Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

What a beautiful late summer morning! The skies are clear and it is comfortably warm outside, which may explain why there is more traffic to and from the bowls. Nothing quite like a day like this to get things done! Shame the 'peacefulness' of it, what little there is to be had, is about to be disrupted by not-so private disagreement on the ledge just outside the council chambers. Well — it's more like an all out argument that's growing as heated as the summer day and the centre of it all? Mr'az, of course. Who else would have riled so many people and rather than back down has decided to really sink his claws in this time. No body is spared, even those who try to speak reason to him as he starts on his ranting, tossing accusations that grow all the more outrageous and insulting by the second.

The start of it all? Faranth only knows. Mr'az has grown increasingly paranoid and with the report that some Wingriders helped bring sick holders from some of the cotholds still struggling from a brutal winter, well… that didn't go down well with him. Not. At. All. It was the last straw, it seems and now the Weyrleader is bringing his grievances out of the chambers as he goes on the 'attack', starting with the first Wingleader who just so happens to be near enough to be an easy target.
You paged Abigail with ‘So if you want, Abbey can be that Wingleader. XD And she's totally welcome to punch Mr'az, though he'll likely strike her back.’

Abigail has been at this lovely meeting, waiting, watching, listening, twitching and getting more annoyed with each word that has escaped Mr'az's mouth. She is standing quietly, arms crossed in front of her, right hand still wrapped up. Her jaw tenses slightly while Mr'az turns his dagger gaze to her it seems, a brow lifting and she just watches him with a rather cold like expression. Seems someone is having enough of this new outburst. "Are ye rather done yet, or do ye have more hot wind to blow about this room? Honestly, one would think ye would have learned /something/ by now." Oh yeah Abbey has had all se can take, to the point she shifts, arms lowering as she stays in a rather relaxed stance. "Ye need ta stop this madness before something happens that ye will reget, if ye could possibly even feel regret that is." She has no love for Mr'az, even when he was one of her wingriders they knocked heads often.

It's taken a bit of time for word to stretch back to Ha'ze that things are working their way out of control down here in the bowl. Or maybe he was just ignoring it and waiting for Mr'az to screw himself over badly enough. When he does appear there aren't any words right away he'll just step up behind Mr'az. Is he… showing solidarity? Must be, because he's not saying anything else.

It's not quite a showdown yet, not beyond the usual verbal confrontation but it's drawing some attention from those moving through the bowl. Mr'az doesn't even seem to register that Ha'ze is there behind him and perhaps the only one behind him. Everyone else are wisely standing back. Even Jajen is lurking somewhere there, chewing on her thumb (and no, it's not out of worry, it's probably to keep from laughing). Only Abigail seems brave enough to challenge Mr'az right then and there and for that reason, the Weyrleader pauses storming down those stairs and turns instead to face her. "I'm standing by what I said in there! It's us or them, there's no room for in between!" he states angrily, making a sharp slicing gesture with his hand. Don't they get it?

Inri is likely somewhere by Jajen, who at this point she actually gets along fairly well with; she was the one who defended her to Dtirae six billion turns ago, after all. Her frustration with Mr'az has largely not been her frustration, but her weyrmate's — she never had the involvement with the wings that Thys had, and a less effective Weyrleader wasn't … exactly … interfering with hospitality and budgetary issues. D'ani's demotion has had her willingness to simply ignore the situation chill a bit, though. It isn't like she doesn't like Ha'ze — she has her own odd fondness for him, as she does for many others — but things are going a little far, so as soon as the overseeing Kouzevelth spotted the confrontation, there she was. The fact that Mr'az's bombasticness might also be bringing laughter to her eyes is something she's definitely trying to hide. This is a serious situation, but it's also a serious situation that is reaching the tip of absurdity, and Inri's always been the one to break into giggles under great tension. Jajen might have to kick her.

Abigail watches Mr'az quietly as he pauses there before her, a slight smirk is seen. "Ye don't understand Mr'az, without them there would be no 'us'. We're all in this together." A slight glance is sent to Ha'ze and she pauses slightly before going on. "All of us make mistakes, all of us try to change, try to fix things to make everything easier not harder." Her pale gaze flicks back to Mr'az where they narrow once more. "Save for ye, seems ye only want to cause issues and make things impossible." Let's face it, Abigail has never been one to hold back words when she felt the need, though she has also never been so vocal against someone with a higher rank either. "Ye need to stop this maddness and ask for help. We are here to help ye, but ye refuse to allow us and make crazy thoughts turn into something real /only/ for yerself." Did she just call Mr'az crazy? Perhaps in a round-about way.

"You still don't get it!" Mr'az snaps not just at Abigail, but the whole assembled group. He can see Inri and Jajen there and the others. He's aware of Ha'ze and the growing crowd below (and the familiar faces within that — including one former Weyrleader). "NONE of you do!" He continues to rant, looking all the more crazed. Half of Abigail's words are ignored. Oh, he can read between the lines but his hackles are up and now there's no stopping him. "We're the ones who know what needs to be done and we do it!" Now he points a finger towards Inri and some of the others, accusatory as if they're suddenly the source of all the problems and not himself. Never himself. Pfft. "You! You just sit there and plan and hesitate—-" The word is almost spat in disgust. "You wished things weren't what they are." Now he looks squarely at Abigail. "Your way of doing things is done! Things don't get better because you want them too! Starting right now, we have to control who lives here…" Oh boy, this is going way off the deep end. Mr'az's gaze sweeps out towards the bowl now and behind him to where Ha'ze is standing, likely seeking support (and scarily enough there might be a few who do waver towards his ideals). "Your ways will destroy this place. It will get people killed, has already got people killed!" By people, he means riders and weyrfolk.

Ha'ze has his hands in his pockets and he's… waiting. There's half a glance shared with Jajen, but no flicker of expression breaks onto his face. Instead his silence continues to signal support for the ranting. But… surely he couldn't support that, as it would have kept Ha'ze out in the beginning? Nope, the weyr's Weyrsecond is doing precious little to sooth the situation.

"Dtirae and Elara used to say I was too impulsive, when they were training me," Inri murmurs, meant only for the ears of those nearest her, "Guess I shouldn't have learned, hm." She doesn't seem entirely clear on what it is Mr'az is ranting about. Just that whatever it is, she apparently did it wrong, and she's not entirely sure that's correct. As the Weyrleader keeps talking, the editorializing continues: "Wait, what did he just say? Control who lives — " She'd only gone along with exiling Jajen because Iaverulth had endangered Kayeth and the natural order of dragonkind. She hadn't agreed with exiling Ha'ze. Her half-amused glance is gone, replaced with stoniness and crossed arms. "Control who lives here how," she demands, more loudly.

Abigail takes in a slight breath as she watches Mr'az go on and on, her right hand is balling into a fist and she smirks slightly. There is a sudden little gleam in her gaze, and Niumdreoth is suddenly moving from his ledge with a scraping of claws. "No… ye will be the one that gets people killed. That is more apperant to me now then ever before." Not to mention both Niumdreoth and Abigail carry the scars thanks to such a moment when Mr'az was around a fire. Once Mr'az is looking back to her there is a sudden quick movement, balled fist is sent flying right towards the weyrleader's face and she is pushing forward with a good bit of weight to try and send him backwards if possible during that hit. An thus all hell has just broken lose and Abigail is starting it.

Inri is not getting a complete answer, is she.


It's Fort. Are there ever complete answers?

Sorry, no answers today (if ever)! Mr'az is too busy getting served to him what should have been half a Turn ago and by Abigail, no less! The punch connects and the Weyrleader goes staggering backwards, slipping down those last few steps before he gains his balance again. Another chain reaction starts, mainly heard among the dragons as Zhirazoth loudly voices his displeasure and others answer in anxious confusion. That crowd is growing bigger too, a low murmuring of voices adding to the din.

Even Jajen seems surprised, glancing sharply to Inri as she steps in closer to the goldrider. "Well. Shards… Didn't know Abigail had the balls!" she mutters under her breath. Dang, girl! Way to score points in her book. And maybe she has a half answer for Inri, "I think he's babbling about the whole takin' on holder refugees or y'know the whole "supposed" corrupted Holders and Traders sneaking about and influencing riders. Dunno, I kind of stopped paying attention—-" And she'll stop talking too because Mr'az is reacting now. Not to start spewing more nonsense but to launch himself at Abigail. He doesn't go to strike her (yet) but he's definitely trying to grab her, even if he has to awkwardly climb a few steps to get into her personal space. He's not just going to sit back and let her do something like that!

Niumdreoth let's out a deep bellow from his perch, that is for the moment a bit high up on the ledges as his gaze settls below on the bowl. No he is not happy at the turn of events, but really that is his rider and he will of course stand behind her. Abigail doesn't care about anymore words right now, no she was expecting Mr'az to fight back and thus he is. She shifts to the side, though Mr'az does grab hold of her right arm. Though she doesn't stand still, her left hand moves to grab at his shirt and she tries to shove him backwards so they can get down the last few steps, a bit quickly even though it may be a bit painful in the long run. Mr'az does have hold of her hurt arm now, which could give him the upper hand.

Finally, finally Ha'ze is going to step in. But it's probably not going to be the way most people expect. Before he moves a wave spirals through the weyr, as Kayeth gets her nose into this argument at Kainaesyth's behest. Every dragon gets pinned down by the weight of their queen's command, which brings most of the riders who were about to throw down to an abrupt and sudden halt. Kainaesyth reaches out to the other golds also, seeking their support. Only AFTER Kayeth's call does Ha'ze step in and wade right into the middle of the fight between Abigail and Mr'az. His move should, hopefully, be unexpected enough to separate the pair. With reserve very uncommon of the hotheaded bronzerider, "Abigail. For striking the Weyrleader you're confined to the weyr for the next three hours." He'll let that sink in for a moment, because…what? Three hours? And then Ha'ze will turn to face Mr'az head on. "Mr'az. you tried to kill one of your own riders." Which… is a bit of a stretch, but it's the truth Ha'ze is going to paint the situation as.

Kouzevelth is here — Kouzevelth is here, right in this physical space, and she curls her tail irritably around her body, letting the tip of it twitch against one foot. This is Not Okay, and as always, she is right at the heels of Kayeth's commands and a loved one's request, wrapping gentle rains around Kainaesyth as lightning sparks other nearby minds. Now do as the senior says and no one gets hurt. Inri … Inri had started to respond to what Jajen was saying even as the other weyrwoman was still talking, multiple conversations at once a skill of hers, but she never quite managed to get words to come out of her mouth. Her jaw is hanging open, instead. It closes when Ha'ze issues his ridiculous punishment and that first sign of giggle comes out.

Most of the riders come to an abrupt and sudden halt but not all of them. Some approach, Th'ero among them and it'll be him and a few others who seek to grab Mr'az and pull him back. Luckily for Abigail, Mr'az won't have much time to twist that injured arm of hers. He's been thrown off balance in many ways. One by Kayeth's authority on the dragons (something Zhirazoth cannot ignore), then finding himself surrounded. Lastly it will be Ha'ze's accusations which have him scoffing and almost spitting at the bronzerider's feet. "I would never!" He protests but there are those who don't believe it. They've seen enough and suddenly what was one voice becomes many as some of the crowd call for Mr'az's knot. Thankfully not his head but… you never know. This is Fort, after all. "She attacked me! That sort of behaviour cannot go unanswered." No, he doesn't like Ha'ze's time-out option! As for the call of his resignation, Mr'az quits with struggling against those who hold him down and quiets down. "You can't." he states firmly. Surely they can't?

Jajen has to go back to chewing her thumb again to keep from giggling herself. Curse you, Inri! This is a serious moment! Though unknown to many… she totally had a part in it. Bad Jajen. Bad.

"We have to control who lives here, after all," Inri quips cynically. She is going to feel guilty for that one later, because when he was just Nyalle's boyfriend she liked him, and she will also worry that her comment will upset her Weyrwoman and friend — but really. Sorry Jajen.

Niumdreoth stays on his ledge, watching the bowl and acting much like a cornered canine at the moment. Talons gripping at the rock, tail curling in tightly upon himself but he will obey, he has no choice. Abigail doesn't follow after Mr'az once Ha'ze is in the middle of things and there are other riders around. She shifts slightly and is utterly surprized at what Ha'ze says is her punishmet? A slight glance is sent his way and she just eyes him confusedly to say the least. Fo the moment she is quiet, rubbing at her right wrist a bit.

"Aye. you're right. We can't take your knot." Ha'ze steps closer, and he's going to whisper into Mr'az' ears. It'll be a hushed whisper for more of the group, with hardly any words but because the player is lazy, here's the dialoge in complete. IN WHISPERS. "But Mr'az, no one here wants to see you stay on. Not even Nyalle." And with Kayeth's voice pinning them all down the lie has a serious ring of truth to it that only a direct contradiction from the weyrwoman (alas, she's with the baby!) could deny. "If you don't step down now, all quiet and serious like in light of you tryin' to kill the mother of my fucking children," and there is Mr'az' mistake, and possibly the first hint that Ha'ze was never on his side, "I'll see to it that you don't live to see tomorrow." OUT OF WHISPER, "It's the right choice to make." Seriously, everyone else, Ha'ze is being a good weyrsecond and calming down the Weyrleader.

Mr'az's eyes dart to Ha'ze as the bronzerider approaches and they narrow but he listens to those whispers. A slight jolt, almost unseen and maybe, just maybe something finally clicks or strikes home. Truth, lies or a twisted mess of both it doesn't matter. Jaw working, the bronzerider gruffly mutters to the Weyrsecond. "I trusted you." Yeah, is he figuring that was a mistake? Th'ero says nothing and neither do any of the riders helping keeping Mr'az from doing anything stupid. Even the crowd is settling down, tense and curious. Did they succeed? It takes a few long, painful drawn out seconds but the moment Mr'az lowers his head and looks away it's obvious then. They win and he, grudgingly, submits. Of course he's likely plotting how to get around this but little does he know that that may be made impossible. He won't say the words. There's too much pride in him for that. Th'ero doesn't care as much for Mr'az's wounded pride and he'll give Ha'ze a pointed look. "It's done, then. You're Weyrsecond…" So make it official and get support (not that much is needed).

Inri's apparently having trouble believing that Ha'ze would orchestrate all of this to become Weyrleader. Just because it's Ha'ze. She believes he'd orchestrate it for something else, but the idea of Ha'ze wanting to be Weyrleader doesn't sit right. It seems like it's a bad idea to say any of that out loud, though, so she continues to silently watch. It looks like she's judging, though it isn't clear whom, and one eyebrow remains arched.

Abigail stays quiet, her gaze shifts over the bowl as she catches sight of how many have came out to his. A faint breath escapes her before she looks back to Ha'ze and Mr'az during that whispering moment and she can only wonder what is being said. When Th'ero speaks up she holds in a faint breath before looking pointedly to Ha'ze.

No, Inri, just to fuck with people. All the people. Some of Jajen's laughter might be because she knows exactly the game Ha'ze is playing, and that is just worked better than he ever could have planned. "You need some time away Mr'az. You're to spend a week at Drake's Lake," but not longer because baby. :( And then turning slowly Ha'ze pins his gaze on Th'ero. "And you will too Th'ero. If you hadn't spread your whispers," oh, more lies, but this time no one has to know that JAjen and Ha'ze were the source of them~ "this wouldn't have happened." EXILE FOR YOU BOTH.

"The same week?" That curious-nigh-incredulous voice belongs to Se'ras, one of Haast's mail service riders. "I'm not sure if that's a really bad idea or a really, really good idea that doesn't involve any of the rest of us having to watch."


At least Jajen isn't jumping up and clapping her hands together in obvious glee? Well, her hands to lift to her mouth but that sort of gesture can be taken for shock. There's no protest for Ha'ze's decision either. Exiling Mr'az just makes sense. Exiling Th'ero is just the icing on the cake! Shame it won't be longer — but the goldrider is playing innocent despite finding this FAR too delightful.

There's a cry of agreement from the crowd when Ha'ze's decision as Weyrsecond, or more appropriately acting-Weyrleader, is to remove Mr'az entirely. There's no protest from him, save for a searing, dagger like stare given to Ha'ze. What wasn't expected was Th'ero's punishment and that brings a mixed reaction. Cries of protest and agreement both, with Th'ero's own startled look. Well, it might not be ALL lies? He and Kimmila weren't all innocent. "Is that the real reason?" he states but knows full well now is not the time to fight this — as much as he desires to.

This is probably not the moment for Th'ero to argue with Ha'ze. Because Ha'ze isn't going to lay out his real reasons for anything in front of anyone else. They can have a conversation in PRIVATE LATER. "Take Kimmila with you if you want. Go anywhere in Pern you want," meaning, go vist K'vir if they want, no one will keep them there, "but don't come here." Ha'ze sounds like a Weyrleader! Decisive! And everyone else can go fuck off!

Abigail just blinks while watching Ha'ze, a faint breath escapes her. "Ye have got to be joking with me." She says with a sudden firm tone once Ha'ze actually adds Th'ero's name to the list of spending time out on Drake's Lake. Perhaps she should keep quiet seeing how easily the exile papers are being handed out? Though she started this mess tonight she might as well just coninue with it. "Mr'az caused this mess to fall upon is own shoulders tonight."

Th'ero shoots Abigail a warning look, one the brownrider will likely understand. Remember his advice? Head down, keep quiet. He'd hate to see Thunderbird lose their Wingleader in all this mess. There's going to be enough of an upheaval as it is! "We'll speak privately. Offices." he says in a clipped manner to Ha'ze. Oh, he's going to have WORDS before he so much as begins to think on packing Velokraeth's straps. Screw you too, Ha'ze! As for Mr'az? He'll finally be released (and given a not so gentle shove forwards) and someone will make sure the knot on his shoulder is given up before he's sent on his merry way to get his stuff together. Might be wise if a few follow him to be sure he's not swarmed or accosted on his way out. And just as soon as it all started, it's all coming to an end. Folk scatter, either back to their work (ha!) or off somewhere to mutter and gossip about the outcome. No doubt there will be all sorts of predictions for the future.

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