Who Lu'ka, Sephany
What Sephany and Lu'ka talk at the beach.
When Autumn-Winter - Month 10 of Turn 2715
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Lake Shore

This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Roth and Lu'ka have spent quite a bit of time this morning working on extending the young dragon's flight time. So now the bronzling is taking a well deserved snooze while soaking up the weakening rays of the sun while it last. Lu'ka though, isn't slacking off while his dragonmates recovers his energy. Nope. The weyrling is currently jogging along the well worn path around the lake with a heavily weighted pack strapped to his back. The weather isn't as warm as it was, so he's wearing tshirt, pants and boots on this late nearly winter. Not that he's starting to acclimate or anything like that. Right now he's near the far end of the lake and making his way back to the main beach.

Sephany is unafraid of the approaching winter! BRING IT ON! She's ready, with warm boots and black scarf, navy-blue cloak and long red dress. The typical autumn-winter attire for the weaver, who appears delighted that the air is crisp enough to make her nose and ears pink. There is no basket today, though she does have a blanket over one arm, and a book tucked beneath the other, and it would not take much of a guess to determine what it is she is planning for the afternoon. The snoozing Roth is where she heads, as if using him as a landmark to guide her path, until she is upon him. She remains politely outside his personal space bubble (or at least, what she perceives that to be) and spreads her blanket on the sandy shore.

Lu'ka pounds his way along the path, sorta zoning out for a time with Roth sleeping and he's got his thoughts to himself for a bit. Coming around the far bend he continues jogging on at a casual ground-eating pace. If Sephany's stealthy enough, she can indeed spread her blanket out and settle down nearby without Roth being none the wiser, for now. Lu'ka glances around to where Roth is lounging, his massive form still screening Sephany from his view. It's not til a dozen paces later that he glances back towards his dragonmate and spots the Weaver staking claim to a stretch of the beach. Having run about six laps, he's more than ready to take a break so jogs to a not quite staggering halt when the weight in the back shifts his center of gravity a bit more than he expected. He drags his feet through the sand as he makes his way over to the short blonde. Tuggling the pack off and dropping it on the beach, he gives a wave and tries to catch his breath some. "Morning Seph.." breath "..any."

It is not an intentionally stealthy blanket-spreading; Sephany is not trying to be sneaky so much as simply unwilling to disturb the bronze at his rest. Wrinkles are smoothed, and soon enough she is curling her legs beneath her, spreading her skirt over them, and settling down with her book. It's the noise that alerts her first, and grey eyes drifting up from page to weyrling as he comes close enough that the movement catches her eye. Brief surprise, and then a friendly smile for Lu'ka's arrival, which wobbles just a touch at that staggering halt. "Hello, Lu'ka," returned easily enough, and without the concern that briefly flashes through her expression. "Are you… alright?"

Lu'ka nods as he leans forward a bit, bracing hands on his knees and grabs a few deep lungfuls of air now that he doesn't have all that weight trying to tilt him right over. Waving off her worry, he nods and grabs another breath before straightening back up and closing most of the distance to the blanket. "I'm alright. Just had to catch my breath after all those laps." His gaze slips easily to the dozing bronze who's muzzle twitches and his paws curl slightly in the sand while he dreams of whatever is in his head right now. Attention goes back to Sephany, and grinning when he gestures to her book. "Another new one? Or rereading and old favorite?"

"Alright," for his assurance that he is alright, even if Sephany's expression remains somewhat skeptical. "Don't let your muscles cramp up in this cold." Is the last she will say on it, however. A glance for Roth, following Lu'ka's look, and a grin for the sleeping dragon. A ribbon marks her place as she closes the book, glancing at the cover as if she must remind herself what it is she's reading. "Both. It is a new book, but I am halfway through and can safely say that it is a favorite."

Lu'ka nods agreeably at Sephany's advice, his steps marking out a path in a sorta semicircle around the blanket while he keeps moving. His legs should stop feeling like mush in a couple of minutes. Grinning at her opinion of the new book she's ready, he cants his head trying to get a look at the cover. "What's it about?" His steps slowing when he is at the edge of the blanket and leaning a bit to get a better look for a few seconds. "Must be a good one to get that kinda reaction before evening fnishing it."

Certainly no artwork. "It is an adventure story," explains Sephany, glancing down at it once more. There is not much to see on the cover; just plain fabric in a burgundy color, the title embossed in silver lettering down the spine. It's thick enough to suggest that several days have already gone into the reading of it, and several more will be needed before it will be finished. "The author is extremely talented," she continues. "The world is richly detailed and the characters feel so… alive." That is definitely love in that tone, and her fingers curl tightly against it as if she is loath to let it go. "I may have to sneak it away to a back corner of the library, so that it does not disappear on me."

Lu'ka skims over the cover, probably looking for the Author's name. "Sounds like a Master Harper work." A little smile over her enjoyment of a good story. "Well, if it's that good, I'll try to read it after you finish." A chuckle for her library hideaway threat. "I said after you finish. It won't wander off on you." Not with his help at least. Turning his grin around to the lake, the Weyrling continues to walk back and forth on a sorta rounded line for a few more paces. Shortly, he comes to a stop by the blanket and crouches, elbows resting on knees as she stretches his legs so they won't cramp. As per Sephany's advice. Since it's still morning, a thought comes to him and he gives Sephany a curious look "Do you have a day off?"

"Or a very talented Journeyman," defends the weaver. "Might even be a dragonrider," Sephany continues to speculate, though it's mostly in jest. She grins at Lu'ka. "Either way, I am enjoying it immensely." But for now, the book is carefully set aside on her blanket as her attention turns to the weyrling she's in conversation with. "I didn't know you liked to read… had we discussed it before?" She can't remember, and appears mildly apologetic for it. "Oh, I have no concerns for that; It will not see the inside of the library again until I have finished it." She rolls her shoulders and pulls at her scarf, fussing with it as a crisp breeze kicks up over the lake. "I do," she acknowledges. "And I intend to enjoy it thoroughly. You?"

Lu'ka assumes a mock offended manner "I like to read just fine, just the maunail lecturing type ones that put me to sleep." He cracks into a grin then shrugs at a question "Probably, can't remember." It has been a long while back since they had those chats. Nodding that Sephany's got a free day and how she's enjoying it. "Good idea, getting in some of the last rays of the season while you relax." Gently bouncing his weight on his legs in the crouched position, he gives a halfhearted gesture towards the weighted pack he left in the sand way over there. "While Roth was resting from our earlier training, figured I'd get in a few laps." He flashes an amused grin "Work off some of those meatrolls and sweetpies you've been bringing us."

"I don't enjoy reading those types of things either," Sephany adds, frowning just a touch at the mock offense. "I meant reading… Oh, nevermind." A little more fussing, this time of the cloak around her shoulders, before she settles her hands into her lap. "Mm. Enjoying the chill. And the sun," she admits. "But it is the crisp, autumn air that I came out for." The mention of the pack draws her gaze toward it. "Is that a weyrlinghood thing? Running with weighted bags? If so, I am glad I am missing out on it," and she makes a face, half grimace and half amusement; teasing almost. "And I am pretty sure your metabolism burns off those meatrolls just by you breathing. All three of you seem to eat your weight in food and only gain muscle in return." Grump. "Maybe I should start bringing you salads instead?"

Lu'ka straightens from his crouch and gives each leg a couple of little wiggle stretches, a nod for the crisp air "Well you've certainly got plenty of that right now." A reluctant drag of his eyes to the dreaded weighted pack and he snorts before peering back to Sephany. "Yea. With all the running laps with the heavy packs and lifting weights over in the yard and barracks, we always seem ready to descend on any food we come across like hungry hatchlings." The Harper seem to pout at the Weaver's threat of salads, and Roth actually whimpers in his sleep.

"Tough life, being a dragonrider." Is Sephany sympathetic? Nope. Not at all. Teasing, maybe. Commiserating, no. "Not too much longer and you will be done with all of that physical training and can go back to your lazy, Harper ways." Definitely joking, eyes dancing in mirth and amusement. The actual whimper from Roth has the weaver bursting into laughter, loud and spontaneous and full of joy. "Oh my…" and a shake of her head and roll of her eyes. "You are perfectly capable of stealing your own bacon and sweetrolls now, you know? Not confined to the barracks. Go get your own treats!"

Lu'ka grins at the teasing tone and her amusement "Yea, shouldn't take me too long to get back into my ole lazy swing of things. Will probably be a couple of sevendays before I crawl out of the practice room." That idea seems to amuse him til Roth's whimper has him peering to his dragonmate and quickly figuring out what brought it on. Lu'ka works to stifle his grin to something on the small scale. Sephany's scolding has him relaxing a bit and he opens his mouth to give some well thought out reason why her logic won't work. But then closes his mouth after a second, glancing back to Roth as he wakes with a snuffling snort. The Harper turns back to Sephany and gives the Weaver a nod. "Yea, you're right. Not fair for you lugging those heavy baskets across the Weyr." A reluctantly glance to the pack "Think I'll call that enough training for the morning. I want to rework some of Roth's straps to secure Fizgig."

"Hmm. And yet, I cannot picture you fat," decides Sephany with amusement. "Somehow, I think you will survive the transition from weyrling to weyrharper just fine. Your cello-abuse certainly seems to be a workout, and I cannot see you giving that up." Roth's stirring draws her attention as well, and she smiles fondly at the bronze. "Why don't you make him carry the pack?" she suggests, lifting her hand to motion toward the dragon. "Can't imagine he'd find it at all heavy, considering his size." That being of roughly a small house. But there is an acknowledging nod at his explanation, and Sephany reaches for her book in preparation of his departure. "Poor Fizgig. I can't see him enjoying being strapped in to something."

Lu'ka smiles at Sephany's suggestion but shakes his head "I probably would if I could, but we're not allowed." He gives a little snort after a moment and looks back to Sephany "The packs themselves wouldn't be so bad. But just when you get used to carrying the weight, they add even more." His voice lowers a bit and he gives the Weaver a wink "I admit, I am looking forward to having fun and vegging for a couple of days once we graduate. Wake up just in time for my midday mug of klah." He seems wistful for a moment then as if remembering the /good ole days/. Her concern for Fizgig has him assuring the Weaver for his canine's safety "Actually, he doesn't seem to mind the thickly padded carrier I worked out. Sturdy and lightweight frame bound in a couple layers of thick hide. We'll see how things go for his first leaps and landing. Bet he'll be just fine once we hit the beach somewhere."

"I don't understand; Roth isn't allowed to carry it back to the barracks for you? You're finished with the workout, right? Isn't that… a bit cruel to make you work out even more??" But what does Sephany know of weyrling rules and working out? Nothing, that's what. Although, she does know that, "That's how you build muscle; you keep adding resistance." But as she is still as slight and waif-like as always, clearly she is not actually operating under that knowledge. "The beach? I think he'd prefer the 'Reaches," decides Sephany with a grin, speaking of Fizgig. "But I am glad he doesn't seem bothered by the contraption. How does Roth feel about him?" she wonders curiously, glancing toward the dragon in question. "And how does Fizgig feel about dragons? Have they met?" Hm.

Lu'ka considers a moment then shakes his head "Nope, they referred to it as /character building/. A nod as he cracks a grin. "You're not kidding about he building muscle part. My cello hardly seems to weigh anything now." He flickers a glance around the beach and adds "I fear for I'am's little harp when he returns to the practice room. Might snap the thing like kindling." Amused by her thoughts about High Reaches, he nods "Probably right about that well enough. But he'll get over it when he's splashing about in the warm water at the beach." A grins flashes the mention of Fizzy and Roth meeting, his head dipping accoridng "Several times now actually. Fizgig was obviously wary at first, Roth every curious. But it didn't take long for the pup long to get used to him." Lu'ka snickers over the first meeting "Roth gets amused every time Fizgig brushes again his muzzle cause it tickles."

Sephany is not going to argue with the weyrlingmasters, or the weyrling, though her expression is clearly disapproving. As for I'am? "Of the three of you, I would say he has changed the most… but he is a lot younger, too. Doesn't look so young anymore," she notes with dry amusement. "Mm. Well. Just don't take him Between if he's dripping and wet, or you will have a frozen canine." No good. "But I am glad to hear that they get along! I'll bet they are just adorable together," for pup and dragon. "And good that he doesn't want to eat him," speaking of Roth, of course.

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