Who Shugan, Sygni, Thys
What Flustered Thys is caught out by Candidates.
When Summer, Turn 2711
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's evening, and the caverns are just calming down after the dinner rush. There's still plenty of diners here and there, enjoying the last of their meals. Thys comes in from the lower caverns, looking… well, rumpled, would be the best word. Her short hair is unkempt, her cheeks are flushed, and her shirt… oops. It's buttoned on the wrong holes. Looking slightly embarrased but trying hard not to look like anything's out of place, she wanders over to see what dessert is left, chooses a mountain of redfruit pie on a plate, and then looks about for a preferred seat.

It's something out of Thys's worse nightmare. Rumpled. Misbuttoned. And with an audience that notices. Sygni might be halfways across the caverns, but that doesn't keep her from SEEING YOU, BOSS, and from grinning great big and making horrible, horrible gyrating motions with hips and arms, clearly either misinterpreting or correctly interpreting the reason for her berufflement. It's brief, blessfully, and she makes no direct mention of it when she beelines for the goldrider and sidles right up, all cheeky grins and bright eyes and nary a how-you-do. Instead, she chirps a spirited, "You look lovely today." Ground her.

A group of people comes in the living cavern from the direction of the bowl, carrying what is quite possible the largest wild feline ever seen. It's coat is pure white with a distinct pattern of black spots and it is quite dead, carried past the people still lingering past the rush of the dinner crowd. Following up the procession is a boy in his mid-teens, bow slung over his chest, arrows matching those still sticking out of the beast nestled in the quiver peeking up from his back just past one shoulder. "Yah'll sure yah want the meat?" he asks one of the kitchen staff who hurries over to check on the fresh kill. "Oh yes. This will make a wonderful stew." Shugan's brows lift, but it does little to hinder the grin he had on that threatens to severe his face in two. All pretty white straight teeth and charm. "If yah say so. Well, all Ah want is the pelt. Ah'll come wrestle it free once Ah've had something to eat." Eagerly the woman nods, and off she and the big burlies go, leaving the hunter with an eyeful of Thys and Sygni. His grin somehow manages to stretch even further, defying reality, chuckling as he makes his way towards the serving table. "Ah do love this weyr."

Thys already has a fork in her redfruit pie before she's sat down, and Sygni's gyrating hips cause her to blush. She's been caught! The goldrider blushes even more, but her posture stiffens up and she swallows her mouthful of pie so she can smile and nod at the Candidate. "Thank you, Sygni." Her voice cracks a little in embarrassment and she is oh-so-glad of the distraction that is Shugan. "We're going to eat… feline?" Suddenly the dessert plate in her hand isn't so appealing. "Where in Southern did you catch it?"

Sygni didn't expect to be right. She really didn't. Both brows flick up, and the grin she offers the weyrwoman… Shells. "Alriiiight, Boss. Tell me you finally deflowered Blondie." Because that's any of her business. "You're quite welcome. It's the buttons that do it. You should wear 'em crooked more often." Cheeky little blighter. Down she plops, just in time to witness that feline-ridden entrance, and were it possible, Syg's brows raise further. "Stew?," she says in time with Thys's inquiry. "I thought it made better sandwiches, myself." Twinkle, and an interested lean on both elbows to hear this story.

"That's what the lady said," Shugan tells Thys, indicating the kitchen woman who was now trying to negotiate the sheer size of the creature and its barers past the considerably more narrow entry to the food prep area with a jerk of his head that direction. "Ways from here, if yah got a map Ah I can probably given yah the approximate location, ma'am." Still grinning, "Ah promised Miss Inri a new rug and ran across that there feller. Was mighty interested in the doe Ah was after." There's a wink for the flushed woman, a chuckle for the interaction between herself and Sygni, before he starts putting food on his plate. He doesn't take more than necessary, selecting just plan water to drink before he invites himself to sit down with the pair. "Much obliged."

"Sygni, behave." Thys waves a hand at the Candidate, fixing her with a look that's supposed to be more intense than it actually is. She can't help it, she's… chilled. And still flustered and still flushed. "And besides," she murmurs, "he sorted that out long ago, I'm sure." Thys gives a little shudder, her eyes closing and her lips parting just a tiny bit. "This… this is good pie," she tries to cover, raising a forkful of it to her lips. "That pelt's going to be a beautiful rug, I'm sure Inri will love it. I prefer ovineskin rugs myself…they're softer." Her eyes close again as she exhales a heavy breath, and her hand curls white-knuckle tight around her fork as she takes a minute to compose herself.

"Yes, ma'am," Sygni trills in response, but there's a gravity to her gaze that wasn't there previously, a tacit acknowledgement that she's done toeing the line between Ridiculous Creature and Candida— Snort. Wince. Fingers applied to either side of her own eyes. "It's so much worse when you say it." But she recovers!, peeking out from under her fingers towards the woman, brows lowering out of sight for continuing strange behavior. Little blips here and there, sure, but— "You alright?" It's said about as quietly as Syg's ever said anything, more to keep What's Amiss as lowkey as possible before her hand lowers to expose a brilliant grin for Shugan. "I'd imagine it was quite a ways, with a pelt like that. You felled him yourself, then?" Eyes trail towards where his companions disappeared, asking without asking if there was help involved!

Sparkling brown eyes slide the way of Sygni and her twinkle, shoving a forkful of gravy drizzled meat past his lips. Chewing with absolutely no hurry, he swallows and sips at his water. "Ain't fond of feline meat mahself, but Ah'm sure if yah ask Cook nicely she might save yah some for yer sandwich." Now his gaze is bestowed upon Thys, taking in everything about her appearance that she was desperately trying to hide. His eyes almost seem to peel away her clothing as well any fingers, appraising and appreciating every inch of flesh, every curve, and caresses it all with the attentiveness of the most skillful of lovers. "Ah hope so ma'am, she specifically asked for feline, so luck was surely on her side." he purrs throatily, following it up with a sultry laugh, "Not so much on his though." Then his eyes leave her and return to brightness, ever present grin never waning but beaming when he finds a kindred spirit in the shinniness department in Sygni. "Ah had help. Made the acquaintance of a rider who was kind enough to offer a lift." As to her question of the kill, "That's right. Yah hunt, miss?"

"I'm fine. It's just… nothing. I'm fine." Thys bites down hard into her bottom lip, looking steely-eyed down at her pile of pie and tapping th end of her fork against the table. Whatever it was on her mind clearly hasn't passed, but she's trying her best to get over it. Pie is a good distraction for that, and she shovels a forkful into her mouth to chew on it. And nearly choke on it when she catches Shugan looking at her like that. "I'm twice your age!" She guesses, appalled. Her fist thumps down on the table top and she closes her eyes, expression one of conflict - a battle with her lifemate, perhaps. "No. Stop it." She finger-drums on the table top, then slaps her hand down flat and opens her eyes. "Excuse me." Frustration tempers her tone, and her face echoes is as she picks up her plate of pie. "I need to leave. Sygni, can you please pass on a note to the kitchens that I want one of those redfruit pies," the whole version of what's on her plate right now, "delivered to my weyr?" Her dark eyes flicker over Shugan, and she has to bite her lip again as she exhales a hard, short breath through her nose. Clearly flustered, she has nothing to say - so she turns and leaves, workboot heels stomping across the living caverns' floor.

Sygni snorts a quiet little snort over at Shugan - so he had heard her. "Oh, I will, if only to terrify someone a little less open-minded," she says with a too-wide grin, one shoulder rolling in a half-shrug. "They won't ever hire me as a weyr hunter or anything, but I know my way around a bow and arrow, sure." There's a choked-back noise of amusement for the look the hunter turns on Thys, and Sygni uses this exact moment to lever herself out of her seat, spinning off to get a plate of what looks like alarmingly and uncharacteristically healthy food before sneaking back to her seat just in time for table-slaps and hasty excusings, to which Syg offers a somewhat-concerned but no less resolute nod, snapping a crisp little salute and a too-serious, "Yes, ma'am, Boss, ma'am, it will arrive forthwith," that quickly dissolves into a grin, one that trails after the poor flustered goldie before her quick blue gaze rolls inevitably back to Shu. Fork point. "Don't even get any ideas about turning them big browns on me," she jests in a playfully accusatory tone, fork making stabby motions in the air. "I dunno what you did just there, but I'll have none of it." Tuber-stab, munch, and a recline back in her seat. "So. Accent. Where in Faranth's name are you from?"

Once again those eyes wander back to Thys as she struggles, brows lifting as she slams her fist down, and yet the smile remains unwavering. He doesn't respond to her guesstimate of how old he is, merely pushing another forkful of food into is mouth instead. There is observation, but no further attempts to poke the bear as it were. Another bite, chewed and swallowed, soon followed up by some more water. His food now had his complete attention though frustrated tones and request for whole pie deliveries. Lashes only lift upwards from his meal when there is a pause and Thys's eyes meet his. There was heat smoldering just below the surface and she'll have to be the one to break that contact first because he'll hold it for as long as he's able When she does and the poor woman stomps out, his Cheshire grin accompanies a dark chuckle. "Sometimes Ah just can't help mahself." There is more laughter for Sygni and her sandwich of terror, sparkling eyes full of amusement. "Ah do hope yah'll invite meh to the show." Oh yes, he'd very much like to see that. "Oh, they ain't hired meh for nothing, Ah'm just trying to earn mah keep till I figure out what Ah want to do with mahself." Other then shooting pointy things at great big monsters. "Maybe the two us could go hunting sometime, Ah sure would like meh some decent company." Picking up his water, he drinks deeply, the ice within clanking against the glass. He swallows from behind it as he is forked pointed at, slowly lowering it to the table again, "Ah enjoy the company of men, and yah clearly don't got the right equipment." he informs her with a fork point of his own to her bossom, not letting the mystery drag on for much longer than it had already, "Not to mention yer white knot there." Another fork point, "Don't much care if yah happened to be the most muscular most handsome young man I ever did lay mah eyes upon, that there means hands off." Quick learner, considering he was a relatively new face to Fort. "Mah name's Shugan, but yah can call me Shu or Shug if yer so inclined." He takes a few more bites of food, clearing his mouth before finally answering what was asked of him, "Ah'm from about a hundred miles or so north of here."

"Dinner, bowl, where a conveniently-timed picnic will go horribly awry when everyone realizes it's slices of feline instead of the usual wherry or herdbeast," Sygni drawls, matching him amusement for amusement, gaze bright and mouth quirked up at the corners. "Consider it an invitation. Come prepared with puke buckets and a vividly gory tale of how you slayed yonder beast," she says with an airy wave towards the kitchens. There comes a 'hmm' of acknowledgment for him finding a purpose for himself, and ready agreement in the form of a nod for the idea of hunting together. "I'd like that. Just don't listen to any rumors anyone spreads about me and hunting between now and then. They're all lies and slander." And while he drinks, she eats, spearing something steamed and green and decapitating its leafy bits most lethally before he speaks again. Brows lower, the woman briefly confused by this seemingly-serious taking of what was issued in jest, but then her eyes brighten, smile going ten kinds of sharky around her food, though she has grace enough to swallow before replying with a mischievous, "Really? Me too. Gosh, but we're going to be the best of friends. I know where to find plenty of handsome, muscular men that don't have any of these." Did she just gesture at her entire torso, tits and knots and all, like some kind of manic Vanna White? Yes. Yes she did. "A whole different kind of hunting." Wink! She relents, though, backing off the edge of crazy to swish one hand through the air with a chuckled, "I wasn't serious. I hope she's okay." A contemplative look back the way Thys left, lips pressing together in what might be actual concern aww, before she angles a glance back at Shugan. "Well met, Shugan, though you should know I call next to noone by their real name. Shu. Shug. Perhaps 'Sweetness,' then." A twinkle and a crooked grin. "And you just felt like a change of scenery?" It's not accusatory, at least, merely unendingly curious in what might be a good story.

Shugan continues to eat while Sygni explains, THE PLAN, careful not to try and swallow for as long as she is speaking as if might suspect something along the lines of what comes out of her mouth. He's free and in the clear by the time he's inviting him to bring buckets and share the grizzly details of his hunt which had yielded the fruit of the horrors tucked between slices of fresh baked bread. It's a good thing, because he laughs covering his mouth to spare the poor woman the remains of whatever beast he himself had just consumed with the side of his fork-wielding hand. "Ah'd be honored, Miss Sygni." While she hadn't returned the favor in the exchange of names, Shu had been listen when Thys had released it out into the air where even the hunter could reach out to tuck it away for his personal use as he saw appropriate. "Ah'm sure yah'll be of no detriment and a delight for any excursion where wild beasts roam." Those rumors, should they even exist, surely couldn't have reached his ears already…although considering the way the mirth had fused itself to his klah brown eyes, at the very least he'd appreciated the suggestion that they did. There's more laughter soon to follow as Sygni and he share an apparent interest in handsome muscular men lacking in the breast and candidate knot department. "Surely never a truer friendship could be wrought, than that forged in a commonly shared lust for men." He lifts his glass up to toast to her, "The best of hunts." He finishes off the water contained within, setting the empty back down without much ceremony. "Ah'm sure once her glowing beauty takes to sky, she'll be no worse for wear." Observant little minx, isn't he? "Mah hope is with no memory of mah amusement at her expense." Even so, the hunter didn't seem like he entirely meant that last part, perhaps enjoying a face full of irate women. "Sweetness works, mah Mama always said I was as sweet as redfruit pie on a dewdrop." There's a wink for Syngi now, but it's not accompanied by any of that flirtatious behavior lavished upon poor Thys, just as he'd promised her. "More or less. While mah Mama and Daddy love meh jus' the way Ah am, not all of mah family back at the cothold is of similar mind. So rather than uproot them from our kin, Ah figured it was best to strike out on mah own, maybe find mah own happiness."

Sygni straight up dimples for Shugan's laughter, eyes dancing with overt mischief. "Excellent. I can't wait." Nary a brow is lifted for him knowing her name without it being gifted; perhaps her ego is such that she expects everyone to know who she is, though more likely judging by her far-off sparkly-eyed gaze, she's picturing the scene already. Heaving a sigh, as though treasuring future chaos, she eventually drops her gaze, brows tilting up over a wicked grin. "Detriment, no. Thief of your kills, perhaps. You'd better be quick," she chirps, miming raising and firing a bow at him with a colorful 'woosh' sound effect. Joke executed, her hands are quick to drop and, having no glass of her own, she instead lifts her fork, toasting water with broccoli, and if that isn't some kind of metaphor for however this friendship might go, I don't know what else is. "And the worst of hunts." AMIRITE?! I'm right. Regardless, she polishes off the green on her fork, chewing thoughtfully around an 'ah-ha' sort of noise, devious amusement replacing concern. "Well, that explains that." Smirk. Glance. "Knowing Boss? She'll remember every detail and come after you for it when you least expect it," she murmurs good-naturedly because apparently Thys is THE SPANISH INQUISITION, picking carefully around the rest of her plate as he continues to talk. There's an amused snort for his mama's turns of phrase, a mirthful nose-wrinkle for his wink, and finally a hair-bobbing nod for Shu's honest conclusion. "Good for you," she says and means it. "That's very brave. I hope you find what you're looking for." There might be more added to that, but then there's a sudden rush of cold air as a firelizard blossoms from between, bright gold tinged with silver bubbles and sweeps of orange. Sygni's face squishes expressively into something horrified, shoulders almost up to her ears as she reached forwards to pluck a curled note from the cute little flit's leg like touching it with more than the barest of pinches will somehow make it worse. "Notes from daddy dearest," she explains, disgust clearly reserved for the letter rather than the flit, as she makes no motion to dislodge Saoirse as the wee flit scrabbles up her shoulder to bury herself in what's left of her blonde hair. "Ugh. I'd better answer this before he shows up," she says, crumpling the note after reading and stuffing it into a pocket, even as she stands. "Well, it was nice meeting you, Sweetness. You need any help settling in, you let me know. Don't forget about dinner!," she sing-songs, sweeping up her plate and depositing it appropriately before dashing off to prevent another Istan invasion.

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