Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Ha'ze came back from his last disappear-and-leave-Kainaesyth behind trip just this morning and he came the place he hadn't… actually been since Rhen moved in and clutched. The sands. Kainaesyth appears to be asleep and Ha'ze has crawled right on top between his neck ridges and hasn't moved, even to eat. Hours later Ha'ze is still there, forehead pressed against Kai's hide.

He timed that last disappearance well. It meant that a certain Weyrleader and bluerider could not afford the time to track him down and corner him for a 'talk'. Now, however? Very little room to run on the Hatching Grounds but even Th'ero knows better than to just storm his way out onto the Sands and wake Ha'ze up because that's likely to disturb a certain gold. So it'll be Velokraeth who gives the sleeping Kainaesyth a little mental nudge and warning that Kai's rider will be needed up in the Galleries.

Kimmila walks up into the galleries after Th'ero, sitting down a few tiers up and admiring the new decor and the new benches. Not bad at all. She resists the urge to just throw things at Ha'ze, too, to wake him up, trusting that Velokraeth will be able to rouse the bronze who can then rouse his rider.

Velokraeth will have to push though Kainaesyth's tired, and so it doesn't happen right away that Ha'ze realizes someone is trying to get his attention. Kainaesyth finally has to rouse physically for Ha'ze to get the picture that seriously, he should get going. He slides down off Kai but doesn't leave right away. The exhale of breath can be heard all the way in the galleries which is where Ha'ze finally makes his way. "What." Sorry, he forgot his sirs.

Velokraeth may slip in a few apologies for Kainaesyth's sake at having to rouse the bronze before he allows the link to break. Th'ero will stand just a little behind Kimmila, not looking at the new decor in the slightest bit. Too restless to sit, he'll watch from a distance as Ha'ze makes it to the ground and when they're greeted with that much curtness, the Weyrleader's frown deepens. "We need to talk to you. About Kyzen." Why beat around the bush? Th'ero points to the benches, indicating Ha'ze sit.

Kimmila rolls her eyes a bit at his attitude. "Sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep," she says dryly.

Ha'ze reaches upwards and rakes a hand through his hair, and sliding down through a three-day growth of facial hair. An intaken breath doesn't do much to take the ire out of his next words though. "What about Kyzen? We're not going anywhere any time soon." His hand gestures outwards for them to look at Kainaesyth. Winter, eggs, nothing is moving the bronze.

Th'ero reaches out to gently rest his hand against Kimmila's shoulder and looking nothing more than a reassuring touch when truthfully there's enough firmness in that grasp to silently warn the bluerider to calm down. Not that Ha'ze's continued attitude is helping and even he is finding himself hard pressed not to allow annoyance into his tone. "I think you know full well 'what about' and that it has nothing to do with the promised venturing outside the Weyr. We're here to talk to you about the advice you're giving our son and why he came to Kimmila one day bloodied from fighting." There. Is that clearer for him? (re because I misread XD)

Kimmila nods. "Hit him hard enough so he can't hit back isn't the best advice to give an /eight/ turn old, Ha'ze." Th'ero's hand on her shoulder does little to calm her down. Good try, though.

Ha'ze rubs his hand against his cheek again, his eyes fixing on Kimmila. She's the aggressor here since Th'ero is doing a good enough job of keeping his own ire within. "Right, next time I'll just let the other f*kers keep beating on him. Noted." Sarcasm rips through his words.

Th'ero is doing a good job so far. Ha'ze's honing in on Kimmila and trying to barb her on is a sure fire way of getting his hackles up. The Weyrleader's expression darkens, mouth downturned and his posture betraying his anger now. "At least now I know where the boy's picked up his cursing too." he mutters and then snorts, "You know full well there's other ways to go about it! Like telling us he's been bullied. Shards and shells, Ha'ze!"

Kimmila glowers back at the bronzerider. Bring it. "You're a father now, Ha'ze," she says firmly. "You'd want to know if someone was beating on your kids, wouldn't you?"

"I know that Kyzen has to take care of his own battles." Ha'ze almost spits it. He's not in the mood for getting lectured on how to be a father at the moment. "What would you do Weyrleader? Tell the bastards to leave off? Talk to their parents? Just means they'll be careful about when they beat on him. Tell me, did Kyzen ever tell you guys the s*it they were putting him through?" Ha'ze isn't… quite yelling. But there's nothing respectful in the way he's talking and his eyes are dark with anger he's keeping it. It's enough that Kainaesyth actually rouses again, lifting up his head to point whirling eyes towards the trio.

"I'd certainly not tell him to take his bullies on one at a time!" Th'ero snaps back, not lifting his voice to yelling either. If anything, his voice is quieter and filled with ice. The Weyrleader in his darkening mood and beware the blackest pitfalls of it. He'll narrow his eyes and hold Ha'ze's with them, not at all intimidated or cowed by the bronzerider's anger. What has him staggering a bit is the realization that Kyzen hasn't spoken to him and that STINGS. It stings to admit it. "No, he hasn't told us." he grits out.

"Why would he?" Kimmila snaps, "when he has such great advice from /you/." Yeah, it stings. A lot. "/You/ should have told us. That would have been the responsible thing to do."

"I don't f*king care. He had a problem, I was there. Told him how I would have fixed it. If you two have a problem with it then it's not me you need to be talking to." Kainaesyth has unwound completely now and moves closer, curling up again right at the edge of the sands, near the trio. It's about all he can do at the moment. "I told him to wait till he could end it with one punch." Because that totally absolves Ha'ze.

If Kyzen didn't have some weird connection to the bronzerider and such a bond of friendship, Th'ero would have it that neither of them see each other. At the present moment, he is sorely tempted to tell Ha'ze where to shove it but he doesn't. He'll give Kimmila a quick look and then he's focused back on the bronzerider, taking a small step forwards, chin lifted and posture tense and radiating anger. "You should care, Ha'ze! We already spoke with Kyzen but now we're speaking with you. You can't expect him at his age to understand. He doesn't see the world in black and white and takes what is told to him literally as any child does." He snorts, grimacing before he exclaims with just a hint of frustration, "That's it exactly! Time has no meaning to an eight Turn old. He felt he could do it and did it and ended up getting bloodied for it!"

Kimmila sighs, rubbing a hand over her face. She, too, is silently tempted to say that Ha'ze can no longer be around Kyzen. But she's afraid that would only hurt the boy more. And make him rebel. "He's /eight/, Ha'ze. Eight."

"Good on him then. Maybe getting blooddied this once will save him from getting pissed on for being the Weyrleader's kid again." Ha'ze isn't backing down for a second from this. He knows Th'ero and Kimmila are right but he's not in a mindspace to accept it right now. "You can't protect him from everything."

"Or he'll be seriously hurt!" Th'ero fires back, voice low and almost as cold as the winter air outside. "Or worse!" The Weyrleader isn't backing down either, taking another little half step towards Ha'ze. His eyes are dark now, flashing with anger. "We're no fools, of course we can't protect him from everything but that doesn't excuse you for giving him advice on how to fight without at the very least coming to us first."

Kimmila scowls again. "Doesn't mean he should go /looking/ for things to hurt him, on advice from his so-called friend. Maybe now that kid is pissed off. Maybe now Kyzen is going to get targeted even /more/. You don't know, Ha'ze. You're not his father."

"What do you want me to say?" Ha'ze's hands are curled at his side, anger at both of them for the random anger being held in check. "You teach him how to defend himself then."

Anger or not, Th'ero holds his ground, glaring down at Ha'ze and his jaw stubbornly set. "Don't want you to say anything specific, just to take caution with what you tell the boy." he says dryly and then scoffs. "You don't think I had planned that? If I'd known he was being bullied I'd have seen that we," He motions to Kimmila. "Would take appropriate action."

"We want you to /tell/ us when things happen with /our/ son. Or tell /him/ to tell us if you don't want to go behind his back," Kimmila says, exasperated.

"Fine. Whatever." Ha'ze is biting back angry words, and his face is more than a little red with the effort. But Maybe sleepy-Kainaesyth is doing more than just sleeping. Enough, at least, to keep Ha'ze from losing it. "When Kyzen is getting the s*it beaten out of him, I'll lset it go."

"You're being insufferable, Ha'ze!" Th'ero snaps, coldness cracking in his voice in the first display of his temper wrestling free of his control. It takes effort for the Weyrleader to contain it again, but he'll glare at the younger bronzerider. "You said yourself we can't protect Kyzen from everything but I won't have him fighting as an only option. If he's being bullied, stop it but tell us! And don't go giving him advice an eight Turn old can't handle."

Kimmila is about to snap at Ha'ze, but Th'ero says what she wanted to say, so her mouth closes audibly. "He's not a miniture version of you, Ha'ze. What worked for you doesn't work for him. Doesn't work for the weyr."

"I am being insufferable? What other option did he have? The little s*its weren't about to listen to him talk nicely about it." Temper Ha'ze, temper. Ha'ze physically takes himself away. He doesn't doubt for a second that Thys would toss him out of there if he got into a fight, and right now Ha'ze actually does want to be with his bronze, and Kainesyth wants to be on the sands with the eggs.

Th'ero's eyes flash with sudden heat and for a moment it looks as though the Weyrleader is sorely tempted to cuff Ha'ze and just drag him out of the Galleries and outside or somewhere else, anywhere else, but he won't. At most his hand twitches into a brief fist and then falls open again at his side. He exhales gruffly, "You tell the little shits to beat it, send Kyzen back to the Harpers or his foster parents and then report the incident. Then we'll handle how Kyzen's to deal with it. I don't want the boy to become a brawler or worse, a bully himself!"

Kimmila exhales heavily. "You don't get it, Ha'ze. Maybe if someone was beating up on /your/ kid and they came to /me/ instead of you and I told them to go fight, maybe then you'd get it."

"Fat chance of that. Kyzen's a decent kid." Another backward step brings Ha'ze right to the edge of the galleries. All Ha'ze has to do it look downwards and he'll see Kainaesyth below, waiting. Always waiting.

Th'ero snorts as he gives Ha'ze a flat look. "He's a decent kid now but you of all people should know that we change as we grow. Molded as we are by our experiences." he says gravely and then breaks his gaze with the young bronzerider to glance to Kimmila. He nods, "She's a point, you know? How would you feel if it was Galeon in Kyzen's place? Aleoa? Even Jaze." Jaze. Daughter of Jajen. A good target.

Kimmila snorts. "Yeah. Jaze, that poor kid. She's going to get a /lot/ of crap growing up. How are you going to handle /that/?"

Ha'ze doesn't quite flinch, but that layer of anger over him hightens, like a weight bowing him down. He's got a feeling that telling Th'ero that no one would mess with his kids because Ha'ze, at least, wouldn't hesitate to kill them, whereas Th'ero and Kimmila obviously have issues with that wouldn't go over quite so well.

Hit a tender spot did they? Th'ero will sense that and smirk, not exactly gloating but knowingly. Now is it sinking in? "Keep that in mind, Ha'ze and maybe you'll understand why we're as upset as we are. Had we known Kyzen was being bullied, we'd have sorted it out."

Kimmila nods. "Plus…we want to know what's going on in his life."

If Th'ero could see the thoughts rolling through Ha'ze's mind right now, he might just kick the bronzerider out of the weyr. Impression may have softened the bronzerider, but he hasn't lost all of the sharp edges. "I hope he blooddied the bastard's nose." Unrepentant Ha'ze is unrepentant.

It would take a lot more than that to have Th'ero kick Ha'ze out of the Weyr. Maybe temporarily but even then the Weyrleader isn't quick to banish any riders and Jajen doesn't count. "He didn't bloody anything on that kid. That bully however bloodied Kyzen's nose, knocked him good and split his lip. Only reason why Kyzen got free is out of desperation he struck the kid hard enough in the crotch to cripple him so he could escape." he tells him with a level look and grimace.

Kimmila snorts. "Then showed up at our weyr, crying, hurting, confused…"

Laughter right now is a bad idea, but Ha'ze can't help but have a flash of it break through his anger when Th'ero tells him how Kyzen got rid of the bully. "He asked about that."

Th'ero's expression darkens when the bronzerider all but overlooks the point and Kimmila's addition. It doesn't help that he laughs and the Weyrleader has that urge again to start getting the message across in other ways. He bristles, "So you taught him that too, did you? To fight low and dirty?" Like a coward.

Kimmila glowers, shaking her head and looking at Th'ero. Then back to Ha'ze. You're in troooooouble.

"No, he got that all on his own. But if it worked?" Ha'ze didn't exactly say no. The mental image of Kyzen nailing some kid in the nuts is just the break Ha'ze needed. The last few days have been nothing but gloom. But that is funny.

"That's not how to fight!" Th'ero growls and Ha'ze's continued amused approach is just adding further fuel to the fire. He steps right into the bronzerider's personal space, looming over him even if they're close enough in height. "I don't care if you taught him or not, from now on if Kyzen is in trouble you tell us. Right now I've half a mind to use you as a personal example," Read: punching bag. "For my son on how you properly defend yourself against a bully but as I've no intentions of upsetting him further or upsetting Kainaesyth, I won't. Neither will I break that promise to Kyzen that he can go with you on your outings. But if Kimmila and I ever have to patch him up again because of your 'advice', I'll see that changed. Do you understand?"

Kimmila gets to her feet when Th'ero gets in Ha'ze's space, because she needs to be ready to move in case a body comes sailing in her general direction.

"But damn, if it didn't work." Ha'ze's amusement has blossomed and it finally spills out into full on laughter. Turning he puts his back to the sands altogether and slides down to put his head in his hand just… laughing.

In one ear and out the other? Th'ero's temper flares when Ha'ze seems to ignore his warning and bursts out laughing and at first the Weyrleader crouching down appears to be the preparation to grab the young bronzerider by the collar of his tunic and haul him up to his feet. It would have happened, if Th'ero didn't hesitate and some small shard of doubt put his anger aside long enough for him to question why Ha'ze is like he is. "Faranth, what is wrong with you? Pull yourself together!" he growls.

Kimmila is surprised Th'ero didn't just knee Ha'ze in the groin…but then she, too, frowns. "Has he lost his mind?"

Ha'ze might actually be back on track if Th'ero was to hit him. But as it is, Ha'ze is traveling a strange road and slowly that laughter changes, evolves, and finally settles, the shaking of his shoulders possibly still laughter but without looking at his face it's hard to tell.

Give it time, Th'ero may still hit Ha'ze even if it's a good strike across the face to knock some sense into him. He's not about to force the bronzerider to look up, so he can only shrug his shoulders as he peers up at Kimmila. "Shards if I know!" Ha'ze has always been a difficult enigma for the Weyrleader. Now is no different.

Kimmila takes a tentative step closer, as if Ha'ze is the monster laying down with his eyes closed. You /think/ it's dead but then it jumps up and grabs you. Another step. "Ha'ze?"

The closer Kimm gets the chances of her realizing that Ha'ze has slipped from laughter into tears. They're silent tears, the result of the roller coaster of emotion from the last few days crashing down all at once.

Tears are like a bane to Th'ero. Ha'ze may as well be spitting fire for all the swiftness that he eases his grip on the bronzerider. Will he leave him on the ground though? No. He's not that cold… even if he believes he deserves it (and so much more). "Come on," he says gruffly and gives him a half pull, half nudge up. "Get up. Sit." Properly.

Kimmila just looks startled. He's /crying/? Breathing fire would have been easier for her to wrap her mind around. "Ha'ze…"

Ha'ze allows himself to get pulled to his feet, but he balks at that directive to sit. No, he's going to go. No more fight, no more anger. There's tears on his cheek and he's going to go find the only solace that he has, Kainaesyth. His voice is rough as he pushes past Th'ero. "F*ck you both."
"Ha'ze, don't…!" Th'ero is pushed aside and while he makes to grab for Ha'ze he may very well miss the mark. His expression is grim, anger still bubbling beneath but there's honest concern now too.

Kimmila sighs. "Talk to someone, Ha'ze," she calls after the bronzerider. Since there's no way he's talking to /them/. Hopefully he'll talk to /someone/.

Don't? Don't what? Don't just walk away? No, Ha'ze isn't going to do that don't. His footfalls are stable as he directs himself out and back onto the sands. At least he isn't walking out into the cold without protection? The only question now, how long is he going to be able to kneel on those sands before they burn hot enough to get his attention?

This was an unexpected ending. Th'ero doesn't follow after Ha'ze but he doesn't lean the galleries either, looking down at the Sands. Can they see the bronzerider from here? "Now what?" he asks quietly, clearly meant for Kimmila to overhear. Now what? Looking after the riders is his priority and duty. Yet Ha'ze has retreated to the Sands. If Velokraeth had a clutch on those Sands, Th'ero would disrupt Ha'ze's sanctuary. As it stands though? He doesn't feel he can step out there and possibly cause a confrontation.

Kimmila sighs. "I don't know, wingmate," she murmurs. "Should we call for Abigail? He's not going to talk to /us/."

"I'll have Velokraeth bespeak Niumdreoth," Th'ero murmurs quietly to Kimmila and it takes just a few minutes for him to relay his message to his bronze. When it's done, he'll motion for the bluerider to follow him, his eyes lingering on those Sands below. Wondering, perhaps, if he is making a mistake by not going after Ha'ze? Too late now. What was said was said and there's no going back now. Maybe on another day, Th'ero will try to talk to the bronzerider. For now, he will make his exit.