Fort Weyr - Forest Beasthold
This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

Autumn is in full swing and the forests around the Weyr are at their best colour wise. The weather is getting colder but around midday when the sun is up, as it is this day, and the skies clear it stays comfortable enough. Which means the outdoors are buzzing with activity as folks get to the last of the seasons work before the ice and snow set in. Down by the Beasthold though, there comes the sound of commotion and a request sent to any available dragon riders. What could it be now?

Kimmila responded to the call, and while Varmiroth settles himself, Kimmila strides forward to try and see what's up, and where the call came from.

The call went out and two more riders appear, Niumdreoth and Abigail sweep down over the area, the brown bugles out a greening to Varmiroth as he lands. With wings tucking close Abigail jumps down, a curiouslook sent over the area before she is starting to head on over towards whereabouts Kimmila is. "Hey Kimmila." Her gaze drifts around before sh loks back to the other rider. "Know what's up?"

That seems to be the question of the day! What's up? What's up seems to be… well, the mystery. There will be no easy answers either. When are there ever easy answers in Fort? "Wingrider! Wingleader! Thank you for coming." They're hailed by one of the resident stable workers, a middle aged man with a weathered look to his features. Right now, he looks both grim and puzzled, hands wringing a dusty looking cloth. "We've got a strange one. Runner just come racing back to the beasthold here. One of ours, usually rented out." He waves a hand. Just a common nag! "Full tack and all but no rider. I'd send out some of my own folk to scour the trails but if you've the riders to spare…" He lets that sentence hang, hopeful.

Kimmila dips her head in greeting to Abigail before they're approached, and she puts her hands into her pockets with a little frown. "So the thought is someone fell off out there?" she asks, eying the many trails towards the forest. "Can you at least tell us which trail the runner came from?"

Abigail titls her head while looking to the person that is going on about someone falling? "I wish I would have known, I would have brought my canines to help with the search." A soft breath escapes her while her gaze drifts around to see if anything might stand out to give them a clue on which direction.

The stablehand grimaces, "Sorry Wingleader Abigail. The men who found the runner are a bit panicked and sent word before I could stop them or else I'd have organized things better. They seem to think that that particular runner was rented out by the daughter of some fellow off towards Fort Sea Hold." he explains and when they ask for a rough direction, he scratches at the back of his neck and exhales heavily. "That's the tough thing. All these main roads lead out to the same. I'd try eastward first. Lots of folks prefer that due to the level ground…"

Kimmila sighs, eying the stablehand. Really? Really? That's all they get? One lost girl, probably injured, and…'maybe from that direction' is the best they get? She huffs, turning to Abigail. "What do you think, dragonback or runnerback?"

Abigail scratches at her neck a bit and nods before looking to the stablehand. "Its alright, we're figure it out." There is a slight pause while a message is being sent via dragon to get one of her riders to bring a few canines up to help with the searching. "It might be easier by runnerback, we can at least be closer to look for any signs and the like."

Yep, really. That's all they're going to get and the stablehand has the decency to look embarrassed for it at least. "Sorry we can't be more help. I've got to go look after that runner and see if we don't need a Beastcrafter down here… Uh. We'll let you know if anything more is discovered." Clues and hints. Helpful things! Sadly, they won't get any of that, but they'll gain two more riders. Two green riders, Kara and Lin. "So what's the issue?" Young Kara is bold enough to start with, before adding a hasty, "Wingleader." to Abigail and a quick nod to Kimmila. Ahem. Lin just stands there looking grim and stoic with her greyed hair and scarred face.

Kimmila eyes the stablehand again. "Can you at least send us runners?"

Abigail is about to say just what Kimmila has brought up, he smirks a bit and sighs. "We need some runners.." There is a slight pause an she glances over to Kimmila and smirks once more before she looks to Kara and Lin, both get a nod while she lets a hand push though her hair. "So then here we are. There is a lost girl, possibly injured from." She points in the direction that was given. "That way.." A glance is sent over to Kimmila. "Perhaps two on runner and two in the air?" Good way to cover ground the most.

The stablehand just blinks at Kimmila and Abigail. "Runners? Whatever for?" he says, looking puzzled by their request and when he's eyed by Kimmila and then asked again by Abigail, he'll shake his head. "I'll see if we can't get a pair saddled up and readied." He sounds doubtful because the beast hold rarely holds runners fit for Lords, let alone dragon riders! He'd be horrified if he gave either of them a less than suitable animal. He wanders off, leaving Kara and Lin to approach. Lin just rolls her eyes and exhales, "Oh boy. And that's it?" Joy. Kara however looks eager and ready. "We'll take Zratavath and Vyovioth up in the air and scout from there! We can go in slightly opposite directions too. Cover more ground!"

Kimmila nods at Abigail's suggestion, watching the stablehand move off. "Not a bad idea. You can direct us if you think you see or hear anything on the ground."

Abigail sends a slight look back to the stablehand and lifts a brow slightly. "That is the idea, she is lost on the ground not in the air. Would make sense to have someone on the ground looking. Unless ye lot want to do the ground search?" This offered to the stablehand as she smirks. "Two runners that can deal with the snow is all we need." It isn't like she is here to buy a runner, she could careless the pedigree! She looks to Lin and nods at this. "Aye, that will work."

Kara will grin with a determined look in her eyes, "We'll find this girl and bring her home safely!" she promises and then hurries off to her waiting green. Lin will linger, meeting Abigail and Kimmila's eyes. "I'll have Vyovioth keep in touch with Niumdreoth and Varmiroth." is her promise before she turns on her heel and marches back to her green, mounting up swiftly. They're both in the air and winging away by the time the stablehand returns with two sound looking, sturdy runners. "Here we are. Two of our better geldings. They ought to be able to handle whatever you throw at 'em."

Kimmila nods to the dragonriders and then to the stablehand. "Ready?" she asks Abigail before she takes the reins of the chestnut gelding and expertly swings up into the saddle, settling deep and gathering the reins.

Abigail nods to the pair of riders. "We're be waiting for anything from ye two." She takes the reins for the black gelding and offers a thanks. "Ready." Is said back to Kimmile while she is quickly up in the saddle, reins in hand she gives them a slight tug and is quick to push the runner forward towards the trail in question. Niumdreoth shifts and is leaping up into the air to follow overhead.

Zratavath and Vyovioth soar off ahead, side by side to start but gradually widening their sweep as they fly low over the trees. They won't go far before circling back and resuming their sweep, making sure to scour everything. « This is like searching for a needle in a haystack. » Zratavath can be heard complaining out of frustration to Vyovioth and onward to Niumdreoth and Varmiroth. Back on the ground, the stablehand will simply scratch his head as he sees the riders off. Strange, he thinks, that they choose runners over their own dragons! And for Kimmila and Abigail, well… there won't be much in the way of clues. Not for a good, long, while until further up the trail where a muddy section shows hoof prints veering off on a teeny side trail towards the trees. Maybe this girl tried to take a short cut?

Well if that's their only clue so far…Kimmila points to it, pulling up her gelding and peering into the woods. "Think that's her?"

Abigail still feels looking for someone the best thing to do is be down on there level, good for tracking after all. Her gaze is drifting along the trail pausing once they reach the mud, along with the prints move off to the side. "It is a good possibility. Why would she go down there.." She sighs a bit and turns to slowly push her runner thata way. "Bloody hell what is wrong with kids wandering a forest in the mud and the like on their own." Grumblegrumble! Niumdreoth rumbles a bit himself. « It is indeed, but even needles can sometimes be found. »

Why would a girl, likely inexperienced, go on a short cut? Because nothing in Fort is ever easy. Trouble is always around the corner, big or small and no matter how trivial. « Nothing. » Comes Vyovioth's curt report and followed by a frustrated feeling over the mind links from Zratavath. « The trees are thick where you are. We won't be able to see much, if she's gone and crawled somewhere for shelter. » But they'll keep looking, until Abigail or Kimmila calls them off! Which may come soon rather than later, as they only have to wander some distant into the trees until they catch a faint cry for help somewhere in the distance.

Kimmila shrugs back at Abigail. "Who knows…" she answers quietly, turning her gelding down the little path. "Hear that?" she asks, before she whistles in the direction of the cry - or so she hopes. Sound does funny things out here in the woods.

Abigail nods a bit to Kimmila while the trail continues before them and she pushes the runner forward still. There is a slight pause at the cry that is called out and she lifts her head a bit to listens in as best she can. "Aye.. It was a cry." The runner is pushed forward once more, and Niumdreoth sweeps out over the thick trees attemping to catch some sight of what may be below.

Silence is met with Kimmila's whistle and the only sounds being those of the forests. Until… again the cry. Weak. Calling for help and yet sounding too terrified to call out any louder than that. It'll be hard to pinpoint, but both of them should be experienced enough to see the signs of a passing runner, of the canine prints and what looks to be a scuffle. Something fell not long ago… and something was dragged.

Kimmila sees those canine prints with a deep frown. "Be on your guard," she murmurs, loosening her knife in its sheath as she urges the runner forward, pushing him even though he swivels his ears and does not look pleased to be going this way. He smells something dangerous.

Abigail pulls on the reins of her runner slightly as he stamps his front hoovesin the snow, the scent of canine is think to the animal and it makes him clearly nevous. "Dammit.." Is mutterd out from Abbey while her own knife is pulled free, her pale gaze drifts over the ground, here as she catches sight of what seems to be drag marks. A soft wiggle of her hand is to get Kimmila's attention as she points to the marks that show something was dragged.

If they follow that trail, they'll find the girl curled up in a small and cramped space between the roots of some trees and rocks. She's awake and relatively alert, weakened by her injuries which look to be mostly scrapes, cuts but she is also nursing a broken wrist and some bad bites to one leg. No signs of the wild canines and their tracks seem to lead away. Maybe they grew bored of their prey? Or the dragons sweeping overhead spooked them off.

Kimmila dismounts immediately, talking soothingly to the girl. "Keep watch," she tells Abigail as she kneels by the girl and begins to talk to her some more and assess her injuries. "We need to take you back to the weyr, can we move you?"

Abigail frowns once catching sight of the girl, a nod seen while she hops down from the runner and turns slightly to eye the area. She has her dagger out and is sending a glance back towards the two before also looking to the runners to see if they can give her a warning..

The girl doesn't go into hysterics, but her sobs start up again and out of pure relief to see Kimmila and Abigail there. "I think so?" she says between breaths, peering out of her hiding spot in a terrified way. She's tired, cold and hurting… real bad. "You've runners? No dragons?" Her fear seems to return then and she shrinks back, looking far younger than she is. "It was canines! Wild ones. You got to be careful…" Not that they're crazed enough to attack now. The runners may catch wind of them, but the canines will stay hidden and well away. They'll have their chance to get the girl out of there. « Did you find something? » Comes Zratavath's inquiry.

Kimmila points upwards. "We've got runners and dragons. Don't worry," she soothes, gently starting to gather her into her arms, "you're safe now."

Niumdreoth is hovering over the spot where both Kimmila and Abigail are with the girl, a deep rumble esacping the brown an if any canines attempt to get close he'll make short work of them as long he can through the trees that is. "They won't come now, the dragons are keeping them at bay." Wild canines are bad, but they are not stupid. « They have found the girl, seems wild canines attacked her and the runner. » Niumdreoth offeres to Zratavath once he is content that the canines are truely staying at bay.

Only felines are insane enough to attack but they were tampered with by one of the original settlers. You can all thank him for his stupidity? No canines come charging out and in fact they go slinking back to their den deeper in the forests. Not worth the trouble! As for the girl, she'll keep her tears silent and cling to Kimmila when the bluerider gathers her up out of her hiding spot. « Do you need assistance in getting her out? » Comes Vyovioth's inquiry and the two greens will return to circle close alongside Niumdreoth until they're giving their orders, even if to just be sent back to the Weyr. The girl can be moved though it may be kinder to her to send her by dragon rather than runner.

Kimmila carries the girl, not to the runner, but past it and along the path towards a clearing. « The smallest of you can carry her to the Healers, as quickly and gently as you can, » Varmiroth says to the others.

Abigail follows Kimmila over to the clearing to make sure the canines do indeed stay away, never know! Niumdreoth rumbles out a bit while he moves back to slowly sweep across the forest. No canines will be appearing while he is here, the large brown will make sure of thta.

« I'll do it! » Zratavath volunteers almost immediately, while Vyovioth sticks close to Niumdreoth or above in the air as continuing backup. She'll likely alert the Healers too that there's a pending patient while Zratavath lands carefully in a clearing so that she and Kara can work with Kimmila to have the girl secured and readied for transport. Never a dull day in Fort, huh? Once the girl is ready, Kara will send Zratavath aloft and they'll fly swift and fast back to the Weyr.