This page is for any and all logs of RP in Fort Weyr, as well as special events for the current year. Logs are listed from oldest to newest, with the first tab being the current month.

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Title OOC Date Cast
Flying Without Dragons July 4, 2017 Inri, S'ndri
Politeness July 17, 2017 Inri, Th'ero
Water logged. July 17, 2017 Riohra, Tanit
a private beach would be better July 17, 2017 Inri, Kouzevelth
Afterbath July 18, 2017 Inri, L'kan
A Fishing trip is planned... July 19, 2017 Krenn, Riohra,

Fort had 6 logs in the second half of 2017.

There have been 25 logs posted at Fort Weyr in 2017.

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