Vanista comes into the room behind a much taller woman, and then moves quickly across the room using people as her personal blockers. She is small enough that weaving through the crush is a very well practiced skill, and after the first five minutes she has acquired bits of food, a glass of water, and designs on a corner seat at one of the tables. She flips her hair once or twice so that it covers the knot on her shoulder, which looks yellow, but then so is her hair. Determinedly, she sets out across the room toward that open seat.

That corner seat is not too far from where the Roc wingleader is sitting, the man dressed in his usual crimson and indigo leathers, and leaning over a mug of klah and a clipboard. It seems the man is intent on working while he eats, although his plate of food has been pushed a little to the side and long-since gone cold. There's a mild frown on his face, faint lines between his brows for whatever's on that page before him. He writes in a neat, quick hand, glancng up occasionally to watch those in the caverns. As Vanista approaches that nearby seat, the man inclines his head in greeting with a polite, "Hello."

Vanista startles slightly, glancing quickly left and right as if for an escape route, but then recognizes the politeness for what it is and relaxes. "H'lo," she responds, unable to help looking with interest at the page the rider is so interested in. Her voice is high pitched and slightly reedy in tone. "C'n I sit here?" she asks, indicating the end of the bench with her head as her hands are full. Her eyes study the rider's face as if she's trying to remember his name.

The man looks faintly apologetic for the startlement, smiling slightly and tilting his head in introduction, "I'm B'ky, blue Avideth's," as he nods toward the empty chair there, "Of course, have a seat." He does notice her interest in his work, chuckling softly and tapping the clipboard with the writing stick, "I'm just finishing up some paperwork," his quiet explanation accompanied by a faintly tired sigh, "Organizing shipping schedules and such." The way he speaks, he certainly could think of more interesting things to do, probably involving actually eating his lunch, which he glances at briefly.

"Shipping schedules?" Van sets her things down carefully, and then sits, her left foot underneath her, as small children often can manage. Blue green eyes look very intently at the paperwork and shift back to the rider. "How many ships?" she suddenly asks. "I know they've got at least two three masters anchored in the bay." Something occurs to her suddenly, and a slight red tinge appears on her dusky cheeks. Her right hand shoots out, her thin arm not long enough to end up under the rider's nose, but certainly close enough to be a possible surprise to a tired person.

The clipboard is moved aside with a faint smile, B'ky pulling his plate in front of him, finally. There's a quiet chuckle, "Mm, for shipping cargo to the various holds," and his pale eyes hold faint amusement for her misunderstanding, "The schedule is for takings things adragonback," and he nods briefly to the papers there. Lots of charts and numbers, and various names of holds are listed, alongside things like 'package 001' or '5 crates and a letter'. The extended hand is taken, the man chuckling a, "Pleased to meet you," and giving it a polite shake before lifting his klah mug to take a sip.

Vanista's eyebrows go up and her whole face says "Ohhhhh," while the rider has her hand. She hasn't given the man her name yet.. or is she just being incredibly cautious? Instead she leans over the paperwork, popping a bit of meat into her mouth and chewing slowly. "There's lots here. You must be really busy," she observes. Quickly she takes a gulp of her water too.. too quickly. A little slops onto the table but doesn't get on the paperwork. She scrubs it with her sleeve.

B'ky doesn't ask the girl's name, although he may give her a slightly curious look for a moment. Still, as he turns his attenion to his food, there's a nod, the man answering politely, "Mm, I am fairly busy," and there might, for just a moment, be a faint grimace for that. There's a thin smile afterward, the wingleader adding on simply, "I do have rather a lot of help, however. I suppose it is what my wingsecond is for." And amusement flickers across his face as he eats, murmuring a quiet, "Ah, careful," at the spilled water, and moving his clipboard to his other side before he tugs a napkin from under his plate and offers it to the girl.

Vanista flashes a huge smile at the rider for the offer of the napkin, white small even teeth bright against her dark complexion. She dabs at the remaining water on the table from left to right so that any water that could be getting close to the paperwork won't get any closer. DabdabDABDABdabdab. "Do you get to do anything fun?" she asks. "You look like you need a snowball fight or something."

B'ky returns to his food, eating slowly and commenting between bites, "Hm? Ah.. of course I do.." although he does pause to frown faintly for just a moment. "Wingleaders have time off to relax nowand again," said with a slight smile, despite the man's failed attempts at vacations lately. Ahem. There's a blink and a faintly raised brow at the suggestion, "I do?" and then he shakes his head gently, "A.. snowball fight?" amusement flickering briefly in those grey eyes of his, "Mm, I suppose I should do something other than paperwork," although that clipboard is given a quiet look for a moment.

Vanista relents a little, knowing how important work is. "Well, maybe not right NOW," she says, widening and then squinching her eyes a little at NOW, "but you know, soon. What do you like to do?" She pops a piece of fruit into her mouth and munches away, blue green eyes suddenly intent. "You'd probably have to fly somewhere to get into a snowball fight now."

B'ky chuckles softly, "No, certainly not right now," the man regarding that clipboard a moment longer before returning to his food. He does tilt his head at that question, surprised, perhaps, to hear it from a twelve-turn-old. "Mm, many things," the wingleader answers politely in any case, "I suppose.. flying.. dancing.." he shakes his head a little, "I suspect many things you might find rather dull," and smiles slightly. "Possibly," said on the subject of snow, and there's a brief pause, the man's eyes distant, "I imagine the mountains would do well enough. Avideth tells me there is certainly snow there," and here he chuckles once again.

Vanista smiles just a little at the sight of a dragonrider speaking to his dragon, and then giggles along with the rider. "I like to dance too, especially the toss dance, 'cause I'm so small," she explains, finally scooting her left foot out from underneath and sitting sideways on the bench, one hand on the bench to keep her skirt down. Her other hand reaches for another bite of fruit, and her eyes look around and realize that the cavern has gotten slightly less busy. "You need help with anything?" she finally asks. "I can't carry much but I'm good at finding things and I can write. Harper said my printing was pretty good."

"The toss dance, hmm?" and B'ky smiles, "I imagine Fort's new dance hall may be seeing a great deal of use in the future. There are a number of harpers planning celebrations there; you may have many chances to dance." And he chuckles quietly once again, thin eyebrows rising a little at the offer there, "Mm, help? Ah, I imagine I'll manage well enough," and there is a gentle laugh, "Although.. I know Talica, the headwoman, could always use more hands if you have the time," and he tilts his head to regard Vanista thoughtfully, perhaps attempting to see her knot.

Several long strands of Vanista's hair are on top of her knot, and she deliberately uses her right hand to flip her hair while her head snaps to the left. More slides over the knot. "Sure, I could do that," she says, a little bravado in her voice. "Is she nice?"

That the girl has a knot at all seems to satisfy his curiosity, although the wingleader does arch a brow just slightly at her none-too-subtle hair flipping. "She's fairly nice," he answers about the headwoman, shaking his head a little, "Although I imagine you may need permission if you'd like a job." He lifts his klah mug to take a seem, seeming fairly thoughtful, the paperwork given another look after a moment.

Vanista considers this for a moment, and then nods, looking determined. After all, her mother had to convince the Fort Headwoman to give her a job, why can't she? Noticing that the rider is looking at his papers again, she kicks her right leg over the bench and lets her calf swing back and forth, her right shoulder now toward the rider. Her water glass empty and the food gone, she looks around a little and definitely up into the high ceiling, letting her head fall back onto the table. "When do you have to have that done by?" she asks idly.

The rider doesn't answer for a long time. Vanista turns her head to look at him, and to her consternation he seems to be concentrating so hard he hasn't heard her. So she waits.

B'ky turns back to the last of his food, sipping some more klah and then tilting his head with a quiet 'hrm'. "I suppose I should return to work," and there is a tired sigh for that. Taking his now-empty plate and klah mug, he retrieves the clipboard and with a brief, "If you'll excuse me," and a slight smile, he walks toward the stairway leading to the winglounges.