Who Syn, X'fyr
What X'fyr came out to have a good time and is honestly feeling so attacked right now.
When Autumn 2711
Where Fort Weyr, Lake Shore


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Autumn has finally settled itself upon Fort Weyr, days beginning to truly cool at their beginning and end. One such end find Syn perched on a rock just above the lapping edges of the lake. If it weren't for chaotic blonde hair, one might almost think her part of the surroundings, the usual lines of her body eradicated by the sweater she has tugged down around her legs, arms sucked inside to allow sleeves to dangle as they will. Chin on knees, she stares out across the lake, expression parked somewhere quiet and contemplative, lacking in its usual mischief - for now.

X'fyr and Kamysth are joined at the hip (because Kamysth dubs it so), which means that the brown pair are together as they make their way around the lake. Having been working with his lifemate about the value of not casting his mental net of joy as far and wide as it might reach, and so now a days he suffers in relative silence. Gleefully, the brown trots along with a grace more often seen in young felines, facets whirling an excited and vibrant blue. Xhan? He shuffles along rubbing at his temples. He might of napped all day between lessons, but he still has bags under his eyes from the lack of consistent and deep sleep that a full night's sleep would have awarded him. Suddenly, Kam stops, having spotted Syn and this causes his someday-rider to walk right into his ever expanding backside. "Kamysth!" he squeaks, pushing himself off dragon butt, and sighing heavily. "What? Oh no. No. Don't!" Too late! Kamysth is already making for the rock perching greenrider-to-be, at a dead run. "Syn! Look out!" he calls ahead, but he was still a bit off forcing him to set off after the brown quickly. Kam though? Totally stops dead at the rock and very calmly lays his head at the woman's feet, looking up at her. His overly long tail, whipping playfully behind him back and forth. « OH HAI! WHATCHA DOOOOOOING? » Burst of color, burst of sparkles among crackling candy wrappers right into the brainpan, with love of course. Nothing but love. X'fyr does catch up, too late, hands immediately going to his knees as he pants, out of breath. "…watch…out…" Too late.

Pern to Syn! Pern to Syyyn! No? Alright then, her funeral. The greenling is totally unfocused, mind clearly a thousand miles away as she watches the lake waters shift and move with an autumn breeze, lips pursing and unpursing as thoughts or words unspoken come and go. She ignores or perhaps doesn't even notice her fellow weyrling's approach until it's almost too late, lights flicking on behind blue eyes, the tiny woman snapping back into herself just in time for a whole lot of brown dragonet to bound right up into her space! She startles ever so slightly, sucking a breath as though half-expecting to be tackled, Kamysth's abrupt stop and chin-drop eliciting a much more Syg-like chuckle from the blonde. "Hey there, Cutie," she coos, body shifting so arms can push out into her sleeves, only fingertips clearing the bulky garment so she can work manicured nails into brow ridges and headknob nooks. "I'm just thinking, little one. What are you doing?," she murmurs, sideways smile lifting up to X'fyr, eyes crinkling with amusement. "Watch out for what, Rennie? He's being a perfect darling." Not gonna bat an eye for those sparkles and scattering wrappers? Nope. Not a one. But she will make room for Xhan on her rock, scrooch-scrooching to make space and patpat it with one besleeved hand before — schwoop — there they go again, pulling back into safety and warmth inside her sweater.

« HAI!» More bright-bright wrappers crinkle and scatter into the immediate area around Syn, clearly happy to see the blond. Although, Kamysth does croon in absolute adoration at Syn, the sound stretches and deepens once she's got her fingernails work over those places on his head. His tail swish slows, nudging gently against one of her knees, encouragingly. « OH HEY! ME TOOO! » Thinking he means, because he's a dragon and that's what they do. Think at people. This is rapidly followed by trees swaying beneath a moonlit sky, creaking and moaning as they rub against one another, leaves rustling and leaving behind the sweet and musty smell of a fresh rain. Kamysth's laughter. It was joyous and yet oddly soothing in its own way. « X'fyr is taking me for a walk to…burn off extra energy…but I don't know exactly what he means. » The trees still, and leave behind only the soft chirping of nighttime insects. « Did you want to watch the stars with us? We love the stars! » The brownling scoffs softly, shooting a betrayed look at his lifemate. "YOU! YOU love the stars. I love sleep." Groaning softly, heaving a deep sigh, now that he's caught Kamysth and his breath. "Oh yes. Darling." Tiredly he rolls his eyes skywards, not so much appreciating the color display above as Rukbat seems to be good and truly setting. The renegade spawn drags himself over to park beside Syn as the spot beside her is made, not at all shy about the way he huddles up against her for warmth's sake. He had a warm sweater on himself, as well as a jacket, scarf, mittens, and a hat. After all, he'd be up all night keeping Kamysth company and the nights were much colder than the days.

Syn can't help but chuckle for the little brown's enthusiasm, eyes set to twinkling as her head tips, favoring him with a look of consideration as his mind's imagery races through her thoughts. "So I see. We do a lot of thinking, you and I, don't we?" Scritchy-scritchy-scritch, and then that withdrawal, and though she's all turtled up and secure again, she still manages a tinkly laugh, flicking a wink at Kamysth. "It means he loves walking with you. You should walk more often." Oh, terrible, and Syn knows it, chin tipping sideways so she can beam prettily at X'fyr. You're welcome! But then there's talk of star-watching, and slim brows raise, gaze going speculative as she glances between weyrling and dragon. "Is that what you two have been out here doing at all hours? Why didn't you say so - I would happily make Morizanth cranky to come out with you," she drawls, allowing Xhan his moment of rest against her, head tipping to lean on his shoulder. "Though the /best/ spot to watch them is on the far side of the forest across from the lake. There's a little clearing and you don't get any of the light from off the water…," she trails off temptingly, letting one or the other of them seize on the idea if they'd like. "I'll even waken Morizanth. She'll love that." Oh, that cackle - even quieter than its usual pitch, it's still the work of some long-forgotten devilspawn, her eyes bright with mischief before they squeeze closed before anyone can tell her no. WAKEY WAKEY, MORI'S AND BAKEY.

Kamysth nuzzles against that knee, those hands, oh such bliss! So much in fact that he forgets to think back at Syn for a round, far too busy snuggling and encouraging all the scritches and scratches to those good places. He does catch up though, not to worry! « Of course! Next to X'fyr you are my favorite! Then there is Foryth, and Diqth…and then… » He happy starts naming off everyone he likes in order, as if he were reading off from the pages of a book, but that book slaps closed with a dusty kickup of particles that make X'fyr physically sneeze. Luckily the book before he's had a chance to settle against Syn. « He does? Of course he does! X'fyr is the best walker! Doncha think? HA! OF COURSE YOU DO! » The candy wrapper rain begins, and X'fyr shoots the greenling a very appreciative look. More walking, maybe during the day, would mean a sleepy dragon at night. Ah! Blissful slumber! However, then the stars, and before the boy can stop her, or Kamysth for that matter, « REALLY?! YOU'LL COME TOO?? ALL THE TIME? FOREVER? » BRIGHT. SPARKLY. CRINKLES. EVERYWHERE!!!! "Ugh. Enough with the book thing, Kammmmm." Cue the explosion of color sledgehammering into his brain and the brownling groans, knees drawn up to his chest and forehead applied to knee. "Syn," he groans pathetically. "You're killing me." Head to shoulder snuggletimes does not make this all better blondie! More groaning, a slight shake of his head back and forth over his knees. Then he's sitting up straight and waving his hands wildly, "No. Nononononono…damn it Syn!" « YAY! MORIZANTH!!! »

Syn laughs for that, positively delighted judging by the muffled sound of hands clapping coming from within her sweater-y shell. "I'm your second-favorite? Oh, excellent," she trills, avidly listening to the rest of the list before wincing and nose-twitching for the whuff of mental dust coming off that book. She doesn't sneeze, but it's a near thing, instead momentarily burying her face in her knees before thumping her head back to X'fyr's shoulder. "I do think that, though. You should walk at least four or five times a day. How else are you supposed to know if anything is different in the bowl? Plus, you'll be all the stronger when we start doing exercises and drills." See all of the perks?! She's totally got your back, Xhan. And then— excitement!! Syn blink-blinks for the sheer enthusiasm, but her face cracks into a bright smile, even as hands come up to pat the air, half in and half out of sleeves. "Maybe not forever, but we'll certainly come with you tonight." We? OH YES. WE. IT CAME FROM THE DEEPS - literally. Cold, muddy water seeps into minds, splashing, coursing, waterfalling in great, angry torrents, filling the gaps between thoughts with vast pools of dirty bogwater. Trees bear down, surrounding Kamysth's color, attempting to snuff it out, as adeptly as she snuffs out warm, fading autumn light in favor of cool semi-darkness. « Someone had better tell me, this instant, why I have been awakened. This is not an emergency. You are not dying. I do not think your pathetic excuse for a friend could even manage to kill you, even had he the gall. So someone, please, speak, I bid you. » Or she'll drown them all with a rising tide of dark, ugly water. "Gosh, but she's so cute when she first wakes up," Syn trills from Xhan's shoulder, not even turning to look at the acidwashed green on the rise, tone pitched loud enough to hear even from where they are.

"Whoever he's talking to at the moment when that topic comes up, is his second favorite." X'fyr murmurs against the top of Syn's head, because he couldn't reach either of her ears without disjointing himself eerily like a snake or something, and he hadn't been so genetically blessed to be that flexible. "…annnnnd the list changes preeeeeetty much six times…everyday…." Just a heads up really, in case the next time Kamysth has a burst of enthusiasm in which he shares with everyone another list, in another order. His eyes slide back the blond's way when her head returns to his shoulder, brows lifting as she does him the greatest favor anyone in his life has ever granted. A chance to actually sleep…when everyone else was sleeping! To spend time with Leia AND V'sri in the sunlight! To be a normal type person again! Brown depths very nearly well up with tears to bursting. Friend! Comrade! Companion of the ages! « X'FYR IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! HE REALLY DOES WANT TO WALK WITH ME ALL DAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH MORIZANTH'S! » Yes! Thank you Syn! Xhan could just kiss her right on the mouth! Until she's talking about waking up Morizanth to join them on a starlit journey towards their mucky graves. The boy gasps and stares, everything of him clenching in this moment of betrayal! The Great Betrayer of 2711 is what she is! "Syn!" Ah, it was indeed much too late. The boy nearly chokes on the volatile imagery of heavily silted water, clamping a hand down on his bestie's shoulder and trying to block Morizath out. That at least, was something Kamysth could do! A fantastically bright burst of every color ever imagined overwrites the doom and gloom of his freshly awakened sister, « COME SEE THE STARS WITH US MORIZANTH! IT'LL MAKE YOU FEEL…AWESOME! THE AWESOMEST OF AWESOME! » The excitement continues with many more rounds of how awesome it was going to be in looking at the same old stars he'd seen night after night after night since he was shelled. X'fyr gasps as the water clears, shooting Syn a long and pointed look, brows knitting between his brows. "Why? Why do you hate me?" he asks her mournfully, wincing already for the response his lifemate gives to the easily irked green and preparing for her inevitable response. Which of history was any indication, would not be good.

"Well, aren't we just a killjoy," Syn sing-songs at X'fyr, aiming an elbow-jab at his person, though somewhere between bulky sweaters and caught-up sleeves, it's somewhat less than its usual threat. "Maybe I'll just follow you guys around so I'm his second-favorite always." Like a Sygni-shaped GHOST. A Sygni-shaped ghost that goes from being Xhan's favorite person ever to public enemy number one in such a short number of breaths that it's almost impressive. Thoughtful mood clearly shed, the woman allows her smile to take a turn for the predatory, head lifting to fix him with a slow-spreading, distinctly ill-intentioned grin. "What? I couldn't have you being all happy with me. Imagine, word getting out I'm friendly. The horror." And so she summoned the queen of the damned herself, who takes in Kamysth's literal riot of color with a disgusted « Ugh » that is awful prim for someone that literally lives in a swamp. « Stars. You brought me here for stars. 'Tis your greatest wish to see me undone, is it not? » The words are mostly for her lifemate - Syn's shoulders are quivering with laughter by now - but perhaps X'fyr can commiserate with the green, even as the blonde pops her arms back out of her sleeves and finally shoves feet out from under her sweater. Booted legs stretch, toes flexing with a glimmer of green in the waning light before she leans right over and pulls Xhan in by his head to ruffle his hair mercilessly. "I don't hate you. I adore you. Now come on, you big baby. Let's go enjoy some stars." Who is she talking to? Kam? Mori? Xhan? Maybe all three, and Morizanth growls regardless, but perhaps she's just that tired or maybe some forgotten diety smiles on this meeting for, there is little more from the green than dark, sullen silence - and the occasional cold plunge of water down necks because she's not happy and neither should you be.

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