Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Flutelike and bold Kainaesyth's song rings above the hold as the bronze bursts from the cool of between into the still warm air above the weyr. Slowly he descends to rest upon the ground to allow the pair upon his back to dismount. Ha'ze works on the straps quickly to release the boy in front of him, the pair of them looking like they've had a day of it. Both are covered in black ash, Ha'ze up to his knees and Kyzen well, Kyzen just all over.

Kyzen now matches the colour of his hair! Something he'd find immensely amusing if he could see himself right now. As it stands, the boy is in quite the mood. He rode on Kainaesyth's back! He went on adventures (yes, that venture counts as one!) and there possibly couldn't be anything that could ruin this moment. Right? Once released, Kyzen will begin to dismount, leaping the last bit to land heavily on his feet and giggling as he stumbles and has to reach out to touch Kainaesyth's foreleg for balance.

That's when Varmiroth sees him from the Star Stones, and not a minute later Kimmila is storming out of the caverns, dressed in riding gear and ready to go…somewhere. But where? She didn't KNOW. Angry Kimmila. "WHERE have you been?!" she hollers, both at the boy and then at Ha'ze, her eyes narrowing. YOU. She LIKED you.

Kainaesyth obliges the boy by scooting that foreleg a bit so the boy doesn't stumble too much. Ha'ze isn't as quick to get off the bronze's back and is still very much up there and undoing the ties on a page when irate Kimmila appears on the scene. He pauses in his work and raises an eyebrow at the woman. "There a problem?" His tone is bland, and he abandons that bag to slide down to the ground, reaching out to put a hand on Kyzen's shoulder to squeeze slightly.

Kyzen freezes like an animal caught in a trap, eyes widening as he hears that familiar voice hollering. Uh oh? And his attempt to escape is rendered impossible by Ha'ze putting a hand on his shoulder. Still, the bronzerider will feel him fidget and squirm as the boy pointedly looks away from his irate mother and looking embarrassed and guilty. "I forgot…" he mumbles.

Kimmila stomps up towards son and bronzerider, eyes darting between one and the other. "What was that?" she asks, looking sternly down at the boy. "Do you know how worried I've been? We've had this outing planned for /sevens/, and when I go to find you, you're just *gone*. Not a word to anyone," here she looks at Ha'ze accusingly, "just vanished into thin air without a trace."

Once upon a time, Ha'ze was actually afraid of Kimmila. But that was before Kainaesyth, and he's chaned a lot since then. So he doesn't finch a bit under her anger, just squeezes the kid's shoulder again. "Offered to let the kid come along to be seein' how to collect stories. There ain't no harm done." Clearly, she is overreacting, and his expression says as much as his eyebrow arches upwards.

Kyzen wants to sink into a hole somewhere. Really! He does. Which may be why he shrinks back and just so happens to have Ha'ze as a sort've go-to. The bronzerider may not be afraid of Kimmila, but the boy is (as he should be) and he looks crestfallen for his mother's upset. "I said I forgot!" he tells her, expression twisting. "Didn't mean to! I'm sorry. Wasn't Ha'ze's fault either cause I forgot and said yes…" Babbling, his run on explanation is cut short as he sneezes, which sends some ash and soot in his hair scattering and more being smeared across his face as he wipes at his nose.

Kimmila scowls at Kyzen and then scowls at Ha'ze. "Where did you go? Didn't tell anyone either, Varmiroth can't reach very far, here I am, trying to find him, worried…" Of course with her past, she thought he'd run off and gotten kidnapped and murdered by some yet-unknown evil in Fort's forests…

Lesson two in Lying. Ha'ze isn't about to tell an angry mother that he took her kid somewhere that while not UNSAFE isn't exactly SAFE. (Hey, at least it wasn't a seedy bar somewhere?) So when the bronzerider opens his mouth it's a lie that pops right out. "Was just showin' him some of the forest that burned, and how it was growin' back already."

Kyzen looks confused when Ha'ze tells his lie and almost blows the bronzerider's cover right there. "Lots of it burned…" he adds and it fits to the story Ha'ze has woven. See? He's even covered in soot and ash! Clearly they're telling the truth. Again, the boy peers up at Kimmila and there's no falsehood in the apologetic look in his eyes. "Sorry I forgot, mother and made you mad and worried. But I'm okay now!" So please be happy again?

Kimmila focuses in on Ha'ze for a long moment. Her senses are tingling, but… she has no /proof/ and she wonders if it's just part of her that still doesn't trust him fully because of his past, when she knows she should be better than that. So she doesn't question it. She looks down at Kyzen again. "You need a bath."

And Ha'ze and Kyzen are totally innocent, right? Just a lot of ash everywhere. Ha'ze reaches out and brushes a bit of ash off of the boy's head. Hopefully Kimm doesn't look too close, because the bits of wood that hang to his hair don't look at all like the wood around Fort. "Just little dirt, brushes off easy enough."

Kyzen ducks his head out from under Ha'ze's hand and will sidestep from the bronzerider too. He can do that himself! With both hands, he begins to run and brush them through his hair, shaking out Faranth knows what. What was he doing? Rolling in the burned forests? Pausing, his nose wrinkles as he peers up at Kimmila. "Do I have to?" Whine and instant salvation from Ha'ze! He brightens, "Yeah, just a little dirt."

Kimmila just /looks/ at Kyzen. No words. Just a look. Really, kid? You're lucky she's not bending you over her knee.

That look on Kimmila's face causes Ha'ze head to tilt sideways, just slightly, as if he's thinking a thought. Just briefly a shadow crosses before he shakes it away. "He's a quick learner." A compliment to appease angry mama, as Ha'ze turns back to Kainaesyth and climps up the straps to get his bag down. "I'd be willin' to have him along most times."

Kyzen instantly clams up and hangs his head at that look from Kimmila, scuffing a boot against the ground. It lasts all of a minute until Ha'ze says that and, forgetting that Kimmila was (is?) still angry, the boy bounds up to her side and tugs at her tunic with dirty hands. "Can I? We can do our stuff and I can go with Ha'ze and do stuff with him too!"

Kimmila frowns down at her son. "I'm going to have to speak with your father about any future adventures outside of the weyr, Kyzenviro. We'll have to wait and see what he says." Dun dun DUN.

Bag secured Ha'ze slips back down and tugs it over his shoulder. "Then I'll be waitin' to hear from you or he." Yay weyrleader talks? "I got to be goin' and seein' the twins." Can he go past angry mama please?

Hear that sound? That's Kimmila popping that bubble of hope Kyzen was cherishing. The boy's expression falls first to disappointment and then to disappointed tears. Could be he's tired too, but… "Why can't I? How come he's gotta say so?" he protests, his voice whining and frustrated. Not fair! Rapidly he turns sulky, arms folding across his chest as he pouts. Weyrleader talks, indeed! Won't that be a delight?

Kimmila dips her head to Ha'ze and steps aside, and then she looks down at Kyzen. *pop* "Because he is your father." Duh.

Sorry Kyzen, this is where Ha'ze abandons him. He'll idly wonder if Abigail or Jajen will ever use that tone on one of his before he steps past. A single hand is lifted upwards as a farewell to the boy, and perhaps a bit of good luck thrown in there.

Woe! Abandoned by his friend! Kyzen just waves miserably as Ha'ze moves past, knowing full well there's nothing he can do and he's getting to be too old to stomp his feet and wail in protest. Still, that won't stop him from whining and just… being a royal pain for Kimmila. Yay, it's her lucky day? So he'll snidely mock her 'because he's your father' and probably learn another lesson today: don't play with fire or better known as 'don't piss off your already furious mother further'.