The atmosphere is almost festive! No offence given to Ha'ze — truthfully he didn't do too bad a job as interim (much to the surprise of a few!). Th'ero will of course seek out Kimmila first at their smaller weyr and have a belated celebration with her. It'll give him just enough time to return to the public eye long enough to place an order in with the kitchens and have a drudge deliver some food to the offices. All the while, he'll meet with a few riders and weyrfolk before excusing himself again and leaving to climb the stone carved stairs to the administration complex. So familiar. So right!

Nyalle is sitting in her office, smiling as she rifles through paperwork on her desk. Waiting for her Weyrleader to arrive.

The drudge will arrive first, struggling to handle the heavy tray. Seems Cook has overdone herself AGAIN and is making sure the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader have their own feast — or at least a wide variety of finger foods to choose from. There will be tea too, of course. As soon as he's told where to put the tray, the drudge will shuffle out and not long after that, Th'ero will finally arrive. "My apologies for being delayed. I see Cook got my request…" he mutters, eyeing that tray as he closes the door behind him.

Nyalle giggles softly as she eyes the food. "She did indeed," she murmurs, making herself a cup of tea and setting the kettle onto the hearth to keep warm.

Th'ero motions for her to help herself or at least make a selection and he'll fix up a little plate for her. Proper and gentleman like! "Good heart on that woman. Even if she's prone to overdoing it." he admits. While he waits for Nyalle to settle herself, he'll pick over the food as well, though he keeps the conversation going. "How is your daughter, Zaelle?"

Nyalle makes her own plate of small things to nibble on and returns to her desk. "She is doing very well, thank you for asking. Your children?"

Th'ero takes one of the chairs placed in front of her desk, sitting carefully with his plate balanced on his lap. "Good to hear," he replies and then smiles faintly, if not a bit crookedly. "The twins grow by the day and are ever the handful from what I'm told. K'vir has made it through Weyrlinghood. In his own weyr now and awaiting assignment to a Wing." There's a moment of silence there, as if the whole concept still doesn't sit well with the Weyrleader but he lets it slide. "Iaverulth's egg should Hatch soon. Which will be good, I think. For the best?"

Nyalle nods. "Oh yes, that is for the best. I'm not sure how that would…go." She tilts her head a bit and then nods again. "Yes. That will work."

Th'ero picks at his food, eating slowly. But he's eating! Wouldn't Kimmila be proud? "Then for once time is in our favour. Two clutches are bound to keep the Weyr in good spirits. It's the Holds that are another matter. They won't approve of us Searching. Some are still quite bitter against us."

She would be! Nyalle then sighs. "Perhaps…other weyrs? Could we perhaps open our Weyr to their searches if they do the same for us for a few cycles?"

Th'ero grimaces around another mouthful of food but is polite enough to finish swallowing before he answers her. "Haven't we always opened Fort Weyr to the others? Or did Mr'az change that?" Certainly no one stopped that Igen rider from taking Kyzen! Not that he's bitter about it. Such is life! And he IS proud of his son. "I suppose we shouldn't worry, given we could always Search in Drake's Lake and the holds around it too, if the other Weyrs find themselves short on Candidates."

Nyalle purses her lips a bit and nods her head slightly. "He didn't outright forbid it, but…it was…frowned upon." Then she nods. "I'm sure we won't have a shortage of Candidates. We never have."

Th'ero scowls but tilts his head down in a thoughtful manner. "I hadn't known Mr'az had grown so paranoid as to go that far. We've always welcomed other Weyr's Searchriders without question before. So I do not plan to change that," he mutters and then smirks crookedly. "True. Though we've often not had so many clutches back to back. Our queens are certainly fertile."

Nyalle shakes her head. "It…" Was bad. Can she say that? "He made some poor decisions." There. That's the truth, nor is she really putting her weyrmate down…too much. Then there is a proud smile. "Yes, indeed they are."

Th'ero doesn't want to lay into Mr'az too much either but he's not about to outright lie to Nyalle. He didn't before in their previous talk. "He is a good man, Nyalle. Just not ready for Weyrleader. He may never be and the sooner he accepts that, the better he can… heal. Perhaps in time, he can be Wingleader." That much he'll give the younger bronzerider credit for. "What do you believe we should do for the Holds? Most have recovered from the past Turns. Some never will and we cannot undo that damage so easily."

Nyalle nods her head a little bit, pausing to think for a few moments before she finally speaks again. Onward. On to business. "Are there loans we can offer them? Animals that they can raise, as long as they give some of the offspring to another Hold in need? Or back to us, even?"

Th'ero has to mull that over for awhile before he can think of an answer that is better than 'I don't know'. He feels so out of the loop. "I could see about that or send some riders out to see to it. Those who would be knowledgeable and know who can be trusted for such trades." So no more mistakes are made.

Nyalle nods. "I think that is wise. We can't afford any more mistakes."

Th'ero finishes the last of the food on his plate and prepares to stand. "There won't be any more mistakes," he promises. Which is quite the promise, given nothing can ever be perfect! "There is more we need to discuss but perhaps at another time. We'll begin by mending what relations we can with the Holds before the worst of winter hits us. I need to go speak with the Wingleaders." Time to do some house cleaning!

Nyalle rises as well, flashing him a warm and wide smile. Oh yes. Housecleaning. "Clear skies, Weyrleader."

Th'ero returns the smile, though a touch more reserved. "Clear skies to you as well, Weyrwoman. We'll speak again tomorrow." Or much earlier, given what is about to happen come evening time. For now, his business here is done and he'll quietly slip out the door and head to the Wingleader's lounge to summon a meeting. And so it begins!

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