Who Lu'ka, R'hra, Sephany, Sylvie
What Friends Chat
When Winter - Month 9 of Turn 2715
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Lu'ka is tucked off to the back corner of the cavern, the table R'hra normally claims. Fizgig is lopped on his side lounging in the gap between the WeyrlingHarper's chair and the wall. The picks over the remains his his meal while scanning over a manual for one of their lessons. Every so often he tosses a meaty scrap to Fizgig, who scarfs the tasty snippet. His flitter is off looking for trouble somewhere or another today.

"Do you know how much time I spent, teaching him not to beg for table scraps?" Yes. That is Sephany's voice. And yes, it is irritated. But there's a bit of amusement in her expression. At least, the side of her mouth is sort of twitching upwards, even if the look she's giving Lu'ka that look that all women have perfected and needs no explanation.

Lu'ka frowns at the diagram on the page and cants the book at an awkward reading angle, but the twist seems to make the diagram make sense to the Harper somehow. Having just finished tossing a small sausagey morsel to Fizgig, he's literally caught with greasy fingers and a smug looking canine licking his chops. An amused snorts slips out and he grins to peer around to the approaching Weaver. Catching sight of 'the look', Lu'ka smirks and acknoedlges Sephany's training efforts. "And I really appreciate all your hard work. So does Fizgig. It lets me spoil him occassionally with the odd tabletreat here or there." Fizgig gives a happy 'wuff' to the Weaver when he spots her but remains in his prone position, even if his paws scramble on the stone excitedly a little. "Yea, what he said, how're you today Sephany?" The WeyrlingHarper inquires with a smile.

"You're going to spoil the training," huffs Sephany, looking not nearly as amused as the harper-weyrling. She'd probably cross her arms, if they weren't loaded down with plate and mug. "Hello, Fizgig," she coos to the not-so-little pup, moving to put her items onto the table so that she can give him a proper greeting with ruffled ears and snuggles. "I will be better once I've had something to eat," she answers, still focusing attention and gaze upon Fizgig, who draws a wider smile from her. "What are you reading?"

Lu'ka shakes his head in denial of spoiling Fizgig's training. "Nah. You did a great job with him. And he's a good canine to begin with. You'll see. With everyone that's helped, he's got more manners than most of the Weyr." Fizgig gives Sephany a greeting wuffle and accepts her ruffle hugs and earscratches as proper tribute. He'll settle right back down once the Weaver settles at the table. Lu'ka nods about her assurance she's fine with a little food soon to be added, his eyes flick down to the manual "It's diagrams of various Wing formations. How to smoothly transition midair. That sorta thing." They are seated near the back corner, aka: R'hra's usual table.

A long, audible exhale comes from the lithe weaver. The kind that is really more of a barely contained growl and maybe a not-so-nice word. But Sephany doesn't argue her point any further. Fizgig is sitting and behaving and, after another fond ear-ruffle, she retreats from the canine and slides into her chair. Thankfully, she seems to have brought eating utensils with her, considering her fingers were momentarily buried in puppy-fur. Fork to plate, and the large salad gets her attention. The soft "oh?" is an acknowledgement of his diagrams, and she glances up curiously. "Formations that are still flown? Or are these from when Thread fell?"

Lu'ka turns the book more towards Sephany after she finishes mauling his canine and settles in the chair. Eyeing the differant sketches scatter over the pages, he just nods "Yea. Both, I think." One sketch appears quite twisty if you follow the dizzying array of squiggly lines that trail each dragon in formation. Lu'ka taps it lightly "I'm hoping this one was from the before time." He reaches down to ruffle Fizgig's neck before turning his attention back to the table, and his plate!.

"I… oh… hm…" which is all that Sephany can think to say as she leans forward to peer curiously at the twisty diagram. She spends a few seconds staring at it, but the perplexed look never really fades, even when she sits back properly in her chair. Fork picked up, stab-stab into the salad, and then a quick, "I can't imagine something so complicated is at all useful these days." Fork lifted, but she pauses before taking a bite to add, "Unless maybe it is for some sort of Search and Rescue formation? Certainly couldn't be for transport." Right? Sure. And with that, the bite of greenery vanishes into her mouth to be thoroughly masticated.

There is a soft ditty that precedes the entrance of the rather short young woman that presses in from the outside and its probably mostly lost on the hustle and bustle of the Living Cavern. She leans heavily on the staff that's quite a bit larger than her and uses it to carefully pick her way past others that move with far more grace and ease than she does. The ornateness of the harp on her side is not lost on many.

Lu'ka's head shakes in an odd way of agreeing with Sephany. "Yea, that looks more like the path of a crazed vtol than any senseable flight pattern." Then he shrugs and flashes an amused grin "But what do I know, I'm just a weyrling." For the moment at least. Enough with the studying for now, he flips the book closed. There is a lull in the conversation as Sephany takes a few bites and Lu'ka observes his own plate thoughtfully. For lack of anything better to do atm, his fingers pluck off a gravy covered bit of roll and hands it down to Fizgig, the huge canine accepting it very calmly. A moment later and he tosses a casual glance around before focusing on the Weaver again with a little grin. "So, have you gotten reaquainted with your spot in the library, cracking open the latest tale from the Hall?" The humming drifting about in echos through the cavern catches his ears, but it takes a moment longer to catch sight of the harp resting on someone's hip through the crowd.

"Not for much longer," quips the weaver between bites. "Should be about ready to graduate, right?" There's enough speculation in the tone to make it a question, though Sephany seems confident enough of the answer to not wait for a response. "Either way, as a Harper, I doubt you'll need to memorize many of those patterns regardless. Or… hm. Does the craft Wing actually… fly as a Wing?" Hmm. Curious questions, that fall away as Sephany turns back to her meal. The hum and din of the Living Caverns would certainly do much to drown out the musical hum, unless the hummer should happen to come close to their table. But the tap-tapping of the staff, or perhaps it is the movement itself, draws the weaver's gaze toward the tiny woman. A curious glance, but not much more. Perhaps a bit of a linger for the ornate instrument on her hip, before Sephany turns to answer Lu'ka. "Of course. Though I don't have as much time as I had previously. Not right now, at least."

R'hra steps in from the bowl, there is that tell tale grin that he has been up to something he finds fun. Most likely something that others deem fool hearty. He has a his bow and quiver over one shoulder while in the other hand there is some paper for designs. Looking around he sees just the person he was hoping to, the short weaver sitting at the weyrling table. He will make his way over careful not to knock people over as he has gain another inch or two in hieght and at least that much in the chest and shoulders. Dragons, they do a body good!!

Sylvie does walk nearby the far table, if only to give a soft ahem. "I'm sorry to bother." Her voice is a soft, lilting soprano, exceptionally high. She doesn't focus her attention on the table, simply looking ahead as she leans against her staff. "But perhaps could one of you tell me where the food line is, or assist me in getting something to eat?" She asks, somewhat embarassed. Her cheeks pink at this, even as her stomach gives a small, rumbling growl. "It's difficult for me to find the exact place to start."

Lu'ka nods to Sephany "Probably. We've been training all out for many months now. Dragons starting to outgrow the barracks. Even Toskavath." A little shake of his head as he stows the book of flight charts away in his pack "I don't think Haast Wing works like the other Wings do. I'll mostly be left to my own work, duties and play. Here teaching lessons still, running practices, and of course, I /have/ to destroy a few bows in some lounges and pubs along the way." Yeup, that's his plan. It's no surpise to him that the Weaver is keeping herself too busy to catch a candlemark here and there to catch up on her reading. "Well, you'll have to make time for some skating soon. A couple more sevenday right?" The insistant tapping draws his attention and he spots first the harp, he DID see it through the crowd earlier afterall. R'hra is seen as well and he waves his friend over. When the seeming blind woman arrives he reaches down to Fizgig's leash to keep the canine from tripping her up. "Welcome to Fort Apprentice. I'm Journeyman Lu'ka, but currently going by Weyrling."

"That is what I had assumed," says Sephany for Haast Wing. A few more bites, and a roll of grey eyes for the 'breaking bows' comment, before her attention is once more caught by the Harper with the Staff. "No bother at all," and she's quickly on her feet, reaching for a chair to scoot it out in offer. A brief glance spared for those far-seeing, not-so-focused eyes before politeness dictates that she look away. "I can take you," she offers for directions to the line, "Otherwise, I would be happy to fetch you something. It's a bit crowded, and difficult to explain…" there's a shrug, and a smile, and a quick, "What do you like to eat?" But then, oh. There's R'hra, looking like he's gone and done something stupid, which has Sephany's eyes narrowing in that dangerous way once again. "Do I even want to know?" she wonders, mostly to herself. "Oh for Faranth's sake…"

Just as Sylvie's about to open her mouth to say thank you, Sephany notices the approach of the other person and behind to child him? about something. And so she moves her staff around, eventually hitting the edge of the chair and finding it. Her hand reaches out to catch the back of it and she slowly slides into it, her feet not even hitting the ground. "Thanks." She beams, her smile is infectious and bright and she leans the staff against the side of the chair. It does nothing to ease her rumbling stomach before she 'ohs.' "Forgive me, I'm Sylvie Vachon."

R'hra feigns shock at Sephany's reprimand "You act as if I am am going to ask you to hunt or something." He probably would anyway but that is besides the point as he quickly recovers his mock hurt, and grins "I was wondering if you know of light and yet strong cloth?" Because weavers know everything about clothes right? Turning to the new person he smiles saying "Well met I am R'hra, WElcome to Fort Miss."

Lu'ka smiles as Sephany quickly offers to help the seemingly overwhelmed visiting Harper. Keeping a steadying hand on the huge canine, who scratches at the floor while scrambling to his paws, the WeyrlingHarper ruffles the Fizgig's neck. "Nice to meet you Sylvie." He cracks a little grin at the banter then shop talk between his fellow Weyrling and Sephany briefly before focusing on the Apprentice Harper again and refrain from mentioning her rumblingbelly "Was there something specific that Sephany can get for you from the food lines?" He glances to the Weaver with a sorta apologetic look, but she did offer to get the woman food. Canting his head to R'hra in a sorta nod "You look entirely too smug. Been visiting with Weyrwoman Kassala again?"

"Some meat rolls, some cheese, and a juice would be fine. I don't eat that much." Sylvie admits, swinging her feet back and forth on the chair. "When was the hatching? I'm sort of sad that I missed it. I've heard that it is a cacophany of sound. I would of enjoyed that." She beams, stretching a bit as she groans. She would look like a girl if it wasn't for her figure. "Ooh." She groans. "The cold doesn't agree with me, I don't think." She admits. But at least it hasn't affected my voice." "Thank you all for being kind enough for inviting me to your table." She indicates to each.

"No," counters Sephany just as sternly, "I am acting as though you look like you are about to do something incredibly stupid. Like hunt something large and dangerous." Huff-huff! There's definitely a scowl on that face, but when her look of disapproval yields little by way of results, she turns back to the task at hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Sylvie Vachon. I am Sephany. And I will be right back with a plate for you. Klah? Tea? Cocoa?" she wonders, already heading off, though she certainly keeps an ear out for the answer. And then she's off, moving through the crowd with practiced ease, steps light and delicate as she floats along. Despite the crowd, she's not gone terribly long (perks of being young and cute, probably), though it's long enough to miss the question about the hatching (she'll just leave that to the weyrlings to answer). "Alright," and she slides a plate and glass in front of the visiting Harper. "Meatrolls on the left, cheese on the right. I also grabbed some fruit, just because." Because she LIKES IT, that's why. "Juice is just to the left of the plate," she notes as she slips back into her own chair. "And I did hear you, R'hra, but I'm afraid you'll need to be a bit more specific about what you mean regarding 'light but sturdy' fabric. What do you want it to do?"

R'hra grins "Aww come one, what is more dangerous than a Bronze dragon now?" is said to the retreating weaver. The tall goof sits down next to the fluffy one and reaches over to pet the dogs ears because who doesn't love pets right! "It takes some getting used to, good thing it isn't even the cold season yet, you have time to adjust before it gets really bad." Is the happy answer to the blind harper as he sets down his weapons of hunting and picks up the papers to show sephany when she gets back "I want to make a hammock that won't tear in the wind but will also be light enough to travel with." He looks over at Lu'ka and frowns "I am only allowed to see her when she comes to visit, you know that Lu'ka."

Lu'ka grins to R'hra and shrugs "Oh I know, but nothing in all your rulebooks about about happening to be at the right place at the right time to have a few words with each other here or there." Turning his attention to the really short woman as Sephany slips into the crowd for the woman's food, "Our dragonmates hatched uhm…, about a Turn and a half ago. Give or take some candlemarks." He's amused by the woman's cold tolerance. "I've been here almost two turns and still haven't gotten used to it. Hate to tell you, it's only gonna get colder each day forward." Leave it to Lu'ka to doomsay Fort's artic weather. When Sephany returns he flicks an /ARE YOU NUTS/ look to R'hra. "I know our cots are lumpy and too short, but a hammock doesn't sound like much of an improvement R'hra."

"Hemp would be a good example of that. It's an exceptionally strong rope. I know, my parents used to tie me up with it when I was young to keep me from running off when I was a child." There is not a hint of a joke in her words there. She reaches out with her hands, getting the bearings of all of where the food are is placed and she smiles towards where Sephany's voice is coming from. Her ears are apparently /exceptionally/ good, as she turns exactly towards her. "Thank you." She smiles again, that beaming warm smile of hers. Before she reaches out and takes one of the meat rolls and begins to daintily munch on it. She swallows quickly. "Oh, forgive me for butting into your conversation." She admits. "Bad habit."

"A hammock." It's not a question. Definitely a statement. One that has Sephany stumped, and staring at R'hra blankly for a few seconds there. "I… don't know anything about hammocks." It's almost apologetic, but before she can get too far into it, Sylvie's got the answer. "There. Use something like that. Or ask a sailor maybe? Don't they sleep in hammocks?" Maybe? A bright grin for the thanks, and a just as brightly offered, "You're most welcome," coming quickly on its heels. For a moment, the weaver bends herself to the task of eating her own salad, fork lifting from plate to mouth in a manner that is rather rapid, especially given her prior habits. The reason soon becomes clear, as the last mouthful results in her standing up. "I need to return to my work." Definitely apologetic. "Lu'ka, no more scraps for Fizgig, or it's not just training that will be out the window; he'll get fat on that stuff! It's not good for him." Tsk-tsk. Rio? He gets another suspicious sort of look, a shake of the blonde's head, and an almost too innocent sounding, "Does Kassala know about this hammock idea?" that promises that should the answer be 'no', then she very soon would know of it. "Sylvie, it was very nice to meet you. Perhaps we will run into each other again, sometime. Either way, have a pleasant rest of your day."

R'hra grins and nods taking notes down on his papers "Thank you Miss Sylvie." He looks up and grins "She doesn't yet, but I am sure someone will tell her for me right?" he bats his eyes at Sephany, cuz good little sisters always taddle right! He waves at the weaver who is heading out and calls "Hey when you get time swing by the barracks Wiliyeth wants to give ya something" Maybe she heard him maybe not. He turns his attention back to the others "and how are you all today?"

Sylvie finishes one of her meatrolls and then switches to some cheese and fruit, combining the pair in an odd move perhaps for some. She ohs and waves towards Sephany and smiles. "Do take care, Sephany. It was a pleasure meeting you. Maybe we'll get to talk at length again." She says, that soprano lilting across the table. "And she has an excellent idea. I'm sure that the sailors would be an excellent resource to ask." She nods. "But congratulations to you both for finding your lifemates. I'm sure you'll serve the Weyr with distinction! I'm doing alright."

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