This page is for any and all logs of RP in Fort Weyr, as well as special events for the current year. Logs are listed from oldest to newest, with the first tab being the current month.

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Title OOC Date Cast
Ice Skate Part-AY! January 12, 2018 Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany
Tattoo Inquiry January 15, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan, Lu'ka
Spring January 16, 2018 Fioreyla, Kezresan
Swoon-worthy January 23, 2018 I'am, Kezresan
Formality aside... there is mud. February 9, 2018 I'am, Kezresan
Coughing Fit February 11, 2018 Kezresan, Zahari
The Trouble With Firelizards February 12, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan
Dangerous Jobs February 22, 2018 I'am Kezresan
Life is Dangerous February 24, 2018 I'am, Kassala, Kezresan, Xerosaeth, Toskavath
Late Night Klah & Conversations April 5, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan

Fort had 10 logs in the first half of 2018.

There have been 137 logs posted at Fort Weyr in 2017.