Fort Weyr - Kainaesyth's Weyr

Warning: Mature subject matter below!

Finally it's summer! Not quite as hot and humid as the south, that will hit in the later months but it's comfortable even in nightfall. Word has spread of the new Weyrsecond and was, predictably, met with mixed results. Does Ha'ze even care? There's one who doesn't — or she does, but not for the reasons one may think! If anything, Jajen had a very good laugh when she heard and likewise was terror at the morning 'meeting'. Just enough to get under the skin but not spark full out controversy or arguments and she made sure NOT to turn her game on towards Mr'az. She steers well away and treads cautiously with that man. But Ha'ze and the other goldriders? Totally. Fair. Game. Blame it on her nature, blame it on Iaverulth. Call it what you want, but Jajen's in her element. Which means Ha'ze is coming home to either a wanted or very unwanted surprise in his weyr. Specifically on his desk. More specifically — it'll be HER. Nearly naked save for a few silks (why even bother at that point?) in key places and perched in a way that is undeniably provocative as she delicately sips at a glass of a rich looking red wine while she waits.

Know who wasn't anywhere near meetings? Ha'ze. He'll probably have to put his nose in the game a little bit, but not YET. But he will come home and within two steps stops dead in his place. Eyes move their way from Jajen's feet and upwards, taking in every inch of her body as they go. "Well." A single word, "Ain't sure if I should be smiling or turning my ass around." That weyrsecond knot peeks out from a pocket, as Ha'ze hasn't put it on yet.

Jajen just smiles coyly while she allows Ha'ze to stare all he wants. It's the effect she was going for and she'll enjoy another slow sip of her wine while he gets his fill of her. "Welcome home, Ha'ze…" she all but purrs his way as she carefully sets her glass aside and sits up a little straighter, though remains perched on the edge of his desk. "Oh, don't go?" It's a mocking plea, as is the half-pout and smirk that follows. "Figured I'd just congratulate you on your… heh, promotion." Almost kept a straight face, she did! Excuse the slight giggle that follows. Hee.

The bronzerider hasn't missed the slowly growing glow in Iaverulth, nor the way even the best field can keep Kainaesyth away from the weyr for very long. When she rises? Kainaesyth is going to be there. Period. A dark curl curves onto his lips and in one swift motion he moves forward and curls his hands around her, hand cuppoing her bottom firmly. For all he hates being tied down the longer this thing goes on between them the more posessive Ha'ze has gotten of the goldride. Or… maybe it's just the start of gold lust. "Aye, well then something good will come of this."

She would expect nothing less and be quite disappointed if Kainaesyth missed Iaverulth's flight — IF the queen ends up flying. Jajen has her doubts, despite feeling the effects. His possessiveness of her is not spurned this time either. In fact she welcomes it and for all they know it IS the gold lust playing both of them. She giggles again, shifting to lean more towards his body than away while a hand deftly works one of those silks free. She'll flick it over one of his shoulders if he doesn't twitch or bat it away, aiming to loop it around the back of his neck. Something to draw him in all the more or… perhaps the imagery a snare. "Mhm, perhaps? You don't seem too upset by the fancy knot he's given you. So…" Jajen peers up at him, all coy and wickedly grinning. "… What'd you do to get it from him?"

They're a trap made just for the two of them. Despite his dislike of being trapped he'll take that silk around his neck and lean into the goldrider. For all he is a gentle lover, sometimes need takes over. One hand keeps firm grip on her behind while the other slides upwards into her hair, and wraps it into her hair so he can pull her head back slightly and move his lips to her neck. "I lied." A simple answer because Ha'ze is NOT thinking about his knot right now kthanks.

Jajen's laugh is as light and silvery as her gold's as she moves with him, just as eager to his advances. Trap or no trap. "Was that it? Your reward, for lying?" she breathes and her attention isn't exactly wholly focused on their conversation either. Ha'ze is very good at distracting her right now as she lifts her chin up and her hands slip from that silk around his neck to move around instead to his back. Unaware that outside, the two moons rise and it's as their light slips down the Weyr wall and onto Iaverulth's ledge that the gold suddenly wakes. Not just from sleep but in that other sense. Pale hide gleams all the more under moonlight, for as her sisters are daughters of light and summer or autumn and storm, she is night and cold. Her calls, far reaching, are like bells as she takes wing and straight for the feeding pens as the natural way of things begins to take course. Back in Ha'ze's weyr, he'll find that Jajen's caresses suddenly turn to having her fingers digging into his back, nails thankfully clawing cloth rather than skin as she feels Iaverulth wake, feels the shift and her body and mind's reaction to it. There is a surprised gasp, half hissed as she attempts to lock eyes with Ha'ze. No words are necessary, right? Of course, she assumes she's free to go right now.

"A sucker's born every day." His words slip across her skin as he works his way downwards. When the gold awakes the cascade of emotions shifts its way through the weyr and Kainaesyth reacts as any bronze would. He's ready. He has waited for this. All that time at the lake, the curl of bronze and gold as their riders go closer… Kainaesyth plays the long game. Wherever Iaverulth goes, Kainaesyth is going to follow, there is life to find among the cold. Breath coming faster Ha'ze has a choice to make. He COULD let her go… but no. With the feel of her nails on his back Ha'ze's hand in her hair locks harder, and he lifts her up against him and meet her gaze with a hint of feral need. "No. Whatever Iaverulth chooses - you're mine."

"I should be with her!" Jajen protests but it's a weak one at that, though she'll squirm against his hold and against him. Whether that's her attempt to get away or to entice him further, well… knowing her, it could be either or both! Truthfully she is already half with Iaverulth, already forcing the queen to blood while Ha'ze is laying claim on her. Up she is lifted and her grip does not lessen on him. Gentle is not on her mind right now. "Then I hope Kainaesyth out flies them all!" Jajen growls in a near feral manner, eyes alight. Outside, the flight progresses. Iaverulth draws many suitors, something which pleases her, as she taunts and flirts with them ALL as the chase begins. Up, up and up into the skies, drawn to the nightscape and stars that are so echoed in her mind. No tricks or wild acrobatics, just a gruelling pace to weed out the weak. It should be obvious though, which bronze will snare her. Was there ever a doubt, that it'd be any other than Kainaesyth when her energy drains and her wings finally falter and stall?

"Fah, you already are." And how does Ha'ze know this? Because his mind is one with Kainaesyth. Their physical proximity seems almost far away as Ha'ze pins her against the wall, teeth against her skin, as Iaverulth does her dance in the sky. No bronze out there stood a chance against Kainaesyth. Some try to win through dirty tactics, but Kainaesyth weathers the blow and stays with Iaverulth though every moment of the chase. Others want to dive in and snare her for their own, but Kainaesyth is always there. Ichor drips from his wings, but adversity is simply the cost of new life as he wraps himself around Iaverulth and they fall. A hiss from victory from Ha'ze, as the dance ends in the only way that it can and the prize he's already claimed becomes his in truth. At some point during all that he lost his pants and both the poor desk and bed are spared the flight aftermath. Good thing that wall has a soft tapestry on it?

Poor Kainaesyth! His injury won't be in vain though. He'll get Iaverulth in the end and to sire another clutch! All the win, right? Jajen is with Ha'ze but not with him, wrapped in her gold and likewise drowning in the emotional chaos. Lips, teeth, nails… they'll all find a way to his skin and she cares not where he takes her. Bed, desk or, in this case, the wall — details she doesn't so much as spare a spark of thought to. Good thing she was already naked or just about, there isn't much for her to lose and if Ha'ze tears it off well… it's not that much of a loss. There are no rules now, no boundaries. Jajen is wild and unrestrained in that aftermath until it ebbs and both of them are spent.

They're going to look terrible at the end of this, with claw and teeth marks all over. Well. At least they won't have to leave their ledge for a while? Small good things? Only once the passion has run it's course does Ha'ze relax and still not letting go of her move the both of them over to the bed. Despite what is probably some pretty extreme exhaustion (sex standing is WORK GUYS), he tucks her into his blankets first before settling in beside her with a whole pile more gentleness then he'd shown earlier. They were having a conversation before all of this… "I'm going to push Mr'az over the edge."

Jajen doesn't care how she looks. Sure, it might hurt a bit later but right now? So. Not. Caring. Iaverulth rose and proved that, so far, she is a viable gold. Kainaesyth caught, no surprise there, but there is relief too. Off she's carried and she'll stay clinging to him until he so kindly tucks her into those blankets. Unashamed, she'll snuggle down and is half-lucid at this point. Mhm, what? He's talking? "Literally or figuratively? Because…" her words are slurred, almost drunk-like but when she looks up it's obvious she's grinning for a variety of reasons. "… that first one's gonna be messy."

"Well. If he'd just get a little bit closer to the edge of the ledge…" Which sounds way more well thought out then it should be. Unlike a lot of riders Ha'ze doesn't have the complete reverence for rider life that others do. MAYBE he would think twice before killing a rider because of the backlash on his dragon but this rider? Nope. He's too dangerous to what Ha'ze considers his family. "He's already starting to totter. It won't be much longer. Got a little problem now though." Finger points at where his pants and the knot rests, "I'm gonna be left holding the weyr's tripes when it happens."

Jajen laughs again and rolls more onto her side, propping herself up with her arm as she smirks. "Guess he'd have to be pretty cracked to pick you out of the lot for Weyrsecond. No offence or anything." Because let's get real here! Ha'ze doesn't really WANT the knot, right? She'll look to where he points and then snorts, not above teasing him mercilessly. "Weyrleader Ha'ze. Has a nice enough ring to it… and why wouldn't you want to? Just imagine what you could do…" All that POWER! "Plus —" Now she's giggling again. "Oh shards, I just pictured Th'ero's face!"

Ha'ze's laughter isn't quite as giggly as Jajen's. Perhaps there's a little more serious in there that points to Ha'ze putting some thought behind this? Laying on his back Ha'ze curls an arm around Jajen and pulls her against him. "Got anything you want done?" Becauze Ha'ze is open to suggestions as to how make Th'ero twist.
"Exile him." Jajen's laughter is gone then, proving she just may be serious about this too despite the masks. She'll curl herself up against his side, her eyes fixing on his. Where'd that ruthlessness come from? "Let him taste how it feels!" Her one hand will come to rest against his chest and begin to idly stroke back and forth. "Unless you had other ideas?"

Oh dear. Jajen and Ha'ze really ARE a bad idea. It's a good thing that Ha'ze isn't going to be Weyrleader for long because Fort would probably just fall apart. >.> That curl of a smile doesn't bode well for Mr'az living much longer for serious, because exiling Th'ero has a bit of justice to it and Ha'ze is ALL FOR IT. "Done." Poor Mr'az…
Cue some delightful wriggling from Jajen like Ha'ze just announced he has presents for her or if Pern had something like Christmas and it was coming early. "So how are you going to crack Mr'az? Just keep pushing or should I start whispering in some ears and let things take care of themselves?" she asks with a wicked little smile. So much for playing nice and trying to make this place her home. The goldrider is loving these games and loving it all the more that she found someone of a like-mind.
They… are probably going to have sex again this night. "Start wispering. If we can topple him before Kaeyth decides to fly again…" Then WINNING. The gold could totally ruin everything for them though, if she goes up too swiftly.

Was that ever in doubt? At this rate, she really is going to get pregnant by him again — unless she's being smart about that. Jajen smiles and will lean in to kiss him. Call that a sealed deal? "Done." she says in an echo of his previous statement to her. "We've time yet. Things are good… we just need to nudge a little more." And down goes the house of cards.

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