Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.
To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.
On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.
Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

Early afternoon and the weather is beautiful, one of those rare perfect summer days. A sky clear and full of scattered clouds that drift lazily by, never quite blotting out the sun. The winds are low, stirring just enough to keep the worst of the humidity at bay. The Weyr is buzzing with activity and high spirits, the Wings out on their duties, the Weyrlings also out under M'icha's watchful eye. Most of the dragons are out sunning themselves and Velokraeth is no exception to this, having claimed the largest and prime ledges for his personal use and shared only with those the pale bronze desires as company. If he's alone, he'll be sprawled out almost in an obscene way as he soaks in some heat and sun. Ahh! Bliss. Th'ero has spent most of the day outdoors too but for now he is in his office, paperwork ignored in favour of another thing of interest. Namely, that box of items that have posed quite the mystery. He had been there when So'l, Borodin and Abigail had discovered it and for sometime it has sat here in the office while a search was underway to puzzle out the initials. For the most part, the Weyrleader has ignored it. Today? He has the earrings held carefully in his hand and is letting the glow light play across the very elegant (and expensive) gems. Scandalous! Should he be handling them so?

Kimmila ducks into the office, unfastening her jacket as she does so. "Wingmate," she says, moving forward to drop a thick folio of papers onto his desk, only to pause in surprise when she sees that box out, and open, and Th'ero pawing at the jewels. "What're you doing?" she asks, half surprised and half a bit naughtily curious.

Th'ero acts like a child just caught red handed with his arm in the cookie jar. He jumps, startled at hearing Kimmila's voice and yet simultaneously pleased to see her. Though he scowls at that folio and then looks up at her. Urgent? Meanwhile, he's tucked the earrings back into his closed hand, blocking them from view and just as swift to return them where they belong. Ahem. "Examining them." he says with a smirk. A half truth?

Kimmila lifts her brows suspiciously at his 'guilty' act, moving around the desk to peer at the earrings - until he closes them off and puts them back. "For what purpose? Names didn't suddenly appear, did they?" she asks, though it's clear she's teasing.

Th'ero carefully locks the contents down as well and slips the key inside of his pocket before sitting down heavily in his chair and gesturing for her to sit wherever she likes. Another chair, the edge of the desk… his lap… it's all for her to choose while he continues to feign innocence in poking about the mysterious contents. Only the earrings though, he will not touch the letters as if they harbour a curse or bad luck. Go figure. "Nothing at all," he mutters with a snort. "And no purpose." Liar. There's always a purpose with him! He frowns, jaw working silently as he picks over his words. "Aside from curiosity. Wondering what would lead someone to toss such valuables away as though it were nothing." he murmurs and while he sounds disapproving, there is a glimmer of understanding in his eyes.

Kimmila is going to choose his lap, obviously, wiggling to get comfortable with a playful grin. "Why do you think someone would do that?" she asks, glancing at him and seeing that glimmer, wanting to cultivate it.

Th'ero behaves as though it's perfectly natural and an everyday thing that Kimmila sits on his lap while in the office. Is that door lock? It'd better be, or someone's going to have an image to titter about to others by the hearths that evening. Scandalous! Oh wait, this is Th'ero and Kimmila — maybe not. He grunts softly as she wiggles and swiftly loops an arm around her to pin her comfortably against him and to hinder any further "innocent" wiggling. For now. "Not sure," he murmurs and for a moment it seems that the conversation will end there but Th'ero continues on with his eyes focused on the locked box. "Could be many reasons. A jilted lover, tossing the contents in a fit of grief and rage, perhaps? A suitors castaways after a fruitless courting? Or…" And now his eyes slide to find her gaze and hold it there. She would understand what he is about to say, wouldn't she? "Or one of these poor souls passed on and the one remaining, lost to their grief, could not bear to keep the items and tossed them into the lake."

Kimmila didn't lock it, nope. And she doesn't seem like she cares. She nods as she listens to his reasons, agreeing with them and thinking much along the same lines. "I think, a box like that, letters…I think someone died," she admits quietly. "And the other put those in the lake perhaps out of rememberance. A ceremony, closure…maybe."

Th'ero's hand comes to rest against her thigh with his arm resting comfortably around her and the other used to idly tap the end of the armrest of the chair. He tilts his head a bit to look at her as she states her own theories. "Or they're unsent letters?" he suggests, though even to him he sounds uncertain and he smirks. "Perhaps. Though why the lake and not… with the loved one at their grave or ceremony." He ponders quietly, his mind already plucking up those shards of memories, the ones of his nightmare and having to… Swiftly he shoves those thoughts aside. No, he will not think of it.

Kimmila keeps herself still (for now), staring at the box and nodding her head in thought. "Mmmhmm. Well. Maybe…" Frown. "Maybe they buried the person in the lake? And the box went with them?" Gross.

Eww! Th'ero's nose wrinkles and his whole face twists with disgust. "The lake is not for burials," he states flatly. "And there damn well better not be bodies in there. Folk swim in it. Our SON has been swimming in those waters!" How delightful! He sighs, "I believe it was only the box tied down. Perhaps we best remind folk that the lake is not a dumping ground… Though I'm sure most are aware." he mutters, still trying to shake off the imagery of corpses in the lake.

Kimmila laughs, shaking her head. "I was kidding, wingmate. I dont' think anyone would ever allow that. Folks would know, and they wouldn't let that happen."

Th'ero smirks at her, not quite laughing but still amused. "You think no one would ever allow it, but who knows? Stranger things have occurred." he remarks dryly.

Kimmila shrugs, "Perhaps, but the /dragons/ watch over that lake, and I doubt they'd allow anything of that sort to happen. They're pretty alert to that sort of thing, even when it's a beast that falls in and dies." She glances at the box again. "Some mysteries aren't meant to be solved though. I think we should put the box somewhere safe and leave it in peace. It obviously meant a lot to someone."

"I suppose you have a good point there," Th'ero remarks and shifts beneath her, leaning a little more heavily into his chair though he keeps her held close and in his lap. His gaze slides again to the box as well and then to her. "It is safe here." he points out. Safe… except from his prying hands! "But that is the reason why many went to search out the initials. If this meant a lot to someone, perhaps they are still living or kin are still living who may want the mementos and if not — well, THIS time they can dispose of them of a more final way." Just not in the lake!

Kimmila arches a brow at him, a smirk pulling at her lips. "Safe and undisturbed, then." Then she shrugs. "I'd say to let it be. What use is there digging up the past? By now, don't you think folks would have come forward if they wanted it?"

Th'ero falls silent and thoughtful for a few moments, only to peer sidelong to her again. "You're not in the least bit curious as to what the story is behind these items? Especially those earrings. Shells, those are expensive items to just… toss aside." he drawls and then can only shrug now too at her question. "Maybe they're apprehensive? Embarrassed?"

Kimmila nods, "I am curious, but…why go digging up the past? If someone is still around, maybe they're mortified? Maybe they're horrified we're going through their private things? Pawing those earrings while they just wanted to lay them to rest, or forget about them? It just seems wrong to me, wingmate, I can't quite explain why. Someone put rocks on the crate and sunk it for a reason."

"Or they just plain don't know about it? It's not as though we've been shouting this news or putting up notices." Th'ero goes on to counter, giving her a look for her mention of 'pawing' the earrings. He clears his throat a bit. Guilty? "Yet here it is, resurfaced and it seems as equally wrong not to do something about it. If no one claims it, perhaps we'll find another lake to sink it in… where if it resurfaces again it won't be around people. Maybe we'll throw it off the coast."

Kimmila shrugs. "I think we just lock it up and put it somewhere safe, so if the owners do ever come forward, we'll have it. And if they don't, it's still respectfully set aside. But, that's just my opinion."

Th'ero hugs her close to him and from his silence, it means he's giving her opinion due consideration. "Where would we stash it away though, Wingmate? And why bother if it will just moulder and collect dust and possibly just be rediscovered again? Leadership will change some day."

Kimmila shrugs again, resting comfortably against him. "We leave a note with it. And we leave it here, perhaps, in the offices or in one of the safer, more secure rooms. We can't protect it forever, but…clearly they wanted it to be gone."

Th'ero chuckles dryly. "That seems like an awful lot of work for just some discarded love letters and whatnot. Though those earrings…" Make him nervous, apparently. But what can be done? "So you say," he decides to drawl it in a teasing way and give her a very gentle poke to her stomach that turns to a gentle tickle across to her side.

Kimmila shakes her head with a little smile. "They clearly meant something to someone. We should honor that." She smiles down at him when he tickles her, laughing lightly and turning to try and return the gesture.

Th'ero just sighs and lets the topic drop for now. His focus has shifted now to keeping her hands away from tickling him and counter attacking. Not too vigorously though, since she's still on his lap and any erroneous movement would… be rather unpleasant.
Plus the door is unlocked, and it'd be bad enough for someone to walk in on them tickling, nonetheless…more than tickling.

Kalsuoth's mind reaches for Velokraeth's, the brown's thoughts grasping but also sending on a familiar low hum. « They're back, they're back, » he calls through the link, faint now until Velokraeth picks up the other end.

Velokraeth is instantly alert and once Kalsuoth's cryptic message sinks in, the pale bronze is humming with delight and relief. So much so that he reaches out for Varmiroth and sucks the blue right in on the party! « They're back! » he calls, all but roaring with laugher and bubbling champagne in his thoughts, relaying back to Kalsuoth. « Are they well? Are they okay? » Meanwhile, in the office, Th'ero is still unaware and too wrapped up in "tickling" Kimmila to catch on the change in his bronze's mood. Give it a moment!

Kalsuoth's thoughts firm, linking with Velokraeth's and Varmiroth's. « They are weary and spooked, but they will be fine with time and rest. » Inside, ironically (?) Kimmila is the first one to realize, stiffening in Th'ero's lap and letting out an echoing whoop that has nothing to do with the tickling. "They're back!"

This is wonderful news! Velokraeth is delighted and makes it known to Kalsuoth, thanking the brown genuinely and profusely for being so prompt and swift in letting them know of Kiena and Ujinath's return. « Keep us informed if anything new transpires! » he asks as one last polite favor before switching to a private link between Varmiroth and Th'ero. They're back, they're back! In the office, Th'ero stops and stiffens too when Kimmila reacts and he is a few seconds behind with his dawning comprehension. He laughs at her whoop, grinning with relief and only then realizing of the lingering stress he'd been carrying around. "Safe and well!" he adds, hugging her tightly and fiercely to him, taking a moment to let the news sink in and absorb.

Kimmila turns to cling to Th'ero, hugging him fierce and tight. "I'm so glad," she whispers. "Are we going to go visit?"

That had never crossed Th'ero's mind and he leans back in the chair, which creaks a little in protest as he cranes his head to look up at her. "Should we?" he says, only to then close his eyes. Wow, that was one of the more stupid things to cross his lips in awhile! "Perhaps we should, after she's had a chance to recover. We could take Kyzen? Leave him with his cousins." Yay family bonding time?

Kimmila stares at him and then nods slowly. Wow, that was dumb. "Yes, we should. And I think that's a good idea. Kyzen should know his cousins." Faranth, the trouble /those/ three would get into…

Th'ero even has his dumb moments but rather than get all flustered about it he simply allows it roll on by. Cough. Let's not revisit that, alright? "Mhm, he should! Now that he is old enough to understand the concept." Oh, they'd be the trifecta of trouble! They may all regret ever allowing those three to get together. Drawing her into another fierce hug, Th'ero exhales long and deep before nuzzling against her neck. "I am so, so relieved she is alright."

Kimmila hugs him tightly in return, laughing and nuzzling him back, then kissing him. "Me too," she says softly. "We'll go see her in a few days, alright? See how she's doing and just…you know. Say hi." 'Hi, Kiena, we're glad you're not dead. Uh, what's new?' It'll be awkward.

Awkward and yet so them. Anything else would just be odd and even more awkward — that unsettling awkward. Th'ero laughs, his mood uplifting and the mysterious contents of that initialled box forgotten for now in favour of more important matters. "Alright," he agrees, nibbling at the corner of her jaw and he chuckles against her skin. "Just say hi?" he teases her, hands sliding and caressing over her body in an idle and yet not entirely innocent manner. "Wonder if this calls for a gift or… flowers…" That brings another snicker.

Kimmila snorts. "Not flowers. But…maybe something? I…don't know." She pauses, leaning back to regard her weyrmate thoughtfully. "What does she like? What would be a good gift?"

Th'ero grins and chuckles again when she snorts and he will lean back heavily into his chair, rolling his hips a bit beneath her to have her settle more onto his thighs than directly in his lap. His hands rest firm and warm against her hips and legs, though his eyes are turned upwards to her. "To be honest, I am not sure. What memories I have of my sister are dated. I know she prefers fruit, like I do. She is not one for baubles or jewelry — that's the Irondell in us. I doubt she has need of knives. Yet if you had to gift a Weyrsecond… what would you give?"
Kimmila laughs. "For D'ani? Either animals or a woman. Not for the same purpose," she says with a /wicked/ grin. That was /naughty/. "For Kiena? Shards if I know wingmate. A new bow?"

That WAS naughty and unexpected! Th'ero stares at her, briefly floored before he recovers and then laughs. Just as fluidly, he shifts beneath her, just enough so that he can give her a firm, smart smack to her behind. Behave. Though from the way his eyes flash, he probably desires her to surprise him like that again. "Wicked woman. Though I'd love to see his face…" Grin. Back on topic, he snorts. "Don't think she hunts and I am not about to give my sister clothes or… anything else. Shells. Why are these things always so difficult?"

Kimmila squirms at his smack, winking at him. Behave? What's the fun in that? "I started teaching her how to use a bow, remember?" she says, gently prodding his memory. It was turns ago after all. "I don't know. Gifts are horrible. Maybe a bow is too big. Maybe just some nice bread and cheese or something. A wine basket?"

Th'ero catches that wink and it only has his grin twitching ever so slightly wider. Oh, he is betting on her not to behave. When she squirms, it earns her a little grope. How can he resist (he can't)? "Yeah, I remember. Has she kept up with the practice though? A bow is a nice gift, but perhaps we should keep it small and simple." he mumurs and then quirks a brow. Wine? "She does have a fondness for the amber liquors." The very type he dropped all over the kitchenette floor of their weyr the day she vanished. How… ironically fitting?

Kimmila shrugs, "I don't know if she has or not," the bluerider says honestly. "Then let's get her some booze." She sees the irony. "We'll get a bottle for us and a bottle for her then."

Th'ero laughs. "A bottle for us? I didn't think you preferred the spiced liquor." he teases her and yet is relieved they've come to some form of a decision on a 'gift' for Kiena. Little do they know that 'booze' is right up the blue rider's alley and one good decision on their part.

Kimmila smirks, grinning at him. "I'm not a huge fan but aren't we short a bottle?" It's only a light tease, not even a rebuke.
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Th'ero smirks back and she receives another light smack for her light teasing. "We are, aren't we?" he drawls as he pulls her forwards again, back into his lap but also so he can slip his fingers under her chin to lift it as he seeks her lips. "How observant of you, Wingmate." he murmurs just before leaning into the kiss.

Kimmila kisses him back, sliding into his lap with a soft laugh. "Hard to miss that smell permeating the weyr." Not to mention the glass shards. It's all in the past though as she deepens the kiss. Until the door opens.

"It's a good smell! That was a shardin' good vintage. Sweet. You'd have liked it," Th'ero states with confidence, his mood high and light from her laughter. Forget conversations! Once she deepens the kiss, he growls through it and makes a greedy, eager sound as he begins to return it. Then that thrice-blasted door is opening and he breaks from the kiss with a curse muttered under his breath. Yet he doesn't push Kimmila off his lap in haste. There is no flurry of awkwardness as he surges to his feet! He sits there, tense now - oh yes, he is awkward and uncomfortable for whoever this visitor is! - but the damage is done.

Kimmila is glad he doesn't shove her off his lap. That'd just be mean. She does turn though to look at the door, grinning when a brownrider steps in and freezes, blanching slightly before he coughs. "Reports, sir, ma'am," he says, snapping off a salute as he steps forward to set the reports down on Th'ero's desk.

No point in denying or trying to cover it up! Th'ero keeps his expression carefully schooled, as if being caught with his weyrmate in his lap in the offices is nothing unusual or to be ashamed of. He'll leave the grinning to Kimmila and while he keeps one arm looped around her, his hand splayed across her thigh to grip, he leans forwards to accept the reports after dipping his head respectfully to the brownrider. "Thank you, Wingrider. Is there anything else I - we - can help you with?" he drawls, as he flips open the report and pretends to be mildly interested in the contents. Nothing to see here, right? Things are progressing as usual.

No, nothing to be ashamed of. At least Kimmila doesn't think so, as she grins and turns, peering at the reports as well. Clearing his throat, the brownrider shakes his head. "Ah, no. No sir. Ma'am. Ah. Um. No. I'll just…leave you…to…uh."

"Yes, we'll review this and have another report ready in the morning," Th'ero drawls, giving the brownrider a very level stare when the man begins to stutter. So much is said in those dark eyes of his: don't breathe a word of what was seen in here and there will be no trouble. Carry on with your day just as normal, like a good obedient Wingrider. "Thank you on your promptness, rider. That'll be all." He's dismissed! Go away. Can't he see that he's very busy, as a Weyrleader? All this paperwork and a weyrmate to satisfy. Work and play!

Kimmila continues looking at the report as she lifts a hand to sloooooowly run her fingers through Th'ero's curls. It's an obvious, rather brazen caress, and she winks at the brownrider as she does it, causing the poor man to blush crimson and nearly stumble out the door.
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Th'ero leans naturally towards Kimmila's fingers, brazen caress or not, he cannot resist her touch. His fingers, at least with one hand, are by the report and the other is still splayed over her thigh where he holds her. Watching as the brownrider stumbles out the door, Th'ero sighs and then chuckles heartily. "Think he'll keep his mouth shut? You'd think he caught us in the act." he muses.

Kimmila laughs. "Who cares if he does or not?" she says, giving his curls a playful tug. "Want to look at these now?" she asks, twisting to peer at the reports again. "They look interesting…"

"Because it may cause some to frown or disapprove. You forget we're in the same Wing now, love. If he over exaggerates, who knows what some may assume?" Th'ero drawls with a smirk. Oh, he doesn't care and yet he does. Because there is truth in those rumours. He's done many things with Kimmila here… Ahem. "Interesting…?" he turns his gaze back to the reports, glancing over the written letters as he pulls her closer against him. "I suppose I should, hmm? Though I am not so certain about them being interesting. I can think of much more interesting things."

Kimmila shrugs, "So? Who cares what they think," she scoffs, peering at the records still as if they're the most interesting thing in the world.

Th'ero scoffs right back at her. "Who cares what they think? Wingmate, these are my — and your — Wingriders! Careful that you do not loose their respect." Or gain it, by acting human. When she continues to show more interest in the records and reports, he snorts and then tilts his head to roughly nuzzle her and then nip swift and hard.

Kimmila shrugs her shoulder. "I'm not going to -" and then she gasps and yelps at his nip, turning her head to /stare/ at him, heat rising to her eyes. Oh? He wants to do that does he?

"Not going to… what?" Th'ero murmurs gruffly, his lips drawing back from his teeth in a wry, wicked grin. He heard that gasp and yelp and leans his head back to stare right back at her despite the heat in her eyes. His grin remains in place. Strike a nerve, did he?

Kimmila arches a brow as she continues to meet his gaze. "I forgot."

Th'ero's grin remains fixed in place as he continues to stare at her and not waver. "Bullshit." he calls her out with a chuckle rippling through his voice. He gives her a quick squeeze, but his eyes never leave hers.

Kimmila squirms a bit in his lap, wiggling just /so/. "You bit it right out of me. I don't remember what I was talking about."

Th'ero hisses softly through his teeth, but is otherwise attempting to remain stoic and unflustered by her little attempt. "Uh huh. Or you're bent on frustrating me?" he drawls, giving her another lingering look before turning his head away to gaze down at the reports. "Do these reports and papers truly interest you?" he asks, still sounding amused.

Kimmila's answer is a flippant, "What do you think?" She wiggles more, and turns to peer at the reports again, flipping through them.

Th'ero ponders quietly over her flippant remark or he's holding his tongue as she continues to wiggle more. At last, with a quiet grunt, he shifts her on his lap so that she is more or less sitting dead centre and can lean forwards easily to access the desk. He braces his knees and weight under her, keeping one arm looped around her as he too inches forwards. His eyes are on those reports but his focus is elsewhere. "Hmm. Could be two things. One, you're telling the truth OR two, you're not and this is some sort of clever little game. I am trying to discern which it is." he muses.

Kimmila flips a page to look at the next one, as if she's actually reading them. "Well, which do you think it is?" she drawls teasingly, not taking her eyes off of the reports.

Th'ero is silent for a few beats, allowing her to flip a few more pages of the report that they're both "reading". Then he moves, not giving any indication to his choice save to reach around and close the report file just as he clamps his arm around her to haul her back against him as he stands. "I think," he whispers gruffly by her ear and just before he nibbles below it. "We best return to our weyr and lock the doors so we are not disturbed. The report can wait." He wants to "play"! Letting her go when they're on their feet, he will give her a gentle push and playful smack to her behind. Get going! He'll be right behind her.

Kimmila squeaks when he makes his choice, grinning back at him, eager and willing. "Pushy," she teases, trying to give him a grope before she's bolting out of the office, making a /run/ for it.

She'll get to sneak that in, causing him to grunt both in surprise and eagerness. Her teasing remark of being pushy is met by a wry, almost wicked grin. Oh, she has only seen the beginning! When she runs, that just excites him further and with a laugh that startles a few of the drudges working about the hallways and rooms, he gives chase all the way back to their weyr. The door is closed, locked and then he'll pounce her (or she him?) and anyone valuing their skins will leave them alone!