Who J'en, Q'll
What Two bronzeriders meet in a bar.
When Autumn-Winter, Turn 2711
Where Gemstone Tavern, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.
Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

Winter is coming! And that's not just because Th'ero is Weyrleader. There's a nasty downpour outside that's thick and cold, a slushy combination of sleet and icy water that is drowning the Weyr and it's surroundings and making going anywhere at all just generally unpleasant. That's why the Gemstone is likely so packed - with folks who are unwilling to go home in the current conditions, and who are therefore resigned to drinking the night away in the tavern's warm confines. Q'll is in there, drink in hand, resting up against the bar where there's pretty much the only free space in the entire tavern, as every other seat seems to be taken. He's drinking ale of some description, and is laughing at a joke along with a group of other guys and girls, several of whom also wear a Thunderbird badge on their jackets.

Having been staying in Xanadu for a while, J'en has forced himself to adapt to the colder weather for real, while he was at Fort before he impressed he just tried to avoid being outdoors as much as possible. So when he steps into the tavern, he quickly sheds everything that is wet, which means everything except his tank top, leather pants, and footwear. Shaking them out, he puts the wet soggy things to dry on the hooks by the hearth, grumbling to himself something or another. Aside from those odd golden eyes of his, the guy had A LOT of tattoos, a facial peircing, and has had another growth spurt over the last turn. Hopefully he was done now, because having to replace one's clothing was getting annoying. The bronzerider makes for the bar, gaze drifting over the jovial gathering there but gives it a wide enough berth to be polite but not suggest that he thinks any of them have the Black Death. Sliding into a barstool, he orders a beer, imported of course.

J'en's unusual appearance draws Q'll's attention from the group he's with; he watches the fellow bronzerider strip down, then tracks his path over to the bar, eyes fixed curiously on those tattoo markings. It's only when J'en has a beer in hand that Q'll breaks off from his buddies to satisfy his own curiosity, by leaning against the bar beside the lad and raising his glass in cheers to him. "Still shitty weather out there then, huh?" He takes a drink, then tosses his dark curls from out of his eyes. "Welcome to Fort. Where it rains, pours, or pisses it down."

The bronzerider visitor left his jacket with its knot over by the hearth, but questions can be asked if one cares to know why skin is sunkissed into a light tan rather than being the pale hue most at Fort or Xanadu are likely to bear. Golden eyes flicker to the man as he wanders from his comrades to lean against the bar somewhat in his general vacinity. Handsome features are youthful but relaxed, spared any emotion that might otherwise crease or change them. A green bottle is delivered and taken up, lashes lowering as he regards the other bronzerider, "It's Fort, ya expected the weather to be shit." he states, matter-of-factly, taking a sip of his beverage and swallowing it down.

"It's not always bad, but they were saying," Q'll jerks his chin over to the knot of riders he's just left, "that I brought Xanadu's rain with me." He rolls his eyes, drinks from his beer, and shrugs. "And they're not listening when I tell them that actually, I'm from Igen, even if I did spend 6 turns in Xanadu since I Impressed there." Another roll of his dark eyes, and Q'll hrumphs. "Q'll, by the way. Qhynnveslacth's." Who would be bronze, given the thread of it in the Fortian knot on his shoulder.

"Just moved to Xanadu." J'en says without prompting, "It's snowin' there." Either that displeased the teenager, or that was just his face because the expression wasn't changing much. His gaze darts to the riders that Q'll refered to, and then they return to him for a second before his beer is lifted back to his lips. "I was born in Ista." So that is definately the origin of that accent, but maybe that's where the darker skin came from, but it was only a light tan so maybe not. Maybe it's faded. Who knows. There is a snort though, "Barely made two in Half Moon Bay." And there you go. "J'en, ya can call meh Jae." And by can, he means you should. You really really should call him Jae. Really. "Bronze Leketh's." He wasn't wearing his knot, but maybe there was cause here to do some posturing or something because its stated, but then again, the kid didn't seem much interested in well, anything, given the evenness of his tone and lack of inflections.

"Alright. Jae. Nice to meet you." Q'll offers his hand for a brief, but strong, shake - if J'en will accept it. "I'd tell you to call me Quill, but Q'll and Quill hardly sound any different, so…" He shrugs his broad shoulders. His eyes flicker back to the bronzerider's tattoos, not quite as hidden a look as the ones he made earlier. "So. Ista. Half Moon… why'd you pick snow over sun?"

J'en drops those golden eyes to the extended hand, considers it, and returns the handshake with one of his own perfectly reflecting duration and strength offered. Then the hand drops away, his left still wrapped around the bottle of his beer. He does notice the study of his flesh art, but his own attention doesn't linger long on Q'll, letting the man look as much as he likes. Jae's left shoulder bears an intricate tattoo that extends down to his elbow, depicting swirling waves of blue amongst gold and bronze lotus flowers, accented by two colorful butterflies. The right side bares a young tree with fine and bold lines sprounting from the apical center of his chest, up and over his right shoulder, half-way up his neck, and down not only the entire length of his arm to the knucles, but also drapes over the back to end in the middle of the shoulder blade. They were, not subtle in the least. After taking another long sip from that bottle, he sets it on the counter. "Mah dad's Weyrleader of Ista, he dun like that I weyrmated a former renegade so I'm banned. Left Half Moon 'cause I had to kill some renegades to rescue this asshat everyone loves for some fuckin' reason I dun understand." Blunt. Complete. Honesty. No sugar coating.

Well. That wasn't what Q'll was expecting. "Oh." He's struggling to come up with a response to that bombshell, and so he rubs awkwardly at the back of his neck, then fluffs a hand through his curls. "Well. Shit." He drinks down more of his beer, then drums his fingers against the glass as he tries to think of what else to say. "Sounds… rough, man. Sorry about that." What else can you say? Q'll shifts his stance awkwardly, and drinks more from his glass. "So, uh… I moved to Xanadu from Igen because I was Searched." He shrugs. No big deal. "Then I moved here because… I felt I needed to move."

Welcome to all that is J'en, well, on the surface anyway. There were many, many, many layers. Bottomless really, but this was a simple converation at a bar with a relative stranger not the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Liklihood was, Jae would never see this person again, but even he wasn't spared the deadpan of is absolute honesty. Oh. J'en lowers his lashes a bit. Well. Shit. He looks away and across the counter to the bottles of hard liquor stored there for display and use. Sounds rough. Sorry about that. The teenager shrugs the shoulder with the lotus tattoo, and take another sip of his beer. Those oddly hued eyes of his slide back to the Fortian bronzerider when he stops floundering over all that sucks in the doom and gloom of Jae's life, and starts talking about himself instead. "Why's that?" he asks, though his tone never deviates from its flatness. Does he actually care? Is he even curious? Or is he just going through the motions for the sake of being polite. None of this is answered in body language or expression, the current Xanadu resident appearing rather relaxed overall.
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"Bad breakup with someone in my wing," Q'll replies with a purposefully nonchalant shrug. "She didn't like that I didn't like her any more. And she went a bit…" He raises his hand, circling his index finger by his temple. "Kept coming home to her on my ledge, her green kept bombarding Qhynn all the time, she would switch the rota so we were both doing deliveries together all the time… not my thing, dude. Psycho girls are not my bag at all." The bronzerider picks up his ale and chugs what's left. "Hey, man. You do shots?"

J'en folds his arms over one another and listens to the explanation of who, what and why. Slowly a brow lifts as Q'll goes on, seemingly unimpressed with the girl that was being described. Unable to help it, he snorts at all that, shaking his head and reaching for his beer again. "Exactly why I prefer relationships with men," he says, just as deadpan. "I slept with this chick once before I impressed, and she was obsessed with meh ever since. Askin' people about meh, followin' meh around, kept makin' plans for our…" He holds up fingers to make quotes in the air between them, "…future…" He shudders at that, beer mouth to his and taking a healthy swig of it before setting it back down again. "Women are fuckin' insane." He heaves a sigh though, "Sometimes I wish I dun't love what they had between their legs so much." A drink to that apparently, because there he goes. Brood. Brood. Women. Brood. Hmmm? J'en glances back to Q'll, "Dun't usually touch the hard stuff, why?"

"Never did really get into the whole guy thing, though it's good enough in flights I suppose." Q'll shrugs his shoulders and wrinkles his nose. "There's plenty of greenriders that're hot, I guess. And in that moment it's all… good. But outside of flights I dunno if I've ever felt that way for another dude, man." He shrugs again. "Shots're good for forgetting. Good for getting to know a guy. Good for the blood, or some shit like that. I dunno, man, what's gonna sell them to you?"

"Ain't doin' it right then," J'en suggests, now back to nursing his beer now that women weren't the topic of discussion. "Somethin' to be said about not havin' to worry 'bout breakin' someone, though I suppose if ya dunno what yer doin' that can still be a worry." Again there is a shrug, "Fuckin' is fuckin' and as long as their hot, dun matter much to meh if they're a man or a woman. No chance of knockin' up a dude though, and generally speakin' less a chance of bein' stalked afterwards." Sadly, the Xanadu loiterer is now out of beer, draining the bottle of its contents and then pushing the empty back across the counter towards the barkeep with a single digit. Golden eyes flick back to Q'll, "Ain't for everyone." He take a minute then to look the other bronzerider over, appraisingly, and likely much to the effect that the guy did with every pretty woman that walked anywhere near or past him. "I dun think yer drunk enough to pay the price." His chin drifts then, to the heel of his hand, supported by an elbow propped on the counter.

Q'll holds up a hand to stop the bartender from refilling the beer. Instead? He orders two shots. They're mixed, cocktail shooters really, but a starting point. He looks back to J'en and waggles his brows. "Just one. One for bangin' hot chicks… and hot dudes. All the hot people, man. Drink to that, yeah?" The shooters arrive, and Q'll pushes one over to J'en. "It's a gentle one. Citrusy and sorta sweet, a good starting point." He raises his up to his lips, and looks expectantly over at the other bronzerider. "Bottoms up?"

J'en looks between the bartender and Q'll, but he doesn't protest the order, little of what he was thinking converted into any sort of meaningful expression. Instead, he simply watches the shots being prepared, eyes fllowing them as they arrive and his friendly companion picks one of them up and explains why they were suddenly celebrating. Though, he is given pause for the waggling of eyebrows. "Yer confusin' meh, dude." Apparently not so much that the younger of the pair is stopped from picking up the other shot for himself, and downs it without so much as a single inkling about what a bad idea that might be. The empty glass is rotated in his fingers and placed topside down back into the counter, while the heel of his other hand remain poised against his lips swallowing the contents of his mouth. No wince, just a lowering of those lashes. "Never said I ain't never had the hard stuff, jus' that I dun usually drink it."

"Nah, I didn't mean you didn't drink it - I meant that's an easy one to whet the palette for more shots to follow," Q'll explains, while holding up two fingers to the bartender - ordering two more shooters. This time, they're blue. "Start with these, ease on into the rest, and you're cushty, bro." The blue shooter is pushed over to J'en. "What're you confused about?" He plays with the shooter between two fingers, rolling it back and forth while looking into the other bronzer's gold eyes. His own dark brown ones are just glassy enough to suggest he's getting tipsy.

The Ista born bronzerider lifts his chin upwards a degree, saying nothing on the point that the other was making and doesn't hesitate to pick up that blue shot as it arrives. Wordlessly he downs the contents, swallows it quickly, and flips to set it down as he had the first. "Nevermind." he replies instead, having apparently dismissed whatever reservations he had. "Dun matter." Golden eyes remain on Q'll now, no longer interested in anything other than him right now, which is not necessarily a good thing for him. Especially since he's noted the glassiness there in those big brown eyes, and doesn't seem of a mind to put a stop to thing right then and there. He taps the counter and orders two more shots, but these next ones are pure amber and from the top shelf. "Keep 'em comin'." Uh oh.

"Now you're talking." Or not, since J'en didn't explain anything - but there is proper shots coming, and Q'll is appreciative of that at least! The bronzerider watches them being poured, and reaches for one as soon as they're nudged their way. The other he pushes towards his new buddy, while he lifts his own in a toast. Chink it if you will, J'en! "To… to meeting new folks. Who're good drinkers and good blokes, and… oh shit, that rhymed!" He laughs, and then down the hatch his shot goes. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. "What changed your mind, man?"

J'en really wasn't explaining anything, was he? No, but there was drinking to do so maybe that's all that it was to begin with. Now with those proper shots coming, the serious drunkage can begin. Lifting the shot glass up, he clinks it lightly against Q'll's before he tips it back against his mouth and drains the contents, wincing this time just a twitch when the liquid burns his throat a bit on the way down. Rotated and placed downwards, the next round arrives like any good bartender should by conceeding with the request of paying customers. A very light flush was now working its way into Jae's cheeks as the alcohol was doing what it should and saturating his brain and probably liver. "Still dun think yer drunk enough for that answer." he says, toying now with the rim of the next shot as he simply waits for Q'll to pick up the next round as well.

"Duuude, I dun even know the question any more," is Q'll's reply as he picks up the next shot and knocks it down, slamming the empty glass against the counter. "More please! Bring 'em on!" He fishes in his pocket, pulls out marks, and drops them onto the countertop so that they bounce and roll away. "Aw, shiiiit." A quick scramble has him rounding them up, and they're pushed towards the bartender. "We wan'… all the shots." There goes that big winning smile, with the dimples flashing in his stubbled cheeks. "For me an' my buddy here." A hand is clapped against J'en's shoulder, followed by a friendly squeeze. "How many you reckon we can shoot, J-man?"

For this, J'en actually chuckles, the booze having worked him loose enough for that to be a possible thing even as the tension that Q'll probably didn't even notice begins to ease itself out of the golden eyed teen's shoulders. "Keep drinkin'." he says, and is not disappointed, because the drinks do indeed keep coming. Marks are slammed down, scatter and collected again with Jae just shaking his head and as all the shots are ordered, a smile does appear on his face teeth and all which unfortunately the other bronzerider can not apprechiate for its rarity. After all, he doesn't know him. Though, when Q'll smiles J'en homes in. Dimples. Lashes lower and he kicks back another shot, setting the empty down onto the counter along the row with the others. Then the hand claps down on his shoulder which instantly tightens beneath his grasp, doubled for the squeeze. A hand reaches out, hooking a finger into the front of the poor guy's tunic and he pulls him very close indeed. "Ya drunk enough yet?" he asks, mouth dangerously close to his.

"Oh shit." Q'll is pulled very close, unexpectedly, and… sure, he's drunk, but he's also wide-eyed in surprise and boggling at the veryveryvery close J'en. "Oh shit," he repeats, a little softer, clearly… uncertain. Not knowing what to do. "Drunk enough for what, man?" He runs his tongue over his lips - a nervous reaction, undoubtedly - and leans his head back just a little with an uncomfortable angling of his neck. "You gonn' try an' make out wi'me, or somethin'?"

Unfortunatly for Q'll, a drunk J'en is an overly aggressive J'en and this is shown in the way he's looking very intensely at the poor guy currently receiving all of his attention. The surprise is ignored completely, as is the the uncertainty, and he was not unhooking that finger at all. Lashes remain lowered and the smell of alcohol was not something to be missed. "Pretty much," he replies, but doesn't actually do it for reasons that of course the older man wouldn't have a clue about. "Ya dun want meh to, then say so, but the drunker I get the less I'm gunna care." That about all the warning that the other bronzer is going to get and so decisions were going to have to be made and quickly at that.

"Oh shit." Such an easy phrase to say when you've got no clue what else fits the situation. "Shit, man. I dunno. I mean… you're not a bad-looking guy, but… shit, dude." Awkwaaaard. Q'll leans back a little more, but doesn't pull loose of J'en's hold. Instead? More shots! He picks two up, one in each hand, and he holds one up next to the finger that's hooked into his shirt, possibly in the hopes that the younger bronzerider will take that and let him loose. "Drink up, dude. We gotta lot of these bad boys to drink through."

More shots indeed, and considering that Q'll wasn't quite done marinating J'en reliquishes his hold of him in favor of another shot of the good stuff. "No I ain't." Bad looking? No, that definately not an accurate description of the younger bronzerider at all. He didn't have the bulk of the elder of the two, but beauty was in no short supply. And so there is drinking instead of making out, Jae throwing back that shot without even pausing to consider anything else. The bartender is clearning the shot glasses now though, there being a considerable amount of empties between them so they can be washed and reused. "Jus' leave the bottle." he tells the poor man serving up the shots, probably making his whole life a bunch easier and allows him to pay more attention to other customers.

Good thinking! "An' two glasses," Q'll adds to the request for the bottle. He blinks to clear booze-bleary eyes, and reaches for the bottle when it's handed over to them. With an unsteady hand he pours two shaky shots, licking the spilt booze off his fingers before picking up his glass and drinking it down without even nudging J'en's towards him. "There's a chick," he slurs, "over there. Watchin'. Betcha she'd let you take her home, man." Said girl is pointed at, and Q'll gives the bronzerider a big, dimpled smile. "Dontcha think she's a better catch?"

The bartender doesn't even blink an eye, passing over two glasses towards the bronzeriders and goes back to other things. Who as he to judge? J'en goes right ahead and takes the shot that the shaky handed Q'll pours for him, that light tint of flush now a complete blush due to the amount of liquor in his system. Quite a bit of heavily-lid eyed attention is given to the lick of booze from that hand, lingering there before his golden hued gaze wanders over to the girl that was being pointed out. She was looking that way, wasn't she? But, guess who has Jae's complete and undivided attention? Those dimples. "Nope." he states, hand coming up and strong fingers finding the back of that curly haired neck, without pausing to ask any questions this time, the teenager presses his lips to his.

Perhaps it's shock that has Q'll completely still when lips lock with his. What J'en won't see is the bronzerider's hand clenched tightly around his shotglass, though he'll likely feel the tension through Q'll's body; an uncertainty that knots his muscles and has him completely rigid for what feels, to him at least, like an eternity. When life returns to him, Q'll lifts his hands to push J'en away, a sharp shove to the younger man's chest. "Dude." He rubs the back of his hand over his mouth, then rubs his hand on his trousers and just… stares. Brows furrowed, lips parted, hands held tense by his sides.

That press of lips doesn't linger long enough to warrent a shove, but the reaction is not missed. "Ya need to lighen up," he says, pointing to the girl that was looking over at them before, who was now staring at them in a very obvious apprechiation for what had just occured, even if Q'll wasn't having it. His tongue passes over his lips, the peircing at the left corner wriggling some with the motion. She was a beauty too, rising out of her seat across the bar and sauntering over to the two bronzeriders, leaning over and murmuring something softly in Jae's ear which makes a brief and toothy smile appear on his face as he chuckles shortly. "Ya, dun think that's gunna happen. Not with him anyway." he says aloud, which brings a look of disappointment across her face.

Q'll remains tensed, brows low over his dark eyes as he glowers out from beneath the overhang of his curled forelock. "Dude," he says again, shaking his head. He untenses enough to reach for the bottle, taking a swig direct from the neck this time, all the while keeping an eye on J'en, though his gaze does skitter over to the girl a few times. He may be drunk, but he picks up on what's being suggested. Or at least, he thinks so. "No fucking way, man. Nu-uh. Toldja I wasn't into that." She can be disappointed all she likes, but Q'll has a stubborn set to his jaw and he's having none of it. With the bottle in his hand, he turns unsteadily on his heel and wobbles his way determinedly towards the door.

J'en doesn't appear to be the least bit bothered, but then again, turns out he was an asshole anyway. What he doesn't do is try anything else, with him or her, simply sitting back and watching the older man unravel a bit with a somewhat amused expression. He'd even dropped his chin back against the heel of his palm, letting Q'll take the whole bottle of that liquor, because the man had paid for it already so no one was going to be tackling him on his way out the door. The girl continues to look disappointed, turning her green eyes back upon him as the older of the two wobbles his way doorwards without any argument from Jae. "Be my guest." he says, gesturing to the drunk guy heaed out, and so the girl gleefully goes to help Q'll if he'll let her and probably takes him somewhere to rock his world. As for J'en? He's ordering another beer.

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