Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

It's hour 16 in the third day, in week 3 of the third month of summer, in turn 2652. The moons are in their waning crescent phase, and they are not up. The tide is high and ebbing.

The sky is brilliant blue and cloudless, the sunlight is bright, and a brisk wind blows from the northwest.

Domuta glances about and clears her throat " Okay candidates …."

Domuta glances about "Anyone have any last questions before we troop out to the hatching cavern?"

Torissa shivers with excitement and nerves before shaking her head no, her eyes finding Jalenye and Ciarn's in turn, offering each a nervous smile.

Iain shakes his head nervously, fingers drumming his cot, "No, Weyrlingmaster. No questions."

Kelapec tugs on his robe a bit a frowns. Man in a dress is never a good thing. "No Ma'am." is muttered as he frowns at himself. Eeech.

Garrett shakes his head as well, hands running though his hair to keep errant locks out of his face. And no thanks to the flitter sitting on his head until shooed off where he settles on the cot with a glare. Fine be that way. The candidate? "No, ma'am. No questions."

Dekar stands from his cot and smiles at Cici. He shifts nervously from one foot to the other, cracking his knuckles behind his back.

Domuta clears her throat. "Okay then, remember your first duty is to get off the sands with your hatchling… and feed. They start off hungry and get hungrier."

Jalenye shakes her head slowly, chest rising and falling with slow, controlled breaths. "Yes'm, Weyrlingmaster." She straightens her robe and slips her feet into her sandals. Her eyes seek out Kep's and she smiles at him; her gaze shifts to Tori, giving her a reassuring smile, and then that gaze is once more on the Weyrlingmaster.

From the very rock around you there comes an odd thrumming, echoed from the bowl as humming of many many dragons.

Domuta nods "Well.. .there it is boys and girls. I hope you're all ready for this, I'll lead."

Torissa's eyes widen as large as they go and Tori is rarely nervous, never scared. IS she ready?

Cicilia looks up as Domuta speaks, then shakes her head quietly as she settles her gown on her frame. She nods quietly as Domuta starts giving out instructions. Cici's eyes had actually been seeking out Dekar and she catches his smile as she turns in his direction. Cici returns it with one of her own and moves towards him slowly, obviously quite nervous.

Kevyn feels almost as giddy as she did only a few turns back, when she herself stood on the sands. "Oooh…I've got butterflies…I can only imagine how you guys are feeling!"

Isaac shakes his head, more to himself than the retired Weyrwoman that speaks to them. Securing the belt at his waist and tugging at the hem of the pale robe at his knees, the candidate looks up. "It is upon us," the quiet murmur comes, scrambling to follow Domuta. A deep frown impresses itself upon his face, a permanent expression as of late.

Vibrations in the floor seep up through sandles or boots, thrilling the body, a deep warning, or maybe a warming.

Dekar takes Sunfire from his shoulder and sets him down on the bed. "Stay here," he says in a soothing voice to the little flit. Turning around, he sees Cici and smiles encouragingly at her, even though he's just as nervous if not more than her.

Domuta says "Okay … lets go…"

Domuta steps over to the center bowl.

Domuta has left.

You step over to the hatching cavern, gazing around.

Hatching Cavern
The hatching cavern at Fort Weyr is a sight to behold. The main entrance way is large enough to allow dragons to fly in and deposit passengers, without causing much of a stir to the folks walking around on the ground. The entrance to the sands themselves lies slightly off to the northeast, while directly east is the entrance to the galleries.

You move over to the hatching sands, gazing around.

Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

People: Torissa Kevyn Q'inn Gabrael Darianya J'salt Jalenye T'ren Domuta Cicilia Garrett Kelapec

Dragons: Resplendent Ruby Egg Mysterious Sapphire Egg Triumphant Tourmaline Egg Tranquil Malachite Egg Arrogant Tigereye Egg Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg Aggressive Bloodstone Egg Water Sapphire Egg Reflecting Onyx Egg Shimmering Amethyst Egg Misty Moonstone Egg Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg Nephrite Jade Egg Biancath

Domuta bows slightly to Queen and Weyrwoman

Nephrite Jade Egg wobbles and tilts to the side, thumping against the egg nearest to it.

One by one the candidates step onto the sands, a sea of white on the saffron sand. And one by one they make their way to the dam and sire and their riders, each bowing respectfully before fanning out in the heat to form a loose semi-circle around the golden mother's clutch, all anxiously watching.

Water Sapphire Egg shudders briefly and then settles back down.

Kevyn inclines her head to the glowing Queen, presiding over her eggs, and to the Weyrleaders assembled, as she follows behind Domuta, leading in the candidates.

Darianya gets up from her little nook and goes to stand by T'ren. She smiles reassuringly at the candidates as they file in. "I hope you're all ready for this!" She nods her head in acknowledgement of the bows, her eyes sparkling.

T'ren sways slightly in his place, hand going to his forehead as he mops his brow. A slight smile is given to the candidates as they file into the cavern.

Resplendent Ruby Egg wobbles slightly, balanced carefully as it is, it stays upright.

J'salt stands to one side of the weyrleaders and crosses his arms across his chest, directing incoming spectators with an inclination of his head or a quiet word. The harsh lines of the weyrseconds face soften as the nervous candidates come in and somewhere above his partner for some twenty-odd years sighs along with his rider.

Biancath shifts slightly, one wing covering her precious gold egg, hiding it from view. She glares at all the people invading her space, yet her humming increases in volume along with all the other dragons that ring the cavern on their ledges. Her rider gives her a look, and obviously a few private words, and she settles down for a few moments.

Kelapec slips a hand into Enye's and smiles over at her. Ok.. so wearing a dress isn't so bad since everyone else has to as well. He looks over at Tori and can't help but grin as he shifts a bit. Sandels… blek.

Torissa and Ciarn take places side by side on the sand, Tori between him and Jalenye. Her eyes, however, are locked on the sands, taking the eggs in one by one. Ciarn, too, stands in quiet awe, not even noticing that Tori is shivering beside him despite the intense heat.

Jalenye shifts restlessly in her place amidst the semicircle of her fellow candidates; the heat wafting up from the sands forces a grimace onto her already-glistening features. Jalenye wipes her forehead with her hands, then brushes sweaty palms against her abdomen and squeezes the hands of the candidates beside her - Kelapec and Torissa.

Iain eyes the hopping eggs, his body quivering slightly as he scoots over to his fellows, just to be safe. "Well, now we wait, I guess." he whispers, sifting back and forth in the heat, wiggling his feet to make little patterns in the sand.

Adisanel totters across the sands looking dazed and slightly stunned. Scooped up only hours ago by an amazed blue search rider, the thin, wiry sailmaker barely remembers to make observances to the huge gold and her rider.

Gabrael shuffles over the almost intolerably hot sands, blue eyes straying to the galleries as pulls up next to Isaac. She blanches ever so slightly as she sees the amount of people who have turned up to watch them and quickly averts her eyes, grinning feebly over at Jal. "Okay?" she asks.

Ellemir wanders in with the rest, but stands slightly apart from the group, as if she feels she'll have a better chance on her own.

Garrett, first and foremost feels the heat, after he straightens from the respectful bow given to both clutch parents, and Weyrleaders. Taking a place on the other side of Ciarn, a brief glance is given towards Torissa and Jalenye. And a grin, nervous or not as his attention turns back to the eggs in front of them.

Reflecting Onyx Egg seems to shudder slightly, rocking a bit before settling once more.

Isaac shifts into a gap in the half-circle between a rather large red-headed candidate, and a much friendlier one, Gabrael. A frown has taken its proper place upon his face, the corners of his lips wrinkling with anxiety. Shimmering pools of cerulean remove themselves from the eggs, twisting upward to concentrate on the stands for a moment. He gives a slight flickering of his fingers up that way, stubborn jaw twitching disgustedly. His attention falls from whoever resides in the stands to melt upon the active eggs. This is going to be an adventure.

Dekar stands near Cici, glancing at her every so often, his eyes mirroing his trepidation. He smiles weakly at her, then carefully slips a hand over to give hers a gentle squeeze. Drawing back, he lets his arms fall limply to his sides as he watches the eggs.

Resplendent Ruby Egg wobbles slighty off centre this time, ending up slightly tilted in its nest, not quite ready to fall over.

Darianya leans over towards T'ren, "Next time, we definately need chairs up here." Her eyes remain on the candidates, watching some of them shift from foot to foot nervously.

Kelapec lets the smile fade from his face as he peers out at the wobbling eggs. This is it. This is it? He shifts his hand just enough to entwine his fingers with Enye's. Yet again… he's lost in thought. Face shifts again from frown to pure blank slate gaze as he looks off into the air.

T'ren nods at Darianya and gives her a shakey grin, "Definately," he mutters in agreement, mopping his brow once again. He puts hands behind his back and stands, watching, occasionally glancing upwards where the clutch daddy watches from the ledges.

Reflecting Onyx Egg lurches, the movement much more pronounced than before, and a sharp popping sound echoes across the hatching cavern.

Gabrael nudges Isaac gently upon seeing his expression, "Smile!" she mouths, grinning nervously herself. An adventure, indeed. As a nearby egg twitches convulsively the girl points it out to the boy next to her, "Oh! Look! It's really beginning.."

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg twitches slightly. A hint of some plan to move later.

Torissa has never once shown even a jot of fear on the sands. That is, until today, Hatching day. She returns smiles to the other Candidates, even the two she isn't fond of, nervous smiles. Has Tori EVER been nervous before? She squeezes Jalenye's hand, her palm sweaty and sticky.

Water Sapphire Egg gives a lurching shudder, the creature inside trying to get out, but then settles back down.

Darianya almost jumps at the first loud crack of an egg.

T'ren glances across the caverns and brings a hand to rest on Dari's shoulder, "It starts," he murmurs, pointing in the direction of the cracking egg.

Cicilia pulls her hair back out of her eyes and settles in a spot on the sands next to Dekar. Cici tries to give reasuring smiles to Dekar as she stands next to him, smiling at him when he looks her way. She gives his hand a reasuring squeeze back and looks over to the rocking eggs nervously. She scoots a bit closer to Dekar.

Adisanel glances about, a look of shock on his lean ragged face. People in this number he has never seen before.

Ellemir turns her sharp gaze to the popping noise and draws in a sharp breath. She does the candie shuffle on the sands, more nerves than the heat since her feet are slightly safe in her sandles.

Darianya glances nervously at T'ren, nodding her head, "I wonder what color will be first, and who will win our wager. I still think it'll be a green."

J'salt leans forward, his eyes darkly glittering as the first egg begins to crack. Glancing at the weyrleaders the weyrsecond rolls his eyes forward at their touching ways, never liking any romantic displays. Instantly forgetting them he turns his attention instead onto the candidates.

The Onyx egg shifts restlessly on the sands, small cracks inching their way along the shell, creating a fascinating pattern over the eggshell. All of a sudden, all of the cracks seem to split at once, giving the impression of a small explosion in the middle of the Sands. A proud bronze hatchling stands in the wreckage, his wings slightly unfurled, and taking in his new surroundings.

Playful Bronze Hatchling

Classic bronze enshrouds this one's large draconic head, deepening almost to brown upon his chest. Mainly a classical shade of bronze, ever so slightly on the golden side, his hide is marvellously soft to the touch, and wonderfully shiny. His wingsails shimmer slowly into a bronzen onyx at the tips, and his majestic muzzle is lightly speckled here and there with the occasional silvery gold starry streak. Streamlined he is, which can sometimes be an asset in flights. Of all kinds.

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Iain blinks, looking all around for the source of the noise. A few more steps are taken next to Cicilia, the shaggy haired candidate giving her a weak smile. Just a little comfort for both. "Hopefully everything will be alright." he whispers, leaning down to include Dekar in his nervous grin, "I'm sure we'll be fine." A quick glance, and a soft breath in, "A bronze."

T'ren chuckles and peers around, nodding slightly and then beaming, "Aha!" he shouts out, "You were so wrong! It's a bronze!" Nah, he's not a good winner.

Resplendent Ruby Egg finally flops over, rolling from side to side, and developing small cracks along the length.

Torissa sighs with delight. A bronze!! A good omen for the first Hatchling!! She grins to Ciarn, hoping beyond hope that it's for him. She eyes the male Candidates one by one, wondering who would be the lucky one?

Darianya pouts cutely up at T'ren, and fishes a 5 mark piece out of her beltpouch. "So you were. I'll get it back next time." She hands over the polished harper mark.

Isaac turns his head in a rather quick motion, gaze seeking out a fellow candidate: Gabrael. Orbs resting on the woman next to him, his gloom considerably lifts, leaving his face in an odd arrangement of mixed emotions. Giving her a gentle nudge, Isaac whispers, "All my luck, Gab." Forcing a smile, he winks. His father's up in the stands, he's not about to look happy about what he has to do after the hatching. The former trader scans the wave of white robes, amusement in his bluish eyes as he does. "You're not nervous, are you?" he inquires of Gabrael, "Everyone else looks so horrible." Him being one of those, of course. As his favorite egg, the Reflecting Onyx Egg, reveals its former occupant, Isaac can't help but grin. It's a bronze.

Kelapec's feet shift a bit on the hot sand. Why is it he had to wear sandels instead of boots? The whole dress idea is just not appealing. They're supposed to equal right? how about everyone wears pants! Yeah! That's the ticket. Kep blinks at the popping noise and he tilts his head a bit as he peers at the bronze hatchling. "It's… so small."

Playful Bronze Hatchling lifts his head and…well…squawks. Shifting his feet restlessly, he stumbles forward away from his shell, his clawed feet sinking into the hot sands. His head swinging from side to side, he's clearly searching for his lifemate.

Resplendent Ruby Egg rolls out of its little nest in the sands, and snaps and pops sound from it as cracks start to run the length of the egg.

T'ren takes the mark and stuffs it deeply into a pocket, his smile bright for a moment before he gives a wobble of his own. Unthinkingly he leans on the small woman next to him until he gets his balance back, muttering under his breath about the heat.

Garrett glances across the sands, almost hoping and not hoping that was a cracking sound. Why? Because he's fully nervous as he looks towards Torissa and Ciarn and back to the sands. "He's certainly..well, bronze." He can't find the words to describe what this is like to him. But the heat somewhat makes that silence from him easy enough as he begins to shift from one foot to the other.

Dekar opens his mouth in awe at the sight of the bronze dragon bursting forth from the shell, his first ever sight of a dragon egg hatching. Remembering the stories of a bronze hatching first meaning good luck, he turns to smile at Iain and Cici. "I have a feeling things are going to get better from here on in." His smile bares the slightest bit more confidence this time, but he still doesn't budge from his spot.

Gabrael sucks in a breath of wonder, "Oh, a bronze!" the ex-nanny exclaims, simultaneously pointing and bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, only partly from the heat, "Look Isaac, look!" Who's hyper today, then? Upon Isaac's inquiry she shakes her head and wrinkles her nose ever so slightly, "Nervous? Me? I should think not. A nursery full of weyrbrats is scarier."

Darianya gives T'ren an odd look, "Are you okay, dear? You don't look very well."

Jalenye nods quickly to Gabrael, grinning over at the girl, "Yeah." She once again gives a quick squeeze to the hands she holds. "Bronze! That's a good sign, right? Isn't it?" She herself seems to need reassurance, the tone holding note of wavering question. She turns her head and glances back at the galleries, and turns back to the eggs with wide-eyed amazement. "Shells…So many…"

Arrogant Tigereye Egg shifts slightly in it's bed of sand, getting ready for it's big moment.

T'ren waves Darianya off with a half smirk and a kiss on the cheek, "Fine, dearheart, fine. Just hot out here."

Resplendent Ruby Egg sheds pieces of shell, and shreds of something dribble away from the shards as it twitches and hops slightly.

Ellemir watches the first egg hatch and then immediately turns her attention away. It's just a bronze, not for her obviously so she's not interested in it in the least.

Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg shivers slightly, the illusion of ripples rolling across its shell intensifying.

Torissa shifts her feet, not noticing the heat, not noticing that her copper-bright hair is darkening with persperation. She watches the egg and the hatchling in turn.

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg pops a bit, a tiny twitch to one side.

Playful Bronze Hatchling spreads his wings and tries to flap them, but they're still too damp to do this comfortably. The beslimed and rapidly becoming sand-encrusted bronze keens and lurches forward again and would have trampled poor Seyter if it wasn't for the boy's quick reflexes. Raising his head, he sniffs the air, his head swinging from side to side. His posture couldn't make it more clear — where ARE you?

Cicilia smiles to Iain as he moves closer to her, nodding to his whisper. " I hope so too.." As she looks out at the bronze that hatches, she hears a soft icy whisper caressing her mind from Leoth and it gives her a boost of confience. Cici smiles and whispers, " Thanks Cousin.. " Cici looks towards the bronze again as her eyes wandering back and forth between the rocking eggs.

Ciarn watches the bronze with awe, waiting, a glance to Tori and then to Garret on his other side but then back to the bronze.

Glistening brightly, the Resplendent Ruby Egg lies nestled upon the sands it has been placed so gently and lovingly on. But the barest quiver shoots through it, rocking the ovoid forwards on its sandy bed. Cracks being to splinter the length of the shell, shattering the smooth flawless face of the red egg with jagged lines of darkness. A wingclaw pokes through, followed by talons, and finally a snout and shoulders. And then, as if the egg were a cloak worn by the hatchling within, the casing in shurgged off, the splintered halves of the egg falling free about the well-built brown form that stands there, smears of egg goo glistening wetly on his hide.

Determined Stoic Brown Hatchling

Spindly streaks accentuate from around this brown's unique and decadent collarbone. The pattern is almost feather-like. A noble lapel for a noble dragon. His structure boasts brute strength, each muscle gleaming with an assurance of raw power. A gold circle crescents on his right shoulder, from which spans an arch of patchy faded green and a touch of umber. He walks always with his head held high, and a bit of arrogance on the tip of his muzzle This perhaps stating he isn't a king, but should be. There is a glimmer of compassion within those large rounded eyes though. Broad wingspars are dusted with the shade of fresh highland soil, this color trickling down a line of his back all the way to his tailtip.

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Iain sighs softly. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Nice and slow. "A bronze first is a good sign. Wonder who he'll go for." His head turns to glance over the sands, looking over all the males in the crowd. Could be anyone. "Oh, and more are going to crack all the time." Dancing back and forth, for once the candidate isn't smiling, just too nervous. And it's hot.

Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg wiggles in place slightly, sand falling away from it in a soft whoosh.

Isaac nods vigorously in response to Gabrael's statement, "I would have to agree with you there, Gab. I believe that a nursery full of whiny, crying little children would top anything on my charts." But Isaac isn't exactly great with children, either. They seem to dislike him. "And I /am/ smiling, see?" He flashes his pearly whites in her direction to satisfy her before his gaze returns to the small bronze at hand. Amazing.

Kelapec turns to Enye slightly and squeezes her hand. Not sweaty.. relatively cool. Feet are pretty warm.. but he really isn't… nor nervous. HE's got things to look forward to… a trip to the pub and then getting his things back into the guard barracks after this is over. Another pop. He glances outwards again.. a brown. Blink.

A brown on the sands turns Torissa's eyes away from the bronze; a brown she has a chance at! She watches him… oh how beautiful he is! Her stomach seems to wobble within her as the eggs are doing on the sands. Is she even good enough to be here?

Tumbling across the sands in a rushing bundle of flapping wings, whirling claws and flailing limbs, the brown thumps his way over to the spindly ragged fellow who is straightening his too short robe and squaring his shoulders. This one looks like he can handle the situation in the browns belly.

Playful Bronze Hatchling clearly has had quite enough of this for now, but fortunately he has scented what he was looking for. Moving more determindly now, he scrambles across the sands until he nearly runs down a startled Iain.

Ellemir blinks as another hatchling is shelled. This flash of brown does catch her eye and she draws in a breath. This one could bear watching. Eyes dart to the other candidates as she watches them whisper back and forth, a dark frown settling on her face.

Darianya holds her breath as the bronze almost collides with a candidate, hoping the little lad has found his lifemate, yet not willing to cheer just yet.

Garrett is attentive towards the bronze, finally getting the idea that he should keep moving. Even if it's just idle steps left and right as darker strands of hair limply plaster to his face. Or well on the way to doing so. And watching that hatchling's progress, he's almost tempted to voice a warning. Bronze straight ahead! But he doesn't once another egg cracks and this one a brown. So much to watch as he murmurs, eyes taking in the sight in awe. "He's..he's.." He's what? "Looks to be the quiet sort."

Iain almost topples over, falling forward into the sand, his arms going around the bronze neck in one perfect motion. Nervous face is replaced with tears, streaming down a smile, "I…I…Ikanarath! Oh, I am yours!" He manages to stand up, shakily, "Food…oh, food…."

Torissa's eye is caught by the bronze nearly bowling over her friend Iain! Was he alright?? Did he Impress the bronze?? Tori momentarily forgets the brown.

Adisanel glances at the huge bundle of brown wing and flailing claws roiling across the sands at him and, despite the staggering sensation he reaches out to the creature. Thumping and scrabbling limbs settle abruptly, inches shy of shredding him limb from limb and eyes and minds meet in a staggering blast of together. Adisanel staggers back a step, but with open eyes and a brilliant smile, "Yeromianth, " comes out as a shout, followed by a breathless, sigh "Yeromianth your name." He reaches up and gently caressess a gaping snout, with the smile of two minds in utter harmony.

Torissa cheers loudly, suddenly for Iain. "Oh, congratulations Iain!!!"

Conflicting Lapis Lazuli Egg shifts and rocks, almost in time with some of the candidates nervous shifting. Small spider-web like cracks start appearing on its surface.

T'ren drapes an arm over Dari's shoulders and points to the two impressions taking place on the sands, "There's two happy lads," he murmurs in her ear.

Gabrael watches the bronze veer clumsily at Iain, anxious that the boy'll be hurt, and not aware of the implications of this impromptu meeting. She nods approval at Isaac's flash of pearly whites and reaches for his hand to give a squeeze, "Now, keep that up— oh! Iain! Ikanarath? That's such a pretty name!" Pretty for lack of a better adjective. She cheers spiritedly for the boy, however.

Darianya smiles broadly, and she relaxes slightly as two hatchlings find their lifemates. One arm goes around T'ren, hugging him to her for a brief moment.

Arrogant Tigereye Egg quivers with more force, the grains of sand on the top of the egg start shifting down in a gentle rain of sand.

Spiderweb-like cracks appear along the subtle blue hues of this egg. With a sudden popping sound, they shatter completely, falling to the sand at the hatchling's feet. He stands among the shards of his shell and looks around at this new world. He puffs himself up proudly before taking his first, very shakey, step.

Majestic Sapphire and Cobalt Blue Hatchling

Mysterious as the night is dark, this indigo dragon has more elongated and regal features than his clutch siblings. Sapphire markings encrust his eyeridges with wondrous riches, more dazzling than any ever mined by man. A narrow wedged head rests atop a slender neck that glides with a regal ease. Deep navy encircles his eyes, almost as though he's wearing eyeliner. The dark hue winds back and up slightly, towards his headknobs. A deep cobalt stripe runs from just below the opening of his maw, down his chin. His wings and lower portion of his body remain true to almost every portion of his body, save his wingsails. They are a soft azure, resembling a fine fabric fit for a king.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Darianya.>

Domuta clears her throat and waves a the youths off the sands, "Now would be a good time to get moving over there…" She turns and points at Iain , "Lets get him off the sands and out of the way…"

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg wobbles and twitches slightly.

Kelapec scans the sands. What? Grin. "Two down, how many to go?" he abstains from a soft chuckle. Liable to get him smacked by some one that is being really attentive. Stating the obvious… never a good idea. Getting beaten up by anxious nervous people not good either. "Congratulations."

Biancath croons to the hatchlings, the croon has both a welcoming and encouraging note to it.

Isaac watches as his bronze collides with Iain, letting a soft sigh escape his lips. He didn't like that one anyway. No, it's a lie, but he'll live with it. He's too busy thinking over the supply lists for the tithes to be pondering whether or not he has a chance at impressing one of these telepathic creatures. He lets out a rather low murmur of congratulations, nearly positive that the new weyrling didn't hear him. "I'm keeping it up, dear. I am." As his hand is squeezed, he grips Gab's hand and refuses to let go. He really isn't nervous; really.

Domuta glances at the newcomer, with the brown looming over him. "You, we need to get you two food, come this way."

J'salt breaks out into a broad grin as he watches the two pairs of eyes meet and join. Above the brownrider his dragon heaves a sigh as the pair remember that exquisit moment of joining. "Nice looking hatchlings, very strong" he comments towards the weyrleaders.

"Oh, a blue," Tori sighs happily, looking at it hopefully, still nervous but a little better now that the ball was rolling. She looks to Jalenye, squeezing her hand tight, letting go…. and then grabbing for it again.

A'iin ohs softly, a hand on Ikanarath's head, as if he's scared to loose contact with the little bronze lest he dissapear, "Yes, get out of the way…."

Ikanarath has left.

A'iin calls to Ikanarath and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Kevyn blinks at Domuta's words, suddenly startled. Oh, yes, she's supposed to be helping. With a wry grin, she lends a hand to the young Adisanel in leading his new lifemate out of the way.

Arrogant Tigereye Egg begins to shake rapidly now, the life inside is quite insistent at getting out and getting out NOW.

Majestic Sapphire and Cobalt Blue Hatchling trips over his own feet as he tries to get away from his shell and find a lifemate. He plops down onto the sands and creels piteously for a moment, before the encouraging note from his dam gives him the courage to get up and try it again. The Cobalt blue hatchling is very slowly considering all the white-clad candidates before him.

Ellemir lets out a soft sigh as the two impressions are made, and neither were to her! She reaches up to push some damp hair off her face and sets her jaw resolutely, shifting unconciously on the sands.

A'iin has left.

Garrett cheers excitedly for Iain, calling over a well meant Congratulations..wherever he may be. And in that moment, he forgets to move, hopping..twitching his foot up and out of the way. "Shards it's hot." Boots were a protection before. Now? Not too lucky as a hand reaches up to push back some locks of hair to look towards the blue lingering nearby.

Jalenye swivels her gaze from the brown as he Impresses, missing Iain's Impression, only to swivel her gaze as the congratulations are called out. "Oh! Tori! Kep! He … took Iain! That's…fantastic! Oh!" She bites down on her lip and tears her gaze away from the newly Impressed to the newly hatched blue and his progress.

Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg rocks slightly, seeming almost to sway rather than wiggle, dislodging some of the sand propping it up.

Gabrael grins quasi-nervously back at Isaac, "Good, good." Blue eyes follow the new Impressed pair, A'iin and Ikanarath, before the blue hatches right there and then. "Oh, look!" she exclaims, smiling winningly over at the hatchling, "Isn't he darling?" He is darling indeed, and Gabe watches his movements with interest, giving Isaac's hand a hopeful squeeze.

Majestic Sapphire and Cobalt Blue Hatchling sniffs around Liana for a moment before shaking his head in rejection. The poor girl looks crestfallen for a moment as the pretty blue moves on to another candidate.

Dekar watches the action almost as if he were a thousand miles away, then turns to Cici. "Wow, A'iin Impressed the first hatchling, the bronze." He smiles at her warmly, and turns back to watch the other rocking eggs.

The tigereye egg gives one massive shudder and then splits in two with a loud cracking noise. The hatchling inside seems to flow out of the pieces of her shell, making a stand in front of the two halves, head held high as she surveys those before her.

Ethereal Meadows Green Hatchling

Sun dappled greens dance languidly o'er verdant green meadows, tenderly alighting upon this dragon's serene and satiny hide. Her luminous wings of gossamer are swathed in exquisitely golden green hues. Her considerable multi-faceted eyes whirl beauteously, quite at home in her elegant bleached-green head. Her physique is fairly shapely, with an enchanting elegance. Dazzling specks of resplendent golden iridescence meander all over her graceful body.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Marja.>

Kelapec suddenly looks pensive… "They name themselves correct?" a small shake of the head. Why should he think about that? He raises a brow at the blue and green and fingers his free hand through his hair absently. "Yes, Iain." he replies to Enye though he's frowning and shifting his feet again. Sharding sandels. GIve a man his boots anyday.

Majestic Sapphire and Cobalt Blue Hatchling flops in front of Gabrael and looks into her eyes. The hungry and frustrated creeling takes on a new note now.

Cicilia gasps softly as Iain impresses, quicky moving out of the way since she was next to him. Cici moves closer to Dekar and nods to his words, " Yah, I can't believe it.. Is that his new name? That will definatly take some getting used to.. "

Torissa's pale blue eyes move from the blue to the green and back again. Repeatedly. This could be it! She feels a tightening in her chest and she watches. The blue… heading towards Gabrael! "Oh Gabrael!" she cheers happily, grinning to her friend. This was just wonderful! She grins to Jalenye and Ciarn too, so excited for her friends! Now… back to the green!

A soft snapping sound echoes through the cavern as tiny cracks appear in the surface of the Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg.

Ethereal Meadows Green Hatchling stands in shocked surprise as light and sound assault her delicate ears and eyes. The terrible emptiness echoing inside her body and head becomes unbearable, causing the little green to give an almost sobbing sound. Struggling to stand she looks out anxiously for the one who can make everything all better.

Isaac clears his throat lowly, then chuckles to the best of his capabilities in a bad mood. As the blue comes their way, the man drops Gabrael's hand and smiles at her, lower lip gripped between his teeth. "There you are, Gab. He's found you." See, he's lucky fellow to stand next to. Scooting his large form closer to the red-headed boy, he keeps an idle eye on Gabrael. Good for her, she deserved it. The man awaits the arrival of a name, grinning.

T'ren sways just slightly, and shifts his stance to get a better position. He squeezes Darianya's shoulders gently as the new pairs meet and join in the flurry of activity on the sands. Above him, the great golden Biancath warbles and croons to her sons and daughters, making them aware of her presence and welcoming them to the world.

Gael stares down at the hatchling at her feet, blue eyes meeting the rapidly whorling draconic ones. "Oh, Dainith!" exclaims the girl, dropping wonderously down to absently caress an inky blue headknob. "Yes, yes. We are together now. You are Dainith and I am your Gael." Isaac's hand is given a last squeeze, blue eyes meeting those of the boy before she stands and attempts to lead the blue over to the sidelines.

Ciarn smiles back to Torissa, seemingly in awe of the whole affair. He, too, quickly returns his eyes to the scenes unfolding before him.

Kelapec smiles again, "And there goes Gabby." This is rather sad and joyous at the same moment isn't it? Losing friends while they gain some thing truely unique. He sighs and looks over at the green that has yet to pair. Brow quirk. It she.. crying? Um..

Ethereal Meadows Green Hatchling Ethereal Meadows Green Hatchling pushes past the unhatched eggs of the clutch, uncaringly brushing a few and triggering a few to start rocking slightly. Nothing seems to matter to this arrogant young lady as she approaches the candidates. She looks at each one, as if to weigh them, to see if any of those presented to her is worthy of bonding with her. A few contemptuous snorts can be heard as the green rejects a few of the possibilities. The hatchling is just about to move past one white-clad figure and suddenly stops short, the surprise on her face quite evident. She takes a second look at the scrawny young lad and waddles closer to him, looking deeply into his grey eyes. Suddenly, she headbutts him and he falls backward onto the hot sands, looking quite shocked. Nikolan glares at the hatchling for a long moment, and she glares back at him. A low crooning comes from the dragonet as she moves to stand beside him, still looking deeply into his eyes. Another look of shock, mixed with joy and awe, comes over Nikolan's face, a joyous crooning comes from the green hatchling as she strokes his cheek with her muzzle. "Her name is Iridith," N'lan cries. He buries his face in her neck for a brief moment before leading her to the requested food.

Kevyn grins widely as Gabrael…no, Gael, now, she reminds herself…as Gael impresses. She waves the girl and her new lifemate over to her and gives her a quick, warm hug before leading her off to the side.

With the sound of shattering glass, opaque shards cascade to the sands to reveal….a sand sculpture?

Tawny Sands of the Desert Hatchling

A sculpture of sand in the form of a hatchling poses before you. Perhaps he was once carved of ancient limestone and burried in sand, or perhaps he was simply sculpted directly from the sand. Either way, sand softens his curves and colors his shape an even buff. Heat seems to roll off him in waves as he sits composed. Speckles of cream and chocolate, tiny grains, smooth together in an even dun. There is no change in shade, no lighter or darker accents to hint at anything other than an unliving, unmoving object. Wait, did that sculpture just move? Did he blink? Suddenly, he comes alive and it seems he was not constructed out of sand at all. The illusion is born out, however, each time he pauses in his movement. Even his wingsails appear dry and gritty, speckled and made of sand. The only color to be found on this hatchling that does not match his sandy hide appears in his rapidly swirling eyes.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Kevyn.>

Mysterious Sapphire Egg rocks a little in place, the hatchling's tapping at the shell clearly audible to those nearest it.

Veronel, although lurking at the back of the crowd of candidates, is however slightly curious, and is trying to peer over a slightly taller shoulder in front of him.

Garrett grins as Gael and her new lifemate leave the sands, the simple gesture fades just as quickly as the piercing sounds of the green reaches his ears with a near wince until she chooses someone. Relieved, he's able to look back to the sands..well, the eggs in further curiosity.

Jalenye nods, shifting on her feet, her gaze sliding to Kep, "Yeah, so I've been told." She yet again misses an Impression, only to be made aware by one of Torissa's outbursts. "Oh! Gab! He's lovely! Gael? Congrats Gael and Dainith!" She rambles incessantly for a moment, then clamps her mouth shut. She releases the hands next to her and wipes her brow and eyes, then quickly grabs up both hands for comfort and reassurance. Mmm. Sweaty goo.

Dekar notices Gabrael's Impression at about the same time he notices the tiny green dragonling crying. Frowning, he whispers to Cici "Congrats to Gab, and that other boy got the green. Things are happening so fast." Indeed, things are unfolding quickly on the sands, and there is just too much to focus on.

Ellemir lets out her breath again, hands balled into fists as the first green of the hatching impresses to… Nikolan??? What a waste. She stamps her feet in a momentary mini tantrum.

Mysterious Sapphire Egg rocks more furiously, long cracks appearing in the mottled pattern of the shell.

Torissa would have been infuriated by Ellemir's disrespectful behavior had she seen it, but no, her eyes are on the hatchling on the sands. Good thing!

Frowning slightly, Veronel can't see well, and moves around to one side of the taller man. His steps are mincing and dance like, his feet are starting to feel baked.

Kelapec glances down at his hand. He's going to need a shower after this. He's sure of it. The smallest of beads of sweat begin to form on his temples. Deep breath. New brown. Paired green. Noted. "It's getting fairly uncomfortable out here." Sharding sandels… he's never wearing sandels again.

Tawny Sands of the Desert Hatchling shakes himself off, scattering sand around him, and slowly stands and surveys those around him before carefully stepping forward for closer inspections. He makes not a sound, simply gazes about curiously.

Gael moves shakily over to the sides, smiling at Kevyn as she is hugged, though it's a wobbly, lopsided grin. Little blue dragonet is ushered before her carefully, her efforts keeping Dainith from hurting himself in his juvenile clumsiness.

Dainith has left.

Gael calls to Dainith and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Gael has left.

Rippling Rose Rhodocrosite Egg shudders and shakes, then suddenly stills.

Cicilia looks towards the eggs and whispers back to Dekar, " Yeah.. I can't seem to keep up with all the activity.. There are just so many places to look, too many eggs hatching. It is interesting though.. The names are the main thing that are going to be so hard to keep up with.. "

Biancath settles her bulk to the ground and keeps one wing slightly in front of her special egg. She croons to the new arrivals and nods slightly as if approving of all the new pairs.

After much rocking and shifting about on its pile of sand, the Mysterious Sapphire egg shows several cracks along it's shell. Then, all of a sudden, it simply falls apart, leaving its former occupant standing there, staring at the assembled wingless ones, most of whom are staring right back at her.

Lush Lace of Moss Green Hatchling

An overwhelming sense of soft and subtle moss sheathes the body of this young dragon. There is an air of boldness about her, with a few bright accents of pasture green peeking through the overwhelming drab dimness of the rest of her hide. She bears a sort of verdant branding on her belly that resembles an intricate pattern of fine lace. This same pattern disappears briefly as it changes shades of green to a much brighter one, wandering up across her back and onto her sails in a labyrinth of decor. Obsidian claws stretch delicately from her small claws.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Darianya.>

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg twitches once more, turning slightly, as if trying to show a better side of itself.

Isaac watches Gael and Dainith disappear off the sands with a somewhat dazed expression, overly happy for his friend and her lifemate. Sending a quick glance to check whom of his most inner-circle friends still remain, the candidate grins. A couple of specific people are found, a nod given to them, before he turns to the newest hatchlings that have decided to grace everyone with their presences. It's hard to believe that these small little things will end up being enormous dragons.

Jalenye notices Ellemir's antics from the corners of her eyes, and purses her lips with distaste for the girl. She jiggles Kep's hand, "What is that girl thinking?" she juts out her chin towards Ellemir and gives the girl cold glare. She draws in a breath and jerks her attention back to the eggs, and forces herself to breathe calmly.

Torissa shifts as the heat beneath her feet finally starts making its presence known to her. She gasps at the arrival of another green. A green! She watches intently, waiting, releasing Jalenye's hand so she can wring her hands.

Garrett could continue murmuring to himself, but it would be to no avail as he watches the brown make his way across the sands. Another shifting step and he's attentive once again. If he even blinks, more than likely, he'll miss something. Or so it seems.

Lush Lace of Moss Green Hatchling shakes herself off and.. just sits there for a moment, looking around the Cavern, up at her dam and sire, and then finally, considering the candidates.

Ellemir stands on tip toes to try and see over the heads of some candidates who have dared to invade her space. She oooohs softly as yet another green makes her presence known on the sands.

From the dragon ledges above, Koliath lets you a loud bugle of welcome to the little ones running amok on the sands. His bass tones seem to send them encouragement.

Dekar notices the green and points to it. "Cici, look, another green. That's the second one already. Wonder who'll get it…" He keeps shifting feet, the hot sands beginning to get to him through his sandals. Darn things, for all the good they do might as well be barefoot…

Kelapec counts the remaining eggs. Mouthing each number he stops to wipe his forehead and comb his fingers through his hair. This is going fast… and is it just him or is it warmer than usual out here? Blame the sandels. NOt as reliable as boots. He hrms over at Enye, "Who? The.. E-girl?" or some such. Always causing some sort of problems isn't she?

Tawny Sands of the Desert Hatchling suddenly pounces on something unseen, a total reversal of his previous demeanor. His tail twitches playfully and he warbles a lilting draconic laugh. Then his nose twitches and he is alert to his task once more. Wasting no more time, he wobbles over to the candidates and plants himself firmly in front of Kelapec, looking up at him inquiringly.

T'ren shifts yet again and finally leans against Biancath's golden leg, totally unaware that he's doing so… force of habit and besides, it's a good solid pillar to lean against to keep from toppling over.

Veronel frowns slightly, shifting his weight from side to side, gazing at the action with an almost bored sneer. He doesn't seem to mind all the impressions much.

Jalenye takes the moment her hand is released to rub it against her robe. She reaches out her hand and taps Torissa on the shoulder, and then she holds out her hand. "Calm down, Tori." she says simply and grins. That done, she once again considers the eggs and hatchlings, and nods almost absently. "Yeah. Ellemir." She wrinkles her nose a moment, and then relaxes.

Torissa doesn't notices Jalenye's extended hand right away… her eyes on the brown. Was that Kelapec he was eyeing, would they Impress? Tori dearly hoped so - they were so near to her she noted. She finally notices Jalenye's hand and takes it again, giving her friend an apologetic look.

Cicilia calls out congrats to Gael as an afterthought, her mind swimming with the eggs popping and cracking around her. She again moves a bit closer to Dekar, and whispers softly. " Wow.. these hatchings are just so pretty. " Cici nods, " I wonder too.. It was such a pretty green color. Though that blue was something though, blue is my favorite color. "

Lush Lace of Moss Green Hatchling assumes a posture of confidence and defiantly stares into the eyes of each of the candidates before her, measuring them for some quality that would draw her to them. She takes a few careful steps in the candidates' direction, cocking her head this way and that, considering her choices. Then, swifter than most would expect of a newly Hatched dragonet, she makes directly for a short, darkhaired young girl standing off to one side of the rest. Looking deeply into the girl's eyes, the young green begins to croon softly. Liana looks uncertainly down at the dragonet, her bewilderment written clearly on her face. That bewilderment vanishes as the green hatchling gently nuzzles her lovingly, turning into a look of indescribable elation. She lifts her shining brown eyes, almost brimming over with joyful tears, to the rest of the candidates, "Her name is Esmirith!" She states, her voice full of wonder and awe, "And she's chosen /me/!"

Ellemir takes her gaze off the green to scan the sands and catches Jalenye eyeballing her. She frowns evily at the other candidate and sticks her fisted hands on her hips, leg cocking slightly in a small challenge. When she realizes that Jalenye is no longer looking in her direction she turns her attention back to the eggs, watching, waiting, and pouting slightly.

Isaac squints, barely able to see Kelapec as the new brown chooses him for a lifemate. Barely smiling, the man returns his attention to the rocking eggs, brows furrowed in curious thinking. "I think that if the wine supply is good, then I'll be able to take care of the ore" His mumbles die down as the brunette who took Gael's place elbows him, sharply hissing, "This is /not/ a tithe meeting. Focus you scuttlebrain!" Isaac snorts, forcing his eyes to the eggs Why is he here, anyway?

Garrett rocks forward onto his feet to glance over some of the heads towards Kelapec and the brown who seemed to end up in his position. "Did he choose?" Asked and perhaps heard by Ciarn and Torissa, he looks towards the green and the girl who just impressed with a faint, but amused grin.

Tiny flaws become enormous cracks as waves of pink shiver and fall from the Rhodocrosite egg to reveal the tiny hatchling inside.

Verdant Blue-Green Nile River Hatchling

Flowing across your vision is a hatchling made of water. Fluid movement without sharpness or hitch brings this hatchling into view, rippling hide an aquamarine wash of blues and greens. Sunlight flahses of blinding white dance in your eyes, making you blink. A closer look reveals that the hatchling is never-the-less a normal hatchling, made of flesh and bone, the rest illusion. Soft waves of deep cobalt eddy outward from his spine to flow into lighter sapphire and deep emerald along his extremities. Random streaks and sparkles of irridescent white-gold play along his hide as he moves, revealing the source of the sunlight-bright flash that left spots in your vision. Dripping wingsails unfurl to reveal the softest wash of turqoise and teal. Contrasting dark moss and verdandt grass stripe his muzzle, glove his foreclaws, and tip his tail like the vibrant life that springs up on the banks of an eternally flowing river. Though his coloration is quite remarkable, and he moves with fluidness and grace, his conformation leaves something to be desired. He is all softness and curves, with little form and structure.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Kevyn.>

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg jumps slightly, and wobbles severely, flipping from one angle to another, small crack lines starting to appear around the base.

Dari's proud smile is cast on the pairs trailing off the sands to feed or be fed, you'd almost think she was the clutch's dam, she's so proud!

Torissa shakes her head. "I don't know… I don't think so…" she replies uncertainly, distracted by the latest arrival, a beautiful blue.

Kelapec peers down at the brown. It's looking at him… Aquas move to Enye. He's looking at me. Kep looks back to the brown. After a moment when it becomes apparent that the sandy brown dragonet isn't moving…. and then there's that…. Eep. "HE.." eyes widen a tad. "His name is Beydesseth." he calls a bit louder.

Torissa lets out another loud, startling cheer for Kelapec. "Congrats Kep!!"

Garrett bobs his head once Torissa speaks but turns to look towards Kelapec when he announces the name with a cheer of his own. "Congratulations!" All the while, his attention splits between watching the new pair and the water-like blue hatchling.

Shimmering Amethyst Egg shifts and wiggles from beneath Biancath's wing.

Jalenye gapes at the brown settled before Kelapec and slowly releases the man's hand. "Oh Kep…Congratulations to you and Beydesseth!" She edges away from the former guard and closer to Torissa, and subsequently further dwarfing the much younger girl.

Domuta waves at the newly mated pair "Kelapec, get that one off to the feedings … he'll want it …"

Darianya looks up and notices the gold egg starting to move, and glares at Biancath. "You've got to let her hatch and find a lifemate, get that wing off of her!" Biancath growls slightly, but complies with her riders wishes.

T'ren pats Biancath's leg gently, and glances over at Darianya, "Your mate has done an excellent job. They're lovely." He mops at his brow again and chuckles as the rider bosses the dragon.

Dekar smiles at Cici. "Oh, good for Kep! He really deserved it." He waves to Kep quickly before turning to watch the gold dragon with lifted brows. Hrm.

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg pops upright suddenly, loosing shards about the base in tiny pieces. It turns again, hiding the missing bits as it flops over on its side, away from the candidates.

Verdant Blue-Green Nile River Hatchling flows across the sands, a river flowing across a desert, and fluidly makes his way to the candidates. He squeaks shrilly, a piercing sound that demands attention. Stopping for a moment to sniff at the proud Bitran girl, he snorts and shakes his head in rejection, showering Ellemir with slime before stepping away.

Kel'ec smiles in that quirkular way he has when he's laughing inwardly at something. He looks up and walks off the sands side by side with the young sandy brown that has chosen him as his 'responsibility'.

Beydesseth has left.

Kel'ec calls to Beydesseth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Kel'ec has left.

Torissa laughs as the blue clearly rejects Ellemir, not bothering to hide her amusement. Anything to relieve the tension she feels!! She shoves aside the sticky strands of hair stuck to her face. Why won't it ever stay pulled back?

Cicilia gasps and bounces excitedly, " Way to go Kep! " Cici settles on the ground next to Dekar and grins from ear to ear. " Yeah, I agree, I am quite glad for him. " Cici turns quietly towards the gold egg, watching it quietly, clearly beginning to get more nervous.

Ellemir lets out a shrill squeal of disgust as she get gooed by the blue. She glares at the blue as it walks away from her and lets out a snort as she tries her best to get the goo off before it dries.

Isaac notices the careful rocking beneath Biancath's wing, a more permanent smile appearing upon his creased face. He'll age about thirty turns in these few hours that go by. The girl next to him wiggles impatiently, taking a step in the direction of the egg. It's /her's/. No one else can have it. The ex-trader rips his attention from the golden egg to fall upon a small blue hatchling nearby. So small, so compact, and he chooses someone else. Tsk. "Nice one there, eh? Th' blue one, I mean," the red head says.

Shimmering Amethyst Egg rocks even harder now, within plain view of the candidates since Biancath removed her wing. Delicate cracks appear on the shell, but the hatchling isn't quite ready to come out, yet.

Garrett's lips quirk upwards into a grin, quickly smothered behind one hand at the antics of the blue. Rejection? He won't go as far to laugh about that, knowing that he could be the next one to have an unfortunate rain of goop on himself. But the grin settles into something more amusing as reflected in his eyes as they flitter towards Torissa. Good to see she's relaxed.

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg lets out a loud crack, wobbling from side to side, and pops up, over and back down, as if it had been kicked from inside. Several large shards flop away from the egg as it does so, looking rather like a top in midair, loosing parts.

Nephrite Jade Egg gives a shimmy and shake, tilting over sideways since it's topple mate has hatched and left behind nothing to hold it up.

Verdant Blue-Green Nile River Hatchling toddles along the line of candidates, sniffing each, dismissing each, until he comes to a tall, black-haired boy. He sniffs some more, looks as if he's about to sneeze, then suddenly reaches out with his tiny tongue to lick at Garrett's hand. He looks up at the candidate and squeaks once more, inquiringly.

Jalenye stifles a snicker with her free hand as she too takes note of the thoroughly gooed Ellemir. She quickly diverts her gaze, inconspicuously dashing either sweat or laughter tears from her eyes, and the laughing smile is still twitching around her lips. Her gaze moves along the remaining eggs and hatchlings, settling momentarily on the golden egg, then shifting quickly toward the already hatched young ones. Her attention remains focused on them.

Torissa eyes the blue curiously on the other side of Ciarn. Was that Garret he was choosing? How she hoped so!!

Misty Moonstone Egg has been quiet through the whole hatching even though the faint outline of it's body can be seen every so often through the light colored parts of the shell. From inside the egg comes the sound of faint tappings then a pause as if the hatchling were waiting for an answer before tapping again. I'm ready to come out but are you ready for me?

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg rolls slightly to one side, falling back into its little pit, emitting one more loud crack as it does so.

G'rett was looking towards that Bitran lass and towards the blue and towards the other egg cracking in the very far distance. But he's licked? It beats being lobbed with goop as he looks down, blinks and really pauses. "Nenambeth?" He was spoken to? Breaking into one of the widest grins ever, he kneels and scritches one ridge. "Mine?"

Dekar turns to Cici and pokes at her. "That gold egg's moving an awful lot. In less than no time it'll hatch. Good luck sweetie." He wipes his sweaty hands on his robes, then starts wringing them. Even though he's gotten a bit more confidant now that he's well into the Hatching, he's still quite freaked. He gives the great golden queen a side glance, then looks at the egg. He sure would /not/ want to be having to go near that thing with her around.

Triumphant Tourmaline Egg shudders briefly in the place that has been hollowed out for it on the sands, the seafoam green egg rocking forwards and back like the swaying motion of a ship upon the waves. The rocking motion intesifies, a storm tossed tempest of seafoam green and white that finally rocks a little too hard, and tosses forth the prize it held within. A stocky top-heavy young blue form, slicked and sleeked with egg fluids is pitched forth onto the sands from the remains of the egg casing.

Pudgy Charming Blue Hatchling

Stout and pudgy, this little blue wreaks of royal blood. He is, after all, the son of a queen. Standing with his draconic shoulders straightened, and his wings held in such a fashion it's almost as though he does so distainedfully, ready to flick a wingtip at whatever bothers his royal presence. His wings capture a glittering icy blue within their folds. His cerulean blue snout sticks high up in the air, and a rich plume of indigo cloaks the expanse of his back, while rich mother of pearl claws clatter as they tap against one another.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Domuta.>

Kevyn cheers softly as G'rett impresses the watery blue. "Oooh, good for you! Let's get him over here where you can feed him, okay?"

Torissa bursts into another cheer for Garret - no, G'rett! But eggs were wobbling all over the place and Tori wished now that she could have a few more eyes so she wouldn't miss anything. She eyes Jalenye and Ciarn beside her as everyone else around them was slowly being taking away by the dragons. Another blue! Tori spots him out of the corner of her eye and turns quickly.

Darianya chuckles a little, and leans over to T'ren, "They are so funny, aren't they? Hatchlings and candidates both."

Shimmering Amethyst Egg cracks and shifts, this hatchling doesn't seem to be doing anything but taking her own sweet time pecking out of her shell.

T'ren blinks over at Darianya, seeming to come out of a daze, "Hmmmmmm?" Blink, blink, "Oh, oh yes." Eyes wander across the sands as the pairings are taking place and he watches the blue hatch, "Look at that fellow, thinks he's a bronze."

Darianya shakes her head and laughs, "It's amazing how confused they can get." She winks at T'ren and chuckles softly.

This regal blue seems to have trouble controlling a massive head as he clears his eyes and tries to orient on something out there that …. needs him. His head makes an almost rythmic, sweeping pendulous motion from side to side, smooth, and not too fast, he gazes about orienting himself on a target.

G'rett is still trying to come away from the shock of everything. Being licked, hearing a squeek and everything. "Let's get you over here, okay? You're such a quiet one, Nenambeth," he murmurs, starting to babble and leading the small blue in the direction of Kevyn's voice.

Nenambeth has left.

G'rett calls to Nenambeth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Jalenye looks down at Torissa with a grin for the girl's excitement and enthusiasm, then sends her own congratulations toward G'rett and Nenambeth. "He's lovely G'rett! Congrats!"

G'rett has left.

Huge head bobbling from side to side this heavy chested blue strides unevenly across the sands seeking something, looking from side to side, slightly askance the direction his head is weaving, the blue weaves over to the tubby youth slouching toward the back of the crowd.

Nephrite Jade Egg rolls down the slight hill that it was resting on and comes to a stop. Cracks snake their way down the shell, but nothing falls off.

Isaac misses G'rett's impression as he watches a nearby green select the redheaded boy. The slew of candidates on either side of him slowly begin to disappear in a thin trickle, the man shaking his head. The newly emerged blue is eyed with amusement, "He's not lacking in the self-esteem department for someone as new as he is, that's for sure." Isaac, inhaling deeply, slowly begins to shift his feet, the waves of heat that drift upward from the sands finally getting to him. A hand is swiftly swept past his brow, removing drips of sweat that threaten to fall into his eyes.

The Amethyst egg rocks furiously back and forth, small flakes of eggshell dropping to the sands as the insistent hatchling inside pecks her away out of her confinement. A nose appears out of the hole she's made and suddenly a massive crack appears, and the shell falls apart, leaving the hatchling standing on the hot sands, glistening in the light. She blinks a few times, and peers into the crowd assembled in front of her. A fitting audience to the entrance of a new queen.

Warm Sunset Rose Gold Hatchling

She stands on the shards of her egg trying to look queenly and full of grace, and for a moment, she succeeds. She looks like a gilded statue in the warm glow of the sunset, bathed in tones of gold, tinted with rose. Her elegant headknob is brighter than the rest of her, almost glowing with bright gold. Ripples of darker, rose-gold, looking much like spilled silk, spill down her back between her wings, flowing down her tail and her legs, which end in midnight black talons. As she spreads those wings, you see that she lightens again, the red-gold of newly minted copper swirls along her wingsails.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Darianya.>

Head swinging from side to side, the blue sheds drops of slime like drool in a huge arc, wandering his way past several candidates his eyes are on one individual.

Veronel backs away from the staggering blue creature that is hauling itself toward him at incredible speed, mindful of terrible claws, huge teeth, acres of skin needing oiling and a somewhat over whelming sensation of need. His backward steps are in vain as the blue flops directly in front of him, and gazes up from one whirling red eye, and in that instant Veronel is swirled into a sensation of hungry, warm, want, need, comfort and together.

Ellemir gets as much of the goo off her as she can and just steams for a bit as other candidates impress all around her. She glances around, just in time to see the lovely gold come out of her shell. Breath gets sucked in and her eyes sparkle and dance.

Torissa can't help but be distracted by the arrival of a beautiful new queen. She inclines her head slightly, respectfully, remembering her contact with the young beauty, wishing her only the best. "Choose well, pretty," she whispers.

Veronels eyes widen, and start to glow with something approaching happiness "Garadenath my …. friend …" slips from his lips in a whispery voice, thin, and barely there. He reaches down and strokes an browridge as if it were a finely woven tapestry, with an awsome panorama woven into it.

Warm Sunset Rose Gold Hatchling stands very still for a moment, almost posing for the crowd, then slowly, patiently starts to walk towards the white-robed candidates. She sniffs around one girl and rejects her immediately, then turns to the next one. She butts her nose into Ellemir, then snorts and shakes her head. Doesn't smell right. The little gold moves on.

Jalenye squeezes Torissa's hand as Pern's newest queen spills onto the sands, "Torissa…she's…" her mouth gapes a moment, and then is clicked shut. She watches as the gold overlooks Ellemir, and then quickly averts her gaze, settling it on the newly impressed blue pair.

Domuta raises an eyebrow as the rotund youth from crom snags a blue "Well … get Garadenath off to the side and feed him well…"

Ellemir holds her breath even more, if that's possible and gets a big smirk on her face as the gold comes closer, closer… and /touches/ her! Oh joy, oh bliss, eyes close and she waits… and waits… and waits… then cracks one eye open to see the gold departing.

Cicilia nods quietly, " Thanks.." Cici grabs Dekar's hand and gives it a squeeze again and looks towards the gold egg. Cici is clearly becoming much more nervous with each moment that the egg delays in hatching. Cici's jaw drops as the gold finally hatches, looking over the beautiful gold's hide. Cici looks over each creviance, each line of the hide of the beautiful gold. She picks up her feet a couple of times as the heat under her sandles become unbearable agian.

The Nephrite Jade Egg doesn't hatch, it shatters, as if the creature inside decided that a dramatic entrance was better than a slow one. As the shard settle, a lovely green is revealed, surveying the crowd of people in front of her.

Jade Mountain Green Hatchling

The silken hide of this green hatchling glistens wetly in the lights of the Hatching Cavern. She's smaller than most greens at Hatching, but that doesn't seem to matter, her presence seems to be larger than life as she gets her bearings on the hot sands. Her hide quickly dries to reveal the deep green of a lush mountain meadow, the color seeming to drape over her like a swath of fine silk. Her wings are only spread long enough to dry and then they are folded tightly to her back, resembling a cape of the deepest of jades. Her sparkling eyes are set oddly in her head, the corners slightly upturned, giving her an exotic look as she considers the world around her. Paws are tipped with talons of the darkest ebony, as are wing spars and the tip of her tail.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by T'ren.>

Dekar nudges Cici, motioning with his head at the tiny dragonet that just hatched. "Cici…look at her. She's gorgeous." Gripping her hand quickly, he whispers "Go get her!"

Torissa smiles back to Jalenye and then turns to smile to Ciarn, her smile nervous, her hands shaking. There isn't much time left… Would her friends walk away alone? Would she?

Jade Mountain Green Hatchling takes a moment to settle herself and peers around at all the … things watching her. Let them watch, she's got one goal in mind and that's to quell this horrid feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Warm Sunset Rose Gold Hatchling looks up at a young lad curiously for a moment, sniffs experimentally and wuffles at him before moving on. The next few girls are patiently examined. This seems to be a picky queen, looking for that special something that she needs to feel welcomed.

Isaac, in the midst of his searching for male dragonet, finds himself watching the newly emerged queen with great interest. He stares at her for a moment, a rather obnoxious brown lassoing his attention and pulling him in, "Yes, I see you," the man says dully in response to the large brown, "now shush, before you hurt yourself" Or the ears of those around you, Mister.

Misty Moonstone Egg twitches cheerfully in it's bed of warm sand.

Jalenye turns her gaze on the newest green on the sands. "Tori, lookit her." She points with her free hand. "She's lovely as well…Don't you think?" She mashes her lips together.

Ellemir looks rather crestfallen, having been gooed and rejected by the gold. Her eyes stay locked on the sands.

Jade Mountain Green Hatchling stands stock still, her bearing almost echoing that of her golden clutch sibling. Yet she's just a green, but when she moves, she almost slinks along the sands, eyes watching those candidates out there. With a speed that's almost unnerving she suddenly darts towards a cluster of girls, knocking one or two of them out of the way as she deems them not worthy. Ahhhh, but this one here is! She stops in front of Ellemir, the snarky candidate from Bitra, and lets out a wail of hunger. Ellemir stands stock still, staring down at the Jade by her feet, then suddenly nods, resting a hand on the dragonet's head, "Yes, Olinth, I know where there is food." The Bitran girl follows one of the Weyrling staff off the sands, her proud head held high and a look of 'I told ya so's' darted towards the candidates still standing.

Cicilia chuckles softly and nods quietly to Dekar, " Yes, she is gorgous.. the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. " Cici watches the golds every movement, watching the picky queen. " She is just so beautiful.. isn't she? " Cici lifts her feet again.. " My these sands are so hot. "

Torissa turns to look at the green. She was lovely… indeed… Tori watches the dragonet with interest and hope. But she chose… Ellemir?? Well, if she was that sort… Oh no, that meant the Bitran girl was staying! Tori suppressed a groan.

Aggressive Bloodstone Egg twitches.

Misty Moonstone Egg begins rocking back and forth as the prisoner inside gets impatient. Great striations begin forming at the apex and base of the egg.

Jalenye shakes her head in disappointment as the green looks to Ellemir, and her attention is once more drawn to the gold. She shifts in a combination of nervousness and the pain of her overheated feet. Those hatching sand dances.

With a delicate shiver, the Misty Moonstone Egg rocks in its bed of sand, the nearly squared off corners holding it steadier than most as the hatchling within fights to scratch its way free of the pale ovoid. There comes a crack, streaking jaggedly down the face of the shell — like a flaw in an otherwise perfect gemstone — and with a shove of teal-tipped muzzle, shoulders and head, a wetly gleaming body slips free and struggles to its feet. Upright she is revealed now, eyes wide with curiousity, and perhaps demure innocence, her emerald green body shining wetly with egg fluids, the hatchling is revealed.

Curious Emerald Green Hatchling

A jewel of coruscating emerald, the rich, bubbly hues of this hatchling coat her lissome form in lavish magnificence. Glistening teal bleeds into lustrous aquamarine over the tip of her snout, swirling up and over burnished chartreuse headknobs and dwindling down her bedazzled, though short, neck. Brilliant verdance smothers itself oer the exactitude of bejeweled sails, glowering to a deeper sea green on the tips of her shoulders and knees. Shorter, stubbd fore and hind limbs are smattered with clusters of jade, offsetting the gloss of sharp, raven-hued claws, whilst a speckled patch of may-green glimmers over the supple round of belly. A sword-thin tail of deep lime whips out behind her, devilish casts the only tarnished section within her reverie of charm.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Marja.>

Ciarn smiles and looks over as yet another fellow candidate impresses. Unlike everyone else, he never had any problems with the Bitran. He looks over at Torissa beside him and looks about to say something to her when another egg cracks, looking over to see the green hatchling.

Dekar chuckles to himself when Ellemir Impresses. Either something was very wrong with that dragon, or something was actually /right/ about that girl… He shudders inwardly to himself. Turning back to Cici, he says to her softly "Best of luck to you Cici…" Smiling lopsidedly at her, he suddenly perks at the sight of another green hatchling. So many of them…

Domuta glances over her shoulder making sure that there are yet more buckets prepared for the hatchlings.

Warm Sunset Rose Gold Hatchling peers at one girl a bit too long and trips over a wingtip. She falls head over heels into a tumble and lands in front of Torissa. She squawks loudly, clearly unhappy at her predicament and struggles to get up. She cries pathetically, casting sorrowful eyes at Torissa.

Torissa's eyes wander to the new green, unable to choose where to look, feeling torn! She eyes the green and the gold. Who would they choose? She turns to Ciarn and reaches her free hand out to him but stopping abruptly as the gold stops before her.

Kevyn raises an eyebrow as Ellemir is impressed, sighs softly to herself, and waves the girl over. So much for passing /that/ one on to the next Weyr.

Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst embrace your mind, swelling with a love and affection that seems all encompassing, as if this is the whole world at the moment. A warm joy spreads throughout your thoughts as that golden voice softly whispers to you « You are the one I have waited for! » The voice goes on, gently insistent « I am Orianath and I am yours. »

Jalenye gasps loudly, "Torissa! She wants you!" She drops the girl's hand and backs away. "Congratulations."

Torissa eyes Ciarn and Jalenye nervously. Should she… A gasp as a warmth fills her! "Oh, Faranth! Me?? Oh, Orianath!"

« In Torissa's Mind, Gentle swirls of Gold and Amethyst says, <* Feed me? Please? *> »

Ciarn looks back to the Gold as it falls in front of Torissa and smiles widely. "See Tori! I told you that you were worthy." He laughs warmly and goes on, "Congratulations."

Curious Emerald Green Hatchling shakes the remaining bits of shell and egg goo from her hide and her facetted eyes whirl as they focus for the first time. With a mewling sound the green unfurls her wings and wobbles forward with a last backwards look at her sire and dam. Stumbling with her concentration divided the hatchling falls face first into the sand with a squall, totally unnoticed because of all the attention paid to her golden sister.

Torissa reaches out and helps the young gold to her feet. "Oh yes, food, yes," she mumbles, as though in a daze, a silly smile on her face.

Aggressive Bloodstone Egg twitches. Then rocks. Then lurches, as the hatchling within thumps more urgently on the inner shell.

Kevyn's eyes widen, thoughts of Ellimir completely gone as the queen chooses Torissa. "Oh, yes! Such a fine queen, and such a fine choice!"

Jalenye turns her gaze toward the curious emerald hatchling and scoots around Torissa and her gold toward Ciarn. "Look at the green."

With a sharp crackling sound, the Agressive Bloodstone Egg begins to be fairly smashed apart from the inside. Chunks of shell are bashed out by the impatient hatchling within, head-sized arcs sent spinning out over the heat-radiating Sands. Once a large enough hole has been excavated, the dark, damp dragon within stumbles out, wings half-spread and head weaving, as if ready to take all comers. Spirited, but not entirely likely, considering it's been out of its shell for all of a handful of seconds…

Spirited Jade Green Hatchling

This spirited-looking young green holds herself proudly — no shy and retiring maiden she! Strong, dark jade ripples along her hide, a bold colouration to suit this bold lady. Her lithe, toned build is frosted with light sage, a curiously lacey pattern swirling along the exremities of her limbs, down her spine to the tip of her tail, and spreading thinly across her wingsails to her wingtips. Her talons are particularly long and sharp, and are a dark, brushed bronze in colouration.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Q'inn.>

Orianath bounds to your side, and falls into step behind you as you move.

Off The Sands

A small section off the sands where bowls of freshly killed and cutup meat await the arrival of the newly paired lifemates. Various members of the weyrlingmaster team keep a watchful eye on the pairs, giving quiet instructions here and there and showing the new riders their first washing and oiling lessons.

People: Torissa Gael A'iin G'rett Kel'ec

Dragons: Nenambeth Beydesseth Dainith Ikanarath

Obvious exits:


From the sands » Ciarn turns back to looking for his own lifemate should he or she be on the sands, he looks over to the Curious Emerald Green Hatchling and smiles, tilting his head and wondering if she is it, and then the newly emerged Spirited Jade Green Hatchling. His glance falls between the two.

From the sands » Darianya applauds the little queen's choice, smiling approvingly at Torissa. She looks around, then nudges T'ren, "It's almost over. It's gone so fast!"

From the sands » Cicilia's heart drops ten feet as the gold impresses to Tori, Cici covers her eyes and looks down at the sands, not able to speak. Cici is clearly disapointed as she kicks at the sands quietly.

From the sands » T'ren mops at his face yet again and just nods at Darianya, looking rather washed out for some reason.

From the sands » Isaac gasps as the beautiful dragonet painted in the soothing shades of a sunset chooses Torissa as her lifemate, a smile overcoming his grief-stricken face. "Orianath. Nice name for a nice pair, yes." The candidate shakes his head, still unsure of himself. It wasn't but a month ago that he was calling Torissa evil, and now she's gone and made herself a prospective Weyrwoman. Quite an accomplishment for the young girl. A sidelong glance is sent toward Jalenye, one of his only friends left on the sands. He offers the former cook a smile and a nod, a silent wish of good luck.

From the sands » Dekar hugs Cicilia tightly. "I'm so sorry sweetheart…it's ok, you'll get the next gold dragon to hatch on Pern, promise." He brushes a strand of hair from her face that slipped out and smiles reassuringly at her.

From the sands » Curious Emerald Green Hatchling gets to her feet once more with a grunt of disgust. So undignified to fall face first but at least not too many people saw that act of clumbsiness. Jewelled eyes scan the white clad row of candidates gravely..which one will it be, where is the one she will spend the rest of her life with? With measured dignity she walks slowly towards one end of the loose circle, her eyes glued on a small group of candidates.

From the sands » Cicilia hugs back and shakes her head.. " I am just not worthy of a gold it seems.. "

From the sands » Dekar frowns at her. "Don't you dare say that! The right dragon is out there for you, just you wait sweetie."

Gael goggles at Torissa as she enters, pausing in her feeding of Dainith, much to the little blue's chagrin. "Oh, Tori!" she beams over, "Well done!" She would dash over to hug the younger girl if she could, but her lifemate calls and it is her duty to make him comfortable. The girl looks up as an assistant weyrlingmaster brings over a jar of oil and begins to lecture the weyrlings about oiling their dragons.

From the sands » Lifting her head to scent the air, the Spirited Jade Green Hatchling doesn't seem to be afflicted with the hesiation or indecision that plagues the typical hatchling. Turning to her left, she scrambles through the sand right up to Seyter, pressing her muzzle into his abdomen. "Her name is Fiorith!" the boy crows excitedly. "And she chose /me/!" Despite the proof right in front of him, he doesn't seem to quite believe it.

From the sands » Cicilia shakes her head and looks down at the sands.." No.. I.. can't think that .."

From the sands » Curious Emerald Green Hatchling all but prances up to the small group of candidates and looks directly into Dekar's eyes because there can only be one that she would choose and out of all the humans on Pern it could only be her Dekar. Crooning happily the green nudges the candidate with her snout and waits for him to return her affection.

Torissa stumbles in with steps as unsure as that of the young gold by her side, a look of dazed disbelief on her face but happiness in her pale eyes. "Her… her name is Orianath!" she says, as though trying to convince herself. The young gold nudges her encouragingly.

From the sands » Water Sapphire Egg thumps and bumps as it rolls down the slightly raised hillock of sand it was perched on. Cracks spread out on it's shell as it rolls along the sands.

From the sands » Darianya gives Cicilia a look of heartfelt sympathy, then indicates she will talk to her after the Impression, if she wants.

From the sands » Ciarn continues grinning. The excitement starting to get to him, "Congrats Seyter! Dekar!" He calls out happily and waves, not remembering to use their new honorifics.

From the sands » Water Sapphire Egg shivers as the hatchling inside bangs on the shell. The cracks spread and spread.

From the sands » Cicilia sighs sadly and gives Dekar a sad smile. Cici is obviously happy for him, but her own sadness seems to consume her every thought.

From the sands » The Water Sapphire Egg twitches a bit, then rolls over and cracks. The shell splits itself in half and a regal bronze steps out. The hatchling stretches his wings and surveys his surroundings, then takes a step or two before tumbling down the small hill of sand he was hatched on.

From the sands » Tranquil Malachite Egg wobbles slightly, then with a faint crackling sound, a small portion of the shell begins to crumble away.

From the sands » Regal Bearing Ancient Bronze Hatchling

Folds of ambient copper sweep across the belly of this beast in a majestic display of brilliance. His metallic head held high, small veins of green can be seen lining the proud eyeridges, give the appearance of well-aged bronze. Deeper sienna dappled with honey hues stretches across the expanse of his back, and up along his wingspars. The sails themselves are composed of an almost translucent pale bronze, a wispy pattern almost akin to a mass of flowing hair. Pearlized talons arch from his well-formed claws.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by T'ren.>

From the sands » Dekar stares at the tiny green dragon before him. "Aikoth?" Eyes opening wide, he bends down and whispers "Shards, you picked ME!?" Reaching down to her, he looks up at Cici and says "Cici, she picked me!" Suddenly saddened by realizing how badly Cici must feel right now, he whispers "I'm sorry Cici…I didn't mean to…"

From the sands » Ciarn's eyes then notice the movement of the Water Sapphire Egg. He turns his head to see it more clearly, not even noticing any of the heat through his sandals. Then he sees the Bronze emerge from it and smiles, it completely occupying his attention.

From the sands » Cicilia puts on a brave smile and whispers.. " It's ok hun.. you deserve her.. go on… I will be ok.. I promise.. "

From the sands » Jalenye reaches over and nudges Ciarn on the arm, "Oh, he's lovely. Lookit 'im!" She places her hadns in front of her face, over her lips, barely breathing. The sheen of sweat drips down her face and curls an escaped tendril of hair or two.

From the sands » Domuta strides over to Dekar, "All right now, you need to get off and feed your dragon, " She waves toward the other side "Now like."

Torissa pauses in her feeding to peer back out to the sands, causing Orianath to creel piteously. Would her friend, her "brother", join her back here? "Come on, Ciarn…" she whispers before returning to her lifemate.

From the sands » Regal Bearing Ancient Bronze Hatchling picks himself up off the ground and gives his head a shake, how insulting. He snuffles at the sands, trying to find the item that tripped him up, but then something more urgent catches his attention and he turns red eyes to the candidates on the sands. Step, step, step… see I can do this walk thing.

From the sands » A bit more of the shell crumbles away from the Tranquil Malachite Egg, and this bit is just a bit too much, the remainder of the shell cracking apart and coming cascading down upon the startled hatchling within. Startled not for long, however, as it stretches and shakes off the debris, peering about curiously.

From the sands » Serene Parchment Brown Hatchling

This brown, a young member of his kind, nonetheless gives the impression of being…older. Perhaps it's his colouration, the way the parchment brown of his hide seems thinly stretched out over his frame, faded out at his 'points' to an almost grey-like taupe. It could be the slight epicanthal folds in the skin around his eyes, giving him the look of having age wrinkles. Whatever it is, it certainly doesn't extend to his build and posture, which are as strong and filled out as anyone could hope for. Long, tapered wings suggest that he'd be a good flier and possibly an adequate swimmer, and his slightly overpronounced headknobs indicate that he'll probably excell at telepathic communication.

<OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Q'inn.>

From the sands » Dekar reaches down for his green and picks her up gently. "It's ok, I'll go get you something to eat right now." Looking down sheepishly at Domuta, he says "Sorry, I'll go right now." He gives Cici one last look and tiny wave before heading off to take care of his new Aikoth's hunger.

From the sands » Domuta waves in the direction of the weyrbrats with buckets of wherry.

From the sands » Isaac smiles to himself as he watches a green choose Dekar as his own, cursing under his breath. This wasn't supposed to happen. He didn't care about the hatching, remember? He was supposed to return to his family's wagon to trade with all of the weyrs of Pern and be the pride of his father. As blue orbs wash over the few remaining eggs, a flash of bronze catches his eye, drawing his attention. "Faranth help us Look at him, he's /amazing/." The candidate stops his uncomfortable shifting, reducing his actions to a stare. He's awed, that's it.

Dekar has arrived.

From the sands » Domuta glances aside at the weyrwoman, and shakes her head slightly, and finally turns and heads back to her station.

From the sands » Serene Parchment Brown Hatchling moves slowly but carefully, edging out from the remains of his shell and moving forward, sniffing cautiously at his bronze clutchmate before turning to more important things. Like…does anyone have something to eat? Hunger might be good for the soul, but it's awfully difficult on the stomach…

From the sands » Ciarn has kept his gaze locked on the Reagal Bearing Ancient Bronze, he steps a bit closer as Jalenye nudges him, "Yes…" He says softly, even his normal smile still a bit awed, might he be the one? His egg was Ciarn's favorite…

From the sands » Darianya shrugs at Domuta, then turns back to the remaining few hatchlings. She silently urges them to find their lifemates, her anxiety clearly written on her face.

From the sands » Regal Bearing Ancient Bronze Hatchling makes his way to the remaining candidates, bypassing all the girly type ones with a snort. They just won't do for him. He needs more than that. He needs a real man. Someone with a sense of purpose and duty and honor. Someone who can keep his mind on the task at hand. He roams and wanders and finally, head swivels back the way he came and he turns and heads straight for the one who is staring, awed, yes that's the way you should look!

From the sands » Serene Parchment Brown Hatchling hangs back, seemingly hesitant about approaching any of the candidates remaining on the Sands. He contents himself with fixing each in turn with his wise gaze, the searching look seeming to weigh and judge each impartially.

From the sands » Ciarn takes a few steps closer to the Reagal Bearing Bronze Hatchling, a hopeful look on his face, "Are you the one?" He asks softly, respectfully.

From the sands » Serene Parchment Brown Hatchling seems to finally have made his choice even if his fellow bronze hasn't. Moving determindly through the sands, he edges up to Ciarn and gently brushes his muzzle against the boy's leg, looking up at him with those wise, wise eyes.

From the sands » Z'ac swallows a lump in his throat, tongue suddenly visible as it reaches out to moisten his cracked lips. The candidate frowns as Ciarn steps toward the bronze, eyes reluctantly moving toward the abandoned brown. "You're handsome too, you know," nearly as handsome has your bronze brother, but definitely not as honorable. And suddenly, as if he suddenly woke up from some horrible dream, he smiles. He /really/ smiles. The man takes a step toward his new lifemate, a calloused hand reaching to lay upon the bronze hide, "Yes, Xalmyrilth, let us rid you of the pain in our your stomach."

From the sands » Domuta head across the sands to Z'ac and his new lifemate… reaching them in a few strides, she coughs softly, "Okay .. now to feed that bronze fellow, off to the side here."

From the sands » C'arn nearly jumps as the Brown nudges against his leg. He looks over to his side and smiles, reaching down and touching the Brown's muzzle. "Heya Chegeth." His grin growing wide as he gazes lovingly on his new lifemate. "Brown, just like Lost and Found." He chuckles a bit to himself and just gazes at his lifemate.

From the sands » Kevyn shakes herself as two more candidates become weyrlings, grinning madly. She waves to Z'ac and C'arn to motion them off the sands. "C'mon, you two, let's get some meat in those young tummies."

From the sands » Domuta watches the pair wander off and heads back to her post.

From the sands » "Ciarn! Isaac! Oh congrats both of you!" Jalenye shouts out as the last two dragonets claim their lifemates. She looks down at her robe, and then over at Biancath and the Weyrleaders. The ghost of a smile's on her lips as she bows once again in their direction.

From the sands » Cicilia nods quietly to Leoth's enquirys. Cici is not really sure where she would go, but it is nice to know she has a ride. Cici whispers softly, " Thanks Leoth.. tell J'vry thank you.. maybe I will goto Western.. I think I need to be around family right now.. "

From the sands » Z'ac spots Domuta, eager to fill the hole that has seemed to form in his own stomach. He leads Xalmyrilth off the sands, careful to keep a hand on the hatchling the entire time.

From the sands » Z'ac has left.

Z'ac has arrived.

From the sands » C'arn nearly jumps again as he a voice speaks to him, he looks back to Chegeth and says, "Come on, Chegeth, lets go get some food for you."

Torissa looks up from feeding Orianath to greet the finally Impressees. She finds she can't even look to Z'ac and looks for Ciarn… where was he? Nerves built up within her. Had he not Impressed?

C'arn has arrived.

From the sands » Darianya sighs dramatically. "It's all over too fast." She watches the last of the pairs leaving the sands, into the capable hands of the Weyrlingmasters. She sighs again, "Well, Biancath. /Now/ you will leave and hunt for yourself!" Biancath gives a disgruntled snort. She seems to have gotten used to being catered to and brought food.

From the sands » Kevyn looks around, waiting for the next candidate to become a weyrling, and suddenly realizes that all the eggs have hatched. "What, it's over already?" She seems slightly bewildered, it seemed to have only taken a few moments….with an appologitic glance at the remaining candidates, she moves to usher them off the sands. "C'mon, let's go find you something to eat, as well. There'll be more hatchings for you."

Torissa finally spots her "big brother"… the last one! With a dragon!! "Oh Ciarn!" she squeals happily, leaping up to give him a hug, again setting Orianath to creeling. "Congratulations!"

From the sands » Cicilia sighs softly and looks towards where D'kar went and gives the entrance a smile. At least he impressed, Cici just seemed to know he would. Turning slightly she looks towards the entrance and wonders what to do now that it is over and she is left standing alone.

From the sands » Jalenye smiles at Kevyn and allows herself to be ushered - though, giantesses don't quite look right being ushered. She glances back over at Cicilia and offers the other girl a reassuring smile before making her way off the sands.

From the sands » Darianya looks on the candidates who did not find their lifemates with sympathy. "I'd like to say now that none of you are unworthy. The Search dragons found something special in each of you, and we were very glad that you agreed to Stand here, at Fort. You will find your lifemates, but they just weren't here, this time."

C'arn and Brown Chegeth (Ciarn)

D'kar and Green Aikoth (Dekar)

G'rett and Blue Nenambeth (Garett)

Kel'ec and Brown Beydesseth (Kelapec)

Torissa and Gold Orianath

Z'ac and Bronze Xalmyrilth (Isaac)

A'iin and Bronze Ikanarath (Iain)

NPC's: S'ter and Green Fiorith, N'lan and Green Iridith, Liana and Green Esmirith, Ellemir and green Olinth, V'nel and Blue Garadenath, Ad'nel and Brown Yeromianth

From the sands » Jalenye stops as Darianya speaks and tilts her head, seeming to consider the Weyrwoman's words. "Weyrwoman? Would you give Biancath my gratitude for allowing me to stand for her eggs?"

From the sands » Biancath nods her head at Jalenye and croons encouragingly. Her rider chuckles, "You just did, Jalenye. She says she was honored you would stand for her clutch."

From the sands » T'ren pushes himself up off Biancath's leg and goes to stand, very wobbly, beside Darianya as she gives the after hatching speach.

From the sands » Darianya smiles at Jalenye, "She also says you will find your lifemate." T'ren's wobbly rising distracts her for a moment, and she shoots a look of concern to her Weyrleader. "Are you alright?"

From the sands » J'salt walks up behind the weyrleader to assist him if he needs it, complete with cocky smile "Oh, I'm sure it's just because he is getting so old…unstable, ye know?"

From the sands » T'ren shakes his head to Dari's question, "No, I honestly don't think I am, m'dear."

From the sands » Jalenye bobs her head resignedly, and smiles. "Thank you, Weyrwoman, and Biancath," She gives another quick bow to the queen. "This has meant the world to me. How long before I can go back to the kitchens?"

Cicilia sighs softly and nods quietly, not really knowing what to believe at the moment. Cici whispers thanks, hardly loud enough for many to overhear. She moves towards the entrance where her ride is waiting on her, Leoth and J'vry is now waiting on her.

Darianya looks a bit startled, "Why, whenever you'd like. If you want to take some time and visit some family, we can arrange a dragonrider to take you."

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