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Wiyaneth's 5th Clutch - Clutching

Logfile from PernWorld.
Log by Elara: 2-17-07

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.
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People: Elara X'an
Dragons: Izelth

Obvious exits:
Entrance -E-

X'an is hovering just at the edge of the sands where it pours out into the tunnelmouth, watching across them as Izelth does the very last finishing touches on his sands-preparation ritual. "It's always the same, you great lug… it's not as if there are dangerous things lurking underneath. But you have to comb them anyway."

Wiyaneth enters through the large entrance to the grounds, lumbering in with a purposeful stride. Her belly bugles but she moves well, rumbling softly to her rider. Elara dashes here and there, fussing over her queen with an excited yet suspenseful manner. Wiyaneth, when she enters the sands and sees Izelth already there and preparing a space, croons lovingly to him, her hide color flushing a bright gold for a moment before it returns to her normal pale shade.

Knight> Fort Weyr - Galleries(#10420RIJ$)
Knight> The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

+sands to see what is on the Sands.
+sands <name> to see objects on the Sands.

Knight> People: Sianne Alisar Theresana

Knight> Obvious exits:
Knight> Hatching Cavern -HC-

Knight> Alisar looks up, "Sianne? Is that you? My my, I haven't seen you for a good while, how are you?" The Harper seems to be in excellent spirits on this fine day, his eyes crinkle up charmingly.

Izelth lifts his head, giving his rider a rather long look and a deep rumble as the man looks back down the tunnel at the entrance of Wiyaneth. It's hard to miss a very large queen sneaking up on you after all and X'an bows his head to her as she makes her way past him. There's and all over the bronze' nose as he skirts the outside of the staging area, coming up beside the gold with a small nudge of his nose to her neck and another to her side where the eggs bulge somewhat. Then he's simply hovering, following in her shadow, intent on tending the eggs that are sure to arrive by covering them up nicely. "Lara! Elara!" with hasty beckons X'an calls to the weyrwoman, almost furtively. "Ice-bucket here, with damp cloths…"

Knight> Sianne looks over the thing that is her belly to smile, or was that grimace, at Alisar before making her way down to join him. "Yes it's me." is offered firstly as the Jr. lowers herself onto one of the many open seats to be found. "I'm well enough, counting down days until I can once more see my feet, and be able to see for myself if I'm wearing matched shoes and socks."

Wiyaneth takes her time nosing Izelth, spending a few moments with her mate while crooning deep in her chest. It is a joyful day indeed. Then she begins to circle. Much like a canine looking for a place to rest (but how she'd resent the comparison!) she noses the sand here and there, checking briefly that all is well. Then without much more fuss she settles down. Her sides give a heave and then she shifts her body, revealing the first egg to be laid. Elara teeters on the edge of rushing to Wiyaneth's side, but with a gentle mental nudge from her queen she moves to stand by X'an, positively beaming. "Oh, thank you X'an you're so thoughtful," she breathes, panting a bit before she dabs a cold cloth at her head. "I always forget how hot it is down here. I'm so glad she's not a brooding gold, and she lets me leave the cavern."

Sunlit Leaves Egg
Varying hues of green, in a mixture of bright and dull intensities and shading, cover the surface of this egg, overlapping in parts. Not a single speck of the surface is left devoid of veridian coloring. And then here and there are ripples of lightness which dance across the lower layer of green, much as light reflecting off water in some patches. Further towards the base of the egg is less of this illumination, though the trade-off is for a smudging of rich mossiness.

Knight> Theresana enters the galleries. "Alisar! I didn't know you would be here! Can you believe it! I actually get to see a clutching!

Knight> Alisar smiles, "Harpers go where they're needed Theresana, I'm very glad you made it. You came over with the choir then? Somebody said they were practicing for this occasion, whenever it happened to be." He looks down at Sianne's feet, "It looks like you match to me…" "I'm glad you're getting along. If you need anything please let me know." The Craftsecond is always willing to lend a hand.

Knight> Theresana enters the galleries. "Alisar! I didn't know you would be here! Can you believe it! I actually get to see a clutching! And its starting!" She hurries to find a seat, and peers, breathless, at the Hatching Sands

Knight> Sianne pats her belly with a funny little grin coming to her lips, "Ya wanna carry this belly of mine for a bit?" All the commotion on the sands quickly draws her attention that away in time to see the first egg hit and send things off to a good start. "Any bets on clutch size Alisar? Ohhh Greetings Theresana, it's nice to see the excitement on the face of someone seeing a clutching for the first time."

Looking up at the galleries for a moment in the wake of the first egg arrival, Izelth then bends to nudging the ovoid into a hollow with care with his nose and flicking sand over it. "I think it's queenrider amnesia… goes hand in hand with mother amnesia. You know, pregnancy and hot sands… they're /so/ very related." X'an offers with a chuckle, holding out an arm to Elara. "The memory lets it all slip, else you'd dread it all a lot more. Me, I have been training my brain not to think about the heat. So far it's not working."

Knight> Alisar looks over the sands, spying the eggs that have indeed begun to arrive. "Excitement is the word… even if it's not your first time." Yes, he's excited to be here too, it shows in his eyes. "I really should visit more often."

Elara slips her arm through X'an's and smiles up at him, "What are you thinking about instead? Cold and snow? Bathing in Ice Lake?" she asks with a giggle. Half her mind is on the conversation, and the other half constantly in touch with her queen. How is it going? Is she okay? Is it alright that there are people in the galleries? Wiyaneth fends off her rider's concerns with turns of practice, crooning to Izelth to take care - though she knows he will. Not many queens allow their bronzes to handle the eggs, but the gold has complete faith in her partner. Shifting her body again the bulges beneath her body shift, and she lays another one to be admired by all.

Joy of Youth Egg
Remember the first time you went to a carnival, parade or fair? The colors and excitement swirling around you, nothing really in focus as your eyes and mind leapt from one thing to the next? That is this egg. The swirls of fresh paint cover the shell, constant motion drawing you around and around it until you'd feel dizzy! The whole thing is perfectly designed and orchestrated to give you a sense of excitement. Every color is present, but they're all beautifully coordinated so no clashing colors are beside each other. And if you squint, the dust swirling around the egg almost looks like fireworks and confetti. Party!

This might just possibly be a distraction attempt by X'an, or at the least a method of keeping Elara out of running around with her skirts all a'bustle. "Actually, I'm thinking about mud. Squelchy mud and drizzle that comes from every direction at once and turns your goggles to misted… in other words, I'm thinking about the weather." he replies, with a lopsided grin. "I think me getting the shivers on the sands would be cause for alarm, which I mught just do if I was imagining ice-lake swimming." — Izelth does try and be terribly cautious with his attendance of his mate and the eggs. They are treasures after all, that must be displayed but cared for. He looks at the latest egg for a while, before covering it with its blanket of warm sand.

Wiyaneth maintains her low crooning noise, as if singing the eggs onto the sands. She watches Izelth cover the latest egg, studying it closely. Strange one it is…still, she loves it and will watch it with all the care as the others receive. She takes a few breaths before depositing two more eggs one right after the other. Elara giggles at X'an, closing her eyes to better imagine it. Then she yelps and laughs, "Wiyaneth!" she cries to her queen, "She doused me with a mental bucket of mud!" she laughs, shaking her body all over. "Now I'm cool."

Highly Reflective Egg
Not your normal seeming egg by any when it comes to over all shape and size, as this one leans to the side of being short and rather wide at the center and borders on boxy in shape. Highly polished cherry red seems nearly garrish with the slashes of blinding silver that run up along the sides to end in billows of steamy grey. Splashes of white and yellow make a ring along and around the top, the colors alternating in and unending ring that flashes and winks when seen in the right light. Rings of ebon crowd along the base, giving a fleeting impression of movement even when utterly still.
Beyond the Moon Egg
What might be an ordinarily sized and proportioned egg is transformed by a soft coat of shimmery navy blue. Small imperfections are visible through the blanket of darkness, transforming an otherwise oppressive color into a softer and more inviting hue. Gentle smears of yellow blend into the rich blue background in what appears to be an entirely random fashion when viewed up close. From afar, however, there is the impression of some greater order to the placement of smudges and small marks.

Knight> Alisar smiles, looking over the sands again, "Yes, I do need to visit more often. I don't know how the dragons make so many colors in their eggs, but I sure appreciate them. It makes me wish I could paint."

X'an grins widely, lifting his damp cloth-wielding hand to salute the gold for her humour, winking sidelong to the weyrwoman. "Cool and squelchy, I have no doubt… You should have seen me on the day I went head over heels down…" he pauses, thinks about that and chuckles. "Actually, no you shouldn't have seen that, you'd have had a fit of giggles. I had mud /everywhere/. Places that shouldn't be mentioned in polite company, let me tell you that much…" He cranes to look at the latest couplet, blinking at the garrishly cherry red egg, right before Izelth's nudging it over with its sandy covering anyhow.

Knight> Theresana nods in agreement, and says "In a way, some of them remind me of solified music, played by the best voices and instruments. Or maybe colored poetry. They barely seem real."

Knight> Alisar says "Colored poetry! Indeed. I like that. Do you write poetry? You know it's a good thing to do, and practice, if you intend to write songs."

Elara giggles, shaking her head, "I'm a Healer, X'an. I know all about 'places'." She snuggles up to him, radiating her happiness in her queen. Wiyaneth settles down to rest for a moment, stretching her muzzle to nudge her bronze.

X'an snorts lightly. "Well, there's knowing about places and there's talking about them in conversation, love!!" he shoots her an amused look sidelong, then nods to the dragons. "What's the betting at by the by? You know yet? Last I heard it was a baker's dozen."

Elara shakes her head, "I heard the lowest was eight, and the highest sixteen. I'm not betting, but I'm guessing it'll be nine. Judging from her size. She won't tell me of course, even though she knows." The gold rouses herself again as another egg shifts in her belly.

Cascading Lights egg
Mesmerizing is the first impression of this egg, colours seemingly at random, actually in harmony, running rampant over each contour and curve of the shell, juxtaposed with contrasting and complimentary shades in the illusion of corruscading waves. At the apex, the eye can find bars of deep indigo, getting gradually wider spaced as they transform into wave form over a base of oddly harmonious neon green, electric blue and clouded mauve. Purple and red and on fire, the shapes become the colour of the sun — figures in ecstatic dance in among the strobing bars and waves. Further down toward the base, a by-play of white and deepening of the other base colourations create a ripple effect, a deception on the eye that makes it seem as if the base thrums with some inner drumbeat, begging to be explored by the senses to prove or disprove the truth of it.

Knight> Theresana blushes. "Yes, I right a little poetry- and tried fitting one or two to music- but they are just short of terrible, and terribly short." She isn't paying attention, and she doen't realise what she just said. She's paying to much attention to the eggs. What she hasn't said is that she often composes very short poems or songs about dragons she meets, and by the looks of it, she now does the same thing with the eggs.

"Holey starstones, that one's a bit crazy on the eyeballs, isn't it? I swear, every time they come along, I still have to wonder what it is that golds eat that gives them a painter's palette inside…" X'an blinks at the latest egg, an expression that's echoed by Izelth, looking down from the little nuzzle he was engaged in with Wiyaneth.

Knight> Alisar nods, "Well, everybody starts somewhere Theresana. Keep at it!”

Wiyaneth swings her head around to snort at X'an, mock anger spinning in her eyes. Keep at it mister, and there'll be a Weyrleader-colored egg! Still, the egg is a little wild, and she covers it with sand. To keep it warm. Yes. Nosing around she finds another suitable spot, twisting her body so she won't injure any of her already laid eggs.

Crimson Rebellion Egg
An optical illusion of brazen crimson shades sworls over this egg's surface, twisting and bulging as if the egg's inhabitant were doing everything it could to escape. It isn't chaotic but purposeful, splashes of silvery white showing where the red seemingly pulses into a concave flex. Maroon mingles with the brilliant hue, casting shadows and making each of those hypnotic shapes ever so slightly more realistic, adding reality to illusion. The top of the egg look as though someone took a handful of snow and threw it across the top spitefully, speckled, angled dots edged in deep red only to spill down in a few places, pooling near the bottom in splatters and splashes. Everything about the egg is suggestive of the desire to escape confinement, from the ivory bars that dripping white creates to the overall hectic coloration and its rebellious refusal to be nothing more than an egg.

X'an grins at the look received, trying thereafter to school his features back into order as he winks at Elara once again. Apparently though, standing still has started to get a bit uncomfortable and he makes to walk with her toward the nook set aside for weyrwomen the ages across. — Izelth slinks back, covering the latest lay with an eyeballing of his rider. After all, it's half him that makes them too. Share the mock-insulted vibe.

Knight> Theresana looks at the last egg, and exclaims, "Whoa! Are they usually so…active looking? You think that one is big enough for a bronze? I think it's either a metalic or a blue. I dont know why." She turns back to the sands, hoping that there's a gold in the clutch.

Wiyaneth snorts softly, resting another moment. She noses a few of the eggs closer together and re-covers them, fussing for a moment before she is ready to lay the next one. Elara follows along with X'an, stepping up to the slightly raised platform. "Ahh, home," she says with a chuckle. "I'll need to get some fresh furs in here, and some of my books for keeping busy. I think I'll read up on pre-natal care." How exciting!

Shadows on Snow Egg
A thick, clean blanket of powdered snow coats this egg, turning all previously known landmarks into unknown adventures. Shadows rise and fall between cracks and crevices, creating criss-crossing shadows drifting lazily from one end of the egg to the other. A gust of wind sends the fine particles swirling and the whole scene changes again to something fresh and exciting. If you look deep enough at each end however, you will discover a rainbow of colors imbedded deep within the ice. Distorted, they still show their hues as the water melts and flows away with the change of seasons to begin again.

Knight> Alisar chuckles lightly, "Oh I never try to guess what might be inside. It's best to wait for the Hatching for that. I enjoy the surprise. We can't really know. Perhaps the dragons do… I wonder if they tell their riders. No, probably not, that would throw off the betting considerably." He nods sagely.

X'an snorts some, giving Elara an oblique look out of the corner of his eye. "Furs? In here? Don't you just need cotton sheets?" murmured he unhooks a water flask from his belt and holds it out to her. "Froze it. Little mouthfuls of icewater seemed like a smart plan. Has there been new material written about that?" you have to ask, sometimes. The bronze seems to be waiting now, giving Wiyaneth her room to deposit a few before he swoops in to cover them.

Knight> Vougay moves into the galleries, from the main entrance.
Knight> Vougay has arrived.

Elara giggles, "I lay the furs on the stone. It gets so hot, I like to walk on the fur instead. Yes though, I do need sheets. Red this time, I think." She smiles and then nods, "A little bit. I asked Herina to bring me back some of the latest articles that have been written on the subject. I have to keep up." Wiyaneth gazes adoringly at Izelth, so proud of him and of their clutch. There's more to come though, and she lays two more.

Wintery Legend egg
The inclement skies over Tillek in the wintertime shroud this egg in turbulent greys, deep, angry purple and shrouded sea-green. It is quite large, sitting heavy where it lays, seemingly askew and listing in the dock of the sands. Malevolent brackish water seems to whip and whisk across the lower planes of the shell, flecked with frothy daubs of dovewing, just where the anger of the purple tones form the illusion of horizon in the distance. The upper reaches have a hazing to them, the colours on the shell blurring as if the rain beats down slantwise upon the watery tones below and if the eye squints, follows certain contours and imperfections, one could imagine a storm-tossed ship, rolling upon the turn of the shell, shrouded in shadows and doomed to the depths.
Sweetness of Summertime Egg
Warm wines seep upward from the base of this svelte ovid, slowly lightening by degrees the further it goes. Swirls of wild watermelon pink sparkle with smally crystalline bubbles that turn the tip of the shell a soft fuzzy seeming strawberry hue. Summerwine sweetness is the first impression given by this egg, effervescent and delightfully tickling to the senses. A glistening sheen covers the egg as a whole, as if one could reach out and slake one's thirst simply by touching the surface.

"Hmmm… that was nice of her." X'an nods, looking at the stone mentioned. He rests the ice-water flask on a little ledge near the nook, looping the strap over a peg put there for hanging things, presumably, turns to the sands and does a quick count. "We're up to nine. I don't think she's done though, so you'd have lost…" he observes with a grin, nodding at the queen and bronze.

Elara sighs and grins, "That's why I never bet," she replies easily, now taking the flask and a grateful drink. "X'an, you spoil me as bad as A'rtomus does," she teases, her eyes betraying a bit of sadness that her Weyrmate couldn't be here. Wiyaneth croons softly to her rider, taking a moment to reassure her before she deposits another egg.

Hidden Flower of Love Egg
This is one of the smaller eggs on the Sands, unimposing in stature but fascinating in coloration. Its shell is an overcast purple hue, a soft lavender color that is as soothing as it is sorrowful, but the mix of colors across its surface almost makes it difficult to see. Amongst the soft, weaving tones of violet, there is a smoky haze of pale grey that rises to mingle with it, whisking gently around the egg's shell and twisting smoothly to meet at the top. A scatter of shadow, sable shards that cut across the surface like claw marks, break up these light colors, raked right across one of the egg's sides. Mottled bits of foggy mauve are cast over the shell as well, seemingly without care, haphazard but barely there at all, joined by a wild spray of golden curliques that shimmer ever so faintly. The bottom of the egg is wreathed in a light, dim blue, the haze of grey melting into a lighter ivory as it spills over it, a single spot of mahogany brown barely visible against the tide of faded cornflower.

Like clockwork, with the depositing of Hidden Flower egg, Izelth starts doing a little cleanup of the sands, flattening some spots where no eggs lay, nudging other areas into ridges of support to surround the eggs, crooning at Wiyaneth proudly and once more looking up at the galleries, studying who's watching. "Hah!" X'an grins, shakes his head along with it. "Whereas me, I just made me a mark, I think… if Izelth's any guage."

Wiyaneth settles onto the sand where she can observe her clutch, gratefully allowing her mate to do the 'cleaning up'. She's very tired, and shows her frightening teeth with a massive yawn. At the same moment, Elara yawns and rocks a bit, settling down onto the cot. "Well, that's wonderful," she says to the Bitran with a smile, "Good for you. You can buy Tlazio some new noise making toy." She chuckles fondly, gazing at the clutch, "It's a fine number," she says, pleased.

Knight> Theresana notices the guitar Alisar had long-ago deposited, and asks, "Do you plan to play a song, or two, or more later, for all the festivities?" She turns back to the eggs, examines the last one, and wonders outloud, "Is that the last off the eggs? Oh…"

X'an laughs heartily at that, putting his hands on his hips as he looks over the sands. "What, you mean to say that giving him that hammer and peg set was a -bad- idea?" oh so innocently asked. "Or that drum?" again, innocence! Shame his eyes are dancing mischievously. One more circuit of building sand ridges and Izelth pads his way to Wiyaneth's side, gazing out over the clutch as the bronze settles his smaller self next to the gold, offering a nice leaning post.

Knight> Alisar nods. "I think that's the last one… Of course I'm going to play, if I'm asked to. A harper needs to be prepared for that possibility no matter where he goes. That's true, if you're studying law, or music. You never know when you might be called upon…"

Elara rolls her eyes and shakes her head, "It wouldn't be so bad if Kimmila weren't so interested in playing them after the boys had gone to sleep." She chuckles softly and yawns again, "I'm sorry, she's so tired…" She smiles fondly at her queen. Wiyaneth leans easily against Izelth, drifting off into a deep and restful sleep, confident that her eggs will be safe until she awakens.