Fort Weyr - Fort's Forests - Forest Beasthold
This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

This is not a place where dragons really ought to be but that is not something that Kainaesyth is really paying attention to. See, there's a trough that has been filled with grasses and covered in a blanket. Within lays two babies, both with mops of brown hair. The larger is a slightly chubby boy, the second a still tiny girl. Twined about their makeshift bead is Kainaesyth looking just about contented as possible.

Who says there is no place a dragon should be? Outdoors at least… there are fewer restrictions. It becomes more of 'if it fits, they sit' scenario. In this case, Velokraeth enjoys the forest as his stunted size as far as brazes go allow him to squeeze in. Which he'll do today, but not before politely circling above and calling to Kainaesyth with honeyed and wine laced thoughts. « Beautiful day to enjoy the sun and the bounties of the land, isn't it? Mind if I join you and your charges? »

The breeze sweeps up from the canyon, carrying the tang of adventure, a hint of the story he was engaged in before the taste of wine broke into it. His head lifts from the ground to watch Velokraeth circle and twitches his tail towards a clear space. « All are welcome as they will come. Have the skies treated you well? »

« They have. As sweet as any lover's caress! » Velokraeth reports with a delighted ripple to his thoughts, his mind filled with the golden hues of a summer sun and the smooth richness of the finest Benden white to mingle and join with Kainaesyth's breezes and tang of adventure. « How does the day treat you and the little ones? Weave any new tales? » The question is asked as the bronze makes a lazy downward glide to land, sweeping his wings carefully to keep from disturbing too much of the ground around him. Once he's down, his wings fold tight and snug against his side as he lowers himself down, stunted forelegs crossing in front of him.

Summer sun is invited to cast their bright lights into the shadowed canyon, casting the cliffs into sharp relief, the pitted faces of stone showing every corner and curve. « I tell them of their bond. For as we are born not alone, they have their soul attached to another. » His tail curls protectively about the trough again, tucking the tip under. « They will need the other as they grow, the large to protect the small, and the small to guide the large. »

Velokraeth lifts his oversized and rather ugly shaped head to peer curiously towards that trough with his mismatched eyes. How the bronze sires such unblemished offspring is a wonder… or a miracle. « True words that we are not born alone and are bonded from the moment we hatch our shells. But these two are bonded too… or do you speak of the bond of siblings? »

Kainaesyth would probably say something about 'balance' or such if asked that particular question. And Then quote some story about beauty leading to ultimate failure. It could go in a lot of directions. Eyes whirling with complete contentment the breeze sweeps in gentle circles above the life by the river carrying the scene of life with it. « They are more than siblings. For I share blood with all that fly, but am no closer then any other creature who can communicate. They were once one, » Obviously Kainaesyth didn't study biology, two seeds for different sexes, //« and now are two. That original joining should never be lost. »

Velokraeth would adore such stories and not to feed his ego but because he believes knowledge sharpens the mind and it will give him the truths he's already aware of even more strength. He knows he's not the best looking bronze but he makes up of this lack of physical appeal with mental wit… but seems to pass both that and 'beauty' off to his offspring. « I am not sure if I follow? Of course you share blood for we are kin. They share blood too for that same reason. Th'ero says they are twins, just as two of his offspring are twins. One of the same but two individuals… Oh. Is that what you meant? »

Deep approval scented with a warm breath of desert sage billows around the words, caressing them gently and carring them away. « They share a soul. If not nurtured properly such a connection might cause strife. It is not easy to share that which yours. » While Kainaesyth does not remember those first hard months with Ha'ze, he still feels the tension that will always be a part of his bond with Ha'ze. For each still requires their time alone but crave the togetherness also.

« Do they? How do you know this? » Velokraeth asks curiously, holding no judgment but a honest and truthful mind and soul. Kainaesyth is feeding him new knowledge, even if just personal views or theories and the bronze soaks it all up like a sponge. The bronze lowers his head and pausing only to wait to gain approval from the younger bronze before he studies the two babies even closer (and yet respectful). « Connections between siblings can be a fickle thing. Some seem to be strong and others fade in time. It is the way of things. »

« Thus they must foster such connection. For it can be one of bitter sorrow or iron strength. It is in the choices which they will make. Can you not see the bond? » Curiosity swirls about those words. « They move as one. Where the larger shifts the smaller follows. When one cries the other is soon also. They do little alone and when separated they weep. » Well, more along the lines of they scream, but Kainaesyth doesn't go into that. As if to emphasize his point Galeon fusses upon the blanket and one of Aleoa's hands reaches out to rest near her brother.

Velokraeth raises his head slowly and in a rather thoughtful manner as though considering Kainaesyth's view. « So I can see, » he tells the other after observing the exchange between Galeon and Aleoa. « Such is the way of siblings. They are so young they rely upon each other but such a bond will change as they grow. Perhaps never break or fully wane but so young they do… how did you say it? Need to be nurtured? »

See, Velokraeth is a smart cookie who understands the weirdness that is Kainaesyth. « Yes. » The one word is all the answer necessary for Velokraeth's question. A sound causes him to raise his head as Ha'ze comes out of a barn. "I got to be gettin' them back to the nursery before they start askin' questions Kai. And we got to get back to Southern Boll. That trader is gonna be there tonight." Unwinding himself Kainaesyth allows his rider to close in on the twins and pick up the pair of them. Which is about when Galeon wakes up and decides to start screaming his head off. Aleoa is soon doing the same and Ha'ze swears under his breath. "Every damn time…" He's understandably distracted when he turns away and realizes there's another bronze dragon to navigate. "Velokraeth." As respectful as possible when holding to screaming infants?

Velokraeth can be very open minded on many things. The only thing that gets the pale bronze in a tizzy are lies and obvious mistreatment or abuse or injustice. Everything has a cause and reason, of course, but that doesn't mean he has to like everything. As Ha'ze returns and Galeon begins to scream-fuss, Velokraeth makes a chuffing sound not unlike laughter. « Seems it is time for them to return to their caretakers. You should tell him to speak softly to the fussing one. That is what mine and Varmiroth's did with their little ones. Rocking and soothing voice. Worked wonders! » Just took time. « Care to join me in some flight? My wings are rested now and there is still plenty of sunlight in the day and good winds. » And Th'ero is preoccupied and no females are glowing and the Weyr is sluggish at this time of day. So what's a bronze to do?

« I will suggest it. » Utter belief there that Ha'ze will ignore him slips into a laughing breeze. With the babies gone Kainaesyth's attention turns to the sky. « Yes, we will fly. » Tarnished bronze stretches outwards along his sails, the faint green catching the light as he pushes upwards into the sky.

Velokraeth does not press and only approves that the advice he gives is at least suggested. Satisfied, he'll spread his wings but let Kainaesyth taste the skies first before lurching up after the younger bronze. Ungraceful in the take off, thanks to his malformed limbs but as nimble as most bronzes once he's caught the proper thermals and wrestled the winds to his favour and join his offspring and kin in a leisurely flight above the forests.