Who Calisi, Sygni, Xhanfyr
What Sygni tries to convince Xhanfyr to sneak onto the sands.
When Summer, 2711
Where Hatching Galleries, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded lanterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

It's fairly close to curfew and candidates are still trickling in before final bedchecks. Not among them is Xhanfyr, who can be found perched on the railing that is supposed to keep people safe from falling down to their deaths upon the hatching sands below. He swings his legs absently back and forth, hands grasped on the upper most rail as he gaze down upon the clutch. One of his eyes is swollen and bruised on the outer corner, and is still colored that deep purple that suggests it was fairly recent.

"That doesn't seem very safe," comes an echoing comment from the top of the galleries, its owner moving further into the vast, empty space with slow, swaggering steps. "So of course, I approve. You ever snuck down there after hours? Bet I can find a length of rope we can use, if you're up to it." By the time the words have run out, she's reached the rail as well, leaning on it a small distance away, attention seemingly devoted to the sands before her head rolls sideways to actually look at Xhanfyr. Lips press tight. "What the fuck happened?" Glass has been less cutting than her tone, a complete change in direction from her usual droll drawl. "And more importantly, who do I get to sic Blondie on?" Because when he's not snooping on candidates and making files on them all, he might as well be useful, right? Right!

Xhanfyr perks up, and tips his head back, following it with the curve of his spine until he can see Sygni coming down the aisle of the gallery to his position; without falling off. "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh…" he says, slowly straighening himself back to sit properly as he had been, peering down at the sands again for a contemplative moment before he shakes his head. "Don't think the dam is going to let us shimmy down for a looksie without alerting everyone in the weyr and surrounding holds. Did sound fun though." This is followed by a laugh, head tilting to the side, maybe because he was still considering the whole rope thing but again he shakes his head with shrug. He stiffens though when Syg's demeanor changes, turning his head towards her with a double blink and a look of complete confusion before a metaphorical light bulb appears over his head. As if he and only he could see it, he rolls his eyes upwards. "Uh, some bronzerider from Half Moon Bay. J'en? Yeah, I think that was his name." He nods a few times now, "Smacked me in the face with a door. I'm okay though, it only hurts a little."

Sygni huffs a laugh for Xhanfyr's upside-down peering, visibly resisting the urge to push or poke or otherwise jostle the candidate with a flicker of mischief that comes and goes across her features. "Have you ever tried? How will you know if it'll work or not until you do?," comes Syg's cheeky reply, elbow propped on the rail so her chin can rest on it, posture casual even though her eyes continue to glitter with a hard, flinty edge. "And did this J'en apologize for 'smacking you in the face with a door'?," she asks, fingers quoting around the words as though she doesn't quite believe that's what happened at all.

"Hmmmm…" Xhanfyr considers, peeking back over to the sleeping queen nestled very closely by her clutch, and squints. He takes a breath, holds it, and then lets it out with a "Yeah, no. Pass." He shifts his weight, swinging his legs up beneath him to replace his backside, then uses those lower muscles to allow him to stand of all things, walking the rail like it was a tight rope. One foot after the other with arms held aloft to keep his balance. He isn't teetering one way or the other though, so it might just be a secondary measure. "No." Turning, he crouches again just there above Sygni, his arms draped over his thighs. "He didn't apologize for kissing Voss either." A frown pulls down the corner of his lips, eyes sliding to one side and there was no hiding the way his pale cheeks now flush a rosy warm hue. He takes another breath, exhaling with a sigh, before his eyes slide back to her. "So basically it was a really bad day."

Sygni's brows raise faintly when Xhanfyr shifts up to walk on the railing, watching him go with muted admiration and ample amusement, refusing to give an inch even when he crouches over her. "So let me get this straight: you'll walk a pole over a dragon-high drop, let yourself get bashed in the face by a door, and let some shitbag bronzerider from the ass end of Half Moon kiss your-" a beat, a registering of his flush, and a twisty smirk "-friend and not apologize for any of it, but you won't sneak onto the sands with me?" Sygni heavesighs great big, blue eyes rolling ceilingwards as though Xhan is ten kinds of hopeless, but they're only too quick to dart back to his face, sharky grin lighting up her features with an offered, "Want me to shove a rocket up his ass and light it off for you? Let it jet him the whole way back to his weyr." She even mimes it, free hand lifting with a colorful 'kbghhhhhhhhhhhhhh' noise as her hand rises and then falls with an explosion at the end. "See if he's keen to screw with any of us then."

Xhanfyr props his elbows on his legs and rest his jaw against the heel of his palms, fingers cupping his heated cheeks, drumming them slowly. He listens to her retelling of his tale of sorrows, brows lifting upwards in unison when she gets to the part about Vossrik, if only to clear his throat and blush perhaps fractionally deeper with a glance sideways. "Um…" he procrastinates, sinking his teeth into one side of the flesh of his bottom lip, his eyes sliding back to hers. "Yes?" Xhan does smile though, careful as he lowers himself back down into a seated positon again, this time with a leg either side of where Sygi currently resides, hands grasping the railing between them and leaning over her just slightly. He watches her explain her plan for that nasty bronzerider, expression becoming more and more amused with each addtional detail until his shoulder bob with his laughter. "Only if I can watch."

"Terrible," Sygni huffs out, tongue clicking in a sharp 'tut' of mock disapproval for his unwillingness to follow her into danger. "What kind of a friend are you?" The kind that crowds her personal space, apparently, the sort of challenge Sygni can't quite manage to back down from as Xhanfyr shifts on the railing again, this time to lean in right over the space she's occupying. Blue eyes darken with mischief, finally lifting from her lazy pose to put both hands on the bar on either side of him, feet finding the lower rung to draw herself up to almost match him for height, grin sharp and wide. "How good is your balance?," she asks, not at all worryingly, smile never once leaving her face as she replies with a drawled, "Of course you can. I'll even let you pick the rocket. Do you want him to land in an explosion of gold sparkles? A halo of red? Or maybe twirl 'round and 'round and end with a bang." Eyes widen with way too much excitement, for a person describing sending a person off on a rocket, but there you go.

Evening. Just the time of night for Calisi to get away from lying on the floor or whatever the hell that she's been doing for the last week or so. She's actually managed to have a shower and brush her hair; change her clothes into something reasonably presentable and to distract herself from Xanadu her and Meirath have gone to fort to look at the eggs. She wears no knot today (Not that she ever does) and so, what we have here is a small woman making her way up into the stands with the kind of I-Am-Not-Really-Looking-Where-I'm-Going sort of look of the truly distracted. She actually almost walks right into Sygni and Xhanfyr and colors immediately; thinking she's interrupted a tryst. "I'm sorry." A soft voice murmurs. "I just came to look at the eggs. Keep doing what you are doing and I'll be on my way. Sorry to distract."

Tilting his head to one side, Xhanfyr laughs softly again as Sygni but still doesn't seem to have softened up to the idea of sneaking onto the hatching sands even with her repeated attempts to talk him into it. Asking hadn't worked, even if it had been done nicely, and calling him a bad friend clearly had just amused him. Though as she grabs the rail and hoists herself up and way into his personal space, he does flush a deeper red, but surprisingly does not try to get out of her way. "Ehhhhhh…" he starts with, his usual go to, buying himself some time to think no doubt, "It's pretty good, but if you're thinking about pushing me down there, I'll take you along for the ride." How romantic! A beatiful story of love and tragic loss that would spread like wildfire for generations to come. As for his firework selection? The Beastcrafter candidate laughs, seeming to have forgotten all about how close Sygni now was or that she was asking poorly veiled questions about his balancing skills. "Oh, definitely the spinny explody one." All of him becomes tense as another person's voice intrudes, turning his head towards the source and blinking a few times. Gone is the tension a second later, brows shooting upwards like a rocket or maybe even one of Sygni's less spinny and explody fireworks. "Uh, it's not really that kind of…" he starts to say, before he pauses and his eyes flick to the female candidate. "It isn't…right?" He indicates himself and Syngi and then back to himself, then nodding without waiting for an actual response. Back to Calisi, "No, not that kind of party."

"Good," Sygni chirps for the indication he'll take her along for the ride, shifting her balance so she can hover one hand right over his chest, the gleam in her eyes bordering on ferally amused. "Then we'll both be on the sands, broken and bleeding, but the problem will be solved. Mischief managed." Truly! They'll be SYGNIO AND XHANFYRET, STAR-CROSSED LOVERS. Except not really, not when her smile is all teeth, head canting to one side with amusement to spare. "Also, I'm so proud. That was almost mean of you," she says, fingers curling so that all but one of them rest against her palm, pointer finger going right against Xhan's chest to apply the gentlest of pressure before a soft voice entirely too close behind her causes the candidate to jump, swinging wide using the bannister for balance to better observe the newcomer. "No worries," she drawls, all chipper tones and wide smiles, laughing for Xhanfyr's indication between them before confirming, "It's not. Feel free to join us. We were just contemplating how best to invade the sands. Slim here seems to want to keep his bits from being eaten by the clutchmomma, but I think we'd be just fine." Twinkle. "Opinions?"

Calisi muses on this one. Wow, that's totally a fair question. She leans her forearms on the rail and looks really thoughtfully at the two. There's the distant eyed look of someone who's talking to someone else typical of a dragonrider but the slight woman isn't wearing a knot. "Really don't care if it is that kind of party." She emits with a non-commital shrug. "Faranth knows, I can't keep my hands to myself when I ought to. Just don't make any sucking face sounds until I get my back turned. Probably'd make me throw up right now and a good way of getting the dam's attention is to throw up over the railing onto her sands." There is an /innocent/ and almost /cheeky/ grin; before that vanishes back into the face mask of distractedness. "Have you actually tried asking the dam if you could? I know it sounds pretty novel, but. Sometimes just asking permission works. Either of you have a firelizard? Project an image of you walking onto the sands at her and see what happens. She'll tell you. You'd be surprised; there are some queens that actually have a fucked up sense of humor and fate."

Xhanfyr blinks at Sygni now and gets his best 'Uh-oh' face on. He knows that shark-toothed look and his spine suddenly straightens out, eyes darting down to her hand, and then back up to wide sharp grin. There's an edge of nervousness, feigned or no, that transforms his expression into one of wary humor. "Can we talk about this? I mean, like, with both feet on the ground and with less actual threat to my being broken and bleeding by the end of the day?" Awkward, lopsided grin. "You like candy? I got a lot of candy back in the barracks." He'll slowly nod and maybe tighten his grasp on the railing a bit. Her compliment on his almost-meanness, turns his grin more genuine but no less lopsided. "Hey, thanks. I've been working on it. I means a lot to me that you noticed." Then he's back to looking nervous, espeically with that finger edging closer and soon pressed into him with enough force to lean him juuuuuuust a tad closer to instant-death's direction. He pouts though, batting away the finger Syngi had on him, "I happen to be quite attached to my bits, thank you." With a huff, he's soon standing on the railing again without much effort and walking along its length, getting himself well away from his fellow candidate. A few feet past where Calisi leans, he hops down and lands almost silently with his feet on the actual gallery floor. "On that note, time for bed!" Another grin flashed, he strolls right on out and back to the barracks.

Poor Xhanfyr. That sharky grin only expands further with a breathed, "I don't negotiate." So that's a no? "But for candy… I might consider it." She seems to enjoy the candidate's feigned nervousness regardless, abject deviousness fading into a real grin, allowing her hand to be batted away if only so she can pinch crab-like at his kneecap. "You're lucky you're so funny. I suppose I'll keep you around." As though he isn't standing up on the railing and walking off already. And then Calisi is threatening to puke on the sands and Sygni laughs for the mental image that paints, nose wrinkling at the very idea, though she's quick to smoosh her face up and make overly enthusiastic kissy noises at the woman nonetheless. Always one to court chaos, our Sygni, perhaps more than a little egged on by that flicker of cheek from the incognito goldrider. "Nah," gets uttered as she finally swings down from the railing herself, blue eyes dancing with wicked mirth as she adds, "askin' also gives people a chance to tell you no." And Sygni's not polite enough for that, at least when it comes to mischief. "It's all about the story, you know? No good tale ever started out with, 'And then she asked permission…'" Brows lift and cheeks dimple, simultaneously made curious and amused by Calisi's colorful description of some golds's senses of humor. "Though you speak like somebody who knows." And so does Sygni. But alas, before the woman can reply - even if she would - Xhanfyr is strolling away and this cannot stand! "Anyways, I have a life-debt's worth of sweets to go claim from him, so if you'll excuse me, I'll leave you to your egg-ogling." And with a wiggle-waggle of her fingers, off she goes, shouting after Xhan to wait up or she'll make him wait or something equally threatening but probably ultimately harmless, bless.

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