Who Jaelynn, Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany
What Fort Weyr Weyrlings Graduation PAR-TAY
When Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2715
Where Shenanivan's Lounge, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge

The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.

Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.

Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Lu'ka plucks a few strings from his guitar, several guitars and other instruments of musical destruction can be seen and heard from others around the table, and nods to I'am and Kravitz with a grin, thinking for a moment "Maybe Roth can help convince Toskavath that keeping the Weyr and the rest of Pern happy with music will help keep everyone safe?" Lu'ka shrugs shoulders and reaches for his mug "Worth a try." Attention goes back to Jaelynn when she reaches the table and wishes them well. Eyeing the bags she passes over, he peeks in like a giddy weyrbrat and waste no time taste testing the sweets. "Thank Jaelynn!" Scanning the voucher for a tattoo by Triven he grins up to the DragonHealer "And where is my Inkman tonight anyway?" Lu'ka interrogates while waving her over to one of the empty chairs. "You heard the bluerider, Join us."

There is a large table set aside for the celebrating new riders, a few empty seats here and there as some have already left for their own private celebrations. I'am is snuggled up to Kravitz, with a guitar resting on his knee. The bluerider grins at Lu'ka, "Don't you worry, I will always make time for music. You know I would never get anything done if he got 'stuck' in a craft wing. This was the better option." Indeed he has the patch of the Emergency Wing on his shoulder. The gift passed over earns Jaelynn a grin from I'am, "A tattoo as well? Now I will have to think about a design I want forever immortalized on the canvas of my flesh." Yep, still a harper.

Jaelynn chuckles as she takes over a seat and keeps that smile of hers in the process. "Good luck with that one. Though if he likes music enough anything is possible." A slight nod is seen before she glances behind her in thought. "I think he stayed back at home honestly. I told him I was coming here before going back to Xanadu for a bit to work on a few things." There is a slight waggle of her finger to the voucher. "Ah… Don't go rushing in to use that just yet, I need to remind him about it." Or tell him most likely but anyway, details! As for the patch on I'am she ohs softly. "Look at that, oh I'm happy for you! I bet you'r do awesome. If you ever need a Dragonhealer I can hook you up." A grin seen. "But I hope you never need one. Triven might be able to help with ideas for the tattoo so you don't have to rush into it."

Lu'ka refills his mug and Jaelynn soon finds a full one on front of her seat before the former Weyrling is pretty muych emptying the pitcher by refiling every muh within his reach "We need a couple more mugs over here." and the pitchers to go with them in seems. I'am gets a serious nod when Lu'ka goes back to strumming a few notes, then pausing to adjust a couple of his pegs. "I'm gonna hold you to that Grasshopper." He flashess his Apprentice an amused wink before peering across to Jaelynn an dnodding agreeably to her advice "Yea. Talk to Triven about what you want, and he'll give it some thought and probably have several good ideas sketched out for you in a few days. He always comes up with just the tattoo you need" A smirk to the Dragonhealer with a slight tip of his head "Oh okay. He won't be surprised to see me showing up at his new shop anyway. I'll give it a few days though." Long enough for Jaelynn to inform the Skin artist that he's doing some free work at least.

Has Sephany left for Xanadu Weyr yet? Maybe. And maybe she's begged, borrowed or stolen a dragon and rider (bribed, probably) to bring her back to Fort Weyr. Regardless of the how/why/who got her here, she's here. Pink-cheeked and bundled up, she slips into the lounge and immediately sets to scoping the joint out; grey eyes darting around until she lands on those newly-minted dragonriders. It would be difficult to miss Lu'ka at the guitar, even if it takes her a moment to spot I'am with his beau. As soon as she spots them, she heads that direction with quick steps and wide grin, unwinding her scarf as she goes. "Congratulations!" Definitely meant for Lu'ka and I'am, though she offers a quick, "Hello Jaelynn," for her, and then a much more inquisitive look for that healer-type cuddling up with I'am.

I'am laughs, "Ok, will give it a few days." He assures the dragonhealer with a grin and turns his gaze towards Kravitz, "Maybe we might both get one, eh?" The healer laughs and shakes his head, "Not just yet fly boy. I like my skin as it is!" I'am laughs and looks over to Lu'ka "Good, because I plan to deliver. I can equally be a thorn in his side if he doesn't give me time to play." He says with a waggle of brows before looking up to Jaelynn, "I will keep that in mind if I am down south, though I hope to never need it!" Then Sephany has arrived and he waves her over to the table as well, "Sephy! You came back!"

Jaelynn grins and shrgusa bit as she looks to Lu'ka and glances to her drink. "Thanks." Is offered before she is sipping at it. As for Kravitz and I'am. "He could do matching tattoos. His working on a set for he and I actually." She blushes a touch at that before clearing her throat. "Funny think about Dragonhealers we can get a ride to just about anywhere so if you need help just need to give me a call so tos peak." She glances over to another voice and smiles to Sephany nodding and makes a spot for the other to join. "Hey! How are you doing?"

Lu'ka laughs at Kravitz reaction to getting a tattoo "Don't make up your mind til you give Triven a chance to work out a couple of sketches for you. You might be surprised at what he can come up with." He leaves it at that and grins back to Jaelynn when all involved agree to wait til tell Triven about the free tattoo vouchers. He does point to a practice lyre that was in Jaelynn's seat. "Come on Jaelynn, join us in a song. Table rule, you sit, you play." He doesn't know what song yet, but they're gonna play something. The added voice draws his attention and Lu'ka flashes an easy grin to the Weaver. "Hi Sephany. Thanks. Join us!" He reaches for his mug and takes another sip "We were just trying to decide what to play next."

"Matching tattoos?" That's about the only part of that which Sephany seems to have caught. Nose wrinkled, she continues with, "Why matching? Isn't that… weird? What if you break up?" Anyways. "A little bit weird, honestly. The timechange from Fort to Xanadu isn't nearly as hard to deal with as the weather change! I came from sunny and balmy to…" and she gestures towards the very, very wintery weyrbowl. "Snow." A grin for I'am, mischievous twinkle in her eyes. "Of course I did! I wasn't going to miss your graduation! I'm so proud of you… Both of you," for Lu'ka, too. "Hmm. Not if the rule requires me to play a song. I think I'll stand," she teases. Her scarf unwound, she drapes it on the back of a chair, followed quickly by her cloak. "I will take a bit of whatever you're drinking though," she decides, leaning as if to peek in Lu'ka's mug. Or steal it.

"Yeah, at least come with me? Make up your mind then?" I'am says and flutters wide eyes at him in true I'am fashion. The healer sighs and kisses I'am's nose, "Ok, ok, now stop that before I end up giving you an organ as well." The rider laughs and reaches for his mug. "Yes dear." He responds and looks over to the others. "Yes yes, both of you join us for a jam session. You know we wouldn't finish weyrlinghood up any other way." There is a roll of I'am's eyes at Sephany's concern, "Not like I would get 'Kravitz's property' stamped on my backside. Perhaps at treble clef somewhere and he could get that Snakey thing…" Kravitz laughs at that suggestion, "Caduceus?" I'am nods, "Yeah that. Swirly things around a stick, it would look similar enough, hmm?"

Jaelynn glances to Sephany at the bit on tattoo's and ohs a bit at that before shrugging and glancing to her drink. "Suppose I didn't think about it like that. I mean.. I wouldn't get his name but just something." Perhaps she shouldn't though with that thought running about in her head at the moment. At the bit on her hanging to join in she looks amused and grins over to Lu'ka. "Well start something… sImple?" This questioned with and amused tone.

Lu'ka glances up over his shoulder to Sephany with a little surprised look, mentioning breaking up to the happy couple while talking about tattoos, but replies instead to the safe weather topic with a grin "Now I don't seem so crazy and lazy with my recent beach hopping since we've been able." As the chatter continues and Sephany starts eyeing his mug, he laughs since she won't sit down and play. "Well then, new rule." he reaches down and pulls a couple of drumsticks from inside his boot on the outer calf. With a flicker of a grin, he shoves them towards the Weaver's hands. "You have to tap out the beat and keep time for us. When we decide what to play next." His mug is half full of whatver the waitress keeps bringing. Probably something with a hint of fruit to it, and lots of alcohol for the celebrating riders. Sephany's welcome to steal it if she wants. Jaelynn's request of a simple song has him thinking "Hmm, simple huh. What do you think I'am. Give us a simple tune to play that they can pick up easy." They being Sephany and Jaelynn on drumsticks and lyre.

SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7uM-scjyLw ('Touch the Sky' from the movie Brave)

"Of course, I really don't understand the appeal of a permanent mark in the first place…" murmurs Sephany, somewhat apologetic considering she is probably only one of two (Kravits being the other. ASSUMPTIONS ARE BEING MADE) that doesn't have or want a tattoo. "It is your body," she decides, speaking to Jaelynn. "Put whatever you would like on it. I just do not see the appeal when relationships can be so… transient." But then she's getting drumsticks shoved into her hands, fingers curling around them on reflex only, though the look she gives them is decidedly unfriendly. "Tap out a beat?" she repeats, doubtful. "I don't think I can do that…" truly, she doesn't, and looks rather uncomfortable at the prospect. "You tap the beat," and sticks get shoved back at Lu'ka, very catch-and-release style as she lets them go and snags his drink instead, "and I will save you from inebriation by polishing this off. Deal?" Regardless, that drink is going down her throat in about five seconds.

"Yeah, but they can be pretty cool too, have you seen Rio's? I wouldn't get in on my forehead or anything. Well…to become the canvas for another artist? Yeah, I will consider it. Whether Kravitz and I last a turn or twenty, I can't imagine I would ever look upon what we share with disdain." He gives the healer's cheek a kiss and a nose nuzzle before glancing to his fellow harper As Lu'ka gives the choice to him again, I'am tilts his head slightly before nodding and starts to tap a simple beat for the group. Tap tap tap…"Just keep that going and if you are feeling inspired you can add some flourishes." For his part I'am starts to play the guitar to a tune of 'Touch the sky', strumming out the melody of the song for a couple of bars before he starts to add his voice, a relaxed baritone thanks to the alchohol. There is enthusiasm to his voice as he lifts it in song. "When the cold wind is a'calling, And the sky is clear and bright, Misty mountains sing and beckon, Lead me out into the light."

Jaelynn looks curiously back to Sephany, pondering what to say it eems. A slight shrug is seen. "Thanks for the approval?…" She questions with a curious tone. "I honestly thought it was sweet seeing how Triven was working so hard at it as a gift to me. If we break up well it would stil be a reminder to a better happier time. Suppose it depends on the person and the relationship at hand when one comes right down to it." As for the drumsticks she'll reach over to take them instead and sends a wink and smile to Lu'ka. "That I can do actually." If people get to pick she'll pick hat at the moment! Another sip from her mug and she listens to the music that is started for a few moments before working on said beat that goes along with it rather well for her just tapping on the table.

Lu'ka nods to the song that I'am choose and flashes a grin, fingers quickly finding notes and working the string with precision, even after all he's had to drink so far. His grin falters when Sephany drops his sticks, which brings his own playing to a halt long enough to rescue his instruments "Gee thanks." and give them a looking over before stuffing them back into his booth. And he lost his drink on top of it. But no sooner than he stuffed them in the boot and started tapping his foot, then Jaelynn snatches themn herself to tap out their timing. That's the way it goes some nights, Lu'ka quickly flags down the guy behind the bar, signaling for more drinks all around then turns his tatention back towards the table. Amused by all the booze and the mood of everyone at the table, the Former weyrling again JourneyHarper is swaying a bit in his chair as he taps his foot for the beat and goes with the song.

"Oh, certainly they can be a work of art," for tattoos, in reply to I'am speaking of Rio's. "But that does not mean I want to wear it as a permanent part of my body…" continues Sephany. Personal preferences and all. She shrugs a little at Jaelynn's observation that a tattoo from her boyfriend would be a reminder of a happier time and leaves it at that. "Good, you drum," she decides of the dragonhealer, "And I will drink." And sit, because now that the requirement to play has been lifted, she will snag a seat and drop herself into it. Lu'ka's stolen mug is sipped at, a brief 'Oh' for the fruity-alcoholic mixture that is surprise and delight. There's a grin and a squished-up nose-face for I'am and Kravits, a quick, "You two are adorable," offered before the music starts to play, and she hushes so that she can sit back and enjoy it. Head nodding along, foot tapping to the beat that she refused to keep with the drumsticks, mug lifted and drink sipped at.

I'am has a more than decent voice, but where he excels is in the performance. Expressive gestures and dramatic fingering. Telling a story with his face and body as he plays. Even as he finishes the lyrics and focus on the fingering of the trailing notes, there is still that intensity to him. Then the last note strum he lifts the guitar and sets it to the side. "Well done everyone! Well done, we will make harpers out of all of you yet!" He declares with perhaps the hint of a slur to his voice from the alchohol already consumed even as he grabs for another full mug. "So how are things down at Xanadu?" He asks of the ladies and grins at Sephany's compliment of their coupling and looks to Kravitz, "Adorable? That makes us sounds like puppies…Studly handsome men folk? That better?" The healer just shakes his head at I'am and boops him on the nose, "You are Adorable."

Jaelynn looks a bit amused and chuckles to Sephany. "It isn't that hard, sure youdon't want to try?" She questions with an amused tone whileshe continues with the song keeping a rather good pace. She grins at the end before ofering the drumsticks back to Lu'ka. "Thanks for letting me have a go with it. While I don't mind it I think I'll stick to what I'm ood at." This said with an amused tone before she is sipping at he drink once more. "I haven't been back tto Xanadu for a bit was at Irene working on my studies and testing and the like." She shakes her head a bit. "Glad that's over for a bit." Though she is smiling and almost beaming there a moment. "But it paid off, I wa able to go forth and get to grade four. Figure i'm good with that for a long time. That an I don't think they will let me test again for a while anywho." An amused look is sent to I'am and the other. "They are rather adorable.. So… what's wrong with being compard to puppies? They are cute too and adorable.. We could call you handsomly adorable maybe?"

Lu'ka enjoys the time out with his friends, instrument in his hand, how can it not be a celebration? Add in the booze flowing freely around the table, songs piped out by I'am and the easy chat around the table. Well, mostly easy chat. A bit of a scratchy bit concerning tattoos, that passes on quickly enough, particularly when Sephany announces how cute I'am and Kravitz "Hopefully there won't be anymore fingers getting nearly cut off to that would call for an infirmary visit." He gives his friend a wink before rising unsteadily to his feet, grabbing his fresh drink and keeping his guitar firmly clutched in his other hand "I'll be back in a bit, Roth needs me." He waves his mug around the table, not sloshing one bit on Jaelynn when his mug tips dangerously her way, offering a goofy grin before making his way out to tend his dragonmate. Then he'll probably either passout or find some trouble to get into somewhere.

"What's wrong with 'adorable'?" seconds Sephany, echoing Jaelynn as the music fades and conversation resumes. "You're cute. Or is 'cute' worse than adorable? What about endearing?" She's teasing, clearly. "Xanadu is… different," for the inquiry, thoughtful frown pulling her brows down just a touch; a wrinkle formed between her grey eyes. "Summer there, winter here… but otherwise it's lovely. And the journeyman I am working with is wonderful! I was worried he might be…" but whatever he might have been, she doesn't specify, sipping from Lu'ka's stolen mug instead. "Oh, congratulations!" to Jaelynn for her recent accomplishments. "Well done!" A sharp look for Lu'ka as he stands, wobbly-like, and threatens them with the contents of his new drink. "Careful…" squinty-eyed. "How much have you had to drink?" this question is also very pointedly sent I'am's direction as well, though she defers to Kravitz for an honest answer.

The news from Jaelyn at least is a distraction from comments on their 'adorablness'. "Well congratulations, that is amazing! You should be really proud! Hey barkeep another round for Jae! Grade 4 Dragonhealer!" He declares and lifts his mug in toast before drinking it down. Oh he is well liquored by this stage, bright eyes and slightly slurred speech. The question Sephany sends to Kravitz gets a half smile from the dark skinned man. "More than usual, but between Toska and myself we will see him safely home when the time comes." I'am nods at that and waves at Lu'ka, "Yeah, I don't have to cut my finger to see him anymore!" Or pull a muscle or any number of excuses he used during candidacy and weyrlinghood. Well they are adorable and cute. There is no denying it. And now they are allowed to they are not shy about showing off how cute they are. I'am relaxes into the draped arm embrace of Kravitz as he looks up to Sephany, "Well we should go skating while you are back up. Not tonight…but soon. If your journeyman can spare you that is.."

Jaelynn blushe a bit as the attentions turns to her for the moment. "Thanks guys, I'm proud. Just comes with more resonabilities of course so I just have to keep up onthngs and I'm expected to follow the rules more." This said with an amused tone. She is sipping at her drink while peering at the two at the talk of who and how much drinking has been going on. She chuckles softly. "Just make sure to miss any ice patches when ou all do work on getting hom."

A flicker of doubt, there and gone, across Sephany's face for the assurance that I'am will be safely home. "Alright," but that doesn't stop her from keeping an eye on him, despite the presence and apparent attentiveness of his adorable boyfriend. "Just… you know. Don't make it a habit." Of getting drunk. And with that, Sephany is putting her own mug (well, Lu'ka's mug, that she stole) down to the table and pushing it away. Consequences. "I am only here for the evening… I am returning with the dawn tomorrow; I just got there. I can't take a lot of time off yet. But you can come visit me! We can go swimming." Which is not the same as ice skating, but not terrible either. "Do you plan to continue?" she asks Jaelynn curiously. "I know you said that you didn't want to test again immediately, or that they would let you, but is it your plan to continue? Can you become a Master in dragonhealing?" She knows nothing about it, clearly.

I'am nods to Jaelynn, "Yeah it keeps Ma busy. At least you guys don't have thread score to deal with." I'am says and gives a little shiver at the thought of it. "It could be worse. We mostly just going to rescue people and stuff. Ain't nothing to it compared to the riders of old." He relaxes against his boyfriend, drink ignored for now. "Oh Seph, I don't drink very often, let me enjoy this night ok?" He says with a plaintive tone giving a wave at the half drunk mug, "See Krav will look after me." There is a disapointed look that Seph is leaving on the morrow, "Maybe I can fly you back.." As if he will wake up in time for that. "Swimming will be fine. I can go visit my cousins up there too. Toskavath wants to check out some areas south of Rubicon anyway."

Jaelynn smiles and nods to I'am to thet alk of dragonhealing. "True… Though I bet it was interesting to some degree. Had to come up with creative ways to fix them and the like you know?" She is strange one. A slight shake of her head is seen to the bit on skating. "That's something I'm rather happy to avoid, swimming though that is more up my path of fun instead of fallin on cold ice and possibly sticking to it or some sillyness." She humms lightly. "Oh no, no masterting. Basicly I get to help with more serious surgeries and able to help Grade 5 with their work at the lot. I could help with teaching at the school with some things as well. Just depends on what I want to do and which direction I go I suppose."

Whatever she might have said in reply to I'am's plea to let him have this night of revelry, Sephany decides against it. Open, shut. A click of teeth and a shake of her head, though it's a distinctly amused expression. "Maybe take the morning off," for flying her back to Xanadu. "But come visit on your next rest day. We'll hit the beach. And Risali's weyrmate is in the Search and Rescue wing, so Toska can probably chat with his dragon, if he wants…" is that how that works? Sephany, just inviting dragons into conversations that she has no business with. "How many grades are there?" she wonders of Jaelynn and dragonhealing. "It sounds so different from… everything else. I honestly know nothing about dragonhealing."

"Well if you ever want to hang about here, I am sure My Ma wouldn't mind an assistant." I'am offers Jaelynn given his own mother is a level 5 Dragonhealer. About this time Kravitz lifts a hand to a waiter, "Some water and nibblies please." He orders for the table. See he is responsible healer type boyfriend. "Water is fun no matter whether its hard or soft." I'am declares as to the debate of swimming vs skating. There is a nod to reaffirm it. The invitation from Sephany is met with a nod, "I am sure he would love to. They still have a bit more renegade activity down there. By the blood I have to the hold Toska declares it to be within his watch as well." There is a roll of his eyes, "So either way, we best make nice with the dragons down south."

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