Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Late morning sees a day already behaving more like autumn than summer. The winds are light and cool but the sky is overcast and the Weyr has just had a deluge of steady rain. The sort of rain that falls in large, fat wet droplets that are swift to soak anything or anyone caught out in it to the bone. Which in this case explains the rather soggy arrival of one Harper apprentice. Rayathess has seen to his runner being stabled in the stone barn and now sloshes his way through the bowls, looking rather miserable and pitiful in his soaked clothing as they cling and tug uncomfortably with every move. "Figures it pours just as I get in…" he can be heard grumbling to himself, lifting his hands up push irritably at his hair which is also plastered to his head and face. Ugh.

Standing just inside the entrance to the living caverns, Ezra flips up the hood of his jacket and cradles his mug of klah, considering the rain outside. Pondering going out or just staying in, it's his scanning of the bowl that lands his gaze onto Rayathess. The teen perks up but still doesn't venture ino the rain. No, the little brother just waves.

Abigail was hoping to avoid the rain, but it doesn't seem to ever be that way when she is working on things. Though it seems the weather has other ideas at the moment. The brownrider is making her way across the bowl, heading towards the caverns while doing her best to try and keep some paper work tucked under her flight jacket. Her pale gaze drifts towards a bit of grumbling that she catches and there is a bit of amusement seen. "Hello Rayathess… Great weather isn't it?" Hopfully she is joking.

Rayathess startles a bit when Abigail catches up to him, too caught up in trying to pull his soaked sleeves off his arms to have noticed the Wingleader approaching. "Great weather?" he scoffs, giving her a look as though she's grown an extra set of arms after he gives her a proper salute. Hopefully she is joking! Because he'll assume as much in the next beat and smirks. "Wonderful weather. I needed a shower." he says with dry sarcasm. "And look, there's Ezra." Lifting a hand, he'll wave to his brother and gesture for Abigail to join him as he steps closer to where Ezra is lingering by the entrance. "Morning, brother. What, no happy greeting?"

Ezra takes a step back to clear the entrance so Rayathess and Abigail can join him in the dryness. "Not when you're that wet," he says with a laugh. "Ma'am," he adds, saluting Abigail because it's polite, before he offers Rayathess his mug of steaming klah. "Here. Should I go get some towels?"

Abigail chuckles a touch as she hears Rayathess now, a slight nod is seen while she continues along towards the entrace of the caverns. "Hello Ezra, how have ye both been?" It has been a while since they last spoke to either one of the brothers after all. At the talk of towels, wellshe wouldn't mind one. "Maybe when I get on into the cavern a towel would be rather helpful." She eyes the papers she was attempting to keep dry, which didn't really work as they are rather wet. A soft breath escapes her. "So much for getting done with paperwork eariler."

"Get some rice," Rayathess informs Abigail, grimacing when he puzzles out that her paperwork has been ruined despite her efforts to keep it dry. "And lay it flat in it. The grains will absorb the moisture. Might be able to salvage some of it." It's a nifty trick to know! Ezra's laughed reply earns a smirk from him and Rayathess also rolls his eyes. He make also "accidentally" flick some water in his little brother's direction when he makes a flippant gesture with his arm. "Towels might be nice." he agrees and then promptly ducks his head down as he sneezes. Sniffling, he'll take the mug of klah from Ezra and take a grateful sip only to look a bit sheepish to Abigail. "Sorry, I'd off you the klah but…" He did just sneeze. Maybe he's falling sick?

Ezra smiles. "I'm doing well, Abigail, yourself?" the young heir asks before he ducks into the caverns and flees for a moment, returning with towels and rice. "Here," he says, gesturing them towards the fireplace. "I'll go get more food and drink." And he's off again. But he's happy they're both here, honest.

Abigail sends a curious glance to Rayathess at the suggestion, she chuckles softly and smiles. "Not a bad idea. I'll have to put it to good use that is for sure." Best believe that she will when she gets to where she is going to try and save the paperwork for sure. There is a slight pause as Rayathess goes about sneezing, a brow lifting and she chuckles a moment. "That is alright. I'll be getting meself some soon enough. Hopefully yer not getting sick thanks to all this wet weather." A smile is sent to Ezra. "I'm doing well. Thank ye Ezra." Well she won't mind the offer of something warm to drink at the moment.

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Rayathess clears his throat, his hands still wrapped around the warmth of the mug of klah he's holding and trying not to shiver too noticeably now that he's getting chill from the soaked clothing he's wearing. "Don't get sick!" he claims proudly to Abigail but smirks all the same. He's just jinxed himself now, hasn't he? Shuffling over to the fireplace, Rayathess will be the proper Harper trained gentleman and offer a seat to Abigail first before taking one for himself and saving another for Ezra. When his younger brother returns, he takes the towel and begins to work on mopping up his hair first. "So you play host too here in the Weyr, Ezra?" he teases lightly. It's roughly mid-morning in Fort Weyr, with the season caught between summer and autumn. The winds are low, the air cool and a heavy burst of rainfall has just drowned the area in big, fat drops of rain only to now be tapering off. Rayathess was caught in it as he traveled from the Hall and is now paying for his ill timing in soaked clothes and a bit of a chill. Some were more fortunate to be indoors when the rains came but not everyone!

Ezra shrugs a bit with a chuckle as he passes out more mugs of klah and flops down in the chair his brother saved for him. "Only to people I like," he teases back with a little smirk. "The rice is coming," he tells Abigail. "They wouldn't let me into the kitchens…" There's a shrug. "So what's your business here today, Raya?"

Abigail follows along towards seats near the fire, she smiles to Rayathess and takes a seat near the fire that has a little table near it which allows her to set the bit of paperwork out upon it so it can work on drying out a bit. Once Ezra has found them and joined she offers him a smile while taking hold of one of those mugs of klah. "Thank ye Ezra. Don't worry about the rice if'nn they don't bring it I'll go find some in a bit." They most likely won't keep a Wingleader from searching for such things after all.

Yes, some were saved by being indoors when the rains came, but not everyone. Definitely not everyone, and it just so happens that Lana is one of those unfortunate people that was not allowed to stay nice and dry. As she enters the living caverns the brownrider looks rather annoyed, and the reason for this annoyance is probably rather obvious. After all, she is soaking wet. Water drips from her blonde hair onto her clothes, cloth this time instead of the riding leathers she is often found wearing. This is unfortunate, as she would probably be a lot warmer if not for the absorbent cloth. She doesn't seem to notice the others as she enters, instead muttering to herself under her breath as she rings out her dripping hair.

Rayathess frowns. "Why wouldn't they let you into the kitchens?" he asks Ezra, not sounding too pleased. "Did you tell the cooks why you needed the dry grains? I'm sure you're not the first or the last person who will come by asking for a cup or two…" he mutters. There's a darted look to Abigail's shoulder knot, then the paperwork. "Doubly so if it's a Wingleader's work at stake!" Right? Running the towel over his hair a few more times, he then wraps it over his shoulders and flops back in his chair, slouching a bit and trying to expose as much of himself to the heat of the fire. "Pleasure." is his drawled reply to Ezra, followed by a crooked smile. "Free day, so I came to visit. Figured you'd be here and if not I'd have secured passage to Stonehaven. What's got you here?" he asks his brother, only to glance sidelong to Abigail again. "Did work bring you out into the rain too?" Hence the paperwork, right? "Looks like another victim," Rayathess murmurs upon seeing an annoyed Lana stride into the caverns and he'll lift a hand in a slight half-wave, only to point at the fire in the hearth. Warm up?

Ezra shrugs, eying his brother with a little smirk. He's a grown up now, Raya, he can deal. "They're busy in there. Told me they'd bring some out." There's another shrug and he lounges in his chair. "Not much to do today up there," he admits, "not with this weather. Got a guy living up there full time now, so I'm back and forth. He'll take care of the animals." Maybe he just missed the weyr. Shhhh. Turning his head, the young heir frowns a bit when he sees Lana of all people, but he doesn't protest her approaching. Nor does he go to get her a towel and klah. Though drudges come over with a tray of rice for Abigail.

Abigail shrugs slightly and glancing to Rayathess. "It's alright. I imagine they are a bit on the busy side within the kitchens at the moment with weather like this." There is a pause once the drudge comes out with the rice and she nods while taking hold of it. "Thank ye." Is offered before there is a pause as she catches sight of Lana a slight distance off, there is a slight bit of hope that the other rider may just keep moving by but she is never truly that lucky. "Aye, pretty much the case." This said to Rayathess. "Once me way up to the lounge in order to get sweep plans and the like set up for the next few days. The weather has had other plans for me at the moment it would seem."

Wet, wet, wet, wet, wet. Lana can handle being wet when she's submerged in water, but it's another thing to be wet because horrible droplets rained down upon you because some clouds couldn't handle their burden. Really she shouldn't blame the clouds for this, it's not like they can control it, but hey, at least she's not blaming a human. Like Ezra. Lana catches sight of Ezra's little wave and point and gives him a half smile and nod. However, before she approaches them she walks over to a drudge and murmurs something to her in a manner that's a tad friendly for a rider talking to a random drudge they don't know. But then again Oatile isn't exactly random to the brownrider, not that she's very recognizable. With a nod the drudge darts off and Lana walks toward the hearth. She does not sit down for fear of getting the chairs wet though. Instead she nods to the group in general before saying in a voice that is her awkward attempt at a joking voice, "I'd say good day but, you know, the weather kinda ruined it."

Rayathess snorts, accepting the excuse of 'being busy' grudgingly. SHouldn't a lord heir get a bit more leeway? "Oh? Hired someone out? Smart of you. Is he just a lone man or he part of a family?" he asks Ezra and watching him from a sidelong look. It's okay if they discuss hold matters here, right? "Mhm, I suppose." Rayathess agrees as well with Abigail, only to look towards the kitchens. "Wonder if that means breakfast is ready soon. Could do with something hot to eat." And some new and dry clothing too? That'll come in time. Priorities! Which is… apparently social conversation first for the Harper apprentice. "Isn't this weather good for training though? Forgive my ignorance if I've that wrong," he murmurs to the Wingleader, only to have his attention drawn to Lana again as she approaches. If he finds her conversing (politely) with the drudge he keeps his mouth shut on it, but her awkward attempt at joking is met by a dry snort and a half-grin. "It could be a could day if you were looking to get soaked to the bone?" Standing, he will offer her his towel even if it's already damp. It's better than nothing, right?

Ezra settles more deeply into his chair, sipping his klah and watching for a moment. To his brother, he shrugs. "Lone guy. Nice guy, been working with me for the last few months getting things ready and fixing stuff. I trust him." He'd have to. Glancing at the other women, the young man dips his head down slightly. "Seems dragons need to practice in all weathers, especially bad," he remarks.

"Indeed it is great for training. I honestly don't mind wet or snowy weather." Abigail offers after a long sip from her mug. " Though getting training plans, and sweep plans done is the key Along with working on keeping them dry it seems." The plans it would seem as she sends a slight glance towards the paperwork that is covered in rice, hopefully the rice will do well at saving some of the paperwork! She smirks a bit hearing Lana, a slight shrug is seen while she leans back upon her seat, both of her hands resting upon her mug. "Aye, perhaps. Though we see much worse weather here then some rain."

Lana gives a snort of amusement at Rayathess' comment. "Unfortunately this was not that day," she admits, "those days are generally found in the summer and in warm rain." Because really, even though she doesn't like getting wet in general everyone has some exceptions, and for her warm summer rains are it. As long as it isn't followed by coldness. Rayathess' offered towel gets a grateful grin and the sound of her saying, "thanks," as she accepts the offering. Ooh, and it sounds sincere as well. While that's not the rarest thing in the world it certainly isn't too common. Maybe Lana should end up soaked more often? To Abigail she shakes her head before remarking, "yeah, but I prefer not to think about that weather when it's not almost directly upon us." There's a pause as she glances at the rice-covered papers before she asks, "rice? To… dry the papers, right? Does that work?"

Rayathess believes his little brother when Ezra explains that he trusts the man he's left in charge of Stonehaven. "Glad you could find someone so reliable, Ezra. At least gives you some peace of mind. So what's the next project you've got going for the hold?" he asks and then nods his head in agreement to his brother's observations. "Any training is good in poor weather. Even we have to learn to play in cold and damp. Can't always be sun and warmth!" he notes with a smirk. Taking his seat again, he nods to Abigail. "Snow doesn't bother me much either. At least you can't get soaked by." Not easily, anyways! As if to prove a point, Rayathess attempts to wring some of the water out of his jacket sleeves and work on prying the thing off of him to hang it over the back of his chair. Ugh. "Warm or cold, rain is rain, isn't it? There's a difference?" he drawls to Lana, followed by a slow dip of his head. You're welcome.

Ezra nods, "It works," he answers Lana, watching her for a long moment before he sips his klah again and gazes into the warm flames. "Interior," he answers Rayathess. "Taking our time, doing it right. It'll be pristine when we're done," he says, quiet pride in his voice. "I like the snow," he adds. "And the warm rains, though those are few and far between up here."

Abigail nods slightly as she hears Lana. "No reason why it wouldn't work. If'nn ye think on it. The rice and soak up water or whatever else it is cooked with." A glance is sent to her papers. "Though I never would have thought ta try it on papers before honestly." Hearing Rayathess she nods, a smile seen while she looks back to him. "Indeed that is true about the snow."

Lana shoots Abigail a wary glance at the mention of training in poor weather. After all, the brownrider is her wingleader now, and if she gets something stuck in her head there's a chance that she could be dragged out to practice drills during a snowstorm. And going between freaks her out enough in normal circumstances, thank you very much, doing it in a snowstorm during a non-emergency is not something she looks forward to. But then again, how else would she get practice in cast of an actual emergency? Oh woe is her. To Rayathess she remarks, "I think so, though different people think differently. Warm rain is all pleasant and, well, warm, while cold rain is just awful all around. Well, that's how I see it anyway." She then glances at Ezra with faint surprise on her face when he confirms that it works but can't help but smile faintly when he says that he likes warm rain. Oh yeah, two points for warm rain. "Snow," she murmurs, "snow is… alright. It's not fun when you get it in your hair and come back inside." So rice works. Huh, she always knew that stuff was a miracle, though really until now that had been because it was something she could cook and not burn horribly. It is then that Oatile returns with another towel, although it's more a large cloth than a towel. Lana raised an eyebrow but the drudge just shrugs before handing it to her and beginning to step away, although she does pause to salute to Abigail and Ezra. As Lana places the damp towel that Rayathess had given her and she had been using to dry her hair over her shoulders to prevent any more drip she begins drying her shirt off with the rag. However, just before she walks away Oatile quietly tells the brownrider, "your green was in the towels again." Her response is to shrug before remarking, "your towels, and I told you she'd stop if you just moved them." The drudge frowns at this before muttering, "your firelizard, towels were there before she hatched." With that she strides off and exits the dining cavern, Lana snorting and rolling her eyes at her sister's abrupt departure.

Rayathess snorts, "Only warm rain I've ever experienced is down in the southern jungles and it's only nice for a short period of time. Then the humidity hits you and it's just downright miserable," he drawls with a smirk to Lana, though his eyes flash with amusement. "To each their own, in the end, right?" As for the trick with the rice, he flips a hand in a rather dismissive manner. "It's a trick I overheard once, but it's one they use at the Hall too. Not that it's very often any of the work there is damaged in such a way." Anyone foolish to get Harper material soaked is asking to have their hide's flayed. Turning to Ezra then, Rayathess perks up a bit. "Are you starting completely new or just repairing and restoring as you go? Maybe I'll come with you, the next time you're going up to see." he murmurs, already trying to plot out in his head when next he can escape his studies. Glancing back to Lana, Rayathess can't miss the exchange between her and the drudge and curiosity gets the best of him. "You two seem… familiar with each other." he points out, more bluntly than he intends.

Ezra shrugs a bit, taking another sip of his klah. A brow lifts at his brother's little tidbit of his past, but the younger Stonehaven son doesn't remark on it. "Lots of repairing and replacing what we need. A few changes. Mostly keeping everything that was there before. Just improving upon it." Sanding, new varnish, new handles, that sort of thing. Watching the exchange between the two girls, Ezra has to laugh. "Bickering like that? My marks' on sisters."

Lana wrinkles her nose briefly at Rayathess' description of the humid southern jungle warm rain. "To each their own indeed," she replies. "Although I have to admit, the southern jungle rains sound absolutely horrid. I mean short bursts that aren't followed by humidity, but they're really rare, I've only experienced them a few times and when visiting other places for the most part." So after she impressed Rauskazeth mostly, as she had very rarely left the Weyr for even a hour or so before then. When Rayathess points out that she seemed familiar with the drudge Lana pauses briefly only to give a small smile and nod in confirmation at Ezra's words. "Oatile," she murmurs, "she's younger."

"Where have you visited?" Rayathess asks out of curiosity to Lana, figuring as a brownrider or a rider in general that she has seen far more of Pern than himself or Ezra combined. As for that uplifted brow his younger brother gives him, Rayathess only shrugs and smirks. What? Though it soon turns to a grimace as his damp clothing pulls at him uncomfortably. He shifts on his chair. "Makes sense and would save time and resources to just touch up what is already there." he tells Ezra, though there is far more to those words than that. Truthfully, Rayathess is rather pleased that Ezra is keeping as much of Stonehaven as it once was. Even if it's a touch painful to see. "Don't hesitate to send word, hmm, if you need an extra pair of hands? I'm not always drowning in studies or caught in lessons." Proof in point, he's here now! Blinking, Rayathess' eyes dart back to Lana and then away again as if hoping to catch a glimpse of Oatile. "You were a drudge?" he exclaims rudely and then flinches. Wow, dumb move. "Sorry. I mean, I just… wouldn't have guessed."

Ezra was right? Awesome. He smiles at Lana in a self-satisfied way with a little nod. Totally nailed that one. "I think I've met her before," he admits thoughtfully. "Seems nice enough. Does she live with you? Or in the dorms?" Looking back at his brother, Ezra can easily read between those lines and he nods. "I thought so. And I will, don't worry. Need all the skilled help we can get."

"Quiet a few places," Lana responds to the question of where she has visited. "There were some trips during candidacy, the dolphincraft hall was probably the best in regard to the weather. I went to the south once as a messenger to help with something, I was at Xanadu with So'l and D'ani when I was searched, and I saw some of the other Weyrs when learning betweening. I don't travel as much as some other riders do though, I'm in search and rescue you see, mostly covering Fort territory." This is followed by a shrug. Really she's more than content with staying in the Fort area for the most part, despite any issues she might have with it it has always been her home. Then Rayathess rather rudely exclaims that she was a drudge and for a brief moment a mixture of insult and hurt flashes across her face. Lana was never fond of her drudge status out of fear that she would always be looked down upon, and even now she doesn't particularly like being reminded of it, especially since those weren't exactly the best of times for her. However, she quickly pushes it aside and replaces it with an awkward half-smile. "Yeah," she admits, "I was. The Weyrleader promoted me to a messenger after a… incident and I was searched later on." This is followed by a soft smile that doesn't hold the awkwardness of her first one and her saying, "it's alright, I never exactly acted the way one would expect a drudge to behave." Which really wasn't a good thing when she held the position. Toward Ezra's question Lana proceeds to answer, "she lives in a dorms, I think Raus unnerves her a bit." There's a pause before she cautiously asks, "you met her? And she talked? She doesn't talk to people very often." A frown crosses her face at this, a hint of worry appearing along side it.

Score one for Ezra! Rayathess completely misses the mark and goes on to cause insult. Well done! Not. "Good," he murmurs to his younger brother, pleased that he picked up on the subtleness there. There's a low whistle as Lana explains all her travels, Rayathess looking a touch impressed. "Far more than most will ever see! I forgot… about the excursions." Can anyone blame him for not wanting to remember being stuck on an iceberg off the coast of Tillek? Rayathess stiffens when Lana looks briefly insulted and hurt, already swearing at himself inside of his head. Stupid, stupid, stupid! He darts a look to Ezra helplessly. Did his brother know this too? How was he to know? "Ah well… that's good that you could rise above the status of drudge. Not… many can." he goes on to say, lifting a hand to rub at the back of his neck. Well, that was a sort of apology? Kind of. Rayathess would know all too well what it's like to be low on the rank totem pole. In fact, he was probably classified as worse than a drudge once. "Ezra is a good guy and has a good heart. Maybe she saw that? He can be trusted." he points out, only to duck his head into the crook of his arm and sneeze. Sniffling, he rubs at his forehead slightly. "Hate to cut this chat short, but I need to get out of these clothes. Ezra, you mind if I use your room for a moment?"

Ezra's brows lift at his brother's insult, shaking his head a bit. "Didn't know you were a drudge," he says to Lana. Then he shrugs. "Yeah, we talked for a bit. Just…you know. Nothing important." Glancing at his brother, the younger of the two looks a bit embarrassed by the praise, but then pushes smoothly to his feet. "'course not, c'mon, I might even have clothes that'll fit you now." Are they almost the same size? Gasp. How time changes people.

Yeah, Lana can't exactly blame him for wanting to forget the excursions. That fun little iceberg non-sleepover isn't exactly something she likes to look back at and smile upon either. Well, for the most part anyway. There were a few good moments, yeah, if you just cut out the fish guts, seagulls, and iceberg part. So getting rescued essentially. Now that was fantastic. She notices how helpless and awkward Rayathess seems to look at his accidental insult and decides to just let it slide. Well, maybe she didn't exactly decide to, maybe it just sorta happened. Either way she gives a small smile at his kind of apology and responds, "thanks." Although really, it could probably be said that he's done just as well if not better in the rising out of dark places department, not that she says it out loud. At his remark about Ezra she looks thoughtful for a moment, although a twinge of amusement does light her eyes at the thought of her sister really sensing something in anyone. Ezra's own words about their talk get a nod from the brownrider followed by a shrug and her admitting, "still, it's better than nothing. Some of the weyrfolk have been starting to spread rumors that she's slow in the head and can't speak." There is a faint tinge of bitterness in the last sentence and it is clear that she does not approve of these rumors at all. However, she soon brushes it off at the talk of dry clothes and says, "I should probably get going as well, for all my strengths an immunity to sickness caused by waiting around in wet clothes is not one of them." The joking, ego-stroking remark is followed by a smirk before she adds, "if there isn't anything that fits feel free to ask someone else around your size, tell them I'll pay 'em back." Pay them back with firelizard marks, both found in one of Opal's many nests and gotten from selling her eggs.

Rayathess almost does something equally as stupid as to go as far to point out to Lana that most drudges are dimwitted and slow, hence their lot in life. Then there are others who are there by misfortune or punishment or just born into it but not necessarily meant to be a drudge. Rather than have to slog through that explanation and risk sounding like a total ass, he wisely holds his tongue. Truthfully, everyone is saved from horrendous awkwardness by another sneeze. Sufficiently distracted, Rayathess only bobs his head in a hasty nod. "Don't ever put stock in all rumours." he mutters, sniffling and then smirking crookedly. "No kidding. We've best both get into warm clothes then. I'll… keep that in mind. Thanks Lana." Glancing to Ezra, he gestures for his younger brother to lead on. He'll follow! Snorting, he shakes his head. "We'll see! I still think I'm taller than you yet." he can be heard grumbling. Is he a bit put out that Ezra is almost his equal? Maybe. With a last wave to Lana, Rayathess will disappear down to the lower caverns.