Who A'ster, Aion, Ashwin, Doktah, J'en, K'shok, Raemar, Rulayn, S'dny, S'ic, Th'ero, Thys
What There's bacon in the LC after the Hatching… and an unexpected surprise.
When Summer-Autumn, Turn 2711
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

While new lifemates have been found on the Sands, the lower caverns staff have been pulling together a brunch feast for the post-Hatching crowd to attend. There's a good buzz going already as the living caverns begin to fill with people, and the smell of bacon - this is brunch and there has to be bacon - is heavy in the air. It's like the soothing balm to whatever's just gone on outside. And, because this is brunch, there is also alcohol. Which, possibly unadvisably, Thys is helping herself to already. Anyone walking in from the Hatching grounds will have seen Rhenesath sitting on the upper rim of the bowl, watching. Watching.

Doktah has changed out of her candidate robe and into her largely similar white techcraft labcoat. She wastes zero time in walking up to whatever unfortunate bartender is on duty and barking her demands. "I would like the largest, strongest drink you have available." She says as she slumps into the nearest seat. But then, what is that she smells? Bacon? Bacon makes everything better. Where is it?

S'dny was too late really see any of the hatching, and so upon his arrival at Fort made his way into the living caverns to mingle, gossip, and hear all about the new riders. There is a small delegation from Monaco with him already fanned out across the hall mingling and chatting. Syd stands off to one side with a large glass of something alcoholic in his hands politing chatting with people as they pass by on their own ways to get drinks and other snacks. Hatchings are always such big affairs.

Rulayn wanders into the Caverns, having not even bothered changing out of her sand-coated robe yet. She'll change later, when she drags the rest of her belongings out of the barracks. For now she's just going to grab the first mug of klah she sees, and drop into the first available seat.

oO( I will enter the living caverns and get food. I will enter the living caverns and remember I don't drink. I will enter the living caverns and I will not grab Thys' ass. No drink. No ass. Because if I have a drink I will have dat ass.)Oo Ashwin says those words to himself in the men's room on repeat as he looks at himself in the mirror. So he washes his hands and comes out and hugs Thys around the waist right away. oO(Shit. Hands not listen-eeening.)Oo "Hi, Thys." Ashwin says totally casually. "Fancy seeing you again. It's been so long."

J'en should have been typing but things happen and here he is in all his icy glory. BEHOLD! Leketh is out prowling in the bowl for some reason, and the bronzerider was feeling anxious. This is not an approved sensation, and he very much would like to reject it. He'd seen the hatching, witness the emergence, and now he needed a drink. Or ten. Golden eyes flicker about those thus gathered and lingers on no one.

Thys is startled when there are arms around her waist - she almost drops her drink. "Ashwin?" That's a relief. She leans back against the familiar figure, exhaling heavily before she downs the last of her drink. "Just one," she says quietly. "I've never seen a mauling." And she's shaking. Surely that's all because of the Sands-happenings and not because Rhenesath is outside with her brown-gold glowing? "Have you seen A'ster? Is Kiena ok?"

Doktah eventually coerces someone into serving her a worryingly large glass of something worryingly potent. She wastes no time in chugging about half of it, though it causes no observable change in her typically stony demeanor. She slumps against the cavern wall, gaze eventually seeking out Rulayn. "Roo. Come here." She instructs weakly.

So there was a mauling? Syd couldn't help but overhear the junior make her statement. He moves from his place toward Ashwin and Thys, "Hello. I couldn't help but overhear you say there was a mauling at the hatching. That has been known to happen. During the hatching when I impressed one of the new weyrlings got hurt fairly badly. I hope the injury is minor though…" he says taking another drink from his tall glass. Marzoth, the begoggled bronze, is also milling around in the main bowl outside. He knows /exactly/ what he has come for and it isn't to mingle for a hatching party.

Supportive Ashwin is supportive. He does not shy away from Thys and gets his arms secure around her waist and his chin on her shoulder. If she's shaking he will be the supporting pillar. "He'll probably be all right. That was hard to watch." There is no point in telling her it will be okay because it isn't. "A'ster was somewhere in the crowd. I haven't seen Kiena since last night. I hope she's all right too."

J'en narrows his eyes at Ashwin for whatever reason, but its gone with a blink as he looks off towards where people were still trickling in. A wing rustles, he feels Leketh brush against the back of his mind and he fights the urge to shiver. "What is UP with ya?" he hisses to the air, at no one. He's standing near the goldrider and the embracy brownrider, getting himslf an ice cold beer.

Th'ero will eventually make his appearance after seeing to Official Business and also checking on some of the injured Candidates, one of which is worst off than the rest. What a Hatching! At least most of it seemed to run without a hitch? He'll slip into the crowds but it won't be long before he's snagged or snared into talking and sharing pleasantries (ugh). When all he wants is a really strong drink and some food.

Rulayn slides from her seat upon Doktah's prompt beckoning, downing the rest of her klah as she makes her way across to the bar and to her fellow reject. "Yeah.. ?" She's not really paying attention to the commotion involving riders right now.

Yes indeedy, news travels fast. Particularly in a caravan. They're filled with traders, after all, and traders have to be up on the latest trends. Though this one might result in either celebratory drinks or black mourning robes, depending on the outcome. For himself, Raemar is a stranger in Fort, as is the rest of the caravan. He sticks close to the caravan personnel as he enters, though. They have mingling abilities, he does not. Raemar might end up being somewhat striking here, dressed as he is all in black clothes, a snugly fitting tunic and loose pants tucked into knee-length boots.

K'shok is a stranger here. His flight jacket shows the thready evidence of ripped-off patches, save for a vanity patch or two. Inside jokes from a Telgar wing. He's kitted out casually besides, speaking of some hauler work down in the coastal settlements. His curiosity and his appetite have led him here, looking to mingle, looking to see who's who in this weyr, and to look after some klah and sizzling streaky bacon.

Doktah glances briefly to Rulayn, then looks out at the crowd as she sips her potent beverage. "I am leaving tomorrow." She says, quietly, but loudly enough to be heard over the din of the celebration. "Off to Landing for a new assignment, then off to wherever that takes me. Do you wish to come with?"

A'ster is here, and his big, dumb, smell— freshly washed and remarkably well-behaved dog, too. Dogbreath even has a bandana around his collar, in festive colors that match his owner's Hatching finery. "Come on, Dogbreath, I smell bacon," he announces, and the pair start winding their way through the crowd. Toward the bacon. Toward the junior goldrider looking for him. The two aren't entirely incidental, mind. It might take him a minute, though, because he's checking in with any candidate he runs across, newly-minted weyrlings or no.

Rulayn hovers at the bar, clutching the mug in both hands as she leans back and rests there for a moment. She gazes across at the various people enjoying their bacon-filled lunch before turning her focus back to Doktah. "I'm supposed to be studying dragonhealing here, for however long that'll be. Then maybe I'll go to Xanadu to finish it." She murmurs in reply. "So.. While I'd love to say yes, I can't." A remorseful look is given to the other young woman, accompanied with a sad smile. "I'm sorry."

"I need him," Thys says quietly, so only Ashwin will likely hear. Then there's S'dny, there in front of her, and she blinks at him as she tries to focus. "Weyrleader. W-welcome to Fort." She listens to him, but she's not really concentrating - there are arms around her waist and it's a struggle to separate professionalism from physical needs. "Please… excuse me. Rhenesath… I'm not - not… A'ster!" Not in her right frame of mind would've been the words she was looking for, as she makes grabby-hands for the just-arrived brownrider and, sorry, S'dny, cuts the conversation short by grabbing A'ster's hand and tugging it. Is Ashwin still attached to her? She's not brushing him off.

Aion wanders into the living cavern, looking around for someone in particular and failing to find that person pretty much immediately, he's distracted looking for food. But, before that, there's booze. Right there at the bar, he finds both the booze and the person he was looking for. "Hey, Rulayn. You looked hot out there on the sands." He says, as if it's not horribly tacky to use a double entendre. He glances over at her accompaniment and catches something about moving or leaving or something along that vein. "You're not going to leave are you?" He wonders, yeah, he wasn't there for that part of the conversation.

"Ah. Yes. Of course." Doktah replies to Rulayn, her expression as unmoveable as ever. "You don't need to apologize. You'll be pursuing your craft, same as I will be. Perhaps we'll meet again sometime." She takes a brief pause to down the remainder of her drink. When Aion approaches and makes his remarks, she pauses further. "… Ah. Well. As I said, best of luck." Then she hops up from her seat, sliding over to try to get herself a refill.

Also all clad in the black that is his riding leathers, J'en allows his eyes to track back to his drink he begins to move away from things and stuff and THEM and in so doing makes room for the approaching A'ster and his pooch. Shuffling off somewhere out of the way, he finds a nice leaning wall and leans. Expressionless and remains thus for now, though a furrow was beginning to work itself into his brow. Another wing twitch, a rustle of thought suddenly brings the tension to his sholders, golden hued gaze falling upon Th'ero but not lingering. No, eventually they track back to Thys and thus remain. Lifting his beer to is lips, he tips it back, and has himself a sip. A shift in position and off it goes again, perhaps wondering why he and Leketh are still here or why they came in the first place.

S'dny can only watch in puzzlement as he is greeted and then promptly abandoned, "….I hope you have a lovely evening." he says to the gold and to her entourage. Well that was certainly a thing that just happened. It will all make sense shortly most likely anyway. In the mean time though Syd moves back toward the bar where he looks over the various drinks that are available since his own glass is getting rather low. In no time he has a new drink in hand and is off to do more mingling. Marzoth keeps skirting around the outer edge of the bowl keeping his eyes peeled. Soon! He probably should inform Syd, but surprises are always the best aren't they?

Rulayn blinks at the familiar voice coming from behind her and she slowly twists her head, blinking a few times at Aion. "You came." She smiled, planting her mug on the bar so that she can turn and give the taller man a firm hug. Because she could really use one right now.

Bacon. Even Raemar likes bacon. So the scent of heavenly meat candy will eventually draw him away from his caravan personnel and towards where the yummy bacony things are. Riders dragging each other off don't draw his attention more than getting one dark brow quirked. He has no idea what's going on, but it doesn't bother him much. He is, however, aware of… DOG! Plate in hand, he turns in the animal's direction and tilts his head, as if examining the animal. All these people in the room and it's the pup that has his attention.

K'shok shows more than a passing interest once the caravan types arrive. Perhaps goods to barter. A job or two. Quality gossip, at the very least. Tipping his flask into a cup of klah, he'll head that way to mingle in with the traders.

S'ic steps into the cavern his sketch book still in hand. he glances abotu and smiles a bit

Ahh, delicious alcohol. It helps Doktah soothe the pain. She has now sunk back into the shadiest corner of the cavern she can find, sipping her drink and making notes in the little book she has pulled from one of her coat pockets.

There's a commotion outside - it's heard even within the living cavern. It's felt within the living cavern as Rhenesath projects a wave of lustiness and bellows a cockeral-cry out to Rukbat.

A'ster says, "Weyrleader," but it's that kind of harried in-passing where he really, really should come back to it again some day. But that day is — not today. "Thys," he breathes, "you left — was it Dogbreath? I swear, those farts weren't him. Or me."

Aion wraps his arms around Rulayn when she leans towards him and makes it apparent that's what she'd like right now. "Sorry, it's hard to be left standing." He says lightly, though it's not from his own experience. He arches a brow at the commotion and then adds, "You'll be fine, there might even be a next time."

Thys grabs A'ster, wrapping both hands around his jaw and pulling him down into a kiss that is not entirely appropriate for the public setting. That's what triggers Rhenesath to bellow again - and Thys quickly steps away from the brownrider and draws in a shuddering breath. "It's time…" With her brown eyes already slightly hazy as her lifemate begins her descent into the feeding pens, she reaches out for A'ster's hand, grabs tightly, and bolts. Hopefully he'll follow?

That sound from outside followed by the wave soldifies in Syd's mind just exactly what is happening here, "Oh fantastic…" he says sarcastically to himself before directing a comment under his breath to Marzoth, "You couldn't just mention that in passing could you?" He says as he rushes out of the cavern to follow after Marzoth and company. Marzoth if he cares doesnt' even reply at all.

J'en is still there, honest. He's more or less got his mouth attached to is beer though as lashes lower and he looks over those entering, gathering and pooling. Then the wave hits and the Half Moon Bay bronzerider shudders, grip tightening till his knuckles go white. Leketh answers that cry with one of his own, wings flaring outwards and restlessly shifts his massive body from one side and to the other. "Ya have got to be fuckin' kiddin' meh." he grumbles to himself, mood rapidly shifting from his field of barrenness. And then those eyes dart towards Thys as she makes her way out. "Fuck." Shoving himself off the wall, he gives chase.

S'ic looks up and about a lightly paniced look on his face, "A you have to be kidding me…" the bronze rider turns as if he wants to feel..

"Oh Faranth," A'ster swears unimaginatively, and casts around for someone — anyone — who doesn't look like they're bolting outside. "Here," he says to the first passingly-familiar face, "make sure he gets some bacon." Thus, Dogbreath delivered, he puts some hustle in his bustle and heads outside.

OOC: Flight log continues here...

As people begin to pile out after Thys, Roo blinks rapidly, her face still slightly smushed against Aion's torso. Reaching up to briefly wipe her eyes so she can see what's going on, it's the sound of dragons outside that gives the young woman the information she needs. And then there's that sensation - the unmistakeable flush of heat which causes Rulayn's cheeks to go pink. Well, this is wildly inappropriate, and awkward to boot. She quickly straightens up and pushes herself off from Aion, watching the last of the riders flee the scene and trying to ignore that telltale feeling always present from a Gold's rising.

Raemar actually seems to snarl quietly at the sudden commotion, lip peeling back in ever so slight a sneer. That wave… that was not pleasant. The departing riders get a shake of his head. But whatever he's thinking about it, he keeps it quiet. Instead he heads towards the candidates. There's no greeting, no small talk. "…Are you all right?" he asks quietly. His voice is low and smooth, with a rumbly undertone. It's also quite concerned.

It takes a moment for Doktah to distinguish between the flush of intoxication and the /other/ flush that is going on right now. The sight of the various inappropriate kisses helps her to distinguish the two. She sighs heavily, glancing towards Raemar with heavy lidded eyes. "Fine." She grumbles unconvincingly, setting her half-finished drink aside and wobbling to her feet.

Well, that was unexpected. Aion holds Rulayn in a hug and gets a flush of a sensation that he's familiar enough with considering he's been in weyrs for quite a while. "Mm. Guess it's one of those times." He says, and watches as half the living cavern empties out to go chase after a gold. "There's going to be a lot of disappointment after." He muses, though perhaps he'd be the sort to wait outside said guest weyr with presumably open arms for anyone who needed some, ah, comfort. He draws in a breath and lets Rulayn go once she pushes off of him.

"And right after a Hatching.. Guess she couldn't wait any longer." Rulayn muses, trying to rid herself of the sensation with a shake of her head. Alas, it's not so easy. She hovers for a little longer beside the Healer, staring straight head for a few moments as if to gather her thoughts. And then, finally, she speaks. "I should go get my things from the barracks." Her tone is strained, if not already quiet. Turning on heel, the robe-wearing once-candidate makes for the exit, pausing just to call after Aion and her fellow friend. "Good luck, Doktah. I'll see you later, Aion." And then she's gone.

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