Fort Weyr - Living Caverns(#2000RJ)
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
// Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.//

It has been a bit cold across the Weyr today, though with Winter looming that isn't such a hard thing to picture here of all places. Abigail is sitting near the fire, Aleoa is sitting in her lap and she is talking softly to the girl, Galeon is there as well though at the moment he is sleeping in the basket that is next to the brownrider. "See, all nice an warm, no worries hum?" Abbey questions Aleoa whom could careless about the weather and just wants to cling to her mother at the moment, which of course Abbey allows. It might be a funny sight to see someone like Abbey with her kids, she is a different person when around them.

It is hard to tell if Ha'ze is coming or going these days. Most have remarked at the amount of time he is NOT spending on the sands though his dragon has barely left the warmth of the hatching room since the solid seven eggs settled upon them. Today Ha'ze is moving quickly though, a full pack over his shoulder as he comes out of the kitchen. For a moment it seems that his steps would take him out but the sight of his small family has him veering away. "Abigail." A warm, if brisk, greeting.

Abigail hasn't seen Ha'ze that much as of late, though honestly she didn't expect it giving everything his been doing lately. Though she's made it a point to see him when his been at the Weyr. She lets Aleoa lean more into her, a soft breath escapes Abbey, she's worred over something though that shouldn't be a surprize giving how Aleoa has been doing. At the voice she looks up, a soft smile and nods seen. "Ha'ze.. How are ye?" Galeon stays asleep for now. "Good clutch, I bet Kai is thrilled." This said with an amused tone knowing how that bronze is about babies after all.

Winter should be the time that Ha'ze is around more, but he has been restless of late and thus gone more often. But not too far, as Kainaesyth is flying no where. "Let me hold her?" He holds his holds out for his daughter as a small distracted smile breaks upon his lips. "It is a good place for him in the winter. Quiet, safe, warm and among the livin' and growin'. How is Thunderbird?" That wing that technically he is on… but so rarely does anything with.

Abigail actually seems a bit unsure on passing Aleoa over as she looks to the girl for a moment before nodding and hands her over carefully to Ha'ze. Needless to say she is worried over Aleoa, her pale gaze lingering on her daughter for a moment before she takes in a breath. "He'll be watched over well there for certain. I'll have to try and go visit him." She does love that bronze."We're doing well.. Dealing with some wild canines but so far so good with that. What about ye?"

Ha'ze catches that worry and as he cradles his girl in his arms Abigail is fixed with a confused look. Her question goes unanswered as he sifts the bag slightly so that it stays in place with his new burden. "What is wrong Abbey?"

"I wouldn't say anything is wrong.. I'm just worried over her." Abigail offers softly while reaching up to tuck the blanket a bit more around Aleoa before she leans back upon the chair and watches the pair for a moment. Its just a feeling every mother gets about her children when something is wrong. Which Aleoa is fine sure but the worry is still there especially with winter here.

Ha'ze is frowning deeply now, as he looks downwards at Aleoa. "What is wrong? I mean, she's smaller and not doing as much as Galeon, but she's just on her own pace… right?" His gaze moves up to fix on Abigail's. "Do we need to take her to the healers?"

"She's eating well, doesn't seem sick.. Just slow to catch up." Abigail says softly while watching Ha'ze and Aleoa. "I worry with winter being so hard here." So cold, not god for kids even worse for ones that are slow to catch up to speak. "I've taken her to the Healers, they say I fuss to much and need to give her time. Though they worry for the weather as well.. If she was to get sick, now.." It wouldn't be good to say the least. "I just wish I knew why this happened to her.. Something I did or didn't do maybe.." OF course she blames herself, Breanna is fine after all, Galeon is thriving and doing well.

"Maybe she could spend time with Kainaesyth on the sands. It's the warmest place in the weyr since we can't take her elsewhere." We, a hint that maybe, just possibly, Ha'ze isn't leaving after all? He gathers his little girl closer as his eyes flick to Galeon. "Is he okay?"

"I'm not sure about the sands, it gets so hot there." Abigail says softly while looking to Galeona, her hand resting against his chest while he sleeps. "His fine, doing everything he should do at his age." The 'we' is picked up and she looks to Ha'ze a moment. "She'll be alright.." She has to be alright. "I'm going to be staying down on the ground level for winter though. Warmer here then up in my Weyr."

That confuses Ha'ze more and this time his concerned frown is fixed firmly on Abigail. "She isn't staying in the nursery with the others? I thought she was going to be fostered since you have work to do?" Another concern and this time Ha'ze sits down carefully. Aleoa wines slightly in his arms and he takes a moment to calm her again, giving her a finger to latch onto. "You can't be up with them all night Abbey."

Abigail shrugs a bit while glancing to Aloea. "No they are, I've just be more worried lately with Aloea." As for her staying up all night she smirks a bit. "Ye think I sleep better when I'm not near them or ye?" This said while she peers at him a bit before looking to Aleoa at the wine. "When I'm busy with the wing I'm there, when not.." Well its obvious.

Ahhh, Ha'ze isn't so stupid that he misses that. A bit shamefaced he looks away, down at Aleoa. "Abbey…" It's the start of an apology for his prolonged and often absences. But he doesn't continue it, because to apologize would hint that it would not continue. And that is not a promise which Ha'ze can make in good faith. He cannot even promise to be completely faithful.

Abigail didn't say it to poke at him, to make him feel shame it was just the truth. She's known for a lot time now how Ha'ze is, and she only asked him to be with her when at the Weyr, the rest she knows would always been up in the air. "Ha'ze, ye don't have to say anything. It's alright."

Ha'ze lets out a small sigh and bends over to kiss Aleoa's forehead. "I have to go." There is a tinge of regret, mixed with guilt in that. "I have a place to be before the snow makes the trip impossible without a dragon's help." Because heaven only knows that Kainaesyth isn't leaving the sands for ANY reason right now. Well, except food. But that's necessity. Carefully Ha'ze hands the baby back to Abigail and stands up.

Abigail nods slightly and takes Aleoa back, the girl gets a soft smile and she lets her settle back aganst her chest. "Becareful out there. Wild Canines attacked a girl some days back at a Colt Hold." Meaning they are looking for food, being naughty. "I can ask Niumdreoth to take ye?" The brown would be alright with the idea as he always gives her a answer at the thought. Abbey lets her gaze rest on Ha'ze watching him a few moments, a soft smile seen. "He already said yes if yer interested. He likes to go exploring, an on his own at times." So it isn't a far out request.

"I'm always careful. There is too much to lose if I let something happen to me." Ustrr's death has burned Ha'ze's ability to throw himself mindlessly into danger from him. Leaning Ha'ze kisses Abigail carefully. More than a friend there, but distance. Always just a little bit of distance. He is not an easy one to care for. "This is something I need to do alone. I'll find you when I get back." That, at least, is a promise that Ha'ze can keep. Straightening he turns and walks briskly towards the doorway and out, leaving his small family behind.