Who Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany
What Friends chat about the future; post Weyrlinghood .
When Autumn - Month 9 of Turn 2715
Where Training Complex - Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.

Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.

It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Roth and his brothers have grown considerably during the weyrlinghood. But it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that Toskavath could probably hide in Roth's shadow. The bronze's straps are loosened for the moment, so he can relax or stretches without them irritating his hide. Which is what he's doing now, the stretching and loosening up of his muscles. The dragon seems to be favoring one of his front legs over the other as Lu'ka jogs along at his dragonmate's side. He's wearing a tshirt and shorts today, even though the season is slinking into Autumn.

Ah, autumn. Even if there is no snow yet, Sephany is using the excuse of crisp air and changing leaves to don a scarf and long skirt. And boots, as can be seen just beneath the hem of her attire as she walks briskly across the bowl and toward the training grounds. She's got a basket in her arm, too; maybe she's fond of bringing her friends snacks? Or maybe she's just terribly hungry herself. Either way, there is a basket at her elbow with a scarf draped over whatever is tucked inside, protected from chill and dust alike. The dragons are certainly easier to spot than their human-partners, so grey eyes skim along until she picks out a familiar form among those training, adjusting her path so that she is heading vaguely in the direction they are.

Lu'ka has to take several running steps to keep up with one of Roth's steps, so he does a good bit of running with the frolicing bronze while they excercise. After another moment, he calls a break and looks over one of Roth's paw's a bit more cirtically than normal. They pair are not hard to spot, Roth being quite unique looking among his siblings, not to mention the rest of the Weyr's dragons. Lu'ka is currently crouches and running hands along Roth's leg and judges from the bronzes thoughts and reactions. "Next time, we'll do a quick flyover to check for hidden treeroot before landing." He shakes his head and stands, peering around as he gives the dragon a scritch along his eye ridges. Sephany his spotted after a scan and he sends the approaching Weaver. "Morning Sephany."

Thankfully, there is no jogging necessary for Sephany. Her attempt at heading off the weyrling pair works to her advantage, and it's only a bit of time later that she is within speaking distance and, a moment more before she's standing beside them. "Hello Lu'ka. Roth." A frown creases her brow, drawing down the corners of her mouth. "Did he hurt himself?"

Lu'ka glances back to Roth, who's got his lids closed and thrumming happily a the scritches. A hint of anod back to Sephany as he finishes stretching towards the bronze's eye ridges. "A little bit. We sorta got tripped up on a treeroot hidden by an overgrown clump of grass." He uses his hands to sota demonstrate what happen before turning his attention back to Roth with an over encouraging smile "But it's just a little twinge and will be fine by tomorrow, right big guy?" Roth cants his head with a little bobbing head snort before snuffling towards Sephany. Lu'ka peers back to the Weaver "He's gonna be okay." He eyes the basket with a hopeful grin. "Keep this up, and you'll start to look odd without a basket of goodies on your arm."

"Is he alright?" There's a touch of worry to Sephany's tone, grey eyes seeking out the bronze leg as though she could ascertain the extent of the injury. But she nods her head and straightens up at Lu'ka's further explanation, worry melting away in a softer smile for the large dragon. "Good." She offers an empty hand toward Roth, meant for caresses if he's willing. A grin is flashed the way of the human-half at mention of her basket, which promptly gets shuffled down her arm so that she can offer it out. "Help yourself," she prompts. "Meatrolls and sweets. And it's only because I know you boys are always hungry. And it provides an excuse for me to come all the way out here."

A deep rumble vibrates from Roth's chest as his head lowers to put his muzzle and cheek within easier reach for the Weaver. She'll have to stretch if she goes for an eye ridge though. Lu'ka smiles at his dragonmate and looks back to Sephany with and relieves her of the 'very heavy' basket of food. "You never need an excuse to visit friends, but we always appreciate the snacks you bring us." He steps over to a log bench a few steps away and drops onto it. "I insist that you share some of it though." Plucking out a few things he offers her choice of either hand. "And you're right about the always hungry thing. I feel like I eat twice as much food as I used to."

Sephany is quick enough at bestowing affection upon the bronze beast; scritches doled out along muzzle and cheek, and even up to that eyeridge with the assistance of standing on her tip-toes. When Lu'ka takes the basket, the weaver simply moves to put both hands to the task of lavishing Roth with affection, fingers working at cheek and eyeridge as she focuses on the young bronze. "Mm," is her response, and she drops back down to the flat of her feet as she turns to face Lu'ka, following him with her gaze as he heads for the log. One hand remains on Roth, scratching idly at his cheek while the other reaches for the food. "Well, I can use the excuse to slip away from the other apprentices," she explains. "Even if I don't need one to come out here, it is nice to slip away for some quiet time. Thanks," as she picks out a meatroll to eat. "Well, you're a guy, so I figure you're always hungry regardless. But you're also a dragonrider in training." Grin. "You'd probably waste away into nothing if I stopped smuggling bacon to you."

Lu'ka chuckles as Sephany starts using both hands to attack Roth's eye ridges, much to the young dragon's enjoyment. His head moves this way or that depending on the itchy spots she comes across. The WeyrlingHarper settles a bit on the log and drops the basket next to him, grinning at her reasoning and nods. "Probably." is remarked about her bacon wrangling for him and the other Weyrlings. He takes a bite of the meatroll then goes on after a moment. "How've you been the last couple of days? We've been so busy with training that I've barely had time to check on Fizgig."

Clearly, Sephany is not at all afraid of dragons. She grins all the more as Roth moves this way and that, seeking out those spots that the bronze seems to like best. Until she's got a meatroll in one hand, and her attention is divided between conversation, snack and dragon. "Won't be too much longer before you can wrangle your own bacon," she teases. As for herself? There's a shrug of her shoulders and a brief glance away, a focus on Roth as she nibbles at her meatroll. "I have been alright," she decides truthfully. "Settled in. Glad to be home. It's… surreal to be back, as if nothing has changed, even though so much has." A wrinkle of her nose for that. "My sister sends me updates. Is it weird that I don't feel like a mother, even though I technically am?" As for Fizgig, she offers, "I've seen him around the Weyr. He's gotten huge, Lu'ka. Giant and fluffy."

Lu'ka smiles and watches Roth settle his muzzle on the ground, the dragon's eyelids sliding closed and enjoy's Sephany's scritches and rubs. Leaning forward to rest his elbows on knees "Guess I'll have to hone my bacon wrangling skills again. It will be nice though, getting back to the practice room and playing as loud as I want again." Another bite is taken from the roll and he considers Sephany's point of view, but can only offer a shrug at first. "I don't think so. Fostering is pretty common. And you're getting updates from your family so you know the baby is doing well. You can focus on your lessons and work." He flashes a little grin "Will you be able to take more commissions soon?" Word about Fizgig's size gets a chuckle "I know, he's like a moving furry boulder."

Idle scratching of the bronze will continue, though Sephany's attention is shifting toward the conversation (and her snack). Bites taken, chewed in silent contemplation as she frowns thoughtfully. "True," for fostering. "And I do. But I just… I suppose I didn't know what to expect. I spent so much time thinking about the birth, I didn't give much thought to the parts that come after. He's already five months old…" But she's not wistful or regretful in tone, more just surprised at the passage of time. "And yes, it has been nice to focus on my craft again." As for taking additional jobs? There's a roll of her eyes and a bit of a grin. "I shouldn't be taking commissions at all. I'm an apprentice. That sort of thing is for Journeymen. I can make those gloves in my spare time, but I really ought to run it past the Hall before I keep accepting this sort of work…" There's even a fleeting concern for overstepping her role, which vanishes at discussion of the canine. "You'll need a giant weyr, just to accommodate him! And when do you get to move out?"

Lu'ka tears off another bite and grins over to Roth as the bronze wuffles and disturns the tall grass at his paws. Laughing at Sephany's eyeroll. I bet you'll make Journeyman sooner than you expect. You certainly work hard enough." Even with her time away. "You'll be wearing Journeyknots in a turn or two." Now it's his turn for an eyeroll, which he does, at mention of needing space for Fizgig. "No kidding. But I think he'll have plenty of room when they move Roth." A little shrug about when that may be "Hmm, probably a couple of months, give or take a sevenday."

A few more, small, bites are taken of the meatroll, Sephany chewing diligently away. "Maybe," for how soon she'll wear a bigger knot. "But I am still a few months behind everyone. And I am not in a rush. I don't mind being an apprentice; there is still so much to learn. And I like learning," she teases. "I have no problem with rules." The rest of her snack vanishes, fingers brushed together to relieve them of crumbs. "That will be exciting," she decides. "Getting your own space again. Are you excited?"

Lu'ka nods quick enough "Kinda, yea. I doubt I'll be able to resume my normal routine exactly. But as close as I can get to getting back to normal. Roth is starting to make the normally sizable barracks seem like tight quarters, so it will be nice for him to relax with plenty of room to stretch." Lu'ka tosses the last bite in his mouth, and eyes the basket again, hands roaming through the inner treats. "And it will be nice to sleep in my own bed again rather than the lumpy cot in there." He gestures towards the barracks with his chin and plucks a sweetroll from the basket. He offers it to Sephany with a questioning brow then gets another for himself if she wants it. "And to have a place to just sit and think. And work without be serenaded by snoring."

"Are you going to resume your responsibilities as a Harper?" wonders Sephany. She accepts the sweetroll with a quick, 'thank you,' though she hesitates before digging into it. "I meant, well… were you going to join the craft wing? Not try something new?" Genuine curiosity without judgement. A final caress is given Roth before she moves away, finding a spot to sit on the log Lu'ka has taken. "It can't be that bad," she counters skeptically. "After a Turn in there, aren't you used to it?" She doesn't know; she's got her own room and no snoring to contend with.

Lu'ka chuckles around a bite of sweetroll "You underestimate how loud all of those sleeping dragons can be." Another nod to Sephany "As soon as I'm able yea. It'll make my work easier actually. Be able to continue lessons here and 'Wing' Craft duties to other areas as needed." Translation: Finding pubs and taverns to play in. "

Freeze. Blink-blink. "It's the dragons that snore?" Clearly, this is new information for Sephany, who finds the knowledge shocking enough that she's briefly forgotten she has a sweetroll in hand that she was about to lift to her mouth for a bite. "I… didn't know that dragons snored. Or even could snore at all… huh." Frown. "I suppose that would make things, um. Difficult."

Lu'ka glances to Sephany, not bothering to hide his amusement when he nods. "Shell yea they snore. And even with a couple of musical dragons, too many out of tune and off time snoring dragons added to it and YEA. Think I'm forward to Roth having a weyr." He chomps into the sweetroll again, gotten from the basket of snacks and meatrolls that Sephany brought the starving weyrlings. A quick shrug before grinning "Won't be long either way. And soon it will be cold enough for the lake to freeze over as you like."

The idea of snoring dragons is a new and novel concept, one that Sephany spends a few minutes envisioning with tilted head and distant gaze. Amusement plays across her features, and she laughs lightly at the picture Lu'ka paints of off-key musical snoring. "Well," and she offers her sweetroll back to him, haven taken not a single bite of it. "I haven't exactly lived with dragons, so I wouldn't know. But it does sound… terrible." And highly, highly amusing, says the twinkle in her eyes. She settles back against the log, making herself as comfortable as the hard surface and dignity will allow, skirt smoothed over her legs. "Yes! And I may actually get to enjoy it fully this time. I am definitely looking forward to it."

Lu'ka glances over to a now snoozing Roth briefly, watching him a moment while he finishes his roll. A sudden thought occurs to him and he peers around the turning grounds, then to Sephany. "The cold weather will give I'am and R'hra more to time to relax and enjoy themselves. Did you meet Apprentice Healer Kravit in the caverns?" He focuses on the Healer with a chuckle "Back when I'am tried 'cutting his thumb off', he met Kravit. I hope he can keep up with I'am on the ice though. I recall him being able to make his way around the frozen lake well enough."

"How will the cold weather…" but Sephany doesn't continue that question, letting it go in favor of the one posed to her. "No," for meeting Kravit. "I haven't." But the name is familiar enough to get a thoughtful look form the weaver. "Is that still a thing? I mean… romance isn't exactly allowed as a Weyrling…" She's so out of the loop, clearly.

Lu'ka shrugs "I never said anything about romance. Nothing in the rules about spending time with friends in our freetime though. And yea, far as I know, they are still friends. I know that R'hra has been in much better moods since Weyrwoman Kassala returned to Fort." He cracks a little grin "Maybe she'll keep him from hiding out in rusty old fallen in tunnels and caves."

Grey eyes roll, and there's a brief "yeah, yeah," that sounds a lot like her brother, in regards to that 'who said anything about romance.' "I thought they were an item. Isn't that what was implied at my birthday… get together?" See? Sephany was paying attention! But there's a shrug for R'hra and Kassala. "I haven't really seen either of them in a long time… even when I was at Igen, I didn't see Kassala much. Doubt I'll see her at all, now that she's a weyrwoman. And I'm sure R'hra will be busy enough doing whatever he's going to do, as a dragonrider. And even with Kassala present, I imagine he will get himself into a fair bit of mischief." Rusty crap in abandoned tunnels or hunting bit felines down south; that man has a deathwish.

Lu'ka laughs outright at mention of R'hra's deathwish. "It does seem that way at times. But he always manages a surprise." An agreeable nod about I'am and the blueling's favorite Healer. "They still get along very well. And you know I'am well enough to he's not gonna be breaking 'precious' rules." A brief eyeroll "Not that they will matter when soon when we're all falling and sliding all over the frozen lake." Well, probably mainly just Lu'ka doing that last bit.

"Rules are there for a reason," says Sephany. "And don't say 'yeah, to be broken,'. I'm sure there are very valid reasons for the things they ask you to do." Even if she may not know what those reasons are. But as he says, soon it will not matter much. "Have you suddenly developed an enjoyment of winter sports? I'm rather surprised you're not bemoaning the changing season and the crispness in the air," she teases lightly. A shift, and she pushes up from the log, shaking out her skirt as she stands on solid ground. "We shall see, though," for being out on the ice, a bit of skepticism in her tone. "I won't take offense if you three are too busy being dragonriders, honestly. I feel like I haven't seen I'am in months. And R'hra…" a shake of her head, but there's no bitterness in her tone. "It is the way of things."

Lu'ka is opening his outh to say just that when Sephany orders him not to. So he doesn't. But ohhhh he is thinking it. Everyone can see it. He returns a mostly innocent look, as if surprised that she would even say such a thing, but his amusement wins through and cracks a careless grin. "Oh, I'll give it a couple of tries myself while the lake stay frozen. No doubt! But at least I can recover fromm or bemoan as you put it, my injuries with Roth on a hot beach somewhere and thaw back out." A hint of a nod joins his shrug "I suppose, I managed to snag him the other day for a little refresher time with his guitar. Was nice to ease up and relax to a few songs." He's referring to I'am obviously.

Speak of the devil and he appears, or him and his dragon do anyway. The pair have been on their morning 'patrol' as prescribed by Toskavath. To keep a watch on things and protect those who need it of course! The blue is certainly one of the largest around but still makes for a quiet and graceful landing. Seeing who is in the training yard has the boy sliding down quickly from the dragon making a smooth landing of his own, before moving over to give her a quick hug if allowed. "Heyya Sephy!" Maybe grown another inch in height and a bit more in muscle around, still there is that youthful look to his face that will be always be I'am's curse/blessing. "Hey Lu'ka..reckon we have a jam session after lunch today?" He looks back to Sephany, "See how much he has grown? I think he has finally slowed down. I thought he was going to be as big as his brothers for a bit."

"Good luck," for ice skating. And that voice is just cheeky enough to imply mischief and challenge and amusement, grey eyes mirthful rather than innocent. Whatever Sephany was about to do, it is effectively halted with the appearance of I'am and Toskavath, the blue obviously gaining attention for his size even if his grace allows a quiet landing. "I'am!" and of course he gets a hug, arms thrown around him for a quick squeeze before Sephany is reeling back and standing him at arm's length. "Faranth…" but whatever the exclamation was for, she doesn't explain. A shake of her head and a grin, a glance given for the blue at the emphasis on his size. "He's fantastic," she agrees, gaze lingering on the dragon. "Biggest blue I've seen," even if, well… she doesn't exactly go around measuring blue dragons.

Lu'ka just dips his head to Sephany's implied challenge, probably of him staying on his feet while ice skating, if he can manage it. Roth wakes up when his sibling approaches and Lu'ka grins at the blue's near perfect landing, and I'am's enthusiastic greeting for the Weaver. A nod to his fellow Weyrling "Sure, I have a couple of candlemarks to spare. Maybe we could invite Kravit along. " The JourneyHarper glances to Sephany "Add in our Weaver here and it'll be a nice small audiance to help you get back into the habit of performing again." They haven't really done a show, since well, for the EGGS themselves before the hatching. Lu'ka fishes out bacon stuffed roll from the basket and points the whole thing to his friend's attention "Hungry? Seph brought us a basketfull of food."

The reaction he gets from Sephany garners a cheeky grin from the lad. "Yeah, I got muscles now. Toska works me harder than the weyrlingmasters." He steps back a bit and looks back to Lu'ka and gives a nod to the invitation of Kravit, "I am sure he would like that." The pair close, but with all the distractions of weyrlinghood had dialed it back to friends status for now, though they had been spending a bit more time together of late. "Yes you should come, I haven't loss too much skill and my voice has mostly settled for now. You may be surprised." The offer of food is not turned away and he grabs the roll that is offered to him.

"Oh, I'm not sure…" for becoming an audience. There is definitely a bit of regret in Sephany's tone, however. "Probably not today, at any rate. I'm on break, but I have plenty of work waiting for me when I head back in," added in an apologetic tone. But yeah. Those muscles though! Sephany was clearly not expecting that, and her expression is a bit unreadable as she nods after I'am's explanation. "It's weird… I mean, you look really good I'am," she assures him. "It's just a little like… well. I kind of understand what Sev means when he says he can't believe I'm another Turn older…" like her little brother is growing up, even though he's not technically her brother. "Evenings, I can manage. Right after lunch? Much too busy to be able to borrow time from my Journeyman… I'm still making up for what I lost." Frown. Maybe a pout. "Now I definitely want to hear!"

Lu'ka grins encouragingly to Sephany "You'll catch up with where your Journeyman wants you to be soon enough Seph. A casual shrug and a smirk later to I'am and he nods to the Weaver. "I'm sure we could be convinced to pick up our intruments later this evening, and tomorrow too." And probably any time either of them has a spare moment. His fellow Weyrling clamors over the basket, Lu'ka managing to save his bacon roll from being snatched by I'am, barely.

"It's alright, we are having less lessons and more just practice these days so we should have more time for it now." I'am responds with a grin and cants his head at the compliment he offers and the surprise of it, "You are looking good yourself Seph." He offers in an earnest compliment before looking back to Lu'ka and nods to him, "Yeah, now that I have my hands onthem again it will be hard to pull them away." He says as he snatches up another roll to munch on.

"This evening, then," decides the weaver with a smile. "In the lounge?" Ah, the good ol' days of Shenanigans; music and booze. Maybe sans booze. Sephany sure hasn't picked up much of it since recent events have changed her mind about the safety of getting drunk. "Thank you," for I'am's compliment, though it's a little awkwardly received as delicate fingers smooth along the side of her dress in an almost self-conscious sort of way. So, change of subject it is! "What are your plans after graduation, I'am? Are you going to the craft wing with Lu'ka? Or going to try something new?"

Lu'ka nods along with what I'am says about their evenings becoming more open now that the dragons are closing in on maturing. At least sizewise. Mention of the lounge gets an uncertain shrug "If the wlms don't object, sure. Otherwise, probably just out in the bowl, or better yet back in the Practice Room where the drumset is already set up." Not to mention all of their other instruments. A brief eyeroll "I bet R'hra has managed to mess all my adjustments too." A little growl at that thought before he peers between his friends. I'am gets a smile after Sephany's question "Whatever Wing he chooses, he's still my Apprentice." Meaning he expects I'am to continue to improve his craft skills around Toskavath's care.

The question about plans garners a glance back to Toska sunning himself in the bowl and back again, "I can't see him happy in any wing but Thunderbird. I have been enjoying our patrols I have to admit. We haven't saved the world yet, but we helped out with a few things here and there." I'am says with a little shrug but he smiles at Lu'ka, "We could have the old gang back together up in the room and don't you fret about the drums…Rio has been just as busy down here as we have been."

"I don't think R'hra has had time to mess with anything other than his own dragon's straps," decides Sephany, defending the absent ex-hunter because despite not seeing him in MONTHS he is still a friend. But it is a light chastisement, followed with an assurance of, "Besides, I would imagine all of his available free time is spent with Kassala." And not in the Harper's practice room. Comments on apprenticeships aside, it's the young bluerider's answer that the blond is awaiting, the response getting a bit of a frown. "Isn't it dangerous?" nevermind that her BROTHER is a Search and Rescue rider. This is different. This is Fort! "Renegades and criminals and such…" and she bites her lip just a bit before switching from apprehension to support. "If that's what you enjoy, then go for it. But you should like it, too. Not just your dragon," but really, she is not questioning things. Just being a bit overprotective because she CAN. But a moment later and she's casting glances the way of the bowl and the living caverns, looking a bit chagrined herself at the length of time she's spent away from her craft.

Lu'ka pointedly does not look at Sephany after her question about R'hra and gives and easy going shrug." He's been off making plans for something. And I'm sure the Weyrwoman has some part in it." Rules or No rules. He gives a bit of a worried look to his young Apprentice, even if he isn't quite the shorty he used to be, he's still his student. He simply nods though "Whatever you do choose to do, Toskavath will keep you in line, I'm sure." Lu'ka doesn't bother hiding his smirk to his fellow Weyrling. Seph's mentions of renegades and criminals get a worried look towards the Weaver for a brief moment.

"Yeah, it is. Won't it be grand? Think of the tales I could tell of daring adventures and rescues." I'am starts with bright eyes before his face settles into a more serious look. "I have got Toska to protect me, don't you worry. We won't do anything foolish…but that is him and who he is and I have found that it is a part of me too. Or maybe I have shared this part of himself so long…but we /Have/ to Sephany. If we didn't some else might get hurt. We have to protect people.." He finishes with such an earnestness in his voice even Toskavath lifts his head and warbles what sounds like an agreement.

"I'm not going to argue with you," says Sephany to I'am, even if there's a deepening frown for his apparent enthusiasm for the dangers she's listed. "I'm certainly not going to try and tell you what to do with your life…" she'll just fret a bit. "Just… be careful. And take it seriously. It's dangerous." A glance for Lu'ka, as if to back her up, though she's frowning now about R'hra and plans and weyrwomen, which all culminates in a long and exasperated sounding sigh. "I'm going back," she decides, waving her hand at the basket. "I'll leave that with you guys; eat your fill and then return it to the kitchen, please? And send me a message later to let me know where we're having this little musical performance."

Lu'ka nods to them both, quite agreeing with Sephany that he needs to be careful before she needs to go. "Alright. I'll send Scribe with a messege. And why don't you stop by and bring Fizgig with you." He sends a wave to the Weaver as she leaves. "We'll take care of the basket." Doubt there will be much if anything left when it's returned. Finishing the last of his baconroll, Lu'ka looks back to I'am and gestures towards the barracks. "I'm gonna go grab a little oil barrel. Roth needs a spot oiling and a once over along his strap areas." Brushing his hands of crumbs. "You need anything from in there?"

I'am smiles at Sephany, "We do, I promise…we take it very seriously, but it doesn't mean we can't enjoy it too." He suggests with a shrug, "He won't let me be silly out there you can count on that." The comments about Rio garners a bigger grin, "At least we don't have to hear him mooning about when she was away. We only have to hear what his dragon chooses to relay." He laughs and looks back to Lu'ka. "Yeah I should do the same. He was complaining of an itch on the last flight."

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