Who Doktah Ibreily, Leimna, Sygni, Vossrik, Xhanfyr
What Candidates gather in the bathing cavern.
When Summer, Turn 2711
Where Bathing Cavern, Fort Weyr

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Fort Weyr - Bathing Cavern
A high, domed ceiling stretches far overhead, voices echoing in the distance. Warm, moist air fills the room, coming from the variety of pools scattered about. Vines have been planted in baskets and grow up the walls, thriving in the soft artificial light provided by glows placed at random intervals about the room.

Vossrik's trying to join the marine dive team, apparently, judging by how quickly he dives to the bottom of the baths and emits a string of airbubbles. It takes a surprisingly long amount of time for him to surface with a great spray of water, coughing and sputtering, his hair clinging in damp curls to his forehead. "Yeah," he croaks, clearing his throat. "Got it."

"Th'ero would kindly ask that you keep speculation of his or her extremely private privates private - and thanks you to stop imagining the enormous size of it now, thank you." INAPPROPRIATE. Leimna knows it - she doesn't care. She even continues with a whispered, "It's huge." Leimna takes a long moment to watch Vossrik attempt to drown himself (notably without making a dive to save him, and then settles blue eyes back on Dok as she rejoins the fun. "And if you don't believe that I'm Th'ero and not Leimna, we can go ask the man himself." A pause, as Leia leans on the edge of the pool, elbow on the lip of it, chin in her hand, suspicious hair follicles departing to become one with the water. "Spoiler alert: I'm right here." Vossrik resurfaces and Leimna's delight goes up about ten very obvious notches as she pushes across the pool and WRAPS HERSELF LIKE A KRAKEN TENTACLE OF DOOM around Voss. PRESS. JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE. "Did you get my present?" she asks, nuzzling the side of his face because creepy is her Faranth given talent. And then, still clinging, she smiles at Dok. "So what did you want to talk to Leimna about anyway?"

Doktah is watching all of this from an uncomfortably close vantage point, lurking just behind Leimna as she berates the bathing Vossrik. Doktah herself is completely naked at this point, which surely doesn't add to the awkwardness in the slightest. As usual, she seems sort of vaguely confused by the going ons. "I was going to attempt to provide you with advice as far as achieving romantic intimacy with Vossrik." She says softly to the coiling Leimna. "… Though it appears such advice is, perhaps, unnecessary."

How does somebody who's been in lessons get so much poop on them? Steadily shedding clothes, keeping up a stream of curses that would make the most seasoned sailor blush, Ibreily is HERE. "Weyrleader, stop harassing the candidates." That's a drive-by, because no way is Ibby polluting the better pools with all. that. poop. Instead she hops one-legged, removing boots and socks and underpants, and takes a stomping path into a smaller, more quick-flowing part of the caverns. "And if sharding Hy'toret ever tells you the baby caprines don't have poop on them, it's sharding mud, kick him in the nose for me." SPLASH. Angry splashing. She'll just be here, angrily sanding poop out of her hair.

More hack-ack-acking. "DO NOT! ENCOURAGE HER!" Vossrik calls from over Leimna's shoulder, his face puckering into a frown that centers on his screwed-up nose. "Wha… he… am I asleep? Can someone wake me up? Please?" His hands rest gently but firmly on Leimna's hips. Gotta leave room for Faranth. "Uh, yeaaaaah, Leimna. It was, um. Where'd you find such a large rodent, anyway?"

It's like a spell to summon Sygnis - water, shit, swearing, and naked people! The only thing missing is fire— Oh no, wait, she brought that herself. In sprints the blonde candidate, fist packed with lit sparklers, trailing vaguely maniacal laughter as she darts into the bathing caverns from the living area beyond. "Hide me hide me hide me!," she squeaks through a cackle, not even bothering to shed clothes or drop lit flamesticks, she simply plunges into the water with most of her fellow candidates, disappearing under the surface and staying there as though trying to outdo Vossrik's earlier stunt. At least she didn't cannonball? Stomping feet noises immediately precede a grumpy, vaguely-familiar Journeyman Healer, who squints into the caverns, finds not his quarry, and heads back out again. Someone might wanna tap Syg before she drowns. Just maybe.

IBBY TO THE RESCUE! Her cousin comes in, imparting titles like 'Weyrleader', and Leimna positively beams. "I told you so," she whispers, winking before her attention goes back onto Voss. Mischief is first and foremost in her gaze, and she leans uncomfortably close, ejecting Faranth as her arms come around his neck and lips find his ear. "I could tell you, but then I'd have to k-" SYGNI DANGER. Leimna's attention is once again PULLED AWAY by her second miscreant cousin as she dives all clothed into the pool and - oh yes. FIRE. Well, not so much anymore, but there was fire. Eyes go to the Journeyman Healer, and then Risali disengages herself to take a deep breath and - DOWN SHE GOES. TAP. When she resurfaces, it's with an, "IIIIIIBBBBBBBY. I CAN'T SMELL YOU WHEN YOU'RE THAT FAR AWAY. Come here, right this instant!" POOP OR NO. SHE WILL BATHE IN YOUR FILTH WITH YOU. For a moment, Leia's eyes watch the water waiting for Syg to surface, and then she scrunches her nose at Doktah with a giggle. "Well he's not hiding behind chairs or melting into walls anymore, so I think I'm courting him pretty well." BACKWARDS SCOOT, lean beside Vossrik. She is petting the hair by his ear and the shell of it with the tip of her finger, thank you. "Aren't I, big boy?"

The baths are getting so crowded all of a sudden. Doktah edges back a little at the arrival of Ibreily. Best to give anyone with that much poop on them a very wide berth. "Er…" Then Sygni is in attendance! For some reason, this brings a blush to Doktah's face. Usually the TechCrafter is pretty shameless about nudity, but for SOME REASON NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY FIGURE OUT, Doktah looks a little shy and lifts her arms to at least shield her breasts from the view of the resident weyr pyromaniac. But she must remember her task here! She has vital advice to give the happy couple. She eyes Leimna and Vossrik with some concern. "I… suppose that is true?" She replies to Leimna, though her expression suggests deep reservations about this particular pairing. "… I have an idea." She declares after a moment's thought, in a worrying sort of tone. She does not immediately elaborate on what this idea is, merely that she has it.

Really, Xhanfyr had more or less a good day. He got up with Rukbat, had a nice breakfast, got dragged through between for the first time atop a gold dragon after being thoroughly humiliated (maybe that wasn't so good) but then was in Stonehaven to pick up some fruit trees which was better. Back in time for lunch, more chores, dinner and now a bath! So, definitely stuff there to work with. Now however, he pad in on bare feet into the bathing cavern to find utter chaos, which he really shouldn't be surprised about considering one or two people had rushed past him and had watched as a rather steamed looking healer walked in and then out. Xhan isn't sure at all what to expect when he turns the corner and steps inside just to stop. Clutching his towel, wide eyes pass over the collection of people, most of whom were familiar, one or maybe two that were not. Teeth are applied to his lower lip, edging in a little more just to peek to see if there is anyway he was going to get in and clean without being noticed perhaps. The nakedness? IGNORED. Nope. Not looking. Just ignore the blush creeping up his cheeks as he takes another step forward, brown eyes down along the floor where its safe. Good floor. Such a good floor.

Doktah's 'er' is echoed by Vossrik's 'eep'. Then he just softly keens, his eyes popping out like a thyroid patient as whatever Leimna's underwater exploration does. Wait, is he grinning? There's a certain light in his eyes as understanding dawns, somewhere, in his brain and/or glands. "Uhhhhh… uh… huh?" he blurts when Leimna's more safely (aww :() wrapped around him. "Uhhh, Xhan, please, come in. Please." His voice croaks and cracks like a 12 year old. "And uhhh. Ibs, maybe rinse off before you get…" SPLOOOOOOSH. "I'm trying to get clean here. And what'd you do to make Doktah blush? I thought she wasn't able." Man, nobody here came to get clean! Apparently we're here to get FIL-THAAAAY!

"Get back here, Chadham! I've got a FESTERING BOIL TO SHOW YOU." That's Ibreily's attempt to help. It's not actually helpful, but she looks crabby enough to chase the healer down and shove her poop-y hair right in his eyeballs. Waiting for the poop-water to disperse takes a few, but Ibby takes the moment to soap her hair up for the first time 'round; a nice, frothy brownish kind of sudsing. Delightful. Water clear, the harper ducks her head under, rising to squint beadily over at Leia. "I doubt Doktah or Vossrik'd appreciate the poo, Leia." She doesn't-quite-holler. Sygni and Leia, well, THEY'VE SEEN WORSE. Doktah's blushing gets a delighted grin from Ibby, but the candidate doesn't push, instead dunking under the water to attempt to scrub off more of the crap. Thoroughly weyrbred, Ibby doesn't even register Xhanfyr's discomfort, instead waving a hand and declaring "Don't bathe downstream of me." in a tone that suggests that he really ought to listen. "I'm not gonna get poop on you, Voss. What d'ya think I am, here?" Snort, grin. "Somebody poke Sygni before she drowns down there."

If Leimna is the Kraken, then what does that make Sygni? Perhaps Charybdis, as she rises from the water with a deep inhale before she's right back to laughing again, pushing a handful of blonde hair back out of her face with a, "Thanks. Wasn't sure how much longer I could'a stayed under." ALAS, that she missed Ibreily's WORDS for Chadham, or she might've set to cackling again - instead, she just wrinkles her nose and squints back at the wafting candidate. "Faranth, Ibsy. You're supposed to scoop the poo, not roll in it." Thank you, Sygni. Blue eyes snatch on Doktah next, too many teeth flashing in a wicked grin as she greets her with a nod and a murmured, "Suit. Any mischief to be had today?" She asks as she sets down suspiciously wang-shaped, now very damp sparklers on the side of the pool. Kettle. Next comes Xhan, who is newly-arrived enough that she just has to ask, "Was he mad?" A point towards the door indicates the Journeyman Healer. And that leaves Leimna and Vossrik, whom she favors with the waggliest of browwaggles. "Gettin' clean or gettin' dirty?," she drawls, choking back laughter for Lei's ear-tracing. "Did he get your present?" A flicked glance between Doktah and Vossrik, and then a shrug. "Probably reminder her that she lied like a lying liar who lies all over my official documents last time I was at the Healers."

Xhanfyr freezes as he hears his name, having almost managed to creep his way past the first bench right there past the doorway with everyone's attention locked in on someone else. There is a very real wince that lasts longer than it should which turns it more into a grimace really, before he very quickly dares the briefest of glances the he thinks that Vossrik might be and oh boy does he ever regret it. Damn large caverns and echoes, because that is so not his bestie there. No. "Oh, crap!" Well, according to Ibreily there, yes. Yes, it was. He instantly covers his eyes and thrusts a hand out in defense of himself. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He takes a breath, lets it out and drops the hand even if he's as red as can be and keeps his eyes squeezed shut. "Um, could you…let go of my friend…please?" he asks and he's even polite about it, but if Vossrik expected Xhan to charge in there like he had that night in the woods with daggers flying he had another thing coming. Even his wits fail him, because he probably thinks that words are going to accomplish something here. He had come to the bathing cavern, completely unarmed. At least he was still dressed, so that's something. "Uh…uhhhhh…who? Uh? T-t-the h-h-healer guy? Uh. Yes. I would say yes. Definitely mad." he quickly responds to Syngi. Still. Not. Looking. He even claps a hand over his already squeezed shut eyes. You know, just in case.

"I'm not blushing." Insists the blushing Doktah. The increasingly occupied water gets eyed. Warmth and cover seem suddenly desirable. Yet Ibreily's appearance has now made her worried about the sanitariness of sharing pools with others. It is an extreme conundrum. "… You are still calling me suit." Doktah observes to Sygni. She glances sideways to Xhanfyr. "I believe your friend is in… good hands." For a certain definition of good. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Into the water she goes, trying to find a nook as far from the others as possible. "… Is your arm better?" She asks Sygni quietly, leaning ever so slightly in her direction.

"Eep?" Vossrik eeps questioningly, raising a shaky brow over his tremulously smiling face. "Uh i-i-it's okay, Xhanfyr. I am surprisingly alright." That's gotta be a first for him in the baths. Especially when he's in mixed company. The eyebrow starts twitching, his blue eyes crossing to look closely at his nose, and he stutters out an 'uhhhhhh' as he sinks further into the bath, croaking out a, "I think I need help." Or a teacher or some other kind of adult or parent figure.

Xhan wants her to let go? Leimna gives him a look that says FIGHT ME. Or might just be her rising slightly above the water because HEYYYYYY. Blushing man, LOOK AT THESE PRETTIES. And then she is JUMPING UP, USING VOSSRIK AS LEVERAGE AND — LOOK AT THOSE GOODIES. "THEY DON'T MIND, IBBY! COME!" Arms go around Voss' neck and she LEEEEAAAANNNS BACK to lock eyes with Sygni. What is nudity? Or shame? This woman has no idea (or is just entirely too comfortable with her body). "He did. He asked questions, though. I think we need to kill him." All somber tones, all said as blue eyes chase Chadham and then land on Doktah. One, two three, SMILE. Why she's smiling will go unsaid, but suddenly Voss is RELEASED TO THE WILDS. SPLOOSH (that would be her standing up with a SUDDENNESS). "I would love to stay and watch you pretty boys -" Pause. "— and girls blush, and swim, and fandoogle your dangos, but I have a date with some impressive ass." Out of the pool she gets, hands on her hips, standing there DRIPPING at them for a moment, and then she retrieves her Th'ero clothing and pulls it on. "My ass, by the way. In case you were wondering." Which means Th'ero's. Giggle. FLOUNCE. DON'T HAVE TOO MUCH FUN, CHILDREN. "IBBY, SYGIE - GIVE VOSS A GOOD SCRUB DOWN FOR ME. HE'S A DIRTY, DIRTY BOY."

That is totally not helping Doktah! As those words spill past her lips, Xhanfyr is well on his way to turning a delightful shade of purple. Maybe Vossrik wasn't the only one here that needed some help. "Oh sweet Faranth, Doktah. Why? I did not need to…know hands on…" he recoils, "…things…" A shudder, not in disgust, but rather just the utter embarrassment of it all. His current skin-tone from his clavicles up indicates at least that much. Vossrik's call for help has strangely changed though, and the beastcrafter actually leans a bit towards the sound as brows knit and it seems like he might be contemplating another quick peek as his spine straightens and some of the ball o' Xhan loosens up. "Wait, what? Are you sure?" Fingers start to spread, eyelids begins to uncrease, and then there are more strange sounds that are like a siren song begging him to just take one tiny little look to see what is going on. The sudden splooshing, another cry for help and by all things unjust in the world he finally does it and drops his hand looking just in time for his eyes to adjust to see Leimna and by that all of her, mostly. "I…I…I…I…." He just goes on like that and you bet wide brown eyes follow every single dripping sauntered movement until Lei-Th'ero makes her/his exit to which point he just drops himself onto the changing bench behind him and drops his face into his hands. Sorry Voss, you have a sucky friend who is now probably blind and ruined for all eternity.

Sygni's face lights up like Xhanfyr's given her a present, breathing a victorious, "Excellent. Thank you. I ran before I could see his face. I was lining his bedframe with these, but he caught me." Up comes one of the sparklers, twirled for effect, and only then does she realize he's hiding his eyes - peeking - oh, nope, hiding them again. "Faranth. They're just tits, kid," she says, voice the gentle sort one uses when talking to small, frightened animals and completely at odds with her hands grabbing her own boobs through her layers of wet sweater and shirt, totally ignoring Leimna bouncing like a goddamned Vegas girl over there. "Tits and dicks. Everyone's got one of 'em. Some have both." A huffed breath. "It's okay. You'll get used to it." So reassuring. Still, she frees him from anatomy lessons to refocus on Doktah, whom she eyes as an eagle might, head tilting to one side, then the other, considering before: "I nickname everyone." A point at Xhanfyr: "Slim." Ibreily: "Ibsy. Buttface when I'm feeling affectionate." Vossrik: "Kitten." Leimna: "Weyrleader Tightpants." Smirk. "So if not Suit, then what? Sparky? Blush?" Her eyes twinkle merrily before she shrugs, shoving up her shirtsleeve to show still-red patches of burnt but unbandaged skin. "Better, thank you. It was my hair that suffered, truly. Had to chop it short," she says with a gesture to the half-shave, somewhat less impressive now that it's a stringy mess. Blue eyes swivel up to Leimna, equally unashamed, tongue clicking in a 'tut.' "So soon, too. I was just beginning to like him. How would you prefer to die?," is asked of Vossrik, too serious to be anything but joking before she snorts and waves at Leimna's retreating figure. "Scrub down. Murder. Either way, we'll return him cleaner than you left him."

Doktah can't help but gawk a little at Leimna's inexplicably loud exit from the bath. She does not understand these people at all. "Uhhh…. okay?" That's it. That's the most intelligent sort of response she can muster to that sort of display. She scoots sort of in Sygni's direction, maybe just to secure some distance from the mayhem in the rest of the pool. Or maybe for some other reasons? But then there's explanation given for her nickname. "… Oh, so, you give everyone nicknames like that?" Why does she sound dismayed at that? "… People at Igen used to call me 'techie', but I don't think that was a nickname. I think they just forgot my name."

Industriously scrubbing crap from her armpits, Ibreily is oblivious to a fair amount of the goings-on, looking slightly happier now that the worst of it is gone. Sudsing up all-over once more, Ibby waves an herb-smelling hand imperiously. "You tell that to that sharding wherass Hy'toret." Huffgrumble. It's as she's digging the last of the poop out of behind an ear that she finally notices Xhanfyr's discomfort. It doesn't actually register, though, and instead has the healer staring blankly at the poor guy for a long moment. "Are you not Weyrbred?" She ventures, grabbing a handful of the milder face-soap and squishing it all over her face inelegantly. Glubglubglub. She's not terribly imposing, with a soap beard. It all disappears after another dunk, though, and the Harper splashes her way out of the pool poo-free at last. She doesn't go far, instead waving Leia off grandly. "Weyrleader! Don't forget your drawers. They're hanging on a peg in the laundry. Me and Voss saved 'em for ya special." TWINKLE. This can only go spectacularly well. So can Ibby flopping cross-legged on the edge of the pool somewhere a few feet from the aforementioned Vossrik. Ibby grins, toothily, head falling to the side with bright curiosity. "Whatcha need to know? I'm a harper. I know things." She and Sygni are helpful, see. As for Dok: "You know, I like Sparky. Has a ring to it." She grins at the crafter, elbows on knees, still READY TO HELP. They've got this thing. "We're not gonna forget your name, Doktah. You're cute. Syg just likes nicknames. Means she likes you." She sort-of lies, but it's a gentle one, meant to settle. For Sygni: "Did you at least light them?" Not just give the guy free merch, y'know.

Well, how do you feel, Vossrik? "I… I don't know." Xhanfyr is given a long, lost look, man-to-man, weenis-haver to weenis-haver, and the Smith is practically in tears with his maidenlike confusion. He loooks from nude flesh to nude flesh, then stares at the ceiling while breathing in through his nose and out through his mouth. "Guys? Is the Weyr always like this?"

Xhanfyr is busy now scrubbing his hands back and forth over his face and his head bows, letting long slender fingers slide through the darkness of short kept hair. He does lift his chin though, enough so that he can sort of judge which direction that Sygni is which he figures is safe because he'd at least caught that she was dressed when she'd entered the pool. However, that small comfort is torn away like so much the hope and dreams of the littles as they discover that no matter how hard they wish, wishes do not come true when you blow out the candles. You see, he wished he could have a nice calm bath and instead he gets an eye and ear full which freezes the beastcrafter firmly into place again. He lets out a manly squeak of manliness, mouth gaped, as Syg tells it how it is and goes straight to grabbing herself. Luckily for him, she's covered by wet fabric. Otherwise, well. Things and stuff. He quickly adverts his eyes, absolutely and positively horrified. That's right. Nothing else amiss here. Legs are crossed and he shakes his head very quickly in small movements back and forth muttering to himself, sending a long bro-to-bro look Vossrik's way as their eyes meet across the beauty filled bathing cavern because he was lost and suffering too. It was all too much. I feel you mah brother. "No," he says to Ibreily shortly after she asks sending his eyes off towards the wall across from where he sat in misery in woah, even though he's not looking at her. Nuh-uh. "Renegade." A single second later there is a sharp inhale through his nostrils and he goes very tense and very silent as eyes widen again, just a touch. Oops.

Sygni beams over her shoulder at Ibreily for her agreement, hands gesturing with an emphatic, "Right? I might change it. I thought Suit was a little more cool and collected like she is, but Sparky." Her expression stays droll as blue eyes roll back to Doktah, nodding with Ibby's statement. "Everyone's special, and deserves to feel that way. So I use nicknames," she agrees, reaching over to clap poor ceiling-questioning Vossrik on the shoulder. "For example, I'd never forget Herbert here's name. Never in a million turns." Lest we think Syg actually has a serious bone in her body. She doesn't answer his question - of course weyrs are always like this for her - but her grin turns fey, enjoying the obvious discomfort in the male corners of the room before— Snort. "Renegade? Really?" One of Syg's brows go up, the other down, mouth twisting so hard to one side that only one cheek dimples. "Sweetie, it's okay to admit you're a virgin from some backwater noname hold that nobody's ever heard of or ever will. We won't judge you, I promise." And back go her arms to rest on the edge of the pool, sleeves sloshing loudly and draining water everywhere, pose casual enough that on anybody else it might be too casual, grin too bright, gaze too riveted, but luckily she's Sygni and this is all par for the course really as she adds, "But I'm definitely changing your nickname." Promising, that.

Doktah can't handle this. She was cool and composed previously, but now she's getting to almost impossible levels of awkward. So much squirming. So much nibbling upon her lip. "Sparky…" She repeats, shrinking into the water. Then, suddenly, she springs up to her feet, water sinking to her waist. "I have an idea!" She repeats from earlier, rubbing her hands together in a manner which mixes scheming and awkwardness. "This… this candidate class does not know each other well enough yet." That is clearly the most pressing issue. "The candidates at Igen taught me how to deal with this problem. We must…" Ominous, deep pause. "… Play truth or dare." DUN DUN DUN.

Did somebody say… TRUTH OR DAAAARE? FLOUNCE. Clothes fly LEFT and RIGHT and FORWARD and BACK and defy PHYSICS (those are the boxers Ibby indicated, by the way, CLEARLY SAYING 'JUICY' as they flutter about in non-existent breezes) as Leimna comes darting back into the bathing caverns stripping wild and - SPLASH. Back into the pool she goes, going under, coming back up with a pose: arms in the air, the toes of one foot peeking out of the water because she has clearly curled one foot up behind her in this pose, and then she relaxes. "I heard Truth or Dare." From an obscene amount of length away. BUT WELL, THAT'S JUST WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR MIDDLE NAME IS MISCHIEF. Or… Doom… Or Lei'ero - WHATEVER THE CASE, Leia is BACK baby, and she's pinching Voss's nose and batting her lashes at Xhan, running FINGERS through Doktah's hair (BECAUSE EFF YOUR PERSONAL SPACE) and then shamelessly latching her naked body onto her cousin like some kind of deranged leech (which is probably an unnervingly realistic comparison, now that we're thinking about it). "Sygni, remember the time we were playing truth or dare and we sent Ainemn into that pit of tunnelsnakes?" Happy sigh. "He didn't forgive us for an entire year."

"R-renegade? What?" Well, that was a real cold splash of water. "Truth or dare?" Vossrik's knees pop out of the surface water as he hugs his legs to his chest. "I don't… I don't know about thaaaaat. What happens if'n we don't wanna, y'know. Answer. A thing. Or do a thing, but." He practically pulls his shins into his thighbones. He boggles as his nose is pinched shut and is the very picture of O_O, so his voice is nasal as he goes, "Well I dunno about thaaaat."

There is no sudden embarrassment from being caught in his 'lie' as Xhanfyr cranes his neck very slowly and makes actual eye contact with Sygni. It's only for a moment really before they dart away and he's rubbing at the back of his neck and laughing in that way that clearly identifies something was up. "Yeah, ha ha, yeah you caught me. Big old virgin from some cot hold no one's heard of. Man. Can't pull the wool over your eyes." he chokes his way through, proving for a fact that he was probably the worst liar on all of Pern. You want truth, well, maybe you won't exactly get that either. Every time the 'r' word is used though, he pales just a little more which is probably a relief to his nervous system getting to switch it up and change gears and all for once. Reenter Lei-Th'ero and her magical transformation back into Leimna to which Xhan doesn't even have to look to understand that clothes are being removed and she's tossing herself into the pool again. Splash. Yep, she's in. Because there is so little doubt in his mind that the woman was in anyway completely and thus safely for his eyes, submerged, he just keeps giving that wall a good long hard eying. Though at mention of this, 'truth or dare' thing, the virgin from some cothold unheard of blinks and almost turns his head, but catching himself at the last second. Too bad that hadn't happened a second ago. He peeks over at Vossrik, catches a glimpse of Lei and then immediately looks away as he flushes again and rolls his eyes upwards towards the ceiling. "What's truth or dare?" he asks, brows knitting before he shakes his head a little at himself. Why was he asking?

Sygni's grin remains fixed, borderline sharky as she stares Xhanfyr down, gaze promising a definite conversation in exchange for the buffer of disbelieving words he repeats back around awkward laughter like a champ, come on man don't rennies lie for a living between skinning children and eating grandmas or something?, but it's only too quick to slide away, to bask in Doktah's awkward lip-biting before ideas are had and up fly Syg's eyebrows, observing the younger woman with a blink and an encouraging, "Go on, then." And then the words 'Truth or Dare' are spoken and it's like Sygni knows that this is liable to summon Leimna right back into their midsts, for she breathes a sotto voce, "Here we go," and— sure enough, THERE SHE IS. They call her the streaaak, the fastest thing on two feeeeet. Sygni giggles when her cousin hits the water again, giggles for her interactions with the people in their pool, giggles when she twists to slap both hands on Leimna's shoulders and shoves her under water and holds her there for a good second before bringing her back up at arm's length. "However could I forget. It was revenge for him making me jump off that cliff. That water was cold." Good grief, what level of chaos have they gotten themselves into? "Still. Go on, Sparky. Explain the rules and ask the question. I've got about one round in me before someone comes looking for me and I have to run again."

Doktah turns bright red. It's now or never. "Sygni, I dare you to kiss me." She barks out as quickly as she can. Wait. Is that how truth or dare actually works? Has anyone set rules? Did Doktah think about that before she said it? The answer to at least the last question is clearly no, as Doktah turns bright red and sinks up to her nose in the water.

Notice that Leia doesn't even panic when she's thrust underwater, simply comes back up with a gasp of breath and a Cheshire smile. That's when blue eyes zero in on Xhan and their conversation goes over her head and SHE'S OKAY WITH THAT because just when she's about to open her mouth and say something, Doktah COMES IN LIKE A WRECKING BAAAAALLLL. Leia's head snaps to the woman, eyes wide before they turn positively devious and she flickers her eyes onto Sygni. There's surely some kind of silent communication that takes place right then and there, but whatever is said is never relayed to the public at a whole. Suddenly Leimna is moving back to give Sygni space, throwing her hands up in the air, and saying, "WOOOOOOO! GRAB HER BY THE PU-" NONO. Of course she doesn't get to finish that because she slips on something conveniently and tries to drown herself. Goodbye world. This is how it ends. She will try to save herself by grabbing onto the nearest warm body. And their assets (read: Vossrik). "OH NO, HELP. I'M DROWNING." Is she? IS SHE? She's just beached herself on Vossrik, so it's not likely.

Oh, Xhanfyr saw that look Sygni and from the seriousness suddenly on his own face before he turned away can be easily read as an understanding between she and he. There would be words and conversation, but not now, which may or may not be of some small comfort. However, with the return of the Lei-nude, his embarrassment strikes back sending a rush of blood back to star in its own war upon his complexion. Flushing and ignoring all the boobs and such, he jiggles his foot up and down, dropping his chin into the curl of his palm and holds it aloft by supporting his elbow on his thigh. Why is he even here still? He's certainly not getting any cleaner. Pfft, if anything he was getting dirtier and dirtier with each passing second around this lot. Unfortunately, this is about the time that Doktah is blurting…things…and he might have very well snap his neck with how quickly it whips around. Yeah, he'll stare at the reddening woman sinking low into the water even after he winces in pain and rubs at his neck for an entirely valid reason this time. As a result? There is sailing nubile young woman, grabbing onto more…things…and the horror just continues.
horrors just continue

Slips or is tripped. It's hard to tell which, though Syg's foot definitely slides back when it is made VERY OBVIOUS that Leimna is about to be Leimna and say something totally awful, eyes rolling with playful amusement before they focus in on Doktah. "You aren't giving me much to work with," Sygni drawls, finger twitching helpfully as she points out that Doktah promptly lowered her lips below the water. Still, a dare is a dare, and she'll be damned to the black of between if she'll ever back down from one of those. In she leans, palm flat and upwards-turned to levy the techie's chin out of the water, not giving her a second to reconsider before she presses their lips together, swift, fleeting, damp, Sygni withdrawing with another too-toothy grin before shove, down come her hands on Dok's shoulders, pushing her underwater just like she did Leimna. Luckily, she keeps the girl under for only seconds, just long enough to point steady blue eyes at Xhanfyr again and say, "Into the pool." And then she lets Doktah up, backing away and twisting her gaze to Leimna, ignoring the fact that she's beaching herself all over Vossrik like a whale in order to point at the foot-jiggling candidate thinking he's all safe and sound over there on his pretty little bench with his pretty little lies. "I dare you to get him in." SHARKBAIT OOH HAHA, or so says her grin even as she slogs up out of the pool and sets about wringing herself dry.

Doktah completely freezes during the momentary kiss with Sygni, her cheeks reaching new levels of fiery blushy-ness. "Bluh-" That's the entiretyu of the response she's able to get out before she finds herself being abruptly plunged into the pool. She flails about fruitlessly, her forearms seen splashing above the water's surface for a bit before she is eventually released, gulping in deep and greedy breaths of air as she flops back against the rim of the beach. She is joining the beached group. "Bluh?" She repeats.

Okaaaaay. Leimna watches her cousin get some lip-lock action going for mere seconds and catcalls, and rolls on Vossrik, and does any manner of decidedly obnoxious things until — there it is. The dare is issued, and blue eyes snap to Xhan in a way that says Enter Jaws Theme Here. The red-head dyed black relinquishes her hold on Vossrik (if only because he's seemingly drowned at this point anyway, and she's no Rose hesitating to let Jack go) to stretch her arms up over her head. She bows her body, and then slowly, slowly climbs out of the pool. She sits on her bottom, all Cheshire smiles that only miss Jaws levels of scary because she doesn't have eighteen rows of man-shredding teeth, and then she moves. ON THE PROWL. SNEAKING NOT SO SNEAKILY UP ON THE RENEGADE UNTIL - FWOOSH - SHE DIVES AND SHE LANDS AND SHE GIVES A WAR CRY. And then she settles, all nakedness, pressed into him because she is shameless and clearly men who are afraid of the bodies of WOMEN need more exposure to them. "Please?" I BET YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THAT, WERE YOU. The alternative is her arm-barring him and flipping him into the water, but she would rather not have to summon her inner kung fu to get her way.

Wider and wider Xhanfyr's eyes go as Sygni goes in and yep, there it is. What is usually the stuff of every teenage boy's wet dream is the thing of nightmares for the beastcrafter candidate, not because he didn't appreciate it. Oh no. He definitely did. It was the fact that everything else that had already transpired and likely was going to beyond this point. Still, he can't take his eyes off the scene even after it ends and Doktah is being shoved under the water. This is what brings Xhan to his feet quicker than anything, towel dropped to the floor as it slips from his shoulder and does what it should with that whole gravity thing in play. He may be barefooted, but everything else was prim and properly attired. Nice long sleeved tunic, long pants to the ankle, vest, belt…stuff that you wear when you are NOT naked and grabbing innocent people's giblets. Speaking of giblets, his were now in a vice. He stares now at Sygni for a whole new reason, mouth doing that whole fish out of water thing that is just oh so attractive, as brown eyes dart to Leimna. It's like she's not even naked anymore, but rather some sharp-toothed creature set to pounce on him by its master. THE DARE. It's power is far too often abused. This would be a good time for his legs to start working so he can get the heck right outta there but sadly it's like the Medusa had him in eye lock and it was already over. Clearly this was accurate, because before he can even will his body to flee for the next exit, screaming or no, Xhanfyr has a very wet, very naked girl plastered to him. Cue head exploding. Bits of brain and skull everywhere, sprays of blood. Terrifying. Okay, so maybe not but that would have only strengthened the Pool Witch's power and the weyr really didn't need that. Xhan tossing his eyes immediately upwards, about as pliant as a block of marble. No, no he was not expecting that. Not at all. Most guys would kill to have this sort of opportunity, so why did it look like the only person getting murdered here, was him? Finally, he closes his eyes and lets out a very slow and unsteady breath. "Fine, but could you please get off me?" he asks, again, politely! How's that for unexpected?

Doktah just has a wide-eyed stunned look on her face for a moment. Clearly, she will need time to process this. Also time to get more oxygen back into her system. She takes a few seconds, then realizes she's still in public with all these people around. "UHM." Twitch. Squirm. Stammer. "I HAVE TO GO. DO SCIENCE. SCIENCE TIME." Suddenly she scrambles out of the pool as quickly as her flailing limbs will allow, splashing any and all people nearby in her desperate need to escape. Then she's bolting out of the baths. Wait, did she remember to dry herself? Or get dressed? One can only hope.

"That bad, huh?," Sygni asks for Doktah's 'bluhs' and speedy retreat to DO SOME SCIENCE, vast amusement characterizing her from head to toe as the hem of her sweater squelches and splashes water on the floor. She can practically hear the shark-heralding music as Leimna abandons Vossrik to his watery grave, gaze flicking over to watch her attempt to sneak her lily-white ass up on the younger candidate and— Snort. Again comes that indelicate noise, eyes rolling ceilingwards for the unconventional attempt to get Xhanfyr into the pool, and the equally unconventional response. "Faranth, must I do everything." And around she circles, dun dun, dun dun, DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUNNA NAAAAA!! And if they haven't made their merry ways into the pool on their own she'll shove them in herself, dusting her hands off either way before stooping to retrieve her burnt-out, soggy sparklers. Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle, kids! "Anyways, this has been real fun, but the longer I linger here the more likely it is Chadham will find me, and I really don't feel like having words with his useless ass today, so if you'll excuse me." And with a twinkly waggle of fingers back at the pool, off she goes!, squelching merrily all the way.

SPLASH! Leimna goes down with GLEE AND LAUGHTER, not even having to respond to Xhan's question because WOULDN'T YOU GUESS IT, Sygni's gone and done the thing. Doktah as fled in the name of science (THIS WAS A TRIUMPH, I'M MAKING A NOTE HERE: HUGE SUCCESS), Syg is FLEEING IN THE NAME OF SANITY, and Leia's floundering in the name of LEIANISMS. Flounder. Shark grin. "Thanks," she informs the he-candidate, as if he had any say in the matter. Leimna pushes her hair out of her face, and then drags her body out of the water (SPOILER ALERT: SHE'S NAKED) and then gives Xhan the thumbs up. "Good look, pretty boy. Don't drown, ey?" And JUST LIKE THAT. OUT SHE GOES, gathering her Th'clothes, putting them on, pausing as she starts to twist her hair short and pin it to her head. Blue eyes fixate on HE WHO REMAINS and there's a giggle. "Well, bye then." AND OFF SHE GOES, INTO THE UNKNOWN, LIKELY TO TERRORIZE POOR WEYRFOLK.

So, with Doktah peacing out, Xhanfyr can only blink once and look the startled woman's way. It hardly even registers really if she had actually put anything on before making her escape. Had she grabbed her clothes or even a towel? For some odd reason *cough* NAKED LEIMNA HANGING ON HIM *cough* its all a blur and turns from now when his grandchildren ask him to recall the events of this day if only to watch him blush like a school girl one might suppose, he still won't be able to. Though that's hardly the issue at hand because Sygni was circling behind him like a thing to be honestly and truly feared and even though fingers had lifted to undo the clasps of his vest he was being unceremoniously shoved forward. Very fortunate that he stumbles, suspiciously mind you, with just the right about of steps that send him into the pool. Funny that works out sometimes, doesn't it. Still, the shark-toothed girl and her dangerous gift of seeing everything in anything might just catch the leveled look he tosses her before he disappears beneath the water's surface. Apparently, along with Leimna. He's quick to thrust himself upwards though and reemerge, none the worse for wear save for being soaked through. Saving grace here was not ruining his boots, even if he might need a new belt. Brown eyes hone in on the back of Sygni's head not long as she stoops to pluck up her sparklers as useless as they are and they follow her though explanations and finger wiggles all the way till she disappears. Course, then we still have Leimna to contend with here, and she is very much very naked. This realization dawns about three seconds after he looks her way and as if by magic he colors himself a rather lovely shade of magenta. He adverts his eyes as she drags herself out of the water and thus misses her thumbs up, but he can't exactly turn his ears off and so his eyes close instead. Not really how it works, but yeah, maybe working his jaw will help and so he does that too. Only once all the women have vacated does he fish poor passed out Vossrik out of the pool to make sure he does not in fact drown, dragging him up, over the lip and lets him just regain his sanity…but probably not so much with the dignity as he lays there belly down in his soaked undershorts with his soul practically drifting out of his prone body. This is considered in passing before Xhan sighs and pulls himself up and out. The beastcrafter strips off his sopping attire, one peice at a time. Vest, flop. Shirt, flop. Belt, clang-drip. Pants, flop. Undergarment, flop. Dripping and unimpressed with the evening's turn, Xhanfyr yanks free the weapon belt from around his waist with its array of small throwing daggers, revealing that aside from seemingly spindly arms and legs, the boy had quite the musculature already at just the shy side of sixteen. Shoulders would eventually broaden further, and he would fill out with age. Those abs and hips though, probably best they were missed. Crouching, he gathers up his wet things and squeezes out as much moisture as possible from them before rolling them into a still dripping lump. His mother was going to kill him. He pauses before he get up, tapping Voss at the tip of his nose with a single finger. "Don't die." he tells him on no uncertain terms, before standing and heading over to his towel. Bath would have to wait, as curfew was undoubtedly not far off after all that nonsense. Wrapping it around him, he makes for the exit now as well with more than a few things to think about.

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