiverth follow me..we'll get him fed.."

Ryu has run out of adrenaline, and just stands limply leaning on Bixby, mouth open in a foolish grin as she watches the new pair.

White and Black Diamonds Midnight Blue rushes forward, wings unfurling for extra balance. Until he trips over them an goes rolling towars Hilarion. Wobbly, he stands back up. Ooooo! Dizzy! Yeah! Then he galnces over the candiddate before and chuffs, as if to say, 'You're not *my* Puddin'! Where's my Puddin'?

"She's lovely Analita!" A'rtomus shouts as girl and dragon meet. "Congratulations!"

Elara giggles, "Icy Analita. Perfect."

Bixby wraps his arm around Ryu and leans against her in turn for support. "Shards these sands are hot." He smiles as Analita impresses a green, "That'll be interesting!"

Hilarion takes a deep breath and swallows hard as he watches. "Oh, look a green," he says to Odlief. "It sure knew who it wanted for a lifemate." He chuckles and waves to the departing candidate now weyrling. He looks down at the fallen dragon and stands motionless.

Final Steps to Missing Links Egg shakes and rolls more violently now, rocking back and forth as the cracks grow wider and longer before finally it snaps apart, allowing the green hatchling within to shake herself free and make her first warbling announcement to the Hatching Grounds that she's arrived.

Not Quite a Star Green Hatchling
Small, but finely and strongly curved muzzle which is a pleasant and deep shade of grass and forest green, leads to a strong featured wedged shaped head. Her sharp eye ridges are highlighted in paled jades and bottle greens that slide up to her head knobs, disappearing along the tips where it deepens to a darker hue once again. Long neck curves down to her well muscled chest, a mixture of the same grass and forest greens but now with the addition of olive greens which pool down to her sleek sides and right to her haunches to disappear among the deep and darker greens of her long tail which narrows to a fine tip. Slender limbs with small, wide feet, end with a light blue-green tint and have long, sharply curved sea green talons completing them. Wings sails carry a near to translucent mixture of yellow-greens, moss greens, jades and sage, always colliding and melding into each other, deepening only along the very tips and edges of the sails. While her wings are wide, they are proportional to her medium sized body and add to her already graceful, but powerful, looking form.

Sianne claps her hands for Analita, then watches the blue then ahhs softly of the next green that hatches "Look at her, she's just elegant isn't she."

Odlief cheers as another candidate impresses before looking down at the hatchling that'd come close to Hilarion. He grins, glancing up at Hilarion before focusing his attention on the hatchling grin breaking into a full smile.

Not Quite a Star Green Hatchling shakes herself clear of the shards and goo of her egg, blinking her bright eyes. Her wings shake themselves open and she pauses, front legs lifting and falling into the sand in a sort of still prance. Her elegant head swings around, peering curiously at the white thingies, studying them for a moment before her restless energy and hunger has her moving forward in a smooth motion.

Ryu rests her head against her friend. "How many left?" she asks herself, then looks around and watches Miss Icy bond with her new partner. "Yay Analita," she calls.

Ceresy follows the commotion of impression, unable to help a grin from momentarily surfacing as the recent green moves from the sands complete with partner. Not that she lets this warm fuzzy feeling interfere with her usual powers of observation, eyes back to the blue, and oh, what she seemed to have missed, a new green upon the sands. For whatever reason Ceresy relaxes at this or seems to, releasing herself and putting her hands behind her back, though she still fidgets with them and the back of her robe.

Anais glances over as a new green is hatched and she gets a rather cursory examination by Anais. "Wow, she's pretty." She looks around the candidates that are left as she tries to figure out which might get lucky to get the newest green. She gives a shrug as she looks to Mymma. "How about a bet that she chooses you?" She smiles as she nudges the other girl." Mymma blushes. "She is so cute Anais. But I doubt she'd choose me."

Fiery Armageddon Egg is silent. Not wiggling. Not moving. Just sitting there in the chaos that is its shell.

White and Black Diamonds Midnight Blue seems to giggle, yes giggle uproariously at Hilarion. Not the Puddin', but funny! Folding his wings back again, he side steps away from Hilarion, and moves on down the line to Rencanald. Sniff-sniff-gag. Nope, the Puddin' doesn't smell *that* much like runner-muck. He starts to round around the back of the candidates. Hunting - yeah! he's uh - what is hunting anyway? What a mystery they all are. Ooo! There we go, the mystery of - Where's the Puddin'!!

Sianne peers about "I can't tell how many are left, it's more fun watching the hatchlings anyways." with all the moving about she's doing it's almost as if the girl is near to dancing in the sand "Ouch hot sand, hot sand on the toes."

"Another green!" he says as he spots the next dragons arrival. Hilarion gently tugs on the collar of his robe and chuckles. "So far we have seen all of the colors but one, now have we?" he asks Odlief. Nervousness seems to be melted away from the young man as excitement takes over. He relaxes as the blue stalks other candidates.

Not Quite a Star Green Hatchling swishes her tail back and forth across the hot sands before she creels softly and lifts it with a soft snort, expressive face seeming to pout. That hurt! She shakes it off though, and continues on her way. Giving one of the young girls a sniff, she shakes her head back and forth before continuing on, moving faster as she gets the hang of walking. Wings fold and unfold as an outlet for her energy.

Ryu grins and breaks into giggles. "Look at them," she tells Bixby. "They look like Stinker when he's hunting spoons," she suggests. Her hand slips around Bixby's waist and she straightens as she turns to watch the latest hatchling search.

Odlief laughs, clapping his hand against Hilarion's back. "I think it liked you," he teased, eyes moving onto the green with another smile. "There's another little beauty, and I think we have seen all but one color."

Incised Sandstone Egg lets the dust fall, as if it's being shaved away from the inside.

Bixby smiles at Ryu giggling. "Or Winnie, taking them away!" He then gasps as it pins Ceresy into the sand. "Is she okay!?"

Ryu has tears in her eyes now as her friend impresses. She nods her head at Bixby, and continutes to watch Ceresy.

Sianne gasps "THat blue it chose Ceresy! Congrats Ceresy." with all the peopel she know impressing around her, Si slowly creeps closer to Ryu and Bixby. "Who do you think that green'll go to."

White and Black Diamonds Midnight Blue knocks over Julien and puts a paw on the back of the candidate. The dragonettes tounge snakes all around the head of the unfortunate candidate in an elaborate swirly. Nope, Not the Puddin. He moves down, tail snaking around the leg of Ceresy. In what should have been a spectacular move, Dragon and Candidate go tumbling end over end, landing with White and Black Diamonds Midnight Blue pinning Ceresys back to the burning hot sand. His creel really is more like a squeal of delight. Heres his Puddin!

Hilarion nods then bursts into laughter as Ceresy is toppled by the blue hatchling. "I think it likes her better."

Anais glances over as she sees the blue choose Ceresy and claps. "Wow, now there is one I thought a green would have choosen." She smiles. "Congrats!"

Ceresy 's head whips around to follow the blue who moves behind many of the candidates, along with the eggs and hatchlings, unsure where to concentrate at first, and to that extent misses the blue as he wraps a tail around her leg, of course drawing a startled squeal from her at first that in its way rather matches the Blue's cry. He suddenly has all of her , anxious attention…

Odlief turns his attention onto Ceresy, nodding his agreement with Hilarion before clapping. "Congratulations!" He looks back up at Hilarion again, giving a light tug to his arm again before turning back to look out on the sands. "Now lets hope there's one out there that'll love you."

Incised Sandstone Egg twists and shivers, loose dust falls into the scortching sands that have been it's home.

Captured Silence in Stone Egg begins to tremble very slightly, earthquakes rocking it from within for the third time.

Anais glances back over towards the newest egg to shake as she sees the dust fall off of it and glances about the rest of the sands. What color does this one hold? She giggles softly. "Well at least I know my knot is waiting for me when this is over." She smiles.

Ceresy starts to giggle, for a time forgetting to even get up from the sand, despite the heat that seems intent upon cooking her. She scrambles to her feet and clings to the blue at the same time, tears streaking her face amidst the sweat as she staggers a bit, kissing the blue upon the nose and rubbing her cheek against him.

"Or you," Hilarion adds as he chuckles. He glances over to Odlief and smiles warmly as he keeps a watchful eye on the sands. "Energetic little ones aren't they?" Hilarion calls his congrats to Ceresy as she bonds with her new blue lifemate.

Not Quite a Star Green Hatchling suddenly halts, head swinging around sharply as she catches the presence of something…wonderful. Something magnificent! She lets loose with a brassy bugle as she finds her one.

Captured Silence in Stone Egg increases in quaking, chaos swirling within, cracks appearing and spreading across the shell…

Fiery Armageddon Egg is still not moving. All you see is an egg sitting there doing nothing exciting like wiggling. But at least it has a pretty colorful shell.

Bixby swallows as the Captured Silence in Stone egg shudders. "Look," is all he says.

The scraping sound from the Incised Sandstone Egg increases, more and more it crumbles into dust around the glistening little dragon within. Like a wild herd escaping a predator, the brown charges out of the place hes rested for the last day or so. One quick shake of his mane like ridges, and he gallops around the gathered candidates before approaching the one he desires. A chuff of breath and a head butt later, and the runner like brown has chosen his rider. «Rcan..» Recanald laughs, "Well hey there Horseth!" And before they know it theyre trotting off to get food.

"Uh-oh, it's spotted someone. Wonder who?" Ryu asks the obvious question, alternating between the wiggling egg and the new hatchling. So much is happening, she can't decide what to watch.

Resy continues to nod a little as she finally thinks to leave, whatever the reason might be, her voice soft, "Yes, Miruth, we go, we're leaving…"

Hilarion clutches at Odliefs sleeve as the quickly hatched brown wanders off with his new lifemate. "So unpredictable," he mutters. He smiles and waves with his free hand to the departing Resy.

Odlief watches the Green, eyes wide as he chokes a little and then claps his hands together. "Kheyuth? O'lief?" He looks up at Hilarion, eyes wide and dazzled as he points to the green, unsure of what exactly to say in all his excitement. "I think I just impressed."

Sianne waves to Odlief as the green takes to him "Congrats O'lief."

Bixby smiles over at the young man.

Captured Silence in Stone Egg shivers one more time before it quietly breaks open, the egg letting go of all previously conceived notions, allowing the hatchling within to be free.

Beyond Infinity Bronze Hatchling
Sturdy and solid, this young bronze dragon is molded from infinity itself. In perfect proportion, time twists across his tapered muzzle, shimmering, dark shades glistening with ancient life. Speckles of all dragon hues are sprinkled across his muzzle, the beginnings of life found right here upon the hide of this dragon. Dripping down his headknobs and along his throat the hues begin to lighten with a new dawn, bronzed shades vibrant, golden rays of the first sunrise streaking down to his limbs. Paler shades grace his belly, the silt of the first seas rising along his ribs towards his spine, darkening through the turns before the color reaches his wings.

Strong, bold wing spars stretch the sails which capture the sky during a brassy evening. The rich colors spin and twirl, chaos defined in a single moment, captured and held for all to behold and gaze upon in awe. The beginning, the present, the future is held within this dragon's wings. Powerful hindquarters carry the deepest shade of bronze, sliding down to the fork of his tail where the color suddenly lightens to a deep golden hue, like a pinprick of light from infinity's cloak.

Anais looks over towards the Fiery egg as Odlief Impresses and claps. "Congrats Odlief, she's so pretty." She says looking over to Ryu and some of the others as she motions for Mymma to move over with her closer to the others. The two girls moving just as a bronze appears. "Oooh wonder who he's going to go for." She smiles.

Amber eyes wander over to the excited Odlief. "I think you just did, congrats!" Hilarion gives him a light hug and smiles warmly. He glances over at the newly hatched bronze..

Bixby swallows hard when the bronze hatchling comes from his favorite egg. He murmurs, "I thought it would be a bronze." He forces a smile to Sianne and Ryu.

Beyond Infinity Bronze Hatchling sits for a moment within the shards of his egg, muzzle dipping down to gently nose one of the shards, overturning it so he can finally see what the outside of his confinement looks like. The colors dazzle his eyes and he croons gently, as if thanking the egg for everything. Protection, growth…but now it's time to move on. Rising to all fours, the Beyond Infinity Bronze stretches his great wings, fanning them in the cavern and sending a breeze of air towards the assembled. A rich croon emanates from his throat as he patiently moves forward, eyes spinning rapidly as he takes in all that is around him, missing nothing and storing everything.

Sianne reaches out for the young candidates hand "Isn't he handsome, maybe he's for you." Her once wandering eyes hone in on the bronze, though from time to time they stray to the remaining eggs with hope.

One more shiver and the Cold Icebergs and Shimmering Snow Egg finally begins to crack, slowly revealing its occupant flake by icy cold flake. From the fallen shards rises Ancient Earth Sorceress Green Hatchling, her shadowed eyes a whirling vortex of menacing red and orange. With slow steady steps, the voluptuous green approaches the candidates, her oddly shuffling gait and hunched neck making her look more elderly than newborn. It doesn't seem as if she's searching for anyone, but then she doesn't have to. This green knows what she wants and when she spots Ursula, her joyous warble sounds anything but antiquated. The prematurely greying woman stumbles to the dragonette and the wizened olive muzzle stretches to meet her, sniffing with concern at Ursula's tear streaked face. "I'm fine Mommyth, truly I am. I just…just hoped for so long and…" No more words are spoken aloud as the woman's arms wrap around the still egg wet head, comforting her long awaited new lifemate as an assistant weyrling master approaches to lead the new pair to a much needed first meal.

Frieze in Ochre and Charchol Egg shivers, loosening the paint, loosening the layers of stone. Not long now.

Bixby entwines his fingers with Sianne's and hehs. "He sure is nice." As another green hatches he mumbles, "Another nice green. A healthy clutch, that's for sure."

Ryu whispers to Bixby. "So far, my list of who I want to impress is right on the money. You're on my list, too. Don't let me down, now." she tugs Bixby's ear. "Or I'll have to shove you in front of the next hatchiling," she mock-threatens.

Anais stands nervously as the amount of eggs and candidates dwindle down. She gives a bit of a sigh as she sees the green Impress the other long standing candidate, she claps for Ursula, "Congrats Ursula, you did it!"

Odlief grins, leaning down to pet Kheyuth before hugging Hilarion and taking his leave. "Goodluck."

Hilarion feels naked without Odlief his sleeve-attachment but the pride for his friends impression overrides his emotions. He watches the green appear and dissapear with its new lifemate as quick as it arrived. He stands there only feet away from the remaining candidates yet remains in place. Curiosity claims the young mans attentions for now.

Julien shivers just as much as the eggs, it's all too much really.

Beyond Infinity Bronze Hatchling swishes his tail as he patiently moves towards the candidates, neck arched just slightly. This. This is the beginning and something to be remembered. He needs to find someone to remember for him, for he knows already his memory is limited. A soft rumble echoes quietly in the cavern as he pauses before Julien, sniffing the lad. Something smells good about this lad, but…it's not quite right…With growing concern, the bronze shakes his head at the boy, creeling. Where is his one? He knows he is here!

Ryu turns and holds out a hand to Hilarion, beckoning him closer as the number of candidates dwindles, then her attention is back to the bronze. She tries to whistle in an attempt to seduce the little one over to her friends.

Fiery Armageddon Egg doesn't wiggle or give any indication that it was ready to hatch. One moment it was there, silent as ever, and the next moment there are eggshells spewed in every which direction. It's as if a bomb has exploded in the middle of the hatching grounds sending sand, goo, and shell all over. And all that is left in the destruction is a cowering hatchling in the little ditch of sand the exploding egg made.

Cowardly Lackey of Evil Bronze Hatchling
Olive green slips over this young dragon's body, sneakily blending itself amongst the bronze so that no part of his hide lays untainted. Swirls of copper spring up from milky bronzed claws, making interesting curlicue designs as they trek up his hands and feet and continue until they've traveled the entire length of his arms and legs. It's here, along his sides and chest that a great battle wages and that sticky olivine chews away at the nearly flawless bronze until it disappears with nothing more than wistful tendrils desperately seeking out his back. He's rather squat, as if his front and hind legs were squished together and his midsection was stretched downwards. His tail is stubby and fat, while his head seems like it's slightly too big for his body. Tricky lines of onyx make it appear as if there are wrinkles across his muzzle and below his overly large faceted eyes. His wings are the only things that seem to truly fit his body, not long, not short, just average sails of wiggling tendrils of bronze and the ever constricting olive.

Bixby watches the bronze and smiles a little at Ryu. "Oh, I hope…" His thought is cut off as Julien is passed up. He murmurs, "No… JUlien wouldn't be quite right."

S'vitaur has grown quiet as the hatching has progressed, but his excitement has not died down, only evolved into a bit of nostalgia. A glance at his thrumming, brown Memminith up on the ledges and he turns his attention to the remaining candidates, giving each a smile and a wink

Beyond Infinity Bronze Hatchling suddenly bugles his triumph, wings fully outstretched to encompass everything - past, present, and his future as he finds his beloved. His one.

Hilarion jumps at the offered hand as the new Bronze errupts into the sands. He chuckles nervously, "That was surprising."

Anais watches as yet another bronze hatches. "Shards a lot of bronzes this clutch." She laughs. "All too handsome too." She looks back up to the galleries to see if she can find X'ai and the other members of her family and refocuses back on the sands. It's soon going to be over anyways. "Well Mymma, best of luck. Maybe one of us will get lucky."

Bixby gasps softly and falls to his knees, holding the bronze head in his arms. "Oh Raeyth… Of course I'm yours."

Sianne just gasps as the fiery egg hatches a bronze then Bixby impresses at her side "Congrats." she whispers as she watches the pair with tears in her eyes.

Julien starts to come to himself, but he still shakes. Trying to get all the sand off him now that the crazed blue is gone, that is. His hair, well, really there's nothing that can be done about that no matter how he tries. How undignified.

Ryu clasps her hands above her head and does a little dance of victory for her friend, then thumps him on the shoulder before moving back to give him room. "Woo-hoo Bix!"

M'kus gives a little groan as Bixby impresses…he should of known he'd have to deal with the youngster as a weyrling, it was just destined…

Cowardly Lackey of Evil Bronze Hatchling stays in his little ditch, hugging the ground as he stares up, looking quite lost. What… just happened? He slowly lifts his head to peek out of the hole and spots all the white forms of candidates. Ahhhh! White things! He pulls his head back down and turns to look back at his mother, who he can /feel/ eyeing him. They're white.. and scary… But the gold makes a throaty noise and he quickly skitters out of his hole. Ahh! Scary gold momma is scarier than the white things.

Elara giggles, and then laughs outright, "He won't be able to hide his identity anymore!"

Bixby's impression gets a loud, cheerful laugh out of S'vitaur. "Well done, Moongazer!" He calls out to the new Weyrling as he claps. "I underestimated you it seems!"

Amazing Elaemas, one of the more outspoken candidates is quiet for once as he stands on the sands watching as each Impression has come and gone and his ego is taking a bit of a hit. He shakes his head as one of the bronzes goes to the younger boy and gives a half-hearted clap and moves to look at the other bronze. He knows its unlikely he'd Impress one but it's better than watching the sand beneath his feet.

"Congrats Bix!," Hilarion squeaks as he wipes a proud tear from his eyes. He leans over and claps lightly for his fellow candidate now lifemate. He takes a step back alongside Ryu and Sianne. He glances back over to the other wandering Bronze…He chuckles as it appears the bronze feels as he does. Flightly.

"Now you, Hil," Ryu announces, pulling her friend in front of her towards the bronze. "Do I have to push you guys, or what?" she chuckles.

Y'ric grins. "Well, he's not quite me, but he's close. Thanks Bixby, you just netted me a hundred marks!"

Sianne watches the little candidate leave with his bronze then moves closer to Ryu "I'm glad he found his lifemate."

A'rtomus's smile is full of nostalgic wonder as he relives his own impression through the others. "Much too soon over," he sighs then cheers the next impression. "Congratulations Bixby!"

Frieze in Ochre and Charchol Egg stops moving for a moment.

Bixby grins at Y'ric, too stunned to realize what's happening. "He's hungry! He's really -Really- hungry!" He walks off the sands holding his lifemate's head.

Paint and shell flake off Frieze in Ochre and Charcoal Egg rapidly. All that hard work and ancient paints, now crumbled to dust. With a grace that belies her spare moments of being out of shell, she stands, and unfurls her beautiful wings. Then she promptly falls over, creeling pitifully. Julien rushes forward, unconsciously moving to help the poor little dear. «There you are, my J'lien.» The boys gasp is heard only by a few around him. "Oh Pryssyth! Lets go get you cleaned up. Yes love, and fed." An assistant Weyrling master comes to meet the pair and usher them off the sands.

Hilarion notches a brow and chuckles nervously. He glances back over and watches the remaining eggs out on the sands…Not many left. Another another green makes it's departure.

Ryu grins as she catches Sianne's eyes. "They're gonna be an…um, interesting? pair," she giggles. "Pity the weyrling master." Another giggle.

Cowardly Lackey of Evil Bronze Hatchling only skitters out so that everyone can see him before he freezes, getting that 'deer in the headlights' type of look to him as he's faced with the white clad candidates at a much closer distance. His wings curl upwards and he tries to hide that way. No one here. Nope. Not a little bronze who liked his hole..

Sianne watches as the last egg hatches and the green impresses though her eyes manage to move to and stay with the remaining bronze "I think he'll take to Hil, what about you?"

"Hope so. We shoulda hid bits of meat in his robe, like a firelizard hatchling," she suggests teasingly, still shoving Hilarion towards the bronze.

Hilarion spots the bronze out on the sands and stands motionless. Quietly he straightens up and keeps an eye on the little dragon. "Poor things shaking like I am," he mutters as he is being inched forward.

Sianne giggles and nods to Ryu "I think your right about that."

Anais sighs as the last egg hatches a green. Well that's that and it's back to life regularly scheduled. She turns to look towards the exit dreading in some ways the next part of the hatching… the speech. She looks over to Sianne and Ryu. "Well he sure is taking his time isn't he?"

Cowardly Lackey of Evil Bronze Hatchling is still looking very much like a frightened animal as another annoyed prodding from his mother sends him skittering to and fro across the hatching sands. He's indecisive, first going in the direction of one candidate and then abruptly veering off to skitter off towards another. A female candidate reaches down to adjust her sandal and the bronze freaks out and /runs/ the other direction. It's then that he comes across a fluffy black haired young man. With a high pitched creel he attempts to hide behind him and gets tangled in his legs causing the man to trip up and nearly fall. Luckily neither are seriously hurt, just some bumps and bruises on both sides.

Ryu snickers as she eyes Hil. "Never thought I'd see the day when Hil was nervouse. He's always…" her sentence drifts off.

"Osraebukath? Of course I'll protect you," he replies to the little bronze before him. Hilarion gives the little one a gentle snug. He takes a step back and gives the little one room to unwind himself from Hil's legs.

Elara smiles as she leads Hilarion and Osraebukath off the sands.

Kae'rlyn fights with her stomach as she drags Y'ric with her out of her hiding spot. "That's the last of them, right? I'm free… freeeeee…" The goldrider reaches up to wipe her brow of sweat before coming up to the candidates who are left standing. "I want to thank you all for standing, but it doesn't appear that your dragon is out on the sands this day. There will be other hatchings, and other dragons. Feel free to stay on at Fort or go back to your homes." And with that she abruptly drags the bronzerider off the sands. "Need.. shower.. now.."

"Whoops," Ryu chortles. She reaches a hand under Hilarion's shoulder to help him up then moves back. "Looks like your plan to take over the weyr is well on its way," she laughs.

Fort Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

Elara enters the Weyrling Barracks with a wide smile, "Congratulations, and welcome to Weyrlinghood!"

X'y's arms are covered in blood from the large chunks of meat that he's been feeding Raeyth. The small bronze dragonet, rightly stuffed, lays smugly at his feet. The boy's hands just stroke every inch of the dragonet in awe. "Itchy? Why are you itchy?"

Elara smiles, "Alisar has prepared a song that he would like to perform for you all, if you're interested?" she asks, sitting on one of the empty cots and gazing around at the new weyrlings with a warm and wide smile.

Lidia nods eagerly, as she sits demurely next to Zsiheaventh, the blue finally full and drifting off to sleep…

An AWLM walks over to X'y with a large tub of oil. The boy takes it and starts to slather it on Raeyth. As Elara speaks, he smiles and nods, "That sounds nice."

Odlief looks up to Elara from his spot on the floor, nodding enthusiastically as he pulls Kheyuth closer to himself, hands trying to keep up with the greens eccentric movements.

Resy sniffs a little as she looks up with the rather distracted sounding, "Huh?" Miruth nudges her a bit and again reaches up to tug at one of her dishevelled braids as she looks away a moment. She's a real mess currently, though does not seem to notice, "Certainly!" She calls out, looking at Miruth, though its ment in answer to Elara, confusing as that might be.

Alisar walks in very quietly indeed, knowing that the dragons are still very sensitive to many things. He offers a nod to the Weyrwoman and slips something off of his back.

Elara smiles at the Weyrharper, "Welcome, Alisar," she greets warmly, "Set up anywhere you'd like."

Alisar softly tunes his guitar, clearing his throat. "They tell me it can be difficult to sleep the first night so I wrote a little song for all of you. I hope it helps. This will be my first, and probably only time singing it. It's been a very special group and I wanted to do something equally special for you, from Fort Weyr, in recognition of all you have brought to us."

Elara smiles as she wiggles a bit onto her cot, chin in her hands as she prepares to listen.

Resy is listening, she's very alert really, though there isn't a lot of outward signs of it…

Lidia shifts position, and leans back against the sleeping Zsihaventh, closing her eyes to listen to the song.

Alisar begins the gentle rise and fall of a rippling melody, played slowly and with much feeling. The intricate fingerings weave a soft tapestry of dreamlike sound. It reminds those who listen, briefly, of a softly burbling stream. These first bars are clearly written as a ballad, and the chords are so richly woven that it could almost be called a lullaby. He fills his trained voice with gentleness, yet resting just underneath is hope, and beneath that, there is strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done
And the stars, they burn steadily on
Called awake, yet again, as night's sweet dreams run
My eyes stray, to the robe, that loving hands spun.
Will today be the day? Is it finally here?
Will I find, on the sand, is my destiny clear?
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Will I be, when the day is gone…

The tune becomes more busy as the tempo increases. Still held in richness as Alisar's fingers fingers dance easily over the strings of his guitar, the melody becomes more urgent, almost fleeting.

Time runs away, chores complete one by one.
New best friends, standing tall, as we wait through it all
What was that? Do you hear?… The unmistakable call.
Will I be, when the shadows fall…
I am caught unaware, in a strangely shared dream.
Yes, today is the day! How unreal it does seem!
That new voice, in my head, can it really be you?
Called awake, yet again, will this dream still be true?

Alisar increases the tempo yet again, beginning a new melodic line. Listeners are invited to be caught up in the joyful energy. The melody attempts to invoke, in those present, simple, heartfelt, and welcome surprise. The baseline of the melody remains steadfast, still as soft as a lullaby.

I am found, can it be…
It's not real, is this me?
Will I be… what I am
Now that "I" becomes "We"

S'vitaur enters quietly and leans against a wall, listening wistfully to Alisar's song.

The Harper repeats the main melody again, once through, without accompaniment, gently slowing the song and dropping his baritone voice just a little, as he begins the lyrics again. The song softly weaves its way on, heartfelt, into the now quiet space.

Drift to sleep, day is done, I am yours… we are one.
Caught at last…

Alisar returns to the original tempo and melody, singing the last verse in the same vain as the first. His fingers renew the ballad with promise, hope, gentleness, and strength.

The sun rose today, as it always has done.
Called awake, by your voice, as night's sweet dreams run
None can say, what will come, but my fate has been cast
Caught at last….
In a dragon's dream.

Alisar keeps the last note on the strings until it fades out on its own.

Lidia opens her eyes as the song ends. "That was beautiful, Alisar…

Elara sniffles quietly, wiping away a tear as her mind reaches for her own beloved. "Beautiful," she whispers.

Alisar stands up, stretching his fingers a bit, "Sleep well, newest pairs of Fort."

O'lief smiles, looking down to Kheyuth who had fallen asleep under the caress of the beautiful melody and voice. He turns his attention back to Alisar then, nodding. "Thank you for the song. It was beautiful."

Y'ric smiles, getting that silly, warm-fuzzy he always gets when he hears that song. Much like these weyrlings, it was sung to him that crazed, long ago night when his life changed.

Resy steals a glance towards Alisar, her smile widening a touch, "Thank you…" she says softly, looking back before she's persuaded to do so again and furrowing her brow a bit.

S'vitaur smiles at his mentor. "That -was- beatiful, Alisar," he states quietly. "And congratualtions to you all."

Y'ric smiles and sneaks back out. He just wanted a glance.

Y'ric moves out to the north bowl.

Alisar bows lightly to the Leaders and says, "Thank you both. I'll be getting some food if you need me."

Alisar moves out to the north bowl.

Elara smiles, "Thank you very much, Alisar." She addresses the Weyrlings, "For tonight and tomorrow, your duties are to be with your new lifemates. Keep them fed but don't overfeed, and keep them oiled. If you need anything, Wiyaneth is just outside the door and she can get me - or M'kus, or Sala when she's out of the Infirmary - any time. Are there any questions?"

O'lief shakes his head, patting his dragon on the head again while she slumbers on. "No. Thank you."

Resy holds out her sand/mud caked and sweat dampened robe, though its mostly dried now, and in turn looks worse, "Who do we bother for a change? Or do we go to the barracks for out things, or…?"

Lidia nods. "That's what I was just about to ask.

Elara smiles at Resy, "Good question. Drudges will bring over your things shortly, along with food and water, since you shouldn't leave here tonight or tomorrow. Just be with your lifemates."

Resy nods quietly, commenting, "Yes, I think I do have sand everywhere…"

S'vitaur remains by the exit, intent on not intruding on the new pairs and the Weyrwoman as she gives them instruction, but ready to assist if needed. His eyes glance over all the Weyrlings and the newly hatched dragons, his face declaring a peaceful serenity as he seems to become lost in thought. An occasional quiet chuckle escapes him as he follows the conversation.

Lidia nods, and smiles as she idly moves a little bit closer to Zsihaventh, leaning her head against him…

Resy snuggles in closer to Miruth after finally just tugging off the robe for the time being, change of clothes or not. She deposits it unceremoniously nearby and leans lightly to her mate, unbinding her hair and shaking/brushing sand from it idly.

<OOC> Alisar says, "Please note this is an original song written by me. I'd prefer you not re-use it, though you may log it for your own purposes if you wish. :)"