Fort Weyr - Bathing Caverns
A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

Early autumn brings slightly cooler weather and also brings a few of the first autumn storms. A day or two of rains leave the Weyr muddier than usual and so the bathing caverns have been seeing higher volumes of late. This late morning though they're unusually empty and there's a reason. One, the Weyrleader is standing by the entrance (fully clothed, thank you) and looking as perplexed as the Headwoman standing next to him. Only it's not Th'ero who's scared off the bathers and it'll be evident why the moment anyone approaches the cavern — it smells. Not terribly. In fact, it smells like many things. Someone's gone crazy with the essential oils!

Abigail is wandering on towards the bathing cavern, towels and the like in arms, and yes she is still in her clothing from the looks of it. The smell is caught soon enough and she coughs a few times while waving a hand in front of her. "Bloody hell.. Why does it smell like a flower shop up and died in there?" Though this escapes her before she has caught sight of the pair that happens to be there and she clears her throat a touch while peeking towards the cavern and then back towards the pair. "Evening.." Just ignore the rest.

"I'll go and question the last group of bathers, see if they saw anyone…" Talica can be heard telling the WEyrleader before she gathers her skirts and turns to leave. She'll linger long enough to dip her head to Abigail as she passes. "Wingleader. Mind the water." Is that a warning? Probably. Th'ero turns at the sound of Abigail's cursing and snorts, his smirk half amused but mostly grim. "Faranth if I know, Abigail and that's what the Headwoman is trying to sort out. I'd heard complaints by some riders and weyrfolk and while this is not normally my business…" He had to come see for himself. "Apparently it's potent whatever our pranksters used. Sticks to the skin rather strongly."

Abigail glances to the Headwoman and nods a bit while she eyes the bathing cave once more. "Maybe I'll just go jump in the lake.." Cold water and all! She shakes her head while looking to Th'ero. "Lovely. I wonder what they used to make it stick to someone even out of the water." That itself is worrysome.

Th'ero shakes his head, "Awful cold for a proper bath." Tempting though! He makes no mention of the private bath he has in his weyr. Perks of rank, is what that is! So he's not about to toss that out and brag. "No idea. Could be that the amount of oil used is just so heavy that it clings to the skin?" The Weyrleader is no expert on this. He does, however, begin to walk forwards, eyeing the pools almost warily. His nose wrinkles, "Any ideas, Abigail? Think this is a weyrbrat prank?"

"True.. But I'm thinking better then smelling like a bunch of dead flowers for days on end." Abigail offers with an amused tone at the idea. She titls her head and nods a touch. "Most likely.. As for what, perhaps a prank.. Or did get we get any new shipments of oils that could have perhaps been made too strongly?" Its an idea.

Th'ero's nose wrinkles further as he approaches one of the deeper and larger pools and he has to hold his arm up to his face for a moment to block the worst of the smell. "Ugh, I don't think the oil itself smells of dead flowers — it's just a mass of joined scents. This pool reeks more of floral but the one beside it here seems to smell of something woodsy. Conflicting." Nauseating, almost. "Even if it's a shipment, why dump it in the pools? It doesn't make sense. A prank is more likely. Only when and how…"

Abigail waves a hand before her a few times with a slight cough escaping her once more. "True.. Most likely it was a prank, only that went a bit far." She sets her things down upon a bench and is moving around the pool checking for any empty oil containers and the like that could have been left.

"And that I will agree with you, Abigail. Perhaps it was meant to be harmless but got out of hand. Which leads me to believe it was some errant children," Th'ero assumes as he carefully navigates the pools. He sighs, "Now we have to wonder how long it'll take for these pools to cycle out the tainted water." Oh joy? "Don't think we have to close them but folk should be warned…" Only fair, right? Looking over to where Abigail has begun her investigation, Th'ero doesn't pay attention to his footing. "See anything Abi—-" The last of that ends in a startled grunt as the Weyrleader's next step ends up in a slip and slide instead. His body twists but he's thrown off balance. SPLASH! Down he goes into that flowery smelling pool.

Abigail nods at that while she crouches down to pick through a few towels off to the side, so far nothing and she glances over. "Warning will be good.. Closing them down will cause other issues. Though leave it up to everyone if they want to smell like flowers or well.. Not." She is about to say something when he goes slipping and sliding into the pool and she has enough time to cover her face before the water is splashed in her direction. For any that happen to be wandering close to the springs will smell lovely flowers! Well Perhaps not that /lovely/ as they are rather over powering, as if someone dumped a whole flowershop into the springs, along with a few bits of pine there as a afterthought. There is also a rather good splash that just happened.. Perhaps someone took the plunge to see if there are any clues at the bottom of the pool?

Th'ero is not having a good day. Why did he have to come and investigate the bathing caverns after hearing complains from some affected riders? The Headwoman has already gone off to speak to the recent bathers to see if they'd seen or heard anything prior to the water being "tainted" and so far the Weyrleader and Abigail have assumed and agreed it's a prank based situation. The caverns definitely reek. Flowers, woodsy, citrus… anything and everything in a quagmire of conflicting (and almost nauseating) scents. Th'ero's plunge has taken him into the largest pool and the strongest reeking one of flowers. Spluttering, he surfaces and claws his way out and is made trickier by… the fact the floor is slick with oil. Now he's all but rolling in it! "Shards and shells!" he swears loud enough to echo, not in the least bit amused. He's soaked AND he smells like a overbearing flowershop.

It's a nasal assault to be sure, and the way Thys wrinkles hers as she steps into the room suggests she's not entirely a fan of what she's sniffing. "Dear Faranth, who's done this?" Only then she spots a floundering Weyrleader, and Abigail, and…well, she's surprised. "Oh, Faranth, sir -" that tone she uses insinuates eye-rolling, even if she isn't actually doing it, "and hello, Abbey." In she steps closer, though being very cautious as she nears Th'ero in case she ends up slipping in the oil. Still, she offers him a steadying hand. "What the shards is going on in here? You can smell it halfway down the corridor!"

Abigail is not laughing, no not in the least while she is picking up a few dry towels and is moving over to where Th'ero is.. Luckily not slipping in that lovely slick oiled up floor yet! "Shells.. Are you alright Th'ero?" She even goes so far to offer him a hand to try and give him help up. Though let's face it, at this rate they could possibly both go diving back into the pool with one wrong step. She glances up to Thys and nods to her. "Thys.. Come to join the fun?" This questioned with a slight amused tone. "We're trying ta figure that out actually." Someone want to get out the floaty wings in case someone else goes diving back in?

Th'ero is doing his best to put as much distance between the pool and himself even though the damage is done. He's scowling darkly with his hair plastered to his head and his clothes to his body. Coughing to clear his throat, he'll sigh as Thys offers her hand and he'll take it carefully. Even so, he slides on the floor again and the goldrider may find herself lurched forwards if she isn't braced properly. Luckily for all, the Weyrleader is much wiser now and will be readied. No more plunging into the water for him! And he's not about to toss Thys or Abigail in there too. "As Abigail said, we're trying to figure it out. Mind your footing… The Headwoman was here earlier trying to puzzle it out. We're thinking pranksters. Weyrbrats, no doubt." Taking one of those towels, he'll begin moping off his face and trying not to grimace for the flowery smell surrounding him. Sigh. "Thys, have we received oils of late?"

"Abbey, is this is fun…" Thys shakes her head, helping Th'ero… and stumbling a little when he does, though she catches herself. The joys of practical boots! And of clutching Weyrleader's arms. When they're on steady footing, she starts fussing over Th'ero, starting with getting his wet hair neat. "No oils beyond the ordinary, sir." Fuss fuss, preen preen - like an enthusiastic mother hen over a chick. "Abbey, do be careful; I'm sure your little ones don't need a bruised mummy! How're they doing, by the way? May I come see them?"

Abigail shakes her head slightly once they are on 'dry' unslick rocks it seems. She glances to her clothing and smells like flowers, oh like so many flowers right now which a actually makes her gag before she pulls off her jacket and has to toss it to the side to help. "Weyrbrats that when I find 'em I'll be seeing them doing laundry for months at this rate. That's my favorite jacket." She looks to Thys and holds onto another towel, while looking amused. "Thys" Is commented before she just smirks holding back a laugh. "I'll be fine, bruises never stopped me before." As for the rest she smiles. "They are both doing well, and your more than welcome ta come see them whenever ye like."

Th'ero is not having fun. Not in the slightest bit. "No additional orders or stock?" he grumbles, "You're certain? If that's the case, you or Inri or someone will need to go check the stores. Something is telling me our supply will be mysteriously depleted… Thys?" Her fussing has finally caught his attention and he seems frozen to the spot, simply watching the goldrider at her work in a sort of detached and bewildered manner. "What're you doing?"

"Wonderful, Abbey, I'll have Rhenesath ask Niumdreoth when we're next free. Twins! So cute." Thys smiles brightly over at the brownrider, then frowns up at Th'ero. "Nothing in any order I've placed." She seems pretty sure about that! "Though of course, someone could have ordered it on their own… what?" What is she doing? The goldrider pauses with her fingers in Th'ero's hair, one brow raised as she looks up at him, then up to her fingers… and her cheeks suddenly flush as she quickly pulls her hands back to clasp them in front of her. "Oh. Errr… you're um, you're wet? And your hair was… ah…" And now she's embarrassed. "I, er… I'll go check the stores, shall I?"

Abigail shakes her head just a touch, she is so not commenting about what Thys is doing with Th'ero's hair, in fact she is inching over tehre to pick up her things. "Sure Thys.. Anytime just let us know." She offers with an amused tone while trying to hold back a grin but it is clearly not working.

Too bad Jajen has already been exiled or they could blame it all on her. Only Inri's made the flub with the salt and now this? Not that it is in any way related. The oils in the water are likely weyrbrat caused and they'll be found by well… literally scenting them out. Caught red handed, right? And it's a good thing too that Kimmila is out on her duties as it's usually only the bluerider who touches Th'ero's hair. Not that he's recoiling from Thys, though he's eyeing her in a sort of studious way. Strange behaving goldrider? You bet he's on his guard (and likely trying to feel out where Velokraeth is — because if HE can assume, he figures his bronze is stalking Rhenesath as they speak)! "An unfortunate side effect to falling into a pool," Th'ero grouses and pushes back said wet hair while politely putting a step or two distance between himself, Thys and Abigail too just in case the Wingleader decides to start fussing too. "Would you? I'm sure Nyalle would approve of a timely report. I best… return to my weyr and change." And with that, he dips his head to both women. "If you'll excuse me?" He's going to flee! With as much dignity as he has left.

"Yes, sir. Um… I'll get right on it." But Thys stays rooted, blushing furiously, waiting for the Weyrleader to leave first while she sneaks a sideways glance at Abbey, looking, well, mortified would be one word for it! Her hands stay clasped in front of her, and she moves to help the brownrider pick up her things, if she needs a hand in it.

Abigail would never get fussy over someone's hair thank you, her dragon doesn't get all glowy so no crazy thoughts to run through her mind! Only when he chases perhaps but anyway. "Of course sir." A curious look is sent back to Thys, and that mortified look is seen before she smiles a touch. "No worries. Just… try to forget about it aye?" She won't go telling anyone that's for sure.