Who Ashwin, Leimna, Sygni, Xhanfyr
What A candidate trip to Ista and an accidental meeting.
When Summer, 2711
Where Main Beach, Ista Weyr

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Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built. Gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon they sit like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. The beach is nothing short of striking caught between the brilliance of the verdant greens of the forest and the crystalline blues of the shallows. The heat of Rukbat reaches into these sands by day, forever blazing underfoot. However the water remains cool and refreshing, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, spilling down from the plateau, a small waterfall empties into a catching pool that runs off toward the sea through a furrow of dark sand and pebbles.

It's excursion day for the candidates, usual chores cast aside to develop that delightful out-of-weyr experience. The destination of the day? ISTA, and Sygni couldn't be happier. She's too happy, in fact, too cheerful, too complacent, offering quick, snappy salutes and agreeing far too readily to everything their escort riders ask of her. It's almost suspicious, but one of them catches her with a pocket full of smoke bombs and, stash confiscated, the poor, sweet souls take the decoy and never suspect there's more to come. Dragons are boarded, between-ing occurs, and then there is a rush of beautiful, sultry heat as they arrive over the skies of the sunny volcanic weyr. Though Sygni has and possibly will reside many places in her life, her expression reads just one word as she scrambles down off the escort dragon into the weyr's bowl: home. DEEP INHALE. Hard exhale. "Now this is more like it," the blonde breathes, flicking newly shortened hair out of the borrowed helmet, making strides to join her fellow candidates, blue eyes alight with mischief as a tour is set to start for their benefit.

HOME. MAYBE. POSSIBLY. WHATEVER. Leimna is just as excited as Sygni for their return to THE PLACE, for once retiring her Th'ero get-up for normalcy, a beardless, mustache-less face, and her hair pulled up in a tight bun at the back. She's all freckle-kissed skin and smiles when she dismounts her own escort's dragon and extends her arms like sails. "SSYYYYYGGGGGNNNIII!" Her smaller cousin is ran to, and around, and then jumped upon from behind as Leia takes advantage of her height to vault herself JUST SO and trap Syg with her legs around her hips. ARM UP IN THE AIR, HEAD BACK, "RUUUUUUUN!" But where is she running? Leia doesn't know; she's simply applying herself to Sygni because WHAT IS PERSONAL SPACE EVEN, YOU GUYS.

Another candidate outting? Xhanfyr is suspicious if nothing else because of what happened LAST time he was forced in a group outside of the weyr. Apprehension aside, the boy boards his escort dragon and trusts that will survive another trip *between* or this candidacy all together. He doesn't even wait for the rider that's lifemate carried him to unbuckle him, because shortly after landing he's scrambling down the side of the blue and jumping off the last couple of feet. Ground, sweet, sandy ground. He would have kissed it but even he wasn't that stupid, and sand was difficult to get out of the nooks and crannies. He's nearly plowed over by an arm flailing excited Leimna, barely managing to scuttle himself forward enough not to end up beached anyway. He watches the cousins interact as he removes his helmet and hands it off to the gal it belonged to. With a chuckle and shake of his head, the beastcrafter makes his way towards the gathering group.

"Leim~naaaaa!," Sygni trills right back, expression brightening as though she hadn't just seen her fifteen minutes ago, arms extended great big in greeting even as she's run around. "There you are, my wee chit! Where have you been. Th'ero has been stomping around the weyr giving all kinds of dirty, dirty orders and you haven't even been there to enjoy it," she drawls cheekily, a dimpled grin traded for cackle-like laughter when she is pounced on, hands falling to hook under Leia's knees to keep her there. SHE RUNS— Straight over to Xhanfyr, topheavy personage bumping against his shoulder, grin wide and wicked. "What'choo lookin' at, Slim?," she asks in her best accusatory tone, eyes darting from the tour to the male candidate and back, walking along all complacent like with Leimna in tow as the group starts moving. "Third door on the left," she says towards Xhan after a moment, tone casual, eyes on their guide as though totally paying attention to the history of the island she grew up on. One doorway. Two. THREE! Sideways the blonde steps, keeping it casual for exactly five steps before she lets loose a horrible high-pitched laugh and runs for it, doubling back through a series of hallways, a small incline, chanting a brisk, "Hands out, hands out!," to Leimna, trusting her to be her battering ram of a sort for the last doorway before - FREEDOM! Out onto the plateau overlooking the beach they burst, Sygni wheezing through laughter and releasing Leia's knees to let the girl DISEMBARK THE CRAZY TRAIN.

And Leimna meets that cheekiness and dimpled smile with her own mischievous up-tilt of lips, whispering, "Oh, what a naughty man. I heard he keeps ordering the residents to procreate and name their offspring after him." And then a wistful sigh, as if she's thinking of true love and true romance and TH'ERO PINNING HER TO THE TABLE BECAUSE SHE BUBBLIED HIM IN THE FACE WITH BUBBLY. "I can't blame him. He's devilishly handsome." Cue her own gleeful cackle, as Sygni takes off and catches up with Xhan and, as if the candidate NEVER ONCE IMPLIED THAT SHE MAKES HIM UNCOMFORTABLE, Leia SIDEWAYS LEANS dangerously to hook her arms around Xhan's shoulders and press a kiss to his cheek. "EYES AHEAD, PRETTY BOY! THESE GOODIES ARE TAKEN!" Did she just grope her own cousin? She did. She did, and she cackles with more delight, and joins in the horrible high-pitched laugh with her own HOOTS and SCREECHES, throwing her arms out to protect herself and Sygni and OPEN ALL THE DOORS (okay just the one, that might have also been a foot, but who's looking?) and then, "GIVE US FREEDOM OR GIVE US FIREWORKS!" Leia dismounts when Sygni lets her go and pitches herself forward until she can look over the edge of the plateau. "Ohh, Sygie. I missed this place."

"Oh, sweet Faranth." Xhanfyr breaths, having noticed the crazy train headed towards his station out of the corner of his eyes which widen as he turns his head their direction. Half expecting to be flattened by the pair, all of him stiffens and he prepares to wince, but gets merely shoulder bumped instead. "My inevitable demise." he tells Sygni when she asks what he was looking at, hand placed on his own chest as he looks between them. Heart attack, trample injuries, hypertension…someday one of these things. His eyes only widen as Leimna leans in like close to him, a flush immediately turning his entire head a deep shade of scarlet. FOOOOF. There it is. He gaps, what else can he do? He's just staring despite her words before there is an almost audible creak as he turns his head away from the groping that ensues. "S-So-sorry." Fidget. Fidget. Who was he to judge? A series of blinks come for the whisper of directions coming from Syg that follows and he almost ignores her completely. Almost. Still very red-faced, he sucks in a breath and squeezes his eyes shut, forcing himself through that fated third door from the left. He exhales quickly, heart pounding in his ears, and he doesn't even have time to think before he sets off at a dead run after the cousins. His lungs are burning by the time they spill out onto the beach, far away from where they're candidate class was getting their tour. Panting, he places his hands on his knees and glances over his shoulder back the way they've come. Shaking his head he then glances forward, and his jaw drops. Feet carry him to stand beside the two women, just in absolute awe. "I've…I've never seen anything like this…"

"The naughtiest. I hear at least one person even wants to take him up on it. Soon, there will be an entire wing of Th'eros. Th'eros as far as the eye can see." Sygni, too, goes gleefully distant, pulled back only by Xhanfyr's sarcasm, which she greets with a bright, approving laugh and a breathed, "You bet your sweet ass." She will be the death of them all! But not today. Today she's chortling when the male candidate goes up in flames, not even batting an eyelash as her tits are honked, for all the world enjoying Xhan's unease. And then they're off, and doors are kicked down, and cliffs are staggered to, blue eyes drinking in the blue-black-green with her own special brand of overconfidence, hands on her hips despite huffing and puffing. Like Mufasa she stands, basking in everything the light touches, expression lighting up with manic glee when Xhanfyr joins them, arms hooking out to encircle both candidates and jerk them against her in one-armed hugs with a happy sigh and a nodded, "It is the best of views." And then, WELP, IT AIN'T GETTIN' ANY BETTER, and Yzma-style she steps away and starts flinging clothes thither and yon to eventually expose a black one-piece suit, already dashing for the water like a cheater. "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

THERE WAS ONE IN THE BED AND THE LITTLE ONE SAID ROLL OVER, ROLL OVER. This has nothing to do with Leimna, or this pose. I just wanted you to know what I'm dealing with as I write. GOOD AFTERNOON PENGUIN. I SEE THAT YOU ARE SHOPPING. WHAT ARE YOU BUYING? TWO ROLLS. ONE. TWO. Leimna rides her trusty steed (read: Sygni) TO THE PLACE, and she dismounts AT THE PLACE, and now they are all AT THE PLACE and Xhanfyr is also seeing THE PLACE and IT IS A GOOD PLACE. WHAT A PLACE. Leia allows herself to be tugged in against her smaller cousin, cheek going to the top of her head as she THROWS OUT A HAND TO NAAAAAAAAAAH SOVENYAAAAA, "Best of views, best of beaches," the candidate breathes in agreement, reaching out her other hand with fingers extended, awkwardly, to pat Xhan on his FACE and - "Whoops." HIS HAIR. That's what she was aiming for. PATPATPAT. AND THERE GOES SYG, earning approval in the form of a delighted squeal as she starts to strip down herself, in a two-piece as she trips over pants and gets caught in her shirt and looks ridiculous. "DAMN YOU AND YOUR TINY, EVIL WAYS," Leia calls from somewhere in her shirt, a tiny fist emerging to shake towards THE SKY AND THE WATER AND SYGNI. WHEREVER YOU ARE. "I WILL CATCH YOU MY PRETTY. Xhan, please help." Really. She's stuck.

Xhanfyr wasn't looking too sure about what Sygni was saying about Th'ero, and it comes startling apparent that she wasn't actually talking about the Weyrleader, but rather Leimna's impression of him. He simply smiles softly and shakes his head, enjoying the view from the plateau with them in a very very very very brief moment of silence before someone is mentioning his ass. Cue suffering sigh, but he does look over his shoulder and down, "It is pretty sweet." he murmurs mostly to himself, but is soon distracted by Lemnia's hand on his face. "Uh…" The heat of his skin is fairly obvious because his flushing device is definitely on the fritz, and relocation of patting appendages find his the top of his head no better off. Even his scalp was red. It's somewhat eased when Sygni hooks her arm around and is enough to allow his shoulders to untighten to a degree as well as plant the seed of that lopsided grin of his upon his face. "O-kay. This is a thing now…I guess…" he sputters with a laugh for being tugged so, but it releases all the tension at once as he shares in the moment with his fellow candidates. Then it is OVER like disco, and there is clothes being flung. "You my friend ARE A STEALER AND A CHEATER!" Shouting this after her, brown eyes find Leimna in another situation of her own making. "Really?" he asks, heaving a sigh, and jogs over to help free her from her clothing. With but a dusting of a rosy color on his cheeks to show for it. It takes some doing though, more than few colorful metaphors being dropped like they were hot, before he is finally able to yank her shirt up and off her without taking her head with it. "There." Panting a little for his efforts, he gets to collecting the clothing of the woman and lets them get a few moments of rengade free play in before he makes it down to the beach himself. Once there though, he makes two piles of folded clothing, one for each of them for after their swim. The last act this pose? He starts stripping off his clothing, revealing all the things except what his short red bathing trunks don't cover. For being so slender, the kid was pretty ripped already. Arms and abs and legs and abs. Yes, those abs require being mentioned at least three times, they are so worthy.

Sygni laughs for the male candidate's self-assessment of his posterior, blue eyes rolling up to him, all sass and squinting and overbright grinning. "You know, you're alright when you're not being all-" Leimna touches him. HE BLUSHES. Cue snickering. "-that. Not that you're not alright anyways, but I like a person who fights back. Don't you agree, Lei? We like fighters." And WHOOP-PAH, back goes her hand to deliver a sharp slap to said sweet ass of Xhan's because THIS IS NOW ALSO A THING, AND WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER AGREE WITH HER. "You love meeee," gets trailed back at the struggling Leia as she goes, not even stopping to help the poor girl as she dashes for the water. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, BITCHES. #DARWIN. Besides, Xhan's totally got this, and all their clothes too, and damnit man quit being nice this is war. "IT'S ONLY CHEATING IF YOU GET CAUGHT," and since they have no hope of catching up to her as she leaps her first wave and gets promptly taken out by the second with a cackle and a garble of water, well… "KAK. PLEH." It came from the deep! Up she rises, both fists hitting the air with a coughed, "I'M OKAY!" and a decidedly Babewatch-y backwards toss of her hair. Squint. Smirk. Shout. "DAMN SLIM, WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR BREAKFAST AND CAN I HAVE SOME? LEIA. LEIA LOOK. SLIM IS RIPPED." Point. Shark-grin. Uh oh. "LEIA. TOUCH THEM AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE REAL."

SOMEBODY HERE IS SWEET. SPOILER ALERT: IT'S NOT SYGNI. OR LEIMNA EITHER. OKAY IT'S XHANFYR. "I do like a fighter," Leimna says with an air of AIRINESS, eyes going distant as if THINKING OF SOME RUGGED WARRIOR MAN THAT POSSIBLY DOES NOT EXIST. And then she's applying her hand to the OTHER CHEEK because FIGHT HER. And then she's lost in her clothes, and Xhan is helping her out of them and there's a gleeful cackle of delight as she comes free and throws her head back and yells, "I LIIIIIIVE!" She bounces up on her tippy-toes, presses another kiss to Xhan's cheek, and then TAKES OFF AT A RUN TO JOIN SYG. Only to - OHP. NOPE. MISDIRECTION. "YOU STILL HAVEN'T WON YET!" Leia SHOUTS TO THE HEAVENS as she pulls her hair free on her way back around to Xhan and then - OOMF. TACKLE. YES. YES SHE DID. And she did it WHILE WATCHING SYGWATCH. "HOOOOT!" she yells to her cousin, and then thrusts her chest outward. "NEEDS MORE CLEAVAGE AND LESS PANCAKE." AHAHAHA. AHAHA. AHAHA. AHA. HA. ABRUBABRUBABRUB. You would think Xhan was some kind of Genie given how fast and VIGOROUSLY she goes at it. "I CAN'T TELL JUST YET BUT I THINK MAYBE…" RUBRUBRUB. "YEAH, THEY'RE REAL." And AWAY SHE GOES, FLEEING TO THE WATER to join her ALMOST DROWNED COUSIN and tackling her instead. YOU WERE ALRIGHT. MAYBE YOU WILL NOT BE FOR LONG. "AHHHH. THERE ARE THINGS WITH EATY TEETH. HEEEEEELP USSSS XHAN WE'RE DROOOOOOOWWWWNING." She just wants a re-assessment of that ripped-ness.

It's not like Xhanfyr can HELP IT! Espeically not when suddenly there is a sting to his backside, it having just been slapped. Brown eyes round out into fat almonds when Sygni shows her…uh…apprechiation for his ASSETS. YES I SAID IT. YOU'RE WELCOME. Head explosion in three, two, one… "Could at least do the other one too…you know…to even it all ou…" he starts to say to the blonder of the twi, but of course cue Leimna, now gropping the other cheek. Cough. So round, so firm, so the reason his neck to his clavicles are now the same color as a redfruit. "Yes, thank you." comes out in a squeak, batting the groppy hand off his buttocks and backing off a few steps. He has absolutely nothing to say to either of them about his potencial as a fighter, leaving that ALONE. So he's freeing Lemnia, and gathering clothing instead. Just when he thought he was safe (stupid, stupid boy), Sygni is half drowned and redirecting her eager cousin in his direction, "Syg, are you O-KA-OOOF!" You see, he was just pounced on by said cousin, and he falls backwards onto the ground and is now being assulted in ways that most teenaged boys with the inclination dream of. Face full of bikini clad boobs, getting his washboard groped. "SWEET MOTHER OF FARANTH!" he cries out, clapping a hand over his eyes and protecting his bits, of course this leaves no hands to push the woman off him. "That HURTS! When was the last time you trimmed those claws?" Never? Certainly felt that way, and the more vigerously he is rubbed the redder and redder he gets. For. Reasons. Reasons that have the renegade flailing and trying to wriggle himself out from under Leimna. By the time she's abandoning him to pounce on Sygni, he'd managed to flip himself over onto his stomach and was attempting to claw drag himself to safety. "SYGNI! DO NOT ENCOURAGE HER!" Yeah, like that will ever NOT happen. "…AND FUCK NO, SAVE YOURSELVES." Huff! He struggles back up to his feet, and pointedly keeps his back to the two woman, brushing the sand off his front. Just ignore the red ears and back of his neck. Maybe it's sunburn.

Sygni is nothing if not ridiculous. Her cousin offers her pointers and she takes them, pointer finger tugging down on her suit, heel of her palm pushing up, and as if that weren't bad enough, she bounces in time with waggling eyebrows. "BETTER?!" Charming. "I'M ALRIGHT BUT YOU'D BETTER LOOK OU—" WINCE! Laugh! She even doubles over, almost pushed into the shallows again by another wave as she watches poor Xhanfyr get taken out and bellyrubbed like a lucky Buddha, clutching hard at a stitch in her side. "YOUR FACE," the blonde shouts to make herself heard over a wheezes, and he tries to say something else but it just doesn't work. "PRICELESS," she finally manages and then kertackle it's back into the water she gooooes! There was a firefiiight - err - waterfiiight! Much flailing and splashing occurs, and maybe there is something in the water because a hand comes up to drag Leia under with her, using her taller form for leverage to pull herself up out of the water like some kind of DERANGED MERMAID, with the twisty hair and the toothy grin to boot. "C'MON, PARTY POOPER, YOU KNOW YOU WANNA COME SWIM WITH US." Swim. Drown. Same difference, right? Giggling, she flops back off of Leimna. "OTHERWISE YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A SWEET TAN ALL OVER THEM ABS AND HOW ARE YOU GONNA EXPLAIN THAT?" Beam!, and a tug of Leia against her person, leaning in to murmur into her ear, eyes still on Xhan because that bodes well. She raises her voice again then to belt out a possibly-encouraging, "LEIA PROMISES NOT TO TOUCH YOUR ABS AGAIN." But at what cost?! At. What. Cost.

CLAWS? Risali claws her hands and raises them to the sides of her face, making a smol but vicious growl as she curls them towards him, brandishing them with ridiculous threat, and then KAPLOW! She's off, into the water, getting drown by Sygni, squealing her delight when she can get air and then choking when water fills her lungs instead. It doesn't stop her, even as she sputters and can't breathe and might really be dying - "DON'T BE LIKE THAT, XHANNY-WANIE," COUGHCOUGH, "XHANXHAN." Leia leans in to her cousin, listening for words as she whispers mischief and blue eyes light up, lips curling in a slow smile as she claps her hands together and then puts them up in defeat. "I SOLEMNLY SWEAR YOUR ABS ARE GOOD. WELL. AND SAFE. GOOD AND SAFE. AND UNTOUCHABLE. AB-SOLUTELY, ON MY LIFE, AB-OLISHING THE THOUGHTS OF ABS. ALL OF THEM. WHAT ARE ABS, SYGNI?" Leimna doesn't even know. And then she's splashing her blond cousin as gets to her feet, pushes against the waves to go further out, and executes the saddest, un-belly-floppy belly-flop ever. "OOF." That hurt. "I'M OKAY. MAYBE. XHAN BRING YOUR ABS HERE SO I CAN TELL IF THIS IS REAL OR NOT."

"NOT REALLY!" Xhanfyr calls back to Sygni, straighting himself out. The slap to his backside was unexpected for whatever reason, but it was Sygni and so whatever. He was actually a lot more comfortable with her than anyone else in the candidate class. Leimna on the other hand, she had a pension for getting him worked up that he may or may not figure out on his own someday. He grab to his behind had not made it as Syg put 'all better'. It made things so much worse. Huff. Huff. He'll just ignore all the laughter at his expense too, settling down on a rock nearby after folding up his own cloths and putting them with the others. So he sits, arms crossed over his chest and blantantly ignoring the both of them, because that is what they get for getting him all rilled up. Humph. "NOT. LISTENING." he calls back against their siren song. He will not be fooled, he will be strong. Big bucket of NOPE over here. He has no idea what those two were conspiring about, because his back was to them and they were quiet, which never meant anything good. Like ever. "NUH-UH!" It's beach bound for him.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and a few of the candidates that are supposed to be receiving a tour of Ista and all of its majesty and political intricacies are instead skiving off to the beach to swim, and sulk, and make REALLY BAD AB PUNS. LOOKIN' AT YOU, LEIA. Sygni's looking at you, too, if only to shoot a glance from her fellow female candidate over to Xhanfyr busy half-ignoring them on his rock, giggling like a damned hyena. "I DO NOT KNOW, LEIA," Sygni shouts even though her cousin is right there, making her voice carry up the beach. "I'VE NEVER SEEN AN AB IN MY LIFE." But there are whispers and plans, plans that when foiled by attempting to lure Xhanfyr out to them siren-style, instead turns into the ocean coming to him. Out of the water she slogs, up the beach she prances, crawling up behind Xhanfyr to stand on his rock, lean over him ever-so-slightly, and wring what little hair he's left her out all over his head. "There, now you're wet anyways. You might as well come out." Or she'll make you come out, or so promises her overwide grin and a very telling flick of her eyes towards where Leimna was last seen out in the water.

"NEITHER HAVE I. I WAS TRYING TO, BUT XHAN IS AB-SOLUTELY AB-HORRENT AND WILL NOT LET ME RE-ASSES THE AB SITUATION." Don't try to make sense out of either she-cousin or her she-say. Leimna goes under the water, re-emerging to make plans, and have at cackling before clapping her hands together with mischief and delight. While Sygni takes the back, Leimna takes the front; the red-head (still dyed black from sauntering around like Th'ero and ordering the entirety of the weyr to make BABIES) moves with practiced ease and easier smiles as she finds the front of the rock and climbs. Sygni wrings out her hair, and Leia clings like some kind of rabid, demented STARFISH with a maniacal gleam in her eye that can only mean RUN RUN ABORT GET OUT FLEE DON'T LOOK BACK GO BRO. "Hello," she purrs, all wickedly delight as she pitches herself forward, grabs Xhanfyr by one of his arms, and pulls. She's probably going to destroy the soles of her feet but WORTH IT SHE DOESN'T CARE FIGHT HER, SHE'S HAD WORSE. "GET HIM SYGIE! GO FOR THE ASS!"

Ashwin's been working too hard. Ever since the beginning of the cavern collapse problem he's been on duty. That was months and months ago. Then the woman that he was sharing with another man broke up with that man and forced him to assume the duties of a full time significant other. Ashwin is allergic to responsibility and he was already breaking out in hives from the constant duty. He hasn't even had time to go have tea with his friends or any of the other things that helped him calm down and it caused a full on outbreaking of pissy. He went to the healer who prescribed fun for him, he said he was allergic to fun and you can't force someone to have fun. So the healers threw him out of the weyr and insisted he go somewhere else for awhile. So now he is at Ista. The tropical weyr. Black sands. Beautiful women. Everyone walking around nearly naked. It should be a dream vacation. Ashwin is not having fun. He's stomping in a long walk trying to burn off his daily quota of energy and he's forgotten to take his prescription of Fuckitol (TM) this morning and is heading towards where the Candidates are. He is wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and a moody disposition.

There is Xhanfyr, in his crimson swim trunks, sitting on his rock with his arms crossed over his chest and ignoring the women who were clearly having a much better time that he was. He's progressed to the point of not answering them either, which somewhere in the back of his mind he knows is incredibly stupid. Considering he was flushed profusely, and his lips were set in a very thin line with his eyes closed? Well, maybe he's humming his favorite tune up there or thinking about his grandma naked. Something, anything, but the nubile young temptresses trying to lure him to his doom. "OKAY. SURE. WHATEVER. NOT. HAPPENING. LA LA LA." he calls back when his stomach muscles continue to be the topic of their glee, and considering they probably aren't whispering properly at all, he can likely HEAR them back there psssssting to each other. The giggling at the very least. The inevitable conclusion is Sygni marching right up onto that rock, shoulder stiffening seconds before he's got hair rung sea water squeezed out over him. He draws in a sharp breath, gasping, and is off that rock in the next two point five seconds. He stares at the one-peice suit wearing blond, arms held aloft as if he has just been strung up in a field somewhere to fend off the crows. "Why?" he asks her, suffering, before shaking out his limbs. "I was going to go swimming with you, until you wanted me to." Because he's SUSPICIOUS, and that shark-tooth smile is not helping ease his fears. "YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH OF MY ABS!" he snaps out towards the water and Leimna, who was…right…there. "Oh shit." When did she appear? How long was she attached to him like a starfish? His mind was blank on the details, but it was catching up to him now. "No! NONONONONONO! LEAVE MY ASS ALONE!" He spots Ashwin, moody or no, and desperately tries to fight off Leimna in order to reach back and over towards him. "Sir! Would you like to purchase two sea harpies? Very low price…they have to go….NOW!"

Why?! OH, SYGNI WILL TELL HIM WHY. Small hands slap to her thighs so she can lean over, using height to her advantage for what is probably the first and last time of her tiny, tiny life to loom over poor starfish-trapped Xhanfyr and— smile nicely? Faranth, she knows how to do that?! "Because if you really think we'll do anything to you, you're a wherryheaded ninny." Head. Pat. And then he's selling them off to angry people? The nerve! Sygni scoffs slightly and stands straight again, one hip cocking out to best deliver a sass-ridden finger-waggle. "Don't listen to him. We're expensive." A beat, and then a sunny observation: "And you look like you're having a terrible day. This is Ista, land of the glorious parties and the permanently drunk." Hands extend outwards with an expressive flourish. "Though I wouldn't be surprised if the weyr is suffering in our absence." This is said with a fierce grin for Leimna, brows set to waggling. "But no longer! We've come to restore order. To the deeps with him, Leia!" But first, she has to get off this rock, and what better way to do so than with a swift pivot and a backwards-tilted, "Trust fall!" Faranth… It might be best just to let her hit sand.

STAR-FISHED. Though Leimna doesn't stay that way for long; suddenly she's being bartered off to stranger danger over there, and while curious and deviant blue eyes fix on Ashwin with every intention of warning him off, Sygni does it for them. Kind of. Leimna can only throw her head back and laugh her glee, tacking on a breathy, "Expensive. And defective. I don't think there's a sane man or woman alive on Pern that would pay you to take us." Leia lets go of Xhanfyr once Sygni is addressing Ashwin, smiling like an idiot (she is an idiot), and scrambling to the edge of the rocks when Sygni does her trust-fall. Xhan? Temporarily forgotten — for now. Any normal or sane person might try to catch their cousin and stop them from free-falling backwards into THE VOID, but Leimna simply stands on the edge of the rocks at attention and presses her fingers above her eye in a salute. "MAY YOU LAND ON THE SOFTEST BIT OF SAND, OR THE HOTTEST, BEACHIEST BODY." They've probably done this before. Too many times, and then Leia is all wickedness as she swings on her heels, smile gone fey as she curls her fingers back up towards her face and takes a creep-step back towards Xhanfyr, wiggling her fingers MENACINGLY. "Get in the water, Xhan. Don't make me do this." IT'S GOING TO HURT HER MORE THAN IT'S GOING TO HURT YOU.

Ashwin is power walking. Walk. Walk. Walk. He slows when he sees people and stops to a halt right beside Xhanfyr. He's been seen around Fort. He is someone with some rank there but if someone hasn't met him? He could be anyone. "Fella." He drawls. "If you have to tell people in that tone of voice, that loud, 'leave my ass alone' you need to take an evaluation of your life. Either you are about as far from safe as you could possibly be or you're exactly where you want to be and just trying to play hard to get. And no. I don't need any damned sea harpies." He points at Sygni with a dainty, long fingered hand though. "Unless that one's for sale. I'll give you twenty marks and a coupon for a free massage at Sally's Salubrious Shapey Shape Shapes' over yonder by the bar for her. Farantyh I hate this fucking place." He makes it look like an accident. Like it wasn't deliberate that Ashwin slipped forward and under Sygni to catch her in his arms. "Hey, Doll." He says to her cheerfully. "Where you been all my life?" His dark brown eyes wander right on past Sygni and back to Xhanfyr. "Fifty marks. This one seems to like me already and it's adorable. There's so much potential in that attitude. Piece of advice? I wouldn't trust fall around either of these two. They look shifty. Come be with an honest person." His delivery is spot on. Everything is carefully examined and calculated and deliberately done right down to his posture. Whoever this is, it's someone who's pretty practiced at playing a role. "Darlin', defective is just another man's interest. If everyone worked nine to five, looked and act the same we'd have a pretty boring world. It's the crazies that make life interesting. Don't knock the defective." He looks down at Sygni in his arms. "Why's she trying so hard to get him to swim?" At least his day got more interesting than grumping. He's found an audience.

Peering upwards at Sygni, Xhanfyr blinks just once at the nice pretty pretty smile he was being offered. A second later he looks truly and utterly apprehensive, probably because he knows this woman well enough by now that this expression on her face, is warning sign. Her words neither give comfort, eyeballing her up and down, but not in an appraising way. No, he was openly trying to establish whether or not she should be trusted. Eyes narrow somewhat for the pat he is given to the top of his head. He nearly breathes a sigh of relief though when Leimna deboobs his arm and goes over to stand by the rock, but is clearly not expecting that trust fall. "Shit! Syg…" he begins, totally taking a step forward to catch her but the dude that he had offered her to swoops in and does the saving. So he stands there like an idiot, holding a hand aloft towards the newly formed pair for a couple more seconds before it drops back down to his side. While he had listened, rather closely, to what Ashwin was saying he didn't have much time to get a word in edgewise. What with the dashing and handsome hero routine. Brown eyes dart to Leimna who didn't and hadn't ever looked concerned at all for her cousin through all this, and puts two and two together. "Your funeral, man. Enjoy." he says to Ashwin, reaching out and grabbing Leimna's hand with a bright flush to his cheeks, and drags her off towards the water. "Fine, but you touch me anywhere private and I'm drowning you myself."

"Hey!," Sygni protests with mock-indignance, squinting playfully over at Leimna. "Someone paid for us once, remember? Granted, they brought us right back and demanded a refund and then some for damages, but." Shrug. She can't speak to everyone's taste! At least Ashwin's seems to be good. Pale brows lift for his offer, finger darting between Xhanfyr and the far-from-home brownrider with a bright laugh. "You should take him up on that. Sally's is pricey." There is a moment shared between the two cousins, a sort of Mockingjay level of gravity applied to the return salute, acknowledging a long-standing custom even as she tilts off the rock— right into Ashwin's arms! And as if that weren't enough: "Oh, you're smooth." A glance up at Leimna, the gleam in her eye bright with amusement. "Cousin, he's smooth." And she's delighted, arms coming up to sling around his shoulders, lips split wide in a dimpled grin. "Clearly, I've been waiting here for you." An assessing glance is rolled towards her companions when he calls them shifty, 'hmm'ing quietly in the back of her throat before she drawls a low, "Yes. They are crafty characters. Especially that one." Point. Right at Xhanfyr. "Beastcrafter." Badum-psh. Awful. Truly. "But it does seem like you have me in your clutches. Alas, I find myself at your mercy. Let us go forth and be honest." If Ashwin wants to play, she'll play! There's an amused noise of agreement for the rider's position on defectives, tongue flicking out at Xhanfyr for his passing funeral remarks, clearly promising pain and sadness in what is probably the form of much poking and teasing in his future. "Because he's being stubborn. One little strumming of his abs like a washboard and suddenly he doesn't want to swim with us." Gloom! Despair! Agony on me!

"Oh, right," Leimna says, with all the air of somebody who doesn't remember to her cousin, but clearly she remembers something, because Leia completes that with, "They were so kind. And old. I don't know why they were so upset; their feline was perfectly fine. Just missing a few whiskers." AND THAR SHE GOES! Right into Ashwin's arms, who gives compliments that delight Leimna and earn her wickedly flirtatious cousin another round of laughter. "MAYBE NOT THE SOFTEST SAND, BUT DEFINITELY THE HOTTEST BODY!" A pause, blue eyes flicker to Xhanfyr as she puts her hands on her hips, blows some bangs out of her face, and says, "No offense, of course. But he thinks us defective types are brilliant, and you think we're uncomfortable." Pause. Blink? Leia's hand is gripped by Xhanfyr and she's pulled along, for once confused into silence as she flings a helpless HELP ME SYG, HE TOUCHED ME AND THE WORLD IS ENDING AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN PEOPLE DON'T RECOIL FROM ME WHAT EVEN IS LIFE SOS SOS - but of course, she is busy with Ashwin. LEIMNA WILL HAVE TO DO THIS ON HER OWN. "Xhan, do you know who you're talking to? If I'm not touching the goods, then I'm not enjoying myself." And then she presses another kiss to his cheek and pulls her hand from his as she races, races, AND TAKES A LEAP WITH A SCREAM OF DELIGHTED FRIGHT. Into the water she goes, SPLASH, being eaten by a wave before resurfacing. "LAST ONE IN HAS TO PARADE AS THYS TO MY TH'ERO." CACKLE.

Ashwin views Xhanfyr's stepping away as a sort of retreat. Maybe Sygni is secretly the alpha female of this group and he misjudged who he ought to be making his pass at. "Why is it my funeral?" Ashwin asks after him. "Does this one bite? Or is it diseased? Or defective?" At least that's time that he'll refer to her in third person. So he looks at Sygni. "Is there a reason it's my funeral? Do you bite? Are you diseased? Or are you defective?" He slips again and attempts to get his arm around one of Sygni's shoulders and one of his hands in her's like he's about to dance. Formal style. Right there on the sand. "Darling." Ashwin continues to the candidate that he is not aware is a candidate. "I'm totally on your side with that. I'd grind my dirty laundry all over that set of abs any day of the week. I'd grind that cloth so clean it'd be threadbare." He is being professionally horrific but he manages to retain at least his physical grace and will try to switch sides and hands with Sygni to let her lead their 'dance'. "I think as well… by any person's assessment of the situation that he ought not to complain. Some people'd pay great money to be in his shoes." Maybe he has a point. Maybe his thoughts are that scatterbrained. Maybe he's actually been drunk the whole time. Or maybe he just is a cruel person.

There is a peek over his shoulder towards Sygni as she mentions getting paid for once, mouth opens and it closes. Sharp inhale through Xhanfyr's nose and he shakes his head defiantly, "Nope, not taking the bait." Even if he really really wants to know, he leaves that there statement right where he found it and gives it a wide berth, even if his mind seems to be working double time if his current shade of crimson had anything to say about. "PASS!" he calls back to the blond, letting Mr. Smooth Brownriderpants do all the smoothness and things, shoulders hunching some as he continues on down towards the water. He does hesitate as 'Beastcrafter' comes up, flicking a look over his shoulder at the pair, muttering something that probably wasn't very nice under his breath but is soon back on track for that whole swimming thing. This means of course that he misses Sygni's threatening tongue sticking outing, so he'll just have to be surprised when the pain and sadness becomes his world. "I AM NOT!" Being stubborn that is, though clearly he is about something. "SEE, GOING." He gestures with all of Leimna, because he still has her hand at this point. That changes quickly though, because of course Leimna's mouth opens and he makes quite the show of releasing her hand. "You are. You make me uncomfortable. I'm not going to lie about that." he says, softer. "Doesn't mean I don't like either of you." Resigned to his fate, he steps into the water. "Whatever, just don't rip anything off." Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. FLUSH. F L U S H. He does pause as Leimna kermit-arms her way past him in a hurry to get into the water before him, brown eyes flickering to Ashwin when he asks his series of questions about Sygni. "Eh…" he starts, glancing to subject of the queries and then back to the brownrider. A moment's hesitation and he's hoping the nopetrain non-stop to fuckthatville. "You'll figure it out." Then they're talking about abs, apparently his abs, and he flushes almost to purple. Mouth open. Mouth closed. Just nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. ALL THE NOPES. He's out. PEACE. Stiffly he turns back towards the water and just walks straight on till morning. He wasn't breathing anymore anyway.

"Whiskers' whiskers," Sygni laments in tune with Leimna's words, "the irony did us in." There's a wicked little grin pointed over at Xhanfyr when he mutters about not taking the bait, knowing FULL WELL one of them would seize on it, but it is perhaps a story reserved for another day! A day when questions aren't being spun first from Xhanfyr, then to her, a wide and very toothy grin likely answer in and of itself, though she does reply with a trilled, "All three," and a playful clack of her teeth. But then she's being edged into a dancer's pose, and Sygni is nothing if not willing to play along, sighing great big as though a mutual regard for washboard abs was such an underrated thing and she was ever so glad Ashwin was there to agree. "Right? It wouldn't take long, they are quite pronounced. Only a matter of minutes before you'd have your garments worn to strings - too fast, if you ask me. I do so hope you have a lot of laundry to do, should you try." Twinkle. Smirk. As though she knows she's sending Xhanfyr off to walk into the sea, ne'er to return. She takes to the shift in leadership with amusement, actually taking a step or three as though it isn't ridiculous to be executing a boxstep with an unknown on Istan sands while wearing a swimsuit, but then again this is Sygni and stranger things have probably happened. "I would tend to agree. He's quite ungrateful. Alas, though. It is simply the fate of some people to not recognize what a good thing they have until it's far too late." And, lest Ashwin think he's going to get off easy on the crazy-train that is Sygni, the hand on his shoulder drops to his waist, pushing him outwards so she can execute a dainty little spin out to arm's length, where she drops in a silly little curtsy. "But this is where I leave you. I'm needed," she says with an amused flick of her eyes at Leimna's SOS SOS SOS eyeflashes and Xhanfyr's least-subtle nopes heading for deeper waters. "If you're ever in Fort, look me up. I'm the one that makes things go 'boom.'" And with a waggle of fingers and a mirthful flash of blue eyes, KNOWING NOT TO WHOM SHE SPEAKS, clearly, the candidate trots off to join her companions before one or the other of them actually manages to drown.

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