Who Inri, Rulayn, Shugan, V'nyk
What A new face appears at Fort Weyr!
When Summer, 2711
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

Breathing in deep the sweetly scented summer air, Shugan pauses along his trek to the living caverns and appreciate the beauty of this Fortian afternoon. Upturning his face towards the sky, he closes his eyes and just smile brightly. Today had been so productive! He'd finally arrived at his destination after hiking through the wild wilds for what seemed like forever, hunted himself down a couple rabbits that he could clean up and barter with, and he wasn't even tired yet! However, even though it was far past lunchtime but way too early for dinner, his stomach goes ahead and growls at him anyway. "Aw, shoot." he exhales, placing a hand over his stomach, looking a bit on the pained side. Once the initial discomfort has passed, he hoists up twine holding the feet of his kills together. "Naaaaw. Ah'll git sick." Huffing softly, he adjusts the bow slung across his chest and gets his feet moving again.

Back in Fort again? Oh yes, Lychenth can be seen winging her way down to the bowl for the upteenth time in recent days. Does V'nyk feel badly for not being out in the field searching for kidnap victims? Of course! But his wingleader has taken to putting them on strict searching shifts so that none of his wing gets too exhausted. Thus, the greenrider has spent as much of his free time as he can making up for his time away from his family and original home, catching up with people he knows and bringing news back and forth. There's a delicate flick of her wings as Lychenth lands, and V'nyk makes his way down with a bounce upon reaching Fortian soil. "It's gonna be /great/ once it starts snowing here again, Ly. We'll come back a lot, then. You are gonna love snow." Indeed, the dragon's head tilts a bit, but then her attention is /elsewhere/. Namely toward the game Shugan is so helpfully hoisting about. Eyes whirl, and she moves in that direction, with V'nyk rather quickly following. "Wha..no! Nono, you leave him and his dead things alone, Lychenth! Not for you! /Your/ meals are bigger and those are…like..barely a mouthful so don't you /dare/. Uh..hi, sorry about her, she's../hey/ don't you push me!" The greenrider flounders a little as he goes a little off balance from Lychenth's nudging, though at least he recovers, eyeballing the dragon a bit.

Dead things? You know who else likes dead things? A certain elongated force-of-nature gold dragon, often half-feral in her behavior. Lychenth is not the only dragon giving Shugan's haul curious eyes and sniffing, though Kouzevelth's slow lean toward the new arrival of delicious meat is less … close up. Unfortunately she's so big it's easy for anyone to notice she's looming a little — until there's a sign of Inri shoving her (tiny appearing) hand against her dragon's (enormous in comparison) chest to stop her. It's a subtle touch, barely anything, but it does get her to back her head off a little bit, and then the goldrider in her strappy sandals and sundress is running over to the other two, "I'm really sorry about that orange head that was just hovering over you, did I hear something about snow? I love snow."

That there, is a sight. Shugan has barely propelled himself forward a couple of feet before Lychenth descends so close to him. Eyes widening, mouth dropping open, the hunter just stands there and stares like a complete and utter fool. Feet have the wise idea of continued movement, which makes him almost walk right into a woman carrying a full basket of laundry under his arm, but it seems despite his distraction Shu places a hand on her shoulder and helps her move past him without any need for apologies and things being dropped into the mud. With the green's attention on him, he stops, and leans progressively backwards as she invades his personal space. The wonderment continues, even as a wide grin draws the corners of his mouth. "Hello!" The expression falters a bit with the addition of yet another dragon, this one having a very distinct difference from Lychenth, other than her color. "Ya'll grow them thangs any bigger 'round here?" he asks, eyes now darting between green and gold riders. There's a laugh for both of them, "No need to be apologizin' to me none. Ah definitely understand the draw." It also makes him tuck those dead rabbits away, fixing them onto a pouch at his back.

Rulayn is the only one nearby who hasn't seemed to pick up on the fact that there's something dead and attractive to dragons in the area. In fact, the dragonhealer is looking slightly preoccupied herself, nose buried in a tattered and worn book which appears to be a considerable weight. How the young woman is managing to walk and read at the same time is a mystery, but it's clear she's no expert in pulling it off. It's the smell of dead rabbits that causes the girl's nose to wrinkle and her eyes to lift from the pages, looking in the direction of the offending scent. Of course, Rulayn's immediate attention is drawn to the two dragons leering over Shugan, whom she promptly stops to stare at. And then, tugging a small writing utensil from her pocket, she flicks through the book to the very end and begins to scribble notes against the back cover.

Lychenth might not be all that happy to be utterly /foiled/, but she does settle back rather primly. Wings shift, stretch, then finally fold properly while she gives a soft noise of greeting for the nearby gold as well. V'nyk, for his part, simply looks relieved, leaning on his dragon a little now that he's not about to be bowled over by her. There's a sigh given, and a grin as he straightens himself up again. "Lychenth is usually a /bit/ easier to manage. Can't well enough blame her though, there's plenty of times I'd probably climb someone waving a bit of wherry around if I was super hungry." Inri's arrival is given a blink before grinning, the former Fortian offering up a half-handed salute. "Half Moon's greetings and everything, ma'am. I /did/ mention snow. Gotta show Ly here what it's like when it gets all wintery around here again." He does squint a little bit though, taking in the nearby gold before his gaze flicks back to Shugan, grinning brightly. "They probably /do/ grow them a bit bigger here and there, but I wouldn't want to be the one measuring."

Kouzevelth gives Lychenth a curious-turning-appreciative glance and then trumpets sociably back. It is at least not so arrestingly loud it shakes the ground, but she's not always the best at gentle, unobtrusive sounds. The question about size is one Inri can actually answer, "Than her? Not here, no. I'm sure there's a dragon on the planet bigger than her somewhere, but she's Fort's most … unfortunately lengthy." Despite the difference only being a few meters, Inri will always believe that Rhenesath and Kayeth are somehow more manageable. Perhaps it's partially the tail? "There's plenty to snack on that you're welcome to if Lychenth is actually hungry rather than just nosy," she offers the Half Moon greenrider, rolling back on her heels a little and then forward again. "I think this food is probably more meant for humans." She does notice Rulayn, though the girl seems hard at work; Inri attempts to catch her eye long enough to wave.

"Fourty or more metres long, from snout to tail." Rulayn speaks aloud as she catches word of the conversation, but doesn't look up from her book. "And Greens are around half of that. The wingspan can be found by multiplying the length of the dragon by a certain figure." She slowly wanders sideways along Lychenth's flank, keeping a fair distance as her gaze moves onto the dragon. There's a small nod, then a few more scribbles, before the same is done with the Gold. "But it's the colouration that's really interesting. I always wondered if the paler-coloured dragons have distinct personality differences?" Once Kouzevelth is given a once-over, Rulayn's attention is draw to the Queen's rider, whom promptly earns a smile and a quick bow. "Ma'am." She states plainly, her attention then shifting to the two other individuals nearby. V'nyk, she had seen in the company of a certain Bronzerider, but Shugan she didn't know. They get their respective nods.

There was absolutely no fear for this country bumpkin, practically brimming with excitement as he looks between the riders and their dragons, eyes wide and face nearly split in half with that grin of his. It didn't seem to matter what either of them were saying, he was thrilled that this was all happening. On his first day! "Just wait till Mama hears 'bout all this!" Thrusting a hand out to V'nyk, because his lifemate was the first to come sniffing around, "Ah'm Shugan, but ya'll can call me Shu, Shug or Shuggy. Dun matter which." If the handshake is taken as offered, he lingers there with brows heading aloft. "That right? Ah'll have to be remembering to get mahself some of that there wherry then." Wink. Oh my, oh yes. That just happened. Chuckling, he then offers his hand to Inri, surprise replacing the flirtatiousness that he had thrown all over the greenrider from left field. "Oh yeah? That's sure be a sight to see ma'am. She's a beaut!" Brown eyes dart then to Lychenth, "Now dun yah be gettin' jealous none. Yer a right beauty yerself and dun be letting none tell ya no different, yah'hear?" He sends a friendly wave over to Rulyan as she lingers more or less back from everyone else, "Well, Ah thank yah very much for that. Won't be lying and be saying that Ah'll remember all that, but it was some right good information."

V'nyk just shakes his head, laughing a bit to himself. "She doesn't need anything, but thank you. I think it's more the appeal of something she's not used to seeing." At least there doesn't seem to be any threat of Lychenth pouncing on poor Shugan now though. The green seems somewhat mollified, instead offering a soft croon for the compliments given her. V'nyk is quick to take hold of Shugan's hand though, giving it a squeeze and a shake, despite the briefly bewildered look on the greenrider's face. It's quickly replaced though with a grin again, head shaking. "Don't think you'd need much in the way of bait, Shu. I'm V'nyk, by the way." Silly things, manners. Get forgotten all the time! Attention brought around to Rulayn, the greenrider does nod for her, although Lychenth gives a startled noise and sidesteps away. She makes a quick turnabout though, and settles again like nothing at all happened. No. She wasn't startled by that human there. Not at all.

"I wouldn't know anything about pale," Inri says with a gentle laugh, glancing back at Kouzevelth, who is anything but. "My name's Inri. Hers is Kouzevelth, but that's kind of a mouthful, so you can call her Zel if that's easier." It's the nickname the dragon settles for, unlike the impressive number of people who try to call her Kou or Kouze. "And she's, um," this is for Rulayn, and addressed mostly to her, "forty-three and something long, her wings are seventy-two and something." Roll-of-shoulders shrug, Inri doesn't recall. Someone has it recorded somewhere; probably even she does, being the records maven.

Snapping the book shut, Rulayn tucks it neatly against her chest, arms folding as she rocks on her heels to admire Kouzevelth. "I've read that some Golds can actually shine more of a green colour. Not that there's anything wrong with green." She notes, looking back to Lychenth and then V'nyk. "But I love seeing the variations. I was hoping that maybe in the future I could catalog all the different shades I've seen, as part of my dragonhealer training. Colours could be affected by the climate, maybe?" Suddenly realizing that she may have been prattling on a little too much the girl holds her tongue, replacing it with a brief smile. "I'm Rulayn." She indicates her white knot briefly to Shugan. "One of the candidates for Fort."

"Also, very valuable information V'nyk. It's nice to meetcha." Shugan says with a laugh, dropping his arm back to his side when Inri fails to take it. "It's a right pleasure to be meeting yah'll in fact. Never thought Ah'd git such a warm welcome on mah first day." There is appreciation mingling in there now with Shu's continued excitement, his expression falling to one of concern a second later for the sound that comes out of Lychenth. "Yah'll right back there?" He looks between the green and the candidate, looking ready for something but what that is exactly, is anyone guess. Only when he's sure that there wasn't going to explosions or other dramatics, does he return his attention to the riders for a spell. He grins and nods at Inri, "Ma'am." Then bright eyes are returned to Rulayn, "That means yah got yerself a chance at taking home one of these beauties, right?" he asks as he places a hand over his heart, "Ah apologize if Ah ain't familiar with all the knots an' thangs. Cothold where Ah grew up, we're pretty isolated. We got some learning, but can't say that its as thorough as yah'll's."
meet yah.

V'nyk tilts his head just a little bit, offering a slow grin at Rulayn. "I don't think coloration and personality have much to do with each other. Lychenth would still be the same dragon if she were tinged more blue, or practicallyed yellow. And I've seen plenty of different variations in both here at Fort and Half Moon. Guess climate's worth looking into, but I just think they're all meant to be slightly different." Of course, the greenrider isn't a dragonhealer. He reaches up though to pet Lychenth's muzzle a bit when her own head lowers, puffing a bit of air into his hair briefly. It earns a laugh from the rider, and he nudges her head away again as his attention returns to Shugan. "Haha, well there's nothing wrong with that. Just so you know, I'm actually a rider from over at Half Moon Bay Weyr." There's a little flick in fact given to his own knots, and a nod.

"Kouzevelth just makes people want tinted spectacles regardless of what undertones she has," Inri's definitely interested in the topic, even though she's still nonchalant-shrugging and watching the others. "And I grew up in the pretty far north of here myself," she tells Shugan, mostly, "I didn't really have schooling until candidacy. Didn't learn all the specific knot details and things until weyrlinghood. We definitely don't judge people for a lack of what others might consider 'proper' education." How many of their leaders had that? Most of them were raised at small holds in farming-influenced lives, far from crafthalls and book learning.

"Tiye tells me the same." Rulayn sighs as she looks to V'nyk, frowning hugging the book against herself. "I haven't seen any books completely covering it though. Maybe I'll take another trip to the library before tomorrow's chores." And then her eyes wander back to Shugan, finally taking note of the boy's appearance from a closer perspective. "From the Cothold? Are you.. A hunter?" Well done there for stating the obvious, Roo. Whilst waiting on an answer, there's a sudden soft squeak and from nowhere, a winged, green thing seems to drift down from the sky to land and nestle perfectly amongst Rulayn's messy brown hair. She pauses and looks up at the invader, but then gives a small laugh and raises a hand so that Petite can crawl down and rest upon the woman's shoulder instead.

Not knowing much about the kinds of things that the riders and candidates are talking about, Shugan's eyes do still drag over the gold and green settled so nearby his current location, taking in the variations of their hides and looking rather contemplative around his ever broad smile. Somehow it manages to widen for the exchange between greenrider and mount, shoulders bobbing some as he quietly chuckles. "That so? Shame, was rather hoping to be seeing more of yah." With the way those eyes were sparkling, there should be little doubt that his statement had more than one meaning. Shu doesn't let his attention remain there too long, as interesting as he seems to find V'nyk, there was a lot more going on right now. "That right? Where 'bouts?" he asks Inri, his interest certainly peeked. "Mah family's about a hundred or so miles from here, center of the forest. Pretty easy to find if yah know where to look." Brows lift again as the Weyrwoman describes her own education, smiling and nodding as he listens. "That's real good to hear. Ah usually dun take nuttin' personal like, but people tend to make assumptions based on account of how Ah talk." A wink for her too apparently, and to Rulayn he offers another round of soft laughter. "Indeed Ah am. Family was right upset when Ah decided to go on walk about, best damn hunter they'd seen in maybe six generations. Ah dun like to brag, but when yah hear it all yer life yah start jus' taking it as fact." And there's a wink for her too, good, now no one is left out.

The amusement is quite evident on V'nyk's face, that grin remaining all the while. "Aw, now don't you worry any. My whole family lives here, so I visit around here quite a bit when I've got the time. Or just the desire. Or I'm craving Fortian food. Or when I miss snow in winter." Being able to hop between..is the most convenient thing ever for those who like to commute! There's a look of interest however at the talk of upbringings, brows raising ever so slightly. "The difference is pretty interesting, really. People born in different places and all. Myself, I grew up right here and with a bit of Healer training. Not exactly a /lot/ of it though, before I was taken off to Half Moon. But anyone that says anything just because you might talk different is just being completely ignorant themselves. And rude."

"Yes," Inri agrees, because it's an and rude, and not an or. It's definitely both. "I'm from Breakwater Hold, straight up —" point, "that way, forever, on the other side of the big lake. Kimm probably knows your stomping grounds, though." She says this to Shugan, but it's idle-thoughts because he probably doesn't know who she's referring to and therefore it's not the most useful response ever. "She hunts too, but is more properly known as a bluerider, now. One of our former weyrwomen was a hunter, too. Impressive occupation, that."

Rulayn blinks in surprise at Shugan's story, brows raised. "You left home? I don't know if I could do the same, knowing there was some kind of.. Tradition to uphold." Rulayn awkwardly admits, scratching at the back of her neck before both arms resume their hold on the large book in her grasp. "And six generations is a lot.." She trails off in thought, trying to figure out how old his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-.. wait, was that one too many? Before she can figure it out, something else snatches Roo's attention. "You grew up here? Were you friends with Jaelyn?" It's a bit out of the blue, but the question is clearly aimed at V'nyk. The talk of Holds goes right over Roo's head though, she was born and raised here and would probably get lost amongst the talk of such matters.

Shugan doesn't bother to hide the fact that he's pleased by Nyk's response, "Ah'm much relieved." Yes, he is indeed if that look that follows has anything to say about it, but there were the ladies to consider and whatever he had planned for the greenrider could wait especially if he was likely to keep coming around regular like. To Inri, "Ah yes! Ah know the place, family does some trading up that way. Pelt mostly. We do much of our bartering with pelts yah'see, cause we do all our own hunting." He doesn't seem to know who Kimm is, but he lets it go to focus on the rest of what the Weyrwoman had to say in case its explained so he doesn't need to interupt. "Yah'll have to point her out sometime, be nice to get up and out after a time. Do what Ah do best, maybe pick up a pointer or two. Daddy always told meh that no matter how good yah are, there's always room for improvement. Wise man, mah daddy." Gaze working its way back Rulayn's way, the hunter laughs and nods. "Ah did, an' dun yah worry none yer pretty head Miss Rulayn, it's a big family. Plenty of hunters willing to step up and fill in the void." He glances then between candidate and greenrider, no flicker of recognition for the name being so suddenly dropped. Still, interest is still peeked and so he waits patiently for whatever response V'nyk might have for her.

V'nyk laughs a bit after a moment, leaning away from Lychenth slightly. "But that's the /fun/ of it, isn't it? Tradition gets /boring/ after so long, and I sure wouldn't want someone telling me what I had to do with my life." Fun is one of those important parts that the greenrider isn't about to sacrifice in life. Though the rather sudden question about Jaelyn seems to surprise him well enough. "What, Jae? No past-tense about that question, that guy's been my absolute best friend since..well..pretty much since he got here. I mean, I had to wear him down a little bit, but we've been absolutely the best of friends ever since. Spend half the time in his bed, sure, but you know. Friends..lovers. We're close like that. ..Actually now that I mention it I'm lucky that his weyrmate doesn't mind. /That/ guy is pretty damn fiesty and I would…/really/ not want to make him mad." There's a quick bit of headshaking though, as the rider seems to notice he's gotten quite off track. He peers again at Rulayn, eyes wide. "Why do you ask?"

Inri kind of remembers Jaelyn! Inri kind of remembers V'nyk, too, as one of Mirinda's losses. "Do try not to get dropped off a — wait, Half Moon Bay doesn't really have ledges, does it, your dragons sleep on the ground." So V'nyk is safe from the fiesty weyrmate. "Good, my advice isn't required." She gives a curious glance back toward Rulayn, wondering how she knows J'en and why she's asking about him, because nosy is what Inris do. "Are you selling anything big and fuzzy that might cover my bedroom floor?" asks Inri of Shugan, then, wide-eyed curious, "My current one is getting not-so-soft."

Eyes remain fixated upon V'nyk as he replies, as if Rulayn was trying to ascertain something from the answer given. Rocking on her heels, book still in her arms, she slowly nods and casts her gaze off into the distance. "No reason." And there's a smile, although it's clearly more than just a byproduct of friendly conversation. Her eyes gloss over the two dragons again and then with a sudden blink, it's as if something hits her. "Oh, shards! I -hate- to leave you all like this, but I need hurry back to the barracks. I.. uh.. Forgot something." And already the young woman is shuffling her way past the crowd in the direction of the Barracks. Teeth flash in a brief grin as she nods to the two menfolk, and bows her head to Inri. "It was nice talking to you, though!" And without hesitation the girl pivots on her feet and scurries off, firelizard perched on her shoulder and staring back at the group as she makes her departure.

Well then, Rulayn wanted an answer and boy did she ever get one, even Shugan blinks a few times in surprise for all the words, all of them, that come spilling out of the greenrider's mouth on whomever this Jaelyn person was. He had been about to tell V'nyk all about the traditions of his northern cothold family, but now he just whistles sweet and low. "Well, then. All that an' a seedbag of sprouts Ah reckon from the sounds of it." There a chuckle there for that, settling his gaze back down on Inri again, "I could maybe cobble something together proper before the climate gets too unreasonable. Takes time yah see, to get high quality pelts in bulk. If just any ol' thing will do, can probably git to yah quicker. Yah got any preferances Miss Inri?" Eyes flickering to Rulayn sideways, he offers the candidate a winning smile that's all country charm, "Yah take care of yerself now, yah'hear? Be cheering yah on come hatching day."

V'nyk looks positively confused when Rulayn backpedals on the conversation. Brows arch upward for a moment or two, lifting a hand a bit in a wave when the candidate hurries right off again. "..Well that was weird." That hand drops again, turning back to face the other two with that same befuddled expression, but shrugs. "Well it's true enough, but we're pretty good friends as it is so I doubt I'm gonna get myself strangled in my sleep or something like that." Perhaps the greenrider is safe yet! To Shu, there's a brief peeking of his tongue between his lips, laughter following. "Definitely that."

"Candidates are weird," Inri agrees with V'nyk, even if it's remarkably non-specific. Just ask her about this candidate class, though, and she'll be sure to let you know that they're all very weird. She considers Sygni and Vossrik to be the most normal of the group levels of weird. But with love. "And, I don't know, what I've got is — it's some kind of intimidatingly large stripey animal, I think. Furry northern feline? I don't remember, it was a gift that is not outlasting having a small child occasionally play on it with … things. Sticky fingers, mostly." Sticky fingers, paint, all number of things that Inri internally cringes at. "She's grown out of the ruining material stages but the material unfortunately hasn't been able to recover."

Shugan probably didn't get or understand what was so weird for the two riders about the candidate's behavior, considering a confused look between the both of them, but it doesn't last very long at all and he's back to grinning like an idiot. "Weyr life sounds real interesting, yah know, aside from potentially being strangled by…a friend's…weyrmate…." The word weyrmate takes some working on, needing to move his mouth in an odd manner in order to get it out and sounding proper. Not something he's likely said before, but appears bright enough to work out what it means. "We dun do a lot of sleeping 'round back home if yer settled. It's fine long as ya ain't too related and unattached." Again, he looks between them both, "That was country humor, we dun do much cahnoodling close to home. Most folks get the bug and go out looking outside of the cothold. Most come back with or without that special someone, some settle elsewhere." To Inri, "Ah see. Littles do take their toll when they're young'ins. I might not be able to get something exactly the same as what yah got, but Ah'll do mah best."

V'nyk simply offers a rather sage nod. So what if he was a candidate…not /too/ terribly long ago? He's weird, and he knows it! He can totally attest to candidates in general..being strange. There's a face made a moment later, and a groan at the mention of such horrible destruction of fur. "Ugh, my little brothers have trashed quite a few pieces of furniture and fabric. ..I mean…I'm sure I did too, but I don't /remember/ that. I remember the handprints on my favorite pants.." Alas, and lament for poor abused clothing. There's a small shake of his head then, and a small grin given to Shugan. "Weyr life tends to be a little..different in that regard. Not for everyone, I'm sure."

Inri clearly grew out of being strange since she was a candidate such a long time ago, right? "I may've interpreted the bed-sharing as more friendly than not, but maybe the vicious weyrmate is very understanding," is her attempt to interpret that particular side of 'interesting' Weyr life. "Maiona has been good enough not to ruin furniture ever in her life. Fabric …" Long, long head shake. "Ink prints. Paint prints. Permanent ink she isn't supposed to touch prints." Long, slow head shake. At least she's got an almost-permanent smile affixed now because the rest of her company is truly hilarious. She's clearly decided she likes Shugan.

"That right?" Shugan asks Inri, brows shooting upwards towards his hairline. "Ain't what Ah got from that at all, but then again Ah think V'nyk and I share an inclination, if Ah ain't mistaken." Now he lets himself get a nice, long, and certainly thorough look over the greenrider's entire person, which couldn't mean anything but exactly what he was going for. "Ah might be misunderstanding yah'll as well, so mah apologies. Jus' excited to be here is all." He lets them discuss the horrors of tiny hands, sticky things, and mostly anything they get onto, adjusting his bow again with a hoist and then settling back into the conversation as if he'd never left it. "'Fraid fur ain't as forgiving as maybe some fabrics might, Miss Inri. Ain't sure how long Ah plan on staying jus' yet, but Ah'll be sure yah git something close to what yer asking for. Bigger beasts might require a helping hand or three, so Ah might be asking for that pointing out Ah requested bit ago might sooner than Ah was thinking."

"Oh, /very/ understanding, he is." V'nyk can't help but laugh at that, throwing a look back Shugan's way as well. There's a grin for the 'inclination', nodding slightly for it. "Seems that way, doesn't it? Can't say I wouldn't be happy to get a drink with you later, either, if you'd like." Brows lift a moment in question, but his attention is easily taken away again. So much ink. So many little hands. So many horrors. One hand simply settles over the greenrider's heart in sympathy.

Inri is just too diplomatic to gossip about people's … inclinations. That or she assumes everyone is bisexual, which is more likely the case. "I appreciate everyone's somber grief for my rug," says the goldrider with a small grin. "And the talk of getting drinks, because I definitely encourage as many people as possible to pair off and go get drinks, even if it isn't that sort of pairing. Just because I highly advocate drinks." Alcoholics should stay away from Inri.

Shugan can only laugh softly for V'nyk and his friend's partner's level of understanding. Whoo. Mouthful. Speaking of mouthfuls, Shu's is all teeth at this point: grin, grin, grinning away as he gets asked out for drinks! Oh his first day! "Ah'd be honored to accompany yah, maybe after Ah get mahself settled in. Later this evening?" This done, Inri gets his full attention, laughing with a nod of his head. "Pairings of the sort Ah tend to stick to, ain't real…what's the word…accepted…where Ah come from. Mah skill as a hunter is really the only reason Ah got to leave on mah own, rather than being chased out. Tolerated, barely, but ain't like Ah could ever go back and settle with a beau. So, Ah'll be doing mah settling elsewhere." This clarified for whatever reason he feels he needs to, his eyes get that sparkle to them again. "Would yah like to join us for a drink, Miss Inri? Seems in this we're all so inclined."

"We /all/ collectively mourn the loss of a good rug, my dear lady." They can hold a somber funeral for it later when it is retired. V'nyk can't help but giggle faintly though, alas disrupting the more downcast note he was trying to go for. Though he does look a bit more serious at the mention of Shugan's home life, lips pressing together just slightly. All the better for the hunter to have gotten out on his own! The greenrider does shake his head though, smile returning a moment later. "Well if you need settling in, then by all means! I'll be in Shenanigan's later if you're interested. Either of you, really! But first, if I don't go visit my mother she'll never let me hear the end of it." There's a thumb jerked back toward the caverns then, with the rider taking a few backward steps as he makes to leave. "I'll see you later!"

Inri will even bury it. The rug, that is, not any drinks. "I'd be happy to serve, if you like, rather than drink, but I also don't have a problem with drinking. Whichever ends up working out best, though if the bartender is one whose style I don't like I'll just take over." Which she did even before she was a weyrwoman, back when she was just bossy and presumptive. "It's — that's what it was like at my home, too. That's actually part of the reason I left. I go back, occasionally, now." Now that she's protected by her dragon, as well as by A'ster, who usually has her back when they go together to visit the families.

The hunter grins V'nyk's way, not seeming at all dishearted about how things had turned out for him, shrugging his shoulders once and laughing. "Ain't do no one no good getting depressed about it. Ah'm happy with who Ah'am and what ever power that may be that made meh good at something useful. That's how Ah look at it anyway." He nods and waves to the greenrider as he goes to leave, "Ah'll be there once Ah get sorted. Meet yah there." With V'nyk heading off to go and meet with his maker, Shugan's full attention decidedly returns to Inri, "Ah'd be honored, Miss Inri. Ah can't imagine a drink'll be sweater than prepared by yer hands." He might sound as if he was just blowing smoke there, but considering his warm smile and genuine openness, it was entirely possible that he was in fact just being honest. "Ah think most places outside of weyrs share the sentiment, sadly. Trysts have been few and far between, but it's looking like Ah've gone from famine to feast." He has another wink for the goldrider, "Ah should git mahself settled though before too much longer, dun wanna keep the pretty greenrider waiting." With a laugh and grin, he pulls the rabbits out from where he'd tucked them and makes for the living caverns at a jog. He had a double date to get ready for!

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