Fort Weyr - Central Infirmary
This room looks fairly similar to most other infirmaries, with it's faint scent of antiseptic and an eerie quiet that goes along with convalescence. Rows of cots line both walls, each separated by a privacy screen. Breaking the line of cots along the outside wall is a entrance to the dragonhealing section of the infirmary. The far end of the oval room is filled with metal cabinets that hold the tools of the Weyrhealers trade, as well as a desk from which the healer can supervise his domain. Upon one wall rests a thick 'chart' containing the information on all patients within the infirmary.

There was an absence lately of a particular green rider, distinctly missing from the runner races. Soon the rumors start to float around the weyr that Anique's finally given birth to not one but two girls. A smooth delivery it was though she and both girls are still resting comfortably in the infirmary. Early morning finds her awake and alert with one drowsy black haired, blue eyed infant in her arms with the matching twin sleeping soundly in a cradle nearby.

And once rumour starts to float, it does not take long for it to reach certain ears. The Weyrleader has been busy of late, both with Weyr affairs, Wing affairs and the whole Gather and runner races at Fort Sea Hold. Now Ista Hold is gearing up and Th'ero's had to prepare for that, as his presence is no doubt required at the event. Yet despite all the bustle and rush, he has set aside some time this early morning. Having just returned from his pre-dawn patrols, Th'ero makes a stop at the infirmary. A quiet talk with the Journeyman on duty and he's led to the cot surrounded by privacy screens where Anique and her newborn girls rest. It will be the Healer who speaks with the greenrider first, at least to check to be sure the greenrider is awake and up to receiving guests. Once given the okay, the Healer will depart and Th'ero will step inside. "Morning, Anique. How're you?" he asks in a lowered voice, not wishing to wake the second baby. His eyes drift from the sleeping twin to the one Anique holds in her arms and a warm smile curves his lips. "So there are truth in the rumours I've heard. Twin girls! Congratulations."

There's no objections from Anique on the matter of visitors. One doesn't generally turn down a visit from the weyrleader anyway! A smile graces her expression as he approaches and subtly she shifts the drowsy infant so she's seen easier. "All rumors do usually start with a kernel of truth within them." she says lightly, her tone amused. "Twins though was quite the surprise for me!" she admits sheepishly.

Th'ero wouldn't have held it against Anique if she had sent the Healer out to tell him that this morning was not a good time. He remembers how Kimmila fared after giving birth to their son, Kyzen, and so he'd not be surprised in the least if the greenrider was exhausted and wished for peace. But he will not dawdle when it's apparent Anique is willing to accept him. "I suppose you do have a point there," he drawls in an amused tone as he settles himself upon a nearby chair. "Was there no way to tell?" he asks softly. "And how are you?" It must have been an ordeal to give birth to two! At least in his mind.

Anique looks amused a bit. "The healer in attendance when it was time was quite surprise. There wasn't much indication during the pregnancy there was more than one. I didn't appear to be too much bigger in size than I should be." her free hand casually stroke the fine, black hair the little girl sports. "So far I've no ideas for names for these two." she gazes briefly over towards the sleeping infant, perhaps knowing that the sleep will not last too long. "I am resting comfortably and tired easily actually." she says candidly.

Th'ero chuckles dryly. "I'm sure it was quite the surprise all around. My sister carried twins too and she claims the same as you mentioned, that nothing was so out of sorts as to indicate two." Leaning forwards in his chair, he will take a longer look at the two infants and there is a brief nostalgic look as he recalls how small his son was once. "No? Do you know who the father is? When Kimmila and I chose Kyzen… that is, Kyzenviro's name, we mixed a little of our names and that of our dragons." And gave it all a good shake! "There is no rush though. Get to know your girls and maybe it'll come to you then." he murmurs and at her candid remark he smiles to Anique. "If you need help with anything… you need only ask. I can recommend which nannies are best, one's that Kimmila and I trusted with Kyzen's care when he was an infant and before his foster family could take him in full time."

Such a tiny little thing. Hard for Anique to imagine how they will grow! "A'dar, blue rider, is." she informs him of the father. "Which I think his full name was Adamar though I'm not positive I remember that correctly." "But yeah, I will play with our names and I'm sure two good names will come to me." her smiles lights up her lightly colored eyes. "Thank you, sir, for the offer of help. And I would certainly take any nanny recommendations you can give. With two of them…they'll have their hands full! I just hope I can find a good foster family willing to take two." she grins a bit. "I certainly can't wait to get back to normal duties once more. Typriaeth is itching for a visit to Eastern soon actually."

They'll grow fast! That much Th'ero could tell Anique for certain. "A'dar?" he echoes, frowning as he runs over a list of names in his head. No, he is not familiar with the bluerider which leads to his next gently spoken question. "He's not of Fort? It can be tricky sometimes to mix the names. I'm sure you'll come up with two fitting names for your girls," he murmurs in agreement and smiles warmly again. "Of course! I can have a list left with you later, if you'd like for you to review at your leisure. If you need foster family recommendations… I can see if the Headwoman can look and also send along a few names?" More offers! Which will certainly cut back on time and allow Anique more time to recover peacefully. Th'ero chuckles heartily, "I bet you are! Once you're cleared with the Healers and the girls have nannies to tend to their needs, you can be cleared for light duty or half-shifts. And to Eastern?" It clicks then. "Is this where A'dar resides?"

Anique shakes her head. "No, A'dar and his blue aren't a part of any weyr. Typriaeth wants to visit M'ta's bronze to be honest." she gives a chagrined look at that. She nods in agreement to the list. "A list will be nice." murmurs the green rider in appreciation. "How did the runner races go?" she's got to know! She missed them and is evidently wanting to catch up on what she's missed.

Th'ero blinks and tilts his head, curious now. "An independent. He knows then of his children?" he murmurs, giving both infant girls another lingering look. The Weyrleader snorts softly then, "Ahh, yes. I remember M'ta." How could he forget the bronzerider? Th'ero nods his head, already making a mental note to get those lists sent in good time to Anique. He won't skimp either on the details of the races, glad to discuss a topic he's a bit more relaxed in talking about. "They went very well! Fort Sea Hold spared no expenses and the crowds were large with folk of all rank and positions from all over Pern. We had many contenders for the stake races, but it seems that Fort, Ista and Xanadu runners are dominating the field. We had a few of our own from the Holds place high and qualify for the rounds in Ista. There was one unfortunate tangle that had an Ista and Fortian runner fall and disqualify. I've yet to check to see if Lord Trolessi has been mollified. It was his runner from Ista that lost from the fouling." he explains, only to shrug his shoulders helplessly. There is little else he can do!

"He'll know of the change from one to two soon enough." she assures him with a bit of a grin. It is hard to forget the bronzer who picked a fight at Anique's first flight. She listens eagerly to the races to absorb as much detail as she can. "The runners are okay?" is asked worriedly as he describes the tangle.

Th'ero's brows lift and then he grins. "So there's one last to be surprised for not one but two daughters." he muses. It is hard to forget a bronzerider who leaves such a lasting impression and the Weyrleader still hasn't forgotten being called by said bronzerider's name. But that is the past and Th'ero is all too happy to speak of the present. "Both runners are fine. Lord Trolessi was disappointed I think because he put too much into his runner, only to have the beast lose in the first race. I hear that is the risk with these events." he explains with another shrug. The Weyrleader has never been one for runner racing, but he's learning! Rising slowly from his chair, he will smooth out his clothing and stand with his hands clasped behind his back. "We did well with the claims races and trade and sales among runner and herd beasts, as well as Craft related goods. It was a prosperous Gather and there is a lot of excited talk about Ista Hold's. Hopefully you'll be able to attend when the circuit progresses to Xanadu and Keroon." Th'ero tilts his head then, but his eyes have drifted back towards the entrance of the infirmary, key sign that he's receiving some message from Velokraeth. "I'm afraid I must take my leave. Duty calls and I cannot delay any longer. It was good to see you Anique and congratulations again. They're beautiful girls. Take it easy and rest up and we'll see to having those lists arranged and I will speak with you again soon about returning to duty."

"I look forward to the next gather." she assures him with a bright smile. "Of course, of course." a hand moves to touch the now sleeping infant's hand lightly. "Thank you for your visit, Th'ero. It was good to catch up on some of what I missed. And thank you for those lists in advance. I look forward to returning once more to duty!"

"Take care and clear skies, Anique!" Th'ero murmurs and smiles broadly to the greenrider, giving one last parting glance to the two sleeping infants before slipping past the privacy curtains and drawing them shut on his way out of the infirmary. Back to work for him and true to his word, a young assistant will come by later with the lists the Weyrleader promised, one containing the name of the nannies and another in the Headwoman's writing with the available foster families, their ranks and positions and whether or not they're within or outside of the Weyr and how best to contact them for interviews.