Stonehaven Cothold - Courtyard
The courtyard is a central hub of activity, protected on all sides by the towering cliffs or sturdy stone walls. Once passing through the iron gate, a brick pathway leads to the main hold entrance at a slight curve, while flat paver stones cover most of the rest of the space. However, much of this area has been given to gardens and a large greenhouse, so more of Stonehaven's food and medicinals can be grown within the shelter of its walls, offering the plants some protection from the harsh winters.
To the left, in the front corner of the courtyard where both walls meet, is a tree whose branches are just beginning to arch over the wall it grows alongside. The tree is now a memorial for those who were piled beneath it on the night of the Laris attack, with some flowers planted at its base and a few benches. There is no plaque or marker, but it doesn't take long for any newcomers to hear the story of that particular spot.
Stonehaven's front door is a sturdy wooden structure, reinforced with iron bands and very strong. To the right of it, at about shoulder height, is a stone that is well worn with time and touch, as the Stonehavens have traditionally touched that spot whenever leaving or returning, for luck.

Night has fallen on the hold and it is dark here on the loft of the stable. Ha'ze lays out on a blanket, another covering him. They smell strongly of runner, as he stole them from the creatures to use for himself. A pack, half full, lays under his head as a makeshift pillow. He's not asleep though, his eyes open as he looks upwards at the ceiling, still and silent.

Ezra is proud of his holding, and proud of being a good host, so when Raya told him that Ha'ze - a Fortian bronzerider - was sleeping in the stable, well. That didn't sit well with the young cotholder. So into the stable he marches, carrying blankets and pillows and a basket of food and drink. "Ha'ze." More statement than question as he stops at the base of the ladder and peers upwards. "What the hell are you doing."

Most people know better than to startle Ha'ze. He can be just a LITTLE jumpy. And this is no different, even though Rayathess had warned him that the holder would most likely come calling in objection to his sleeping arrangement. He's bolt upright in a second… only to hit his head against a low part of the ceiling and go right back down, swearing up a storm as his butt hits the ground.

Whoops? Ezra still stands at the base of the ladder, frowning upwards.

The torrent of swearwords continues for a while, muttered and indistinct. "I was trying to sleep Holder." There's a bit of sharpness in Ha'ze's reply. There's wetness on his hand, but it is too dark for him to check how bad it is.

Ezra snorts. "And why are you insulting my holding by sleeping in the stable?"

"Because I don't want to go inside your stupid hold, shit. Did you at least bring a sharding glow as you spout nonsense at me?" Ha'ze seems to have misplaced the mild goodwill he'd worked up towards the Stonehavens by bashing his head against the roof.

Ezra reaches over to a niche in the wall and uncovers a glow hanging in a basket beside a stall door. "Blankets, pillows and food as well. Least I could do." Literally.

With the light from the glow Ha'ze can finally examine the blood on his hand. There isn't a lot of it, so Ha'ze wipes his hand on the sleeve of his shirt. "I don't need it. I was going to sleep outside anyway."

Ezra scowls up the ladder. "Why won't you come inside?" The 'idiot' is implied.

No answer from Ha'ze. He's not going to yell down the ladder, proper respect to the holder or not. He's more careful standing this time as he rearranges his mussed blankets.

Ezra huffs and begins to climb, hauling the blankets, pillows and food up with him.

Flecks of hay spray towards Ezra as Ha'ze shakes out the horse blanket, the strong smell of runners from it wafting in the air as they float, then settle. One foot nudges Ha'ze's travel sack back in place. Good pillow. "All of that stuff is just going to get dirty."

"And used," comes Ezra's flat voice as he dumps blankets, pillows and basket of food up onto the loft, keeping himself standing on the ladder.

"I don't need it Ezra. If it wasn't so late I would have just headed back home after talking to Rayathess." Don't ask why Kainaesyth didn't come along.

Ezra shakes his head, "Well I'm bringing it to you anyway. Can't have anyone thinking I was a bad host. Still building our reputation you know."

"Because I'm going to go right back to the weyr and gossip about Stonehaven's hospitality." The look Ha'ze's levels at Ezra is dry and more than a little sarcastic. "No one thinks poorly of you."

Ezra snorts, eying Ha'ze right back. "You're going to have to cross the threshold eventually."

"Maybe. Someday." Ha'ze sits down on the horse blanket, ignoring the stff Ezra has brought. "How you live here I don't know. I thought, once, maybe I could come here. But no."

Ezra shakes his head. "It's mine," he says, his voice low and firm in those two words. "Laris took it from me, but only briefly." There's a shrug. "You have other things now. You don't need this like I do."

"Right. So. I don't have to cross that doorway for as long as I need to." Ha'ze rubs his hands on his face, the slight scruff that builds up since his last shave stiff and scratchy.

"Why do you still hesitate though?" Ezra asks, quiet and curious. "It's been ages…" For him at least. He's married now, with a son of his own. A new life.

"Not all of us moved on Ezra." Ha'ze looks upwards. "I love Kainaesyth. I have a family now. But that took everything. It's better. But that doesn't mean it has gone away."

Ezra shakes his head ever so slightly. "It won't go away until you put it away."

"Thank you for wisdom from Sronehaven's holder. I'll keep that in mind." Ha'ze lays back and reaches out to grab his second blanket.

Ezra rolls his eyes a bit and with a shrug, leaves the blankets, pillows and food and climbs back down the ladder.