Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It's a cool and wet spring morning, the sun just creeping over the distant walls of the bowl. Well above the bowl a blue dragon winks into existance, damp wings reflecting the weak sunlight as he hovers. Once the watchrider's challenge is answered the blue descends, landing neatly in the center section of the bowl. His rider's hands are quick to release straps, and the passenger, a young woman in no-nonsence black and tan clothes, is helped down from the blue's back. In a matter of moments, the blue's light load rests beside her.

Calanth has been in Fort long enough to know where the best sunning spots are throughout the day. After all, there's a lot of her to get warm, and the best spots wait for no one. There's a good one here, in the center of the Bowl, and Calanth is already getting stretched out, waiting for the sun's heat to make it over the rim of the Bowl. As the blue lands, her head comes up lazily, the big gold blinking blearily at the small woman he deposits. She blinks a few times, then looks more interested - though, not interested enough to move too much. Toy?

There's already a blue in the bowl, though he's over in the feeding grounds frightening the beasts and generally enjoying his usual messy meal despite the earliness of the day, blood flecking along his sleek, dark, oily hide as he munches and crunches his way through a bovine. His rider was waiting near the fence, until the watchdragon's challenge caught his ear. Now he's moving easily towards the new arrivals. P'rius is resplendent in a mix of healer green and fort brown and black with his wingsecond's knot pinned appropriately to his shoulder. He brings his hand up in a polite solute to the new arrivals, "Fort's duties! What can I do for you?"

There are people around and about in the bowl, of course - riders heading to wing duties, weyrfolk bustling about on chores, and apprentices hurrying on errands for their journeymen. Or, in Polsie's case, ambling. Though she perhaps has some excuse for moving slowly: the girl is carrying a rusty, vaguely box-shaped object in her arms, and from the way she's moving it's both bulky and a bit heavy. Her amble slows to a crawl as the blue deposits an unfamiliar face, and, after a moment's thought, she adjusts course slightly, bypassing Calanth with a polite nod and coming up to lurk behind P'rius with an expression of friendly curiosity.

The newly arrived woman takes a moment to thank her transport before she shoulders the bag at her feet, glancing around the bowl curiously. Calanth's form draws her gaze for a moment, and the sretched-out form teases a smile from her. P'rius' arrival distracts her from her examination, and the woman shifts her smile to him. "Techcraft And Landing's duties to Fort…" she pauses a moment, eyes seeking out his knot, before she continues, "wingsecond, I'm Idralia, Techcraft Journeywoman, and sent for posting here. To whom should I report?" Polsie's lurking is noted, and a brief nod of greeting given the apprentice. With his charge safely delivered, the bluerider waves to P'rius and Calanth before mounting up, his blue moving politely away before returning to the skies and winking between.

Calanth turns her head and greets Polsie with a friendly whuff of air, inclining her head slightly to include P'rius before turning her gaze back to the newly arrived lass. A squeeling buck fleeing belatedly from the blue catches Calanth's attention, and her head snaps over in that direction, but evidently she's not hungry enough to actually go and investigate. She tilts her head up to watch the blue disappear, then heaves a sigh, shifts, and lays her head back down, watching the small group curiously.

P'rius inclines his head politely to Calanth before nodding to Idralia and extending one hand in greeting, "P'rius blue Zhieth's and, as you noticed, wingsecond of Simurgh wing. New arrivals should report to the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. Their offices are off the northern portion of the bowl near the training area for our Weyrlings." He glances over his shoulder as Idralia looks past him and nods politely to Polsie, then his attention's back to Idralia, "You also might want to check in with Journeyman Jayashri. She's Computercraft, not Technicians, but she knows her way around Fort's computers and gadgets better than most anyone else."

"Oh, a Techcrafter!" Polsie sounds thoroughly delighted, beaming at Idralia. "Welcome to Fort!", she chirps, awkwardly shifting the box-esque thing from two hands to one hand and a hipbone so she can give Idralia a quick wave, then quickly readjusting so that her armload is back to being safely cradled. "Smithcraft's greetings, ma'am, and be sure to let us know if ya need our help with something or another."

Idralia's gaze flickers to Calanth again as the gold shifts, but it is only a momentary distraction. P'rius's words have her full attention immediately, and she nods slowly as she listens. "Thank you, P'rius. Do you know if they are available right now?" Polsie's enthusiastic greeting elicits another small smile from Idra as she nods again to the apprentice. "Thank you, welcome and aide by the smiths is always appreciated," she says to Polsie before returning her attention to P'rius. "I'll make sure to look for Journeyman Jayashri, provided the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman agree to have me here."

While Melze's exit from the living caverns may well be quiet and slow, it's accompanied by a muttering that hints she is perhaps not a calm as she outwardly appears. She pauses as she reaches fresh air, taking a long deep breath, releasing it slowly before stepping away from the wall. That one small thing seems to have calmed her, or at least the muttering has stopped as she looks around.

Calanth shifts her head back and forth, as if watching and listening to the conversations. Perhaps she is. Abruptly, she picks her head up, turning it in the direction of the senior Queen's ledge. She watches that for a moment, but another distraction is encountered, and Calanth flicks her head around to eye Melze, even as she stops muttering. So many little entertainments!

P'rius' eyes glaze for a moment, then he grins, "Zhieth says Vidyazath says Galina's occupied right now, but should be available later in the day." He glances up at Rukbat's position in the sky, then, "If you're hungry, though. There'll be food out by now." He glances over at Melze as she exits the caverns, then back at Polsie for a moment with a nod, "Hopefully having a techcrafter about will help keep things running better."

"I could show ya where the crafter's cavern is, ma'am, so you can stash your things, if you can gimme twenty minutes to go run this heavy fella -" Polsie nods down at the box thing in her arms "- to the Smithy. Or you can stay in the living cavern for now, that's a good idea he -" a nod towards P'rius "- suggested." Melze is not quite close enough for Polsie to really notice the muttering, though she does shoot the other girl a look of blatant curiosity, before Calanth's frequent head movements catch the corner of the apprentice's vision and the corners of her mouth start twitching with a suppressed grin.

Idralia doesn't notice Melze's arrival, her attention still centered on P'rius as he replies to her query. "Thank you, I appreciate you checking that for me." She glances between Polsie and P'rius before nodding. "The caverns sound like the place to go, then, as it's been some time since I ate - it's early evening at Landing right now." To Polsie she says, "I'll be glad for that guide after I get a bit to eat, apprentice, if you're sure you've the time for it. I've not been here in a while, I can't remember where anything is. Except for the tech, that is."

Melze takes another deep breath, this time to steady a flash of nerves from Calanth's sudden attention. Feeling slightly nosy, and working on the premise that there's safety in numbers, she edges closer to the little gathering of people, overhearing snatches of conversation and smiling at the mention of food. Not quite ready to butt in just yet she lingers, not quite walking past but not entirely joining.

Calanth snorts heavily at P'rius. Evidently, he's not the only one capable of checking. She turns to look back around at the group, just barely catching Polsie's twitching face. She lays her head down on its side, looking at Polsie almost pitifully. You wouldn't laugh at me, now, would you? But she's not above tricks, too, as her whippy tail slips up behind Melze. Inch it further, just a little closer now, sneak and slither it up to tag the girl on the back of the calf with the very tip - that is, if she's not paying attention.

P'rius nods politely to Idralia, "Then I'm sure you're hungry, though we'll only have cereal and klah out this early." He nods to Polsie, "Thank you for your willingness to help, Apprentice." If everyone else is going to be formal, he might as well be too. His eyes dart to Melze, then back to Calanth, "Dragons don't eat humans." Does he warn her about the sneaky tail? No. No he doesn't.

Polsie grins good-naturedly at Calanth, as if to apologize for her earlier amusement. Her quick eyes cannot help but notice where the gold's tail is trending, but she remains mute on the subject - though her smile turns discreetly anticipatory. P'rius just gets an amiable nod, before the girl tells Idralia: "Doubt it'll be a problem, ma'am. Sarz - um, that's Journeyman Sarzin - just gave me a few things to do today, 'cause he's out visiting a cothold near here to help 'em out with something or another and won't be back 'til evening." She slowly begins to resume her walk Smithy-wards, though not so quickly that she won't be in range to see Melze's reaction to Calanth.

Idralia nods her agreement to P'rius, saying, "I am, and cereal is just fine." To the apprentice, who's name she still doesn't know, she says, "Thank you again. I'll be in the caverns when you've finished your assignments, unless the Weyrwoman is available before then." The sneaking golden tail catches her attention, drawing Idralia's gaze toward the gold. "What is she doing?" she asks P'rius curiously, not realizing the purpose of the tail's movements.

Melze lets out a squeak and loses any hope she had of remaining unnoticed while she eavesdropped. Spinning quickly she finds no sign of an attacker, and bends to gently brush the back of her leg. As she rises again she's clearly very aware of the people there, and there's a vey awkward moment of over-smiling until she offers a bright "Good morning."

Calanth turns her head a little further over, using one headknob almost like a tripod, in order to turn her pitiful gaze on Idralia. A whuff of air directed at the lass is intended to draw attention back to her face. Look! Up here! Cuteness! Ignore the tail, it knows not what it does. The whuff ends in a little bit of a hiss, almost like a 'shhhhh!' Innocence, our middle name. And then, the tag is managed, and over, and the tail whips back out of sight. Mission accomplished! The gold flops over on her side, looking wholly pleased.

P'rius rolls his eyes slightly, then turns back over his shoulder as his blue starts after a third meal, "Zhieth! Two is plenty!" The blue's demeanor is clearly 'awwwww' but he acquiesces without a fight on the matter, winging back up to a ledge high in the rock face of the Weyr. The Pral leans over to Idralia, "No clue, really. She's been hanging out around here quite a bit lately, though." He shrugs, then motions with his head towards the entrance to the living caverns, "If you'd like, Journeyman?" He raises on brow at Melze as he starts towards the warmer indoors, "Not getting into any trouble, are we?"

Polsie looks, for a moment, disappointed: clearly she was hoping for Melze to have a bigger reaction. Ah, well. The apprentice girl continues on her way southwards, soon out of earshot.

It's not a common thing for the Holdbred to have a dragon whuffling at them, and Idralia's no exception. Suprise at Calanth's actions is plain on her face as she takes a step back reflexively. But then the gold is flopping over with that pleased expression, and everyone else seems amused, so Idralia holds her comments for another time, saying only, "I see. Yes, I'm ready, thank you."

"No sir." Melze's reply is quick, almost practiced, though the explanation is less so. "Just out for a walk, but I think something bit me or something. Maybe kicked up a stone or something." The actual happenings don't even seem to have registered as a possibility.

P'rius pushes the door open back into the Weyr's caverns, "Well, then." His eyes are on Melze, "You should probably come in out of the cold as well." He motions for the ladies to precede him into the living caverns, "Food and warmth await."

Calanth looks up, a little disappointed by the lack of… Well, fear. Ah, well, it just leaves room to try again later, and Idralia gets a long look and another whuff. P'rius is ignored - but his summons to the blue is not. As Zhieth abandons the feeding grounds, Calanth registers her own hunger and abruptly heaves herself to her feet, bouncing and fluttering across the Bowl to land in the middle of the herd, scattering them in all directions. It's at that moment Casiella appears at the entrance to the Living Caverns. She pauses as she spies the group gathered, but recovers quickly. "Hello, ladies, Wingsecond. If you'll excuse me, I'll have to make your acquantainces later - I need to attend to Calanth." And the odd little woman sprints off in the direction the gold went, reaching the fence just as the giant gold lands directly on top of her choice for the afternoon, making it eat dirt, as the saying goes.

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