Who Doktah, Thys
What Even Fortian summers are cold for Igenites!
When Summer, Turn 2711
Where Lake Shore, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Early afternoon on this particular Fortian summer day is warmer than usual, with Rukbat's rays glaring down over the weyr. The baked ground is hot enough for Thys to be sitting on a blanket beside the lake, while Rhenesath bathes herself in the lake's cooling waters… and next to the bathing suit-clad goldrider is a toddler who is, thank Faranth, not screaming. In fact, the little tot, dressed in swim-suitable gear, seems happy as she plays with rocks and a carved wooden runner. She's currently bashing the runner against a rock and squealing gleefully as she does, and Thys is being awkward while trying to tell her not to.

For a refugee from Igen, 'warm' is relative. Perhaps this explains why Doktah arrives at the lake wrapped in her usual many, many layers of clothes, scarves, and jackets she usually adopts for outdoor excursions at Fort. She waddles along the lakeshore until she spots a familiar pair, saluting both as best as her clunky outfit allows. "Weyrwoman." She says, muffled by her many scarves.

The greeting has Thys lifting her head and drawing her attention from her little ward, and she smiles when she sees it comes from Doktah. "Hello!" Thys returns the salute, and invites the candidate over to join them. There's plenty of room for all on her blanket, amongst the rocks and the snacks spread out on it. "Are you still protesting our lack of heating, Doktah?" Because there's Thys, happy as a clam in her bikini on this Fortian hot day! "Or have the other candidates started stealing clothing so you've been forced to wear all of yours?" The toddler looks curiously at Doktah, pausing in her runner-bashing - much to Thys's relief - to giggle and offer the toy to the candidate. This is a much happier baby than the one who spent nights screaming down the barracks!

Doktah remembers those nights. Mostly she remembers her lack of sleep. Deeply unpleasant days. Perhaps they helped contribute to her current grumpy, heavily bundled condition. "Not… protesting." She mutters beneath her scarves. "More just trying to be comfortable. And confused. I do not understand how you can be comfortable attired as you are in this temperature. I would be very, very happy if I could adopt your mindset." She settles onto the blanket and peers at the toddler, adjusting her glasses. "… Hello again."

The little girl waves her runner to Doktah, then toddle-crawls over to Thys to clamber over her, settling in her lap and clinging to her bikini top's shoulder-strap. Thys makes a panicked little face when she's accosted by the little one… but not only has the kid stopped screaming constantly, the goldrider herself seems more relaxed, too… she actually loosely wraps an arm around the tot. "It's a hot day, Doktah. I'm Crom-born and raised. I'll happily bask in sunshine far cooler than this if given the chance." Though she does seem a tad worried about her bikini top right now, what with the little one tugging on it. Thys reaches up to curl a hand around the toddler's, trying to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Doktah may or may not give juuust a little peek at the precarious status of Thys' bikini top. Letting her gaze linger for any appreciable amount of time seems like a terrible idea, so she clears her throat and looks to the lake. "Crom? I'm from Igen." She replies. "Crom has nothing on Igen. You have /snow/ here/ /Snow/." There's a bit of a sigh, but she continues on after a moment. "I suppose I need to start acclimating eventually. But this place is different from what I am used to. In many ways."

"Igen's a little too warm for my liking, though there's some gorgeous landscape there," Thys comments, managing to wrangle her charge's hand free of her bikini strap. The tot instead wraps a tubby little arm around Thys's neck and plays with her runner on the rider's shoulders. It looks painful with the wooden hooves banging off her bar skin, and Thys is very obviously trying not to wince. "You really should start getting used to the weather here. How will you possibly cope if your lifemate is there on Hatching day, and you're stuck in Fort for the next few turns at least?" Brown eyes look to Doktah, questioningly.

"The landscape is sand, sand, and more sand." At least Doktah doesn't retain undue nostalgia about her homeland. Aside from temperature-related nostalgia. She sighs heavily. Or maybe that's just how her breathing sounds under so many layers of scarf. "… Fine." She says, reluctantly pulling off one scarf. That does it, right?"

"There you go!" One scarf is a minor victory, but a victory nonetheless! Thys nods approvingly. Toddler doesn't care as she coos and squeals playfully. "Though you may have to lose a few more layers to be truly Fortian, Doktah. I don't even wear that many in the dead of winter! Why don't you try wearing just one sweater right now? I'm sure you'll find the weather's far more pleasant than you think."

Doktah is skeptical. Very skeptical! But arguing with authority figures has gotten her nowhere in the past. So, she must relent. "… /Fine/." One layer comes off. Then two. Then three. How many does she have on, anyways? An excessive amount, surely. "… I already feel chilly." She complains. "But… I never liked wearing layers. I just miss the heat. Why can't we install proper heaters here?"

Thys nods approvingly every time a layer is shed. Doktah, the onion! "Wearing that many layers surely can't be comfortable. If you can't get used to the temperature here, then I recommend you look for some between-worthy outfits; they'll keep you warm." Because Faranth knows how cold between is. "Fort isn't technologically set-up to enable heating to be installed. I very much doubt we'll ever adopt that level of technology, but most weyrs have fireplaces in them and they're actually very cosy. You could always install some sort of heating device in your own space, if you wanted to?"

Doktah must have… five or six layers, depending on how one defines it? To her credit, she keeps going. She must respond well to approving nods. She finally pauses when she's down to her undergarments, which she dubs as equivalent to Thys' bikini. She's visibly shivering, but looks somewhat placated by the assurance Thys provides. "Could I rewire my space to accomodate the device I would need? And adjust the weyr generators accordingly?" Give her an inch, she'll take a mile.

That shivering doesn't go unnoticed by Thys. "Dear Faranth, don't get yourself sick - put your shirt back on if you're that cold?!" There are undoubtedly plenty of them to choose from amongst the many discarded layers. "Take it slowly. Shirt and trousers until you're warm enough in them. Then try shorts, and shorter sleeves. Acclimatising doesn't happen by running around in your underwear, otherwise we'd all be spending our winters here naked in the mud and snow." She laughs, and the little toddler giggles along with her. The tot's been hiding her face in against Thys' neck, and at some point Thys ended up actually one-armed hugging her.

Doktah tilts her head, terribly confused. "I do not understand Fort people. Either I'm wearing too many clothes or too little. It is like there is no happy solution." Clothes go back on! Two layers, at least. She seems incapable of wearing a normal level of clothing at any given time. Once she's semi-properly attired again, she peers at the giggly toddler. "Hello. Did we ever figure out your name?" So tactful!

Thys's brows raise slightly in response to the confusion. "Well. There's comfort, there's… and I say this without the intention of offence, just speaking my mind - there's borderline obsurdity, and there's decency and propriety. While we're not the most conservative of Weyrs, we do expect people to understand time and place. Not that I've heard of you being naked in the wrong place… is that something I should know about?" Does she even want to know? The question posed to the little girl, however, actually causes Thys to grin. It's a little, cautiously shy smile, but definitely there. "She's still not really spoken… but I've been calling her Silver."

Doktah takes a moment to consider the question, then shakes her head. "I don't recall having been naked outside of the barracks and the baths. And I'm pretty certain I'd remember something like that." Pretty certain. How reassuring. She continues eyeing the little girl curiously for a moment. "Silver. Well, it seems to fit her. Moreso than George, at least."

"George?" It takes a moment before the penny drops. "Oh! That's what Sygni was calling her. George. It's cute." But not her name any more. Little Silver doesn't seem to care what her name is, as she seems to have fallen asleep with her face still nestled in there against Thys' neck. "The baths are an obviously fine place to be naked. The barracks… well, as long as there's nothing inappropriate going on," she gives Doktah a lowered-brow look, "like fooling around and so on, then… I suppose you'll have to be naked at some point when you're getting dressed. What we're less keen on is people running through the living caverns without a stitch on them. Not that it hasn't happened before…"

"I have not been fooling around with anyone." Doktah is quick to assure. "Nor are any of the other candidates, as far as I am aware." She shakes her head. "I'm not even… well, suffice to say, it's not a concern you need to have with me, ma'am." Seems like a topic best left behind. Best to focus on George. Er, Silver. Close enough. "At least she seems… calm now."

"She's getting more settled, certainly," Thys says thankfully. "I think that your cohorts had a hand to play in that; thank Faranth for them taking her off my hands so many times." And if she was thankful moments ago, she's even more so now. "You were about to say something just now - what was it? You're not even what?" She raises her head to look at Doktah, brown eyes fixed curiously on the candidate.

Doktah shakes her head a little again, fiddling with the one scarf she isn't certain whether she needs or not. "… Just, I'm not certain I'm in a position to have that sort of relationship with anyone or not. Even if we ignored the candidacy issue. Which… I'm not, obviously. The rules come before everything else right now. I am focused on the task at hand." Awkward!

"Oh." Thys looks embarrassed to have asked, running her fingers through her growing-out hair to sweep it back from her face. "Well. That's not really something I'm in a place to comment on. It's, ah, not my area of expertise, unfortunately." Her cheeks flush, and she looks down at the pile of pebbles collected by Silver. "Perhaps someone like Mirinda would be more suited, if you're looking for someone to have a conversation of that nature with?"

Doktah tilts her head to one side, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Mirinda? Is she an expert on topics of this nature?" Awkwardness abounds. She even digs her foot into the sandy dirt a little bit. "I am… not certain advice would even be useful. I know what my problems are. And even if I could fix them… which I can't… now isn't the time. Right?"

"She's the Weyrhealer, and she's quite good at helping people to understand their own thoughts and things," explains Thys with a little smile. "Problems too. However, as you pointed out, not is certainly not the time to be trying to fix any relationship issues, unless they're specifically impacting your candidate experience and that of the others around you."

"They aren't." Doktah assures quickly. "I'm not certain why even brought it up in the first place. Prior to my candidacy at Igen, I was focused on my craft work, not relationships. It's just…" She sighs a little bit, looking out to the water of the lake. "Something hard not to think about when you live around so many other young people, I suppose. It's silly."

Rhenesath is finished in the water, and she begins her way back to shore. That's Thys' cue to begin packing up, and she looks apologetically at Doktah for the abrupt ending to their conversation. "I'm sure, whatever it is, that you'll be capable of overcoming or resolving it, Doktah. I'm so sorry I can't speak longer, but Rhenesath requires my attention and we have work to do." She's packed up her blanket and has it tucked under one arm, while the other holds Silver against her hip. "Thank you for your company, I do hope you enjoy the rest of your day." And with Rhenesath clucking a greeting-cum-farewell to the candidate as she passes, the goldrider, her lifemate and her ward meander off through the bowl.

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