Fort Weyr - Haast Wing Lounge
As soon as one enters the Haast Lounge, the sight of the broad banner of Haast Wing draws the eye, a talon above Fort Weyr's crest, in striking black and browns. It hangs above an enormous hearth, which provides warmth and light, even in the coldest months, keeping the room cozy and adding a faint woodsy scent to the air. The walls are decorated with various tapestries and keepsakes from all across Pern, with a large, detailed map of the planet dominating one wall. Opposite it is a painted mural depicting Roc dragons, laden with cargo, flying in formation above a picturesque landscape. Another wall is taken up entirely by shelving, containing books, hides, and various trinkets.

Behind a tapestry of the weyr bowl is a dumbwaiter with a bell that rings whenever a tray is delivered. A sturdy desk is tucked nearby in a corner, with a computer for those who chose to work, while various nooks with newly-installed electric bulbs provide steady light. There are glowbaskets as well, hanging from hooks on the ceiling, iluminating the rugs in Fort's colors that have been set out on the stone floor. The furniture in the room consists of comfortable chairs and couches, arranged in several small groupings, with low tables placed conveniently for drinks and plates of food.

The Haast Lounge is quiet this evening, with it being late enough that most riders are off doing their own thing or already in bed. Of course, there are a couple of late-night stragglers - a group of card-players who've had a little too much to drink over in one corner, and a couple of more studious wing members quietly reading books. One person that's very out of place as she peeps around the corner into the lounge is Thys; not your typical visitor, and yet she slips in all the same, perhaps hoping to blend in as she pads quietly (or as quietly as her boots will allow) across the floor to the big table… where she puts her hand into her pocket and starts pulling out random little items to place on the table top.

C'rus is one of those who is sitting and reading a book. A nice, big, old medical book. Normally he'd be reading this at home, but a change of pace does wonders and instead he finds himself here. It's not often that he uses the lounges. There are just too many people usually, but tonight is different. Tonight things are quiet and so he slipped in, plunked himself down with a water and reads. He hears the sound of someone new entering the place and blinks as he recognizes Thys. He offers a salute and says, "Hello." before he goes back to his book.

A hello! She's been spotted! Thys winces slightly as she turns to look in the direction of the greeting, though her expression relaxes a degree when she sees who it came from. "Oh! Cy, it's you." Leaving a pile of little things behind on the tabletop, she steps towards him and slips into a chair. "Have you… um… have you lost anything, lately? Small, shiny, perhaps?"

C'rus nods his head as he continues to study his book, "Yes it is. Welcome to the Haast lounge Werywoman." he says after briefly looking up to see what she is putting on the table. Apparently it doesn't interest him all that much because a few moments later he's back reading again, "Not that I know of. Don't generally carry alot of small shiny things. Not really my style." He never really was the sort of man who was into rings, or other baubles, "Why do we have a thief wandering around again?"

"I'm beginning to think I'm cursed," Thys grumbles, rolling her eyes to suggest she doesn't really think she is - but she certainly does seem to be followed by bad luck. "Look." Another handful of little things is pulled out of her pocket, and set down in front of Cy. "Shards. He's been bringing things home all of a sudden. Er - Shards would be my firelizard. Maybe he's missing Ralik or something, but I don't know why he'd suddenly become a thief! I'm trying to return everything before people start asking questions. Are you sure there's nothing you recognise here?"

C'rus lifts his eyes from the pages once more to survey the pile of shiny and small that Thys has dumped upon the table, "Afraid not." At least none of it looks like his, but clearly the pile of things does belong to someone…or more likely many people, "They get in moods sometimes. Never really know why. Aegnor steals from the kitchens when it suits him. He's usually too good to get caught. Zips right in and out. Not like we don't feed him enough as is. I'm thinking that he does it for the thrill of it." At least thats the theory he's been going with.

"And here was me hoping I could hand you something back along with an apology… but it's never that easy, is it?" Thys sighs, idling prodding at the shinies on the table between them. "Those things over there all have Haast markings on them, so I'm hoping they'll find their way back home - they're not the most valuable of what he's taken, anyway. But these ones, well… some of them are pretty expensive with the stones and so on that they're set with. My firelizard is a wannabe diamond thief."

"Nope. Never that easy." C'rus affirms. After all why would life be easy? "If it's Haast stuff I'm sure that it will find its way back home from here. I think probably most of the wing comes in here at least part of the time. I'd just stick it in a box and lable it and have people take a peek. Shouldn't take too long. A sevenday…tops." At least he'd guess so, "You could probably talk to a firelizard trainer about it. Especially if you haven't had any luck on your own. At least he has good taste."

Oh! C'rus's box idea makes Thys's expression light up. "That sounds like a great idea. I should make a box with a sign! An apology sign." She scoops up the shinies, slipping them carefully back into her pocket. "A trainer would be a good idea, too. Do you happen to know any? I mean, I could always just tell Rhenesath to get him to knock it off, but I think Shards is still a little intimidated by her for some reason."

"She's really huge?" C'rus ventures a guess as to why the little lizard might be intimidated, "It's easy to get nervous around things that are bigger and more powerful than you are." He just shakes his head at her next question, "I'm afraid I don't really know any. I spoiled Aegnor too much, and didn't really ever pay enough attention to Gonzo, and Kera's lizards aren't much better. Mini steals too. There's got to be someone around here though thats good at it. Maybe D'ani…at least he'd probably know someone."

Thys nods. "D'ani. That's a good idea. I'll ask him when I next see him." She pulls a pencil and tiny notebook from her pocket, flipping it open to scribble down 'ask D'ani' in a blank space. "Speaking of Kera, though, how's she doing? How're you both doing? I feel like it's been forever since we've caught up! Are you having babies yet?"

"Kera is doing just fine. Still working toward becoming a journeyman. She'll get there soon enough I think." C'rus says with a smile, "Probably the next few turns anyway." If he has anything to say about it (and he probably doens't) it will happen faster, "And I'm doing fine too. Just working. Nothing all that exciting." Which hoenstly is the way he prefers it, "And no babies yet…not unless there is something she hasn't told me, and I doubt she could keep that a secret very long." Two healers…not a chance, "We plan on waiting until after she walks the tables."

"Oh yes, that's a good idea, as a journeyman she'll have a good deal more freedom to do as she wishes." Thys grins in agreement, dragging over a chair to sit herself down in it. "I've been trying to bring my studies into my life again in the hopes of making journeyman sometime soon. Rhenesath's pushing me to do it, but there are so many obligations other than her, Weyr and Craft-related… and now I've got a thief's work to remedy." She laughs softly, shaking her head. "Ah well. As long as everyone's happy and settled… you are happy and settled, I assume?"

"Yes she will, and I think she'll enjoy it." C'rus says with a smile, at least one can certainly hope they would, "Good to hear. Yes. Busy busy…" he says with a nod of his head. He is well aware of the speed that everyone seems to move at round here, "Always something grabbing for attention." He does consider her question for a moment "I think so…as happy as settled as I can possibly make myself anyway."

"That's really good, Cy, I'm happy for you." Thys grins warmly at him, looking ponderous for just a moment… and then she sighs, tiredly. "Well, I suppose I'd better go get that apology box ready, and maybe put up a note in the lower caverns for the more valuable stuff… it's embarrassing, really, isn't it?" She rolls her dark eyes, then pushes up out of her chair. "It was good to see you, Cy. I'm really glad you're so settled… it must be nice."

"I'm happy for me too." C'rus replies with a quick nod of his head, "I'm sure you'll figure out who belongs to what soon enough. I wouldn't be too embarassed about it all. It could be worse. It's not like you've sent him out on purpose. I think people will understand that, and its not like they will go around saying that the werywoman is a thief." As it appears she is leaving he lefts his attention sink back to his book, "I'm sure we'll bump into one another again." Weyrs are small places after all, "Have a good evening." he says with an absent sort of wave.

"Comforting as ever, Cy." Thys winks at her clutchmate, before giving him a little wave. "Have a good night, C'rus. Please pass my regards to Kera." With her hand in her pocket covering the stolen goods kept in there, she turns to saunter out.

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