Fort Weyr - Cavern of Streams
The actual entrance to this cavern is a tunnel, with the sides blocking off views of everything but what is in front. Light apparently was provided by glow baskets that have long since vanished from the nooks created for them. The tunnel doesn't lead far, but when the bulging sides give way, the sight is awesome. The cavern widens to all sides, the walls left natural, not at all smooth or even. The sound of dripping water creates an echo off the walls of the cavern, as small streams of water have eaten away at the rock over thousands of Turns. The streams are more common around this room than the ground proper, where dry areas begin to take on a stepping stone appearance.
The overwhelming wonder of this cavern is further created by the rock in which the walls were formed, for they sparkle and shine when illuminated due to the mineral deposits within the stone. The ceiling is also adorned with stalactites, which are numerous and large. At the east side, where there seems to be a dead end, is a vast pool with water that appears black for the unknown depth truly there within. Yet, the water is actually flowing toward the pool and seemingly underneath rock that hangs inches above the water.

The weather is cooling down and the leaves are changing colour and falling. Autumn is here and passing… but not gone yet. Winter makes itself known at night, leaving behind frost and thin ice but by midday the air warms enough to be comfortable. Today is one of those last few 'warm' days before the cold settles in and the Weyr is alive with activity. There is always so much to do before the snows come! For the younger members of the Weyr though, the changing of the seasons mean little. Rain or shine, they'll be up to something. Like bullying! Don't matter what the weather is doing outside… if there's an easy target you bet they're going to hone in on said target. Today's target? Kyzen. Brazen bunch of older bullies they are, to pick on the Weyrleader's kid (or that IS their reason for tormenting him). They've got him cornered in an out of the way part of the lower caverns, a favourite haunt for most Weyrbrats and perfect if you're deciding to be less than respectful to the Leadership's offspring (or anyone for that matter). For his credit, Kyzen doesn't cry out (or cry), but he's protesting, hunched defensively against the occasional shove or jab or smack from the older boys. He's only eight and they're at least ten or eleven. Old enough to know better! But who's going to be here to stop them?

Ha'ze is the last person anyone would call for a rescue. But he's avoiding people (and the chill) and so he finds himself in this corner of the weyr. He's striding fast to his objective when… dang. The sound of the protesting Kyzen reaching his ears and his gaze sweeps across the area to zero in on the altercation over there. Something dark crosses his expression before he evens it out again. A slight shift in his walkway brings him closer to the boys. "Kyzen, you're late." He doesn't even acknowledge the other boys.

He may not be the best to call for a rescue but he's got great timing! One of the older boys has Kyzen by the collar of his tunic and is just winding up for the finale when Ha'ze's voice has the whole group of bullies (three against one) jumping out of their skins. Kyzen is dropped to the rough stone floor and winces despite the relief in his expression to see his friend there. "We was just kidding around!" The 'lead' bully and the one who had Kyzen lined up for a knuckle sandwich pipes up and then they scatter — or try to. Does Ha'ze stop them or let them scurry off for now with their tails between their legs?

Ha'ze doesn't do either. Instead he reaches out and grabs Kyzen by the upper arm and hauls the kid to his feet. The others don't even register on his radar (or he pretends they don't). His grip is rough until the last of those boys are gone. "Shard it all Kyzen, why didn't you punch them back?"

The bullies will scatter and once they realize that Ha'ze isn't chasing them they'll start to snicker and figure their hides are safe yet another day! Kyzen is confused when he's handled so roughly and he'll yank his arm free of the bronzerider's grip, rubbing where he'd been held and does his best to glower up at him. "Because they're bigger than me and there were too many! And I was told you don't punch back." No guess who taught him that.

"They would've figured you were getting rescued and next time it would be worse." It was all for show. "Kyzen." Ha'ze drops down onto his heels so he's slightly below the kid. Less intimidating. "Shit kid. If you don't hit them back they're never going to stop." There's something rather scary in Ha'ze's eyes. Kyzen's bullies remind him of something VERY DARK and how he ended up getting people to leave him alone.

See that? That's Kyzen edging away just a teeny bit in seeing that hint of something Very Dark in Ha'ze's eyes. He looks back at him warily, uncertain both because of the bronzerider's behaviour but also for what he's telling him. All that cursing too! You better believe he's soaking that up like a sponge too. "… yeah, but I'm not big or strong enough to punch all three of them!" he protests again. "They'd just punch me back and pummel me into the ground."

That fear translates itself to Ha'ze and he closes his eyes. The darkness is pushed back and when he opens them again the Ha'ze Kyzen knows is back. He's still with the calm that comes just before winter- Kainaesyth's stillness translating into Ha'ze's soul. "You have to be smarter than them." Ha'ze pushes himself to his feet and jerks a head over to a seat out of sight. ADVICE is going to be given. If Kyzen takes it.

Of course Kyzen wants that advice! Now that Ha'ze isn't carrying that Darkness in his eyes, the boy will shuffle over to that seat and settle himself, blue eyes upturned and watching the bronzerider intently. "Smarter how? Doesn't seem smart to go fighting three bigger kids in the first place." he grumbles.

Ha'ze settles himself down on the bench, and pointedly doesn't look at Kyzen. "First, don't fight them all at the same time." Kimmila is going to kill him. "A pack will get you every single time. You have to get them one at a time. And when they aren't expecting it." SURPRISE ATTACK.

Kyzen's eyes widen as he absorbs Ha'ze's advice without a single doubt as to whether or not its right (okay, so there's a little voice trying to protest but being ignored). He's tired of being picked on and snubbed and half the time confused by it! So what if he's Th'ero's son? Can't he play too? Poor kid. He just wants friends. Real ones. "I get it!" he says eagerly and in the next beat is crestfallen. "But they're rarely apart and it's not really the other two. It's that big kid with the squashed nose," Kyzen proceeds to smooth his hand against his own to emphasize, incase Ha'ze didn't get a good look at the brat who had him by his tunic earlier. "He's the problem. I think he's a jerk," Flinch. He half expects Ha'ze to get on his back for that! Because 'jerk' is such a Bad Word. "He bullies anyone smaller than him."

"So just that one shithead then." Time to grow Kyzen's vocabulary. Ha'ze taps a finger against his knee as he settles into thought. Leaning forwards slightly he attaches his gaze to the flowing of the stream. "You need to hurt him bad enough he knows to leave you and anyone under your protection alone."

Definitely not the vocabulary his parents want him to learn but it's too late now! Kyzen's tucked that term away too. "So… I have to somehow get him — the shithead —" Oh boy. Does it sound right coming from an eight Turn old? Nope. In fact he almost starts snickering. Hee, he just said a bad word! Ahem. "Alone and then punch him and he'll leave me alone?" Sounds simple. Except? "… how bad?" He frowns a little here, unsure and showing his age. He definitely likes the idea of the bully leaving him alone but to hurt someone real bad? He's faltering a bit.

The teacher behind Ha'ze is all :( right now at that vocabulary. But Ha'ze doesn't even give a second thought. His childhood taught him that if one doesn't get rough, then things get worse. "No Kyzen." Ha'ze abruptly runs into the promise he made with Th'ero and hesitates. Kyzen. Kid. Has to remain a kid. "… You have to convince him that you can hurt him." Which is mostly the same thing, but enough to get Ha'ze off maybe.

So far Kyzen's childhood has been all sunshine and fluff. It's only as he grows older that he begins to realize things aren't always so happy and simple! And he's in for it when he's older and expected to behave a certain way because of who his parents are. Rebellion in the making? Maybe. "Can I punch him good then and then tell him never to bully me again?" Kyzen asks with a curious tilt of his head. Is that what Ha'ze meant?

Sunshine and fluff…. that's not a bad thing, and Ha'ze actually takes a moment to remember that before he answers. He may have flashed backed a little when he saw Kyzen getting beaten, and now he's regretting it a little bit. But no, he can't think of another way Kyzen could get through this. "How well can you punch? It has to be serious, or he won't listen."

"I dunno. I've never really punched anyone before," Kyzen admits sheepishly and looks down at his hands. He'll lift one and curl it into a fist and give a swinging punch to the air. It's followed with a shrug. He has no idea if that'd do damage or not! "Well, I'm serious! I don't want to be bullied anymore. The other kids don't wanna be around me either."

Ha'ze winces a little at that punch and shakes his head. "You won't do it punching like that. Stand up kid." He doesn't wait for Kyzen to stand, but encourages him right onto his feet. Reaching around Ha'ze rearranges Kyzen's hand into a proper fist. "These two knuckles have to make contact." Letting go Ha'ze moves around Kyzen and puts up his hands as makeshift punching bags. "Hit my hands."

Kyzen will stand and his eyes follow Ha'ze's every move until he's behind him but there's no protesting to be shown how. He watches as his fist is adjusted, not wanting to fail again. "Okay!" He's got it. Now… wait, what? "I've got to hit you?" Now that he isn't sure off. He frowns, conflicted. "What if I hurt you?" Plus, hello? Punching a bronzerider?

THAT makes Ha'ze laugh. "Kid, the day you can land a punch on me is the day you can take your father on. Come on," Ha'ze settles himself in a stance and holds up those palms of him again, "Right here."

Kyzen relaxes when Ha'ze laughs and he grins, only to look shocked. "Why would I ever hit my father?" Blasphemy! He's seen his father in a temper. No way is he going to tackle THAT! When Ha'ze takes that stance though and instructs him, he'll exhale softly. Okay, he can do this! He'll curl his fist like he was shown and get his footing under him before swinging with all his strength…! It's still not much of a punch but Kyzen is still hesitant in hitting a bronzerider. He backs off, hand still curled as he looks up at Ha'ze. "Like that?"

"Take him on, not hit him. I doubt you'd land anything on him." Ha'ze shifts aside just an inch, crouching slightly. "I thought you wanted the fuckers to stop?" Ha'ze raises an eyebrow and wiggles his hands again. He's egging the boy on with everything in his posture.

Kyzen frowns, "How come?" For being Th'ero's son, he actually doesn't know much about his father — at least not THESE details! That frown deepens and comes close to a scowl, shifting only when Ha'ze swears again. "I do want those fuckers to stop," he echoes back, stumbling over the curse word. Way to go Ha'ze! He's sufficiently egged on too and starting to feel the first spark of frustration that his punches suck. Fist curled, Kyzen goes for it again… and again. He'll keep hitting until Ha'ze tells him to stop otherwise and it'll take a few tries until the boy finally gets enough 'oomph' behind his swing to actually make a noticeable impact.

"Because, as much as I hate to say it, you're father is pretty badass when he has to be." Much expanded vocabulary. Ha'ze totally isn't diversifying on purpose. He stands there like a statue, his palms absorbing the impact. AS the oomph of those punches grows Ha'ze nods slowly. Finally though, he closes his hands around Kyzen's fists and holds the boy still so he can make eyecontact. "You are going to have to practice that. Over and over and over until you can do it without building up. You'll only get one to make your point."

Oh, you bet Kyzen's going to remember 'badass' and probably blurt it right out to his father. It'll be Kimmila who gets treated to the other words since it'll likely be her tending to him when he gets his ass handed to him. Kyzen stops when Ha'ze grabs his fist but there's no fear there, only curiosity. He looks a touch disappointed. "Practice? You mean I can't go right now and find him?" Which was his PLAN. He flexes his hand, curling into a fist and then extending it open. Hmm.

Ha'ze straightens and looks down at the boy. "No, you can't right now. You have to mean it Kyzen. And you have to do it right." His eyes move past Kyzen and he nods at the stone wall. "How do you think it would feel if you hit that wall as hard as you were hitting my palms?"

"I DO mean it!" Kyzen protests and scowls. He doesn't understand what Ha'ze means! Right now he's thinking of nothing more than being able to get that bully to leave him alone and he might have the means to do so! So of course he wants to go out there and punch this kid! "It'd hurt but I wouldn't be punching a wall." Kyzen argues and with a rather smart-ass tone. If there's one thing that apparently pushes his buttons it's being shown something and then told he can't do it. WHAT WAS THE POINT?

"A person's skull is about as hard as that wall." Ha'ze is serious. His arms fold across his chest as he raises an eyebrow. "You hit him unprepared and you're not going to make a single dent. First time I punched someone I almost broke my hand."

Kyzen winces and unconsciously cradles his hand. Ow? "Really? I don't want to break anything…" Except maybe the bullies nose? He smirks, eyeing Ha'ze. "So why don't I just hit somewhere else than the head? What about the jaw? Or there," He points to Ha'ze's gut. "Or there." Lower and where no man should be hit… unless Kyzen wants a reputation of a dirty fighter.

That eyebrow arches upwards as Kyzen starts to list OTHER places that could be hit. The lower Kyzen's finger goes, the higher the eyebrow. When Kyzen points at no-man's land Ha'ze just LAUGHS. Not mirthful, more ironic. "You go there kid and you'll always be known as the kid who will go there. But. He'd probably leave you alone." Slight speculation, as Ha'ze imagines Th'ero's reaction to that low blow.

Kyzen is puzzled by the laughter but he'll grin shyly all the same and tuck that bit of advice away too. Hit there and the bully will go away, huh? Th'ero's reaction to his son fighting in general is going to be epic to behold. Finding out he went for that hit? Will probably have the Weyrleader giving in and just teaching the boy proper self-defence… and using Ha'ze as an example. "Thanks for getting them to leave." Kyzen mutters at last, his hands falling idly to his side. "And for telling me how to get him to go away."

Reaching out Ha'ze squeezes Kyzen's shoulder tightly once. "Give it some time kid. Practice your hit. The face is more impressive… imagine him explaining away a black eye, neh?" Ha'ze is MILDLY regretting encouraging the kid… but only a little. Th'ero wasn't here to see what was happening to Kyzen. And Ha'ze is a terrible adult.

Th'ero might actually calm down a bit if he ever gets the whole story. It still won't entirely excuse Ha'ze in his eyes, but the Weyrleader WILL be upset to know his son is being bullied… and then not know what to do AT ALL to fix it and upset that Ha'ze's advice was the first to reach his son. Kyzen seems to consider that option and he smiles, "Yeah, guess it would be a better warning." That or he makes it that jerk-face bully never ever has children of his own? Not that Kyzen knows the birds 'n bees yet.

"His friends would see. Which is the whole point, aye?" Ha'ze is a little relieved to have talked (or he thinks he has) the kid into waiting for a little bit longer. Another adult enters the area on the far side and Ha'ze straightens himself up. "Practice that punch. And make sure he's alone when you spring on him. I'll se you around kid."

"Yeah," Kyzen agrees and warms up to the idea more and more. He's going to practice… but not as much as Ha'ze thinks he will. "Got it. I'll see you around…" He begins to scurry off, only to stop and grin at the bronzerider. "Thanks!" And off he goes! Off to practice somewhere hidden and he'll do it again the next day too. Maybe it'll be his impatience that gets the best of him or maybe the bullies catch up to him and after another humiliating round he's had enough… but Kyzen's going to try this tactic. The fallout shall be epic.