Who V'nyk, Xhanfyr
What Xhanfyr just can't even with the pretty greenrider from Half Moon Bay
When Summer, 2711
Where Southwest Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Southwest Bowl
The dominant feature of the southern end of the bowl is the blue lake that fills the entire southern tip and the rockslide that tumbles down into its far side. It has been many, many, turns since the slide took place, but it still stands uncleared to this day. Occasionally, smaller pebbles tumble down to splash into the waters of the lake below, but the mass seems mostly stable. Sturdy fences mark the feeding pens that the dragons may choose their meals from, located against the west face. The beasthold here is minor, small cramped buildings, used mostly to maintain the herds which feed the dragons. The major beasthold is located out in the forests, just outside the Weyr. There's a sign which warns "that beasts in this location are fair game to the dragons" and that any domestic pleasure stock should be kept in the major beasthold location.
The other feature that does not go unnoticed in this bowl is the large cavernous archway. There seems to be cobble stone laid down near the archway, which causes a clatter when the wagons and trading caravans arrive. Indeed, it seems that there's a tunnel out of the bowl here, wide enough for two trader caverns to fit through and possibly a small blue dragon. To the opposite end, the great bowl stretches away far, leading to some very interesting locations.

Stretching his arms up over his head, Xhanfyr yawns wide, only managing to cover his mouth about halfway through. It had been a long day washing dragons by the lake and now all he wanted to do was throw himself on the nearest sturdy surface and go to sleep, and so he trudges along like a trooper with the other candidates also on washing duty trotting by him at a much faster pace. Before he knows it, he’s all alone, well as alone as one can be surrounded by the comings and goings of a weyr. But things were starting to wind down, for it was rapidly becoming evening with the sun just starting to sink beneath the horizon. He had a bit of a trek if he wanted to make it back before dark and wanted to have a fresh hot meal before his curfew. Ah, he could almost taste the roast wherry now, smothered in cook’s spiced gravy. The Beastcrafter can feel the smile turning the corners of his lips upwards at the thought tickling the back of his mind. It was a good thing that wherry were so sharing mean, it certainly made killing them easier, and eating them more tasty. Almost salivating, his stomach growls as if to tell him to move his feet just that much faster, and he picks up the pace a bit with the bowl only a few hundred yards off.

V'nyk is back in Fort again! With a few days reprieve from looking high and low for kidnapped children and riders, he's taken to visiting family when he can. He's with Lychenth in the bowl, tugging on her straps to make sure they're secure. "Yes, yes. Just a bit longer. It's /already/ dinner time here and I'm starving, so we'll go right after, kay?" Why miss a good meal? There's a quick grin given to the dragon before he lets go, spotting Xhan not a moment later. The greenrider brightens then, promptly pointing right at him. "Oh hey! It's you! You're..uh..oh. I totally didn't get your name." Whoops? V'nyk doesn't seem to mind at all as he trots himself right on over to join the candidate for his dinner-walk, head tilting just a bit. "I'm V'nyk, that's Lychenth. We're here from Half Moon /but/ I used to live here before."

In an instant that smile he had going on vanishes as his head comes up and seeks out the owner of the voice calling out. He’s far enough away that he doesn’t recognize V’nyk right away, glancing between the younger boy and the dragon and back again before glancing around his immediate area to see if it wasn’t someone else that the greenrider was looking for. Curious, he takes a few steps his direction and then suddenly freezes. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…” he begins with, which is always a good sign, swallowing thickly. A flush has already begun to blossom on his cheeks, as the seventeen turn old is looking around yet again. “Xhanfyr…” See! He really can communicate! Sort of, because he just said it to a fist sized rock there on the ground. Maybe that’s the rock’s name? Possible. He’s suddenly straightening out his clothing, fiddling with a clasp or shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Turning a little darker, he keeps his eyes glued to Xhanfyr the Rock, “Can I help you with something sir?”

"Sir? Ohhhh no, don't be doing that. It's /weird/. Like, seriously, you can't be that far off in age from me, so no. No /sirs/." V'nyk shakes his head just a little bit then, eyeing Xhanfyr and the /rock/ he's talking to..before he stoops right down and picks the stone up, brushing dust off of it. "This…this is a rock. Totally not as interesting as people. Unless you're..like../into/ rocks. Which is fine! Nothing wrong with that I guess." WHUMP. Yep, he tossed the thing behind him. The greenrider grins however, leaning a bit and tilting his head to try and get a look at Xhan's lowered face. "I'm V'nyk, by the way. Come on now, head up. I don't bite, I promise."

There’s a notable twitch as V’nyk tells Xhanfyr not to call him sir, right there, at his left eyebrow. “I’m seventeen, s….uh…ehhhh…o-o-o-kay…” Though he might not have been able to guess the greenrider’s age because he still hasn’t ever gotten a long enough look that would have allowed him to make even a close estimated guess. Very briefly, Xhan’s eyes follow the rock that the rider bends to pick up, soon dropping back to the ground as if they had weight all their own. There is a real physical wince when he hears the object of his eyeffection being thrown somewhere, refusing to lift his head or gaze from where they are seemingly locked. Though as V’nyk leans in, the candidate leans back just a little, and it’s enough to let the slightly shorter rider get a look at his face. Xhan was more pretty than handsome and that black eye he had there did little to ‘roughen’ him up any. Brown eyes dart away from the greenrider to somewhere else. Slowly, very slowly, he lifts his head up and keeps his gaze averted. Of course, he’s flushed a rather interesting shade of rose there, doing his best not to look directly at V’nyk as if he were Rukbat or something. Being told Ryk wouldn’t bite? Yeah, then he makes eye contact. Blink. “Why would you bite?” Blink. Blink.

V'nyk laughs lightly at that, nodding. "Well that makes you a little bit older than me, now doesn't it? So there, nothing at all to be afraid of." Though there is a rather sudden pause in the greenrider's amusement, lips tugging downward. "And /what/ exactly happened here?" Oh yes, there's a bit of reaching out, and fingers oh so delicately brush right against Xhan's cheek below that black eye. "Why do I keep finding bruised and battered people?" He steps right in then, invading that poor candidate's space to try and get a better look at the discoloration. He doesn't at least press Xhan to look directly /at/ him. No need to make the poor boy have a heart attack or something. Although when the candidate /does/ look at him, the greenrider seems a bit surprised at the reason. He too blinks for a moment before laughter bubbles out again, lightly patting the teen on the arm. "Oh. Well. You know, plenty of reasons. Didn't that..um..what was..OH. Risali. Didn't /she/ look like she might bite someone being all angry and stuff? Yes." Though a moment later V'nyk's expression softens, giving that arm a friendly squeeze. "Simply means there's no reason to be afraid of me or anything like that."

Xhanfyr shifts his weight again, one shoulder rising up slightly and turns his head just a smidge further away as V’nyk laughs, tension visibly tightening his shoulders a moment later when the bruise on his face draws his attention. His mouth opens with some sort of sound starting to come out, but as the greenrider TOUCHES him, well, a very soft squeak comes out instead. Whatever flushing the candidate had going on at that point darkens considerably and he seems to stop breathing for a second. As Ryk retracts his fingers from his face, he suddenly inhales and in so doing stops turning blue. Despite looking very much like he would prefer to do nothing more than bolt for the nearest hole in the ground, his legs don’t seem to want to move, which is only made worse as the younger boy steps well into his private space to stare up into his face. Brows shoot up, eyes widen with a wince, and he has to forced his expression to relax which only makes him wince again. He either doesn’t know the answer to what is asked of him, or he physically can’t because there is no reply as to why the greenrider might keep discovering people with bruises. Though when V’nyk laughs again, he does manage to keep looking straight in his face, even if it means he look a little too much openly lost and confused. He clearly has no idea why the rider was laughing, but as he goes on some of the tension and color begins to fade out of him, that is until a hand is used to squeeze his arm. Inhaling sharply through his nose, he finally manages to look down and away again as some of the color returns. Shifting his weight again, he does dart his eyes back to the greenrider and starts to protest, “I’m not!” But all courage abandons him to his doom as he mutters, “…afraid…of…you…” under his breath, trailing off somewhere towards the middle that might make the end of it hard to hear as his gaze wanders elsewhere along the ground.

"You're not? Well, my mistake then." No, V'nyk doesn't believe him in the slightest. Though he is still observing quite intently the candidate's reactions to him, watching rather curiously at it all. "You're /really/ not used to people touching you, are you?" Abrupt and sudden questions? Check! But the greenrider does at least hold up both of his hands in surrender, smiling all the while. Even if Xhan isn't looking at him. "Well I wouldn't wanna make you uncomfortable and all. I mean..aside from talking to you. I can't help that I guess…unless you want me to go away and everything. I could do that, I guess. But I won't go poking at you and all if you're like..super against that." His hands promptly tuck behind himself, clasping together as he turns away. "So are /you/ heading in to eat? Because I am. Totally starving."

The candidate’s comfort level seems to rise exactly as V’nyk has suspected, when he stops touching him, but a flicker of his gaze to the greenrider’s face has Xhan set his jaw for all of a heartbeat before he purses his lips together, and he chickens out. He just shakes his head, but considering the delay in reaction time, that could have been a silent response to either of the first couple of fired off queries. Because V’nyk tends to talk a mile a minute, Xhanfyr was having some obvious difficulty keeping up and so he spends the majority of the time staring at the ground as if contemplating the ratios and inertia of the sun that would allow him to rotate at the perfect velocity in order to drill himself into the earth and disappear. He opens his mouth, but his stomach answers for him with yet another loud and persistent rumble, and so he leaves it at that. Lips are closed and moistened, and in silence he turns and begins to head the exact same direction as the very friendly younger lad, walking side by side and is only lightly flushed by the time they reach the living cavern. He gets in line behind Ryk, fidgety hands shoved into the pockets of his trousers.

V'nyk is well-versed in having one-sided conversations with the quiet ones. So he doesn't seem to mind at all, Xhan's lack of response. He simply walks right along on the familiar way to the caverns, pausing once as he's barrelled into by an excitable younger sibling. There's a quick bit of chattering before the younger boy runs off again, and the greenrider is free to gather up some food…and then promptly puts some more on another plate, since Xhan's hands are in his pockets. He hums a bit, perfectly happy it seems to meander about, briefly waving the plate at the candidate. "I think this is one of the things I miss the most about Fort. The /food/. Oh /sure/, Half Moon has food, but it just doesn't taste the same a lot of the time. Not when my /favorite/ people make it here!" Yes, it's loudly emphasized for one of the nearby kitchen workers that the rider passes, grinning broadly as he moves along to a table. "Here! Here's good, right?"

Awkwardly, when V’nyk bumps into a child that looks a lot like him, there is some calculating going on. They aren’t introduced and because no references are made, he seems to be trying to judge whether or not this was the greenrider’s child. Whatever conclusions are made, leave the candidate a bit more relaxed and by the time food is grabbed and they’re headed to a seat, he’s sitting before he realizes now he was going to have to eat and be sociable. He stiffens at this, and then sighs, looking resign. So much for digestion. Picking up a fork, he pokes at the politely gathered foodstuffs, but none of the nutrition makes it up into his mouth just yet. A few attempts to speak make him look like a fish out of water, intermingled with very brief peeks over his brow ridge before he simply hunches over his plate as if trying to use it as a hiding place.

V'nyk is far too young to be having children as old as his younger brothers! Yeesh! Though he doesn't seem as put off by the atmosphere, happily starting to eat at his food for a while. He keeps an eye on Xhan though, at least, watching the uncomfortable candidate with ever growing sympathy. So much so that he hurries through what he'd put on his plate in the first place, and reaches across to lightly tap at the table in front of Xhan. "Hey, chin up, yeah? Keep your head up and you'll see a lot more of the world around you. /Sure/, you might not trip on anything, but you're likely to smack your head on something in the meantime." There's a quick wink given then, before the greenrider stands up. As he makes his way around the table, there's a light pat given to Xhan's shoulder, fingers trailing along as he makes his way off and across the caverns to pick up that errant younger brother of his.

Xhanfyr had probably figured out that the two of them were brothers, but one could never be too careful. Eventually the candidate does start putting food past his lips, mostly because his stomach wasn’t having food that close and not have it come in for the party. Even if the greenrider is hurrying through his meal, the longer they sit in silence the more comfortable that Xhan seems to get. Though, he does seem surprised when he glances up and over to find his tablemate’s plate empty and already fixed to leave signifying it with a single blink and then a quick glance upwards. He opens his mouth to say something again, sadly, as V’nyk taps the table in front of him and he instantly looks down. Bobbling his head in agreement, maybe even with a knit of brows for the comment about a door, he doesn’t stop him from standing up. Nor does he move when the younger boy moves around behind him, other than the shiver that fingers being dragged lightly across his shoulders elicits. At this point, Xhanfyr’s head explodes and he drops his face into the palm of his hand, elbow propped on the table before him as his face goes beet red. No, fear had absolutely nothing to do with anything that had occurred. This was something, else.

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