Stonehaven - Ezra's Room
Ezra's room is the room of the Holder of Stonehaven. Once belonging to his parents, now it belongs to him, and he hasn't changed much. A large four poster bed is carved from hardwood against one wall. Tapestries and drawings of Stonehaven and her people are framed, and there is a hearth with a couch and rug in front of it. There is no carved closet, instead the room has a free standing wardrobe. In the back is the only private bath in the hold.

Spring has made its way northward now and even Stonehaven is beginning to enjoy the absence of snow and the warming temperatures. The land is coming back to life as well and with the ground thawed, it means most holds (and cotholds especially) will be busy preparing fields for planting. Normally Laurali would be at her garden but it'll be trusted workers there now as the young Healer has reached the last stages of her pregnancy. Not that she hasn't tried to sneak out there and do a few tasks! Still, she was in good spirits in the morning, likely bidding Ezra good luck with his tasks after breakfast was eaten and the dishes cleared. Laurali was going to quietly tend to her own tasks and maybe her studies but Ezra will discover the truth later. His first sign will be the odd behaviour of the firelizards, who all start to flock nearer to the cothold. Second sign? Emissarii rushing to find him. Hopefully he's not far?

Ezra is out in the fields, walking behind a plow pulled by one of Stonehaven's sturdy runners. He pays no mind to the firelizards, but Emissarii rushing towards him - /that/ catches his attention and he pulls the runner to a halt, waving over another worker to take over the plowing as he moves to meet the woman with worry in his eyes. "Laurali?"

Emissarii lets her skirts drop, having picked them up in order to hurry all the more and as she approaches Ezra, a hand lifts to her chest as she catches her breath. She'll nod her head, a bright and excited look to her eyes. "Yes, sir!" she says breathlessly. "Her labor started a few candlemarks ago but as she was worried of falsehood, we waited. No doubting it now! The midwife is with her now and I've got to hurry back myself." So pardon her while she hastily curtsies and hurries off. For and older woman, she can move when there's a need for it!

Ezra blinks. It started /candlemarks/ ago? Ezra frowns sharply at that. Why wasn't he told? He is quick to follow though, even racing past her at some point, to move into the cothold only to halt. Is she in their bedroom? Or the small infirmary? For once - the first time - he's not sure where to go in his own hold.

It wouldn't be the small infirmary. While Laurali trusts that it'd serve, she wants privacy because she can have it. First time she totes her "rank" within the cothold. So their bedroom has been outfitted and readied and that is where Laurali is now. Emissarri will appear again, giving Ezra a beaming smile as she hurries off with some linens and followed by another girl carrying water and other supplies. As for why he wasn't told? Because labor takes awhile and why summon him when the contractions are still far apart? Maybe that was Laurali's decision but it's too late now.

Ezra still should have been told. Grumpy cotholder as he follows and moves into their bedroom and right to Laurali's bed, already wondering if they have an extra mattress in the stores. Since…he's not keeping this one. "Are you okay?" he asks, pulling up a chair and reaching for her hand, eyes scanning her face.

Will he still be grouchy if it was Laurali's orders that delayed his knowledge of her condition? The midwife looks up as Ezra enters not long after Emissarii and the helper girl, her mouth about to open in protest but Laurali shakes her head. "I want him here," she breathes, her voice shaky and tense and ever quiet. The midwife hesitates, struggling with this not-so Holder traditional change but nods her head. "Of course, miss." Smiling, she'll start making sure all is in order and readied. Laurali sighs, looking pale and, well… nervous. Apprehensive. "I'm okay," she whispers to Ezra, taking his hand and gripping firm as she meets his eyes. "The contractions are-" Speak of it and it shall happen? Laurali has to stop and focus on breathing through the one that hits and it takes her a few moments recover. "- only just getting frequent." she finishes with a shaky breath.

Yes. He'll be grouchy no matter what. Ezra takes her hand firmly and gives the midwife a look. He'll only leave if Laurali wants it. Otherwise…fat chance. "You're going to be fine," he tells his wife firmly, giving her hand a squeeze. "What do you need. I'm here."

He's safe and won't be kicked out unless things go really, really bad and his presence will only hinder things. For now though, the midwife busies herself with her work, Emissarii following her requests and the helper girl on standby should she need to be sent to fetch things (maybe she's learning the skill of midwifery too). Laurali smiles weakly, "I've all I need." she murmurs, giving his hand a squeeze. Duh? "You didn't have to rush over… Labor can take awhile. Nothing to do but wait…" HA! She makes it seem so easy.

Ezra shakes his head. "I should have been here sooner," he mutters with a frown, looking around again. Assessing. Enough people? Enough materials?

Probably not a good idea to upset a woman in labor and Laurali frowns at his muttering, "I didn't want you to fret needlessly? I had to be sure it was time and not pull you from important work…" she tells him, looking a little crestfallen now along with her nervous and anxious state. Another contraction hits, stronger this time and Laurali works through it, gritting her teeth and hissing in pain and discomfort, eyes closed tightly shut. With a shudder, she sags back against the pillows, breathing heavily and the midwife is watching her closely. "Bad one? Mhm," Nodding, the woman murmurs a few words under her breath to Emissarii. "Looks like we're right on track. Shouldn't be much longer now."

Ezra gives her hand a squeeze, talking to her through the contraction. Just because it seems like the right thing to do. And…what else can he do? He's kind of useless right now.

Laurali does take comfort from his talking and it helps reassure her that he isn't upset with her for her decision in delaying calling him to her side. He's far from useless and will be needed (at least by Laurali) when things progress naturally. Laurali will become increasingly restless, in visible amounts of discomfort as the contractions come stronger and closer together. In turn, she'll become further withdrawn and quiet, no longer answering Ezra and most of her focus to breathing and then catching her breath. Lips pressed in a thin, grim line, she rests as best she can while the midwife hovers, the atmosphere tense and rife with anticipation. It's all a matter of time though and then it's time. Laurali can't keep quiet forever and starts to groan or whimper when she has the breath to do so. Soon enough she's crying… and then close to screaming. Her hair is sticking to her forehead and face, her skin slick with sweat as she now bears down and pushes on the midwife's encouragement and guidance. "Breathe, Laurali! We're almost there…" Not fast enough! Laurali's losing her strength as the birth wears on and she whimpers, frustrated and pained and exhausted, panting softly for breath.

Ezra leans in close to her at that time, hovering over her, whispering encouragement into her ear. "You can do this, Laurali," he whispers. "Your child, our child. Stonehaven's heir. You're Stonehaven now, you were Shadowacre before. You can do this. Nothing will get the best of you, my beloved. Come on. You can. Keep going…"

Laurali's eyes close and she does her best to focus on Ezra's words and listen to the midwife but it's hard. So hard. She's pushed to her limits and maybe beyond in ways she's never experienced and yet she knows she has no choice but to keep firm and fight through it. Choking back a sob, she grits her teeth as she feels a contraction building and there's a change in the midwife, her voice carrying more of a commanding tone now that's almost drowned out by the sounds Laurali makes. Certainly nothing ladylike about it… and closed door or not, her voice is likely carrying down the hall. She'll push and breath and fight through it all, the last of it nothing but a hazy blur until at last… "Well done!" The midwife says with a wide smile, focused on the task at hand. Emissarri is helping too and between them both the newborn is encouraged to take its first breath. There's a half beat of silence, then a little wail that steadily grows stronger. "Congratulations," The midwife murmurs. "It's a healthy baby boy." A boy! A heir. Laurali laughs between sobs of relief and panted breaths as she sags, exhausted, against the bed.

Ezra's focus is on Laurali, and only Laurali. He chokes back his own sob of relief, of joy, and kisses her forehead tenderly. "A boy, Laurali. Our first child. A son. A boy…" He shifts back a bit when they come to place the babe on her chest, and he can only stare in wonder and amazement at the sight of the child. Their son. His son. He feels…suddenly far too young for this.

Laurali has forgotten about the midwife and Emissarii, not even aware of them as they bustle about quietly after the baby has been placed on her chest and she gets to see her child up close. She's in awe and she'll reach up to gently stroke her fingers along his back. "A boy," she breathes, unable to say much more as she's still exhausted and drained. "Ezra… he's perfect." Of course he is. Slowly, she stirs and will wait until Ezra or the midwife come to help her sit up a bit so she can let the infant nurse. "Everything is in order. We've taken care of matters," the midwife explains to Laurali in a cryptic message but the young woman understands and gives a tired but grateful smile. "Thank you," she whispers. The woman dips her head. "We've got to go and attend to a few things. I will keep my helper outside your door. If anything is needed, you send her for us. Congratulations!" And with that, the room will clear out, leaving the new parents to have a moment. "Now that I see him, Ezra…" Laurali whispers as if speaking too loud will ruin things. "… what about the name Rauzei?"

Ezra barely hears the other ladies, his focus on their son as his fingers touch his skin gently. "Wow," he whispers. "Laurali…" That /grew/ inside of her. "This is the best thing you've ever grown," he says. Lame. So lame. "Rauzei?" He considers it, rolling it around, searching for his name, her name…it even has an R in there. "I like it."

Is it lame if it makes her laugh? Because that's what Laurali does. She laughs and actually is touched by that remark. She finds it sweet and smiles fondly to him. "He is, isn't he? My pride and joy," Already. Not even an hour old and she's entirely smitten. Her eyes can't seem to leave their son, watching him as he nurses from her. "Our little Rauzei and your heir, Ezra. Your firstborn son."

Ezra watches her /and/ their son, smiling and brushing back her hair with light fingertips. "Our firstborn son," he murmurs softly. "Ours. And he is perfect…"

Laurali tilts her head gently towards his touch and she continues to smile, despite her exhaustion. It'll hit her hard though, once Rauzei is nursed and tended to and lulled into sleep. She'll fight it, of course, wanting to continue watching him and almost fearful. What if this is all a dream? What if she wakes up and all of it is gone? That's her exhaustion talking and she'll tilt her head on the pillows to look up at Ezra. "Will you tend to him? Emissarii can help you… I've just got to sleep." Sleep and recover.

Ezra nods, smiling confidently at her though inside he's cursing. Why didn't he practice/ Why didn't he go find newborns to hold? (Other than that being very creepy). "Of course. You rest, Laurali. I love you. I'm so proud of you."

Trial by fire! Because Laurali will be gathering little Rauzei and preparing to hand him to Ezra, whether he's comfortable with it or not. Or maybe she figures he'll be nervous? Because she quietly murmurs: "… that's it, just be sure to support his head. There. You're holding your son." she whispers with a loving smile. "I love you too, Ezra." Already she is sinking back against the bed, eyes drooping heavily as she settles comfortably. "You've made me so happy…" she whispers. When she isn't so exhausted, it'll show better.

Ezra squirms, looking very uncomfortable. Mostly because…hello, what if he hurts him or drops him? But he figures it out and sits back in the chair, cradling their son. And that's where he'll stay, hardly moving a muscle while Laurali sleeps. He'll watch both her and their son, unable to wipe the stupid grin off his face. Son. Heir.