Frost fell overnight but by the time the sun rises at dawn, most of it begins to melt away as the winds warm and the skies remain clear. The weather still has a nip to it, prompting many to sport their heavier gear even though they know they'll be unfastening it in no time once they're moving or at work. It's that strange time of the season, when you can never quite win in dressing right. Th'ero has been gone most of the pre-dawn hours on his usual patrols and then to his usual brief meetings with his Weyrsecond and Wingleaders before dismissing all on their various tasks. A quick word with the Weyrwoman and then he's off — for today is no ordinary day. He's made sure that all is in order and as he heads back to the ledge, he spies an already strapped and packed Velokraeth lounging in the feeble spring sunlight and semi-dozing. Good. That's done! Now he's opening the door to step inside. "Kimmila? Wingmate! Everything ready?" he calls, if she's not standing right there for him to see. While he was off being Weyrleader, he likely had her take care of things here. Namely: feeding and corralling their son and preparing him for the trip. Th'ero would have likely asked her long before hand, to avoid nasty surprises and to make up for the early wake up, he likely had some of the best klah readied for her and her favourite breakfast foods brought in. Maybe a little more, to sweeten the deal!

"DADDY!" is the greeting Th'ero receives when he walks inside, the toddler bolting forward with the swish-swish-swish of someone in poofy clothing. Kimmila is standing by the fire, sipping a mug of klah and grinning at him. "Everything is ready, wingmate, especially your son," she says, amused, as Kyzen flings his arms around Th'ero's knees. "We're going to fly, right, Daddy? Right? Promise? You promise? Mommy said we'd fly and we'd go somewhere /warm/ and I'd get to go with you and it'd be /just/ us." Possessive already.

Th'ero blinks as he suddenly acquires a clinging toddler to his knees and a barrage of questions. Chuckling, he smiles fondly to Kyzen and reaches down to gently ruffle the boy's curly hair and then gently pat his back. "Yes, we're going to fly, but first you need to let go of me and go find your helmet, alright? I remembered our promise. We'll be going somewhere warm and if you're a good boy," Read: don't run away. "I've a few surprises in mind. Go on now." He gives Kyzen a gentle nudge. "Grab your bag too. I just want a few words with your mother, okay?" Kyzen could go wait with Velokraeth if the boy chose to do so, Th'ero fully trusting their son to respect the ledge and the pale bronze to be skilled enough as a guardian. Gesturing for Kimmila to join him, he will sweep her (mindful of her klah!) into a tight hug. "Thank you, Wingmate for tending to him while I took care of things here. You're sure you don't mind?" he murmurs.

Kyzen doesn't cling long, wiggling away and darting over to the couch to pick up his helmet and bag. "I'm ready!" he announces proudly, staring at his parents for a long moment. Waiting…oh. Right. They need private time. The boy scampers out, dragging his bag behind him as he goes into the wallow. "Hi!" he says happily to Velokraeth and Varmiroth, plopping down on the stone beside the pale bronze. Inside, Kimmila moves her klah with a laugh and returns the hug, and then gives him a kiss. "You're welcome. And of course I don't mind. Not one bit, wingmate, I promise. You two go and have a good, /safe/ time." No disasters. No drama!

Th'ero's eyes follow Kyzen as the boy dashes out to the wallows and then his focus turns to Kimmila. Some part of his mind though is in tune with Velokraeth, as the pale bronze welcomes their son with a low and loving whuffle. The bronze always had a soft spot for children and Kyzen couldn't be any safer with Velokraeth watching him. Back inside, Th'ero snorts and gives Kimmila a long look and then smiles warmly and lovingly as he returns her kiss. "We'll be in touch. You know Velokraeth won't keep Varmiroth in the dark." No promises about drama! There's a very young child involved! Trouble is already Kyzen's name! Sort of. Th'ero kisses her again, once on the lips and then the cheek, before stealing a quick sip of her klah. Just a little bit! "We'll be back by evening." he promises her and then slowly moves away. He best get moving, before they have an impatient child on their hands!

Kimmila grins, not even protesting his brief theft of her klah. "Have fun," she says, swatting his behind playfully as he goes, and she returns to paperwork in his office. Because he's not using it, so she will!

Th'ero grunts softly at her swatting, pausing to give her a look that promises MANY things when he returns in the evening! Stepping into the wallow, he will see Kyzen waiting there by Velokraeth and offer their son a smile. "Thank you for being patient, Kyzen. Can you get your helmet on your head by yourself? I'll get your bag ready and then we'll mount up, okay?" he murmurs in a steady and even toned voice. Taking the boy's bag, he'll have it securely fastened to the straps and then he will crouch down to be sure Kyzen correctly buckled the helmet and making any little changes as needed. "Want to try to climb up yourself?" Th'ero asks and while it seems as though Kyzen will be doing it "alone", it's far from the truth. He'll be there every step of the way but just sneaky in the way he helps the boy up. Velokraeth will no doubt aid in his own way too.

Kyzen pushes to his feet and wiggles his helmet onto his head, but he does struggle with the buckle and has to let Daddy do that for him. "I can do it!" he boasts eagerly at the mention of him climbing up by himself, and he's quick to scramble up the straps, almost reckless in his youthful confidence.

Th'ero is satisfied at least that Kyzen's helmet won't come loose and is relieved he had a chance to check before the boy scrambles up the straps. "Slow down, Kyzen!" he says in gentle warning. First one! "You can't rush this or you could fall. Remember the stairs?" he chides softly, but still helping him in mounting up those straps. Velokraeth is as patient as ever, leaning a bit on his side to make the angle a little more child-friendly than straight up. Th'ero will help give Kyzen a little 'boost' into the saddle and then before the boy can wiggle himself free and into trouble, the bronzerider will settle behind the toddler. "Now, I'll show you how to buckle in." And he'll go over the method, heavily simplified for Kyzen to grasp before he's unbuckling everything. "You wanna try?" Hey, the kid has to learn! Th'ero will guide Kyzen through it, trying to allow the boy some chance to figure it out before he'll step in. Otherwise they'll never leave! Satisfied they're secure, Th'ero gives the command to Velokraeth and the bronze stretches out and pushes to his feet, flaring his wings and giving a jaw cracking yawn. Shall they? "Ready, Kyzen? Velokraeth is going to leap up and it's going to feel funny. You just hold on and remember I'm right here behind you, okay?" Please don't cry.

Kyzen settles into the saddle and just /beams/, as proud as punch to be up here on his daddy's bronze dragon, ready to fly off to some exotic and exciting (and warm) place. He grabs the buckles, able to figure them out fairly quickly, just fumbling with the dexterity needed. That will come in time though, as he seems to have an understanding of how it works. At Th'ero's warning about the bronze taking off, Kyzen turns around to give his father a /look/. "Daaaaddy, I've flown before. I knooooow," he says, his voice with just a hint of a drawl. Sheesh.

Th'ero can't help but grin a little sheepishly for Kyzen's look. What? "Alright, I figured I'd just make sure." No nasty surprises! Or in this case, the bronzerider DID forget that the boy has flown before. With another swift check to the straps (yes, he's overcautious!), he will take a firm grip of the safety straps and keep his arms placed loosely around Kyzen. "Here we go!" he warns the child just as Velokraeth gathers himself and rocks back on his haunches before springing aloft. Wings sweep powerfully and up and up and up does he soar in a steady incline until he levels out and begins to coast along the thermals while Th'ero works on gathering the image he needs to Between. "Remember the song, Kyzen!" He calls over the wind, the boy's only warning that they're about to Between is his father's arms pressing in a little closer…

Then there's blackness, three heart beats and… they're in the sunshine again! Velokraeth rumbles in pleasure as the sun on their backs is WARM! Southern tropical warm! For they've jumped to Ierne Weyrhold and even if this part of the south is in the 'cooler' seasons, it's still FAR more comfortable than Fort's early spring. Velokraeth begins to circle in a wide, lazy half-glide down towards a clearing meant for landings and take offs, with the Weyrhold in the near distance.

Kyzen is a brave boy, but between is enough to scare anyone. So he doesn't look ashamed when he's gripping his father's arm tightly as they emerge from between, and he lets out a big, relieved breath. "Where are we?" he asks eagerly over the wind, twisting a bit to peer at his father and then leeaaaaning to look down.

At least he's not screaming, crying or has peed himself? Th'ero will take the death grip to the arm in stride and likely be very proud of Kyzen. Does he show it? Of course not. But he is! For his almost-four Turn old son to weather Between like it was nothing? Oh yeah, total fatherly pride boost! "We're in Ierne and that's the Weyrhold!" Th'ero replies, pitching his voice to be heard above the winds, which lessen as Velokraeth slows their descent in order to land as gently as a bronze his awkward size and bulk can do. Unbuckling them both from the saddle and straps, Th'ero will help Kyzen dismount before shucking off his helmet and riding jacket. "You can take yours off too now, Kyzen and your winter clothes. It's too warm here for that. Here's your bag," It's passed to the boy, while Th'ero busies himself in gathering a large hiking backpack that he slips over his shoulders and buckles on. All set! Th'ero thumps Velokraeth on the side. "Go find somewhere to sun. And remember our talk, Velokraeth." NO GREENS.

Oh, Faranth. If Velokraeth chased….ahahahahaha. Kyzen is oblivious to any of that though, as he proudly puts on his backpack and buckles it, after he's taken off his winter clothes and tucked them away somewhere safe. Then he beams up at his father, proud and /ready/. "What're we gonna do?" he asks brightly, eager, already looking around with quick, darting glances to try and figure out the plan.

No, there will be NO lesson of that sort for Kyzen on this trip! Velokraeth will behave, likely already pinning a bit to be back in Fort and close to Kayeth and the eggs. No way he'd focus on a green right now, his mind is occupied! Maybe. Just a little? Th'ero chuckles at Kyzen's eagerness and ruffles the boy's hair again. "That depends! We've the entire day ahead of us. What would you like to do?" he murmurs, again giving the boy the option to choose. "There's a lot to see in a Weyrhold, but we could always start with the docks. There's bound to be some ships in. Plenty of jungle to hike through." he suggests to start, but he likely has something up his sleeve. "We could fish?" That's a father son thing, right?

Kimmila wiggles, turning around three times in his excitement. "Boats!" he says happily. "Hiking! Yeah! We can hunt /felines/!" Right? RIGHT?? Then he pauses, turning to give his father an odd look. "But you don't like fish."

Th'ero gives Kyzen a funny look when the boy circles like that but he can't help but laugh softly for the enthusiasm. "We'll start with the boats then," he murmurs and gently guides the boy forwards with a gentle but firm touch to his shoulder. This way! There will be no holding hands, unless Kyzen reaches for him or Th'ero has to in order to keep him in line. "No felines. We're not prepared for that and your mother would have my hide to hang on the wall." he drawls in a dry tone. As they walk along the main paths towards the Weyrhold, Th'ero gives Kyzen another sharp look. "How do you know I don't like fish?"

Kyzen is almost-four though, and eagerly grabs for his father's hand if for no other reason than to tug eagerly on it whenever he sees something interesting. Which is pretty much all the time. "Awwww, but Daaaaaaddy," he pouts at the declaration of no felines. Pout, indeed, but then he giggles. "Mama would." that he knows. "Cuz you don't eat fish and you get a funny look on your face when it's for dinner," he says matter-of-factly.

"When you're older," Th'ero half-heartedly promises with a smirk to his son and he will grip his hand firmly, allowing himself to be tugged along. He snorts and shakes his head when Kyzen so knowingly understands his mother's behaviours and then he's just staring at the young boy. Shells, he really is smart and quick, isn't he? "That's true," he admits. Why bother lying? "I don't really like fish but that doesn't mean I won't go fishing if that's what you want to do, son." They're approaching the Weyrhold now and he flashes a grin to Kyzen. "So are you going to pick?"

Kyzen hops and jumps along, sometimes just /swinging/ Th'ero's hand for the fun of it. It's also a good hold when the boy stumbles, and he weathers it just fine, quickly righting himself and moving forward boldly. Nothing to see here! "Pick what?" he asks, blinking up at his father with a confused (but /eager/) look.

Th'ero will go along with the swinging too, sometimes hoisting Kyzen a little off the ground to do it. It's a close to mindless thing, after all and he can do it while focusing on the Weyrhold ahead of them. He'll let the boy recover from the stumbling, not the type of parent to gasp or fawn. You're fine, brush it off! "What we're going to do. You - we - need to decide on something," he tells him patiently. "Maybe we'll just start at the docks and go from there? How's that sound?"

Kyzen blinks at his father in confusion. "I thought we were going fishing!" he says. Either way, his little mind has already latched onto that possibility, and he's excited to see it through. "I'm gonna catch a big fish! But," and here he pauses, giving his father a look close to pity, "you don't haveta eat it."

Th'ero shakes his head, "We can still go fishing too." he explains, which may only further confuse Kyzen. At that close to pitying look, he can't help but sigh and chuckle. The boy will be swung again and Th'ero leads them at a slow but steady paced walk down the paths that wind towards the docks. There are ships of all sizes moored there and people busily at work. One part of the docks stretch out far over the waters and another branches out into the shallows and are set low to the waves. Across the sandy and pebble strewn beach they go and Th'ero will help Kyzen up onto the docks. "I want you to stay close to me, alright Kyzen? Don't go running off or too close to the edge or you can fall in."

"And it's bad to fall in?" is Kyzen's obvious question as he peers at the sea curiously. Still, he keeps his grip on his father's hand and stays close for the most part.

Th'ero grips Kyzen's hand firmly in return, pleased when the boy stays close. "It is bad to fall in. Do you know how to swim, Kyzen?" he asks curiously. Maybe he should have asked that before coming to the docks! Carefully he will lead his son towards the quieter sections, where some boats are moored and tied, bobbing up and down with the gentle motion of the waves. Dock workers and sea crafters, fishermen and other folk mill about and some pass by with smiles, brisk greetings or impassive and indifferent looks on their faces. "Did you know that your mother has a brother in the Seacraft too?" he goes on to ramble, gazing curiously at the boats with a knowledgable look but keeping a closer eye on Kyzen. By now, the boy must be curious enough to want to wander ahead a little bit.

Kyzen bobs his head eagerly. "I can swim!" Kind of. Does he? Probably not. Will he tell his father that? Nope! Then he nods eagerly. "Uncle Artel! I've met him. He's nice. He brought me a toy." Of course Artel would come visit his brother from time to time, even if Kimmila is harder to pin down for a visit.

Uh huh. Th'ero doesn't fall for it quite so easily and he makes a mental note to teach Kyzen proper swimming skills and survival tactics at some point. So long as he'll be able to paddle his way to the surface should he fall in, it'll be enough! "Did he now?" he says, grinning as he leads Kyzen along. There is one moment where Th'ero flags an aged and weathered fisherman over, inquiring about a small net woven around a sturdy pole. The man seems a bit startled by the interest and it must hold little value for it's handed over without an exchange of marks. He'll acquire some bait too and tucking those items under one arm, he'll take Kyzen's hand again. Leading him off to another quiet part of the docks, these ones are lower to the waters. A cluster of older children are huddled at one side and they have a net with them too, their babbling and chatter easily heard the closer they get. They're too old for Kyzen to join them, though they'll pause to give him a curious look and cautious smiles and nods before going back to what they're doing. Th'ero will bring Kyzen to their own corner and letting go for the boy's hand he will crouch down. "How about we take a break here and I'll show you how to catch some fish with a net?"

Kyzen hovers close to his father as they move and Th'ero gets their supplies, pressing in against his leg and looking around with wide, curious eyes. The other boys are actually given a /shy/ little smile as he settles down. Kyzen. Shy. "Okay," he says quietly to his father, hands tucked between his little knees as his feet swing over the edge.

New kids can be an intimidating thing! Kyzen will have to build up that confidence. He's been in Fort Weyr all his (short) life, so of course he knows most the kids there and has the comfort of his gaggle of friends to back him up. Out here? He's alone, save for his father. That's scary! Th'ero just ruffles the boy's hair as he sets the net and bait down, then gently motions for Kyzen to kneel by the edge of the dock. It'll be easier this way and less risk for the boy to fall in. "Here. Take some of this," And he'll press some of the crumbly bait, much like dried and stale bread, into Kyzen's hand. "And toss it in. Lets see what happens first before we put the net in." If Kyzen tosses the bait, it'll fall to the water's surface and within seconds it is roiling with disc-shaped fish, their silvery-green, yellow, orange-red and blue scales flashing in the sun as they squabble over the crumbs.

Kyzen will eventually, but not yet. Kneeling, he scoots closer to his father, even going so far as to lean against him just to be close. Tossing the bait into the water, the boy squeals in eager delight as the fish rise to the surface to gobble it up, and Kyzen /leans/ forward to peer at the water, rapt with attention.

Th'ero grins broadly by Kyzen's reaction to the fish, delighted that he is taking to it so eagerly. Easy entertainment! "Those are called sunnies, or sun fish. Not great for eating but they're very easy to catch by net or hook. Now, hold his…" And he'll lift the net up and offer the handle to Kyzen to grab. Th'ero however will slide closer to Kyzen's side and with gentle fingers overlapping the boy's much smaller hands, will help 'guide' the net down into the water. "You have to go slow and calm or you'll spook 'em away. Hold it as still as you can." He'll show him how too, with the net angled correctly. "When I toss the bait in, you scoop that net up as fast as you can, alright? Ready?" Th'ero will throw some crumbs in once Kyzen gives the okay and up seethe those disc-fish en masse, not yet spooked or made aware of the addition of the net. They'll wizen up soon enough!

Kyzen wobbles a bit but catches himself and doesn't tip forward into the water at least. Taking the net, he nods eagerly in understanding as he holds the net ready. Ready, ready…"GOTCHA!" he yells, jerking up the net and hopefully grabbing a few.

Th'ero will reach out to steady the net less Kyzen's exuberance send the poor fish flying up and over their heads. Guiding it to lay it flat on the dock, the net is certainly bumping and jerking about. "Good job!" he praises the boy, motioning for him to scoot a little closer and away from the edge. "Now, there's something you should know about sunnies or most fish if you haven't been told already. Most fish are harmless, but others aren't and will hurt you if you don't respect them. Sunnies don't hurt, but they do have spines on their backs that prick when they're anyry. See?" Sure enough, when Th'ero peels back the net to reveal one good sized fish flip-flopping, it has it's dorsal fin raised in a display of defence. Nyah! Can't touch me! TWITCH. "So you got to pet them." Wait, what? "As you grab 'em. Watch me." Th'ero will demonstrate, reading carefully for the sun fish when it rests motionless for a moment, fingers stroking the fins back flat before wrapping his fingers to hold the fish securely. Haha, pinned now! "Wanna touch it?" Before it's tossed back into the water!

Kyzen wiggles happily, scrambling back to get a better view of the fish without getting /too/ close to it. At the information the fish could /hurt/ him, the young boy hastily clasps his hands tightly behind his back. "Pet 'em?" he asks, baffled and staring at his father with clear suspicion on his face. He watches curiously though as Th'ero strokes the spines back and then grasps it. His little eyes widen eagerly at the offer to touch it, and he moves one tiny finger forward to…poke the fish, before he jerks his hand back behind his back with a squeal of delighted laughter, jumping up and down twice before he tries to poke it again. "Feels weird!"

Th'ero grins and gives Kyzen an encouraging look when he looks up at him with that suspicious look. "I won't let it hurt you," he murmurs, keeping a firm hold of the sun fish. Poor fish, being traumatized by some giant man holding it and then a smaller one poking at it. "They do, don't they?" he agrees with Kyzen, laughter in his voice as he tosses the fish back into the water. He'll grab the others too, pausing only to allow Kyzen to see each one before they're all tossed back. "Do you want to catch more or just feed 'em now?"

Kyzen looks disappointed when his father throws them back. "We're not gonna eat 'em?" he says, a whining tone creeping into his voice. "But I'm /hungry/." Uh-oh. Whine alert. And pout alert, as Kyzen is a master at sticking out his lower lip. No silent brooding here, when he's upset the /world/ gets to know about it.

Uh oh! "Kyzen, I told you. Sunnies don't make good eating, they're too small and skinny. It'd be all bones. Nasty little bones that get stuck in your teeth," Th'ero explains with a smirk, his tone firm and along the lines of a mild 'don't whine' sort of reproach. Eyeing the boy, he'll gather up the leftover bait and net and when standing he will hold out his hand for Kyzen's. "Don't pout. If you're hungry, you just have to say so. We'll go get some food at the market, alright?"

Kyzen looks mournfully down at the water. "All gone," he pouts, wiggling a little bit as if he's trying to make up his mind about something. In the end, he looks up at his father and brightens. "I'm hungry!" he announces proudly. "Food!" The 'please' is totally optional, right?

"We can fish for some more later if you want," Th'ero offers and eyes Kyzen again when he wriggles like that. Could be in thought but to the bronzerider that also could stand for something else. "You need to go?" he drawls with a quirked brow. Bathroom break? He figures by now the boy is more or less trained but you never know. Please is optional and Th'ero only chuckles before taking Kyzen's hand. "I'm getting hungry too, son. Let's see what they have in the market. What do you like most?" No promises!

Kyzen laughs, light and easy, shaking his head. "Noooooooo." Silly Daddy. What a hilarious suggestion! He squeezes Th'ero's hand and hops up and down, eager. "Sweets!" Duh? "And meat!" Mmm, meat on a stick followed by something sticky and sweet. The boy's dream come true.

Th'ero smirks and only gives his son a long, lingering look. Suspicious? You bet he is! "Alright, but you tell me if you need to go." he informs Kyzen in a gentle but serious tone. No kidding around! He then laughs and rolls his eyes skywards. "Should've known! You know sweets come after lunch. Meat, huh?" Classic boy! Th'ero will lead Kyzen along to the market and the crowds here get thicker and heavier. They're not the only one's looking for food! His hand will slip from Kyzen's and move instead to his shoulder as he guides the boy through the throng of people. It's loud here and the smell of all the foods, cooked and uncooked is mouth watering. "Surely they have something…" Th'ero mutters, distracted as he eyes the tempting food stuffs of various stalls.

Kyzen giggles and nods. "I will," he promises. He quiets when they move into the crowd, pressing so close to Th'ero that the pair might stumble a few times before Kyzen stops and lifts his arms in a classic 'up' request, his wide eyes suggesting the toddler isn't quite comfortable with all the strangers. He needs to be closer to his Daddy.

Th'ero already has the net and bait tucked under one arm and it's muggy in the crowded marketplace. The last thing the bronzerider is wanting to do is haul the boy's weight around on his hip, so Kyzen's classic request is met with an apologetic look. "Not now, alright? In a moment. We need to get some food and I'm going to need my hands free." So be patient! And apparently suck it up. Nice! At last, Th'ero finds a stand that is offering the type of food he seeks. Good wholesome food! He'll begin to lead Kyzen over, keeping him close but firmly on the ground. "How about these, Kyzen?" Th'ero asks, pointing to the stall and the displayed foods. Stuffed meat rolls, kebabs, grilled delicacies… you name it. Meat, break, cheese and maybe some veggies in there. Somewhere. Filling and easy to eat!

Kyzen blinks, momentarily confused and uncomprehending when his request is /denied/. Has this ever happened before? His lower lip sticks out and he presses even closer to Th'ero, wrapping his arms around the bronzerider's leg as they hobble along. As for the food, the boy just shrugs. He's gone silent.

It may have happened before? Kyzen has visited while Th'ero was busy with work before, no doubt he's been told 'no' before. Which probably led to a few temper tantrums. The bronzerider will weather having his leg clung to but when Kyzen gives him nothing but silence, he will edge then to the side of the crowds where he can crouch down to be on eye level with the boy. "What is it?" he asks him, dark eyes meeting blue.

Kyzen only lets go when Th'ero crouches down, and father and son meet gazes. Kyzen then just lunges forward, flinging his arms tightly around Th'ero's neck. "Lots of people," the boy whispers, darting a glance around. For whatever reason, he's gotten a bit spooked. Overstimulated, anyone?

Th'ero grunts softly and has to let the net and bait fall in order to hold Kyzen securely against him. Perplexed at first, his expression then eases to one of understanding as comprehension dawns. The bronzerider knows all too well how a staring crowd can be so unsettling. "Yes, there are lots of people but they won't hurt you. They're just doing their own stuff, okay? You just try to focus on me. And on the food. Do you want to eat from here? Then we'll go over to a quiet spot. How's that?" he murmurs, one hand stroking the boy's back in a soothing manner.

Kyzen clings, his little body tight against his father's, his face against the bronzerider's neck. All he does is nod, but that seems answer enough, right?

Yup! It's good enough for an answer! Th'ero makes a few more soothing sounds and words and this time he will pick Kyzen up with him and awkwardly balance the rest of their stuff. Really, the Weyrleader could just stuff it in the packs they carry but there's no time for that. He'll order their food, paying for it only after he rests Kyzen on the narrow counter and using his body to keep the boy from toppling off. He'll even have it arranged that one of the cooks brings them their food as Th'ero moves to a quieter spot behind the stalls and sets Kyzen down on a shaded patch of grass. Slipping the backpack off his shoulders with a relieved groan, he'll pack the bait and net then before retrieving their food from the approaching cook with murmured thanks. "Hungry?" Th'ero asks Kyzen as he sits next to his son, offering hims choice of the goodies.

Kyzen is silent through the whole exchange, balancing on the counter and eying the baker warily until finally they're alone. Wiggling a bit in the grass, the boy seems to be relaxing, but also seems troubled as he reaches out to take one of the meatrolls, flakes of crust sticking to his fingers and falling onto his clothes. "Daddy?" he finally asks, looking up at his father, eyes troubled.

Th'ero will worry about cleaning Kyzen up later and he begins to take a few careful bites of some of the food as well. "Mhm?" he murmurs, looking down at Kyzen and frowning softly at the boy's troubled look. "Yes, Kyzen? Is something wrong?" he asks in a gentler tone, trying to reassure him and coax whatever it is that is bothering him out.

Kyzen picks at his food, slowly tearing it apart piece by piece, the crumbs falling to the ground between his crossed legs. Though he at least eats it, but…look familiar, Th'ero? "Do you ever get scared?" he asks quietly, darting a nervous look at his father before he's back to tearing apart his food.

It is very familiar and Th'ero frowns at the habit Kyzen has already developed. He almost reaches out to take the food from Kyzen's hands but thinks better of it and only murmurs a low and soft. "Eat your food, son." before going silent to listen. For such young child, he's certainly troubled! "All the time, Kyzen." he admits with a faint smile. "Are you scared right now?" Is that what's plaguing the poor child?

Kyzen stops picking at the food and takes a few little bites. "All the time?" he asks, clearly surprised - almost startled - by that answer. "What scares /you/?" What could scare his father, this giant of a man with a giant of a dragon? "Not now," he says, darting a look back at the busy market. "Then."

Th'ero nods his head and then exhales slowly. Oh, if Kyzen only knew! "Lots of things. Lots of little things. I don't like crowds either." he murmurs, putting two and two together when he spots that darted look. Aha! The bronzerider can't really go on to say much else. How could he explain to a four Turn old that he's scared for him? For Kimmila. About things in life that no child could even begin to grasp? That his worst nightmare is having those he loves die on him. That is no topic to discuss and so Th'ero attempts to distract Kyzen by ruffling the child's hair and smiling crookedly. "You've nothing to fear of a crowd of people. Not when you're with me. We're safe here, Kyzen. But… we'll go along a different path after we eat, okay?"

"Like what?" No, Th'ero isn't off the hook that easy, as Kyzen looks up at him almost eagerly. Tell him! Ducking his head at the hair ruffle, the boy starts to eat in earnest. "K," he answers, peeking up at his father again. Expectantly.

Th'ero sighs. Of course he wouldn't be off the hook! His mouth sets into a firm line, looking almost stubborn in his refusal to answer his son until Kyzen peeks up at him. Fine! It'll be Tlazio's job to handle the poor kid's nightmares after this. "Well, I'm scared about things like loosing you or your mother." he explains, keeping it simple. Lets not mention death, shall we?

Kyzen blinks, confused. "Where would Mommy go?" he asks quietly, worry already seeping into his mind.

Th'ero silently curses himself in his head. Stupid, stupid, stupid! "Your mother isn't going anywhere," he soothes and stretching out his legs he will lean over to gather Kyzen up and plunk the boy down in front of him with his back to his front. Comforting and close. "And neither am I. But…" Oh boy, here we go? "There comes a time in anyone's life that we go away. When we die."

Kyzen is moved, and he leans back against his father, wiggling a bit before he settles. "Is Mommy sick?" he asks, concern in his voice, but also heavily laced with confusion.

Th'ero offers Kyzen a little more food to nibble on if the boy is hungry and when he remains confused on the topic, he can only sigh. "No, your mother is fine, son. What scares me is how that might change, you understand?" Poor, poor kid. His father is awful at explaining things and at this rate Kimmila and Tlazio are going to have SO much damage to undo.

Kyzen takes the food and tilts, peering up at his father. "How could it change?" He's still confused, as he eats the new food he was given.

Th'ero frowns and is completely stumped. How… does he even begin to explain this? "Well… it would just change. That's how death is. Everyone dies, Kyzen. Even Velokraeth and I will die someday." If he can't be cryptic, may as well go brutally blunt and truthful? Stupid, foolish man! Who's bright idea was it to leave him alone with his son for the day? Not even through lunch and he'll probably have Kyzen howling and inconsolable.

It was Kimmila's idea. Whoops. Kyzen stiffens slightly and presses back firmly against his father. "But not today." That's firm. That's…an order, apparently. "Not for a long long long long long long long long LONG long time."

Th'ero breaths a sigh of relief when Kyzen only leans back against him and doesn't burst into tears or start freaking out. Faranth, he dodged that bullet! "No, not today or for a long, LONG time, Kyzen. Promise." The bronzerider likes to be alive, thank you! Finishing off the last of the food, Th'ero believes now is a time to move things along less Kyzen pry further. "Done eating, Kyzen? We can go explore a little more." he suggests, only to have an idea dawn on him and he grins, looking down at the boy. "Why don't we try to find a present for your mother?"

Kyzen thinks for a moment before he nods firmly. "Good." As if he could control that. "A present? Is it her turnday? Let's get Mommy a present!" /That/ is something he is more than happy to do, eagerly scrambling to his feet and shoving the rest of the meatroll into his mouth. Which makes him cough.

Let him think he can control it! Th'ero laughs softly as Kyzen scrambles eagerly to his feet and he'll hastily get to his feet too before the boy tears off somewhere. When he coughs though, he eyes him. "Careful, Kyzen. Don't choke!" he warns, slipping his backpack onto his shoulders. "You alright?"

Kyzen is quick to swallow and quick to nod, reaching for his father's hand again. "What should we get Mommy as a present? I heard aunties saying girls like underwear."

Now it's Th'ero's turn to almost choke and he bursts out laughing in a more at ease and genuine manner as he takes Kyzen's hand and then thinks better of it and scoops the boy up. They're going to have to face the crowds again for a bit and remembering his son's uncertainty, this time he'll try not to botch it! "No, Kyzen we're not going to get her underwear. That's a present I give your mother." He's too young to be looking at such things! "Well… your mother likes a lot of things." And has a lot of things! Thanks to Th'ero gifting her with everything Pern has to offer. "Why don't you keep an eye out for something? Anything. You see something neat and we'll go see." By now, Th'ero has turned into the market place that is filled with various shops and many that have small displays outside of them to lure folks in. Clothing, exotic and traditional, jewelry, furniture, decorative items and everything else in between!

Kyzen happily is lifted, looping a little arm around his father's neck. "You give Mommy underwear?" he asks, before he's lost to a fit of giggles. "That's silly, Daddy. Yeah! I will! What about that?" he asks, pointing to a rather large and blocky wooden chair. "We can both fit in that!"

Th'ero is going to feel this the next day, having to heft a huge backpack on his shoulders and an almost four-turn old child against his side. Thankfully the crowds have thinned out and the bronzerider doesn't have to navigate a throng of people and a breeze has begun to move through the marketplace. "It's special clothing for wives to wear for their husbands or for lovers." Too much for Kyzen's young brain to process? Th'ero hopes so. "That chair? However would we get it back to Velokraeth, Kyzen?" he says with a laugh. Of all the things the market has to offer and Kyzen picks heavy wooden furniture! "Has to be something we can carry easily."

Kyzen eyes his father for a moment, his little brain processing that information. In the end, he has nothing more to add on the underwear conversation and instead he giggles, wiggling a bit in Th'ero's arms. "Another kid!" Surely there's a stall selling children, right?

Th'ero holds Kyzen close to him, even as the child begins to wiggle but he has to stop and set Kyzen down seconds later. Why? Because he's laughing too hard to do much else. "Don't ever say that around your mother, alright?" he manages to say between chuckled breaths. Sobering, he'll scoop Kyzen up again and resume their slow, slow trek through the markets. "Can't get her a kid, Kyzen. Doesn't work that way." Not that Th'ero hasn't been trying!

Kyzen looks confused when Th'ero sets him down and starts laughing, the toddler's little hand curling into the bronzerider's pants. "Why not? I want a brother!" This is new. "How does it work?"

How does he get himself into these things? Th'ero clears his throat and coughs. Awkward? Yes, yes it is. Bouncing Kyzen gently against his hip, he will stop a moment in front of a large wagon and stall that also attach to a small store. The wares look to be all tailored to women, ranging from everyday things to jewelry to clothing of all kinds and accessories. "You already have a brother," Th'ero reminds Kyzen even though Tlazio's son technically doesn't count. "It's hard to explain." It's embarrassing. "But you just can't find children for sale."

Kyzen wrinkles his nose a little bit, peering at the women stuff with a frown. Nothing that interests him, apparently. "Why's it hard to e'splain'?"

Th'ero is mildly interested and browsing idly, his mind half on what Kyzen says. "Because it involves a lot of stuff you might not understand," he drawls in complete honesty. "It's something for you to learn when you're a little older, okay?" Passing a few scarves and silky things, Th'ero stops again to linger by a vast array of brooches, rings, combs, hair accessories and necklaces. "What about these?" he asks Kyzen softly, pointing to a few elegant and yet simple broaches. There is one necklace that catches his attention but also amuses him to no end. It's a very eccentric piece, even for Pernese standards and yet beautiful for the work the smith must have had to do. "That'd be a bit much, wouldn't it?" he muses to the boy, only to go silent as something catches his eye. Woah. "Trees." He almost whispers, fingers brushing against a pendent of gold and gemstone inlay.

Kyzen is about to protest and question that reply, but the focus on shiny things has his attention easily redirected. "Trees!" he says happily, leaning a bit to point. "Mommy loves trees!" This he knows as well as he knows his father's aversion to fish.

Nothing like SHINY to be used as a distraction! Th'ero is all too relieved to let the topic slide in favour of something far more lighthearted. "Yes she does." Kyzen was conceived under trees in the middle of autumn in one of Kimmila's favourite and secret spots of Forts forests, wasn't he? Th'ero chuckles heartily and with a glance to the trader and an understanding nod of agreement, he carefully picks up the pendent, letting it glimmer and shimmer in the sunlight. "What do you think, Kyzen? Did you want to get this for your mother? It can be from you to her, since you were so clever to know and remember that she loves trees."

Kyzen's little hands grab for the pendant, but he's surprisingly gentle as he touches it with a fingertip, sending it swaying gently. "I like it," he says quickly. "It's shiny and pretty and has two trees." Two is important, apparently.

Th'ero trusts Kyzen to be able to handle the pendant and it's sturdy enough to withstand some rough handling. "It is pretty, isn't it? Unique." he murmurs in agreement, smiling and setting the piece back down on it's cushioned rest. "So, what do you think, Kyzen? Go for the pendant or keep looking?"

Kyzen frowns when Th'ero puts it back. "I want that one for Mommy!" he says, leaning down to try and grab the pendant again. "That's Mommy's!" He has already claimed it as /hers/.

Th'ero blinks and has to shift his weight to keep from being toppled into the display table when Kyzen is suddenly leaning down. Woah! "Hush, Kyzen. Alright!" he soothes, trying not to look too sheepish and embarrassed. The Trader is trying very hard not to snicker or grin either as he patiently waits in the background. "I have to pay for it and that nice Trader is going to wrap it. Then you can hold it and keep it safe until we go home and give it to your mother, okay?" How's that?

Kyzen grins happily when Th'ero assures him the pendant will be theirs, and then he beams, sticking out his little chest with pride. "I'll keep it /safe/."

Th'ero breathes a sigh of relief when Kyzen grins happily and his mood improves. Phew. "Of course you will! You're a big boy and very smart. I trust you," he murmurs, holding his son a little closer while with his free hand he'll fish out the necessary marks to pay the Trader. The pendant is then wrapped up in a small black box and tied closed with some gold twine and ribbon and handed over for Kyzen to take. Once assured that the boy has a good hold on it, Th'ero will glance out to the market and up to the skies. "Ready to head back, Kyzen?"

Kyzen takes the box and clutches it protectively against his chest, huddling around it and clearly keeping it /safe/. "Yeah," he says with a grin, but there's a tiredness around his eyes and mouth that's betraying a need for a nap.

"Let's go home then," Th'ero agrees as he can see those signs as clear as day on Kyzen's features. Holding the boy close and securely, he will begin to walk back towards the clearing, keeping his eyes focused on the paths ahead and occasionally looking down at his son. He'll smile softly but fondly towards the child, his child and the day they just shared. "Did you have fun? Maybe we'll come back again and we'll do more fun things."

Kyzen snuggles in close against his father's shoulder, nodding a bit as he clutches the box with one hand while the other shifts to suck his thumb. "Uh-huh," he mumbles around that thumb.

Th'ero frowns a little when Kyzen begins to suck on his thumb and opens his mouth to correct the boy and then promptly thinks better of it. Why ruin the day? Though he'll be mentioning that to Tlazio next time he can have a few words with the Smith. "Hold tight to that box now, Kyzen. We're almost there." he murmurs and sure enough Velokraeth comes to land in the clearing ahead of them and immediately settles so that Th'ero can approach with the boy and get him readied for mounting up after he's secured both their backpacks.

Kyzen is fighting sleep now, the boy having had a lot of fun for one day. Still, he clings to that box even as he's put into the straps and starts to nod off only to jerk himself awake again. "M'not tired," he protests in a tired, tired voice.

Th'ero makes short work of what needs to be done, securely fastening everything to the straps and then mounting up to sit behind Kyzen and doing his best not to laugh as the boy begins to nod off in the saddle. "I think you are. It's been a very exciting day for you," Complete with a timezone jump! "So we'll hurry home and you can give that present to your mother." And then he'll have a nap. Buckling in, he will slip Kyzen's helmet on for him and then don his own while Velokraeth spreads his wings and launches up into the air at Th'ero's command.

Kyzen leans back against his father with another weak 'I'm not tired' protest. Between wakes him up though, as it would almost everyone, and he's wide-eyed and a little grouchy and squirmy when they emerge. "I gotta gooooo!" Yes, hundreds of feet in the air. Is there a bathroom on this flight?

Oops! That'll teach Th'ero to remember about potty breaks before heading home. "Almost home, Kyzen!" he murmurs reassuringly. Hold it in, kid! It's not too long of a flight down to the ledge and Velokraeth makes it swift without much daredevil stunts and break neck speeds. Once the bronze has landed, Th'ero is already unbuckling Kyzen and himself so they can dismount together and the pale bronze will just have to wait in being unloaded. Kimmila will have to wait too for any greetings as Th'ero will whisk Kyzen right to the bathroom! Grouchy or not!

Kyzen is squirming by the time they make it to the bathroom. And they make it. Barely. Kimmila looks up from where she's reading on the couch, grinning crookedly at the swift /whisking/ into the bathroom. "Forgot to ask before you left?" she calls, sounding relaxed and just a bit teasing.

Th'ero will praise Kyzen for making it, since it was his blunder that almost had the boy wet himself. Which at this age is probably a bad setback. "Yes!" comes the simple answer for Kimmila's teasing. And it won't be repeated ever again! Once Kyzen has finished, he will help the child out of his jacket and murmurs for him to go give the gift now while he tends to Velokraeth. It won't take him long to unpack and then slip off the straps to hang on their proper pegs before he's venturing back inside.

When Th'ero returns, Kimmila is wearing the necklace and cradling their tired son in her lap, letting him trace the trees with his little finger as he starts to doze off. "You boys have fun?" she asks with a welcoming smile, nodding to the spot on the couch beside her in the hopes that he'll come join them.

Th'ero will of course come and join them on the couch once he's slipped out of his riding jacket and gear. Settling himself down gently at Kimmila's side, he will lean forwards just enough to kiss her and then reach down to smooth back Kyzen's hair as the boy begins to doze off. "It was an adventure," which is his way of saying 'yes, they did'! But he seems to want to allow Kyzen to speak up first if the boy hasn't already passed out cold.

Kimmila grins, returning the kiss and smiling warmly as she hugs Kyzen close. "I missed my boys," she murmurs. Kyzen yawns mightily but manages to say a jumble of words, like 'fishing' and 'crowd' and 'food' and 'pee-pee' and 'necklace'. "That about sum it up?" Kimm asks Th'ero, grin crooked as she adjusts Kyzen against her shoulder.

"Did you? Or were you basking in a moment of freedom?" Th'ero muses as he nuzzles fondly to Kimmila's neck and then leans back to listen as Kyzen yawns and sums up their trip in a jumbled mess. "If you want the really short version? Yes, that about sums it up." he says with a quiet laugh, his eyes then settling to the pendant and then up to her eyes. Does she like it?

Kimmila laughs, gently stroking Kyzen's hair. "I missed you," she admits, smiling. "Got a lot of work done though." Wink. She laughs at Kyzen's recounting tale of their trip, chuckling and kissing his curls. "Well, I'm glad you had a good time and I love my pendant." Oh yes, she really does love it, and she offers Th'ero another kiss of thanks.

Th'ero returns her kisses and then lowers his head to peek curiously at Kyzen. Has the boy fallen asleep now? "A lot of work, hmm?" he drawls softly to Kimmila and then his features soften. "Kyzen insisted on it." he admits, though it's only the last half of the whole story. "So things have been quiet while we were gone?" What, did he expect the Weyr to explode because he took his son for a half-day adventure to Ierne Weyrhold?

Kimmila gives her weyrmate a level look. "Everything was quiet. Nothing terrible happened, nothing amazing happened. The weyr runs as the weyr runs." Kyzen is asleep, yes, or mostly. He's still…fighting…blink eyes open wide…and he's gone.

Th'ero returns her level look and then snorts, a touch sheepish when he smiles. Can he be blamed for worrying just a little bit? "We should go somewhere together sometime. He was well behaved the whole time, though he asked quite a few odd questions." he muses, lowering his voice when Kyzen finally slips into sleep. "He's afraid of crowds, Kimmila." he whispers then. Secret is out!

Kimmila shifts their suddenly deadweight son to a more comfortable position, and looks at him in surprise. "Crowds? Really? But he's done so well before…"

Th'ero offers to take Kyzen from her, extending his arms and looking up at her as he does. "He didn't take well to the crowds in the market and wanted to be carried. I got him some food and we sat somewhere quiet to talk where he admitted not liking the crowds." he tells her softly, only to chuckle dryly. "He asked me then if I ever was afraid…"

Kimmila doesn't really want to give Kyzen up, and her look to Th'ero should say that clearly. He got to spend all morning with their son! She wants some cuddles now. Even if they're asleep cuddles. "Huh," she says with a frown. "Well…what should we do about that? Put him in a lot of crowds so he gets used to them?" Then she smiles, gently, shifting to lean against his side. "What did you say?"

Th'ero was trying to take Kyzen back but only so he could put the child down in their bed to sleep, figuring he was getting heavy and awkward to hold. Once he sees that look though, he relents and nestles close to her side instead. "Well… yes?" he says after a moment of pause. "He's probably comfortable with the crowds here because it's home. Maybe we should start taking him out more. One on one or together." Th'ero exhales softly and leans back against the couch. "I told him the truth. That even I get afraid." Of course, that also blew up a bit in his face. "Kyzen then asked me of what. So I explained that I worried about loosing you. Both of you." Pause and then a sigh. "And then I had to reassure him that you weren't going to die or go away." Nice going, dad! "I'm not sure if he understood, but he was reassured. I distracted him with hunting down a gift for you. Which… led to more odd questions."

Kimmila listens, laughing softly and giving Th'ero a sympathetic look. "Our son is very quick," she murmurs. "What other odd questions? I hope he doesn't think I'm going to go away…"

"Very, very quick, Kimmila." Th'ero agrees and there is no denying the pride in his voice in telling her that as he looks down at their son fondly. He shakes his head and chuckles again, "No, I reassured him on that. Ah, well… I asked him what he'd like to get you as a gift. He said a child. Had to explain that to him. That it wasn't how it worked and he'd learn when he's a little older." Awkward moments those will be! "Somehow that progressed into how I give you underwear. He was amused by that. He certainly NOT shy about what questions he asks. Just a forewarning, Wingmate." He smirks.

Kimmila blinks, biting back a laugh - or would it be a guffaw? - at Kyzen's answer of a child. "Huh. He wants a sibling?" Since the boy rarely sees Ziani. "Or did he just want someone to play with?" Then she giggles, soft and light. "Underwear? I'll bet he thought that was silly. And no, he doesn't seem to be the shy one…which is why it's so surprising that crowds made him nervous."

Th'ero can't help but chuckle a little himself. "I think it's both. It surprised me, that's all. Since he technically has a brother in Tlazio's son and a sister too." Half sister and well, technically by blood Tlazio's son is a cousin. Th'ero frowns for a moment when it sinks in. "Do you think he'd understand such things so young? About blood and lineage?" Not that they've hidden anything from Kyzen. He snorts, "How else was I to put it? I was afraid if I mentioned it was lingerie, he'd ask what THAT was and then I'd have to explain that it's special underwear that…" Get's him really excited when Kimmila wears it. Yeah, NOT a conversation to have with their son! "Strange crowds, love. He's fine here, but I think with everyone being a stranger he felt… overwhelmed?"

Kimmila shrugs a bit, "I'm not sure, though we /do/ tell him he's our only child together. But as far as understanding…that I do not know." She listens and then laughs again, softly, shaking her head. "No, underwear was the right word to use. Just hope he dosen't go telling all the kids in class that Daddy gives Mommy underwear and isn't that silly." Wink. "Hmm. Well that's possible. He hasn't traveled all that much yet."

Th'ero looks thoughtful as he gazes down at Kyzen again and strokes back the boy's curls with a very gentle touch. He doesn't want to wake the child. "We do," he agrees and in a quieter tone he adds. "Will he be our only child?" At her laughter, he looks up and smiles warmly, only to look horrified. "He… wouldn't babble that would he?" Uh oh. Just what he needs!

Kimmila shrugs, "He might. If he remembers," she says with a grin. "Why? Does it bother you? Or would it? And…I'm not sure, wingmate. He probably won't be…" The odds are in favor of another child, certainly!

Th'ero groans softly. "I'd rather he not repeat that! I don't want things like that aired out…" Haha, too late now! He's learned a valuable lesson today: watch what he says! Even by way of explaining another blunder. He looks up at Kimmila then and he looks almost embarrassed. "It does bother me," he admits carefully and in a lowered voice but it's hard to pinpoint which he means. That Kyzen may parrot what he hears or that it's uncertain if they would have another child together.

"What bothers you?" Of course Kimmila is going to ask him for clarification after a statement like that. She needs to know what bothers him so she can do her very best to fix it!

"Well, I should have watched what I said around our son. I hadn't realized how much he just might… repeat." Th'ero drawls and then shifts on the couch to turn more on his side so he can face her, with Kyzen sleeping on between them. His hand comes to rest against the arm she has holding their son and his touch is firm and warm. "And it doesn't bother me per say more than it's just a worry that he pulled at. Bringing up fears and then mentioning a sibling. You both are all I have. If I loose you… both of you or either of you…"

Kimmila starts to protest that of course he won't lose either of them, but she doesn't. "You want more children just so you have more…of a family? So if you lost one, you'd still have others?" A buffer?

Th'ero flinches a bit and gives her a look, his voice a touch gruff and lowered. "It's more than just that." Is it? "It may be a big part. I'm not sure. Only that I often wonder…" Which is dangerous in a man like him. He over thinks and broods far too much. "But I am not going to force it on you. Having a child for… insurance is… is," Wrong? "Not right."

Kimmila doesn't appear to be judging him, she just watches and listens, adjusting Kyzen in her embrace again. "What do you wonder?" she asks gently, before shrugging. "I'm not sure it's wrong," she admits. "Nothing is certain. Having more than one child spreads things out a bit."

Th'ero sighs and for a moment he is silent as he just scrubs at his jaw and face with one hand. Once again, he just digs himself into a hole with his lack of articulation. He can't seem to ever explain himself clearly the first time. "I should be happy with what I have, Kimmila. And I am! I count myself among some of the luckier folks on Pern." he murmurs and then makes a frustrated sound as he frowns and looks away. He just can't find the right words.

Kimmila smiles gently, shifting to lean more heavily against him. A subtle 'hey, back here'. "It's okay to be happy with what you have but still want more. You can still appreciate your family and want another child. There's nothing wrong with that, wingmate," she murmurs soothingly.

Th'ero leans back against Kimmila, but his gaze remains lowered though he smiles faintly for her soothing reassurance. "I know. It does not bother you?" he asks in a quiet voice, head tilting as he lifts his gaze to look at her sidelong now.

Kimmila shakes her head. "Why would it bother me? It's your feelings, wingmate. They're yours and not mine to criticize or dictate to you. It is how you feel."

Th'ero's brows knit together and though he smiles crookedly he goes to say something, only to fall silent again with a soft exhale of breath. He shakes his head, almost sadly. It wasn't what he had meant. "And my feelings are not the only one of importance," he murmurs before sliding off the couch. "Are you hungry?" he asks softly as he steps around the back of the couch.

Kimmila shifts when he rises, and then she gets to her feet as well. "Yeah," she answers, letting the conversation drop - for now. "Let me just put him to bed and I'll join you."

Th'ero nods his head, smiling softly down their sleeping son before stepping into the kitchenette to rummage about for food while she sees to setting Kyzen down in the bed. He is quiet, which is never a good thing and soon he is sufficiently distracted by his thoughts that he is just standing with his hands against the counter top, his head lowered.

Kimmila settles Kyzen in their bed for his nap, and when she meanders into the kitchen she steps up behind Th'ero and wraps her arms around his waist, hugging him close. "What is it, love?" she asks softly.

Th'ero all but jumps out of his skin when Kimmila returns and hugs him close, grunting in his surprise but soon relaxing against her. He was truly out of it, not to have heard her approaching. He's losing his touch! Turning his head to look down at her, it's obvious from the start what his answer would have been if he hadn't stopped himself. It would have been that frustrating answer of 'nothing' when it's clear it's something. So he only exhales and brings one hand back to rest it against her arm. "Just lost in my thoughts." he murmurs, which is the truth.

Kimmila just hugs him tighter when he jumps, squeezing gently. "Which are?" she presses gently, her cheek against his back, snuggling.

Th'ero leans back against her, just enough to put obvious pressure on her as she squeezes him. His hand grips her arm a little tighter and he chuckles dryly. "You know my thoughts, Wingmate." And he says nothing more on it, save to watch her carefully.

Kimmila considers that. Does she really? In the end she just chuckles softly. "I know many of your thoughts, my love, but which one troubles you now?"

They were just discussing much of it and Th'ero looks almost disappointed, if not hurt, by her reply and frowning, he looks away again. He's gone tense under her touch and troubled. "It's of no importance." Clearly. He takes a slow breath then and when he looks down at her again he is smiling softly.

Kimmila sighs, shifting away so she can step around him and try to look up at him. "Th'ero," she says quietly, the concern plain on her face now. "You're upset. Talk to me." A hand reaches for his chest to try and soothe and encourage him.

Th'ero's features remain set in a closed and tense way as he turns his head to look down at her, shifting so that she can rest her hand to his chest. He can only shake his head again and look, of all things, ashamed. "Why is it always me?" he asks her in a rhetorical sense. "I've talked enough. You know, or should know, how I feel or what is on my mind. Yet… I feel like I know nothing of your thoughts." He sighs softly. "There was once when you would speak so freely to me. We would discuss things." Shaking his head, he steps back and away from her touch but takes her hand in his. "It's not I who should be talking, Kimmila." And then he is walking away and back to the couch.

Kimmila frowns when she sees that closed off look, her heart giving a slight thud. No. That's not good. "It's not always you," she says as she follows after him. "But you're the one with a problem right now, so we're discussing it." Right? "Are we not having a discussion, the two of us?" She follows him to the couch but doesn't yet sit, instead just watching him, uncertain.

"I don't have a problem!" Th'ero explains, careful to keep his tone lowered so as not to wake Kyzen in the bedroom but it's clear he's a touch frustrated. He does have a problem, yet he isn't quite viewing it like that. Sitting down on the edge of the couch, he rests his elbows against his knees as he leans forwards and looks up at her. "It was never a problem until things just got brushed aside. I feel as though I've been talking needlessly. Do you really not recall anything of what we just said between each other?" he asks, looking at her with a saddened look. Is that is what is troubling him?

Kimmila sits down on the coffee table, facing him. "We were discussing children," she says. "And then you closed off. What are you looking for, Th'ero? For me to say 'yes, I'm ready, let's do it?' Because I'm not ready yet. We just changed the wings, the cotholds are still coming back from a rough winter, I'm /needed/."

Th'ero's mouth quirks up into a twisted half-smile that is both saddened and amused. "I wasn't looking for you to say 'yes'. I was just wanting to hear your opinion, your thoughts. I miss the bluerider who would tell me these things whether or not I wanted to hear them." he murmurs softly. "I closed off because you came back and asked me what troubled me when I had already laid myself bare. I told you my concerns. You reassured me that I was not wrong in feeling the way I felt but…" He looks up at her again. "… I have…had no clue how you felt. I could have asked, but why should I pry? But now I have my answer"

Kimmila sighs softly, pushing fingers through her loose hair. "Because we were still talking about you," she says with a frown. "And…I don't know, maybe I assumed you already knew how I felt. You were the one upset, I was trying to comfort you without making it all about me." She was trying to be a good listener. Or something.

Th'ero gives her a look that is almost exasperated. "But it wasn't supposed to BE about me. I wasn't upset, I was confused and uncertain." he murmurs. "Most of my comfort comes from talking with you and hearing your thoughts, your opinions and views. How you feel. I do know how you felt and feel about children. Maybe… maybe I DID foolishly think you had changed your mind." he admits quietly, ashamed now that he examines that truth. "I am not getting any younger, Kimmila. Kyzen's little talk reminded me how… precious time is. How I could wake up one day and everything is gone. I swore to myself that I would not force you and I won't do that. I couldn't do that to you. But… promise me you won't lead me on? That there will be a time?" He sounds so doubtful when he says it and it shows in his eyes. He knows how the Weyr works, how most of their plans - ones as simple as vacations - never come to be because another crisis comes along. His mood just seems to drop lower on that revelation.

Kimmila sighs softly, leaning forward to reach for his hands, seeking to clasp both of his in hers. "I'm not leading you on," she murmurs. "As long as our bodies cooperate, we will have another child. Just…not right now. But soon. I need to talk to Tlazio as well. Make sure he is okay with raising another."

Th'ero does not pull his hands away when she leans forwards to clasp them, though he does twist them so he can grip her in return. His gaze remains focused on her, a myriad of emotions crossing his eyes now that he is letting his masks fall. His sheepish smile will tell her that he had forgotten about Tlazio and that they would have to discuss it with him or consider an alternative foster family. "I am just so afraid," he whispers softly. "So much has happened, so much has changed. Nyalle's false pregnancy started something in my head and I haven't been able to shake it. I can ignore it and have been until today when Kyzen unknowingly touched on it." Now he's rambling, but it's as thought he's finally pushed past that hurdle. "I feel guilty and selfish. I should be happy with what I have and not push for more."

Kimmila leans forward, watching him. "What are you afraid of?" she presses gently. "Did you want Nyalle to be pregnant?" It's a cautiously asked question. "Don't feel guilty /or/ selfish, wingmate. It's what you want. We're a team. You can't just…tell yourself no all the time. I can't always say yes but you should feel comfortable asking. And the answer is yes but it's not yes right now. I'm not ready to be…stuck."

"Loosing those I love," Th'ero tells her without hesitation, though it embarrasses him to do so. He grimaces at her cautiously asked question and shakes his head. "No. I won't lie, I was… pleased she was pregnant until I learned it was mine. I don't want Nyalle pregnant by me. I'd not acknowledge a child that way. But when she brought it up… my thoughts turned to you." He holds her hands tightly, looking up at her and then smiling softly. "I always tell myself no." he remarks in a lightly teasing way. Surely she knows that! She's witnessed it enough. He tilts his head a bit, his frown light but puzzled. "Stuck?" Oh, how easy it is for him to forget how hard it is in the last months. All his memories, save for the birth itself (still fond but with some trauma!) of her pregnancy with Kyzen are good ones. He loved doting on her like a queen and yet being clever about it so she never felt smothered or caged, doing his best to see to her comfort and that she wasn't idle.

Kimmila nods. "I'm afraid of that too," she whispers, squeezing his hands tightly. "I know what it's like to be alone. I don't want to go to that place again." She nods at his elaboration about Nyalle's supposed pregnancy, and then she snorts. "You need to tell yourself yes sometimes, Th'ero," she says, her voice taking on a firmer edge. He /knows/ this. "Not about this, this is /our/ decision, but…other things. You say no too much. And yes, stuck. Can't between, then I can't leave the weyr, can't even ride Varmiroth, he goes stir crazy, I'm stuck in the weyr…"

Th'ero has had enough of feeling alone in his own weyr and when Kimmila admits her own fears similar to his, he grips her hands firm and hauls her off that coffee table and right into his lap. Where he can wrap his arms around her in a proper embrace and nuzzle against her skin, inhale her scent and feel her warmth. He shivers, eyes rolling shut but is otherwise behaving himself. He has dark memories of being alone too and he's swift to banish them by pulling her tighter to him. "I tell myself 'no' so that I don't hurt you or those I care about. If I said 'yes' more often, I'd be more of an asshole than I already am. I have to learn." he murmurs and then is silently thoughtful. "Is it mounting up that keeps you from flying? The saddle itself?" he asks softly. Uh oh.

Kimmila laughs when she's pulled into his lap, grinning at him. "See?" she teases, "you can get what you want sometimes…" Lifting her chin to his nuzzling, she closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. "Wonder how long Kyzen will sleep," she murmurs. Is she implying they wait until he wakes up? Or hoping he sleeps long enough for them to have a little fun? She leans against him, pressing close and soaking in his comfort and warmth in return. "You're not an asshole," she murmurs. "It's the mounting, yes, but it's also the danger of being…roughly handled. One jerk, one rough landing or harsh wind that yanks you about in the saddle, and it could cause a miscarriage."

Th'ero growls against her throat, where he has nestled himself in the crook of it and against her collar bone. Her laughter is as soothing as her presence. "I am telling myself no as we speak," he drawls gruffly. "Otherwise I'd have you pinned on your knees on the floor right now as I…" Well, she can piece the rest together? He's chuckling by then. "He will sleep for awhile yet. He was exhausted. But can YOU stay quiet?" he drawls teasingly and then snorts. He totally can be an asshole sometimes, but he'll agree with her for now. Th'ero flinches and any plans and thoughts he had of rigging something special for her are dashed with a single word. "So it's not so much you can't but the risk…" he says softly.

Kimmila snickers. "I've been quiet before," she teases, nibbling his neck. "Mmmm," she says, shifting a bit in his lap. "Can /you/?" she fires back teasingly, laughing softly. "Right. The risk is far too great." Especially after putting in 7 months of your life to growing a human!

Th'ero lifts his chin up to her nibbling and groans low and soft in his throat, barely more than a sigh when she shifts in his lap. "I can," he quips right back in a growled challenge and begins to nibble along the curve of her neck and shoulder. His hands begin to roam over her body, slow and sensually against her back and sides and down to her thighs. "There must be something that can be done." he murmurs thoughtfully. Now he's going to make his goal to start puzzling it out how he can make her happy and comfortable in those last months.

Kimmila laughs softly. "We can have sex and keep our sounds to ourselves, that's what can be done." Clearly she's misunderstood his dillema.

Th'ero doesn't take offence when she misunderstands and only laughs breathlessly against her skin. "Not what I meant. But I am going to make love to you," he promises and begins to kiss and nibble along her neck as his hands caress much more firmly against her body, lingering in the more sensual and sensitive spots. "And I will solve what to do so you do not feel stuck should you carry another child. Make it so you are happy and comfortable and never feeling alone or trapped." His voice has dropped to a rambled whisper now.

Kimmila shivers in delightful anticipation at his words, moaning very quietly. "Good," she whispers. To all of it, as she squirms against him and is so distracted by his touch that speaking coherently is difficult. She squirms against his lap firmly, a hand slipping around behind his head to caress his neck and then slide up to tangle into his hair. Oh, those curls.

And the moment progresses, with Th'ero keeping true to his word and lavishing Kimmila in the attention he knows she deserves. In the end, they rest against the couch, tangled in each others arms, both sated and satisfied before they quietly step away to clean up and then slip into the bedroom to rest while Kyzen continues to sleep. Once the boy wakes, they'll all settle to a quick meal before both Th'ero and Kimmila return him to his foster parents for the remainder of the day, leaving them free to pursue their duties.