Who M'xo, Thys
What Thys welcomes a visitor into Fort.
When Autumn, Turn 2711
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

At this almost-afternoon stage of the morning, Rukbat's rays have not quite penetrated the autumnal cold that was the Fortian night. The air's cool enough to almost see your breath, if you exhale hard enough, and one of the Weyr's goldriders is certainly breathing hard enough as she exercises down by the lake. Thys is moving through what appears to be a carefully choreographed routine with a long staff, sweat beaded on her brow and causing her chin-length hair - which she has attempted to tie back with a band around her forehead - to frizz and curl. Rhenesath is lounging in the water, oblivious to the cold, paddling back and forth every so often.

From the bowl meanders an unlikely pair. The rider is unkempt, with leathers askew (even missed one button so the whole thing is off). The bronze, however, positively gleams with health and oiling, and though he is still young he is beautifully formed. Strapless, the dragon gives the queen a respectful distance and glides into the water a ways away, while M'xo walks closer towards the goldrider, watching her move with open interest. Not /quite/ leering, but he sure is watching her closely.

"It's polite to announce you're there," Thys says in between swings, pivoting to look at the unfamiliar bronzerider. She lowers the staff so its end hits the ground with a clunk, and she looks over the unknown man with her head canted to one side. "You're not Fortian." It's said with a smile, and slightly out of breath. Thys takes a moment to get her breathing under control, then pulls a flannel from her pocket to wipe at her flushed face. "Welcome to Fort. Are you here on business, or pleasure?" Rhenesath is keen to greet the young bronze, cluck-crooning over at him as she turns in the water to face him.

M'xo lifts a brow, and the corner of his mouth follows it upwards. "Sorry," and he gestures towards his bronze, "figured the dragon was a big enough 'hey, someone else is here'." Then he waves a hand before sticking it into his pocket. "Nope." No knot to identify him either. "Business, sadly." In the water, Ikovsth rumbles a melodic tune back to the queen, shaking out his wings as he glides into deeper waters.

Thys's brow raises right back in return. "Ah, but does the dragon's presence give you permission to watch me work out without announcing yourself?" She grins, taking a few steps closer to him and offering her hand in greeting. "Junior Weyrwoman Thys, Rhenesath's." In the water, Rhenesath is watching the newcomer curiously, but keeping her distance as she swims purposefully in circles. "And I have the pleasure of welcoming…?"

M'xo shrugs. "I guess not?" But he thought it did. "M'xo," he replies, taking her hand and giving it a half-assed shake. "Ikovsth's." Ikovsth sounds a small trumpet at hearing his name, which fades to a little trill while he continues to swim, poking his head under the surface. Are there fish in here?

Luckily, Thys has a strong enough handshake to make up for the half-arsed one she receives. "Well then. Welcome to Fort, M'xo, and Ikovsth. My apologies for not being dressed more formally, but you caught me during a bit of down time." She leans against her long staff, looking the bronzerider over. "Though I dare say you're offended. Can I help you with anything in particular? What business are you here on?"

M'xo shrugs again. "That's fine, never minded how women dressed. S'their business. Though," here his grin crooks upwards, "won't ever say no to swimsuits and fancy dresses. Mmm." He gestures back towards the bowl. "Just delivering some things. Have to wait until the other end of the deal is ready to take back to Ista, so…we're waiting. Don't mind, though. Ikovsth loves the cold water.

"Does he now? Well, we've certainly got plenty and he's welcome to it." Thys looks over to the water, where their dragons are. "Rhenesath is doing some physiotherapeutic swimming. She suffered some sprains lately, and they're taking their own sweet time to heal." The goldrider's expression changes as she looks at her lifemate, a mix of love and concern. It's quickly back to friendly neutral when she looks back at M'xo, though. "What entertainment can we offer you, while you're waiting? We have fantastic bar sports in Shenanigan's, if you're a dartsman? Or pool, perhaps?"

M'xo tilts his head a little bit. "Phys…what now?" His brows furrow as he squints at the queen. He chuckles. "Pretty good at darts. Pretty good at pool, too."

"Physiotherapeutic?" Brows raise in surprise. "Stretching the muscles for health purposes? I suppose that's how you'd explain it. There's less pull in the water as Rhenesath doesn't have to support her whole weight on her leg, so she's better able to exercise." Thys is no healer, so it's hard for her to explain. "I'm quite good at both darts and pool. If you're a betting man… I could come give you a match, after I've changed out of these clothes."

M'xo ahs, nodding his head now that he understands. "Got it." Then he smirks, grin crooked, and runs a gloved hand through his blonde hair. "Never say no to a bet, even if it is from a lady."

Thys rolls her eyes. "How wonderfully archaic of you. Surely a bet from a lady is as good as one from any man?" She swings her long staff around to shoulder it, which will give M'xo a good look at how muscled her bare upper arms are. "We're on, then. I'll go change into something more suitable, while you find your way to Shenanigan's, M'xo." She grins crookedly, spinning her wooden weapon where it rests on her shoulder. "I do hope it won't be a problem to be beaten by a lady?"

M'xo grins. "I just meant I wouldn't mind taking your marks, even though you're a lady. My mother would say weren't proper. I say different."

"Well then, it's just as well your mother's not here, isn't it?" Thys winks at the young bronzerider, then indicates for him to follow her. When they reach the entrance to the living caverns, she pauses. "Just inside there. Someone'll show you the way. I'll be with you shortly, once I've changed into more suitable attire." … which, as it turns out when Thys appears not too long after, is a fancy dress. Just like he'd said he liked to see on women.

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