Fort Weyr - Forgotten Storage Room
A stone archway, high above any person's head, is the first indication that this room is not your usual room. Behind the door, the cavern stretches out, and the floor is covered in small boxes, endless stacks of them. Inside the boxes are a multitude of small glass containers of various shapes and sizes, and apparently different uses, as well. Each one is carefully wrapped in soft wherhide and cushioned with dried leaves, and the boxes themselves are stacked in a way that it would take considerable effort to knock them over. A large coating of dust is evident on every surface, showing that this place hasn't seen a visitor in some time.

It may be early autumn but the cool weather hasn't quite creeped in yet. Rain has fallen over the last few days, the first of the autumn storms and mild at best but leaving the Weyr in a less than clean state. Sadly most of those who went to enjoy a bath found the caverns smelling… different. Odd. Nauseating. Some prank has seen the waters filled with a concotion of essential oils, likely valuable to a degree and now wasted. Someone is going to get it good when found! So where's the best place to hide? If you're a weyrbrat, you know the best bolt holes. Kyzen has chosen this little forgotten storage closet as his hiding spot! He's curled himself as tight and snug as possible in the far corner, almost hidden if it weren't for his feet poking out and the sound of him trying to furiously scrub his arms clean with some rag he found, breaking the silence with a few sniffles and frustrated, almost fearful mutterings.

Ha'ze is smelling a bit… well. He's one of those who chose to not use the baths. And after his last seven of sitting in caverns and sleeping out-of-doors he smells a bit frumpy. That's someone else's problem, right now he's searching for something. Hit boots against the stone floor ring outward ominously, sounding very official in the way that they tap along. His ears pick up the mutter and he sweeps his eyes around to spot those eyes sitting out. "Kid?" Not sure what kid, but those are pretty small feet.

Kyzen goes absolutely still and quiet like prey spooked in the forests when they sense a predator or hunter approaching. He tries to tuck his feet up and out of sight, but it's no use. His hiding spot is only good so long as no one joins him inside the closet. As Ha'ze has done so, the boy is quick to give up the illusion of 'hiding'. Not that he comes out with his hands up. It's more like a wary and fearful peek over the top of one of those dusty, dusty boxes. "Ha'ze…?"

Ha'ze's smelly eyebrow arches upwards at the deer-in-headlights look that Kyzen has. A glance over his shoulder assures him taht there is no one else here, nor no one else coming. "What did you do?" He takes those last few steps and beings to open boxes to look inside. Nope, not looking right at Kyzen.

Maybe it's a good thing Ha'ze isn't looking directly at Kyzen because the boy has already popped back into hiding at the dread four worded question. What did he do? "It's not my fault!" he can be heard sniffling from his corner. If the smelly bronzerider gets close enough, he'll literally smell Kyzen's guilt. Smells like citrus with a hint of herbal forest. How wonderful?

"People are more likely to believe you if you was to come up with somethin' what would still have you gettin' in trouble, but not as bad as whatever you did." Ha'ze delivers the lying-advice with a sidelong look at Kyzen. His hands continue to dig through the box, careful to not break any of the glass. One wrapped bobble is held up as if in example, "Say, accidentally knocking over one of these while chasing an escaped bunny."

Kyzen's brows knit as he attempts to absorb Ha'ze's 'wisdom' but eventually the theory or most of it sinks in. "So you're saying to fib about something bad to cover for the really bad?" he asks, just to be sure he's got it down. His eyes follow that bauble and his nose wrinkles. "I dunno… It really wasn't my fault though and that's the truth! I was tricked." Kyzen grumbles, peeking around the box again and up at the bronzerider. "By some of the older kids. Now I'm gonna get it."

"Got it in one." Pern has golf right? Well, either way, maybe there is some game that would give rise to that euphemism. Ha'ze smirks slightly as he puts the glass bobble back into the box, and shifts it to one side, silently holding it out for Kyzen to set it somewhere safe. No matter that it's a big box, Kyzen can take it right? "Some mischief aye?" He sniffs, but doesn't say out loud his suspicion.

Not golf but maybe something close to it? Or a card game. Either way, Kyzen grasps it that he's hit the nail on the head and smirks. Hesitating, he'll eventually wiggle in his little hiding spot so he can reach for that bauble and stash it away safely. He's had enough with 'trouble'. "Was just supposed to be a bit of fun but they went too far." he mutters as he slinks out from behind the boxes and flops on the floor with his back slouched against one of the sturdier boxes. "And when I said something about it, they started teasing me and saying I was no fun cause I'm the Weyrleader's son and calling me coward and scardey. I'm no coward." Whatever that means. Kyzen's scowling now and does look like a miniature Th'ero with Kimmila's eyes. "So I told them that but they tricked me anyways. Dumped the oil but made sure I got covered…" Surely there hands are dirtied too?

"Are you a coward?" Ha'ze's voice is a bit of a challenge, not jumping to defend or call out those who have picked on the boy. Moving another box Ha'ze crouches downwards to dig though another group of glass.

Kyzen's scowl deepens and he sits a little taller though doesn't jump to his feet to answer Ha'ze's challenge. "I just told you I'm not a coward! Just because I said it wasn't fun anymore doesn't make me a sissy. It was a stupid idea." And now he's paying for it because he reeks of the very oils in that cavern right now. "What're you looking for anyways?" he grumbles at the bronzerider in a grumpy tone. His mood is souring rapidly.

"Well then. It doesn't matter what they were sayin' huh?" Ha'ze digs, his arm almost disappearing into that box before he lets out a slight 'ahh,' and pulls out a cloth wrapped glass. Unwrapping it carefully reveals a simple clear-glass wine goblet. "Somethin' I thought a friend might like. So it wasn't fun at all to see people havin' to forego a bath or choose careful less they smell funny?"

"It does matter because it's a lie, Ha'ze and I don't want no one thinking I'm a coward. What if my father hears that?" Kyzen growls irritably and pushes to his feet, peering at the wine goblet. "It looks old." he grouses and then just eyes the bronzerider for a moment as though to weigh whether or not to trust him now. "That wasn't the plan before. That was their trick and to set me up."

"Your father has a talent for seein' the truth of things. Can't see him listenin' to some brats sayin' you was a coward. Th'ero knows a coward. I'm a coward." Ha'ze says that like he is making small talk as he wraps the goblet back up and hands it over to Kyzen. Hopefully he takes it before it drops to the ground. (At least it isn't a baby this time?) Bending he begins to restack the boxes. "Now you're set up. What are you gonna do about it?"

Well THAT was not something Kyzen expected to here and his brooding mood changes to one of wary curiosity. "You think so? And you're no coward." he scoffs. Bronzeriders aren't cowards! Right? "How come you think you're a coward? You don't look like you'd be scared of anything! And you've Kainaesyth." Poor kid. So naive! Now what is he going to do about his situation? Kyzen sighs, "I dunno. I could tattle on them because that's the right thing but they'll be mad and probably beat me up. Father doesn't like it when I scuffle." Taking the wine glass, he examines it idly. "What would you do, Ha'ze?"

"Don't think kid, I know. I like my skin intact." Matter-of-fact is the tone of Ha'ze's voice as he settles the last bot in place, then nudges it just slightly so it looks like the whole stack hasn't been disturbed. "As for the why… I promised your father I'd not tell you some things till you were older. You'll just have to trust I'm not lyin' for once." For once, that's not exactly reassuring. Turning Ha'ze holds out a hand for that glass. "As for what I'd do… I'd find a way to be gettin' back. Tricked you? Trick 'em back."

Kyzen cocks his head to the side, "I don't get it. Why would you want to be a coward?" This goes against everything! His poor eight Turn old mind — completely blown! He pouts, "I'm older now! I'm eight. I can handle it!" Says the boy who's hiding in a closet to avoid confrontation. Yeah, right. Handing over the glass, Kyzen blinks and then peers curiously at the bronzerider. "How? It's not like I've any oil to throw on them…"

A slight shrug of Ha'ze's shoulder as he rubs a finger along one of the exposed edges. "If you're a coward, it's something you are." But despite how Kyzen protests, Ha'ze doesn't budge on the revealing of his spotty past. Instead his face becomes contemplative. "You might have to wait a bit of time. Figure out what'll be equal, if not the same, and do it. Plan, prepare. Make sure whatever you do won't fall back on you. Then do."

And this is why Kyzen adores Ha'ze. He tells him different things! Things he's too young to really see the 'wrong' in it. Such is the way of a child's trust. He takes everything so literally! Letting the matter of cowardice slide, he'll step closer to the bronzerider's side, looking up at him with curious eyes. "How? Will you help me? You seem to know it best…" Yes, that's right. Corrupt the boy further.

Someday Kyzen's mother is going to kill Ha'ze. But until then… Ha'ze shrugs a shoulder and looks downwards at the boy. "I can't plan your battles for you Kyzen but…." He reaches upwards and scratches at the week-old scruff on his face. "I'll listen when you plan and tell if if there's somethin' wrong with it."

Kyzen starts to look a little disappointed until Ha'ze offers a compromise and the boy all but leaps upon it! "Deal!" Do they shake hands on it? Probably not a good idea, or he'll smell as citrusy as the boy does. Glancing towards the door, he'll sigh again. "Only… I still got to go tattle don't I?"

Nope, no shaking. Ha'ze dodges the orange-hands by stepping away with that cup in his hands. "Be better if you didn't. That way they're not gettin' in trouble twice. Let the adults figure it out if they're that upset." Ha'ze is the WORST MENTOR EVER. Rubbing that glass once more Ha'ze smirks at the kid and takes his steps outwards and away.

Kyzen's not going to be shaken off that easily. He'll nod his head, absorbing Ha'ze's terrible advice like a sponge and for awhile it may work until he fails at lying or keeping a secret from his parents or people who will tell his parents. "How do I not get caught though? Headwoman Talica is looking for those behind it and I smell…" he grumbles but once Ha'ze is out that door, the boy darts out too and is rather skittish.

Ha'ze may be somewhere else by now, but he hears that. His voice drifts back, "I suggest the manure pile." To anyone else listening it'll be just… a weird thing the bronzerider says.

And the poor boy will actually DO IT too because Kyzen thinks so highly of Ha'ze! How he manages to get into a manure pile and not seen is… probably best left unknown. But it works and he has something to cover for his half-truth fib and it all clicks in his head. OH! THIS is what he meant by "lying". Thanks Ha'ze!