Hatching Caverns

It really is too bad that dragon's can't pick flowers. Or Kainaesyth would totally do that. A gift for the queen upon the sands. With Ha'ze occupied with babies the bronze has directed his attention to the young of the weyr in his own way, flying up to the ledges overlooking the eggs. All queens are different, so he attempts to be unobtrusive in his watching. Right on the edge of those far above ledges the bronze settles, as he sends down thoughts full of warmth and the desert in full spring bloom. « They grow strong Lady Zuvaleyuth. »

It is a shame, as Zuvaleyuth is quite fond of flowers! Those who settle up on the ledge do not bother the gold, much, as they are not close to her children. Though, she has permitted Zeruth to settle on the Sands with her and tend to the eggs, few other exceptions have been made at this time. When Kainaesyth speaks, the gold is tending to one particular egg, the smallest of them all, shifting it just so before rearranging the sand around it before covering it up just a bit more. « That they do, Kainaesyth. My broods, like mine dams before I, are strong. Fortian broods are strong, old lines, having filled these stone walls for many a Turn. These, too, shall be no different. » Pride radiates from the normally icy depths of her mind, the glacier bright with intense sunlight.

Zeruth lifts his head from where it was resting, the laying bronze keeping one eye on the clutch and queen while the other was well lidded in rest. «She speaks the truth.» Says he, the digital world of perpetual night that makes up his mind awash with calm, radiant blue-white light from the towering city at its core. «Their blood is strong, ancestry sure. Powerful foundations make for powerful creations.» He turns his whirling eyes to look upon his clutchbrother. «Do you come to greet them?»

Kainaesyth comes no closer to those eggs, though he dearly wishes to go closer. « I have come to see if they wish to hear a tale. » The warm winds drip downwards to wrap against the chill of Zuvaleyuth's winter, stengthening the sunlight.

There's a gentle brush of gratitude, and pride towards Zeruth, and maybe a hint of affection. Just a hint, but it is there. When the egg is settled, Zuvaleyuth curls part-way around her eggs, humming with pleasure as she does so. A please mother indeed. The offer from Kainasesyth is given careful consideration, the glacier does not move with the warm winds, but snow lifts from the surface and dances away. There's a rumble of amusement before she speaks, « If Zeruth grants his permission, then I shall grant mine. »

Zeruth turns his eyes onto the golden queen, green and blue with fondness. « Your contentment will always come first, dear Zuvaleyuth. I find satisfaction in Kainaesyth's stories. I am sure our hatchlings will enjoy it. » The bronze turns his head to gently nudge a bit of sand away from some of the eggs, untucking them from their beds just so that they might stir and awaken. The rumble continues, the faintest hint of the hum that will one day welcome them fully into the world.

There is satisfaction that comes when the pair agree to his story. Shifting just slightly, Kainaesyth settles himself into what is becoming his storyteller pose. « There once was a creature, » it's a curious creature at that, crawling as it does upon Kainaesyth's desert. Covered in hard shells it creeps upon the ground. His snout is long and pointed. « He loved his desert home and spent many evenings frolicing among the hardy plants. One day, as he froliced, he came upon a bird with the voice of sweetest music. As he sat below the bird, a longing lodged withing his heart. "If only I could sing as this one does!" From that moment on, he was no longer happy in his desert home. » Kainaesyth's words play out in pictures, the small creature developing a dropped apperance as he kicks at a plump round fruit that drops from the spiky green plants.

« I am comfortable, thank you, Zeruth. » A gentle brush of chilling wind, touched with gentle mist from the glacier before she is drawing away and settling her head down. She, too, is curious of this story the bronze means to tell. Eyes lid, slowly, as there is trust that her eggs shall be protected. A rumble follows the story, amusement clear in the tone. But, she does not comment on the foolish creature, the feelings she projects is enough to portray those thoughts.

Zeruth pulls his forelegs closer in towards his chest, laying sphynx like as he listens to the words of his clutchbrother. He remains close but mindful of the eggs but is clearly relaxed and unconcerned. There's no danger here, even if he pointedly is keeping his bulk between the entrance of the caverns and the clutch. There is silence from him but he is paying attention, the world of his mind going dim and dark as empty expanse fills the space. It's a desert of his own making, black and bleak against the warmth and life of the other bronze.

Satisfied with the response from the bronze and gold, Kainaesyth continues the story. « So disatisfied did the small creature grow that he forsook his desert home to seek out a way to learn how how to sing as the bird did. First he came upon the small crickets playing their joyful song. But as he came close, the crickets fell silent. "Oh crickets," he said, "could you not tell me how to sing?" but he did not speak their language and when they chirped it sounded like laughter. Disappointed he moved along. A trio of dolphins next met his wanderings, and again, he could not speak and they sent him along his way. Finally, he met a harper along the road with the sweetest of harps. "Could you not teach me to sing as you do with your hands?" The man listened carefully and frowned. "I could, but it would mean your death." Overjoyed the creature accepted. The man sought for hours to change his mind, but the creature would not be swayed. Finally, taking his knife, the harper killed the creature. From his hard spines the harper created a beautiful set of bells that rang with lovely peals and delighted many. The creature's voice was found, but only when he was lost. » The tale winds down and Kainaesythshifts himself, satisfied in the tale. His job as storyteller done, he gives one last gentle breeze to eggs and parents and departs as quietly as he had come.