Who A'ster, Ashwin, Kiena, Metan, Thys
What Proddy leads to strange things.
When Summer-Autumn, Turn 2711
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Warning for mature content! Like… really mature. Lots of grown-ups talking sexytimes.

Summer is waning, and it can be felt in Fort's air - this particular afternoon is crisper than those that have come before it, even if Rukbat is still glaring down on the Weyr. Thys is enjoying the last of the day's rays by training down by the beach, running through what seems to be a structured solo practice session with her long staff. She's got the moves down, swooshing her staff, dipping and jumping and doing all that stuff in her training outfit of shorts and a vest though with perhaps a little more aggression than is typically associated with the goldrider, and with a slight sweat shining on her forehead to show she's been at it a while. Rhenesath is lounging close by, seemingly asleep; she's curled up, head under her wing, tail wrapped around her forepaws.

The waning days of summer have summoned Ashwin. He is not here by choice. Due to a pronounced lack of fun in his life, mindhealers have ordered him to stop spending all of his time in the caverns or on duty and actually live a reasonable life and go outside once and awhile. So he has gone for a walk. He is determined not to have fun just to spite them. Rinxyth wanders behind him bored. This having fun thing is not for either of them. Fun may end up happening anyway because Ashwin sees Thys. He hasn't seen her in far too long and that is sufficient reason enough. Her aggression is another reason to take a closer look. So is the training outfit. "Thys." He greets her with no special aplomb.

Thys lets the swing of her long staff carry through before turning towards Ashwin. Her cheeks are already flushed from her exertions, and she's breathing a little heavily too. Possibly part frustration, possibly part workout-induced. She runs her hand through her hair - it's messier than usual, damp with sweat and turning curly at the tips that brush her chin - and plants her weapon agaisnt the ground so she can lean against it. Her brown eyes rove hungrily over Ashwin's body, and she bites down her lip as her expression turns conflicted. "Ashwin." A deep breath follows, and the beckons him over to her. Teeth are sunk so deeply into her bottom lip by now that they must hurt.

Ashwin has never been a staff kind of guy. So he looks at it cooly. As long as she is not going to whack him with it they are good. He's always been a knife and unarmed kind of person himself. He is also oblivious of her situation. Completely and undeniably oblivious as he looks away when her eyes rove and fails to find the bitten lip. That's what he wants her to believe anyway. Both of these things have been noticed and the game of tease Thys is afoot. "Thys." Ashwin mumbles for a second time and he approaches to just outside of arm's reach. "Rough one this time?" He asks without any sign of pity to be found in his voice. His hand reaches up and slowly to give her time to step away or push it away (and think it was her idea) he tries to mop her brow and hairline with delicate fingers. "Keeping out of trouble?"

"Already grounded," Thys replies, an answer to both of his questions. There's marks just below her bottom lip where her teeth have sunk so deeply into flesh there. If Ashwin's observant enough, he'll see that her grip on the long staff is white-knuckle tight; she is trying very, very hard to keep control. "It's just as well Rhenesath is sleeping." Her gaze wanders over to her dragon, who looks quite serene, really, and hardly shiny. Not proddy-shiny, certainly. When her eyes return to Ashwin, the way she looks at him is best described as hungry. Her tongue flicks out over her lips, and she steps towards him, closing the space between them. "If she was awake," she reaches out with one hand, trailing a finger an inch down the brownrider's shirt right over his breastbone before pulling it away, "I'd have those clothes off you by now."

It is not Ashwin's intention to touch Thys' lips. That she knows of. It is an accident how as he lowers them away from her hairline the faintest, innocent, most barely-there brush meets both of them. He remains oblivious to her blunt words. Someone as astute and perceptive as he is should have caught on when he first laid his eyes on her. "Oh, it's good that she's not then." Ashwin picks at his clothes in a distracted way. "I'm not wearing any underwear today. All dirty and I was too lazy to drag them to the wash. I'd hate if anyone saw my arse." Self consciously, Ashwin looks around him and frowning at Thys. "Your clothes are bunched. Silly workout." So he'll adjust them. Pulling the bottom hem of her shirt and the top one of her shorts and by accident dragging two fingernails gossamer lightly over skin. "How come you haven't had me over for tea lately? I miss our tea."

There is touching and Thys reacts to it in such a way that her deathgrip on the long staff loosens. When Ashwin starts adjusting her clothing and he actually touches her midriff she gasps, and her lean on the weapon slips as her grip loosens far too much. She stumbles a little as she tries to maintain balance, and a gasp of "Oh Faranth!" passes her lips as she tries to regain her composure. It's not easy. Thys closes her eyes, curls a hand into Ashwin's shirt, and holds onto him tightly. His poor shirt now knows how that long staff felt moments earlier. "We've been busy. You, me, both of us." Her grip tightens, and she dares to open her eyes, blinking at the brownrider. "I need tea." Thys gulps, and then intentionally bites hard on her lip. "I need to not wake up Rhenesath though. Tea will wake her up."

Ashwin feels a little bad. Only a little. If he did not know Thys for as long as he has he would feel terrible. Nope, though. Only a little bad. Oblivious Ashwin steps right into her and curls his arm around her waist when she grabs his shirt. Poor shirt. The material will be stretched and wrinkled and it'll probably have to be replaced. Totally worth it. Quizzical and puzzled he stares at her with innocence in his eyes. "Tea or /Tea/?" He asks. "Are they not the same thing? /Tea/ is just Tea with some extra emphasis on it." He tries to kiss her on the forehead anyway. "We can fix both later. I've had the strangest time of things. It's good to see you even if you are." There are no words to describe what he is thinking so he brushes skin again. Clearly an accident. "And if she woke up while you were having tea? What's the difference?"

"Tea. TEA. I… want… tea. With you." There's an emphasis there. It's an emphasized emphasis! And Thys almost loses her words when she's not only in Ashwin's arm, and pressed against him, but when he kisses her forehead. "Later is better. I can't wake her now. If she woke up now…" Thys looks up, biting hard into her lip again. "We wouldn't make it to the ground weyrs on time, let alone my weyr." Her fingers knot more tightly into his shirt, and she exhales a tortured little breath. "What's been strange for you? Tell me. Please. Distract me." Which perhaps suggests while she was throwing so much into working out - for the sake of distraction.

Oblivious Ashwin looks to be confused. "Ok. Sure. Let's go have /TEA/ then. We will have to stop by the stores and get some. I don't have any in my weyr. I've been slacking on buying things. Do you like Istan Tea or Igenian? I like Istan the best." He can not hide his smile by now that tells if Thys is looking that he isn't as confused as he looks. She knots into his shirt and he pulls her closer. It is a good system like that and he will do it again if she stresses the material more. "I can distract you with tea? My place?" He has not forgotten her question and answers it at first with a shrug. "Relationship changes. Kiena's has become odd and I keep running into people. Drama."

Thys knows she's being teased, and Ashwin gets a chest-thump for it. Not hard, of course, but a 'stop it you're mean' hit. It's followed by her nestling her cheek against his, lips almost brushing his earlobe. "Tell me about it. Kiena. Drama. Tell me, please?" Her arms snake around his hips, hands hanging loosely in the air somewhere behind his tush, because while she's pressing in close, she's tense with the effort it takes to remain decent in public. And touching certain anatomical temptations would be too much for her to bear. "Would Kiena be mad if she saw you like this?"

Thys is pouted at by Ashwin. Hitting him. That's not nice. He's nice to her for once since arriving and only lays his chin on the top of her head for comfort. He does not kiss her or even tease her own ear with his tongue like he'd like to. He might do that later if the thought stays appealing. "Serious. I've missed you." He will have to give her a little of what she wants. "I was sharing Kiena for years. She was still weyrmated. She isn't anymore. We are having to figure out our relationship again. No? She wouldn't be mad. She isn't around half the time and encourages me to see people if I want to. So no dice there if you wanted to make her grumpy at you." Reaching back to put his hands behind him 'at ease' he ends up trying to hold on to both of her's. "You all right?" He is being serious. No game here. "Looks like this is a rough one. Do you want to stay here and I'll cool it or do you want me to take you away?"

"I missed you, too." Thys says it with her lips against Ashwin's cheek, before dropping her head to nuzzle at his shoulder. She's still pressed against him, her outfit of shorts and vest sweat-damp from training with the long staff that lies abandoned on the shore beside them. Rhenesath is lying asleep nearby, her head tucked under her wing. "I don't want to make her grumpy. I…" A thought hits her. She raises her head, brown eyes blinking lustily up at Ashwin. Her already-flushed cheeks turn a shade darker, and her lips part in a half-smile. "Take off your clothes. We're going swimming." From the way she looks at him, they'll obviously be doing the breast stroke.

Metan might've headed the other way upon heading down towards the lake and seeing two lovers tangled up with each other - only, he can't. His canine is a white streak ahead of him, yipping as she streaks after a little green firelizard that seems to have begun a game of chase. The two make a game of darting around, yipping, diving, jumping, anything and everything to draw attention to themselves. Metan's gait is slow as he follows behind them, his hand lifts to rub at his neck as he recognizes Thys there and overhears the taking off of clothes. "I'll get them out of here in, ah, just one second weyrwoman and-," he gives a polite dip of his head towards Ashwin. He claps his hands and whistles. Clap. Clap. Whistle. Whistle. Neither creature seems prepared to listen. Metan's trying to at least coax them away from the 'lovers'. "We'll be gone in a moment- promise!" Is he blushing? Surely not!

Breast stroke. That is so conventional. Ashwin does not do the breast stroke. He used to do the front crawl too often but then quit drinking and hasn't been swimming since. "You are fine. Your name came up when we discussed it." He is holding Thys with his arm around her waist. "I asked her if she wanted me to quit seeing other people. She knows I have tea with you once and awhile and that there's someone complicated in Ierne. She said I could have all the tea I wanted with you but I had to give her a detailed play by play afterwards. Hey, Thys?" If she looks he drops his head to kiss her. When his lips are so close that she can smell the spices from the steak he had for dinner Metan talks and Ashwin snaps right to a ramrod straight posture. "Wingleader. Ashwin." He is failing at looking at Metan with anything other than 'Bro, you just cock blocked me. Bro! WTF! Broooo. Come on.' eyes and so he can make himself not look at him he talks to Thys again. "Not swimming in public. You know better than that and why." A poke heads for her ribs.

Canines. Firelizards. They don't care about lusty goings-on… but that voice? "Ohshit," Thys breathes, so possibly only Ashwin will hear it as he stiffens up. She's not as quick as him, hiding her face against him for a moment as she tries to gather herself together. Her arms curl around him as she buries her head into his shoulder, giving a tug to the back of his shirt before she turns herself around so she can face Metan, embarrassed and all with her cheeks flared red. Thys doesn't actually put any distance between her and the Wingleader; instead she reaches behind her to hook her finger a little possessively in his belt loop, while trying to figure out what to say to Metan. "Candidate." Her voice cracks. She clears her throat. "You… don't… need to leave." It's said awkwardly. Forced genuine. Thys smiles at him, clearly flustered. "It's a nice afternoon for a walk."

"Ah, no, yeah. I'm going to leave," Metan deadpans, noting the finger-hold on the belt-loop and that look from Ashwin. His creatures continue to circle around, making it their Best Attempt Ever to disrupt any romance by circling Ashwin and Thys there before making a beeline further down the lake. Metan seems prepared to follow them only Sister comes streaking back down at full-tilt, the green firelizard close behind her. He takes a hand and slaps it on his forehead and scrubs downwards. He draws out the movement by pinching his nose, and then his lower lip, huffing a sigh as the pair dance around again. "I'm trying. I think, short of you both running into the water, they'll play at this for a while. Fickle… rather likes the negative attention and Sister's too sweet to catch on to her being in trouble over this."

Ashwin is not romancing Thys. He is being mean to her. That is why she punched him. There are dogs and firelizards and things everywhere. He is not getting his Thys kisses and he is being held on to so he can't escape. He smiles to Metan, gentlemanly like. "Are they really named Sister and Fickle? Where did *those* names come from?" As he cannot get away from Thys and maintain his dignity completely he keeps the arm around her waist, his fingers pressing inward over her hip and trying to find if she has a ticklish spot there. It's an accident. Of course. It happened by innocent accident when he was finding a place for his hand. "You can stay. We are old friends and there are problems that rear their heads occasionally in dragonriders' lives. It's not what it looks like. We were contemplating having tea."

"So 'tea' is a codeword for dragonrider's needing to sprawl out on the beach and do what needs to be done because of, well, their dragons?" Metan asks, grin crooked as he folds his arms in front of him and peers at Thys in particular. "Is this that whole 'when flights happen' thing you were lecturing us about?" he asks, then decides he doesn't want to know so he unfolds his arms to wave a dismissal for her answer with one hand. Sister's finally come to flop at Metan's feet, keeling to her side and tongue lolling as her legs sprawl upwards. Exhaustion has hit her even as Fickle darts in to chirp and circle Thys' and Ashwin's heads once before moving to claim Metan's shoulder. "Sister's the only family I have," he tells Ashwin, taking the Wingleader seriously, "And Fickle is a fickle-natured creature. Their names suit them." He's got his animals and so he should go! An eye rests on that hand around Thys' waist. "I'll be on my way." Only he's hesitating.

Thys tries to make the situation less awkward by attempting to pet the canine when she prances close. Canines are great tension-breakers! And then of course the pup runs away, leaving the goldrider with Ashwin's arm around her waist and fingers fumbling for ticklish spots. She grabs his hand, squeezing uncomfortably tightly to get him to stop. "Are you saying," she turns her head around, fixing the brownrider with a look, "that Rhenesath being proddy is a problem?" Then there's mentions of tea and Metan picks up on it, and she turns rapidly around to face him, shaking her head. "Nonononono, no, no. Tea is… a pleasant beverage. An afternoon delight…ful, delightful session of sandwich-eating and tea-drinking and catching up over cakes-" and she realises she's explaining it too much, so she shuts up. She nods at Metan's astute assessment of what's going on. "Yes." More blushing. "Rhenesath will rise… soonish." But then he's saying such sad things, and Thys's eyes actually glisten. Is she really tearing up? "Oh, oh Metan - I'm so sorry." Out from Ashwin's hold she slips, striding right over to the candidate to curl him into a hug. It might be slightly inappropriate with where her hands end up. Is that accidental, or she trying to cop a feel?

Canines are the best of tension breakers. She might even get an ear floof from Ashwin who follows it up by grinning charmingly. "Rhenesath being proddy isn't a problem. She's doing what she does. It's everyone else around her that's the problem." He has a second before she runs off to butt grab Metan to think about what's happening. He does not blush. He stares with wide eyed and briskly closes the gap, trying to smack gently at Thys' hands and imply she should let go. It is a genuine accident that he might smack Metan in the tush a few times in doing it. "Soonish. You should have some tea in the mean time. TEA. Let's go get some." He is trying to save her the embarassment and Metan too. Not going to work out is it?

"I'm a problem?" Metan's halfway to asking when he's engulfed by Thys' hug and then he's somehow patting the weyrwoman's back in a 'there-there' gesture. "Canine's are good family," he reasons, brows shooting up when Thys' hands wander where they shouldn't. He coughs a few times and then extracts himself from the woman, all but unkindly shoving her towards Ashwin. And then Ashwin is smacking his ass and the candidates clearly grasping for straws when he declares, "Sister! Are you so tiredd?! I'll carry you back to the barracks!" He hefts the small terrier into his arms, giving his green reason to squall a protest. "Enjoy your tea!" he shouts, not bothering for more formal replies as he walks as fast as he can away from the lake and back to the barracks to hide in.

So much protest. Hand-slapping and pushing and Thys ends up back with Ashwin, as Metan leaves. "He didn't have to go," she murmurs, snaking her arm around Ashwin's waist and slipping her hand into his back pocket. She cosies up to his side, stroking her fingers down his abdomen. "He came along at just the right time," she purrs softly, into the brownrider's ear. "Or I would've had you. Right here. And that wouldn't be good for any of us." Thys nips at his earlobe, then draws her head away. "What were you telling me about your Kiena problems?" Don't mind her as her hand explores the dips and curves of your tummy and hips, Ashwin.

So much protest. So much ruffled dignity. Ashwin does not argue when Metan runs off because he can't find a good argument in his head for staying. His exit was about as graceful as anyone could want and… those are Thys' fingers and her teeth. "There's always over there." Ashwin nods in the direction of a secluded and shadowed area but does not pursue it with any kind of seriousness. "Just Kiena problems. I was saying you are fine, she knows you and I have /tea/ sometimes." Ashwin looks over his shoulder to make sure Metan is gone and there aer no other surprises and people he has not seen yet coming. He unbuttons a couple of buttons of his shirt for her too. "You could always come have tea with me /and/ Kiena."

Such problems. Many awkward. Much proddy. Thys pauses in her finger-exploration of Ashwin's torso - just as they were about to dip into the waistband of his trousers. Sorry, dude. "You and Kiena?" She perks up, canting her head slightly, teeth pressed gently into her bottom lip before she runs her tongue over it. "Tea with you and Kiena. Tea. Tea?" A shiver runs through her, and Ashwin should feel it, as well as hear it on her breath. And is that… did Rhenesath just move? The sleeping gold rustles her wings, and Thys closes her eyes, grasping more tightly at him. "Can she come for tea now?"

They definitely aren't on duty, that's for certain: Stumpy and the Attractive Idiot are out of uniform and almost languid, as they trundle-brumble their way down to the lake. It's hard to tell whose idea this was: A'ster, in a loose shirt over what might have been sleep pants, once, but have been aggressively hacked off just above the knee to make something suitable for swimming. Or Akleteyth: muscle-clumped stump of a tiny brown dragon, whose ruby highlights over mahogany hide are looking a little bit lackluster. Regardless: they aren't unobservant, as they approach, just casual in both salute and greeting; first to the junior weyrwoman, then to their wingleader. Kle even manages a modicum of manners, fwlumping into the water without swamping the pair already in it.

So many problems. Thys and Ashwin are at the cusp of doing things that adults do. He has caught Thys' attention by making her a startling offer. "Mmmhmm." The brownrider confirms. "I'd have to ask her if she's in to the idea, but. Hang on." Rinxyth is loafing nearby and Ashwin smacks him lightly on the leg. "Hey." He speaks out loud for Thys' benifet so she can hear the conversation. "Get ahold of Ujinath for me. Tell her that I've got Thys here and I just promised her Kiena and it seemed like a really good idea at the time and we're kind of into it. Is she in or out? If she's in she needs to get here in record time." Leaning against Rinxyth's leg he tolerates the brown's grumbling and the passing of the message. "So, we'll see. I can't see her not being up for it. It's been awhile since we've ever talked about it but.."

That's Akleteyth. And that's… "A'ster!" Right after Ashwin's just told Rinxyth, very loudly, about some very racy intentions. Thys gasps, quickly pulling back her hand from where it was so close to dipping into Ashwin's pants, and she blushes furiously. "Hi. Hi, A'ster." She looks almost guiltily from brownrider to brownrider, leaving Ashwin's side with a longing trail of her hand across his abdomen, then grabbing a handful of his shirt to tug him along as she goes to go reel A'ster in. "Hi." Once she's close, she looses her hold on Ashwin so that both hands can curve around A'ster's square jaw, drawing him down into a lusty kiss that's way more than just a hello. "I need you." He's not going anywhere. She loops her finger into the waist of his pants, does the same to Ashwin, and stands grinning between the pair of them, lips parted and chest heaving with each heavy breath. "Rhenesath's waking up."

Ujinath will likely receive Rinxyth's message and pass it on, but not without his usual 'affectionate' return to the brown by giving him the mental equivalent of the middle finger and a not-so subtle hint that he can shove that message where the sun doesn't shine. Don't worry folks, it's just how the blue shows his love! At least with Rinxyth. The cerulean hued blue will appear overhead moments later though and someone might wonder if they didn't shave a little time with that jump. Kiena will dismount once Ujinath has landed, leaving her flight jacket and gear behind and safely tucked away before walking purposely towards the shoreline. "So that's how it is, huh?" she calls out, smirk well in place but with an obvious wryness to it. She LOOKS pissed but really? She's fighting so hard not to burst out laughing. "Don't hear from you for DAYS and now this?" Case in point, she'll watch as Thys drags him along, while the goldrider greets another brownrider who is unfamiliar to her. It doesn't take her long to clue in what's going on though and Ujinath confirms it. Now she does laugh, but there's also an exasperated groan as she runs her hand up through her hair, exposing the one side she keeps shaved, as well as the underside. "For fuck sakes, not again…" She's going to have to go in there, won't she?

"…" A'ster windmills an arm, because he is totally smooth, then lands his hand on Thys's shoulder. "…and good afternoon to you, too," he declares once he is in charge of his own breathing again, then looks down, then grins a crooked grin over — around — Thys to Ashwin. "Wingleader," shades a little more personal-intimate than it does professionally, and if the color's high on A'ster's cheeks, well. It's not embarrassment. He frees a hand to wave at the incoming, unfamiliar bluerider, and can't help but laugh as he asks, "Soooo, what're you plaaaanning?"

A threesome. But we could make it fooour…" Thys does almost hand her hand down A'ster's shorts, and she presses her chest against him, while winking over at Kiena.

Ashwin isn't really someone who shows great display of emotion. Not even surprise. So A'ster and his greeting by Thys generates a raised eyebrow and the guilty look and subsequent dragging just make the second one join it. He does not even miss a beat, squaring his shoulders and sizing up the other brownrider. "A'ster." Ashwin greeps him back. "Thys and Kiena and I were going to have TEA." There is far and again too much emphasis on the word Tea for that to be actually what it is. It is a euphemism if anyone has ever heard one. He gently extracts himself from Thys' grip. "One second. I have to greet Kiena. Don't start without us." He practically dives at Kiena, squeezing her into a bearhug and spinning around with her. "Whatever. It's been a weird few days. I'll… tell you later. More or less, yeah that's how it is. I think that other guy is coming too. You still in?" Grasping at Kiena's hand he tries to propel Kiena into the circle with A'ster and Thys. "Yeah, that." He adds to what Thys said.

Thys lets Ashwin go, curling her fingers into A'ster's hair and watching while the other brownrider bounds off to greet Kiena. She's offered her understated hello to the familiar woman, and she looks at her now with her dark eyes bright with lust. "Ali," she crushes her chest against his, tearing her gaze from the bluerider to look up into the guard's blues - "Of all the times I've dragged you away in the last… however long, I need you most now. That's Th'ero's sister. Ashwin invited her to join us for tea," there's that euphemistic emphasis again, "and I want you, too." She licks her lips, dipping her hand a little lower into his waistband. She'll play dirty to get him in, if she has to. "Please."

Kiena's laugh is a little muffled this time but only because she's being somewhat crushed by that bear hug and being spun around too. Not that she minds! Ashwin will get more than just her hand, as once they're rejoining Thys and A'ster, she's taking a moment to slip her arm around his waist and lean in, all casual and comfortable like as she observes the exchange between Thys and A'ster. All of them? "Quite the turnout for tea." She knows what that means! Her crooked smirk says it all, but the way her eyes brighten for the look she gives Ashwin when she can tear her eyes away from the goldrider and her current target. "Been a weird few days for me too, Ash but we'll talk later." Chuckling low in her throat, she'll slowly grin, a little more wry and a little more wicked. "I'm in, if you are." LET'S DO THIS. Let's do Thys? (Terrible) Playfully, she'll elbow Ashwin in the ribs. "And we better move fast, I think. Before the whole damn Weyr gets a show to teatime. Mmm?" There might be a pointed look at A'ster too. Is he going to agree or not?

"Ames," is a little bit strained, but that is the battle between A'ster's libido and his public dignity duking it out; it's not hard to guess who is winning. "I'm in," he breathes, "as long as no-body cares that's going to be — quick." Blame Akleteyth. No, really. "Just one — I just have to check one thing." It's Ashwin that he's side-eyeing, but he's got his bottom lip caught between his teeth and his voice goes ahead and cracks in the middle of, "Yo, Wingleader — never got the chance to ask. You're not from Breakwater, are you?" He's just. He's just checking. And keeping his body angled toward Thys, rather than Ashwin and Kiena and, oh, any unsuspecting innocent eyes. "I think you've got the right idea, bluerider," he's gotten her name. Surely he has. He's a little distracted, though.

Three. Three people. Thys can barely contain herself when A'ster says yes - she hooks her leg up around his waist, throws her arms around his neck, and kisses him solidly. "Oh fuck." She's practically quivering in excitement. And Rhenesath? Lying just up the shore a way over there? She raises her head from beneath her wing, eyes whirling blue-green. There's a cluck of approval, before she gets up, stretches her back legs out behind her, and goes to join Akleteyth in the water. Thys disentangles herself from A'ster, but only so that she can turn around, back to him - like, really close to him, so close that it obscures what she's doing with her hand behind her back but it is so obvious anyway - and facing Ashwin and Kiena. "Meet us in my weyr? The bedroom's… actually, Ash knows where it is. We," that'd be her and A'ster, "have to do something first."

Before anyone else gets the benefit of Ashwin's reply his eyes snap to the other brownrider. His shoulders set back and he…. goes to pat A'ster on the belly. Not so far up from where Thys' hand is on a FISHING EXPEDITION. "Not from breakwater." Ashwin answers, tapping his fingers wherever they come to rest. Even if he has to get his hand inbetween their two bodies because they are smooshing chests and that. "Easy, wingrider. You'll have to pace yourself. There'll be three of us to satisfy with that thing. So you'll have to hope that it's going to recover fast or you'll have to be a master of pacing yourself. Like a marathon runner." The grin that is after that is loaded with libido and humor. "Sounds good to me. We'll get started without you. Don't take too long or we'll just soil your sheets for nothing." His hands find Kiena's hips and then her bottom, propelling her towards Thys' weyr. "Last one naked has to do the laundry for everyone." Ashwin is not hard to persuade into these kind of things.

"Oh thank Faranth," A'ster breat— squeaks, and chokes back whatever other answer he may have given; he also doesn't manage more than a stutter-start step foward to chase after brown and bluerider — how rude! — but his, "Don't - worry. We'll be there — this won't take long," isn't even prophetic. It's just, uh, true.

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