Living Caverns

The kids are about a month old now, so far so good with them save for the ever watchful eye of Abigail worrying over them. Who would have thought she was be so motherly? The Wingleader is sitting off to the side at a table, Aleoa is settled within her arms while nursing from a bottle. The twins must be doing well or Abbey would have not brought them to the caverns. Galeon is sleeping in a basket upon the chair next to the rider, and she makes sure to peek over at him at times. She's due to start back up with sweeps in a few days so she is going to take all the time with her children while she can. It is late afternoon around the Weyr, people going and coming while the kitchens are finshing up dinner it would seem by the smells.

Does Abigail want to handle three? Not that Kyzen is a little babe anymore but he's certainly a handful and full of energy on this day. It's summer! Of course he's rushing about the Weyr as though he owns it and it's his giant playground — at least when others aren't telling him not too. The boy hurries into the living caverns, not even pausing to check who may be lurking before he's lurking by the serving tables, peering at the contents. Any sweets? Because if there are, his little hands will be snatching as many sweet pastries or goodies he can get (and stuff in his mouth) before someone calls him to task for it.

Ha'ze has been more than not at all helpful with the children (that makes it really unhelpful), but tonight it looks like he's going to try his hand at the whole father thing. "So I found the blankets, but I'm not sure which one you wanted…" There are four of them in his arms, all of varying weights.

Abigail won't complain from the help with Ha'ze, he is helping honestly. She peeks over to him curiously at the blankets and looks a bit amused. "The brownish one maybe?" What would you expect a brownrider to pick? Aleoa wiggles a bit, and isn't happy with the bottle anymore so Abbey sets it upon the table and she lifts the small girl up a bit. "Thanks for getting 'em Ha'ze." So far she hasn't caught sight of Kyzen running around.

Kyzen is quite content not to be notice as he's doing a Sort Of Bad Thing by stuffing his face. Does he take a plate? Nah. He'll just sample a bit of everything until one of the kitchen servers catches him and sends him scurrying with a few menacing gestures and low hissed words. Scoot! Licking his fingers, Kyzen will weave through the tables and upon spotting Ha'ze, all but bound over to him like a young pup seeing a familiar face. HI! "Ha'ze!" he greets enthusiastically, while Abigail gets a shyer, more respectful, "Wingleader Abigail ma'am." See? He's getting the ranked riders right at least! As for the twins, they're just stared at in a sort of childlike fascination but uncertain in the same breath. Uh. Hey?

Not the best view of Ha'ze that Kyzen has ever gotten. This is a Ha'ze who is out of his depth, especially when Galeon wakes up at Kyzen's happy greeting, going from sleeping baby to SCREAMING baby in less than a breath. "Shit." Uh, "Kyzen. Abigail?" What should he do?

Abigail glanes over to Kyzen as he bounds over so to speak, she looks amused at the greeting he gives Ha'ze, well up until Galeon is awake and screaming. She shakes her head a touch. "Just, pick him up and hold him, rock him a bit?" Well one can never tell with babies, right? Some things work and some things.. dont! "How are you Kyzen..?" Yes talking helps, sometimes.

Kyzen doesn't even flinch or blink an eye when Galeon starts screaming though he does wrinkle his nose a bit. Totally oblivious that he may have been the cause too! "Good!" he replies cheerily enough to Abigail before recalling his manners. "And you, Wingleader, ma'am?" Okay, that might get tiresome fast. He peers back at Ha'ze and the fussing baby, nodding his head sagely as he wipes a hand at his sticky mouth. "That's what my mum and dad do. Rock," He demonstrates, with empty arms of course. "Sometimes hum or sing too." Yes, that's right Ha'ze. Why don't you sing?

If Kyzen is so good at showing him what to do, well, Kyzen is going to get a baby. Picking the kid up carefully Ha'ze shifts himself so that he can settle his son into the seven year old's arms, though one hand does stay close by, just to help support the head. (And catch the kid if he should fall.) Galeon continues screaming.

Abigail loks a touch amused at Kyzen. "Just Abigail will do Kyzen." She isn't one for titles all the time thank you! Just during intros unless with the bigwigs so to speak. There is a pause as she watches Ha'ze actually hand Galeon over to Kyzen and she is about to stop it before it is too late. Talk about a wolf watching something intently, Abbey is eyeing Kyzen a few moments like the protective mother she is.. Oh boy.. "Singing might work.."

Kyzen freezes awkwardly as Ha'ze is suddenly pawning Galeon over to him and to his credit he doesn't drop the baby or start freaking out though from the way his eyes widen and look at the bronzerider he's very uncomfortable. Which just makes him clutch Galeon closer (and properly) and so long as the infant keeps his squirming to a minimum the boy will manage. For now. "How come I gotta? You're his 'da…" he mutters at Ha'ze and glances sidelong to Abigail, only to duck his head warily from the way she watches him. Yeah, no pressure there. "I dun wanna hold him…" Kyzen mumbles and looks between the two adults. Help? "I dun sing too good and… can't you do it?" he pleads.

But Galeon is actually calming down in the seven-year-old's arms, his screams slowly to wimpers, then stillness. Slowly, slowly as Kyzen holds him Galeon's face scrunches up in a different way, as he begins to smile brightly up at Kyzen. "Nope, looks like you're doin' good. Ain't he doin' good Abbey?"

Abigail takes in a soft breath and is relaxing a touch once Galeon is it would seems. She worries over them of course, what mother wouldnt? "So far so good." This said while she nods a touch, a soft smile seen. "Ye done this before Kyzen?" Sure looks like it to her.

Kyzen's face scrunches up too but it's more in half annoyance and pouting at Ha'ze and a bit of apprehension. He's got to keep holding Galeon? "But why do I hafta to do it?" he asks again, tilting his head to peer down at the now calmer infant. He tries to move a step, but that saps a bit too much of his strength so he stands still. Rigid. "Um. Not like this? I usually sit down on a couch and have cushions." This is so odd! He peers hopefully at Abigail now. "Can he go back to his basket now?" Pleeeeease.

Yes, Abigail, save the boy. Heaven only knows that Ha'ze isn't going to. He's there in case Kyzen drops the kid, but he's not making a move to take Galeon away. "If he's not yelling, I call this a win. Want to spend the night with Abbey and the twins?" Okay, so Ha'ze might just be torturing Kyzen now. Baby torture.

Abigail chuckle softly and looks to Ha'ze, offering Aleoa for him to take hold of now. "Here, hold Aleoa for a bit." She doesn't give him a choice either mind you. Much like the choice he gave Kyzen, which was well, none! Once Ha'ze takes hold of the girl she will move to take hold of Galeon, tucking him close and hugging him to her. "Thank ye for being a good sport Kyzen."

Kyzen breathes a sigh of relief when Abigail rescues him and once Galeon is in her arms, he'll scramble into the nearest chair and watch Ha'ze warily now that the bronzerider has Aleoa. Notice his crossed arms? No more babies. "Nuh huh! Not gonna do that. I've enough fussing with my brother and sister. Ellie and Ezzie are awful too." he grouses. Nice try! Abigail does get a shy smile though for the praise she gives him. "Why don't you spend the night with them?" Kyzen counter challenges Ha'ze as best as a seven Turn old boy can/

And now Ha'ze has been em-babied. If anything he's a touch more uncomfortable with the baby in his arms then Kyzen had been. Instead he settles himself down into a chair, looking down at Aleoa's face. "Don't have quite the same touch lad." But enough teasing, he lifts his gaze up, "You heard any interesting tales lately?"

Abigail glances to Ha'ze watching him a moment, a soft smile seen. "Ha'ze is welcome to come stay with them whenever he wishes. Which he knows." This said while she winks to Kyzen. "Oh yes.. Any new tales?" This questioned while she peers over at the boy while Galeon is dozing off a bit within her arms.

"Touch?" Kyzen's brows knit together and he tilts his head curiously at Ha'ze as the teasing goes right over his head and he takes it seriously. Abigail's wink is met with another smile and then they're both bringing up tales! The boy wiggles a bit on his chair and takes a good long while to think about it. "Hmmmm…!" He drags out, arms resting on the tabletop now as his legs dangle back and forth over the edge of his chair. "I had to give that pretty shiny I found to Zhirayr and the marks too. Mum wasn't pleased but apparently it's the 'good thing' to do…" he babbles, "And aunt Kiena — she's a independent? —" Yes, he mangles that word pretty bad. It'll be a wonder if Ha'ze and Abigail can make that out or 'Ierne' which he pronounces more like 'iron'. "She dresses funny now. Had beads all in her hair! I wanted some too but da said no… Well, he said some bad words first and then 'no' but I can't say them because they're impolite." He mangles that word too. He beams. Stories! "Your turns!"

"Guess you'll have to come along next time I go out and find out, won't you?" Ha'ze looks from Aleoa's face as he tosses out that offer to the kid. "Talked to your parents and they said it was okay." The baby in his arms begins to fuss again, and Ha'ze stands up, blinking and frowning. "I'll see if I can find you, I, be back Abbey. Kai." For someone not totally comfortable with baby, Ha'ze seems enough as he walks out of the room with Aleoa in his arms.

Abigail looks amused as she hears Kyzen, a soft chuckle escapes her. "I see.. Well maybe at somepoint you can have some beads in yer hair or somesuch." There is a slight pause. "Ye gave that to Zhiraryr? Whatever for?" She figured the kid to take care of it honestly. A glance is sent Ha'ze at the talk of Kai and she nods a moment while watching Aleoa, looking a bit concerned though not because the girl is with Ha'ze. She looks back to Kyzen and she smiles a bit. "I tale.. How about when Niumdreoth tryed to have a sheep for a pet?" Yes the brown did once, before he felt the need to eat his 'pet'. So the tale will start with Nium being a lot younger then he is now and playing tag with a sheep that he was suppose to hunt but felt the need to make friends with it, at least for a few moments.

Kyzen beams at Ha'ze and all but wiggles right off his chair in excitement. "Yes! So I can go with you and Kainaesyth now!" Score! His parents rock. As the bronzerider leaves, the boy looks briefly disappointed but he'll perk up when Abigail prompts him with those questions. "Cause it was lost and the owner has to be found and it wasn't mine. I still want it though." he mutters and turns out to be quite an attentive listener to Abigail's story of a much younger Niumdreoth. He'll laugh in delight about it, likely spouting off his own stories or theories of dragons and animals as friends and companions before he's called away by the caretakers. Time for more lessons! Which Kyzen groans about but he goes dutifully. "Bye Abigail! Bye little one," He never got the baby's name so that'll do for now. "Say bye to Ha'ze too!" And off Kyzen goes, rushing off to the lower tunnels.