Fort Weyr - Ledge of Autumn's Flame
The second ledge reached along the long and narrow flight of stairs is now Kayeth's. Hundreds of turns of Senior Queens have rested their heads along this rocky outcrop, and Kayeth lays where Holth, Wiyaneth and countless others once did. The second couch of the weyr is often empty, unless Kayeth is entertaining visitors. This vast cavern looks out across the bowl towards the lake and the rockslide, and the setting sun often bathes this ledge in amber and rose hues. Annexed to this large cavern is both the Council Room and the Records Room, the latter reached by a flight of descending circular stairs.
A curved couch has been set up inside the cavern, forming a small quiet reading nook with a view of both dragon couches and the weyr. A bookcase behind it holds the records she uses most often, so Nyalle doesn't have to work her way down the narrow stairs. Beside the hearth is an old wood china cabinet filled with a few pieces of precious china, each tea cup and saucer different from the others.
A short hallway and a door separates the weyr from Nyalle's sleeping room, and beyond that is her bath. The portion of the chiseled stone which sits directly beneath Tooth Crag has been curtained off, and forms a little lounge/office, where Nyalle and work or entertain visitors.

Autumn is almost over and in the last stretch. So it's only fitting that the change-over begins with the predictable rise of a certain autumn coloured gold. Kayeth called to her suitors not long after the dawn sun broke the horizon and lightening sky. She drew many suitors and notably Velokraeth was there. Also notable was the distinct absence of Zhirazoth and his rider. Their doing by choice and some smart thinking or there is more afoot there? The flight went as all flights do and the betting was in full swing among those not caught up by the flight itself. Who's to say if they'd be disappointed in the end or very pleased when, FINALLY, Velokraeth snared Kayeth in his talons and reclaimed the title of Weyrleader for his rider. Can there finally be peace in the Weyr?

Temporarily, yes. But it's Fort, so it's bound to be only temporary. In her weyr, Nyalle sleeps, and for once she's snuggled up close to Th'ero, an arm flung over his chest, and she sleeps with a smile on her face, expression relaxed and peaceful.

Ouch. That would sting if Mr'az could see it. Luckily he can't and doubly lucky that Th'ero doesn't seem to mind that Nyalle is snuggled so close and mostly because he's deep asleep. When he does finally stir awake, it won't take him long to piece together what has happened — or the fact that her arm is flung over his chest. "Nyalle?" he prompts her quietly. Can he move now?

Nyalle sleeps the sleep of her queen - of the weyr - all pleased that the rightful Weyrleader has returned. Opening an eye, she peeks up at Th'ero and instead of jerking back in surprise, she just smiles. "Th'ero," she whispers, an exhaled breath of relief. Relieved he's not Ha'ze, no doubt, because she just /had/ a baby and really doesn't want another one right now. Slowly, she removes her arm and sits up, lifting the covers to modest height as she does so. "Fort is happy."

Thankfully that will be one less stress for her to worry about? Th'ero will politely keep his eyes lowered until she's modestly covered and settled before moving to the edge of the bed himself. Not that he means to turn his back to her, but this is just how the after-flight goes, isn't it? "I would hope so. I'd hate to see more disappointment thrown down and so close to winter. Are you alright?" It's the usual routine and even though Kayeth rises periodically it'll be familiar enough.

Nyalle lays back down again on her back, keeping her eyes politely upwards to avoid looking at him. "No, no," she murmurs. "The weyr is happy. And so am I." She darts a look at him and smiles, and there is a brightness to her eyes, a flush to her cheeks. "We can finally fix this, Th'ero. All of it. Together."

Th'ero won't waste any time in finding his clothes and dressing himself so that they can cease this awkward avoidance of looking at each other. You'd think by now they'd just get over it, but no. It wouldn't be proper, would it? "Good. I'm… happy as well," he admits with a slight smile of his own. There. He admitted it! He's happy to be back as Weyrleader. There's a dry chuckle to follow as he stands, "Your enthusiasm is refreshing, Nyalle. If you'd like, we can talk — in awhile. Later today, perhaps?" He assumes that she wants him out as soon as possible. He also assumes that Mr'az will be back soon and he does not want to be here when that happens.

Nyalle nods, sitting upright once more and bringing the blankets with her. "Yes. Let's have lunch? In our offices. We can plot our next moves there." She grins again, almost…bouncy in her enthusiasm.

Th'ero does enjoy the thought of plotting. At the very least, it means he's no longer sitting by inactive. Not that he's been lazy, but it certainly helps to be in the Weyrleading position again to get a few things moving. "Lunch sounds wonderful. I will see you then, in the offices." He's not stupid, he can see how lighthearted the Weyrwoman is. It almost has him shaking his own head and grinning but he keeps his reserved mask in place, allowing just a polite smile as he excuses himself.

Nyalle bounces out of bed and goes to get dressed, Kayeth's mood and Fort's elevating hers to almost giddy heights. Finally, Fort's Weyrleader has returned.

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