Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

It's been one of those days, the type that starts early and drags on and nothing seems to go right. At least that is how it has been for Abigail, who is at the moment sitting on her own at one of the back tables sipping at a dragon of most likely ale. Her right hand is in a bandage that goes down across her wrist with the rest hiddng under the sleeve of her shirt. People come and go, and there is a group a few tables over seeming to having a good timewith some drinking game.

There are probably very few in Fort these days who have their days going well. Th'ero is certainly one of them. He's been far more scarce these days and ever since Mr'az had the "brilliant" idea if stripping D'ani of his rank as Weyrsecond and then giving that knot to Ha'ze of all riders. Of course that's not the only reason but the bronzerider keeps quiet on whatever it is that keeps him so busy. Tonight finds him in the Weyr and with the lounge being reasonably full, he'll find it a safe enough place to "hide" for now. Grabbing his usual ale, it won't take him long to spot Abigail and he'll turn to quietly join her. "Evening."

Kimmila isn't pleased either. Not one bit. She's moody as ever - worse, really - as she marches into the bar and orders a strong beverage. Not her usual light cider, that's for sure. Not even wine. Something stronger. Drink in hand, she veers towards Th'ero and Abigail and approaches with a frown. "Hi."
Abigail lifts her gaze up slightly as the wo approach, a faint smile seen before she nods not minding the pair to join the tale. "Evening." Is offered with a soft tone. She won't make any comment on the going on's as of late, nt a peep from her. Her pale gaze flicks around the lounge as if expecting someone to appear and perhaps start something.

Th'ero grimaces when he realizes how edgy Abigail is. Everyone is. Kimmila's arrival earns her a small smile but at that frown he quirks a brow. Or maybe he's questioning what caused her to grab the powerful drink? "Quiet?" he mutters to both women. Code word? Kind of. Both hinting at the state of the Weyr and also if they figure it's safe to talk.

Kimmila snorts. "I'm ready to go to our weyr and beat the crap out of Mr'az."

Abigail has plenty of reason to be edgy after the last conversation she had with Ha'ze, and the fact that she only speaks with Mr'az wen she has no choice. In fat she's ignored some of his messages, to the point she expects him to come afer her soon neough. "If it was only quiet that would be nice. Though nothing quiet around Fort has ever turned into something good." There is a hint of amusement seen as she hears Kimmila, a slight grin caught. "Aye, rather like thta idea." The last part at least.

Th'ero smirks towards his weyrmate but he'll tip his glass as if to toast her suggestion. "You might have a line to beat first, Wingmate." he mutters darkly, only to turn his attention to Abigail. "True. Which is why I don't like this quiet." He never has. "Nothing is progressing. Some of the Holds continue to hold poor relations with us. What happened to your hand?" The last is added when he spots the bandage or just enough of it to assume the Wingleader is injured.

Kimmila snorts. "Well wehy don't we? I mean…what do we really have to lose?" She, too, glances at the bandage with a lifted brow.

"Have ye spoken with Ha'ze since this decison?" Abigail questions with a curious look to Th'ero. She has actually attempted to find Ha'ze, but it seems the other is rather busy whenever there would be time for a conversation. "Maybe we're just hold 'em down and let everyone take a swing at him." A faint huff escapes her before a glance is sent to her hand whichshe flexes a bit. "A fight down at Plateau Hold a sevenday ago. I just happened to be there after sweeps and helped break it up." Honestly she enjoyed it, able to get some steam off. "Bad sprain or slight break the healers figure." Of course it took her four days before she even went to see a healer to figure that out.

"Everything?" Th'ero quips to Kimmila, giving her a level look. They've had this discussion! They play the game carefully or else risk all for one poor move. Some of Mr'az's paranoia IS founded in truth, as Th'ero has been busy — just not in the way the man may think. Taking a long sip of his drink, he scoffs. "No. I've not spoken to Ha'ze much since we last did by the nursery. I don't get his game." Given he admitted to disliking Mr'az. So why take Weyrsecond? He frowns, "A fight between the holders? How long before you heal?"

Kimmila scowls and sinks into silence - for the moment - and drinks her drink.

Abigail was told about the conversation at the nursery, well the twins are there are all. "I'm not sure of anything that Ha'ze does anymore honestly. He was so mad when he was sent away and to come back into all thi… I don't have a good feeling about any of it honestly." A slight shake of her head is seen to the bit on the fight. "Dunkards I take it. I honestly didn't stick around to ty and figure it out as they wished to deal with it." Who is she to get in the way of such thngs? "Depends on how many fights I get into." She is mostly joking.

Th'ero sighs heavily, "That's my doing. His anger and bitterness… I didn't intend for his exile to be so long." Too bad, so sad. Now he has to live with that and the repercussions that will likely follow. There's a quiet look given to Kimmila and an unseen hand will reach to gently rest against her arm or leg. "Probably best you left it for the hold Guard to manage in the end." As for that last comment, he just snorts dryly. "Let's hope not too many?"

Kimmila smirks. "I'd welcome a fight at this point," she says, eying the room around her. "Wonder if we could go stir up some trouble somewhere…"

Abigail shakes her head slightly. "I know Th'ero, Ha'ze has always been angery and bitter over so many things." For a while there things with him were alright, then everything started to go down hill, even with her. "Most likely was the best choice, though I've made plenty of wrong choices and that was just one to add to the list." She smirks and shrugs slightly. "Sometimes a good fight helps with stress." A chuckle is heard once she hears Kimmila.

"Please don't. Either of you… A fight is only going to bring disaster right now. You both know Mr'az is itching to find a reason to have all our asses on the fire." Th'ero grumbles. He's always the spoil sport! "Haven't you noticed he's more unhinged lately? I'd have thought perhaps with the birth of his daughter he would mellow out… Change focus." Alas.

Kimmila snorts, scowling at Th'ero with a narrowed look. "Well I need to do /something/. You want to volunteer for a beating?"

Abigail says, “Trust me, he would need little reason if he truly wished us gone." Abigail is rather certain about that actually. "He always has had issues, even when he was with my wing. I'm not to sure if he'll ever be back to not being unhinged honestly." She looks on amusedly at the pair while sipping at her drink.”

Th'ero just smirks to Kimmila and rolls with it. "I might, but that wouldn't be appropriate for the public. Save the punishment for when we return to our weyr?" Yeah, he went there. He drains the last of his ale and grimaces, "I don't know. He could recover if he ever realizes how wrong he's been and atones for it." Will that ever happen? Faranth only knows.

Kimmila smirks back at Th'ero. "I was thinking in the woods." Are they talking about the same thing? Then she snorts. "It takes a big man to admit his mistakes."

Abigail coughs sligtly as she hears Kimmila. "Well at least it is warm enough now for such things." Fighting or otherwise of course. "I don't think he will admit his mistakes. He has not done so before." There is a pause an a slight breath escapes her. "Though I do hope he will prove me wrong on that."

"The woods? Tonight?" Maybe they are speaking of the same thing or Th'ero is smart enough to catch on to what Kimmila is now implying. As for anyone being tough enough to admit they were wrong, well… not even he's innocent in that. "Perhaps this will be what finally changes him. Shards if I know. I never thought ill of him before but Mr'az has astounded me with his behaviour." To say the least.

Kimmila pushes to her feet, and she doesn't even sway. "I'll meet you there." Because apparently it's been decided already?

Abigail can only grin a bit and lifts her head slightly. "Nothing wrong with going to the woods at night." She offers with a teasing tone. A slight nod see as she hears Th'ero and she is quiet, pondering about Mr'az for a few moments. "Perhaps… Though I'm not certain it will happen." She looks to Kimmila and nods to her. "Have a good evening Kimmila."

Th'ero frowns as Kimmila pushes to her feet and has decided to leave them here — or rather leave him behind. Yeah, he caught the message but he's not going to immediately run off on Abigail. "Oh, I know." he says dryly and then leaves it at that. Ahem. "I suppose we'll only see when the end comes." Th'ero mutters wearily on the subject of Mr'az. Personally, he's tired of waiting so long.

Abigail would agree that she is tired of the waiting as well. Though all things end when they are suppose so. "Aye… Indeed that is true." She glances after Kimmila before looking to Th'ero, a soft smile seen. "Ye don't have ta stay on my account sir. I'll be heading back to my ledge soon enough. Merely waiting for someone to get here now." She is rather sure plenty of people have seen the Irene rider visiting rather often after all.

Th'ero might have caught on to that rumour or even glimpsed Abigail in the company of the Ierne rider but he only smiles faintly to the brownrider. He's not one to judge and likely is happy to see her with good company. "I won't take up more of your time then. We'll speak again soon, no doubt, but until then… clear skies, Abigail. Watch your back and keep your head down." Warnings he knows he doesn't have to give but gives anyways. Pushing back his chair, he slowly stands and dips his head in farewell before slowly making his way out of the lounge.

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