Who Thys
What The echoes of Rhenesath's last flight.
When Autumn, Turn 2711
Where Dragon Infirmary, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Dragon Infirmary
This huge cavern of smooth stone arches upwards to a rounded ceiling, high enough for even the largest of Golds to fit comfortably. Along the walls of the cavern are many carved out and worn smooth couches for injured dragons to rest on, most with a cot alongside for the dragon's rider to sleep.
Tables line the other walls, movable so they can be taken to the dragon instead of making the dragon come to it. Bolts of cloth, thread, needles and cabinet after cabinet of remedies and equipment take up the rest of the space. Two huge double doors lead out to the Center Bowl.

For over a decade, Thys had managed to avoid ever feeling her lifemate in pain - at least beyond the typical weyrlinghood bumps and scrapes, anyway. But, as she lay nestled in between Rhenesath's dusky gold forelegs close to the 11th anniversary of her Hatching, stroking the creamy gold of her chest as the true love of her life slept in the dragon infirmary's couch, all Thys could think about was the vertiginous fall that has interrupted what should have been a glorious moment and had actually resulted in being grounded.

Maybe next time will be better? There was no response from Rhenesath, only the fluffed-up featheriness that indicated deep sleep. Thankfully, it was free from even the slightest twinge of pain, courtesy of the numbweed Thys had just applied.

Next time we'll know. We'll know to fly higher, give ourselves more time to brace… fly out over water, even…

She paused, running fingers through the messy curls that, by now, had grown past her chin and were practically uncontainable.

If there even is a next time. That was a conflicting thought to harbour; the indescribable feeling for her lifemate versus her growing adoration of A'ster. Of course she had wanted it to be him. For the better part of a turn she'd grown closer to the brownrider, without actually realising just how fond she'd become of him. Until Rhenesath was proddy, and he was practically the only one she had sought out. Even when she'd slaked her dragon-inspired lust with others - considerably fewer others this time than in previous flights - it had always been him on her mind.

Rhenesath knew. Of course Rhenesath knew. She'd been fanning the flames of affection all this time, wanting Thys to settle. Like she had done before, influenced then by Rhenesath as well, which was the only true reason why her one previous relationship had lasted as long as it had. But A'ster was nothing like Ralik. A'ster was… all dimples and freckles and just fun.

Her heart skipped a beat, but the warm flush that filled her cheeks quickly drained as one thought led to another and again her mind went to that awful feeling of falling too fast, of the world spinning beneath her. She remembered clinging to A'ster, disorientated, panicked, confused between lust and need and preservation, and then having the wind knocked from her as she - no, Rhenesath - no, they, hit the ground with Akleteyth landing atop her. Them. It still seemed hard to distinguish between herself and the gold in that moment.

Thys curled closer against the comfort of her lifemate, turning herself towards the familiar scent of her hide to be able to hide her face and the threat of oncoming tears. She'd almost cried then, too, from the pain of the impact, the realisation of more pain as adrenaline and flight-lust rapidly waned, and from the… disappointment. Could such a fast fall even result in a clutch?

With her badly sprained and bruised wing still recovering, Rhenesath would undoubtedly remain grounded until she clutched. Was she even growing egg-heavy?

Could be too early to see? It's not even been two months. Thys envisioned the rounded sides of her dragon, and the way she became even more rotund before laying a clutch - but for the life of her she could never remember when, in any of her previous five clutches, she had started to show.

Delving deeper, Thys explored the inner workings of her sleeping dragon's mind, trying to find any tell that there were baby dragons brewing in her belly. There was nothing, save for her lifemate's ever-present maternal instinct, an eternal feathery flame of nurturing warmth that flickered constantly in the heart of her mind.

And then it dawned on Thys.


It had been two months.

… and she hadn't been between.

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