Fort Weyr Region - Stonehaven Cothold
This cothold is nesteled high up in one of the valleys of Fort's mountain ranges. It has seen much heartbreak in its history, but it is currently going through a rebirth. Construction abounds as the cothold is cleared and readied for inhabitation once more. The main courtyard has been freshly cleaned and the stone walls repaired, new brick paths laid and gardens dug. The tree in the corner still stands but it has been pruned and now sports fresh, new growth, a small, round stone table beneath it being a memorial to those who lost their lives here on that fateful winter's night. Inside things are being cleaned and repaired, new furniture brought in and some of the older pieces being repaired. It is a place of renewal.

High in a Fortian valley rests Stonehaven Cothold, and at the moment, it's a busy place. The fog of the morning has cleared and by afternoon the temperature is pleasant. A small crowd of workers has been working on the cothold since the spring thaw, and at the moment five young men are working at repairing one of the walls that surrounds the courtyard. Lifting stones to make it higher, they're also repairing cracks in the masonry and making sure it's sound. The youngest of the crew is a teen of around 17 turns, his sandy blonde hair shaggy at best as he hefts a stone up to the man perched on top of the wall. A massive canine rests in the wall's shade, panting softly and occasionally licking her bulging belly. A pen beyond the newly repaired barn boasts five bovines grazing happily at the spring grasses, chomping away in the warmth of the afternoon.

She really isn't the kind of person you would expect to see arriving to work at labor. Actually, if you know her she might not be the kind of person you would expect to be working at a construction project, especially if you've known her for any long length of time. But by now judging by just her appearance it actually might not be too surprising to see her there. Since impressing she's managed to acquire a decent amount of muscle thanks to the sheer amount of exertion that goes into being a rider, and the scars on her face might make her look a bit more threatening than she used to. Still, Lana has never been the kind of person that has enjoyed construction projects. Yet today she finds herself helping around Stonehaven Cothold, partly because it'll give her something to do and partly because she imagines that a brown dragon could certainly help moving heavy loads. Of course, Rauskazeth isn't too thrilled with the idea of being used as some sort of pack mule, but he also doesn't complain too much. The brown casts a shadow over the courtyard momentarily as he circles down and lands, his rider dismounting momentarily. Lana gazes around area momentarily before approaching the group of men working on the wall. However, she doesn't try to find the person in charge of construction to see what she should do first. Instead she raises an eyebrow at the blond boy before asking, "having fun?"

Ezra and the workers stop and shade their eyes at the arrival of a dragon, and with a sharp hand gesture the four other men move swiftly to the beasts, to usher them inside before they panic at the sight of the dragon. Ezra tugs off his gloves and slaps them against his thigh in an irritated manner, watching the dragon circle and then land outside the courytard (the inner courtyard is too small for any dragon to land in), and then he approaches. "Can I help you, rider?" he calls, his brows furrowed even as he offers a small bow of respect to the dragonrider.

Lana has to keep herself from either smirking or chuckling at Ezra's reaction, although she isn't perfect at it and there is still a small twitch at the corners of her lips. Does the heir recognize her? She doesn't think so, she certainly couldn't imagine the formal address and bow if he did. Oh, she could have so much fun with this. But no, she's not going to mess with him too much, not today. Instead she snorts before remarking, "last time we met I received the title of insane, now I get a formal title and a bow? Faranth, a giant fire-breathing lizard sure changes how people see you." At then 'fire-breathing lizard' comment there is a rumble of what is probably protest from the brown, but this just makes her smirk slightly.

Ezra lifts a brow as he straightens and crosses his arms, watching her. "I know who you are, Lana," he says, his voice low. "Just wondering why you're here and only extending respect where it is due." He tilts his head towards her dragon, as if to imply that's the only reason she received that respect from him. "How can I help you?"

Oh, so it turns out his memory isn't that poor after all. She has to admit, she's a tad disappointed. Here she was looking forward to seeing how he would react upon finding out that it was her, and really it was just Ezra being all formally respectful. Sigh. Instead of sending out some sharp retort like she is tempted to Lana replied, "I see. Also, I'm actually here to help with construction, believe it or not." Yeah… odd. Oh well, it is what it is.

Ezra continues to stand still, perhaps eerily still, and watch the young brownrider. "Why?" is his first question. It's honest, at least, as there's nothing between them that would ever suggest that she'd want to come help. "Are you being punished for something?" If so, he frowns, since the weyr really should have asked him first if he needed more help.

"Who gave you permission? Why wasn't I informed ahead of time?" Ezra asks, his frown continuing. "Do you have any experience with construction? With stonemasonry or woodcrafting?" Okay, he's being a little bit of a jerk, but he feels just a bit offended that a dragonrider feels she can just show up without warning.

So thee time for questions has arrived. Lana can't say that she's particularly surprised by this though, as annoying as it is. After all, last time she and Ezra met she violently decapitated a seagull. So she responds in a slightly dry voice, "Senior Weyrwoman Nyalle. And I don't know why you weren't informed, that's not my area of expertise. No, I do not have crafting experience in that areas but I'm strong and I have access to a dragon, a dragon who could probably make moving large, heavy objects go quite a bit quicker." Does she sound a bit smug when she finishes? If so it's only a little bit, much less smugness than would appear in her voice in turns past. Still, it might be apparent that she's a tad amused by this.

Well. Ezra can't argue with Senior Nyalle's decision - not yet anyway - so he just frowns a little and makes a note to formally request the Senior inform him when a rider is heading their way. "So you expect me to babysit you?" he asks, frown deepening. "You show up to help but have no skills, that's hardly a help. That's a hinderance. And your dragon," he dips his head to the beast, "with all due respect, needs to move back because he's causing fear in our milk beasts."

"Didn't know dragons were like oxen," says a disembodied voice; it certainly sounds like a Stonehaven accent, and it sounds like the voice of a young teenage girl, but it isn't attached to anyone just yet — wait, no, there she is. The small, lithe form of Anrila appears to go with the voice, having been hiding behind a large rock. "I mean, I didn't think they'd move stuff 'round for you like that." She's surprised enough, or just comfortable enough at home in the presence of her brother, that she's actually speaking to a stranger. But on the other hand: this isn't the Weyr. Here, Ezra is in charge, and speaking up doesn't seem to frighten her the way it does around Fort.

Lana is hardly impressed by Ezra's babysitting comment. A frown crosses her face before she replies, "with all due respect, I'm what, three, four turns older than you? I highly doubt I need anything even vaguely resembling babysitting. Plus you can have skills without having formal training in a craft." The milkbeast thing, however, she doesn't argue with. Turning around she levels her gaze upon Rauskazeth, who narrows his eyes and lets out a low grumble. Lana's jaw clenches, showing that she's probably arguing with her dragon, but the brown finally gives in and moves far enough away that the milkbeasts shouldn't be agitated anymore. Then there's a disembodied voice, only for said voice to come out from behind a rock and reveal herself to be a young teenager. Lana raises an eyebrow at her words before responding, "well, not really. They can both be useful moving things about. I mean, oxen can push things, pull things, and carry things on their back, right? Most of the same can be applied to dragons, only a good deal of the time having them pull something isn't worth the effort and if the object is too small it may be crushed. Most of the time when dragons are moving something it is loaded up onto their backs, but when they're only moving it a short distance they might just push or carry it in their talons. Only oxen can't argue with you, they aren't sentient beings. Dragons are and can. For example, it's quite the trouble to get Raus to agree to move things, but I can convince him to do it. However, I imagine you can't even do that with some dragons while others do it easily. For example, I once saw Weyrsecond D'ani's Dremkoth move six herdbeast calfs at once."

Ezra turns when his sister appears, having long gotten used to her sneaking and suddenly appearing ways. Reaching out a hand towards her, he silently beckons her closer to his side before looking back to Lana. "This is a construction site. If you don't have crafting experience - as you said - then yes, you'd need babysitting. Watching, so you don't hurt yourself or do some damage to what we're working so hard to rebuild." He's just a /tad/ overprotective of Stonehaven, forgive him. He relaxes slightly when the brown moves away, and then he smirks a bit. "If your lifemate does not like being treated as an oxen, then why did you volunteer him for the task?"

"D'ani," Anrila defines helpfully as she crosses the space between her and Ezra to hover next to her brother (who now has a lot more height on her than he did), "is a Beastcrafter, which I think makes Dremkoth one too." In her logic, anyhow. "And movin' babies ain't the same as moving bricks, is it? Though I guess that'd be harder. Since dragons might want to eat 'em." As is clear by the way Stonehaven's herdbeasts were reacting to the brown. "Why'd you want to help?" There's a tiny air of suspicion here; it's the sort that wonders why someone would show up to help and then not listen to the Holder — but it's not malicious, just curious.

Irritation flashes across Lana's face for a moment when Ezra explains why he would consider it babysitting. However, she ignores it for a moment, instead deciding to focus on the question concerning her dragon and oxen. With a snort Lana answers, "if Rauskazeth never did anything he didn't like all he would do is sleep, sun, eat, hunt, play, and try to boss others around. It's not the moving stuff part that upsets him, it's doing work in general when he doesn't want to work. I can talk him into it and he does eventually agree though, just with quite a bit of mental moaning and groaning." Then there's Anrila and her interesting little comment. Lana can't help but raise an eyebrow before commenting, "I never thought of it that way. Makes sense, though. And they aren't completely the same I don't think but the premise is still the same, moving heavy objects that it would be hard for humans to move." Speaking of dragons. Ezra and his sister might notice that as Lana speaks Rauskazeth appears to notice something interesting in the distance and launches himself off the ground, proceeding to fly off in hot pursuit of a wherry. After all, hunting is much more interesting than listening to his rider argue, no matter how calmly. And Lana, as caught up in the conversation as she is, fails to notice. Instead she looks at Anrila, frowning as she considers her question for finally admitting, "someone that cares about this place was nice to me once. Well, maybe more than once. I felt I should return the favor."

Ezra rests his hand on Anrila's shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze, glad to have her here by his side. He spent too many nights worrying about her death, and then worrying about her life, to not be more than a little overprotective. "Well," he finally says, voice picking up hints of sarcasm, "we wouldn't want you to strain yourself, rider, forcing your dragon to do something he doesn't want to do." And look, there the brown goes, and Ezra's hand tightens slightly on Anrila's shoulder before he removes it and shoves it into his pocket. "Please, feel free to allow him to hunt on our land," he says, jaw clenched slightly. Too bad there isn't a Harper around to mediate this rather disastrous encounter. "Who?" he asks, glancing around and beckoning to the four workers to come resume their work. And they do, climbing up atop the wall - seems they're raising it a foot as well as making repairs.

It wasn't Anrila, for sure; she's actually never seen the brownrider before, except at the distance that was watching the Hatching. But Ezra has asked the question — as well as made the requisite semi-snide remark about the lack of courtesy in asking before eating their wildlife — so Anrila is given leave to, well, not speak, as she does. And so she is perfectly content to remain quiet, give Ezra a soft little grin for the shoulder squeeze and then remain focused on watching the unfolding conversation. And Zoi, who has more than a little piece of her heart. It's about time she got a dog of her own.

Lana feels her hands tickle with the urge to curl into fists at Ezra's sarcasm. Yet she resists, believing that she has come too far to let it fall apart because of one meeting with someone she doesn't really get along with. The sarcasm causes a visible flare of annoyance to cross her face, and normally she would say that regarding the 'who' it really isn't any of Ezra's business. But this time his remark about letting her dragon hunt on their lands distracts her. At this Lana whips around, only to see Rauskazeth fading into the distance in pursuit of the wherry. Oh, she has been holding herself in, but at the sight of this she can't help but let out a loud, angry curse. At least it clearly isn't directed at the heir? Her eyes take on that far-off look that tends to appear when a rider is talking to their dragon, but judging by the clenched jaw and fists it isn't a pleasant conversation. To her credit it is only once that she ends up saying part of the argument out loud, and that is to exclaim, "he does not have a point!" Dragon are not meant to side with the other person in an argument, that's not the way it works. The silent argument continues but the end result is the same, Rauskazeth disappears from view as he continues flying off, maybe even returning to Fort. Actually, Lana has a strong feeling that he is indeed returning to Fort. And so, through what was probably his attempts to get Lana to go away, Ezra has annoyed her already annoyed dragon to a point where he abandons her at his hold. At least the brown clearly isn't over Stonehaven lands judging by the way he was flying, so he won't have to worry about him eating their wildlife?

Who summoned a Harper? Granted, Rayathess is still a few Turns away from being considered a "full fledged" Harper, but he's chipping away at his Apprenticeship! Either word reached him that work was being done up at Stonehaven and he took a chance that his younger brother would be here or he knew in advance, regardless he has escaped the Hall on the rare moments he actually can and for once without a Journeyman as shadow. Well, he probably left said 'shadow' in another Holding with a promise to be back by sundown. Ahem. It's also a good think that Rauskazeth has flown off, despite Lana's frustration on that part because Rayathess arrives by runner — his personal runner. For a young man not willing to splurge on things such as clothing, he certainly spent his marks on the mount he rides. And why not? Reining in the runner, Rayathess will cast a curious glance to Lana though he will smile warmly to Ezra and Anrila and offer a half wave. "Am I interrupting something?" he says by way of greeting.

Ezra slips his hands into his pockets as the conversation continues, glancing at Anrila before he focuses once more on Lana, watching with no small amusement as she fights with her dragon. But then…she's stuck there? That causes the young heir to frown deeply. "I guess you can prepare lunch." The 'you can do that at least, right?' is implied in his tone. "Rayathess!" he calls, the teen brightening considerably and clamping a hand on Anrila's shoulder to steer her towards their oldest brother. It's clear his mood has shifted for the better as he approaches, grinning and reaching up to offer to take the runner's bridle to hold him.

The arrival of Rayathess has Anrila grinning, too — but Ezra's steering her before she even needs to redirect herself. "He's still gorgeous," she gushes over the runner, for what is probably the thousandth time in the past month, for all that she lets Ezra be the one to actually offer to take the bridle. Whether he was interrupting anything? Not, exactly, answered — Anrila is distracted by equine nose-rubs and soft coos of greeting.

Oh look, it's the one of the two Stonehaven brothers that she feels she is in better standing with. Or at the very least the one she likes much more. However, she doesn't immediately turn to look at him or greet him. At his question she says in the dry, tied voice of someone who just lost a big argument, "your sister, I think she's your sister, is cool, Ezra is stubborn, and my dragon is a traitor." With that she turns back around, dipping her head in greeting and respect before adding, "apprentice harper Rayathess. It's nice to see you." Ezra's question gets a nod in response. Yeah, she can cook. She just isn't trusted around fish too much any more. Wonder why?

The runner stallion doesn't seem to mind having his bridle held by Ezra, though he'll whuffle and snort a bit and then settle. Anrila's attention are weathered with good temperament as well and likely he'll soon be interested in grazing no matter how much the girl coos at him. Rayathess will dismount once he's secured the reins, slipping his arms about Anrila's shoulders in a gentle and light hug if his sister allows it. Ezra is given a firm clasp to the shoulder. "It's good to see you both," he tells them genuinely. "Is there somewhere I can tie him?" he asks next, meaning the runner! Then his gaze slides to Lana and recognition follows and he dips his head in return. "Wingrider Lana! It's been awhile. How are you and… Ah…" A traitor? "I see. And yes, Anrila is my sister." There's a slight frown as Rayathess darts a look to Ezra. Oookay, so he DID miss something. "What's going on?"

Ezra takes a firmer grip on the stallion's reins. "I'll go put him in the stable," he says, his voice boasting and prideful. The stable they just finished repairing and re-doing, and he is eager to show it off as he leads the stallion away. What's going on? Ezra isn't telling.

"Their sister," Anrila corrects gently, just in case the brownrider has forgotten that Ezra is also her brother. It seems like there's some tension between the two of them, as much as Anrila can judge. "You'll like the stable," she adds, softer, to Rayathess; conversation with mostly-strangers continues to not be something she's all that inclined to cultivate. Someday, as a proper lady, that might change, but it'll take a bit of work.

Yes, Lana is definitely sure that Rayathess is the brother she gets along better with. Not that she'll actually be saying that. Tact, it's something she's managed to get at least some grasp of, even if it isn't too much. At Rayathess' response she clarifies, "Rauskazeth. He decided that being my dragon does not mean he has to agree with me and flew off to do Faranth knows what." There's a pause before she adds in a slightly peeved voice, "sun. He flew off the sun himself once he finds an 'optimal location.'" The last two words included air quotes and a roll of her eyes. When Ezra goes to put the runner in his stable she gives a small dip of her head, and Anrila a small murmur of, "ah. Knew it." A small smile twitches across her lips at this. Discoverer of family ties thou name is Lana.

"I thought that is usually what dragons do when outside the Weyr?" Rayathess states as neutrally as possible to Lana, even though it makes him look completely naive but it is also done to mask the grin he's trying just as hard to suppress. Handing the reins to Ezra, he'll frown heavily at his brother as the stallion is lead away. Fine! Be that way. Smirking, his expression will ease a bit as he looks to his younger sister fondly. "Don't you mean the runner will like the stable? I've no intention of staying there myself, though I'm sure Ezra has seen to rebuilding it." There's a pause and he adds in a gentler tone. "How've you been, Anrila?" For all that he went through to keep her safe, Rayathess has been rather scarce of late in either of his sibling's lives. Ahh, the joy of apprenticeship! "Knew what?" he drawls, darting another look to Lana.

Ezra returns a few minutes later, the stallion safely tucked away in a warm, large box stall. "Gave him some hay and oats and brushed him down," he says, clasping Rayathess briefly on the shoulder before moving to stand between his siblings, a hand reaching for Anrila out of instinct, as he looks at Lana. For the moment he's quiet, waiting to hear the conversation now that he's been gone.

Anrila doesn't only accept the casual touch but welcome it; an anchor in the confusing storm of People. And Dragons. And — well, draybeasts and runners are welcome company. "Yes," she tells her brother — the older one — with a soft laugh, "I did mean the runner, but you'll like it when you go see it, I'm sure … even if you'd like to think we'd make you sleep there." She's probably slept there. "I'm all right. I like it. The stable." No surprise there, though, really — she also likes the company stables come with.

Lana shakes her head with a slightly surprised look on her face at Ezra's remark before responding, "no… they usually don't do that. Raus is… special. And by special I mean stubborn, bull-headed, and happy to do things that annoy me when he disagrees with me." She's silent for a moment after this before whispering in the voice of someone that just came to an awful realization, "sweet Faranth, I impressed myself." However, that tone is promptly shaken off as she continues, "and I knew that she was your sister. Well, correctly guessed, anyway." Ezra's arrival gets a nod of greeting from the brownrider before she jokingly tells Rayathess, "maybe you should stay there one night. It can join the iceberg on the list of places you've stayed the night that you would prefer not to stay the night at."

"What do you like most about it?" Rayathess asks Anrila with what appears to be an idly curious look though perhaps there is more behind it. "I think I've yet to see the new stables. It's… been awhile." Which is the elder brother's way of saying he never visits or - at the very least - rarely does. "I'm glad you're alright though, sister. I'm sorry I've not been by as often of late." It's a thin apology, but he extends it all the same to Ezra too once he returns and the clasp to the shoulder is mirrored as well. "Thanks, Ezra. He didn't give you any trouble?" he asks, before turning his attention back to Lana. Now he does grin, though he doesn't tease the brownrider for her dawning realization of Impressing a version of herself. "A free spirit is he, then?" he goes on to stay, only to blink and for a brief moment Rayathess' expression darkens. Just a half-second beat and then he's shaken it off only to snort and remark in a dry and cryptic manner. "You've no idea of some of the places I've stayed in. A well insulated stable is actually quite comfortable if you can find some clean straw or hay and get off the ground."

Ezra bristles at Lana's remarks, but he bites back an angry retort, glancing briefly to Rayathess. Instead, his voice is very, very calm. "The stable and barn are quite comfortable. More so than the cothold itself right now, which is being remodeled and is still under construction. And no, he was a gentleman. Or tired, or eager for the comforts of a warm stable with deep straw bedding."

"It's fine," Anrila allows gently; it's not a brush-off, either, she obviously forgives Rayathess his business. "And I thought it was comfortable," she adds in a softer tone, a little bit more shy. She doesn't have a problem sleeping in stables. Warm and dry and full of gentle beasts who mostly don't care you're there.

Lana is not looking at Ezra at the moment and so fails to notice his bristling should there be any visible signs. However, she is looking at Rayathess and so notices his expressions. His grin has Lana grinning back at him and his comment makes her give a small chuckle, but then there's that darker expression for a moment. As he talks about the places he's stayed Lana pales, possibly making it apparent that she had completely forgotten about his past for a moment and so didn't realize how bad of taste her comment might have been in. "Sorry," she begins, "I didn't mean… I mean… I forgot…" she trails off, completely unsure what to say. Yeah, she's apologized before, but she's clearly having trouble finding a way to apologize for her slip of tongue without making it worse. So she does something that she's not sure will help but might not hurt either, blurts out something slightly related but not completely. "I've slept in a barn before. Didn't mean to, I was searching for one of Opal's clutches, laid down on one of the hay bails for a moment, and passed out."

Rayathess shoots Ezra a concerned look but also one of warning when he notices his brother's reaction to Lana's slip of the tongue. How awkward is this? "You still sleep in stables, Anrila?" he asks, sounding almost amused though his frown says otherwise. "Why?" Yes, why when she has her pick of other lodgings? Clearly the elder brother is out of the loop in his own sense. "Glad he settled for you, Ezra. He can be a handful at times," he murmurs, looking a touch sheepish for telling him that now rather than before he lead the stallion away! Whoops? "I'm sure the stable is wonderful and I would like to see it though I suspect I will at some point or another." But not now. Lana's apology has him dipping his head to the brownrider, a signal that Rayathess is willing to let it slide. "It's fine." It happens. A lot more than people probably realize! His mouth quirks up in a bare half-smile. "Did you ever find her clutch?" he asks, nose wrinkling slightly. "Cervena is either too clever or too dimwitted. At most I've found maybe ONE of her eggs and the thing never hatched."

Ezra glances at Anrila and nods. "Stables can be very nice. Warm, safe, secure," he murmurs, looking back at Lana. Her fumbling and awkward apology brings a slight, pleased smile to his lips. More wry than genuine, but still. "It is wonderful," he says for Rayathess' benefit. "We'll look at it soon."

"Oh, I was just already there," Anrila explains, once she's watched some more of the conversation unfold. "Felt like taking a nap, and the conversation was nice." The conversation with … the runners. "Didn't see any firelizard eggs, though, not Cervena's or otherwise." The idea that the runner is difficult actually inspires a little bit of, "I'd be happy to try riding him, if he gives most people trouble, see how he takes it," before diverting back to looking at the brownrider — she does actually want to know whether or not the eggs got found. Her focus just bounces around. A lot. Quickly.

Relief and a look of thankfulness both color Naris' face for a moment when Rayathess dips his head to show that it's alright. Different people react differently to being reminding of unpleasant things, she knows this all too well. As a matter of fact there are certain things that she doesn't respond very well to being reminded of, nothing as big as what Rayathess had gone through though. She catches the silent exchange between the brothers but does not say anything about it. At the question of her clutch she frowns before admitting, "no, I'm afraid not. I've only ever found two of her clutches, as a matter of fact, and one of them is still just eggs, three of 'em. She's rather good at hiding them, as it turns out." There's a pause as Lana glances at the siblings before asking, "I don't suppose any of you would like one?"

Rayathess nods towards Ezra and when he smiles it's a little more at ease. He's about to say something, only to be startled by Anrila's offer. "I don't know…" he says, drawing it out in obvious hesitation. "He's a big stallion, Anrila. Powerful. And difficult partly due to my negligence of not riding him as often as I aught to." Which really is another flimsy excuse, but it's clear he's got his reservations of allowing his young sister to ride the runner. He doesn't seem concerned if the stallion throws his sorry butt out of the saddle, but Anrila? Whole other issue right there. Rayathess nods his head to Lana, only to snort in a gruff laugh and hold up his hands in a warding gesture. "Oh no. Nooo. No. I've three already, a bronze, brown and green. Plenty for me, thank you. Just leave the eggs in the caverns. Seems the thing to do and some weyrbrat will no doubt snatch one."

Ezra tilts his head to study his young sister for a long moment, but decides not to persue the topic of what runners talk about. Instead, he shakes his head to Lana for her offer and moves back to the wall, crouching down to begin sorting the stones, stacking them into a nice order before they're lifted to the top and set into place with mortar.

While Anrila does look disappointed, it doesn't last; it's fleeting before she's laughing — rather, grinning softly and exhaling in a shadow of a laugh, which is her version of laughing — at Rayathess' firm reaction against being given a firelizard. "If I run across one, I might keep it," is what she says, instead of agreeing or not agreeing to outright taking one. "One of the weyrwomen gave me the one I have." Does she count as 'some weyrbrat,' perhaps, at least a little?

Lana can't help but let out a laugh at Rayathess' reaction to her offer of a firelizard. "Can't say I blame ya," she remarks. "I only have the two, Opal and Mjolnir, but they already cause me plenty of trouble. Having three… I do have to say, my dear harper, a lesser mind might have cracked under the pressure." There's a playful note to her voice, although it is not insulting. In fact it could be considered an odd, joking compliment. "Either way," she continues, "if I do do something like that I imagine I'd supervise their hatching. If you leave them out for anyone to take there's a chance that someone who can't properly take care of them will take them. You know, too young, too uncaring… one of those strange firelizard hoarders you sometimes hear about." Has she encountered one of them before? Maybe. At Anrila's words she remarks, "if you like you can have one of mine, you seem more than capable of taking care of it. I doubt there will be a bronze or gold though, Opal's a green after all. Her other clutch was brown and blue."

Rayathess rubs at the back of his neck when both Anrila and Lana laugh at his reaction and he can only shrug and smirk. What? At least he was honest? "The weyrwoman gave you one?" he asks his sister, looking rather surprised. She probably counts as a weyrbrat to some, but to him she'll always be his little sister. Shaking his head, he gives Lana another lingering sidelong look. "I'll take that as a compliment then," he murmurs and then blinks, opening his mouth and preparing to say perhaps it's better that way. Population control! Wisely, he bites his tongue and coughs. "Suppose you have a point," he says instead, only to lift his brows as Anrila voices interest — more or less. He only smiles though, not interfering and while the details are worked out, Rayathess drifts closer to where Ezra has begun stacking stones. "What're you doing?" he asks quietly.

Ezra frowns, twitching slightly when Lana…/flirts/ with Rayathess? He glances over his shoulder to /stare/ at the brownrider, gaze flicking to Rayathess for a moment before he turns back to the wall. "Greens don't clutch golds." Back to his stones. Glancing over when Rayathess approaches, Ezra offers him a rock. "Figuring out how they'll best stack. You want as few gaps as possible, so the mortar goes further and it's mostly stone, rather than seam."

"Inri gave me one," Anrila specifies cautiously; one of the weyrwomen, a goldrider, but also a good friend of Ezra's and not the more straightlaced, kind of scary (if you ask Anrila, anyway) Nyalle, who she probably has never even been in conversation with. "Since her green actually lays them in predictable places. "And — yes, that's right. Greens only clutch the color of the father and anything smaller." She looks a bit proud of herself for knowing this, having learned anything at all about dragonkin in the time she's lived in a weyr.

Lana gives a half-smile when he says that he'll take it as a compliment before she remarks, "that's good, because I meant it as one." No comment on the her having a point, just a small dip of her head. Oh, is Ezra staring at her? Yes, yes he is. Lana responds to Ezra's stare before glancing at him for a moment and raising her eyebrow. What? Maybe she is flirting with him, maybe she isn't. Either way, if she does tell someone whether she is or isn't there is a large chance that it won't be Ezra. His comment at greens not clutching golds gets a shrug, although she does look impressed at Anrila's knowledge of the creatures. "I didn't know that," she admits. "I mean, I assumed they don't clutch golds but I didn't know for sure, same with bronzes, although I guess it is possible following that pattern. I think Opal was caught by a bronze this time, actually, although I'm not completely sure that there will be one. I mean, one of the eggs is largeish but I don't think it's bronze sized. I'm betting brown personally."

If there is any flirting going on, Rayathess is oblivious and it goes soaring right over that thick skull of his. Well, until Lana confirms that her comment was, in fact, a compliment and the eldest Stonehaven smiles though in a slightly awkward and sheepish way. Ezra's explanation ears him a long look and then a playful punch to the shoulder. Typical brother behaviour! "I knew that, Ezra. Don't think I know a bit about stone?" he says with a light, teasing tone and then lowers his voice. "I meant more of… what're you doing over here?" And not being social. Tsk! Rayathess knows Inri and of all the goldriders approves of her. Dtirae intimidated him, he cannot stand Jajenelja and often has to leave before throttling her and Nyalle — he's not crossed paths with her yet. "That was a kind gift of Inri," he remarks to his sister, only to glance between her and Lana for their banter of clutches. "It's almost next to impossible to discern by egg size. I've guessed wrong before by that method. Very wrong."

Ezra blushes slightly at his brother's correction, teasing though it was. "Well yeah," he mutters. "I've got work to do. Can't just stand around and talk all day. Got to get stuff done."

Anrila would probably actually get along with Nyalle if she wasn't instinctively afraid of her and avoided direct conversation. It's not just Nyalle; it's ranking people. She's never spoken directly to Th'ero, either, regardless of what he's done for the family — and D'ani, Kimmila and Inri she'll speak directly to only if one of her brothers is also present. "Get stuff done while talking," the least vocal of the family suggests softly. "And she thought I could use — a friend." That is probably in regard to Inri. And not the stone wall.

Lana doesn't seem to get along with Nyalle too well judging by one one interaction she had with the woman. It was short, awkward, confusing, and probably uncomfortable on all accounts. Rayathess' awkward and slightly sheepish smile causes a faint blush to cross Lana's cheeks, although she looks to the side for a moment in an effort to ensure that no one sees it. Thankfully it fades quickly enough, she never has been the kind to blush because of anything other than sheer, mind-numbing embarrassment, and she doesn't have any of that at the moment. At Rayathess' words concerning egg size she frowns slightly before musing, "I'm not sure if that's good or bad… surprises can be nice but then again accidentally keeping a clutch of nothing but greens in the same area to impress may end… badly." As in endless greenflights and rapidly multiplying firelizards. Yikes. She doesn't remark at Ezra's words, although she does smile to Anrila before saying in a soft voice, "that is really nice of her. Smart too, firelizards can make great companions, especially when humans don't appeal."

Would it look bad if Rayathess smacked his brother upside the head? For a moment, he looks tempted but settles instead to exhale and shake his head. Technically, there isn't anything entirely wrong with what Ezra is doing. Work is work, it's true! But he's also (sort of?) playing host! Leaning in closer to his brother, he'll mutter under his breath for him to hear and him alone. "So if you're so busy, should we visit at another time?" Hint hint? Anrila's comment of needing a friend has Rayathess looking up and back to his sister and his eyes look almost saddened by that realization. How out of touch is he with her and her needs? "Eh, this surprise was nice for someone else? It worked out in the end. Suppose my point is that you can't always predict the outcome." he goes on to explain to Lana, smirking crookedly.

Ezra glances at his brother with a small frown. "We'll visit when she's not here," he mutters. Yeah, he's got some practice to go, playing host. Still… "Anyone want to help with the wall? We could use it," he says, glancing at the others and offering them something to do other than talking.

"Yes," is a declaratory statement from Anrila; rocks she can work with. They're much easier to relate to than, for example, humans. "I heard about a man, one of the traders, who had ten of them. Green firelizards. Ten," she relates as she comes over to actually help with the wall, rather than just express interest and keep talking. Which is not to say that she doesn't keep talking, softly but confidently, as it's her story and she's not concerned about being judged for it: "He was the brother of someone whose canine I bathed. They didn't all mate, because there were so many."

Lana snorts at Rayathess saying that it worked out before giving a half-smile and remarking, "that's good. And in my experience things rarely work out the way they are expected to." Although life probably wouldn't be as fun if things worked out the way one might expect them to. She catches a faint snippet of what Ezra says, not enough to fully understand it but enough to know it involves her. Lana doesn't say anything about it though, just frowning something before looking at Anrila. A eyebrow is raised before she asks, "ten? That's… wow. I imagine that there was quite a bit of in-fighting among the… hoard." That's when a far-off look appears in her eye and a slight frown crosses her face. Again a shadow falls over the hold and before long a brown dragon can be seen landing, this time far enough away that he shouldn't scare any beasts. A small sigh leaves her before she announces, "well, that's my cue. Need to get back and prepare for sweeps." Anrila gets a small smile before she says, "look me up, Lana of brown Rauskazeth, I'll get you another firelizard if you like." To Ezra she dips her head in formal respect before greeting, "Ezra." Then to Rayathess she smiles and dips her head in a formal fashion, just as with her brother, before adding, "apprentice harper Rayathess." A pause before, "it was nice seeing you." With that she salutes and heads off, mounting Rauskazeth, who proceeds to fly up, up, and between.

Rayathess frowns heavily and glances from his brother to Lana and his mouth sets into a firm line. This'll be a discussion for later. "I can help with the wall. Seems only fair," he drawls, already reaching for some of the stones. His nose wrinkles again for Anrila's tale and a slight shudder. "Still, even if some of those greens rose. Whyever ten? Cervena drives me insane as it is." Cue another grimace and then he's looking surprised as Rauskazeth returns and Lana is preparing to leave. "Wingrider," he replies just as formally but with a hint of amusement as he half bows and dips his head in a respectful nod. Harper Hall has taught him well! "It was nice to catch up, Lana. Clear skies!" He'll watch as the pair lift off and disappear between and then he's gesturing for Anrila to come join them. "Come on. Let's see if we can't get most of this done before sundown. I'd like to have some time with you guys…" Before he goes 'home'.

Ezra watches Lana go, and when she's gone the heir snorts. "Not even the respect of a title," he mutters. "She was flirting with you, Raya." And his /look/ to his brother says, clear as day, 'please don't pick her'. Ruffling Anrila's hair, the young heir lightens up and loosens up considerably once the brownrider is gone, even humming a bit as they work, the Stonehaven children, rebuilding the walls of their home.