Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Spring is slowly edging into an early summer but it'd be hard to tell by the rain falling outside. The first of the summer storms! While most folk don't mind it and work out in it regardless, it doesn't provide much interest to the Weyr's younger population. Which may explain why Kyzen is by the hearths, tucked up against the wall and corner, legs crossed and hunched over. Unusual because the boy is never this quiet or still and that can mean many things: he either knows something or he's hiding something or a combination of all of the above. Being "wise" for his age, he's trying to appear as unobtrusive as possible despite being in the sparsely filled living caverns. If he's not acting up or racing about, no one will "see" him, right?

Ha'ze is packing his bags again, ready to head off after a few sevens of staying in the weyr (or at Drake's Lake) with Fort's newest members. He has the air of distraction around him as he strides through the caverns heading for the kitchen. He sees Kyzen, but doesn't click that quiet probably equals up to no good.

What does click in Kyzen's mind upon seeing Ha'ze is that if one has a secret to share, why not with a 'friend'? He may not see the bronzerider much these days, but the boy hasn't forgotten their past crossings. Scrabbling to his feet, he'll rush to Ha'ze's side, awkwardly clutching one arm to his front but whatever it is he's carrying is hidden. "Ha'ze!" he calls before the bronzerider can reach the kitchens. "Where you going? Got some time?" he asks hurriedly and breathless from his dash across the caverns, head tilted upwards with a hopeful (and slightly mischievous) look in his eyes.

Heading out of the kitchens is Katrina, carrying a few plates to set up next to the food that she just delivered for dinner. It's a meat stew, fresh bread and vegetables tonight. Something hearty and healthy. She is wearing as usual an apron with her wild red hair pulled up behind her into a bun. The rest of her clothes is fairly standard and boring. Humming to herself, she is swaying back and forth as she moves, almost as if dancing on a cloud.

Ha'ze doesn't quite grind to a stop when the boy hustles over, but he does slow. His gaze drifts over to his bag, the desire to go fighting with the ability to be patient. Shoving away the itch Ha'ze inclines an eyebrow at the kid. "Yeah. What's up Kyzen?" Katrina moving past with food gets a spare glance before Ha'ze puts his attention back on the kid.

Kyzen will be distracted by Katrina's arrival because of the food she carries. He's a growing boy! So of course food always gets a look of interest but Ha'ze's attention draws him back. "I found some stuff!" he stage whispers, grinning now in delight that he's managed to share his "big secret" with the bronzerider (and delayed his important need to leave for his childish fantasies). "Wanna see?" He's already scrabbling towards a chair, all but bouncing with delight but trying to contain himself.

Offering only a brief smile to those who glance her way, Katrina for the most part, like any baker, fades into the background of hustle and bustle of the noise within the Weyr. She serves a few plates of food to the residents that wander over, then goes about collecting dirty dishes off the tables for a scrubbing.

Ha'ze catches that look that Kyzen sends towards Katrina, and when she passes again, he reaches out to grab a loaf of bread from her hands and follows the kid. "What did you find?" Curious despite himself, Ha'ze settles the bread where Kyzen can grab it if he wants and leans on the table to see what it is the kid has.

Kyzen resists just pouncing on that bread the moment Ha'ze snatches it (and may be a little awed at how the bronzerider just does it!) and sets it in his reach. When asked what he has, the boy suddenly acts suspicious, tensing as he glances from side to side. "This!" he murmurs low, wiggling on the chair seat he's kneeling on to pass over his found loot. The pouch, which is open, makes an audible clicking noise. Familiar. Marks. The boy has found marks and while not drowning in riches, it's more than a seven Turn old boy likely ever sees. "Found it and a shiny. That was in the water." Uh. What water? The "shiny" is a opalescent pendant set in pewter, though it doesn't look to be gemstone but shell. Pretty, not terribly expensive but valuable to some. Just the pendant though, no braided chain and the little loop at the top looks broken.

Blinking as Ha'ze snags the loaf of bread out of her hands, Katrina pauses, squints her eyes, but wisely goes back to the table for a fresh loaf. This time, she cuts it into slices, then starts to serve them out once more.

The key is not really caring much how much it annoys others when things just happen. Ha'ze doesn't even spare a second thought for the baker as Kyzen reveals his treasure. A chair is hooked with a foot and drug closer so that the bronzerider can get a better look at the small treasure. The marks are ignored in favor of the pendant, he reaches outwards for the pendant, his eyes going slightly far away as Kainaesyth weighs in. "These probably got a story behind them." Guess who said that? "That cavern room?" Ha'ze goes to clarify what water as his eyes search for any identifying marks.

Story? Stream room? Huh? Kyzen's expression is briefly puzzled as he looks up from stuffing his face full of bread from the loaf pinched straight from the baker by Ha'ze. The boy eyes Katrina slicing more of that bread and wonders if he'd ever dare be so nonchalant as to just snag food. Hmm. "Nuh huh, not that place. This was in the baths in the smaller pools," he mumbles around a mouth full of food, dropping crumbs and probably muddling half those words to be half coherent. Kyzen swallows, eyeing that pendant while Ha'ze examines it and fidgets in his seat. Finally, he starts to reach for it. Give it back? "How d'you know they have stories?"

"Ahhh…" Ha'ze turns it over one more time before the small hand comes into his vision. Promptly he gives it back, a bit of a speculative look on his face. "Nothing just appears kid," He leans back a bit as he continues to eye the marks and pendant. "Especially things that have been worked. Even if it's just a small story- ripped pants or such, it's somethin'. You gonna find out what the story is?" Not, are you going to try to return it, Ha'ze does believe in finders-keepers.

Kyzen picks his 'friends' well and the boy beams, relieved when he avoids the lecture. Which means he knows better but since Ha'ze isn't laying down the law and rules and no one else is stepping up, the boy is going to keep his loot. His hand closes around the pendant, already growing possessive over it. "Does it matter if I do or don't?" he peers at Ha'ze, his hand now reaching for that pouch of marks too. He'll just… take those back too! "What's so important about stories anyhow?" Gasp! Did Kainaesyth here that?

Ha'ze shrugs and as Kyzen reaches for the marks, he reaches for the bread and tears off a hunk. His shoulders roll as a half smile touches his lips. "Are you satisfied not knowin'? Havin' the thing is only half of it." He pauses to stuff some bread in his voice before he goes on. Yes, Kainaesyth HEARD THAT. "You got a thing, that's somethin'. But if you have the sotry then you got somethin' that can't ever get lost. If it's interestin' enough, you got somethin' to be sharin' too."

Kyzen's brows knit as he ponders that over as best as a seven Turn old boy can (which isn't much). He'll look down at his coveted loot, frowning and looking far too much like his father in this instance. "I… guess?" he says slowly. Which means he hasn't quite grasped the concept. "How do I find a story though? I dun want everyone knowing I got these… cause I'll have to share." His nose wrinkles but they both know the truth: Kyzen knows if he goes asking about too much, someone's going to correct him or take them.

Ha'ze gives serious thought to the boy's question, and even spares a moment to think about the morality of the advice he's about to give. But, a slight shrug, Kyzen's not his kid right? "You lie. When you're askin' questions you say you knew someone, or you saw a picture, or say you heard tell 'bout it yourself. Claim you was lookin' to make one of your friends be givin' somethin' back." Isn't that what Ha'ze does as he's searching for more information on the firesetter? "If you don't feel comfortable lyin, you just find yourself a place, and be listenin'. Found 'em in the baths? Start there."

Kyzen's eyes widen as though he's just been given the best advice ever! Woah, his parents and the Harpers never teach him this. Ha'ze is like… the best friend a kid could have! His mouth drops open too. Lie? "Isn't that a bad thing? Harpers and father say not to lie. Even Velokraeth hates it." he points out sagely, peering at Ha'ze. Is this a trick? He frowns again, then bobs his head, finding the alternative much more palatable (no, he's not brave enough to start lying yet). "And that'll give me stories?" More like gossip! Kyzen is seated at a table with Ha'ze, having just shown the bronzerider some marks and a pendant he found in the baths. The boy has become very fond of his found loot and is currently discussing finding the stories behind it while munching on some fresh bread snagged straight from a tray Katrina had been carrying. It's raining outside and despite that the caverns are sparsely filled.

Ha'ze shrugs. "If it ain't hurin' no one, why not?" He stuffs another hunk of bread in his mouth and chews it completly as he keeps thinking about the question. "Well. It takes some patience. Somtimes the stories come slow and you got to be listenin' to a lot before you can piece together the story."

Abigail has had a rather busy time as of late, twins tend to do that even more so when they are born early and other worries come into place. The brownrider hasn't left the Infirmary for long, if at all unless told to go, though now it seems things are doing well for she is making her way on into the caverns for a few moments on her own it seems.

Kyzen's nose scrunches up and he just gives Ha'ze a look. Patience? Pfft. "Seems like a lot of trouble just for some stories on these things," he mutters, eyeing the pouch he has tucked against his side. "You sure it's worth it? What if I never get the stories?"

"You learn a lot just listenin'. Sometimes hear things you can be usin' othertimes, just things to be passin' the time." Ha'ze taps a finger against the table as he examines the kid in front of him. Seven was young, but Ha'ze hadn't been much younger when Laris' and his group had swept his life into pieces. His eyes sweep across Abigail and he raises a hand to her in welcome, though his tone quiets so that only Kyzen can hear his next offer. "You want to be comin' once, when I'm gatherin' stories for your father?" Because Th'ero will TOTALLY approve that."

Abigail wanders on to grab a mug of klah, something she's been drinking a lot of, though from the looks of it she just needs a good nights sleep.. Which she is guesses will never happen again. Her gaze drifts over the area and she catches sight of Ha'ze and Kyzen while she moves on over towards the pair. "Whatare ye two talking about?" This questioned with a curious one while she settled upon a seat next to Ha'ze, she caught that wave of his hand.

Kyzen's thoughts on right and wrong in keeping his found items are shoved to the side when Ha'ze offers THAT. It's a wonder the boy doesn't leap off the chair and dash about excitedly but he does sit up straighter and his chair runs the risk of tipping and tossing him off onto the ground. "Really? You'd let me come with you!?" YES he'd go! Duh, what kind of kid would say no? He's not even thinking a single thought about what Th'ero (or Kimmila!) would say. As Abigail takes a seat, Kyzen instantly calms down and sort've takes that hunched position that he thinks looks casual but literally puts a 'Guilty' sign above his head. "Nothin'…" He lies, peering to Ha'ze. Like that, right?

Ha'ze manges to stuff back a snort of laughter. The kid has a lot to learn about lying. Like, telling just enough the truth that people believe it, but not givin' everything away. As Abigail moves closer Ha'ze stands but leans down to give her a kiss on the cheek. "Kyzen heard a story 'bout some missin' items and was askin' the best way to be helpin' find them." The bronzerider raises an eyebrow, "But I got to be headin' out. Gonna be gone a few days, I think I got a lead on what I was chasin' afore the babies were born. Just a few days. Kyzen," Ha'ze nods at the boy, his face totally bland, "I'll be askin' waht you heard when I'm gettin' back." It's Ha'ze's way of telling the boy that yes, he'll take him out, without saying as many words in front of Abigail. Bending he scoops his bag into his head and takes his steps towards the kitchen and the oringinal goal of getting food for his trip.

Abigail just peers at Kyzen, good luck there trying to pull the wool over her eyes on the lying bit. It as if someone stuck a flashing light right there upon the dear boys head. Though lucky for him Ha'ze steals her attention and she smiles at the kiss while giving him a quick one back. "Take care while yer gone." She watches him a few moments while he is off to gather up the supplies before she looks back to Kyzen. "So, what sort of story did ye hear about the items?" This questioned while she just eyes him with that motherly sort of look while sipping at her drink, you know that look that make kids worry and fret that they could have done something wrong and they know they have been caught.

Kyzen pulls a face as Ha'ze kisses Abigail, even if just to the cheek. "Eew! Gross," he grumbles, eyeing both of them. Cooties! Ha'ze has definitely got lying down pat or at least glossing over the truth. The truth is is that Kyzen possesses items that should have been turned in as lost but the boy is now keeping as his own — with the promise to find their "stories". "I'll get 'em!" he tells Ha'ze before trying not to pout too much when he goes. Kyzen is about to slip off his chair but Abigail's question makes him pause and stare at her like a snared rabbit. "Uh… That both were lost? One was shiny…" he fumbles, not meeting the brown rider's eyes as he picks at the table's surface with his fingers. Liar, liar?

"What was lost, and what was shiny?" Abigail questions while there is a bit of amusement seen as she watches him pick at that table. Yep.. She figured this was a bit more then just hearing stories. "Who told ye they was lost?" Now she is just curous, perhaps it is something fancy and important that was lost after all.

Kyzen is not Ha'ze and nor is he an adult. He's a boy and one that isn't a hardened rebel (yet — if ever). So he'll crumble soon enough under Abigail's questions, unable to play the game of cryptic half-truths and lies. "No one," he says glumly, still picking at the table and reaching to his belt where he'd tied the pouch. "I did. So I was gonna find the story of them because they're mine now," Right?

Abigail has a hard time getting through Ha'ze cryptic tales and half-truths at times, still she deals with it. She lifts her head a touch while looking to pouch where the items are to be found. "Ye could find the story of them, but they need to go back to the ones that own them Kyzen." This said with a soft tone while she watches him curiously. "Where did ye find 'em?"

"Do I have to give them back?" Kyzen pouts, visibly sagging back into his chair. See? This is why he didn't want to say anything! One of his hands touch the pouch protectively. "What if they don't have no one to them? I found one in the shallows in the baths and the rest tucked in a hole in the tunnels. If no one wanted them, then they're mine!" Only he's not telling her or showing her what it is.

Abigail nods to the bit on him having to give them back. "Aye, someone could be looking for them." She points to the pouch in question that he is trying to hide. "What are they? If ye lost something and wanted it back wouldn't ye be sad if someone kept it and never returned it?" This questioned with a curious tone before lifting a finger. "Now, if ye attempt ta find the owner think of the story that will be. Ye found it in the middle of nowhere and searched and searched for the one it belong to."

Kyzen frowns, "What if they're not?" he counters and twists a bit when he notices she's looking at the pouch. Nope! HIS. Though he hesitates now when she puts that question to him. He frowns, pondering it and then smartly (too smart ass, really), "I wouldn't lose my stuff." he sniffs, only to have his shoulders drop. But? "… I guess I would be sad though." And he doesn't like to think of sad people missing something they lost. Reluctantly and with great effort he hands over the little pouch. Within it, Abigail will find a opalescent shell pendant set in pewter. Pretty, fairly inexpensive as far as jewelry goes but the loop used to thread a chain through is broken. The other items are marks. Nothing high priced, just "pennies" really but a fortune to a boy his age. Abigail's hint of a story seems to perk Kyzen's spirits and interests. "Yeah…? That's a story? … is that what Ha'ze meant?"

Abigail ahs softly and smiles to Kyzen. "It is good that ye would not lose anything. Though everyone does at some point in time in there life so just remember that." She offers softly while letting her arms fold upon the table while she looks over the items, the pendant and she smies a bit while pointing at the chain. "See this? The chain is broken, so it looks like who lost it was by accident." As for the marks she doesn't seem that worried about them. "Indeed it could be such a story by trying to find the owner of this pendant. What.. if it is from someone that doesn't live here, and is at some far away place and has no idea what they could have lost it?" Which may lead to how he could help find the other. "Ye could make signs and put them around, and perhaps a firelizard or two that I know of can take them to other places to get the word out.. Who knows maybe there is a reward for it if the owner finds out yer keeping it safe."

Kyzen nods his head and then reaches to reclaim the pendant and marks again and if Abigail allows him to take it, will put the pouch back on his belt. He hesitates again, worrying his lower lip and fidgeting. "I dunno…" he mumbles, balking. Sign making? Doesn't seem to be an idea he's excited about. A reward? More his thing but still he isn't sold. He's stubborn, just like his parents. "If I go about asking for the story on 'em like Ha'ze said and no one comes and says nothing… Can I have them then?"

"If ye put forth the effort into trying to find who they belong to then yes I don't see why not." Abigail offers softly while she lets Kyzen take hold of the items once more. "But ye must try. It is only right to at least /attempt/ to find who it belongs to Kyzen." So she isn't shutting him down fully with him not getting to keep it.

Kyzen considers Abigail's offer (or warning?) and slowly bobs his head. "Okay. Alright. I'll try," he promises as sincerely as a seven Turn old boy can. Sensing that he has an opening to escape, he will begin to edge away from the table. He's a few steps in when he pauses again, "You won't tell my father or mum will you?" Peering at Abigail, it appears to seriously concern him.

Abigail would never give a child a warning, especially the Weyrleader's child, right? This isn't a life or death issue after all. "I won't, but I will be checking in to make sure ye have attempted to find the owner." This said with a soft tone while she looks to the boy, eyeing him a touch before a smile is seen. "Go on and have fun the rest of the afternoon."

How is that not a warning? Kyzen certainly takes it as one… because he was totally going to shirk on finding the owner. Now with a Wingleader telling him she'll be checking in? You bet he's spooked enough to reconsider his daring attempt at rebellion! "Thanks for not telling them!" he says, regaining some of his cheery disposition and darts off — only to return and properly dip his head. "Afternoon, Wingleader!" Not about to be caught for lack of manners! Then he's running off for good, disappearing somewhere within the Weyr as the rain continues to fall outside.