Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
The seasons shift around the lake in a timeless flow. Waters grow choppy as autumn blends the summer calm with winters coming fury. The shoreline soaks in the heat of the day and provides a pleasant strolling area in the evening hours as long as the weather remains tempered, releasing the heat of the day to the cool of the night. In the early morning a layer of frost can sometimes be found dappled over the shoreline though the waters remain liquid.

Autumn is coming to a close, with the biting chill in the air that promises winter is swiftly approaching. That doesn't prevent dragons from bathing though, and the fiery queen is down here trying to heat the whole lake with the glow of her hide. Standing on the shore, Nyalle wraps her cloak around herself more tightly, pulling up the hood over her dark, flyaway hair as she watches, lost in thought.

A biting chill has never stopped Velokraeth from venturing out, at least in spirit! Physically, it does nag at his twisted joints and limbs but the pale bronze is giving a good effort to stretch and bathe despite the ache. Of course, it does help when he has some company with good friends and, of course, a few females! Namely the ever-desirable fiery Kayeth, to whom Velokraeth greets with honeyed warmth as he glides down among the shallows with only a hint of stiffness. Normally the bronze prowls the Weyr opposite to that of his rider but today Th'ero is out and about too and as he comes striding down the shoreline he will wave a hand up in greeting to Nyalle and then call to the Weyrwoman in a mildly reserved way. "G'day to you, Weyrwoman!"

Even with the chill setting in Niumdreoth does little to stay out of it, in fact the large brown is off in the waters getting in a swim it would seem. Abigail is making her way along one of the pathways that leads around the lake itself. A slight yawn escaping her which is covered up with a hand. She sends a slight glance over the area, soon catching sight of the pair that are not all that far off from her. A warm smile is seen once she is closer to the pair and a nod is seen while she pulls her jacket around her a bit more. "Afternoon, Weyrleader, Weyrwoman." This is offered with a polite tone once she is close enough to be in speaking range. Niumdreoth lets out soft rumbles of greeting towards the other dragons once he has caught on that he isn't really all on his own at the moment.

Kayeth greets Velokraeth first, the nimble gold reaching out her thoughts and her muzzle towards her mate, pleased to see him and curious and concerned about his stiffness. « You fare well today? » she asks. Shifting, she greets Niumdreoth with politeness but lacking the warmth of her greeting to her own mate. Turning, Nyalle lifts a gloved hand in return greeting to Th'ero, her smile gentle. "Hello, Weyrleader, how are you? And Abigail? Hello," she says, her hand lifting in a hint of a salute.

Velokraeth rubs his muzzle along Kayeth's in a touching and yet chaste display of affection and rumbling low in his throat. He's pleased to see her too and at her concern he merely huffs. « Hale and whole, m'lady! Never fear. I need only work the sleep from my bones, that is all. » he reassures her and then lifts his ugly formed head to warble a greeting to Niumdreoth. Welcome, welcome! « Good to see you! » On the shore, Th'ero will return that hint of a salute with a relaxed one of his own as he comes to stand at a respectful distance from Nyalle's side. "I'm doing well, thank you. How are you? Kayeth is looking as stunning as ever. Ah, g'day to you as well, Abigail!" he greets the Wingleader, saluting to her as well. A habit now, at least when he's in the Weyrwoman's presence and yet it still carries a laid back edge to it.

Niumdreoth lets out a soft rumble while he slowly shifts in the water, he rather enjoys the cool waves not seeming to mind swimming along with the ice cold water. « It is good to see you both as well! » This offered with a soft warble escaping him. Abigail lifts her head, a soft smile seen and there is indeed a salute offered back to both Th'ero and Nyalle. "How are ye both doing on this lovely brisk day?" She questions curiously.

Kayeth returns the nuzzle, rumbling happily. « Excellent, » she says, giving him a playful thump with her tail as she turns to swim off and continue bathing with the help of the firelizards. On the shore, Nyalle returns the salutes and then tucks her hand into her robe once more. "Doing well, thank you," she answers both of them, dipping her head down. "Excited for Xanadu's races."

Velokraeth grunts but with good nature when Kayeth thumps him with her tail and he chuffs again before waddling out into the waters as well to swim and float, allowing resident and wild firelizards alike to bathe and groom him without a hint of protest. Ahh, this is the life! Back on shore, Th'ero dips his head towards Abigail. "I am well. Yourself? How is your daughter?" he asks, before turning his smile to Nyalle. "As am I. After the success seen in Fort Sea Hold and Ista Hold, I am very interested in how the odds will play in Xanadu. It's a lovely region." He would know, wouldn't he?

Abigail nods slightly as she hears how the other two have been. "I'm glad ta hear that ye both have been doing well." At the question to her daughter she smiles. "She is doing well, spending time with my parents at the moment." Which she is rather thrilled about seeing how her parents seem to be enjoying the visit as well. At the conversation turns to the races she hums softly. "I didn't get to come out to the last one, hopefully I can swing by enough to see how the ones at Xanadu happen to go."

Nyalle nods. "You should really try to go, Abigail, they are a lot of fun." Is that a slight flush to her cheeks? Surely not. "Are your parents here in Fort?"

Nyalle nods. "You should really try to go, Abigail, they are a lot of fun." Is that a slight flush to her cheeks? Surely not. "Are your parents here in Fort?" Looking back to Th'ero, the young goldrider smiles. "Have they sent word on a date yet? Hopefully the sea travel is going well and none of the runners are seasick."

"I'm glad to hear your daughter is doing well. Are your parents staying here at the Weyr or is your daughter at the Hold?" Th'ero asks of Abigail in a warm tone. Despite the chilly weather, the Weyrleader is in good spirits and stands beside Nyalle with a relaxed posture despite his hands behind clasped behind his back. "I'll second Nyalle on that, Abigail. It's quite the experience, even if you're not entirely into runner racing. The atmosphere alone is worth it." If one isn't against bustling crowds, a lot of chatter, music and dancing and food galore! When Nyalle flushes, Th'ero chuckles. "So you did have fun then?" he muses in a light tease of the Weyrwoman, only to quirk a brow. "Can a runner be seasick?"

Also drinking, but Borodin's not here yet. He will be, but just now, he's walking along the trail in a light jacket (because it's still autumn) and his hands shoved in his pockets (because it's cold). He pauses as he comes around the corner, taking a look at dragons - yep, there's definitely some of those - and then people… hey, look, he even recognizes some of them! Enough so that he sidles closer and really, truly considers waving before just bobbing his head in greeting instead. Because, well, it's cold.

Abigail ponders the idea of a runner getting seasick, she chuckle softly at the idea and shakes her head a moment. "I'm not too sure if they can or can't get seasick. Perhaps that is a question for D'ani?" This questioned with an amused tone at the idea. As for the question upon her parents and daughter she smiles. "There over at the Hold at the moment. My parents just got there house finished so they is plenty of room for Breanna to go off and get into trouble and have something new for my mother to fret over." There is a pause as she glances off towards something, spotting Borodin thanks to Niumdreoth pointing her brother out. There is a small and she waves to him. "Hello Borodin."

Nyalle smiles faintly at Th'ero, nodding her head. "I did have a lot of fun at both of them. And…I'm not positive. I'll have to ask D'ani," she says, agreeing with Abigail. "But I would think they could. Just not sure how you'd tell. Hello, Borodin. How are you?"

Th'ero almost replies with 'even though you fled both times?' to Nyalle but wisely bites his tongue, less he have a repeat with the Weyrwoman hurrying off again should she be flustered by his stupidity. "Good! Let's hope Xanadu's is just as fun and successful!" he murmurs and then chuckles. "True, D'ani would know, wouldn't he? Maybe I ought to leave a note on his desk." That last part is said in light humour and perhaps a dash of seriousness. As Borodin approaches and is spotted by Abigail and greeted by both her and the Weyrwoman, Th'ero chimes in with his too and a polite incline of his head. "G'day to you, Borodin."

What do you do with a seasick runner? Borodin doesn't know, and he's probably glad he'll never have to find out. "Uhm, hi," he says to Abigail. Her watchdragon found him! But then, he wasn't exactly hiding. He nods to Nyalle - should probably salute, but… hands. Cold. So no. "Hello." At least she gets a full two syllables worth of greeting - Th'ero just gets an extra nod, as if to include the Weyrleader in on the prior greetings without actually repearing them. "I'm, uh. I'm well." That's for Nyalle, presumably. "How are you?"

Niumdreoth is good about finding people, even if they are in plain sight! The large brown rumbles out a greeting towards Borodin before he is back to floating along in the cool waters of the lake. Abigail nods with a smile seen while she gives her hands a slight rub to work on keeping them warm. "That might be a interesting note to be found on D'ani's desk. I'd love to see his reaction to it I won't lie." This said with a soft laugh at the thought. She turns her attention back to Borodin though once he is over near them and nods. "Glad to hear that you are well."

Nyalle fled, yes, but she had her own adventures! Enjoyable ones apparently. "I'll ask him if I see him first," she replies to Th'ero with a quick smile. Looking back at Borodin, she tilts her head a bit and watches him for a long, long moment. Salute? Cold hands are not an excuse, that's what gloves are for.

Th'ero chuckles again for Abigail's response about the note. "As would I," he admits only to flash a broader smile to Nyalle and he dips his head to the Weyrwoman. "Or perhaps that is for the best! Notes can be a touch impersonal." Right? Blinking as she seems to focus on Borodin for some time, Th'ero clues in to the possible reason and clears his throat slightly. A look is given to Nyalle, a silent spoken 'ease up? just a bit? (please?)' tossed somewhere in there before he's speaking to Borodin. "How are your studies as an apprentice going?" he asks, which may or may not be an awkward question. At least he sounds genuinely curious!

The people in plain sight are sometimes the harder ones to see. Fortunately, Abigail has Niumdreoth there to help. Borodin nods to her, then… looks back to Nyalle. Nope. His hands are still cold. (Actually, they're warm, because pockets, but that's not the point.) No salute for her! Not that he says anything to that effect. He just looks. At her, not her shoes. Or her gloves. Is she wearing any? He hasn't noticed. He only looks away when Th'ero addresses him, and blinks. "Oh. Uhm. I… made journeyman." He shrugs, and looks away again - out over the lake, this time.

Abigail chuckles softly and lets her hands settle into the pockets of her jacket to work on staying warm at the moment. There is a slight pause while she sends a glance to Nyalle and then to Borodin, oh she has a feeling that she knows why the dear Weyrwoman is staring at her brother and it makes her smirk slightly. A shake of her head is caught and she takes in a faint breath at the idea though she will not comment on the matter unless it is brought up that is. Hearing Borodin she looks to him, a grin seen and she reaches out to give his shoulder a bump. "Good for you Borodin!"

Oh, the dilemma. Let it slide? Or speak up? Nyalle obviously struggles with it, and in the end she just dips her head down and looks away, shifting her weight awkwardly. "Congratulations," she adds with a small smile. See? She can be polite and respectful.

Th'ero's brows lift at the news Borodin brings and then he grins faintly. "Well done and Congratulations, Borodin!" he adds along with Abigail and Nyalle, glancing sidelong to the Weyrwoman in approval. He does see! And he would have enjoyed to stick around and enjoy further conversation, only he tilts his head at almost the same moment that Velokraeth lifts his head from the waters and rumbles, his head pointed towards the bowls. Th'ero exhales heavily, "If you'll all excuse me? There's a matter I need to attend to." A Weyrleader's duty is never done! And from the look Nyalle receives, she'll have a report on her desk in the next candlemark or two. "Nice to see you all again. Best of luck with your work as Journeyman now, Borodin! Clear skies." A quick dip of his head to all of the assembled group and then he turns smartly on his heel and briskly strides away. From the tenseness in his posture, someone's done something they shouldn't have and he's gone to go knock some heads together… figuratively. Maybe.