Fort Weyr - Th'ero and Velokraeth's Weyr
This weyr is opulent and almost as large as one of the ground weyrs and the ledge outside can easily fit two large dragons. The broad shelf ties in directly to the stairs leading down to the bowl below and over to the administration complex, making it easily accessible from both levels and the other end of the ledge curves around as it meets the stone wall of the Weyr and then turns inwards. Carved and smoothed by time, the covered wallow offers more ample space for the residing dragon and one more should a companion be welcomed in. Sheltered by the worst of the elements, it's a perfect hideaway from winter cold and the slight lip allows for large blackets to be draped over it without sliding downwards.The stone floor is smooth, having been worn down over the Turns. Toward the back of the dragon area, there is a wall with a small entranceway leading into a tiny alcove and nook, where several chests, supplies and pegs to hold the straps rest. Beyond this is a narrow hallway, hidden and secreted from view by a grey hued rug, but allows a secondary and private access to the main living area.
Accessible from the ledge outside, two large wooden double doors lead into the wide and spacious living area. Raised like a natural formed dias, a tiny foyer opens up just steps past those doors, gradually and subtly inclining down into the rough semicircular shape of the room. Along the same wall of the doors but further in is a large stone hearth and in front of it lies a very large and well woven rug. Placed on top is a low, dark wood table and behind it is a long, deep cushioned and equally dark leather couch. Thick pillows rest at each end and there is a matching chair to go with the set though it rests to the side and facing back towards the doors. Shelves have been carved into the wall, little recessed pockets that allow for a variety of items to be placed, though most commonly used for glow baskets. The smoothed wall curves at the right handed side, extending out to create a semi-partition, an illusion that the room is in fact made of two pieces.
Tucked away in this hollow is the kitchenette, visible either from approaching it as one walks towards the back of the weyr or through the mock arch window carved at shoulder height into the rock wall extension. There are ample cabinets and counter space, all made with good stone though they are worn a bit by age…

March march march. It's back to their weyr for the young man, and once inside Kimmila will firmly point him towards the bathroom and even give his behind a little nudge if he sulks or protests. "Go. Get clean so you're presentable for your father."

Those words will likely instil enough "fear" into Kyzen that his thoughts of rebelling further against Kimmila are quickly shelved. So he'll settle with giving her a sulky, angry narrowed glare as he storms his way into the bathroom and slams the door. Yep. He's totally Th'ero's kid. She may want to ignore the sounds of things being knocked over and falling to the floor in there too. Crash! Bang!

Kimmila huffs heavily, muttering curses as she storms about the weyr - two can play the huffy irritated game - cleaning, waiting for Th'ero to get home.

Won't Th'ero be coming home to a wonderful surprise? It won't be long before the Weyrleader returns, stepping inside and instantly pausing as though he can feel the tension in the air (and really, that's quite possible!). "Wingmate? Is something wrong?" he asks as he steps a little more cautiously into the room. "I thought you and Kyzen had your little get together today…?"

So, so wonderful. Kimmila turns when he approaches with a frown. "I thought so too," she says, her voice tense. "But /apparently/ our son /forgot/, and ran off with Ha'ze, didn't tell a soul, so I spent my time off trying to /find/ him…"

This is when he can make up some excuse, right and turn back around? Luckily for Kimmila, Th'ero isn't much for lying but from the way he frowns, he was not expecting this. He steps a little closer, watching her and sensing that tenseness in her voice. "He's seven, Kimm. Prone to forgetting… Not that it excuses his lack of thinking." Didn't they have this conversation with their son before? He sighs, "With Ha'ze, huh? And let me guess… Ha'ze didn't think to ask the boy if he could come?" Assumptions, of course, but he needs to know everything.

Kimmila frowns as she goes about dusting a bookshelf. Angrily. "He's seven. He should know better by now. We've /talked/ with him about this." Not running off. Never running off without telling someone. "I don't know what Ha'ze did. Said they went to the burned part of the forest but apparently Kyzen rolled around in it because he's filthy." Hence the noises from the bathroom.

Th'ero is going to keep his distance for now. Close enough but not about to interrupt her angry dusting of the bookshelf. "Then we'll refresh his memory on the matter," he says simply as he frowns again. A frown that deepens sharply and he'll tilt his head as he hears splashing coming from the bathroom. It's not Kyzen's bathing habits that have him so quiet and thoughtful though. It's something Kimmila said… "Has there been a recent forest fire I don't know about? There'd be no ash left from those… not after the winter." There's only one location that would have ash and when Th'ero clues in, he'll simply keep his mouth shut though his eyes linger on Kimmila. Did she make the connection? Because he's not sure if it's safe to say out loud that Ha'ze and Kyzen may have been around the arsonist's home cothold.

Kimmila snaps the towel against the books. "No. I'm sure they're lying but…I didn't know what to do, to call them out on it…" She huffs. "I don't know, wingmate. You go talk to him." You handle it. She's either going to scream or throttle their son, so. Go deal with it.

Th'ero opens his mouth to protest, wondering just exactly what he's supposed to talk to Kyzen about if she's not wanting to call their son on Ha'ze's lie on where they'd gone. Instead he closes it and just sighs. Well, this is a right mess, isn't it? "We should talk to him, Kimm. Together," he suggests, daring to do that much at least as he steps towards the bathroom. "I'll go fetch him."

Kimmila scowls at him. "I tried talking to him and they lied to my face," she mutters. Sulks. She is /sulking/. Not only was her day with their son (which she was actually genuinely looking forward to for once) ruined, but then he lied to her. After he scared her. Pout.

Th'ero hesitates, quiet as he listens and is satisfied to still hear Kyzen splashing and moving about in the bathroom (and maybe some muffled muttering). Leaving their son to bathe a little longer, he'll step instead towards Kimmila because even he can't ignore the way she sulks. "Kimm," he says softly, "I don't know why he lied to you, but the rest is not entirely his fault. We'll remind him." he murmurs, reaching out to gently touch her arm and try to draw her closer to him.

Kimmila frowns at him. "How is it not his fault?" she asks, even as she's moving a bit closer towards Th'ero. Still stiff. Still angry. Still hurt. But not lashing out, at least? It's a start, right?

"Think, Kimmila," Th'ero explains gently, aware that she is stiff in his arms, hurt and angry as he attempts to draw her closer still to his body. "How were you when you were his age? He's a bright lad, full of energy." Too much energy. "Innocent. He also adores Ha'ze. Maybe he got caught up in the moment? And forgot," So simple. So innocent. Not really an excuse but Th'ero has so little to work with here. "Did he apologize, at least?"

Kimmila frowns. She doesn't /like/ that answer. "He did," she mutters.

Th'ero smirks and gently cups her cheek with his hand, trying to draw her gaze up to his. "Wingmate," he says in a soft drawl, "What's wrong?" Talk to him! He doesn't want her angry like this when he goes to fetch Kyzen from the bath.

Kimmila looks up at him with a frown. She is silent for a long moment before sighing. "I was really looking forward to it," she mutters. "He likes Ha'ze more than me." Ah. There it is.

There it is and Th'ero exhales softly, leaning in to gently brush his lips to her forehead as he wraps his arms around her in a gentle hug. "I know," he murmurs. He probably knew all about it, didn't he? Maybe even encouraged the trip between their son and her. "Kimm…" he sighs, "I don't think he likes Ha'ze more than you. He's seven. He likes everyone. But he loves you." Why wouldn't he? And during their talk, Kyzen has finished with his bath and with a towel wrapped around himself he'll come walking out to find them standing there. "This isn't your special time, is it?" he grouses, only to look chagrined, head ducking down under the stare Th'ero gives him. Sorry, sir? "… where are my clothes?" he mumbles in a quiet voice. "Your bag is by the couch, Kyzen." Where it always is!

Kimmila sighs, leaning a bit against him until Kyzen emerges, and then she straightens up to look over at their son. She doesn't say anything though. At least let him get dressed first…

Th'ero holds her close to him, his hand stroking her back gently as it's hidden from Kyzen's view (not that he truly cares if his son sees the gesture). The boy will grab his bag, then proceed to drag it towards the bathroom until he's sharply corrected by Th'ero. When he's gone to change, he will look back down to Kimmila. "What's got him in such a mood?" he asks. Why are both his weyrmate and son grouchy?

Kimmila shrugs. "I don't know," she mutters. Then she remembers. "Oh." She peeks up at him. "He wanted to go with Ha'ze more often, and I said it was up to you…I didn't know what to say." So she said that. Better than 'hell no', right? She knows when she's too upset to make a decision, at least.

Th'ero makes a quiet noise in his throat that's close to a grunt. Really? It's all on his shoulders now? Sighing, he nuzzles her gently. "We'll talk to him first. I'm not sure if I want Kyzen tagging along with Ha'ze all the time." Especially since he's aware of what the bronzerider does on his time away from the Weyr. Not exactly… the best scenarios to possibly put a young boy in. Kyzen finally steps out of the bathroom again, dressed in clean clothes. He approaches both of them, eyes wary but curious and maybe a bit hopeful until Th'ero tells him to go sit on the couch so they can talk. Cue a rather sullen Kyzen who drags his feet over and flops down on the cushions. Shaking his head, Th'ero takes Kimmila's hand. "Shall we?" he mutters under his breath.

Kimmila watches their son and gives Th'ero a slightly apologetic look. Sorry. Yeah, it's mostly on him now. Taking his hand, she walks with him to the couch and sits down so Th'ero can sit between her and Kyzen.

Kyzen just huddles between them, not cuddling up close to either parent and glowering at the floor. Th'ero decides not to beat around the bush, giving their son credit that he's old enough now to skip the sugar coating. "Your mother told me you'd been out with Ha'ze today and didn't tell anyone." Kyzen just huffs, "I said sorry!" he protests and then goes quiet under his father's stern look. "You made her worry again, Kyzen and you forgot that you had something with her today." Kyzen starts to look guilty and sheepish, shyly glancing sidelong to his mother. "We've told you before not to run off like that." Th'ero continues and Kyzen just sighs, "I know! I forgot because I never see Ha'ze and we were supposed to find stories…"

Kimmila tilts her head a bit at that. "Stories?" Because now she's curious.

Th'ero is curious too and Kyzen knows he's been trapped! And despite the brief and not-so in-depth lesson he received on 'lying', the boy can't bring himself to do it yet to his parents. Yet. He looks miserable as he mumbles, "… I found some stuff the other day and showed Ha'ze and he said it'd be worth finding the stories of them… Abigail said I should find the people who lost it but I dunno…" That pendant is his precious! And the marks? HA! Like he's going to let those go too.

Kimmila looks over at Th'ero, confused. Does he know what Kyzen is talking about? "What did you find?"

Th'ero can only shake his head and give a slight shrug of his shoulders. He's got no clue? This is news to him. Kyzen just sinks further into the couch and when prompted as to what he's found, he says nothing but hands Kimmila a little pouch he had tied to his belt. She'll find the opalescent shell pendant wrapped in pewter within, along with the marks (basically 'pennies' in Pernese currency). "I found the pretty thing in the shallow pools of the baths and the rest in the tunnels. No one's been saying nothing about it… So they're mine, right?" Kyzen asks, glancing between his parents.

Kimmila looks surprised at what Kyzen has found, glancing over at Th'ero again, and then back. "Kyzen," she says quietly, "when you find something, you have to turn it in…" She's a bit…mortified that he /kept/ it. Pennies or not.

Th'ero doesn't seem as mortified as Kimmila but he's certainly not thrilled by their son's actions and moral decisions. The pendant he isn't so concerned about but the marks? "Kyzen," he murmurs and cuts off the boy's protests. "Your mother is right. You should have reported the lost marks. You don't take those, lost or not. It isn't right." Kyzen just pouts, looking sullen and grouchy because he knows he's done wrong but doesn't want to admit it. Still, it doesn't stop him from trying to at least reclaim the pendant from Kimmila's hands.

Kimmila lets him have it back, but she watches him. "I want you to go turn that in to Zhirayr. He'll hold it for a little while and /then/ if no one claims it, he'll give it back to you. But people who lose things don't just ask around. They go see if they've been turned in."

Kyzen snatches the pendant back and stuffs it in the pouch which is then tied to his belt again. He frowns, looking unsure and uneasy. "The man wearing black? Why him?" he whines and pouts. "But… I want the pendant. I found it! It's broken anyways. Who'd want it when it's broken?" Why does HE want it? "Kyzen…" Th'ero warns but is interrupted when the boy gestures in frustration. "How come? It's been forever anyways! And I wanna find stories…" Whatever that means.

Kimmila frowns. "Because he's the Assistant Steward and he'll put it with the other lost items. And, like I said, if no one claims it you'll get it back. You have to return it because it's not /yours/, Kyzenviro." She pauses. "What stories?"

Kyzen scowls and looks ready to sink his claws in for a good fight so Th'ero steps in again, "She is your mother, Kyzen and you're to listen to her." Because she's right. Kyzen focuses his glare of displeasure on his father now and only has it returned with a stony, levelled look. Stare down! Which ends with Kyzen lowering his eyes first and making a disgruntled sound. FINE! "I still want it," he mutters sullenly. "The story of the pendant!" he explains in an exasperated tone to his mother and then apologizes when Th'ero scolds him for it. "What has got into you lately, son?"

Kimmila also looks confused at his mood, and the pendant, and…everything that's happened today. "Is something bothering you?" she asks bluntly.

"No." Kyzen mutters with a shake of his head. Maybe his irrational behaviour is because he's tired? Th'ero frowns heavily, suspicious but not about to push the boy any further. "In the morning, you'll go to Zhirayr and we'll know if you haven't. It's the right thing to do, Kyzen, even if it's not the one you want. Life rarely plays out that way," he murmurs and gently ruffles the boy's hair. Kyzen doesn't try to move away but he looks thoroughly disappointed and a little low in spirits now. Which troubles Th'ero far more than he'd ever admit. "If it's stories you've been wanting… Your mother was really looking forwards to your outing today. You could have found some with her you know."

Kimmila shifts a bit on the couch, glancing at Kyzen. "I was really looking forward to it," she murmrus.

Sorry, Kimmila? Th'ero really hadn't meant to throw her under like that but it works. Kyzen looks ashamed and saddened that he's upset her. "Me too! I am sorry… I really am!" he tells her, squirming on the couch until he faces her and then kneeling on the cushions so that he can wrap his arms around her shoulders and neck in a sudden hug. "Don't be mad?" he mumbles against her shoulder. "We can still go?" Not today but at any time.

Kimmila is surprised at the sudden hug, but that is what finally gets her to relax and let go, as she hugs him back tightly, even rocking a bit. "We'll go," she promises. "And we'll find stories." Whatever it means, but she'll promise him that and just hope it works out later.

He may be getting to old for it but Kyzen forgets his age and cuddles down into Kimmila's lap, curling against her in a familiar way and the only way a son can with his mother. "I bet our stories will be the best," he says with confidence. Whatever that means! Th'ero only chuckles, relaxing now as well too when it seems things have calmed down. "Speaking of 'stories'. I heard Ha'ze offered for you to go with him outside the Weyr?" Waiting on Kyzen's confirmation, Th'ero will frown thoughtfully. "… we might be willing to allow it. But!" He holds up a warning hand, as Kyzen starts to ready himself for a cheerful outburst. "You have to tell us first and get permission. No excuses! Understand?" He'll look to Kimmila then. Anything she want to add to that?

Kimmila holds him tight, kissing his hair softly. "Permission first, Kyzen," she murmurs. "We need to know where you are…okay? Have Kainaesyth just tell Varmiroth or Velokraeth…"

So Kyzen is getting what he wants, at least in regards to going with Ha'ze? SCORE. Kyzen grins and wiggles excitedly, his sullen mood evaporating rapidly as he leans up to kiss Kimmila on the cheek and then squirm out of her grasp to crawl his way over to Th'ero and hug him too (but no kissing). "Thank you!" he exclaims. "I will, I will!" he promises. He won't ever forget!

Yeah right. Kimmila, though, is happy to believe him. "Excellent. Then it's settled…"

Kyzen will be in such a good mood that he's playful again and with a giggled laugh, he'll take Kimmila's hand and shake on it like the adults do for business deals. Th'ero chuckles and reaches out to ruffle Kyzen's hair and then snare him for a bit of "wrestling" until the boy yields with squeals of laughter. "Alright, you. Since plans changed, you best get to Tlazio's and explain what happened. Go get your bag," He'll give the boy a gentle push and Kyzen will go willingly to grab his stuff.

Kimmila flops back against the couch when Kyzen goes to fetch his things, giving Th'ero a look that's rather relieved. They got through that, huh? Her hand slips across the cushions, silently requesting his.

Th'ero will take her hand and squeeze firmly, looking over to her with a loving smile. "Our night will begin soon," he promises quietly but has to stop when Kyzen returns. Standing, he'll hug the boy to his side, looking down at him fondly. "You say hello to Tlazio for us, alright? And behave yourself." Please. Today was enough of a headache! "Go say goodnight to your mother." Not goodbye. Goodnight. Kyzen nods and will approach Kimmila. "Sorry for making you sad, mother." he apologizes again. "G'night."

Kimmila gives Kyzen a tight hug and ruffles his hair. "Good night, Kyzen," she says. "Get home safely." No running off again!

Kyzen beams up at his parents, "I will!" he promises again and while he does run off, it's just out of the weyr, down the stairs and across the bowls and back 'home' to his foster parents (who will be very surprised to see him).